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Barclays Boss Says Big Offices May Be A Thing Of The Past


You're listening to the news at this hour Africa Business Radio. The C O of Barclays says Colonel Virus Endemic could permanently change. How many bankers make the daily trudge into tightly packed city centre offices? Speaking after the bank reported a fall in first-quarter Prophet Starlit says the bank will not revert fully to its spree. Jen reworking habits. According to him that will be a long term adjustment in how things are done strategy. Wise he says the notion of Putin seven thousand people in the building may be a thing of the past styles. We says Social Stinson. Rules will limit how many workers can written an impulse restrictions such as the missing elevators of two people at a time. The comments by the head of one of Britain's biggest banks show how business leaders are contemplating making possibly alterations so working methods. And that was the news. At this time on Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio. That's come over a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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