Dortmund, PSG win Super Cups


Welcoming Selena Sedition E._S._P._N.. A._F._C. on Dan Thomas joined by shock when we welcome back right from his holiday. He's hanging out by the pool. We won't be around Disneyworld. Maybe some frozen concoction that Oh from the joy and happiness right that is lost through what happens in Lhasa gains the wells that I will start in Germany. It was a German super supercup Borussia Dortmund take on vine by Munich door lock key men missing their new signings not featuring buying going strong woman in Memo Noyo makes saying to deny Mark Royce. There's a good save minor Illinois and this really was <hes> sort of the story of the game that whenever by the ball in a bad area we're very dangerous <hes> Noah running further than shack at ever. That's not a career here is called but Uncle Sam his shot wide or at least boyd even by loose ball in a good area. This seemed to to find themselves. I have absolutely no idea but you've come to expect from Manuel. I mean he even by his standards us about six minutes. It makes the save to deny guerrero is a good say. It's good movement of the NATO good kick saved by mine ignore. Of course it's supposed to be a friendliest. We've just seen a chance hair in good couple of SEI's that that Cuba Steve's he is big. No question about it. Hits does very well indeed now an edge hair boom. It's on the Dole implies just looking to defend goalkeeper relax people relax a long season ahead in the first half three minutes after the break go James Sanchez great web from him as it up to make it one now Sandra does really well avoid avoid fish challenge and then keeps his balance here shifts a ball quickly cassia thirty vendors legs leave no absolutely no chance so good finish right background GOSSIP BRIAN THE CONAN no way keep his getting that into the fifty eighth minute can limit a needle good blocks around. There's a good run by Kinsley come on the far post. He gets across his offended by now. You gotta put it in the back of the net. He doesn't able to cut the ball bag is good defending blog initially and then as live on those goals for the rebound land the goalkeeper he gets together for that little something a little something extra they they didn't care for twenty minutes ago. J. Sancho picks up on the halfway line and goes all the way himself and brilliant goals make it soon in the end central doesn't need need help but again by Munich stretched Three v three at the back sound Joe Sherman everybody clean pair of heels and a good finisher noise lakes and seven minutes off that US should there have been a red card here. It was yellow that was given to came. Just look at this here we yeah it's very naughty and that should have been a red reggie thing one hundred percent they don't care they sell Cam Roussy Goldman to then buying Munich and nail pick out that fest but silverware of the season and certainly the team for the ninety minutes sitting in the second in half what we saw from buyer Munich was a lot of possession but it's a lot of possession that goes nowhere. It's a little sideways and sideways and back I consi- was again and then eventually they correct chance of but that's about it. The issues is one they have that extended period of possession and they start pushing numbers forward and there's a tendency for whereby Munich to lose the ball when Saddam was then able to go on the Counter Ville lack of athleticism in the back line by Byron was so clear to see so all of a sudden you find yourself tim putting himself in a situation where he loses the ball and he doesn't have the speed anymore to recover and Soula doesn't quite have the speed to recover either and then what is that out of losing the ball in a bad area Dayton such as getting behind and there's nobody catching him. There's nobody within ten yards of him by the time he goes and finishes the chance that it should not happen. Maybe species maybe we can say that's the case for by Munich but the truth of the matter is that wells is going to play in the back line if it's not board ten and solar at least in the center back position and so my concern for by Munich would be if you're not doing anything with the possession and you're not creating chances and then you lose a bowl and then you're straight and then you kind of attack tag on and you can't stop it because in the back line then how do you address playing against a team like throwing that thrives on that game transition jetting Sandra of course courtly I last season season looking to put in similar performances now. This campaign was superb today. He was And right now this by Munich defense has simply new answer for player of his qualities saying that this by Munich defense doesn't have any answers for anybody of any qualities by on this showing the truth is the highlights I think did by Munich a little bit of a feeble because as as much as the highlight suggests that that it's had saves to make an and he did when you see the game and you see by Munich in possession the didn't really challenge Dortmund or worry anywhere near as as much as you would think and then to at least points once Dortmund has the ball and gets going by Munich. It is all hands to the pump and you just feel the worst every every single time this Dortmund team that had a lot omissions by gets going meanwhile. Let's go to China shop because that was the venue for E._S._P._N.. Zone in the French super cow of course yes in China the exact log accents yeah yeah yeah all right now he was suspended in this game fits. All we'll speak about more in a moment though it would be renewed. Take the lead <hes> goal the beautiful from the right hand side and is this a knee bash. It looks like is it really gets across his defender