Merriam Webster's word of the day four February twenty fourth. Today's word is acumen. Spelled A. C. U. M. E. N. Acumen is a noun that means keenness and depth of perception discernment or discrimination especially in practical matters. Here's the word used in a sentence. The authors detective possesses a superior acumen that enables her to solve the most bizarre and puzzling of mysteries. A keen mind and a sharp wit can pierce the soul as easily as a needle passes through cloth remember the analogy between a jabbing needle and piercing perception. And you will readily recall the history of the word Acumen. Our English word retains the spelling and figurative meaning of its direct Latin ancestor. A TERM. That literally means sharp point. The Latin Word Acumen traces to the verb accu array which means to sharpen and is related to accuse the Latin word for needle in its earliest English uses Ackerman referred specifically to sharpness of wit in modern English. It conveys the sense that someone is perceptive enough to grasp the situation quickly and clever enough to apply that ability with your word of the day. I'm Peter Sokolski visit Marian Webster Dot com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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