390: The Most Powerful Pivot You Can Make Right Now with Amy Porterfield


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You Adore shy away from the real talk no way money hardship growth loss marketing are all topics we discussed here. This is your one stop shop for happy hour with a Gal pal mixed with business school pull up a seat. Make sure your cozy and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn. This is the gold digger podcast. If we were to play Word Association for Twenty Twenty I'd bet the very last word that comes to mind for you is certainty everything feels month-to-month day-to-day even minute by minute many of us are watching our here's navigate big changes as we ourselves pivot and adapt whether it's personally or professionally we're making decisions that we could have predicted would be on our plates at the start of this year. Maybe you're faced with a professional decision right now, if you're one of the millions of Americans out of work or your small business owner whose livelihood is at stake during a time of uncertainty, let me tell you this. You are not alone and the purpose you might have. Lost sight of could be sitting on the other side of your next big pivot pivoting is the theme twenty twenty and a theme of this conversation with my friend and mentor porter field. You know she was one of the ways I was listening to an I'm pivoted into the online course world years ago and I. Am so excited to have her on the show once again to talk about the meaningful and even profitable pivots she's seen during the season. If you walk away from this episode with only one thing, let it be your permission to pivot these stories will paint what's possible here she is once again, my friend, my mentor and an incredible leader, any porterfield. Thanks to fiber for supporting Golddigger, it's so easy to find freelance talent for your business or product. Do not waste any more time ten percent off in the service you deserve by going to F I v E R Dot Com and using the code gold digger. Now more than ever is the best time to start your email list are you up for a challenge I built out a free mini course to take your list from zero to two, hundred, fifty subscribers, templates, and tech. ALL INCLUDED SIGN UP AT LIST BILLS CHALLENGE DOT com that's list build challenge dot com. Oh Amy. I am so excited to have you back on the podcast i. feel like you are the gold digger podcast. Best friend. So welcomed to show. Well, thanks for having me I. Love Coming Back. This is so fun. It is fun. Is such a good chance for us to catch up and I was dying laughing the other day when I text you that screen shot of the email that I sent you. A Good and I loved that you actually sent that out to your audience. I wanted them to see behind the scenes like that. Yes you know and it's so funny because actually my team yesterday messaged me and they're like, Jenna. So you send out this email to everyone revealing your fan girl this to Amy Porterfield. But you also asked amy, who's she recommended and how she recommended you learn and everyone was replying to that e mail saying, well, what did any say and I said L. them that they're just going to have to listen to this. Episode. Of the gold digger podcast to hear what ended up transpiring. So to give people the quick version, Amy was the first podcasts I ever listened to. In fact, amy at the time I didn't even know that there is an APP on your phone to listen to podcasts. So every week I would go to your blog and I'd hit play on your blog and that was the only way that I knew how to tune in isn't that hilarious so funny I love that. But I became a student in both of your programs and I remember if we had vision boards which I've never been a big vision board person but if I had when I would have written across it a million times I WANNA be any porterfield success story like that was at the core of my heart I was just so such an admire of you. And your work and that is only continued and so today what we're going to be talking about is powerful pivots of twenty twenty and I think I've joked that if twenty twenty how to word, it would be pivot and so I think this discussion is just coming at such a powerful time because we're all getting a little tired from this year, right? Right. I'm ready for twenty, twenty one bring it on. As as we still have some time, make some of the No. So excited about. Okay. So let's just kind of dive on in because I want to hear you know I've been listening to your show religiously through this year because I feel like you have been this permission grander for people to show up to make bold moves to make decisions to still sell in this climate that feels very tricky and so let's just kind of talk first about your journey through your digital course academy, which is opening you. Yourself have been someone that has led thousands of people through things. What is it felt like being a leader through this season? You know I have never been asked this question. So I'm glad we're talking about this when the pandemic hit I was confused like what is going on what is this and how serious do I need to take this and then quickly I realized wait a second my students, my audience they are nervous they are confused they are looking to me to figure out what do I do in the number one question that came up is am I allowed to. Sell during this time like what the heck do I do, and for some reason Mrs, probably the leadership in me I felt called to be a voice during this time and I wanted to show what I was teaching. So what it meant for me is I literally rose to the occasion and I said okay. Here's what I think. We all should do we should continue to sell. We should continue to look at our offers and see how we need to. Pivot it in order to show up for the people that were serving right now, and we should not be quiet. We should not back down. We should not ignore what's going on and so I had to be an example of that. So I literally launched a membership during that. Literally the week that everybody was sent home during the very beginning of the pandemic