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In The Draft Show - NASCAR Las Vegas Preview!


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Boy, did we hoodwink you from like two thousand and one on no not the place. The fact that you have cesovic's show how much you love us. You sic best. Thank you for the clicks. Thank you for the clicks. You sons a bitches. Let's now let's talk about this week about how rusty Wallace in north wilkspur. I right. All right. So so if you don't know what we're talking about if you're not read it, right? And I'm ready to but I don't go to the NASCAR so form, and we'll talk about why in a second. But somebody posted about this show on lake. They started a read it topic on the NASCAR sub about this show. And it wasn't. It wasn't flattering. They said. It was terrible. It was horrible. Like, we don't already know that. And and you know, I saw it and you send it to me. And then I was looking I was like, hey, look at this. And and my lovely significant other half, or whatever you call. It was like oh. Oh, that's awesome. And I'm like, I know, and and I said it is you know, one hundred percent negative. I didn't care. I would I'm thrilled. Keep doing that. I want them to keep posting what they hate about the show. And I'll tell you why. Because all of those read it some forms are primarily not totally. But they're they're dominated in terms of discussion by the fan, boys. Right. So I go into my sub read it for, you know, my little pony, and and you know, ninety eight degrees. And if you say something bad, right? So I'm I don't know. Like, I said, I don't go to the NASCAR one. So sorry, if I got my facts wrong here, but but if you go to one of those sub rights, and you post something negative right about that topic? Usually you're gonna you can kind of get slammed like like people are gonna flame you for it. So same thing I would assume with NASCAR if you start saying crap about NASCAR and giving your. Opinions nothing negative, which just give our opinions on stuff and people interpret those opinions as being negative or then they're gonna play me. Right. So that's why I'm fine with it. Because if we're pissing people off there that means that we're doing something. Right. I mean, we're being honest and saying everything is not one hundred percent, okay. Right now, you can tell by the fricken stands at Atlanta last week. So and there are some people. I know there some people there on right at that would like to post in the NASCAR sections. Hey, some of this stuff is kind of crap. But they know they'll get flamed for it. Well, instead of posting and having people yellow chew now, somebody breaded has advertised the place for all of those people who want to have honest opinions to go to to hear honest opinion. So continue to post negative stuff. I love it. It's awesome. It's great as long as you're talking about the show. I'm all for it. Yeah. I really couldn't care less because you guys want to drink the Kool aid in like everything's okay. Go for he great. Claire b Lang's of the internet nerds? And that's the other thing looking horrible. I hate all of you know, that's the other thing art, so either t shirts and one of the criticisms was, you know, getting getting facts wrong. And I think somebody ref shocked the people listen to the show this closely. I mean, seriously, we don't even know what we said last week. I don't and they were talking about oh, you know, Daytona. And and I it's not your fault. Scotty, I said something about Ricky Stenhouse junior triggering a big, right? They weren't. Oh, it's not Ricky Thana is pulmonary. But who cares? You're missing the point. You're missing the point of what I was saying, it doesn't matter if it was Ricky Stenhouse junior or Paul Menard, or you know, Jimmy Johns. It doesn't matter if hut Strickland, you'll materialize out thinner with the frigging Circuit City car and ran through the field and wrecked everybody the point is a twenty one car wreck in the Daytona five hundred is not good racing. That's the point that's on negative positive. It's just. The facts if you think that's good racing. Well, then you should just go watch damn demolition derby on Friday nights. So so and and honestly back in the day when we started the show, we did the whole, oh, you know, Scotty on lap one hundred and fifty three point two six five this guy tip this guy. If you wanna have if you want to know what happened lap-by-lap, go NBC or FOX and watch their shows. That's what they do. They just talk about lab by lab if you want like rod team like one hundred percent positive. This is the best thing ever. That's what Sirius XM is for just go there and listen to that. Right. But if you want honest opinions come here, and I could care less. If you know if one of us says, oh, well, you know, Jimmy Johnson did this. And it was really, you know, chase Elliott. I it doesn't we did that show. We did that show where we were just hyper focused on the individual Latin numbers and stats, and what happened if you wanna have to our argument about who started the wreck, this is not the place to go. So. Because we we we get it done in ten minutes. And then we forget about it five minutes after sacred done. Exactly, we're here to have fun and talk about what our opinion of the general feel of the race was all right. So when it comes to Atlanta more of the same. Exactly, okay. And I know that the same people that were pissed about last week show or the week before that or or lash ACOG or whatever are going to be pissed about this because we said clearly coming into Atlanta. This race is going to be the same. Right. And I said it last week even though Scotty wasn't there? Live by the way. Welcome back laws, man. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it. And so, you know, we said it was going to be the same. And you don't have to take our opinion for it. Frigging Dale Earnhardt, jR, somebody asked him on Twitter. Hey, what do you think of this? You know, the rule package and Atlanta. And he said, you know, the restarts are exciting. But they're always exciting in Atlanta other than that pretty much the same. It's exactly what it was. It was land. The the past few years. It's just like kind of like a Michigan race where one do gets out in front. They build up a lead. And then as the tires fall off, especially in Atlanta's tires fall off some guys are better at managing that the others, and you get these comers and goers and late in the run guys will catch guys and pass them that has nothing to do with the friggin rural package. That's just Atlanta racing. And that's exactly what we saw. It was the same frigging thing. And yes restart to exciting and yes guys can move up through the field and drop down through the field. That's no different than last year or the year before or when they had the low low downpours AARP aero package or went ahead the car tomorrow. The only thing that's missing is that classic Atlanta finish. And the only reason we didn't get that classic. Atlanta. Finish is because Martin tricks junior just close enough or else we would have and heaven forbid heaven forbid if Marin tricks junior had been able to catch brag, his Laos key. You know on that final lap, and we got a regular side-by-side. Excellent Atlanta finish every. Would have attributed that to the row package, and we would have this thing for the next thirty years, which is fine. Mean a rather they just have one frigging rule package for the next thirty years put that bullet Lewis mandate that where they can't change it after two years. Let let cycle go through for Christ's sake. Now, here's here's the big hot the hot takes. Ricky stenhouse. Yes, Ricky Stenhouse being in the way of Martin's erects, do you think that caused the damn thing who's in the right? Who's in the raw? So. Yeah. And tricks was pretty pissed off about it. And you know, it's weird. I understand where he's coming from. Because you're frustrated you think you can catch a guy, and you know, there's somebody in between you and the guy and it's frustrating thing. But at the same time, I mean, it's not anybody's job to get out of anybody else's way. And it always pisses me off a little bit. When a driver complains that another driver held them up or race hard in this case, it wasn't like wheel-to-wheel or anything. I mean, what's nineteen got up there? Stenhouse pulled down he pulled down let them go by. But with these cars and the bigger hole. They punch in the air becomes problematic earlier than it would before. So when he was I guess, you know, trucks is like, oh, it's ten Carling's behind. And he wouldn't get out of my way, and sent house was like, oh, when you got, you know, closer to me, I got out of your way. I mean in the end it's like a it's like a like a designated hitter saying on pissed because he kept throwing curveballs you'll I couldn't you just throw me a fastball. Well, I mean, it's your job to be able to hit the curve ball. If you're in the nineteen car the best way to win the race is to already be up front to be a little bit faster to get out of the pits a little bit, the faster, you know, there are other places where you can make up that difference, and you can get around that car without necessarily having the race them on the track. And in the end you can bitch a moan and complain. All you want about a guy didn't get out of your