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By reading this add some some my personal favorite things about anchor it is super easy to use it spreads to all the platforms I like these sponsorships are nice but the big thing it's hassle free and that's why love most about using anchor for the local Golsen Day sports podcast so if you always wanted to start a podcast and make money while doing it go to anchor dot F._M.. Slash start to join me and the diverse community of podcasters already using anchor. That's anchored dot F._M.. Slash Start and I can't wait to hear your podcast. This is Lee w Mallon of the gem on the Queen's crown the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast. You're listening to the gem on the Queen's crown the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast. This podcast is a part of overtime heroics join the forums for free at overtime heroics DOT COM. Tom and the rise up podcast community bit dot l. y.. Slash Rise up pod community laundered Vo Drid Bangkok the Skull Cincinnati and Dayton from the four corners of the world from the sports capitals at home and abroad the day's headlines brought into focus the issues and events index shape the Jerem on the Queen's Drought Information Beacon on the Ohio Valley presents Lee w Mao and the sports commentary from one of sport's most trusted voices part time winner of some Awar- just thought up now here's Lee wwl wearing the smarts <music> episode one. Oh four the local Syndey sports podcast. Thank you for joining me again. We Talk Local Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio sports a funny story. Well depending on what your definition of funny is. I guess I had one of four recorded. I use my very cheap headset to record. It got all the buzzing out. It didn't sound as great as you know my blue snowball. Does that's a microphone. That's not a euphemism or anything and I had it ready to go. Oh everything was updated. The tags saved and I just never uploaded. It never got time to that day and then I just thought about I was like no I don't like the way it turned out so I scrapped the original one zero four and this is the public release of one. Oh four I might keep the old one around just as a bonus. I don't know I might get rid of it and pretend it never happened. You'll never know until I talk about on social media couple new things there is a new closing that I made. I got bored of the old one so I made a new one and I really we like it. You'll hear it at the end of this episode. There is also a new thing for Mallon's mailbag. Hopefully I get a lot of questions so I can play lots and lots of times so there's that to look forward to. There was also a new merchandising ad that I made and it will be on this podcast about halfway through. I normally try to split up. You know podcasts up so into to have so you get a little break for me. Although you don't but never mind I like to thank Chad Hollingsworth for creating the logo. It's been in use since up so fourteen ninety episodes of that logo I love it and and I really do appreciate him making it for me. In fact I mentioned there was a new merchandising add at least a hope I'd end this take but yeah T- public and you can buy shirts shirts stickers notebooks by a whole lot of stuff and I'll play a little bit later on during the break I do have or want to get to Mallon's mailbag so let's dig into the bag and see you what the mailman has brought. It's time for Mallon's mailbag the segment where you can ask questions and interact with the podcast sending your future questions on twitter at gem on queen the crown or at the lead w Maolin or on facebook at the gym on the Queen's Crown the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast page theme music is provided by music radio created at music radio creative live dot com now. This is the part where I can make a hilarious voice but not this week maybe in future weeks now. These questions came in about a week week ago and they came in right as I was dumb recording episode one of three so I do apologize for getting to them late but I do appreciate each and every question that people said me again. If you like to send in questions find me on twitter at the lead W Malan or Gem Queen Crown I look at both and just tweet me something tweet me a question and if it's appropriate meaning that you don't say you suck in your podcast sucks you know that type of thing well. That's it's not a question but you you get one going with us. Ask me a question and I'll do my best answer it. That's really about all I got from Allen's mailbag. The first question is from David Miller. Will the Dayton area ever have the hockey team again and I'm going to rip off field of dreams. If you build it they will in quotes hopefully and quotes come the my big thing saying hopefully is you need a rink the sheets of ice around here as much as I love him and visiting them each and every hockey season my big thing is just if you're looking to draw lots of bodies. There's not a lot of seats in any of the locations so you're going to have to build something to those aspects meeting. You need to draw in a lot of people I say Shell I forget what their minimum requirement is. I WANNA say it's ten thousand or up. It's pretty high I mean nowadays of hair. Arena was still open. It would be too small in the the E. C. H.. L. Is back in nineteen ninety one. It wasn't but there you go actually back then. It might have been a little smaller but you give them going with this but at the same time how do you know you're going to draw that. Many people and how do you know hey that's a good investment moment but what about the teams coming in I had a really nice chat with Matt Morris who is a good friend of mine and also member of the Gem city's Squadron and local soccer fan. We're talking right after the last Dutch lions home match just about hockey I mean I love the C. E. C. H. L. Back Dayton Cincinnati rivalry. Put me on board. I'd love to see that again but you know you have to pay a certain amount to actually get E. C. H. L. Franchise and then you know you're running costs. You know your salaries for players and workers alike. It's a pretty penny. It's not a cheap. It's not a cheap enterprise entrepreneurship which moving on what I really think Dayton could do is go back back in May and follow me on this look at the southern professional hockey league. Yes the S. P. H.. L. Is heavenly situated in the south. That's why its sovereign but in recent years they've been making the push upward in the Midwest. You got quad cities formerly in the N._H._l.. They're now the quad city storm is equality storm Quad city storm some