and so I- navigated my way through that it was awkward very scary but it was so. Important to show what I wanted my students to do, and then from there I started showing up in talking about how to pivot, how to show up for your audience and how to be a beacon during a time where people were very very scared and it literally made me a better leader because I was leading during uncertain times I had never done that before. So I'm really glad that I felt called to that because I think it's made me better. Yeah. Some things never change amy I was listening to your podcasts. been listening when you're talking about like guys like not selling is not an option not in. That you had a lot of foresight to understand like this isn't as temporary as were making it out to be, and this is something that we've got to adjust to in one of the most beautiful things in the ways that you showed up was like you're like, you can still launch. You just need to be very cognizant of the language and the way that you're showing up and the way that you're selling and I just thought it was beautiful because it's like you can keep on with your plan. Let's just pivoted slightly to make sure that it fits the climate that we're all in and I was like Amen A. Vaccari. So. What big pivots have you personally made in your career because your career is over a decade that have just felt like you were jumping into uncertainty I feel like we all have these hill moments were like, what am I doing? Is this the best thing or the worst thing I've ever done? Do you have anything that stands out for you? Yes. Okay. So I love the US the question like over the span of my career because one of the first big pivots I made was moving from one topic to another and I think this is important to talk about because a lot of people will start to get into their business growing in online business and they'll get to a point. That they realised they've grown certain topic or they're not lit up by that topic anymore and I wanNa make sure your listeners hear me that you have permission to change the direction you're going but let me back up a little bit when I left Tony. Robbins I started out with social media I would do social media for small businesses and that led me into getting really good at facebook marketing. So my first successful digital course was a facebook marketing one OH, one type program, and that is really what put me on the map in terms of being a facebook marketing go-to person and so from there my students said you know what we really want is a facebook advertising program so that was The next program I created, and then my students said we'll we'll or really looking for is a facebook marketing, all in one total solution strategy type of program, and that was the third program I created successfully add a few failed starts in the beginning, but those are my first three really successful courses. So at that point, I was known as a facebook marketing expert after a while, I did this for a while and I realized I don't want to teach facebook marketing anymore it didn't light me up I had so much more to offer, and because I had gotten so good at creating digital courses and launching them online that's what I wanted to teach people how to do so I made this. Pivot about three years three to four years into my business. I'd say I gradually moved over to teaching people how to grow their email list and from there how to create a digital course from scratch and this was scary for me because I was known for something I created an audience for something. But what's important is that you will not survive in your business wanting to get up every morning excited about what you're doing if you don't love to teach what you know, and so I knew a few different things now I had grown and I had to make that pivot and I did it gradually. So it wasn't a huge shakeup of the business, but I'm so glad I, made that pivot. Yeah, I love that and I I mean, I've done similar things. I taught photographers that was my first big horse and we retired that program because I'm no longer shooting like I used to I no longer emma part of that industry in a that would allow me to be that expert and I think that there is that fear where you're like, this is what I'm known. For this is what people have come to me for. But what a beautiful example that like humans multifaceted or multi passionate, and we can connect with people on so many different things and I just I love that I. Love that so much about gave me a lot of confidence to know look I do have a lot of skills a lot of knowledge a lot of know how. I am able to make that pivot if necessary, but let me give you one more that was a little bit more recent in the middle of my career. These eleven years I got into a partnership. I brought a partner into the business. He was more like a silent partner behind the scenes and he was really he put together funnels in strategies and we really took the business to a multimillion dollar place together working together as partners in the business I had created, and then after a few years we got. To the point that we realize the partnership had run its course and I wanted to move on Solo again, and it was a really rough time trying to figure out how to get out of business partnership. I, often say it felt like a business divorce, my broken I think he probably would feel the same way we weren't on the same page at times because of course, we wanted different things and it was difficult to say the least and there were days that I thought holy cow would if we can't. Come to an agreement and I literally have to start over from scratch the business I had created, and then we had partnered together might have to be dissolved because we can't come to an agreement. What if I have to start over from scratch I spent about a day in deep depression of losing something I had felt so like I had birthed from the beginning but then after that in, this is a very true story I realized wait a second I have sold digital courses online. I, know how to make. Money Online. If you take everything away me that I had