Study Shows That COVID-19 Patients Testing Positive After Recovering Are Not Infectious


The class of two thousand twenty deserves a proper sendoff, which is why Iheartradio and Doritos brings you commencement the podcast, featuring speeches and dedications from icons. We admire most hear from. A A lot of things we will never injury pit bull guys a generation. Go change the world, Becky, G, cashew, and many many more check out commencement the podcast out now on the iheartradio APP, or wherever you get podcasts with a special Doritos Valedictorian episode where Doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five Valedictorians giving them each fifty thousand dollars in tuition assistance in sharing their speeches with the world. It's Thursday. May Twenty First I'm Oscar Ramirez in Los Angeles and this is the daily dived. Some good news for regions that are reopening their economies, a recent study from South Korea is showing that covid nineteen patients that have tested positive after recovering or not infections. These so-called re positive patients weren't spreading any lingering infection, and we're shedding only dead virus, Arctic. Emma court health reporter at Bloomberg. News joins us for what we learning about. How contagious someone is after recovering from the virus? Next has all fifty states reopening in some form. Already are gyms to reopen. For, a lot of gym owners, there's a frustration in the lack of any strict guidelines. Temperature checks extra cleaning hand sanitizer must. Face masks snoop present an uncertainty with some gyms leading the customers decide on whether to wear them. Hillary POKKA wits contributor to the wall, Street Journal joins us for how the first gyms are handling the combat. Finally in school might be cancelled right now, but that hasn't stopped scandals from being resolved on Monday. The University of Kentucky fired the entire coaching staff of its storied cheerleading program. three-month internal investigation said that the students were engaging in hazing rituals. Nudity and drinking alcohol and the Coaches Watch. Tim Sullivan Sports Columnist at the Courier Journal joins us for more. News without the noise that's. More importantly, the researchers in Korea believes that the diagnostic test we use are well able to distinguish between of active particles in the virus in particles with virus that are not active and are able to sort of be infectious. Joining us now is Emma Court reporter at Bloomberg News. Thanks for joining US Emma. Thanks for having me. It's interesting news coming out of the South Korean CDC. Might. Be Some pretty good news. Actually concerning recovered patients and possible immunities, researchers are finding evidence that patients who test positive for the coronavirus after recovering aren't capable of transmitting the infection, and they could have antibodies that could prevent them from falling sick again. Emma tell us a little bit more about what they're saying. This is a really interesting piece of research. They basically looked at people who had had covered and later tested positive, even though it has been some period of time since they had been sick and basically attempted to answer this question of our people infectious, even later on, and the researchers seem to think that they are not infectious, which is good news because knowing that people have recovered no longer infectious, extremely important, obviously as we try to reopen economies and some people back to work in school and things like that, and it's also kind of a hopeful note in terms of this, though lingering question about whether people who've had covid and survived and. Are Immuno although that's still I think something. Many people would tell you is still a big unanswered question at this point I wanna make sure I. Get this right. These people that tested positive again. Were they sick again where they showing symptoms themselves or they just tested positive after previously getting over it and having a negative test. So they recovered, it sounds like the researchers had negative test from them, and then they had another positive test. They're calling them. Quote Unquote. Re positive patients, so that's important here because there's also been an indicator that they have and they're going to test, but more importantly, the researchers in Korea believes that the diagnostic test we use our well able to distinguish between sort of active particles in the virus and particles virus that not active and are able to sort of be infectious, so that's kind of the key thing here. This really underscores the limitation of the diagnostic tests that we have rather than sort of making bigger sweeping. Conclusions about how coronavirus work so in these people that had recovered, they also had some antibodies against this, and that's also interesting to you compared this a little bit to a recent study in Singapore about SARS, people who had recovered from SARS and they had neutralizing antibodies nine to seventeen years after their initial infection. Now we don't know obviously if this is the case with covid nineteen specifically, but it is kind of a cousin virus. Let's say and this is the thing. The hope is that your antibodies would protect you for quite some time after getting in fact. We've seen it. Be This way with other viruses right? We've seen antibodies be protective and other scenarios, but there are a lot of limitations. Do the facility. Corona virus, and we also don't know if there is immunity how long it lasts, and that's kind of the biggest question right now. kind of underscoring every public health effort we launch every private sector effort around coronavirus I mean the answer to this question is going to have really widespread implications, and you know you might be able to say we believe this. We assume they're probably is immunity Elliott some levels immunity, but we just don't know that for sure because we haven't studied that specifically at this point and been able to come to a firm conclusion. How many a little bit more about people testing positive again because some of these tests can't distinguish between dead and virus particles, because this was one of the discussions that was having with somebody else of. Does the virus just lie dormant, or we get rid of it completely? So, what is this kind of mean on that front? Understanding that researchers have is the virus. Particles may remain in cells even effort. They've sort of been inactivated so ideas that are the test we have aren't always they believe able to distinguish between active and inactive particles and I think it's worth noting like this is just one element of allergic discussion. We're having around diagnostic tests and how well they work on the. The whole I mean. Can we rely on a test that you take when you're sick to be? The be all end all in terms of saying you have coronavirus. Don't have coronavirus and I think this study is just the sort