franchises and quad cities have the quad cities the river bandits single I affiliate of the Houston Astros or some just go by quad city. There is a indoor football team called the steam rollers that was quad city on the mouths allergies go by the quad city or quad cities. I'm getting way as located. You have Evansville. That's not too far from here. They're formerly of an E.. C. H.. L. Team in the Evansville iceman now in Jacksonville Florida and you also have Peoria Illinois Peoria in Dayton and the days that was a Butte as well S. P. H.. L. I mean yes you still have to go south and your closest team South would be Knoxville Buffet Ville you get where I'm going with this. You have to pass Kentucky. Get to some of your rivals but at the same time it's not as expensive. The quality of play is pretty good and you do have S. H.. L. Players jumping up to E. C. H.. L. And I think there is one that has made the S. P. H. L. to N._H._l.. Jump and I think that's Scott Darling. I think is a free agent now you. He got waived traded. Got Something but there you go. I think if Dayton wants to kick back up starts slow get people back on board advertise advertise is advertise and become part of the local media become part of the local scene. Make it where you want to stay in Dayton Ohio Dayton Ohio your home and then you don't get on board with hockey. No grow the youth hockey program because it's pretty good in Dayton Ohio. They've won couple. Banners coupled trophies their high school varsity team outstanding. You have a beautiful potential do such a thing but it's going to take the right person with the right amount of money and the right location. I love the scene in downtown Dayton too but spaces running low at tech town and downtown. I mean where I still think. Roberts would be a nice place. Put in maybe a four thousand seater. It's right off the highway. If you build it. You know well enough. You guys see it like hey. That looks neat. I'll stop there for hockey game. If you advertise right advertising and marketing are going to be the big things to get hockey back along with a new rink and new owner that wants to be part of Dayton what happened happen David. I certainly hope so. I certainly hope so and then there was a reply from my good friend and also the first official score in Dayton Dragons History Matt Lindsey and he replies so since he. It has a hockey team. I take it from the title of the podcast that the whole region is thought of as one sports market no. That's not what I try to do. On this podcast. I try to treat both Cincinnati and Dayton as individual sports markets mean yes. It's becoming one big metro area and I think it's supposed to happen. Eventually I mean for goodness sake back in the day. Cincinnati Dayton was five one three than Dayton split up came nine three seven and nineteen ninety-six and now they have another area area code coming just because they're running out of numbers and I I don't know if I find that hilarious or shocking but there you go so if it seems like I treat since Dayton as one market I do apologize because both of cities are great and I love being from Dayton and having Cincinnati in my backyard and I love supporting some southwest Ohio Sports I was GonNa say Southern Ohio sports which that's a big span but you get going with this so again just to clarify Cincinnati and Dayton there are not one sports market but on this podcast cover both so there we go need to get Bat Lindsay on the PODCAST. One day need to have have an official scores podcast episode that'd be pretty cool and the second question is the other half of Kiner and Schlemmer on fourteen ten E._S._p._N.. Radio in Dayton Justin kiner is I questioned to the mailbag Hi Justin if you can only work broadcast or games for one sport which sport would it be on the original recording of one oh four I think I took about six minutes to finally say for broadcasting hockey but I don't want to limit myself to one sport. I don't think I ever decided my thing is when I was attending right state and becoming closer closer to getting my degree I was told don't stick to one sport and I never did the college radio station. I covered almost everything we had a right state main football basketball soccer volleyball hockey baseball all we couldn't do softball because at the time there's no power to the press box so that's dunk but can you do. I mean I still don't have an answer for Justin's question. I don't want to liberal myself. Give me a job. That's all I care about which by the way before we move on with one of four I wanNA thank Shane read for making me a fantastic banner is now my the cover photo on facebook and it's he made it after he saw the one I made which I thought mine was okay but Shane's is nice and it's about me getting jobs for the fall. I mean this fall. I Have Dayton flyers. Men's soccer got right state soccer. I believe and I'll probably fill in for rights. They volleyball here and there but I want to get back in the Friday night football scene. I wanted to be part of a radio station. I want to be part of Dayton media. I often questioned what people's thoughts are and I know that's a bad trait and I'd recommend having said trait but I always wonder under like do local media really know about me and if they do what are their thoughts on me. Do they see me as a giant Guber that talk sports they see me as a giant Guber. You give him sane but I do think Shane for making it. I love it and it's my cover photo on facebook so actually I haven't shared on twitter yet. What's wrong with me but I'll be sure to share on twitter eventually so thank you to David and Justin for the questions and I'm sorry it took so long to get back and actually answer the questions again? If you'd like to ask any questions please make them relevant relevant to Cincinnati Dayton Ohio if you can because that's my that's my specialty but feel free to tweet me at the League W. Mellon or Gem Queen Crown. You can ask me stuff. If do you have me on facebook message MIA question right MIA question if you have my phone number which I'm not giving out on here so forget it. You can text me that yeah if you can reach me on social media you can ask a question if you're dodge wrench dodge a firearm by the way a solemn rest in peace goes out to rip torn. He passed away earlier this week. In fact I would actually get that reference in there but there you go so we will step aside. We'll play that new merchandise at will thank the networks that this podcast is a part of love and we'll come back in get into the meat and potatoes and that would be Dayton sports radio and only having one live show throughout the Miami Valley. Stay