created, I literally can start from scratch because I know now, how to make money online and I think that's where my really huge confidence came in creating digital courses and teaching other people how to do it because I realized it had given me the solid foundation I needed that no one can ever take that away from me and I wanted that for my students as well. So actually realizing I will be willing to start from scratch if I need to. Literally changed everything for me. Now, the Great News as we came to an agreement, we end the partnership, I kept the business but at one point I didn't think that was going to be true and so now I know what? I offer. My students is security a foundation and this opportunity to always know how to make money online. I remember. US, voiced acceding. You were like I. Think he's having dykes and you go. So if you're going to start your business over today. Would you plan to grow your email? US exactly where you were. Worth for a while like it was like you know what we got this and I think to the second piece. That's so important what you just said and I feel like this is a theme that a lot of women specifically need to hear but men is well in something that I think twenty twenty has taught us is that we need to trust ourselves that we know and that like if we look back, we have always been smart enough to change and. Evolve and ro and I feel like. So many of the discussions I've been having with women entrepreneurs that I'm either coaching or just being a mentor for and like you do not need to worry you have made it this far. You will continue on. You are so smart. You need to trust in those abilities and I love that you shared that because they think that for so many of us if we find success, we worry. So deeply that is fleeting. Forget like. No I. Learned this once and I have used it and refined in tweaked it over and over and over again and I've gotten myself results and if you're at the starting line look at your life like there have never been mistakes, there have been things that have maybe caused you to change course but it's just like I think twenty twenty is reminded us to almost like go inward and say look I've already come this far I can only go further I one. Million percent agree with that. I love that you pulled that theme of that about Trusting Yourself. That's something that I have to remind myself on the daily. So yes yes I want to know because you have led I mean thousands of students but have you seen any like cool things that your students are doing during this year like in the theme of pivoting? Yes. Okay. Let's get into a little storytime because this is my favorite when I get to I've got my. Yes right grab your coffee because this is the time I get to highlight some of the students in what they've done. So when we're talking about pivots, one of the pivots I've seen a lot for my students is this ability to move from one area of expertise into another because of pure necessity. So one of my students her name is kirsty she had a brick and mortar business it. Was for organic skin care. So people would come into her SPA. She would take care of them, pamper them and do amazing things with her organic skincare. But at the time a Kobe, it closed down she literally had to furlough her entire staff and so here's something that's so valuable to hear. She realized that she had an audience she had customers and she wanted to figure out how can I? Serve them in a different way. So what she did is she created a program called the seven shock res- journey or the journey through seven shock res-, and she knew that her ideal audience that came into her spa they would find this incredibly valuable. So she put together a digital course she was at home and couldn't go into her spiny more created this course and generated ten thousand dollars quickly. And I think what's valuable about this is she knew that she had other skill sets transferable skills that she could use in different ways and anyone listening right now I wanna remind you that just because you're an expert in one area doesn't mean that you don't know other things other skills, other knowledge that your audience wants to know. So making ten thousand dollars with the digital course for her SPA. Is One way to pivot and so now the sky's the limit she's like now I know that I've got other courses in me and I teach this. I think that's so powerful and I think to for someone that has had to show up and trade time for money and not even with certainty in that aspect like going into the shop and just praying customers do come in and spend money to have that proof of concept has got to feel just a life changing, right? Exactly. That was one of my favorite stories another one this is so good. So one of my students her name is Karena she's a farmer, which is rare I don't have a lot. Of Farmers as my audience but Karina decided, she was a farmer that wanted to find new ways to generate revenue. So she decided to put together a vegetable subscription box for her customers locally. So the customers would come to her every week. They would get the subscription box full of gorgeous vegetables take him home cooked with them and all of that, and this was something that she's done really well with she came to me initially because she wanted to know how to market this subscription box online. So that's how. The two of US got connected, but then an she generated really good money with her subscription box. But here's what happened when cove it hit. She realized when all the restaurants closed, all the farmer markets closed her peers the other farmers were struggling like dramatically they didn't have subscription boxes. They didn't know how to make money and she saw them really hurting and so she said you know I wanted to teach what I'm already doing in my own business to the other farmers and she even said listen I didn't. Know how I felt about selling to a group of people who were already struggling financially but I knew I could help them. I knew that this process developed a selling high price point subscription boxes direct