way. But you, you know, may or may not have gotten out of his way. And you know, if you're really pistol and just push them out of the way once you get up to him. So in the end, I understand his frustration. But I don't think it's necessarily Ricky Stenhouse as gene Ricky Stenhouse juniors job. Oh, God they're going to they're going to post now they're going to post stumbled his name, and it's not recused job to get out of the. Hey, there could it be nice. Yeah. Am I going to blame him if he's not nice? No. Of course. Not. No. Because odds are he won't get it back. If you know because he's not going to be in that position. Oh is never going to be a lab. Dale instead house juniors trying to win the Ray now. So it's come back around. So screw it. Why would you exact no I will say this like for a while there? Newman instead house we're up at the top there. Yup. Me they had they had pretty good rise. And then everything fell apart for for Ford's. It look like. Yeah. You realize I it just everything. The bottom of the Ryan Blaney fell out of order and Stenhouse junior fell out of order. Gano fell out of order like the kids Lau ski in and the S HR shockingly enough all as come s HR. You don't think that they love this new this new car, you think that it doesn't matter what the body is all four in the top ten get outta here with that all and all four was it all four the what's your Jaeger cars? They'll know daddy handling was eleven but four four three of the top ten were also gives cars them pretty damn impressive. I must say, and you know, there are a lot of guys speaking of Stewart Haas, the great actually Ford like you said was good. But then they kept shooting themselves in the foot. I mean Eric Merola speeding on pit road. Ryan Blaney along final. Pitstop? That's him out. Didn't the twenty two have to come back in loose wheel. Or somebody hit stop or something. Like that. God if I don't know they're going to you know, what I hope that he didn't have that problem. So yes the bitch about, but he they weren't the only ones, callers collars and should have won this race. And last week on the show you pick. Act on you know, with Harvick which obviously solid pick. And I was trying to I was debating about loud between Jimmy Johnson. Great record, Atlanta and collar sin who thought fought so hard at Daytona that ahead to give him credit for that. And I won't with frigging Johnson. I should have gone with Larson mail are with so much better. Yeah. No Jimmy's back in old like he had the one good week. He was in the Daytona. And then God he was terrible in this race. We just terrible which leads to the the the debate will talk about later between Larsen and said said Hendrick players. Yes. So we'll see about that overall. Like, I watched. Joe NASCAR drive what they have on their website because I don't have thoughts hill. Right because my antenna doesn't reach that far to Fargo. It was good. The car drive was okay for a free app. Like, there's no audio. That's your you. Don't you don't check your own like they have the quote unquote battle Cam, which is pretty good for some of the debates, and there's the in car cameras, but. Still something about it. Just didn't just wasn't the same. As a broadcast though. Not hearing, Mike joy, Darrell Waltrip, pretty good. Oh my God. Dude. He said boogie at the end of the race like near the end of the race in the closing laps. And I'm like, he's become a character of really has. And I was like dude seriously. One boogie is one too many. But now we're having to hear it at the end to it was when I guess nineteen car was trying to chase down the two car. And I was like seriously man, come on. Let me ask you this about the app. Did a I mean, you said it was an okay experience. I don't know why you don't have audio. That's kind of weird. And I guess you get different 'cause I'm tried it yet. I guess you get different camera angles. And can you make it like big screen and everything? And I mean, do you feel like you're key? You feel like you can figure out what's going on in the race. Do they have a leaderboard? Yeah. They have leaderboard in the leaderboard is there, and they have a intervals as well. Okay. And they had the different camps like the battle. Cam will be just the fixed camera fixating on one of the battles. But in the field, they have the turn Cam, which is like the different camps like in the wall and across like that. And they have the driver cams there. Six different drivers where they have the in car cameras on the on the hood on the group, what was other stuff. So the in the wall Cam isn't named the BJ McLeod Cam. Yes. We'll know. That'd be that'd be in the pitstop. Yeah. That would be they'll be trying trying to kill people in pit road. Camp would be the base. It's the it's the workman's comp Ken. And did they have a were they filming it on? And I phoned ex so they could give you the blurry background. So you can't see there was nobody in the stands. I can't. Yeah. Exactly. The battle Cam oddly enough didn't show the stands at. So I mean, it was an okay experience. Like, it wasn't great. But a little do when I, you know, don't like I have Fox Sports one. When did they go back on Fox Sports? What I would love that. Now. What were they were? They were on FOX, right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And there were I think I counted. And because it was possible to count because you need much screen time to be able to. I think there were two thousand one hundred seventy five people who paid to go to Atlanta a garbage garbage attendance. And they took seats out to now. This is this is this is why I can't believe in NASCAR changing. This is why we're so quote, unquote, negative the product is bad. Just admit the product is bad. And it doesn't have to be wheel the wheel at the fricken. Checkered flag every time. No, it doesn't make to be, you know, but but make it. So that a people who are casual can get into it. Yes. Be that. It doesn't take a teen eleven hours to finish the God damn thing and make it. So that the that guys like BJ McLeod aren't taking up pit crew members like this short in the goddamn field. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, really honestly two weeks in a row two weeks in a row BJ McLeod involved in an incident that carried over in the pit road in this case it was on pit road and the thing about okay. Here's the thing for me about that. Is you is just me. This is just me. Art. So Ryan Preece runs into BJ mcleod's car. He spins around, by the way of it was a fuel man for the number thirty seventeen for Chris pushers team Anthony passed and he was injured all credit to the guy. He ended up in the fracturing his leg. And tearing his ACL. What does he do once he because he got between the car in the wall, he got himself out? And and they're like, you gotta go to the medical you know, the to the infield care center. And he like dude just let me walk. It off me get back to work the guy off with fractured leg shirt, his leg. And he's like I wanna walk it off and get back to work. I mean, that's a tough crew member right there man, come on. But yeah, it was sorry. I mean hit the Mike, but it was the second week in a row that McLeod was involved in something in every time not every time. But but every time they will not every she I keep saying the same thing over and over again, this is why they hate me. But Ryan priests was like, oh, sorry guys. I was looking at my tack, and yes, he might have been looking at his tack. But everybody is blaming that incident on him and. The video clearly shows that PJ McLeod, two lanes out just came to a stop like a dead, stop and cut the wheel little left and it one hundred percent look to me like he was either lost on pit road or thought he was about to over shoot his pit stall one way or the other. It's same idea. Basically. There was no reason he should not have been stopped. There should Karsh not stop in the second lane and cut across because you roll into your pits up. You don't stop and then turn ninety degrees left. And that's what he started. The do. It's just another example of when you put these drivers, and you allow them to pay for rides before they're ready to be there. Then that's the kind of crap that happens and it takes out. Good cars, and it ruins days in this case it injured somebody which I wouldn't say that would happen all the time. But it's just another like if they're only twenty five cars in the field with the twenty five best cars, then that would have never happened because pit road wouldn't be as congested either that that is. That is what like here's the thing. And again, this is just me. I I'll BJ MacLeod should not be there. It him out done. This is also on the thirty seven crucial because he's supposed to be the spotter for the driver and the driver's supposed to look at their TAC. Yeah. So I mean, I I can't blame priests for looking at this tax because it's not his job to see. Who the hell's around, right? Yeah. Yeah. No, no. He should have been in a is priest thirty said oh God. Now. Now, we got seven forty seven forty seven. So. Yeah, I mean, and then the side note for me on this is I'm kinda I've always been on the fence about this. Because it's been mentioned before whenever we have an incident like this pit road, or whenever we see somebody the aforementioned, you know, Eric Marla, collar arson guys with great cars, they get caught speeding on pit road because they're going like a tenth over or something like that whenever that happens whenever something like this happens. Ryan priestly all home looking at my attack. 