with US folks. This is episode one zero four of the gem on the Queen's crown the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast. I'm tiger and I want to introduce you to the rise up. PODCAST commute a community for podcasters created by podcasters dedicated to the Promotion and growth of podcast everywhere rise up is not a network there are no contracts and no control over your content just a vessel for you to spread the word of your work and connect with fellow podcasters to collaborate create and promote and guess what it isn't cost you a single sent to join the community join the rise up podcast community today by visiting our website at bit dot l. y.. Slash Risa pod community and fallen community on twitter at are you pod commute again again. That's Bentley slash rise up pod community and at are you pod community on twitter come and join the community upon cast and rise up with US rise up podcast community. Hey listeners. Did you know that you can buy your supporting the local Sunday sports podcast visit the lead of human dot com slash podcast that clicked on by podcast merchandise made by t public. You can get shirts hoodies mugs phone cases and even stickers check out the local Sunday sports here five t public. What's going on guys grandpa out here record victories? 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Here's how it works you listen to podcasts and you earn pot coin while you listen on the APP that you turn that Park coin in for gift cards for Amazon starbucks and more locations or you can even take the pod coin and donated to charity the more you listen the more you earn. Here's what you do you download the APP right now for free in the APP store or Google play and simply use my code cincy sport with two is and you'll get three hundred pot coins just for signing up so no I had listened to this podcast or any podcast on pod coin and sign up with a code since he sport to is it's changing the way people listen to podcasts pod coin. You know I really need a better break intro or like a break altro like welcome. Welcome back to the show or something like that. Oh well. I'll work on her later anyway. Welcome back to one zero four now. You might remember from earlier that I mentioned that when I I did one oh four I never ever uploaded and it's still on my computer well. The big thing is I didn't like the way it turned out man. I thought about it. I didn't upload it because while I was at my folks house us they didn't have Internet the Internet was down so I couldn't as I thought about it. I just started questioning. Is it too harsh is it is it up to my standards and then I decided no it really isn't so I decided to remake APP so one of four and now we're getting into the meat and potatoes of this episode wire is the local sports in the local media market now now. I just want to reiterate. I don't know why am reiterating because it's on the old one zero four that I'm not uploading. I'm not here to bash people. I'm not here say or to do a better job than that are are out here. Say are even though it just twice. My big thing is why is there. Only one local sports talk show in Dayton. Yes chiefs. I Know Dayton has two sports teams. Not Counting High Schools to sports teams dragons and Dutch Lions Cincinnati's got more of a variety and they now have three teams does Cincinnati in the top level and their sport L._B.. For the reds you got F._C.. Cincinnati and M._l._S. and bengals in N._F._l.. I mean are they top I. I wish I'd be nice. That'd probably make every podcast episode seen like I'm just talking Cincinnati. My big thing is Dayton. Ohio has such a great sports history just a great history three in general so the Cincinnati but we're sticking with Dayton for this point because Cincinnati does have a nice assortment of sports talk shows I do listen to them on the drive home or drive to work but but I'm not in to that what I'm talking about today is why can't Dayton have the same you know I talk about kiner and Schlemmer all the time and March lumber was a common guest on this podcast and I admire them both and they do a nice job however once the topic's swings over to Ohio state that's when the radio goes off and I'm not a Buckeye fan at nor. Am I telling you you can't be a Buckeye Fan. If you are listen this podcast. No let me tell you trying to get listeners here. It's pretty tough so this podcast is never trying to deter you from rooting for the teams you like it's trying to say hey there's teams in Cincinnati Dayton that you should like so liked them already or something like that and also because of the fact that most of the schools I talk about might get a little coverage but that's it all college basketball. I was Aski- disappointed in myself because whenever I did talk college basketball it always seemed like I was sticking with the six division one schools in the area. I mean that's that's you know that's the biggest college basketball schools we have in southwest Ohio Ohio and in Northern Kentucky but I lost sight of is supposed to be talking about everyone but then again you know I wanted to keep the episodes short normally try stick with an hour but hopefully next college basketball season. I will do better but my big thing is. If you look at the sports we have now got two teams. One is a single I affiliate of the Cincinnati reds headsets a Dayton dragons in Dayton Dutch lions which used to be pro but now they're in the U._S.. League to which is more of a developmental league us take college soccer kids and mold them and get them better and. In Dayton you also got imagine six greats universities that field sports you got several great non Division One schools around here that field sports you have a nice plethora of schools. You got a nice plethora around in Dayton Ohio. I mean if you look at Sinclair Community College. Some programs outstanding baseball baseball teams become a pipeline mean. You see the sophomores move don think this year they're transferring seven sophomores out. I've almost said seniors but you know you don't become a senior at a community college. They are transferring out to Division One in school and I think there are six that are transferring to other campuses which is neat. That's great. That's thirteen kids moving on in playing the sport they love at the higher level and and I mentioned this previous but Steve Does a wonderful job with S._C._C.. My big thing is always been. I want to share my love Asus Dayton sports with you the listener now that's what this has been about and also I try use this as a vehicle for people say hey this guy can talk sports for long length of time. Let's give them a job. That hasn't