of the latest proof that there are extremely important limitations that we have to consider. I think many doctors would tell you if you're. You're someone and you test negative for Covid nineteen. Like may still think you might have it, and they may still tell you to some quarantine. They still tell you to be extremely cautious in your behavior, not go out for fourteen days in the like, because there are other factors at play, and we can't rely entirely on these tests to just tell us yes. Yes or no, but as you mentioned at the beginning, this is a positive sign for regions that are reopening their economies so much, so that South Korea has revised a bunch of its protocols, and basically saying that. If you recovered from this, you went through a period of isolation. You're good to go move freely. We don't have to worry about you anymore. Right and I think that's a really good point and I think you know I actually just spoke with a person in public health and Utah who was saying they've seen the same problem. Right? People had covid nineteen. They recovered and can test positive. I times months afterwards, and she said you know we're just following the CDC protocol, which are I think probably pretty aligned with what career is doing. Doing sort of just basically waiting a certain amount of time after people have sent, you know insurance. They've recovered and kind of following that protocol around infection, so I think you know it does pose knowing this emerging evidence around how antibodies with this disease work will kind of embolden public health officials. You know not just in incredible, but around the world in terms of making some of these decisions. Court health reporter at Bloomberg, news thank you very much for joining us. Thanks so much. An it career at ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join DDAT for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at Gd it. Dot Com slash careers. GED's laboratory. Florida's billy veteran I heart radio in state farm know the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the send-off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John. Legend I'm honored to have the chance to speak to you to share in the special moment Katie couric. You'll need some very important life skills to. To move forward. Perhaps the most important one is resilience. Chelsea Handler Jerry to do things that scare you if you can embrace the unknown and fully jump into what life has to offer you, there will be much to celebrate and much to enjoy and cash reflect on the work you've done and celebrate moving into your new phase. These iconic names all coming together to celebrate you. The class of Twenty Twenty listened iheartradio new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast and remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor. State farm is there. Was a greening them in a mask as well as with a face shield, having a glove on my hand taking their temperature, they'll. They are filling out daily symptom report, and then a their direct manager is making a physical I. check on them as well. Hillary POKKA wits contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for joining US Hillary. Thank you as the country is in this phase of reopening now I think by now all fifty states have reopened in some type of capacity. wanted to try to focus on different aspects of that and gyms are one of those specific things that could be potential breeding ground for a virus or any other illness to spread just due to the amount of people in a possible location at the different touching. Touching of equipment, and how quickly those things get cleaned up, so hillary wrote an article about how ready are gyms to reopen and all JIM's depending where they're located, have to follow their local guidelines, but it still seems that masks are kind of that one thing that nobody agrees on. You have to wear them in some places you don't and others that seems to be one of the major stick ups. So, not every state you know agrees that Jim's need to open in the first phase, but of the places that have it seems like the states seem reluctant to put a real mandate down. They'll say things like recommend. People wear a mask or they'll say that. The Gym should encourage people to wear a mask. It's very squishy I think it's hard for Jim Owners to really know what? What to do, but there are a few things that they're very specific about the regulations you have to separate equipment or you know. Turn off every other treadmill for example, keep people farther apart. A lot of places are not allowing locker rooms to open yet and swimming pools and gyms. No, where are they allowing swimming pools and basketball courts and things like that are not open yet. As far as the way, let's say a machine would get cleaned or something if somebody is using it, do they stop usage of that machine until somebody can come and clean, and how does that type of thing working out? Most places are setting up disinfecting stations within easy reach of every machine. Every Jim that I spoke to you and say it's the opening. They've multiplied the number of hand. Hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes, and they're telling customers to wipe down the equipment before, and after they use it and the gym staff. Themselves are wiping everything down someplace. They're doing an intermission in the middle of the day at one o'clock, and doing a deep clean of everything, and then letting people back in others are just constantly. You have trainers who are now cleaners, basically who are? Are just wiping down all of the equipment all the time you definitely want to be, you want cleaning to be conspicuous that good ever if you go to you to TV very conspicuous, and if possible, you want them to have doors open for example, every doctor that I talked to. You said that they'd like air movement exchange of air. Things should be walking through. You want windows or doors. Doors Open if possible, so Georgia Oklahoma Tennessee there among these handful of states that have allowed gyms to reopen the first wave of business reopenings. Tell us a little bit about conversations. You've had with people in these areas. Because there's a few differences, there's the smaller local gyms. There's the bigger chain gems, and then there's even cross centers, which all have their kind of individual quirks to them. Most of the places that I talked to. There were a few large gym chains that have reopened in places like Crunch Planet Fitness Goals Gym. Those chains have all reopened, and they have their corporate cleanliness policies that and a lot of cases are more strict than whatever state policies they have, and then the cross fits and smaller gyms there live on their own, I mean the ones. I spoke to in Georgia. They have the Centers for disease. Control right there in Atlanta. So I feel like they may be in a better position than most because some of their members worked