'cause I don't want to get caught speeding because after you know, serve the penalty. It always makes me wonder if it just simply wouldn't be a better idea to have. Speed limiters for pit Rono talked about this on and off. It's something is very common and other forms of motor sport. But you know, the NASCAR purists are like, no, no. It takes driver skill away. You know, they should be able to have to figure it out themselves. And I don't like to things I don't like the idea that an accident happens because you have to be so worried about speeding, and I also don't like when a great car like Collor arsons car like Erica, moral is good. They lose their chance to win because of some stupid thing. Like that. You know, I think that that the driver skill really is at going really really fast. Why does the driver need skill going really really slow? You know, the pits aren't about whether the driver can hold the tack right there. You know, the the pitch should be about the pit crew doing the best job. It should be the pit crew that makes a difference. Whether that car gets out first and wins or doesn't get out. I it doesn't win. Not because you know. Oh, man. I was fifty RPM over him because I was a tenth over. Because they're all setting these based on the pace car. What if the pace cars off a little bit? I mean, it's all to chance. I don't like the speeding being the chance a much rather have a button they compress and they just go and pit pit road speed mode, and the Rev limiter kicks in and they can't go to fast, but then likes them all EV always been a little bit on the fence. But especially when you see someone like what happened with Ryan Preece and BJ MacLeod. I think it was completely avoidable at one hundred percent one of happened. If they have pit road speed limiters because he wouldn't have been looking down and actually like people bitching about taking the skill out of it like the same people who want like the new era package that takes the skill out of it. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Listen, the Calabasas exactly what he says about new aero package. Oh, lordy. Be. All right. So I didn't do the points. But this is the bottom going to mention them because I it's hysterical. This time around cookie points. You think that bracket we talked about Brad winning the race? You think that Bragg has Laskey winning this race that he would have you know, led the points. Right. It would have he would have. That's how you decide. That's how this point system has decided Wilson the the most the points gets the most of the winds and they won the race. Oh, Brad Kozlowski had the most points right right now. But he didn't though what? No, no, all right. So Kevin Harvick finished fourth had the most points at fifty two day. So we're thinking, oh, we'll we'll be right after not no margarine junior. Bitching about the fact that you win the race. Hey, you beat his Laskey and points though, still in second second on the tracks. Second points for points. Curb Bush therm points, forty five. Collar colors who finished twelfth. He finished twelfth in the race forty four points. Then you get to the winner Brad Keselowski. He was fifth in points at forty explain that to somebody who doesn't understand the sport whose first time watching this explain that to me, I can't because that FOX isn't gonna show it. I know they don't show it after the race because they know it's ridiculous to. Yes. So dumb. But I'm glad we can finally get the kooky points award out to Kevin Harvick we'll send him his trip in the mail. Yup. And hopefully, he will receive it. Well, that's the first kooky points. So word of the year because we've only had two races. And yeah, can we talk about caz little bit? I mean this guy. Yes, this sick all weekend. Yes. He someone on the backup. And the next thing, you know, buoy ah he wins the damn thing coming out of nowhere. He was sick off the track. And then he was sick on the track all shits bringing. No, no. And this. I thought you said last week we didn't get we get to talk about the Daytona five hundred last week together on the show, but we both have the same opinion. Phenomenal. Just fantastic story for Joe Gibbs racing that will capped off really a terrible race where half the field wrecked. And we don't want to see half the field wrecking. Similar? I mean, the racing Atlanta and take it or leave. It was it was Atlanta racing. It was okay. But the story Brad has Laskey another great story me. Here's a guy who couldn't even get in the car at one point Austin syndrich had to get in the car for him. Then he goes out there and he wins the frigate race. So I thought it was that was a great story and phenomenal effort because I mean, the nineteen car was coming at the end. And you know, if you're suffering through the flu, then it could be hard to concentrate in that situation. So you don't anything from Atlanta. Like, honestly. They give you the stomach flu, you're pooping all over the place. He was parents. You know, I hate to admit this, and please don't tell anybody. I said this. But I'm starting to dig break his Lasky a little bit because the dude can talk racing. I know he's a jerk. He's still he's. I know. Waiter, take this back still a jerk weight or take like this is not what the order but after that kind of race, right? And then he gets out, and he's still like, you know, he says things that I agree with and I'm like, all right? All right breads breads, I'll give you that. But still it's not it's not what ordered Brad Brad spreads out that bed. He's he's a he's no, he's no call Bush. Well, who is he's a step above Kabushemeye book. I know. I know I really it pains me even say that. But I'm like, dude. All right, man. Say that again. I know I know. So let's look at the top tendency if there are any surprise finishers in the top, number, sure. Especially number nine. Yup. Yup. Chris Bush good to see Daniel Suarez, by the way. How great qualifying effort started top ten finish top ten as well. And starting I mean only second race in the forty one car it's gonna take a little bit of time. But he's already doing better in the forty one or looking better in the forty one. Then he was over Joe Gibbs racing still propping up that theory that Joe Gibbs racing Kim win race, and they can win a championship. They just can't do it with the driver that they brought up. Right. That's weird. Make sense. Super weird. And then like we mentioned at the beginning of the show you Kevin Harvick finished fourth. Jimmy johnson. Who finished two laps down. What if it was the first cartoon lapsed down though? Oh, yeah. Thank him for you lucky dog. Can't god. Oh, man. Thirty seven cars in this race. Really? There was only thirty seven ethic. Ours in this race thirty-seven. Yeah. Why not just cut it to thirty like just stop well because trying to proper Horton than that would eliminate the possibility of you'll me going out in your dodge dodge dodge in qualifying for the race be great first high traps of frigging win a race. It'll be awesome. Great with it. You know, you have a huge advantage in the journey. It's journey right now. There's going to be angry message about they even know what car Scotty drives. And it's going to be for me is giving me. Right. Exactly. But you'd have a huge advantage in the journey because fuel mileage, man. Sure, you'll have to you only have to get gas one time to make it five hundred miles. It's true. I have cranked it up that high before and I have digital display for everything. And if I remember correctly, those tires on your car had probably like forty or fifty thousand mile warranty. See we need to change him out ninety. And that would take the air off a lot of cars that height that height though was where we're good friends at oh bike racing. They weren't there. I'm looking I'm looking they've been there at all. I don't think they made the five hundred shockingly enough. I think they just like to make the pros up press releases. That's really what they consider to be racing. I could say something, but it'd be something something like a race. But I wouldn't know. Oh, man. God. All right. So with that. I guess I guess we're we're done with the first half. Right. Let's go to break. Okay. Go to break when we come back, huge huge positive thing for the sport. I think happened just last night and we'll start with we'll start with that on the second half of the show. And then we got to talk about that survey that you got in the Email that we didn't talk about last week to Email the Email love well Email. All right. So stick around. We're not sure why you're still listening put sense yard stick around or coming up on in the draft. All in my way, Yawkey on things that I say. Welcome back. The in the draft with Wilson laws on Wilson that is the Woz, man. And before we get to your survey was. He did. And I desperately want to know what you said on said survey. I think awesome news for the sport KM, west pro series. My reset first race of the air. Haley begin goes out there and wins on the dirt in Las Vegas and not only did she win. She like one old school style. Like, she just shoved the other dude out of