happened yet but I still roll along with this podcast. My big thing is sports. Coverage gone me. I talk about a lot in the official scores room with the people I work the friends that I work with and mean there's great great weather coverage out there but sports have been really slumped down twenty to forty five. I think the entire sports departments dawn we say think I know the main guy got axed but I thought I'm not entirely sure on that. I know he's no longer there but ever go mean by Card saw jail seven. He's been there since the eighties. He's been there awhile and Jack Paul he's been at W._d.. which is Dayton's means now N._B._C.? Affiliate I say now like just recently happened. No they switched. Did they switch. It's been a decade but there you go. I mean he's been there since <music> Omar Williams days and that's one of the classic sports anchors that had always liked listening to Elmar Williams while I was a kid. One sportsman wasn't understanding most of the highlights but I enjoyed it. I was look forward to it. Actually so what what is happening with local sports coverage I in the old at one Oh four I go on to talk about why that's such a shame and then yesterday yesterday I had this idea. Why don't I talk about the people that do a nice job around here? Talking local sports I mentioned kiner and slammer. I mentioned heart sock mentioned poll Hutch Carman's also W._T._n.. Diana's well joined there two thousand three. I got to interview Jaden Jack Trying to remember what episode that was fifty five. It's it's labeled as an interview so if you want to go back and listen to it I really enjoyed that interview. They do outstanding work and with high school football on the way they're going to work even harder because of the fact that you got the operation football scoreboard show on Channel Two and then on channel seven. It's touchdown seven one of my favorite things during high school football season why went to school is the touchdown seven chopper Patrie land on the field and deliver the game ball. Actually it wasn't the game ball because it was kind of one of those footballs you put in the trophy case. It was like hey jail seven landed here. They haven't done that for over ten years and that's a shame but there's always something that I always look forward to. It happened at least once when I went to school and I'm trying to remember which game that was valley view versus Cincinnati jakup's Jacobs now being closed. Was It fairburn where the Skyhawks really really did a nice job that game then beat us by like forty one to thirteen or something like that but then we exchanged a favorite next year at airborne so there you go anyway like I said if you look at local sports those are some of the names and they are ton of broadcasters around here that do a nice job. The main Larry Hands Getting E for actually don't know the year but very long time and his color commentator is Bucky buckhorn farmer since royal when's L._X.. Says says arly who's like Oh yeah that's Bucky. They do nice job covering U._d.. Men's basketball and whenever I can listen to it on till nine on the other side right state you got one of the first assistant coaches that right state hired for men's ends basketball and Jim Brown. He's got a lot of local knowledge and a few years ago became the telecom tear with Chris Collins. WHO's been there since nineteen ninety six yeah nice six ninety seven season? They do an outstanding job and then there's me I like the thing that I cover local sports while on this podcast and on twitter facebook book I try not to post the largest because of the fact that you know it's facebook twitter. That's probably a terrible excuse but there you go. My point is there are so many great people that I got to interview through this podcast and hopefully I get to interview more as spock as rolls along the one thing that I feel people forget. It's just look at the people that actually do cover local sports. They do a nice job and this is an episode that thanks them all for their hard work in fact there's a new there's a new high school sports coverage going on. I think I you said a new high school sports coverage. There's a new company covering high school sports dairy go by Rick Cassano who has been with Cox Media and the newspapers for at least thirty some years. I'm going to pull it up on twitter messages. It's the southwest Ohio sports daily and they had been releasing their high school football broadcasting schedule which you can listen to it over the Internet. That's another thing adding to with the Internet boom. You get a lot more coverage if you will because we've stations they pick one game. They normally don't have the staff to go to many games but you get more options you get more games listen to and I think that's why dig about the Internet becoming such a big powerful weapon to bring sports. I don't know why said weapon but it's a nice platform. Listen to a big weapon to talk about sports. That should be this subtitle the Weapon of Sports No. I'm not going to use that title because it's garbage but I mean one of my favorites platforms to is Tri State football and they do a great job covering since March and they have a deal with Fox sports thirteen sixty and E._S._p._N.. Fifteen thirty already in Cincinnati now Grad. I can't get those stations half the time especially by the road. I live on power lines kind of cut in Noun we get fourteen ten mix and so there's that so one of four ores purpose now is to celebrate the people that are still bringing sports to you the listener the original one of four was mainly talking about why why is is the coverage garden so down and it was more negative and I think that's why I decided just scrap. It is a you know what we're going to make it something else. I mean you got college kids that at U._D.. Ian Wright State they have college station and they're looking to become sportscasters or doing fun main. Really there's no right state. I can cleanly say it at U._D.. I can't because I never went to university. The Dayton Wright state really all you need to do is be a student. Some of the alums could have shows that changed right after I love so you know that and it's law gasket back over there love to get back in that station especially all the changes W._c.. Was Done Looks Really Nice. Then look like steam station. It is a little sad to they got rid of the big giant CD racks they had that's that's all my music. Come from on my show and I miss that show the last few years I got sad just because I didn't have a lot of listeners on online. You can't tell but not to get too deep into memories because as you know that's not what this