Nevache. Take it ten minutes lights at should this being a red card for burn anti was given that should have been red card on a suspended Jesus Hinton. Look Oh my goodness who feet off the floor lounges done showing that is ridiculous challenge and holiday refugee laws that Georgia with just yellow is beyond me. Let's take it into the second half and he's signing probably Roddy playing anes Kilian mbappe combat pay one one. This is GonNa Rain I can handle Maria brought into things up and it would be given area in the seventy th minute with the free cake beautiful strike. This is wonderfully struck free-kick. Nothing anybody could do that now. He gets right now. Wait wait wait and Papa. Is I okay. That's enough for you often. Go go yeah. Take the space. You're blocking my light name rejoins writing everybody's happy R._V.. Everybody's happening. Considering NATO says he wants to leave she. We're getting rid of him. He's not happy I there's something about the chance to talk about. What's been going on last couple of weeks regardless of you? Whether you stand on it it is clear that wants to move away from Neymar Aimar whatever Neymar stands for the name our brand this whole idea of him being the superstar and everybody else just kind of tagging along and him being the guy that takes you somewhere significant again there are moving away from that but in order to move away from that he cannot be around so if has taken this position insane we cannot have name are around anymore and then you have to be willing to give in and meet somebody else. Maybe even pass a midway point. Maybe your concessions have to be bigger than that of other teams that may be interested in Neymar because you're the interested Party and saying we don't want that anymore. That didn't work for us. We have to move in a different direction and if that's the case everybody everybody else negotiating knows that as well and they're gonNA wait for you to make that decision so P G. You can't have it both ways. You can't have well we don't want name are around but he's around and and if he's around then we're gonNA play. Franklin was pulling no punches yesterday. He has not been impressed at all with neymars behavior. You can check that out over on the website <unk> site and if you want to hear the show you can do so by downloading our day podcast which is also available on the web and now I find from geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to take a spirit animal quiz online. Please be the Cheetah the Cheetah Data and learn your animal isn't the Cheetah but the far less appealing blood fish come on glad insult to injury you could've used those fifteen blood fish minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance too Geico Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance big story today Leelanau messy suspended for three months. That's international matches only remember the comments that he made after being being eliminated from the Corporate America's saying that basically all the officials will Brazil's side fifty thousand dollars as well the fine a lot of talk talk amongst people as to whether or not this is the right amount of punishment. Maybe should be bound for longer shorter. He won't really Miss Anything friendly's that you very much he would have played in any way. Jason wouldn't play them anyway. So is this the right punishment. That's why it's a slap on the wrist. That's it choice. Look you cannot have the captain of your instead of me well. L. E. Hanging Jap me to death. You had to punish him but this is no more than a slap into should it be more then I think could have been more but how how do you quantify it and and how do you get after him and what really is punishment. If you go down the list of games that he could have missed may have missed. There's nothing really significant until next Copa America which by the way you would not have gone that far and so therefore this recent I guess about right I agree. There's nothing that anybody could have done here if you want to. If you want to set that standard I think it's about vote right but as as Ali says because of before the calendar is not going to be very effective or meaningful me law. It's not long now until the Premier League kicks off in England remember. It's a a Friday night saw Liverpool in action before then for your side. It's the community shield against Manchester City. Who will take this <music> will seriously shy to either? Will I think either team this overly seriously I think they set their targets for for for this. Season accomplished some of those last season as a result is just about fine-tuning these are going to be in my opinion top two clubs at the end of the season. I don't put tune to feature. They're all but more importantly just kind of dust off their own cobwebs getting ready for you. South this season. It's all very result dependent. Save you win and you spin it one way and if you lose the new spin it completely the opposite way and for both of those teams you'll say look yes if you lose well. We're fine tuning. We're getting ready for next week. That's what matters if if you win is what we've taken a step forward. This is what we're doing if we feel good about ourselves going into the season so to be quite honest result in Indian. I don't think it really matters for either one. It's it's not like you're sitting in a message. Liverpool Beats Mantas the city. They're saying well see now. We're here to challenge might just the city knows reported there to challenge anyways regardless of what happens in the community. I don't think it matters that much by tomorrow voice there. We'll be breaking down. Yes we will see showed from Wembley Manchester City against livable plus of course