the way and and went on by. And then took a took a hit after that. And the guys they were battling. And then she she wins the race and just reinforcing. We were talking about a couple of weeks ago on the show when they announced that monster energy sponsorship for they're probably very likely with in this with her for long haul and all she has to do is keep doing what she's doing and she's going to come to the Cup series. And it could be a huge huge thing in the Cup series. The key now is not to ruin her bring her up too fast, and let her actually develop as as any driver. Should. I mean sure she's got buzzed now, but sort of danika Patrick when she came to the sport writing. I think. That you have to treat. Haley dean with kid gloves right now because it's a whole new world when you get to Cup series or even into to the Bush or xfinity series Bush's Jesus Christ year is it. But you have you have to make sure that she's taken care of in in a way that is not going to ruin her when she gets up to Cup. I mean, you can't you can't rush through it. You take the chase Elliott, right? Where if she wins the championship rookie year at xfinity you keep her in there for a second season. Yeah. Like, you have to make sure she is comfortable with the car and comfortable with the I think the travel schedule could be a big thing though. I don't think, you know, her dad being who he is having to travel around a lot. I think that's not a big deal. But when you have to compete, and all that stuff that link the mental aspects going to be a huge, huge jump. Yeah. And I think that the good thing for her is she's already been recognized at that level. So it's not gonna be a situation where a last minute deal comes together for trucks or xfinity or Cup. And it's not going to be the kind of deal where you know. All the sudden, it's work. Where racing is where she lands. There's going to be somebody recant, Drake. Joe Gibbs, you know. Maybe even Jack Russia like it was gonna be somebody genuinely interested now in bringing her along. And let's hope it's somebody like Rick Hendrick who did have that patients with chase Elliott, and it's paying off now. So as long as it's a good owner as long as it's a good team owner that that really understands you know, where she should be and how she should be developing moving along than I think only good things can happen. But I agree with you. You know, somebody, you know, because the allure of the marketing and the money, and the, you know, all the hype and everything is so strong that, you know, some owners would be like really willing to jump the gun and just take her straight from where she is now move up to the Cup series. And it would be a recipe for disaster. Just like you for all these other drivers that we talk about most bitching about BJ McCaw. I have nothing against b j McLeod. Right. It's just that all of these drivers that don't have a lot of experience in the Cup series. They should have to. Spend a certain requisite amount of time in the lower series becoming good then you move up and then you increase the chances of success and decreases the chance to decrease the chances of crap happening on track. Yeah. I I mean, you have to take him through them. There's nothing wrong with going through the motions. There's nothing wrong with us a couple of bucks here. And there to earn more later on. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, they're looking through the list of of drivers who finished well last week, and you know, looking for examples of that. And of course, chase Elliott has won. And there aren't too many others. Yeah. Bruce Preece it'd be on that list. They were imprisoned be on that list. He spent some time. All right. So before we get to the rest of the news. We gotta talk about this survey. You got in the mail. You sent me a lot of screen shots of a lot of questions and made it very very clear that NASCAR is seriously considering making some drastic changes to the schedule going forward. I don't know talking twenty twenty or twenty twenty one my guess is probably aiming for twenty twenty one when they got this new car to come out. Yes. So they sent the a couple of weeks ago and. It it talked about. Tracks two people wanna move if you wanna move this from this one they wanna move this from this one. Then they had a thing about a rotating attracts for the championship series qualifying directly for Cup race rotating hosting non elimination things more races under the lights dotted out of double header, double headers was the big thing that came out where you have to racist back to back obviously, much like IndyCar did. Like the the truck series of Finnity series being on the same day ten races. Choose for championship markets that you would consider for a street core. A street course in NASCAR ahead a list of cities too. Which and that's just four of them. And they were just pulling those out of their ass. They had did their homework. You see was one of them too. I don't know. Why was it really at the very bottom? So you pick you pick DC. I hope I did, of course, DC strong place. Six races. You believe the premier raise like what six ones do your ranking of the types of tracks and how how long in a three hour race which is laughable. How long do you follow via social media attending and stuff like that? I don't know. What this one was. Oh, yeah. Oh, the interest like interest increased excitement of each race interest declines with a long season lousy treats, the have I guess shortening the race that I try. Oh, yeah. Which one would you like to reduce duration for months like like like you were talking about like pick a starting month picking ending month pick how many races you want pick? How many playoff raises you want pick? How what day of the week you want? Now, do they not also ask about how long you would prefer the racist to be? Yeah. Like, I said like like, two hours, two and a half hours. Yeah. Yeah. I I think two and a half hour to two and a half hours is a good target. Then they also asked me if I knew knew that pit boss grills was the official drill of NASCAR. And I said, no what the hell. I don't why would you do in. I think I remember seeing some sort of like stick on the pre race show one of the pre ratios about oh, we're out here grilling on our pit boss grill or something like that. I think that. Yeah to. Yeah. But the the fact that they're asking about duration of the race. Changes you're gonna make Dada da da. That's huge. Yeah. I think so. And obviously we're both and have long been in favor of shorter races. And I think shorter schedule as well. Some of those ideas are interesting, what do you think of the double header idea? Because I'll be honest. I don't know that I liked that idea that much. I don't like it at all. I don't like it not because I don't think it will sully. It'll sully the race. No. Now, you're talking about people being purist. You want short in the race fine. I think the double header is a dumb idea now because people are already out there for X number hours as it is. Yeah, I I think even if you have to short races it ends up being just as long as one big five hundred mile race. And I think that the time commitment is a huge part of the reason why viewers aren't watching on TV, and you're going to have to do pomp and circumstance of right of everything to right. So I mean you have to do the winner for the first race. And then you've got a cool down time. And then, and let's let's be honest. How much hell is that on the engines? Like, I I I don't know like you can use switch out NGOs in between the double header races. Like what how how does that work? All I'm sure not no that would increase the cost exp. Financially. Yeah. And what was there was another one in there that oh truck racing? Xfinity race on the same day. We actually ended up getting that in Atlanta. I think that's I think it's great. I because if the for to resign, I know it's kind of counterintuitive to say, oh, I want shorter races. But it's okay to do the truck and extended the race on the same day because the expenditure and the truck race, it's a different atmosphere. It's like a different mindset. And so I think you're not getting a lot of people out to those races. Anyway, so why not do both on the same day? And then you show up when you want to you watch them racing. And then you leave when you want to and you don't feel like you were short changed, you know. And plus the least they could try and do is combine those two audiences in the one do they end up selling less tickets overall? Yes. Because some people buy tickets for both days, but I think it's I think it would be more interesting to have both of those on one day. And then you get to pick the race or races. You wanna watch or the race or races? You want to see in person? So I I do like that idea. Yeah. I think if you combine the lower things, and you can get more of a fan and driver connection that way too. So I think that that's a huge ordeal as well. And on on top of that you discourage the Cup drivers from rating all of the series because makes it way harder for them to race. If both we're on the same day. Exactly. You don't want to do that. It's silly. And you know, I think of it this way when I go to like a motorcycle races. They've got activities all day long. They've got you know, on track action all day long. Whether it's