podcast is for. Maybe one day I'll have a park as talking about myself but I really don't see anyone listening to that so I never will but there you go so next time you think there's no sports around here. Look and investigate in find something there are because there are people that do a nice job around here so thank you to all the people hopefully I can join your ranks and have a job job doing it and we'll take another quick breather and now it's time for the local sports rundown with its own music today because I am breath that things from free stock music dot com by the white and we'll start off with U._S.. Elite to action the Dayton Dutch lions drew in their last home match of two thousand nineteen by to two margin against the flint city bucks the Dayton Dutch lions got a one nothing lead from right states decks dietrich scoring the first goal in the seventeen th minute and then and former rights they raider tristen lyle made a to nothing lead and the eighty first minute trying to do this off top of my head. I'm trying to remember when that minute was but then flint city scores two goals and span of four minutes to draw with Dayton West Carrollton high schools date now patients and our stadium to to was the score again dietrich and lyle scoring for Dayton one game left of the year for Dayton and they'll be at Flint city bucks this this Saturday your standings in the Great Lakes Division and the central conference looked like this we'll get to Cincinnati and just a second but Chicago F._C.. United they were one of the first teams to clinch a playoff spot twenty five points in twelve games eight three and one wins losses ties or draws rather see Google standings calls it draws and they flip it like Premier League records have but U._S._O.. Leaked to website it's wins losses and ties but I'm GONNA call them. drls because drls flint city in second place tied with Cincinnati both teams five three and three and eleven games however the I was going stay the goal differentials different nineteen goals for flint city seventeen against fifteen goals for cincinnati thirteen against so yes both have a plus to both have eighteen points Flynn says one home game left optus against Dayton and they news WanNa know at Flan city. They had a game earlier in the year one to one and Cincinnati will be at West Virginia this upcoming Saturday Dayton in fourth place. Just two points back up flint sitting in Cincinnati Dayton is still in it although they do neil off bounces their way date needs to pick up the win- Flynn City and then Cincinnati has to lose extra yeah lose because since I have the tiebreaker over Dayton because since I took the series two wins and one loss and West Virginia in Fifth Place Two points in eleven games no wins nine losses and two draws while them was against Cincinnati the best goal differential in the central conferences Great Lakes Divisions Chicago United Plus eighteen the worst is West Virginia lions at negative twenty one tough year for West Virginia. They're formerly the chaos. I did like their badge. The chaos it was like a big tornado on a soccer badge lions badges smooth and it's more pristine if you will but there you go so two teams skin the playoffs and the Great Lakes division like I mentioned Dayton has a shot but they need to win at Flint and they need Cincinnati to lose at West Virginia because one point will give Cincinnati nineteen and the tiebreaker breaker goes since he because they have a better record against Dayton these Cincinnati Dutch lions on the side like I mentioned five three and three they lost the Derby match at Dayton two nil Dayton win and they have a really good shot now the tiebreaker between Flint City and Cincinnati take a good look at that I because Flint City and Cincinnati win. That's three more points and that's still twenty one. There are tiebreakers listed at the bottom of the page here U._S.. Elite Two's website the first criteria is head to ahead record based on total points in game so pretty much outed since Naidoo against the Flint City Bucks if we can find it here loading really quick. Don't you like when I do things on the fly just like this. It's outstanding standing. Let me tell you bowling on up. There is a one one draw at Norfolk Kentucky. There is a three two loss at flint city. This is Cincinnati's schedule and there's a three one win at home against flint the city so one one in one the goal differential total wins in league games while if since nine flipped win that be the same record goal difference in league games the game average will be used if goal difference is league games that would be if they score the same amount of goals then we we go down to step four goals scored league games and that would be going to flint city because the fact that they have two more goals in Cincinnati unless since I was able to clear that but there you go there's actually ten steps if you get to ten that it's a lottery conducted by USA Lake to which means it's pretty much a coin flip. Maybe they have one of those lottery machines. Have you ever watched them. Pull like the balls to say hey. Hey this is your number. If it's on your ticket you get some money that's tax if you ever see those things or was right forecasts explosion back when I was a kid just like the big swooping thanks. There's probably technical terms I call. I don't know the look like I know anything. The nine step is fair play and this is going in with yellow cards and red cards. The team refuse disciplinary points in League Games if the number of games are unequal pointedly divided by gains later whoever is not gonNA go step nine but they actually look at that. That's that's amazing. If you ever wonder why stats are important there you go fa fair play. That's amazing. I never would have thought that Pena a tiebreaker. That's awesome so there's a good shot for Cincinnati. There is still a shopper Dayton. There is a good shot for Flint Flint's God protect home turf actually Atwood stadiums gorgeous now they put in that new turf field. It's a classic venue. It's a classic football field mean that's. I think that's where flint high schools Dell's play football there Michigan flame where they had a club football team taking on Wright state. That's where they played Atwood Stadium. They really have done a nice job touching up the place so there you go. We are heading into last game U._S.. Elite two regular season play still shop for Dayton better shot for Cincinnati or Flynn and you can hear about what happened on Saturday next week on episode one zero five and now we move along to more more soccer. This is the women's professional soccer league W._B._Z. e._S._l.. Because