for the CDC's. CDC's like and ask them. Hey, what do you really recommend? And most of the places instructors are required to wear masks, and as far as the members go, it seems to be optional, but some of the places like orange theory for example is making their instructors wear masks and goggles, and they're requiring members to wear masks, so everyone is like fully covered and protected other places. They're making it more optional and I. It really is down to you. As JIM member have to kind of weigh the risks and the benefits, because now we know about heavy breathing and causing and singing the choirs. The spread and other parts of the country and the problem with the heavy breathing and then panting is that those particles in the air? Then they fall onto the machines, and that's what worries doctors the most, so it's really about cleanliness space between people and comfort level what has been the turnout to the gyms. What has been the return of people so far? It's only been a week or two for most places, but all the gym that I spoke to said that they're looking at about half capacity. They've limited the number of people that can work out at a time a lot of places now. You have to reserve your spot online ahead of time. Even if it's not a class, you just need to reserve your workout time for example, but only about fifty percent, if that of the amount of traffic that they would normally experience at this time of year. They're seeing however I will say that. That every time I spoke to had new members join, and they say it's the combination of people just itching to get out of the house and do something, and also people are much more aware of health and implications of poor health, and how sort of this virus has impacted people who are on the unhealthier end of the Scales and so a lot of the gym so that they have a positive uptick in people saying you know what I really wanted like take control and of my personal health, and like starting in two directions. Killary wits contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Thank you very much for joining us. Thank, thank you. Both. Hear of any behavior such as this going forward. We have excellent oversight in terms of. Sandy Bell and all the other structures of this university puts in play. Joining us now is Tim Sullivan Sports columnist at the Courier Journal thanks for joining US Tim. You. Talk about a school cheerleading scandal. It's this interesting time. During the pandemic schools were canceled, a lot of things are shut so when the story up I was like it kind of struck me. I didn't know something like this was ongoing, but apparently this was a something that had been being investigated for quite some time. The University of Kentucky Fired Their Entire Truly and coaching staff from their program on Monday, and they said that students on the team had engaged in hazing rituals and public nudity and use alcohol on the Coaches Watch Tim. Tell us a little bit about what happened. There were a couple of trips to the team took Wunderlich Cumberland another after even in Tennessee that were designed as bonding type experiences, and were scheduled very heavily. Most of the time to the team was together, but there was some downtime, and there were college students being college. some of the things that were alleged in the report I don't think would come as a huge surprise to anyone who attended college that there were sexually charged chance and topless bottomless books in the lake and drinking and all of this. Be Guest team. Whether happy in you, coaches over the knowledge of the coaches. I think the sticking point there's going. There's been quite a lot of backlash from cheerleaders informer, surely saying that you know that they are adults and. They're responsible for their own actually. Didn't really know what's going on. And that seems to be across the matter right now. Is Whether University Demonstrate that they had knowledge or should add and the coaches. That out. We don't know this was a three month. Internal investigation done by the University of Kentucky, and it was prompted because there was a complaint made by a student's parent an early February as you mentioned they were doing. These basket tosses where I hurl one of the cheerleaders, and they were hurling them into the lake, and he's you mention either topless slur bottomless. They said that several. Several chillers became intoxicated and some required medical treatment during the retreat because of the drinking, so these are all the allegations that are involved in that part of the report, also I guess they were looking in to see if there was any sexual assault or any type of sexual misconduct during those trips in the report. They said that they found no evidence of any of that stuff. There were things mentioned in port that they They! could not confirm or did we're not? Confident enough to allege. I can imagine with a team of I think fifty four. Cheerleaders of enders that you're going to have certain activities that place individuals at risk and take one of the things that maybe not as well understood by some students as the administrators is that you know that the hazing it's been alleged can be very subtle, and there can be a Lotta. Peer pressure applied to me seem reasonably innocent, some and less to others that may be a big bone of contention as well is. Has This move forward to me? It has a lot of echoes of the two thousand fourteen case, involving the highest march in my daughter happened to be a member of the band at that time. And a lot of the allegations are very similar. And the result was the bandleader lost his job and I had a hard time imagining that this will go much different, so the four coaches have been removed now. One of the interesting things that happened was that some of the students on the cheerleading squad were rallying around the coaches on social media. How did that go? It's ongoing I mean I've found already. At least four incidents are cases of female, surely posted videos themselves being flung into the lake with both halves or their bikini intact. That doesn't prove that there wasn't. Nudity in other situations, or possibly even with these same girls in another flips, but I think the message that the students, and the surely the cheerleaders. Unfortunately, you're trying to get out. Is that you know what was done was done. You know my free will and soon so by large were. Leitch there may have been some examples of miners were exposed to alcohol on the were, but I don't know that that is the hardest I think they're. More concerned from the sexual harassment. And sexual charge behavior. Drinking at least that's my perception that that hasn't stand -actly. Tim Sullivan sports columnist at the courier. Journal. Thank you very much for joining us. Anytime. That's it for today. Join US on social media at Dude. I bought on both twitter and instagram. 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