the different 'cause they have different classes and they all race on the same day. Right. And so when you go there, and you're watching you, basically if you're a die hard, right? You get there. Right. When the gates open and you watch every bit of on track action. But if you're not if you're more of the casual fan, you show up you watch a little bit maybe go out, and you do a little shopping at the trailers or something you come back. You watch a little bit more you go home. You don't feel like you were slighted because there was always something there when you went inside to see. And so I. I like that atmosphere for xfinity and truck day where the Cup series. I think you've got to have something short exciting into the point. And you know, the all of the attention is on this one because it is the premier class. Yeah. You have to you have to focus on the one class so mid week. Oh, they're asking about midweek races. And we've talked about this before. But I don't I mean, it would all depend on the day. You know, I'm not a fan of not a fan of mid week gracious. And you're asking fans at that point to change their approach to going to a race and treating it like a baseball game or football game where it's a one day event as opposed to nail the fans is still do do go out to the track. You know, they think of it as as as a venture like it's is a a two day event or three day event. And you're going there for the whole weekend and annot may maybe that's an antiquated thing may maybe that's why maybe as part of the reason people don't wanna do it because they're spending their whole weekend. There just wanna go for one night. I don't know. Yeah. It doesn't make sense. Like, the weekday thing doesn't make sense. I'm not a huge fan of it. Weekday it depend on the day. But days are of really crowded I mean football season you got Monday night. You got Thursday night football. You know, if you're a fan of other sports typically they have a night that they picked like what is Wednesday night hockey night. Is that is that? Yeah. Was talking about basketball night is no night. Nobody does anybody even watching MBA anymore. Oh, yeah. No ESPN gets good numbers. Oh my gosh. I watch watch a little bit of the all star game. Yeah. Oh, that's a bad game to watch. That's on you for that one the fricken, slam dunk contest. Oh my God. Seriously, do terrible terrible. Yeah. And Barkley was there. So it really was terrible. I like Barkley, but he's just terrible for all the before you measures before before the, you know, the the the grow me on the NBA that by the way that is the best the best pre-game or any kind of of of talking head show is the NBA anti literally there have been times where I have watched the pre-game and then the game. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. I agree. One hundred percents funny when I was at the bar after I recorded stuff for you on Thursday. Like my buddy, Mike like, yeah. We're just gonna watch till Charles comes on right? Exactly. They got to see what Charles NASCAR was to get more viewers copy that formula had people that are interesting on not people that are just reading back stuff off a frigging teleprompters. And throwing it as many cliche phrases as possible. Right. Listen, you're gonna take it one race at the time was the thing and that being perfectly honest back in the day. I think that's why both of us like to watch the pre-race show on on speed because they ca- Spencer man, Spencer was about the closest thing you could get to you know, to Barkley. But the problem is Barkley is is like he's cognizant enough to not take himself too seriously. And then, but the, but that was the problem between Kenny Wallace, and and Spencer they got to a point where they were starting to become those caricatures of their themselves. Like, they realized that they had this stick. And then the stick was the stick, you know. And so yeah. So then. Yeah. Yeah. Fizzled out that was that happened. Yeah. What else was on that list? There was something else. I thought was interesting on that list. I do like the the one thing we're the one screen shot. You sent me where there was you got to pick like if you could pick your own season, Mike how many races will be run on the track. And it wasn't just you know, I want to run one or two races at Chicago. You could go all over thirty six. You say I want a thirty six race schedule at struggling. I want all races at Chicago. Make every race. It's Chicago land. Let's look seriously. Who's like somebody gonna slow martinsville? Just all the way to the right? And that's done. We're done we're done wholesome. And we out. Like these. I remember what I was gonna ask about rotating the championship race. What do you think of that? I'd that's an interesting idea. Yeah. I mean, I'm not too. Sure about that. I like it. But I think you rotate the all star race more than anything. Yeah. Yeah. You know on one hand I liked the consistency of. Okay. You go to Miami. Now, it's time to do this or you go to homestead at some do this. But on the other hand, I mean football it's different place Super Bowls in different place every year baseball, depending on the team's all the other sports, depending on the teams that are involved different place. Every year the NFL's the only one that picks a location, the only problem. The only problem that I see with rotating the championship race. And I think that's why your idea saying the all-star racists, much more viable on the only problem potentially with rotating the championship race. Is you only have a finite number of tracks. At that point where you could really do it. I mean, you can't be November. And you go to New Hampshire for the championship. You just can't do it. You know? Logistically, it doesn't work. Yeah. You know in Michigan out of the question, you know, a lot of tracks just simply wouldn't be able to host that race because just too damn cold out. And because of that now you're only limited to a couple of tracks. And then is it worth it anymore? You know, it's not where where the all star race middle of summer, you pretty much have everything your disposal. Yeah. So as much as I'm not necessarily against the idea. I just don't think logistically it's feasible to to shift that race around. You know, you would end up only being like homestead and maybe Daytona or Phoenix or, you know, Texas, Texas or Vegas would love it. That's probably what I was suggesting it because burn Smith probably desperately wants the championship to be in Vegas. Yeah. I think so obviously, it's the money that way. Yeah. So was there anything else that we missed there? That was interesting. I think we're good. Yeah. Hopefully, though, they take the suggestion of shorter season shorter races more intensity more action because of it. Oh, expanding the race in Atlanta last week. Christopher bell. One won the race. The first win in a Toyota Supra, he was very pleased that he got that win in before Akabusi did. But then Kyle Busch them when truck series. Yeah. And then he was in. And let's talk about that. All right. So he went struck series race becomes the all time leader in wins in the truck series snow. He leaves truck series with fifty two wins. He leads the extended the series with ninety two wins. But in all honesty, should he not? I mean, he started one hundred and fifteen truck starts now fifty two ways one hundred fifteen race s pretty damn good percentage. I'll give you that. But he's racing against people that he is so much better than and he's got a fully sponsored well prepared truck. We know is getting help from a tons of help from t already, and of course, as in how shop probably has links to Joe Gibbs racing as well. Should he not be the all time wins? Later, he should be running away. But here's the thing. Like you. I think you stop counting winds on your all-time count. When you stop running full, full client. That's the thing. You know, Mark Martin's wins and in the Bush series should not count either. No, I will go on that saying to you have to be a full-time geppetto. It's it's it's picking it's fishing upon its fish in a barrel. It really is is it's like it's like it's like going. It's LeBron going back to high school in play college. It's like LeBron going back to high school or saying Brian going to college exactly so Brown saying I want to go back and get my degree. And then he shows up at like, you know. Where UCLA or something and in the scores seventy points. Of course, he's going to score seventy points is so much better than everybody else. I mean, what do you expect when you have when you have the guy in the highest level if he's going to raise at the lower level or play the lower. Of course, he's going to do. And it's I you know that argument. Okay. Here's here the arguments. Okay. The arguments that standing arguments twofold, number one having the Cup drivers in the lower series encourages sponsors because Kabushiki can go drive the eighteen car in the xfinity series twenty or whatever. I don't even care what number and he get sponsors. Then stick around for the kid. That's racing. The in between them because they know they're going to be on a good car. I haven't tested that theory in a while. But I'm kind of curious especially when it comes to the X series. If the sponsors that are on the Cup drivers cars stick around for the drivers cars, and now somebody