to local customers could save their farms. So I know I could make an enormous difference for them. So I went for it. So she put together a digital course on how to create these vegetables subscription boxes and she generated thirteen thousand, six, hundred dollars. She sold fifty one units right out of the gate during cove. Sold to an audience that wasn't making money, but they saw the opportunity to grow their business in different ways, and so I think this takes a lot of courage to take what you've done and then teach it to other people. But this is a perfect example of how a digital courses borne. So good. Wow. That's one of my another one of my favorites but I'm GONNA. Tell you one more in a lot of people can relate to this one. So Ann Marie is a student of mine who generated thirty eight, thousand dollars in just our she literally sold out her digital course because she wanted to put a cap on it. So let me back up a little bit. Anne Marie is a military wife, and so she needed a career where she could travel and still serve people and the people that she served were introverted non native speakers learning to communicate confidently in English, and so she was teacher English as a second. Language teacher and because she was a military wife, she did one on one coaching. So she would train and coach people one on one, but she did it online. So she went from in-person to taking it online quickly because she had to travel a lot. But then here's where a lot of people listening can relate. She realized that she started to become really frustrated because she knew there was this very real limit to how many people she can teach working one on one with clients when you're trading time for dollars whether you're doing it online or in person, there's only so much money you can make because there. Is, one of you. So she decided that she was going to create a digital course. Now, the challenge was she chose her launch date something I encourage my students to do in my course I choose a launch date put it out there make it. So in the universe, she chose April twenty twenty. Now, if you know anything about April twenty, twenty wasn't our favorite month this year, the pandemic was alive and well, it was very new. So people were very confused very freaked out and that was her launch date and she decided amy I said I was going to do it. I'm very nervous to launch during A. Pandemic but I know I've got to just keep moving forward and she did. So again, she launched her digital course teaching English as a second language she sold out in fourteen hours made thirty, eight, thousand dollars, and about thirty eight thousand dollars is from students who paid in full. She's willing to get money every single month from those who chose a payment plan. So essentially, she's made more than thirty eight, thousand dollars. So this is a story I think a lot of listeners can relate to taking your one on one work putting that process into a digital course so that you can serve people all over the world. I know I know things are crazy and unpredictable, which is actually why now is the best time to start your email list few been wishing you had a way to reach your clients, paying customers and fans with important information at the click of a button and without having to worry about algorithms than this is for you are you up for a challenge I built out a free mini course with templates ready and tech taking care of that will lead you through five day workshop to take your list from zero to two, hundred and fifty. Subscribers in a time where there's a lot of uncertainty you can be directly speaking to your people via their inboxes boxes and offering up your services resources and the support that they need right now can you commit just four percent of this week to giving yourself results in following through? 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For Upfront no negotiating needed I always turn to fiber for video needs while my team Ken shoot at video it would honestly slow down because we are not the experts whenever I need an expert in video I outsource to a five or freelancer so I can stick to the things that I'm actually an expert in checkout biver dot com and receive ten percent off your first order by using my code gold digger, find all the digital services you need in one place at F. I. V. E. R. Dot, com code gold digger again that's fiver. Dot Com code gold digger. I can just imagine I'm sure you can to that listeners thinking. Okay. Well, that's awesome. They all had this expertise. They're all experts I bet none of those students would label themselves as an expert they would just label themselves as knowledgeable. You know yes I am so glad you brought this up I genuinely believe if I'm thinking of Korean of the farmer I woke up and she's like I am the expert of all experts of subscription boxes I've got to create a course to change the world that is not what my students are thinking and feeling, but you're right they're like listen. I know how to do this other people can get value from this. I think the number one driver of all of my students. There's like two things that come up number one before anything else they genuinely want to help people they want to make an impact whether it be locally with local farmers or on a massive scale like serving the world because you can take anybody from anywhere but they want to help number do I think all of my students would say financial security during this time of total uncertainty we have seen so many people lose their jobs. So many people sent home. To work in realizing, do I even like the job I'm working in and so many people not being able to do what they normally do in order to make a living what has been so amazing what I've been able to witness is my students are not hurting. My students are thriving because they have digital courses. So a pandemic doesn't stop in if anything there's no better time in this world, this history of creating digital courses. Then right now because more and more people are willing and wanting to learn online, they're open minded to the