plenty of other things and talk about meanwhile Ali while you're away of course Esso's dolls losing against Athletico Madrid a lot of people tweeting about lots. I mean what did you I think the All Star game it's supposed to be an exhibition and Emily's approach it as as an exhibition in some choice but then if they go on the team that they're playing against then they use it to sort of get on the stage and say well see at Melissa's growing well you can evaluate evaluate this game for what it is when this players that get together for a day and a half if that train and then all of a sudden are supposed to be a group that looks like a team while it's never going <hes> happen plus their their coaches around the league that are going to make a phone call to whoever is coaching the All Star Game. I say hey my God can only play uh-huh yeah. Go only play ten thirty minute. He can't play he can do this. He can't do that well. How are you going to evaluate your players and base base that evaluation of your players and All Star game that in the end by definition? It's an exhibition welcome back. What was that I was a man Kinda? Thanks very much. We'll be back for more of this tomorrow until then goodbye Buckman texture time. Thank you very much via tweet. I tell you what we have had so many tweets about <hes> your absence alley where that was Ali we missed him. I was in this new world with a family lovely. Having a magical time they magical happiest place eight is most most magical place on earth. I May Have Davel aggressively into a few concoctions. Wow I find the heat. It was hot that was it it it was hot unless you go to Ryan if you could only one what ride at Disneyworld any of the politics which I would say <hes> the the twilight zone tower Otehr yeah. I like that one. I like Roka Hollywood studios Hollywood studios. He has rugged rollercoaster as well. You know the avatar flight of passage. It's really nice yeah. There's a new new one yeah. It's nice but I don't do well in simulators. No no I get a little get a little clammy. I get a little less full of frozen. I great coming out of that. Lovely Disney will yes to shack the voice of doom and gloom according to this tweet. Why does shack a hey? Everything never any post things to say about teams. All players always looks at the negatives. Wow that's brother aggressive five V._M.. At Five A._M.. Or anytime pundits I'd say The video coming out of S G. Today I seen these videos that we saw of variety and the main zero to be more positive. Yes just remember. We're very dicey friendly. The situation is which is worse name on P._B._S. G or bail and sedan question. ooh ooh boy even say which is better if you like yes because my glasses. I'm going to say okay. Well go ahead go ahead. I'm glad to see that Nemo on Piers. G. is better because I think despite his antics more people willing to take a chance John's on Nemo then beal do get me wrong wonderful fine young gentlemen and what a Gopher Yeah. I'm one agent. He has wonderful. It is a bail and a war situation it. It's ongoing. There's no end in sight and bail is going to sit there and you're not gonNA play him if Neymar still around with his G. as a season gets going join. I don't Think D. has any other option but to put my show of what I think is ready to say well. We don't we just going to shock okay. Who did you fear the most when they woke up to take his spot kick against? What kick penalty do you think no chance you know penalty? If you like kind of always as a goalkeeper gonNA hide into nothing when it comes to penalties you call lose the exactly it's you're GonNa save you know listen. You know you're not expected to see it so fairing now. Let's take one again. She did you scare anybody. No does your skin me in general like which we've discussed before yeah don't think about all the way back of yesterday's Asia Shinsei only the day before both where the locations of Earth's ocean uh-huh why is it called the Atlantic coast. We'll never knew what the French Riviera function. When was the last time shackle laughed his heart out before the previous extra time with the special wheezy lar- I was over the only other laugh that was that out level? Is it a Craig Yeah with these seventeen-year-old Napoli last year I think even when the county was much it was good. I'm going to talk about okay speaking scale of one to ten how much missing uncomfortable and Craig Burley is up one thing. I think he's going rate. Both birth separately. There's McGrath's everybody go with honesty is the best ball trump football. I'm ready for it to come back on. You really know because we've just had so much NARC. Are I'm ready for culpable. You ready to be back. I'm <music>. I'm ready to be talking about meaningful. Get to the real question and Craig gets back on choose. No I'm really missing. Ah That is you know people know this but there are some repairs going on in the building and our cubicles have been sifted over and moved and reshuffle happen now in the reshuffling as we await for our floor could be repair to be sitting right across Iran execrated from Craig Burley. That was not good when I realized that yeah I knew that there was problems come and you'll be late into work. Yes well when we usually four million in the stadium. I'm going to say solid three forty five for makeup yeah. I'm thinking about moving my desk into the corridor shot yeah Craig but he's right. I've I've got the corridor too one-sided Creek to the other lovely go to the quarter. I've got Steve Nicol and Youtube big ahead on Ah C._N._N.. Points Okay I will be discussing the community shield. What about Liverpool Football Club? It's going to be better on that fool

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