could take it a step further and say Elliott, we'll we'll. Hey, the money's coming in. And because the money's coming. It makes that car better for the other drivers. The other argument is that more people will watch and more people will buy tickets to the race because they want to see their favorite Cup drivers in that race. So if I say, oh, you know last year met tift is going to be an interest nobody'll home. We're gonna go buy a ticket 'cause Matt. But if I say, oh Kabushiki can be oh, I'm going to go buy ticket because Kevin because Kevin Harvick accomplishes in there. If you saw the stands if you watched that truck race, I know not many of you did. But if you saw the stands in that truck race, I definitely had. It's only took me a one wide shot wide angle shot. It was all all the time. I need to be able to to count the entire audience accountable. One by one down a little dot heads three hundred seventy five hundred seventy five people with that race. Right. Oh, man, that means that if Bush hadn't been racing there would have been you know, like one hundred and thirty two people with the race. I don't I don't subscribe to either that any of those hypotheses if that's the argument if that is the argument is a BS argument because nobody came to the goddamn truck race now. Well, and I don't think the sponsor stick around after the Cup truck drivers are gonna like it's it's it's garbage arguments. Were they really are. Because what you're doing is. You're killing the sport just for some guys ego. Yeah. So why why groom this one spur spoiled brats ego? And because he because he needs to be in the car all the timer and forgets how to drive because only once a week. And I think this was on last week's show when you weren't here. And I was talking about an article I saw where they were discussing. The fact that Kabul is getting closer and closer to two hundred wins. And did we talk about this in you? And I talk about this. No, okay. And Carl was asked about it. And they also asked Richard petty about it. Okay. Because Richard petty has two hundred Cup winds and Kabul. Now, I think he's maybe like five wins away from having two hundred total wins across all three series. And it may be mad because you know, a the person was writing this article was doing these interviews thinking of them as a quivalent, right? And then be because they aren't equivalence, you know, Richard petty when he was asked about he was like that's great for him. He's he's one of the most talented drivers ever in the sport. But I'm not. Worried about him getting two hundred wins because I know that his two hundred wins aren't the same as my two hundred wins. Right. And the reason I was mad about it is because they asked him that. And he had to say, I mean, housing not going to say that. But if you're not a an indepth fan of the sport, if you're just reading this article, then you come away with the impression that Richard petty is an a-hole he's being egotistical his wins zone. Have anything compared to my with? But they don't, you know. I mean, he was beaten. And I know I know where you're going to go. I think I know what you're going to go is that Richard petty back in the Demi one thirty some odd races in a year. His car was just so much better. The competition level isn't there? But they're still Cup wins. And it's not the same. It's not the same. Do you think very same? And. Yes, really, yes. Really your Pettis driving against guys who has had real jobs. To the race era because near the nine to five. Stuck in traffic or they drove the car in the race to the tragedy lanes had get outta here with this change her own tires. Yeah. Exactly. Sure. It means it doesn't mean because the tier is there. But the two hundred wins is two hundred wins. I mean, cow Bush was facing inferior talent in the truck and xfinity series right now. So right, but but not in the Cup series. So no, the company I will give you that the competition is far far better in the Cup series now than it was in Richard petty say and at the risk of pissing off more people, which I don't care, you know, Richard petty would not be able to come into the Cup series today and win two hundred races. Right. Exactly. Nobody no one. Could there's zero percents. Yeah. Yeah. So the the fact that Dale Earnhardt senior won so many races. You know, is is testament to how good he was because he was in that transitional period where you know, the teams were getting very very. Serious about it. But you know, and really really when you look at that wins list. You look at what Jimmy Johnson has done. And you look at what Jeff Gordon is done especially Jimmy. I mean, you know, I know that he sucked this week and last week, and he sucks right now. But when you look at what he's been able to do both championships and wins in the most competitive field. You get into that discussion the best of all time. And and that that's where arguments start because because it's it's just as hard for him to have done what he's done as it was for maybe harder than for rich to do what which Betty does. But I don't know. I don't know if I agree with you that cost two hundred Windsor the same as Richard Petty's two hundred wins because it was in the Cup series. So there is no other great national series before that he could have driven another stuff. Series the journal the up stop. He wasn't racist. But like fifteen lamps. That's true. That's what gets that's what gets me about NASCAR. And their whole obsession with oh, we have to change the rules package to make the racing closer. Never the racing is closer than ever. Like how many seconds hang on? Let me look. No, they they don't tell you. They don't have the stats here break his Laskey won by like what a second or two. Yeah. And back in the day in the golden age. You know, the the heyday everybody wants to go back to one of the arguments. I see a lot of times in discussions on NASCAR and their popularity right now, all we gotta go back to actual stock cars. You know, these are all just spec. Cars we go back to the cars at really are. You know, like off the show floor, you put a roll cage in and you raise them. Well, we did that like you said we had guys winning by five laps guys winning by eight laps with guys who could like stop have a hamburger get back in the car and still win the damn race. And now races are within a second one another and people are bitch and moan and complain about it, and so we have to change our role package every five seconds to try and make it like a half second or Quin. That's not going to be enough of this to be the quarter saying, and it can be tough. So that's why it's not negative or positive is just an opinion that just stop just stop with the rule changes. Just ease up take the friction plates off the cars led to make as much worse powers. They want because you'll get to a point where you're making so much horsepower that you just can't handle the horsepower. And so you you it doesn't matter if you're making seven hundred fifty horsepower or thousand horsepower. Because if you can't put that thousand horsepower down to the track you're not gonna have a huge avantage. So then what they want let the teams do what they want and have have just a box. Just stay inside this box. Kyle Busch an extension with gives racing and Eminem's Mars and sorry penalties. Ninety five and the forty three thirteen was the forty three again. And maybe it was the thirteen. It could have been it could've been the the the forty three or could have been the thirteen or could have been both. Well, and there was also a controversy because NASCAR didn't penalize was it. Treks? Can't remember? I don't know. I don't know. I've gone to sleep me to Lurton. Yeah. Oh, make make jokes. Donna tell. So you've got jokes. All right. So we're on different sides of the fence on this to Dag lamb. So so you got shocks because collar sim was on one of the Neo FOX shows, NBC's, whatever. And and he was being interviewed. And he was asked about, hey, what is it feel like to basically be considered the best Chevy team and driver out there? There's like, well, you know, I don't the silly. No, you got Hendrick over here. But I think Hendrix been cages essentially, what he said, I think there'd be engaging. You know at the beginning of the season. They play real nice look NASCAR. We're we're doing exactly what you tell us you. And then he said that, you know, then once they get settled in then they start pushing the boundaries doing whatever they need to do inside or outside the rules to be able to be good and win races. But he didn't say that way. He said then they start cheating. And they win the proper choice of words, not the proper choice of words, somebody either. Hendrick motorsports took either Kendrick took exception to that. Or NASCAR took exception to that. I think it might be ladder. And I'll tell you why. Because we had the rule change. You could be disqualified. They're really having a firm stance now on cheating and not cheating. And so I think maybe the word came down from them that you need to back off on this and say, you're sorry. So they made him apologised. It was a joke. I don't think he should have had to apologize. What do you think? I think he did. I think he had to apologize. You're you're you're now accusing one of the top teams one of the top organizations in NASCAR of cheating, but the pearly