opportunity now because some of them don't even. Have, another choice and some of them have realized we'd I like this online learning a whole lot more than having to travel for it. Yeah. Absolutely. Let's talk about once right now because you and I have actually had a lot of discussions about this and one of the things that we've been researching together in Tiananmen just kind of understanding especially when it comes to buyer habits and the ways that our customers are thinking right now is that there is this need for essentially this year like people are really taking a good hard look at what is considered essential what is considered like in? Boyle, where does that make sense and so walk me through a little bit about how that kind of shows up right now when people are making purchasing decisions in when people are selling. Okay. So there's been a lot of talk around people only spending money on what they need versus what they want and I do believe that is very true when you look at the. World as a whole. However, I have a very unique perspective looking in through the eyes of my students I track successes with digital courses because it's my job and when I see someone like Holly and night who teaches quilting, she's a funny girl. She's in her twenties and she teaches quilting to baby boomers and she said who knew that quilting would become so popular during coronavirus. But what we're seeing is that people are also looking for something to light them up to bring them joy during a very scary time. So what's interesting is I am seeing people buy out of necessity, but they're necessity feels like I need to feel happy I need to fill calm I need to fuel my brain right now or do something with my hands or whatever it might be. So this word necessity. has dramatically changed over the last few months, and so I've seen my students with hobbies teach turn into gold like one of my students she teaches you how to take a lump of clay and turn it into your dishes and your bowls. Now, hear me out here. She taught her course during pandemic where you couldn't even go to the store to get some of the supplies that you needed for her course. But thirty, eight, thousand dollars later I don't know why it's the exact same numbers, my other story, thirty, eight, thirty, three, thirty, three, thousand dollars later she was able to fill up her course teaching people had to take clay and turn it into dishes. So the reason why think courses like that are actually working right now is people are looking for joy during uncertainty but at the same time, they're also looking for ways to have more security in their. Life financial security lifestyle security. So there's really this opportunity that I've never seen before. Yeah. I, have to tell you a funny story but I, feel like lately, I've just been thinking about digital courses so much because it's one just changed my entire life but two were gearing up for your launch of digital. Course. Academy but I feel like one of my superpowers lately is like looking at people in assessing like, okay. What could they teach a course in? Your superpower you I've had these conversations before I can't do what you're going to do right now. So you've got is no. You have no, it really is and it's so funny. So we have been quarantined up in the North Woods and we literally have one neighbor like we share dry with one other person we're on like forty acres of land where in the middle of nowhere and our neighbors are the best people in the world like they've become our best friends we just kind. Of Quarantine together and so Simoni is from Brazil and so they were over the other day and she's teaching US Portuguese. Okay. So we're sitting in our kitchen we have our babies were hanging out and juries asking her like, how do you say this is how do you say that and I'm like, Oh, my Gosh Simoni could totally make a course about learning Portuguese. Second thing they run a super super successful AIRBNB unlike no-brainer make a course on running an airbnb they have it down to a system third thing her husband Andrew is a sailor and he took drew sailing and I was like, oh, my gosh, drew is learning about sailing all the terminology what to do easy course on sailing. Salmon they're out fishing on a sailboat they catch fish teach somebody had clean salmon like I mean, there's just like so many things I'm like sitting here in my own guy, we're up to four courses. that. Drill is showing Andrew the different ways you can wear your baby. So we have all of these baby, right Andrews like and you can do it forward facing, and then if you do word basing you do this and then you can do this has back based on my drew could totally like rock a stay at home dad course like activities with your children ways to keep them occupied Mike. Good. Very good at that. Yes, and I'm like sitting here and by the end of the night, I, swear to you I swear to you I was like I have ten courses that the four of us could create in court in either like it's just exceptional because the thing is is that I could tell each person their gifts and be like you could one million percent make this into. A course and sell it online and I think that there are you objections would pop into their head first how the heck do I do that like it sounds so much more complicated and confusing. What would you say that because you are the Queen of simplifying step by step by step and that's why digital course academy is so incredible but how many people there I thought is like the tech. Oh this one comes up a lot. So it's so funny because you know in our parents tell that story of like back in my day when I walked to school up both ways uphill in the snow. Yeah. So I feel like that when I tell the story but back in my day when I started eleven years ago the technology was a joke like you had to be a programmer or coder to figure out almost anything I was literally. So lost every single day because I'm not a techie kind of person. Now. I figured it out over the years. However, if you are starting out right now you are so incredibly lucky and I promise you. This