I don't believe I've actually covered this yet. The season is over like imagine it's ten games five at home five away and it just you you blink and it's gone going actually carry on since I'm still talking Dayton Dutch lions but why is soccer season in the summer. Just you blink and it's gone why why why I'm wanting. I'm sorry that's not not entertaining podcasting. I'm sorry so now we go to the Ohio Valley Conference in the East region of the W._p._a.. E._S._L. and representing the Ohio Valley Conference going a very sharp nine one win one draw season motor city F C out of Detroit. That's twenty eight total points out of a possible thirty fifty goal scored three allowed and the plus minus. This ratio is a little bit weird because it says plus thirty four but my math will tell you that's plus forty seven plus thirty four. That's weird. It's off on Cleveland to who finished in second place. The ambassadors did seven in wins two losses and a draw for Cleveland Thirty Four Goals scored ten allowed Cincinnati is the third place finisher five wins four losses and a draw for the sirens sixteen points a goal differential of negative four not negative three. I know my numbers fourth place finish for the Columbus Eagles F C three five and to the Ann Arbor F._C.. Lumber jills finished in fifth place to an eight and the Dayton Dutch lions in sixth place one eight and one a goal differential of negative thirty. All these are wrong. Actually Columbus isn't it's negative to why all them off. That's important but I have to thank cory wise. Why isn't hunt for letting me become the P._A.? Announcer this year for Dayton Dutch line soccer it was great coming back and it's great having announcing gig this summer. It's Great St semi familiar faces like I mentioned Chat Hollingsworth last home match. He was a ball chaser since the war and a lot of people think Brian Ralph's two was my right hand. Man and statistician kept me on us throughout the whole thing. It was really nice to have someone to help. It was very nice have a boss that I believe in me. What's weird is I've covered Corey wise and hut in several soccer teams? He was part of the Dayton Dynamo for a little bit <hes> Dayton Dutch lions ends. I believe he suited up. Cincinnati swerve which is the indoor soccer team plays at Fairfield. I've gone to announce them before but now announcing for him. It's not a very nice job as well. We the last two home matches the crowd's been outstanding. I mean the Dayton Cincinnati one reached out to West Carrollton hs eve soccer team and they were there. That was a really cool see middletown eclipse for their twice Sousse once I know there was a dark county team and it starts with a C. crashers clippers. I'm sorry I forgot but there was one from Greenville. Cool did a really nice job so definitely give him a nice currency work and thank you corey for the job can't wait for twenty twenty. I know there's law sports we now and then but you know I like my sports. What can I say anyway? Motor city will be the lone team in the Ohio Valley going to the playoffs and speaking of playoffs. There is a team in Dayton. That's going to them and it's the gem city Roller Derby congrats go out to gem city. They are part of the twenty nineteen W._f.. T._D._A.. That's women's Flat Track Derby Association Continental Cup North America East bracket racket. Everyone will be heading to Lancaster Pennsylvania Not Lancaster. It's Lancaster Pennsylvania. That's the English way saying it and I'll be August twenty third through the twenty fifth at Nuke Sports Arts. That's the ultimate destination for sports entertainment and events located in. We are the largest indoor sports complex in the country who fourteen acres under one roof. That's a big roof eck. My parents properties like six acres and fourteen. That's a lot of sport. That's really cool to anyway. Gem City Roller Derby will be taken on Columbia Roller Derby. I assume that's Columbia South Carolina and the winner of that will take on the number two seed Boston Roller Derby and something I see a lot from gem city Roller Derby is they won't get to the play offs. What's neat about roller? Derby is the fact that these are paid athletes. They have jobs outside this. They're they're belting. I don't WanNa say plane because you know it's it's not it's bowing. Have you ever seen Roller Derby. That's a tough sport. One on you. GotTa Skate not on ice but you know you got to Roller Skate and to you get you give some bumps and bruises. I'm sad that this year I missed out on getting a chance to announce about about with the big Ragu and the Big Ragu does a nice job announcing so there's another shell out this is this has become the shutout up so which I'm fine with but they go like I mentioned these athletes don't don't get paid but they're athletes. They're athletes and this organization's been around these since two thousand six. It's one of the older organizations around here you know exclude the dragons Dutch lines didn't get started until two thousand nine to found. I say that and trying to remember that's the case but there you go. It's really cool and I if you ever go to Roller Derby match the names that these athletes think up are hilarious. There's one that's re tweeted on G C Roller Girls on Twitter Scarlett O.. Oh hurt you actually funny story. I thought of Roller Derby name now because I'm going Roller Derby new. Let me tell you you think I play sports yeah well. I don't that's the end of that but there's a men's team in Cincinnati as well going back. I picked up Roller Derby name because I wanted to get in the spirit of it. You Know My name Lee w Malan I said of her every podcast episode I picked loud <unk> out mouthful fallon loud mouth because a source with L. and I am a loud mouth. Actually you really have to know me become law mouth 'cause to the public. I probably quite as person now maybe probably not. Oh Fallon Oh is kind of like the play on my mail initial. 