do so everyone cheats, but you don't want to be outward about it. Especially when they're giving. You Motors true. Like when you have an alliance with them. You don't wanna tell? Hey, yeah. They're doing, you know, I think we're top team. But you know, Hendrick. They cheat a lot. Where's my engine going? Go. I think you had to to keep an alliance. The it was he joking. Sure. Obviously, he was I think he was I don't think you need to apologize or it. No one listens to that. Crap. After the fact they just read what's in the print. That's true though. That's true. When you say that you don't hear the inflection. You don't hear what the what the context was? You just hear Hendrick motorsports. Cheating says Kyle Larson. Well, the there's one person. Fortunately, there's only one I could only find one person out there that agree with me on it some something named they Michelle Martinelli of USA today. Yeah. That's what I think. Nascar. I think USA today's blog for the win. Hey, I'm a fan now because because Michelle agree with me. She said, hey, it's BSN. He needs to apologize. Everybody's like drivers anymore more personality. And then someone does something it shows personality, and everybody's like you suck you need to apologize show. Some personalities been a guy on a track talk about. Your engine manufacturers. Cheater don't do that with and when is Martin tray student gonna learn that's what you need to do. Stop bitching start spending people. That's true that should be t-shirts stoppage and start seeing people. Yeah, is Joey Joey Ghana has been able to use that successful. And that and that's why Martin sure Xs a bitch because he can't doesn't have that killer instinct, I know, right? He probably would've he might have won two championships. By now, if if you've been, you know, this and he could have won that damn a one that's back. The back. You're going to send furniture row off in the sunset. I think he could win three in a row total. But no, he's a of a beach. I love the guy no killer instinct. Why would you? Why would you agree that Kyle Larson? She is joking when when Jimmy Johnson our third listeners is probably saying listen, you sound a little. There. You know, what that's probably the person who it the? That's it. He's under. Reynoso. It was because we only have two listeners Jimmy Johnson. And who will be pissed off at some of our opinions definitely Jimmy more than anybody else. Factly. So we know who it is. So you guys on the interwebs? Now, you know, his username you Jimmy Johnson's real fake user name on the internet. I'm real fake username has his real accuser. Any? So so go go tell me, you know, he's Jimmy asking for an autograph asking the sentence. A picturesque come on the show. That'd be great. Yep. That's the only thing you won't do he listens every week. But he won't come on a damn show with us would lose her. That's why we have an auto club speedway written interview. Yeah. No, no. Well, we'll do that later. Okay. But but no I talked to talk to the track president from auto club speedway. Cool stuff going on. That's good. Speaking of Jimmy, and in this California loser nece, he he's doing they're doing like a package where you get to get new Q and A with him get the tour them pits. And then then part of the money goes to the Jimmy Johnson foundation. Good. But they also have that for chase Elliott. And this will also money's going to the Jimmy Johnson foundation to it's amazing. Exactly. No. They're doing the equivalent thing which most popular driver in NASCAR. Right. You can go to race. You get like QA session which Elliott, and then ten bucks goes to the chase Elliott foundation casino. He's just getting started not like the twenty because Jimmy's seventy dollars seventy bucks. I think that's a decent deal. Pretty good deal, especially since tickets start at like forty or forty five depending on you know, whether you got a coupon or not type of thing. Listen, if you if you haven't got your tickets yet and judging by the numbers you haven't right? Go ahead and get this deal. It's a great deal. I think it is. One eight eight eight auto club one eight eight eight auto club. Do you want me to get the number? I can get the number. I got the number here somewhere number. Oh, God, you're putting me on the spot. Now. I gotta find it lady. Go hang on. I'll get it. And I'm not getting this out. You know? Oh, man. I can't tell you. Oh, no sign. It's too late. It's too late in the day to exactly oh, you kidding me? There's we don't have production time, you know, a sign for the show. I mean, we have we have to upload it half the upload. You can get a groupon. Able to forty percent auto club speedway groupon. Is greg. Hopefully is a group. That's legit is a group is really where you kidding me. I am not I issue. Not sir way for the for March seventeenth twelve thirty pm Broza wrong ticket upper reserve rose thirty thirty four through forty sixty one dollars forty percent off the one on one ticket price because that how much it cost I guess books. No, hang on. I got the number. It's coming up right now it is eight hundred nine four four race. That's eight hundred nine four four seven two to three be dialing that number. How did you know that so quickly? I have it on the groupon. They stay. Oh, it's like you're like reman just say radio seventy two three that's eight hundred nine four four seven two to three you the promo code in the draft. All one word definitely will add forty dollars to your city. Because it's because they don't know how the budget works smash that like, but if you want groupon in the draft show marriage, tell him, it's your boy, it should ROY smash that bell get that. First notification squad. We have to have a discount wouldn't have a discount code now. I'm gonna call them back. And I'm gonna ask him if you in the draft discount, then actually charges more, and then we get the money for a production budget. So I can cut out stuff from the show done. Now, we've got the plan. We just see instituted. Exactly. Oh, gosh. Yeah. I'm calling him back this as we get get them with the show and co calling. All right. Well, let's wrap this up. All right. So yeah, Las Vegas. All right. Last week. We had five hundred fifty power engines tapers Pacers. Whatever this week. Oh, yeah. We get the tapers Pacers. AM we get some fancy air ducts front of the card tribute. My tribute the air, right? I'll put up I'll make a hand drawing of an put it up. So everybody knows that. I know what I'm talking about the air ducts, but okay. So, but here's the thing. Just you would they tone of they're like, oh, anyway, we got this great new world package. You're gonna save the sport. But they tone it doesn't count. It's completely different reason the restrictor plates, right? So then they're like now, we go into Atlanta mean, we got this new rule package going to say, oh, wait. No. We're not doing the air ducts, and you can't consider Atlanta to be part of it. Because of the track is, so abrasive. It's not Representative. So when the brick is it Representative they're saying, it's this week at Las Vegas. And if the racing is awesome. Now, they're gonna be like see we told you so and if the racing sex-abuse like oh known that that no that was just the first race. So they have to get used to it. So we're really not gonna find out until we get the auto club to we get to speedway because obviously Phoenix isn't gonna count because that's on intermediate track. But they could string us out half the season saying, no, no it's going to be the next race. You'll see in the next racist. Is going to be awesome. Yeah. Listen guys next time so six times through. So this is the one this is the real one. It wasn't like the first one Daytona. It's out one. It wasn't the second one Atlanta's not one. This is the real I one according to them. So real guys the real it was so we're either going to see like this crazy intense pack racing is kind of like Daytona light. Probably with a twenty car reconsider thirty one car wreck. And then it will either get that we're going to be exactly the same as every other fricking Las Vegas race. Which is where I'm gonna leaning at this point. I think it's just going to sit until you show me otherwise. Yeah. I can be the same. But we'll find out. Maybe I'll maybe it'll be wrong. The first time ever that was wrong. So entry lists. Do. We know who's I don't even have it. Gentlemen. Boys and girls children ages. If you want to go, by the way, there's wow, okay. This is moving fast Wilson just getting word. I thought you were going to say it's just kindergarten. They've already posted if they so we haven't hosted any we've put it up yet. They're asking where these wrong assholes at no. Haley degan. Yes is joining Venturi motor sports for six Arca Menard series events. Good job. No. That's this year. That's the right way to do it. Now. Go to Arca gets feet, wet deuce who's your tires on their see his goes, right then from there moved to the truck series or the she'll start at Pocono in may than Madison in June Elko in July all the way to Lucas oil raceway in an October. And then Kansas in October as well. Awesome. I think that's great. Oh, they go. Good on her to do. So, you know, just just easy easy to get some experience. Don't please don't say it like that. Oh, sorry. Don't please don't say like that when talking about her just just