is true. The technology that you need to create a digital course and to launch it online has become so much more plug and play than ever before you don't need out her, you don't need a programmer I use software, and so does Jenna that we don't have to pay expensive experts to. help us up or course or help us do a Webinar online, and so you're starting out at a time when technology has gotten easier than ever. But let's just say you're still trying to figure it out and it doesn't feel easy to you what I know for sure is one in my course I have literally library. So I have a resident tech guy his name is Dave. He has the most smooth patient voice ever and I said. Dave. You walk them through click by cliques by Klay I've I need somebody to use technology to create their course CLEESE, slow down and walk them through it. So In my course, this is never something that stops people but just in general know that it doesn't have to become totally second nature to do you figure this out it is very figure audible. If you just take a deep breath and just know you're not supposed to figure this. Out instantly, no, and teaches us this in school. So that's what I would say that the other day I had this moment where I had my little microphone box microphone and my computer and I looked over and I saw it all and I was like those are the things that a used to run a multimillion dollar company. That's it literally can be carried around in a box and it's a microphone and laptop and I'm like this is. Still doing it that way where it's like, this is where you started like no, this is what I am doing. I don't have a set I don't have a camera team I, nothing zero production value buying what we create besides like just the information. The second objection that I think my neighbor's husband would give would be well, how do I know like how to get other people results and you walk people through this so well, can you give us just a tiny spoiler about how you set up curriculum? Okay. Yes, I will so. The first thing is you figure out, have you gotten results for yourself or for somebody else a lot of students have gotten results for their customers or clients, and they used like a process or system to do that, and so what I do is I start out with a post it no exercise with all my students and I, say, okay. You're going to get somebody results to Xyz tell me all the things you've. Done to get those results and it's like a rain flood on post. It notes post it note and sharpies, and you're just writing everything that comes to mind and you're putting it on your wall or your mirror, and there's no bad ideas year just kind of throw it all up from there. The next thing I have my students do is we start to organize where is the possible roadmap? Maybe you don't know yet. But you did no, I always tease him. If you did know, what might you do in terms of putting this in some kind of a sequence so that you could teach it in the most succinct way. So we start massaging it that way moving things around. These are just a little hint of the first few steps. Notice we've got posted knows we've got office supplies I am obsessed with office supplies we made our. To my favorite. So we make fun in the beginning so that it doesn't feel. So daunting I think Jenna, one of the things that you do really well, and you've always done this is you do not complicate things like your mission is what's the simplest way I could do this. So I'm not overwhelmed or stressed out, and so I think that you are a natural teacher in that indefinitely I think why you and I align so much is I'm always Looking for, let's just do this in the most simplest way. Yeah, and I love that too because when we can create programs and tell people, you know there is zero rabbit holes or anything we're not going into these wild explanations behind everything just literally guiding you. It's like somebody holding your hand step by step by step it just makes it so much more easy. The last thing that I want to say that I think people's objections are. Is that they're worried about investing in themselves. So let's see some listening to this. They're like, okay. I think I've got something I. Think I could create a course I need to learn all the steps to do this. Amy's program sounds awesome. Spoiler it is but I'm really afraid to invest myself. Why would you say is there a system for choosing what investments are right? When the timing is right anything. Okay. So the first thing I'll say is that from a personal experience, I invested in my education to learn how to run an online business when I was still at my nine to five job. So when I was at my nine to five job and I knew I wanted to make the transition and go out on my own I had. No idea how he's going to make it happen but I had this like knowing in me I know there's something more. I know I meant to do my own thing? No idea what it was yet, but I wanted to create an online business. I invested in two courses. One was about facebook marketing and one was about video marketing, and this is eleven years ago in each. Of, the courses were thousand dollars. So I invested two thousand dollars before I left my nine to five job. I did not tell anybody not even my future husband at the time. Who's now my husband? I was embarrassed because I had never taken a digital course and I thought people are GonNa think I'm crazy I'm learning from someone I don't even know and it's a digital. Course. Is this even going to work but I knew that I had to invest in myself if I wanted to make this real and you and I have talked about this before Jenna, there's something about investing once and then the compounding of that where you can get results over and over again. So when you're choosing what you want to invest in whether it be my. Program or something else chew something that you can grow with that. You can actually get results but then get results again and again instead of flip flopping to the next shiny thing one of the things that I have put a really big focus on with my students is you create one digital course and then I want you to launch it again