'cause I use it and Fallon Kinda Ryan Mallon so there you go. That's the history of my name. I'm so I bet that year so excited that I shared that with you so there you go. It's really cool once they do recreational season which is you know they split up to three teams and they bowed each other. I recommend going to see them. Cincinnati the roller girls and the battering rams I think the battering rams are still there at the Schmidt fieldhouse on the campus of Xavier University the gem city roller girls are the roller girls yeah because they changed a logo a little bit. I think it's gem city Roller Derby. I apologize but go out to the Orbit Fund Center and Huber Heights. I think it's right off to a one catch. These athletes like a mention. There's no pay non and everyone that works. There's volunteer. They do it because they love each other. They love the sport and they love bringing the people bowl a good product son. I really need to cover but it's always lately I've been going without a script and that's spin binding me in the but most times but there you go so congrats go out to the gem the city Roller Girls Rock Lancaster and now we move from the rink to the diamond will talk about dragons and reds and then we'll go back to F._C.. Cincinnati A and then the crew and the Columbus destroyers that is probably an awful bounce around because I'm going back to soccer. I probably should have finished up while I was talking with Dutch lions but I didn't so there you go the Dayton. Dragons couple call ups recently in fact the closer Connor Bennett is now a Tortuga. That's advanced a Daytona. It's advanced because there's a at the end of Dayton. I love that. I don't know it was bland but it's someone I loved by do love the torch. Doug is as a cool name. It's Spanish word for turtle. I think are could be you know a variety of turtle. I don't know anyway the dragons tonight our fishing up a three-game three-game set against the Wisconsin Timber rattlers which is single a affiliate of the Milwaukee brewers. What's exciting about Dayton v Wisconsin West versus east you play each other once that's it there are fourteen from the West that go to an east division place and vice versa and that happens twice a year where the West meets the east and the East meets the West? I think the West leads by by a small margin in interleague play in the Midwest League but there you go last night the timber rattlers pitch quite well. Lazar pitched five strong innings struck out seven. Just one walk issued by Wisconsin pitching zero walks by dragons pitching in fact the newest Dayton dragon and Claire Schmidt who is a former west Michigan white cap threw three scoreless innings and struck out five in those three gave up two to three hits but still not bad now if you're wondering why Schmidt was a former West Michigan whitecaps. That's been two seasons ago. That's the single a affiliate Detroit. Tigers Schmidt was cut recently by recently. I mean a couple of weeks ago by the Detroit Tigers he was with Lakeland which is advanced out of Detroit and then Cincinnati picked him up and send to Daytona didn't fare so well there air in a couple of appearances so he got sent down the Dayton also former Ohio state Buckeye Connor Kurla say left handed starting pitcher has made the jump to Daytona as well so congrats go out to those call ups Dayton is is thirty seven and fifty three overall but more importantly in the second half eight and twelve I mentioned I still feel like this team can make the playoffs but you really need a solid push right now. You can't wait you got to go now because Bowling Ailing Green as just rolled to the top of the eastern standings. We'll get to standings a little bit but these are they press notes. You can find them on Dayton. Dragons website Tom Nichols. Does this and I really like it and I like green a big note to Ricky Salinas a right handed. Starting Pitcher is the Cincinnati Reds Minor League pitcher of the month for June. I tell you this guy. Five Games started to wins. No losses an era of one one point zero three E.. R. is earned run average meaning. The runs scored. If the team bats and works off the pitcher that's earned now. If the team on defense screws up a bunch like commits a bunch of errors then that is not <music> earned. That's not on the pitcher. I sure there's baseball fans on those like. Why did you just like playing that? We know but there you go. I did one point Zero Three E. R. A. Twenty six and a third innings giving up seventeen hits four unearned runs our four runs one unearned run three earned runs walked seven struck out twenty two and opponents batted one eighty one against them in the month and over his last seven starts three wins. No losses a one point six E._R._A.. Did Not give decisions last start as that was a very nice for run comeback in the bomb the ninth with two outs to take that last game from South Bend so currently the dragons to to wins in the home stand three losses. They did lose that first series of South Bend and tomorrow the Beloit snappers also Wisconsin there the single a affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. They'll be coming into town for three Friday. Saturday and Sunday afternoons matches will be on Dayton C._W.. which if you you know it was easier when we had analog TV still twenty-six thirteen find it on your local cable package? If you're in Dayton and there you go you can watch it. Why like about beloit is the fact that they had these really cool beach blanket Gers it was dark navy the middle part two yellow lines in the middle of his four screen and the snappers word mark in there? I thought that was really cool. I don't know if they still have those jerseys. We'll find out they also plane away jerseys to it seems like the West West divisions like the old time baseball in the East division's like big stadiums big video boards bighorns per. I worked for I've been with the dragons for nine seasons and that horn an gets louder every game anyway also a little little irking of mine. I mentioned Wisconsin's the single I feel it Milwaukee. Does that bother anyone else that it's Wisconsin like the Save Wisconsin and they're the minor league affiliates of a city in Wisconsin. I don't know in case you're wondering where the timber rattlers our farm there from appleton and the closest city they're in their by is Green Bay. They're farther up north in Beloit beloit score kind of towards the border of Illinois but I I didn't realize where Appleton was so. I looked up yesterday. It's like Oh. There's Appleton looks like a really Nice field to draw decently beloit on the other side there last in the Midwest League in attendance beloit in Burlington. They struggle to get over a thousand per game on average but there you go blood snappers. They're coming in tomorrow Wisconsin Timber rattlers the rubber mats is tonight Friday July twelve so definitely catch it on T._v.. Wallace's on radio. It's nine hundred a m or are W._N._Y._C. Dot com if you like the internet or Iheartmedia if you like APPs which I'm sure you like APPs. Do you like apps those Epcot pod coin. You can get paid to listen this podcast. It's pretty cool you should check it out and it's free there you go and now we move onto Cincinnati reds. It's all star break so there's not a lot to talk about but I will say Louis Casio a perfect inning two strikeouts