get some experience. Thank you just just get some time behind the wheel. Learn how to be good at the next level. And then learn how to be good the next level the next level. Bam Cup series. Brian. There you got em motorsports. They're you know, they should resurrect bay motorsports. For. Got thirty eight this week Wilson bet the Morgenthau thirty eight what oh thirty cars. Three-day cars. Everybody gets in. So there's Sorenson in the seventy seven Ross Chastain in the fifteen Joey gates in sixty six Tiffany, thirty six PJ McLeod and Cody wear there just like every other racist season. They're leaving two spots at the end of the reserving permanently reserving two spots at the end of the field for people. They know are never going to show up Elvis and Obama racing. Yep. Nice. There's Irving seat for both of them. So which brings us to the only good thing on NASCAR dot com, which of course, subsequently ruined. And that is the paint scheme preview. There's some stuff this week. What do you like? Yeah. I like some of the stuff. I mean, the the first one pops Kurt Busch that's a different color scheme for its way different. Isn't it especially with that monster there? I like the number eight Daniel Henrich that honeycomb with the cat. That's pretty pretty sick looking as well to not like an actual cat like ground, cats and bees that'd be great. Oh, the thirty seven. This week. Oh Wilson thirty seven next paint scheme. I'm heading there. I'm heading there. It's the purple full Mingo. Mingo their natural light natter day. Strawberry lemonade beer with Pringles to Tinos pizza. Rolls on the side and energizer with the Kroger. Click with hey, I'll give him credit. That's fun afternoon right there next paint scheme, alcohol, inter inter IPE to feet Totino's. Bring it down. That's fantastic. Let's see. There's other cosmic cosmopolitan of Las Vegas's ain't Smith number eight looking fancy who in the pink or the purple black there. And then pet station because there's a little puck on the side. I I do like that one because he got the got the doggie, and though where my dogs at anything with done. And that's it for me. What do you get? All right. So let's go back here. Hang on. I'm going back to like the doggy on the side. And you always have to love the nine in the eight on that car. There was another one here. Oh, oh Tyler Radic in the number two hurdle her Carl. They spilling hurdle. Right. It's just hurdle. There's no at the end. I don't know why they spelled it wrong. I do like the fact that cars turquoise in the fact that they misspelled their own name. Then there were a couple of Cup series cars. I liked I like the hang on. I'm getting there. I'm getting there there early on. Oh my gosh. Just stupid. You can't like do the grid anymore. You have to scroll through and then when you scroll through mine shifts just a little bit. And then I ended up accidentally advance. Against every winding it. Oh, the the Pennzoil car the pencil car the twenty little bit different for Joel gun. It's got like a little bit of like plaid on the bottom. So they've gone to plaid on the planet. I mean, he's a vehicle really fast. So I do like that one. There was one other one that I thought was all right? Oh my gosh. Come on. Oh, you'll shockingly for like the first time ever, I'm okay with minard scheme. Hey, the Ryan Blaney Menards scheme where it's got the gray and the white or the silver and the white to go with the yellow I'm still a little bit on the fence about it though. Because the yellow in the number is different than the yellow in the car, and that generally pisses me off but other than that. I do like the this one of the few combo schemes Menards, amd, pens, usually I hate those move had that argument the past about what's his name Matt Kenseth, but I like this when this was all right do. Okay. Credit for that. Hurdle is activating on audiences. Maybe we need to talk to hurdle. The NASCAR needs to talk to hurdle. Right. Maybe that's why they got him as a sponsor. It's live event marketing though, but we're live. This is an event we could get him. Right. Call it calls hurdle LED wearable, risk, right, bracelets. I'll take we need that they make that. Yeah. We could sell them for money people sell stupid crap on YouTube, man. Yeah. I know we could we could smash like button we could smash like button, and then get like you pay seventeen dollars and fifty cents for a little LED bracelet has her has her name's on. It should do that. Totally do that. So I guess I guess we've come down to I guess, it's time time. None buster. I'm new how about a little time for Gertrude Stein. There's always time for Gertrude Stein's. Sadly, that's not what time it is. Right now time is then you know, must be time for the picks. I was gonna say time for my dinner. Oh, yeah. And that too. So let's get Scotty off. So he can eat by making six for the race say it that way either. Please don't get Scotty off. You're the perverts tonight. Yeah. You're the one saying this stuff about Haley get me off out there. Let's get Scotty over to his dinner. Thank you. Oh, lordy. Be by making picks art. So you picked first last week. You had Kevin Harvick he finished fourth. Jimmy Johnson to two laps down. We already mentioned that. So I guess I'll go this week. Give me in this race, our Vegas. It's just such an unknown because we all know how the racist going to like how the package is going to work out here. I'm gonna assume there's going to be like any other Vegas race. Because of that. He did not pick a four to heat them up pick forty eight not pick afford going to go with pick. That should have picked last week collar Sohn. No windsor. But that's okay Annan. Sorry. Good a time as any good times. Any I'm gonna pick chase Elliott because what the hell not okay right on chase. I don't know if she's stone anything here has he? No, I don't think. So. Right. So we both picked drives who've never won here. Private. Yeah. So there it is do we do we have a side bet that we need the side. But I don't think we have a side bet. It's I bet is whether BJ MacLeod has another pit road instead of out. Which which are the fifty one and fifty fifty two cars get into an accident, which one no which one gets into an accident. I. Oh, yeah. I know right. Who is here. So I'm a cloud of and Cody where yeah, we would which one which one gets into a wreck I can't pick both of them. They tangle each other up. They could wreck with each other. You can. Yes. Okay. So three choices. Either wear a four choices either where I McLeod. I they wreckage other or another from Rick. I say where Rex okay, it's cool. I'll take MacLeod. Totally take him MacLeod. Yup. Cool. All right. So there it is we have a side bet. So if you want to know who wins the race will we think of the race? And who wins a side bet, which is obviously the most important part? All you have to do is come back next week for the show or you could do everybody a favor and stick it to the sick it to the Rago team people out there and subscribe to the show you can do that. Or not tune spreaker, Stitcher player FM, Google music pob bean. Iheart radio Stitcher for everything else involving the show live on a MAs, man. We're putting this out today. Are we putting this out tomorrow today? I'm putting up tonight. Excellent in the draft show dot com. That's the place. You want to do everything Twitter dot com slash on Facebook dot com slash address show where things as well. Those Instagram dot com slash in the draft show, though, it's not as much of a thing as the other thing is going to be if we had a power ranking? It'd be Facebook. Then the podcast itself than Twitter, then than me promoting the new promoting and then and then other people from reading on read it hating us and then the Instagram. Right ram. So there we go. That's it. That's all four for Wilson. I'm was cares. Someone else this has been in the draft. Wilson wise a little history lesson. On this day in in eighteen o five Justice Samuel Chase's acquitted at the end of his impeachment trial in the US Senate. How about that? In eighteen eleven leaders of the Mamluk dynasty or killed by Egyptian ruler. Muhammad Ali he was the greatest. In one thousand nine hundred one. The Australian army is formed full of kangaroos. Nice armed armed kangaroos, though. Of course, they're very very short guns at hey, guess what? We're doing this right now, the nineteen thirty six Hoover dam was completed how about oh, really no way Alabama. We'll send it on a Vegas note. Because who cares about anything else? Right. No, one cares about the Lindbergh baby the Limburg. Maybe if if I think I might be the Lindbergh baby whom do I tell? Tell the tell your thirties we're old enough for them happen this day in nineteen thirty two and everyone's forgotten about so. Well, he's dead. So that's hard to say, you're the Lindbergh baby. Exactly. Well, maybe maybe not. I guess. Yeah. I guess I guess it was pretty definitive. Yeah. That's sad. Kinda kinda definitive. Oh, man. Let's go back to the to the damn thing. So the dam was completed. Yeah. The national park was the worst world's first national park. Eight seventy two. Not like that better. Right. Cool. Well, that's it. That's all folks. We'll talk to you next week enjoy Vegas as much as you can. Oh, that's thanks for listening to in the drop. 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