and again and again i. Have so many success stories of my students who have created one course, and then they launched at once and then six months later launched it again, and then six months later launched it. Again in each one of them, they've done bigger results every single time this is how you don't reinvent the wheel when I worked. For Tony, one of the things he always set is find. A way to not always start from scratch don't always reinvent the wheel because slows you down and you literally get lost in this entrepreneurial rabbit hole. So my motto is you create one digital course new launch it over and over again, which is why investing in a program like mine that is the compounding effect of it because you get results over and over and over again. Yes I mean I'm proof of it. I'm a student and I remember investing in it was called the Prophet. Lab at the time back in the day and I remember buying it while you're on the Webinar like I literally ran out to the garage got my wallet and then To Jenna on the web and I was like Oh my. Buddy go funny just like you said, investing in knowledge when I think about all the different investments that you can make when you can say, okay if I learn this one thing. Yield, results more than once and well, those results be greater than the cost of the investment and if you can say, yes, to both of those questions, it is a no brainer member any back I mean, this is probably back in like Twenty fifteen twenty, sixty new had said on one of your podcast you were like if somebody said to you give me ten dollars at the start of your day and I'll give you twenty dollars back at the end. Would you do that and it was like Duh of course and I feel like. Courses give you this tool to invest learned this all once, and then you can continue on expanding and growing and evolving and fine tuning is just so exciting to me because of my Gosh like knowledge, you have this knowledge forever, which is something that no one can take away from you. If you think about when you were just talking about your partnership and you had that realization I wish everyone could have that understanding that confidence knowing I know things that will grow with me over time. That's where confidence comes in in the beginning. It's like I have courage to take this leap invested in this course do this thing but once you start getting results, courage turns to confidence in no one can ever take that confidence away. So I love that you set it up that way. It's totally true. All right. Before we close out what's exciting you twenty twenty has been a year but what is exciting you these days? What's going on over in your world? That just of gets you excited? To get out of bed you know I have been really excited by this energy around creating something new and so what I mean by that is we have all gone through this pandemic together in each of us have dealt with it in different ways but the theme I, see in my world is that people are looking for something new something more exciting something that lights them up and gives them purpose and they're examining their life they're looking at their nine to five job or the clients they. Work with and they're saying, this is the time there's no better time than right now to shake things up during a world that feels really shaky like let me take advantage of this. Let me create change in my own world and I think that's why there's so much excitement around the possibility of creating digital courses. I'm excited to see people make some shifts I'm excited for them to create the business in the life that they genuinely want. So that is literally getting me up every single morning. I'm so excited amy thank you so much for coming back onto the gold digger podcast. I hope it felt like home to you coming back home over on the gold digger but I'm so grateful for just our friendship and for all of your expertise in all that it's yielded over the years. Thank you so very much. I am loving being here. These are always such fun conversations. So thanks for having me. Oh, man Amy Porterfield she is incredible and it is just so fine that we get to have these conversations on air and just kind of talk about all things we've learned along the way both students, and as educators I still get a little fan girly when I think about all the ways that amy has impacted my journey and taught me along the way and I'm really really grateful I. Even all these years ago I, saw the value in investing in. Learning. How to move through things faster and with more confidence so that I can make a greater impact I. sincerely hope that you take advantage of all of amy's teachings and trainings coming up she only does them once a year and you better believe that I will forever be a student of hers and a success story until next time gold diggers keep on digging your biggest goals and thank you so much for tuning into another episode of the Gold Digger podcast. I'm over here giving you a virtual high five because you just finished another episode of the Gold Digger podcast that go by way too fast for anyone else if you want more head over to Golddigger, PODCASTS DOT com for show notes and all the discount codes from today's sponsors and if you're looking for a new crew of movers and shakers like you to bounce ideas and ask questions be sure to join my exclusive community for gold diggers on facebook the links waiting for you at Golddigger podcasts. Dot Com. Before you hit play on your next podcast I, just want to remind you that registration for the free training led by mentor. Any porterfield is open right now at Jena Plus Amy Dot Com. That's Jenna. Plus Amy, Dot Com to save your free seat for how to create and launch profitable digital force the five behind the scenes secrets for digital creation. This training covers what she's learned her eleven years of creating online courses and she sharing about the program that changed my life forever don't delay. This only comes around once a year grab your free seat at Jena Plus Amy Dot Com a C. You inside.

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