Interview with Raoul Davis:The Art of CEO and Executive Branding


hello everyone welcome to another edition of the three x value growth podcast my name is kerry solves coming to you as always from new hampshire and i always start with a piece of trivia about and capture today it's the fact that new hampshire's only state that ever played host to a formal conclusion of a foreign war in nineteen o five portsmouth new hampshire was the scene of treaty that ended the russo japanese war trivia for the day so today i am joined by rolled davis of the senate group branding thank you and welcome rebel i am too well again thanks for joining joining us for this episode of the three x value growth podcast the fred people who don't know who you are i want them to know how much you bring to the table i know you're very busy and i'm very fortunate you agreed had this interview so thank you again roles but let let me tell tell them about you roll davis is the ceo of the ascendant group a world leader in ceo branding with offices in delaware egypt lebanon in the netherlands ascendant help ceos retired athletes and executive leaders increase their top line revenue ascendance integrated model includes brand strategy public relations book deals social media and brand design role is considered to be a global expert in ceo and executive executive branding so that's why the title for today's seven minute interview is the art of ceo and executive branding that's really nice and it sits you so perfectly so we're gonna do that in just seven minutes are you ready okay seven minutes starts now role hoosier ideal client are ideal client is ceos and executives ranging from mid sized marcus of the fortune five hundred end for those clients what is the problem you're trying find a self so the key problem is the marketplaces change right business isn't just beat it'd be or bsd anymore is now h h human to human connectivity and many companies are struggling to determine how do i connect will be audience that matters the most in a way that's gonna emotionally connect them and the days are over where you could just on a corporate press release hope it gets tons of coverage will now you it would just be the advertising department whereas as are approach involves a leadership per ceos and executives where you're providing real value the media and on social emperor that reason people connect with more it's a different approach it seems like it's a totally new unique model well see it's de approach judge that is geared for are times right because communication these days were just all overloaded by it so one advertising message after a number one corporate press release after a number just stick out you gotta be saying something that's unique and saying something that's providing value it's about the value you're providing and you're communication it isn't about you hammering a message which is what too many companies try to perfect i third question what a typical symptoms of what you see in companies but they're having this problem well so versus versus orientation around just thinking about how i communicate their message just say everything but i wanna say really you've got to learn to speak human and one of the best ways to speak human is have human communicate right so we we think about advertising is he's banners these messages that were promoting an it's a very expensive wait a brand i mean like an app you're advertising budget can be significant it takes a person's seven times for even connect with them whereas if you think about using a c or and executive ran bill emotionally lincoln that group of person because her story gets immigration that's the message you get a talk about the company anyway provide value to the audience and then when the advertising comes now is they reminder is not a way for you to just push the best initially it's reminder i'm already seeing you that's great i love you know we speak human is so important these days definitely because that's what you see what are some of the common mistakes that people that are listening might be trying to make make when they try to solve this problem on their own well there's a number but i'll just focus on social 'cause it's one of the easiest deal so for instance let's take linked in and then baseball you supposed to very quickly someone lighten aren't you tired of getting the message that says i'm i i have this service i wanna show you this service dear twenty minutes past me nobody hears the second one is you just developed a connection with me and then two days later you wanna already get on the phone with me to sales he better approach is to demonstrate from the beginning at what you want to help them understand what you do broadly in a way that provide style you wait a month right after a month sent some sort of follow up communication where you're able to ask him about them what they care about what's going on in our world and then you could share a little bit and then you could see if you if they got twenty minutes shack that's much more value but on facebook people are in the business too much of just doing curated content and curated content that day is over you need the original content in your social or anyone wanna hear about it just keeps moving faster and faster definitely so were four minutes in question number five what is one valuable free action that audience members could implement to help them start to solve problem okay you're only dan banner so at the top of the a lot of us just leave the blue box there that is just a generic banner i didn't realize this for a long time and i think a lot of people don't realize that you could also customize that banner and put together like a nice message right there or nice visual picture and it will just add some more flavor and personalities yearling then the second thing you could do that chip is have that opening a title linked inhabits say something descriptive that helps people understand what you're doing as opposed to just single words or something that is a force message yeah there's a big difference between putting your title up there which doesn't tell anybody anything in ashley describing what you do or what problem you solve it makes a big difference definitely so then my six question is what's one valuable free resources that you could direct people to they will actually further help them with this kind the problem for anyone who goes to ascending group branding dot com and then hit the contact us button and reaches out to us we have eight tool that will provide them three reasons why you do see when the executive branch the animal quickly go over them number one is to grow the top line revenue up your business number two is to build more portable brands so if you are a ceo and executive in mall having multiple entities you're involved in building a brand can help you market it many of them and makes you look good in the marketplace people like eat lon musk and richard branson i've been masterful at this and then the final one is to build a legacy so normally people do one or three of these reasons in terms of why building a see orders were introduced important well that's cool but you gave us those two trips right here thank you very much so my last question here and we've got just forty five seconds number seven what's the one question i should've asked you that would give great value to listeners and then please shanahan said sure so i i think one of the most important questions is is branding ego or does it provide value emmy answer is that it provides true value per business because all you were trying to do is ceos executives therapy chief storytellers for but this mess and so the best way to get that story out is the way that's going to connect with your audience it isn't to be cold and and disjointed join it is to really connect emotionally and that's what being but she's storyteller business does that's awesome thank you very much role davis of the senate branding thank you very much here time thanks for checking out the three x value

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