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Live from NPR news Washington on Child Snyder. More than three hundred. Americans are back in the United States arriving early this morning on to charter flights after being exposed to the corona virus on board the cruise ship that remains in quarantine in Japan but appears Windsor Johnston reports. They are not yet free to go home. Fourteen of the evacuees have tested positive for the corona virus. Even though they aren't showing symptoms of the illness they returned to the US from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that remains under quarantine in Japan and will be kept under close watch at military bases in California and Texas for the next two weeks. The Corona virus has killed an estimated hundred people and sickened tens of thousands. The outbreak stems from an outdoor food market in Wuhan China which was closed in January last week. China announced a nationwide crackdown on illegal. Wildlife markets and Trade Windsor Johnston NPR news the cruise ship off Japan has the largest cluster of corona virus cases outside of China more than forty Americans who tested positive remain in Japan for treatment. The prominent human rights lawyer and activist has been detained in China. After nearly two months on the Bron- impure assembly. Fang reports. Arrest comes after the detentions of nearly a dozen other activists who all allegedly attended a December planning meeting friends at the activist shooter young told NPR he'd been nabbed by police. On the evening of February fifteenth while visiting a friend in the southern province of Guangdong. Both she and his friend were detained. She had been on the run since the day. After Christmas when police began targeting the twenty or so attendees of a strategy planning meeting that she also spearheaded that same month. The wave of arrests is an escalation of an ongoing crackdown on civil society under Chinese leader. Xi Jinping She. A former university lecturer and rights lawyer was released in two thousand seventeen serving a four year prison sentence for his legal activism. He is the founder of an influential constitutionalist movement demanding civil rights protections and rule of law. Emily Fang NPR news. Beijing cheers broke out of Virginia State. Capitol this morning right. Supporters celebrating after some of governor. Ralph northerns fellow. Virginia Democrat sided with Judiciary Committee Republicans to reject northern pushed to ban the sale of assault style. Weapons Bill was a top priority for northern Virginia. Lawmakers have advanced several other measures. He's proposed Democrats took control of state government last year. Running heavily on gun control making Virginia. The focus of the country's debate over guns Wall Street is closed today for the President's Day holiday global markets are mostly positive Monday trading in Asia. The Shanghai composite jumped more than two percent after the Chinese government announced several measures aimed at limiting the economic impact of the Krona virus outbreak and from Washington this is NPR news to Jackson Mississippi. Now where people are using canoes kayaks and small fishing boats to check on their flooded homes and to help neighbors. Estate of emergency remains in effect because of the flooding Pearl River following torrential rains National Weather. Service says it Expects River to cross today but that water levels will remain. High as more rain is expected this week. The commercial company space x says it has successfully deployed into orbit sixty more satellites following this morning's launch part of new network to provide global broadband. Internet to every point on the planet and peers tip Brumfield reports at many more to come one of the Companies Falcon. Nine rockets carried the satellites into orbit where they spread out like a deck of cards. It's the fourth launched by SPACEX since November and brings the total to around three hundred of the new satellites a rival company. One web launched about thirty of its satellites earlier this month. Both companies say they will eventually operate networks with many hundreds of satellites critics. Worn all these new satellites could increase the risk of collisions and space debris the satellites are also visible from the ground creating problems for astronomers trying to take pictures of the night sky. Space X says it's committed to responsible management of space. It's equipped satellites with Collision Avoidance Systems and is working with astronomers to minimize the impact on their observations. Jeff from Phil. Npr News Washington as cars season opening Daytona. Five hundred set to resume this afternoon. The race had to be postponed yesterday because of rain. I'm trial Snyder. Npr news from Washington.

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