three batters face. It's really cool. All the All Star game was in Cleveland. Cleveland's field is beautiful. It's still jacobs field to most people but grass afield. I've been there a couple times. It's not bad it's nice and when you're in the evening hours you get that nice breeze from the like. It's it's really nice so if you ever go to Cleveland definitely check out progressive not the insurance company the field but there you go and now the season starts starts up again Cincinnati Colorado and since they're in the rocky mountains that means I'll actually be able to listen to the game on my way home tonight from dragons game which I like and now we move onto the standings standings will start with the Dayton dragons. I did promise I bring them up like a mentioned bowling green fourteen and six. It's always amazing how Tampa Bay's farm system runs. It's like a well oiled machine. It's funny because of the hot rods and cars are machines. Get it room fourteen and six to lead the east there fall by Lake County who can't double clinch. That's not a thing in the mid West League. They're already in the playoffs. There are eleven and nine they are tied with two other teams teams lansing and Self Ben who can get in the playoffs the lug nuts part of the Toronto Blue Jays and the cubs part of Chicago's N._l.. Squad there are eleven and nine and currently three games back of first place bowling green that will be interesting because they've been neck and neck so far Great Lakes they clinched the first half cleanly. They're ten and ten. They're going to the playoffs no matter what they do this out then go oh and seventy in in those still have a chance to win the Midwest League. They did a couple of years back actually against Clinton trying to think what the season I was. It was it twenty seventeen. Dayton is tied with West Michigan for sixth-place at eight and twelve both elimination numbers for the dragons whitecaps stand at forty eight Dayton's five and six at home this year in the second half but three and six on the road have something that kind of bit the dragons and the but what in the first half road record was not good and currently three games under five hundred five and five in the last ten for the dragons and seven eleven in eastern division play remember. It's east versus West for for a week or so and then in eighth place the Fort Wayne caps of San Diego. They're six and fourteen a quick re down in the West Clinton in Kane County. They are battling each other for top and Dayton connection as painting verdict has made the jump to single a Clinton. I made a tweet saying I made a tweet. I tweeted both work mark but I made a tweet. It's a sounds weird anyway. peyton verdict made the jump to Single-a with the lumber kings and I made a tweet saying that be great if we could play and hosts Clinton again because now painting verdict was a great right state raider now he's a great lumber king. He's batting close to three hundred. He's doing quite well and the lumber kings are two nine into in Clinton Iowa five and four way and fourteen and six overall winners of four in a row. If you think that's the longest winning streak in the Midwest League you be wrong by Game Kane County just one game back. They also have former rights they raider and Ryan White's. They're thirteen and seven the cougars. The affiliates of the Arizona Zona diamondbacks Cedar rapids. They're already in the playoffs but the kernels are twelve eight two games back of Clinton won back of King County but the can't clinch wildcard spot the team that can Wisconsin there to back a first and one of the. Wildcard at twelve and eight quad cities they locked up the first half. They're eleven and eight to start off the second half Burlington. They have a five game winning streak. That's the longest and nine eleven so far for the bees the part of the angels farm system mm-hmm and yes there are two teams in the angels farm system that are bees Burlington Iowa Salt Lake City Utah the more you know beloit the team coming in they have racked off three wins in a row they felt a three and thirteen but they have won three straight snappers have again affiliates of the Oakland A.'s and in last place in eighth place in the Western Division these Saint Louis Cardinal Affiliate Peoria chiefs they are three and seventeen they they've yet to win on the road the second half and three eight eight in Peoria Illinois little bit of a rough stretch therefore the chiefs now. How about some major league standings that sounds good in the central the reds heads are in fifth place? They are still in last place in the N._F._l.. Central by four and a half games forty one forty six find the reds as were ready to start up the second half tonight again reds or at Colorado. The reds are twenty four and twenty one at home seventeen twenty-five away and five games away from five hundred Chicago. Cubs are in first place forty seven forty three ish Chicago. They are trailed by Milwaukee Forty seven forty four half game back for the Brew Crew Saint Louis Forty four forty four right in the Middle Pittsburgh one loss away from St Louis Forty four forty five or the pirates. I've seen too caught fire as of light and then there are the reds now the big topic around here Wayne we're talking Cincinnati. Baseball is are the reds buyers or sellers by you have to buy. I mean look how close that central is. You look at the other last place teams that's double digits I mean Miami and the East nineteen and a half out in the west San Francisco Seventeen and a half out nets them. That's a bummer way setup Bruce Bochy as last year with the Giants Baltimore Twenty Ninety three and a half out Detroit twenty eight and a half foul but why is Kansas City on top. Oh wait. I'm reading the Games back but way why is Kansas City if they're twenty-seven back of first place Minnesota Wise Detroit behind him winning percentage thank you that totally helps makes me look like an idiot or sound like an idiot and Seattle nineteen and a half back reds are four and a half back. They can make a run but the big thing is consistency. They have to be able to keep up this run in Colorado. That's that's tough place to play the altuve and the rockies themselves well. They are in fourth place in the west of forty. Four forty-five can't overlook any series. Just can't I liked the reds chances. I liked to see if the reds can make big playoff push. Some assets might have to go. I know the reds aren't GonNa Trade Tra Mel that's. I'm pretty sure that's ironclad. I know what I'm talking about. There and they'll think Siri will be trade as well unless it's a big hole pitching wise. It's it's been decent. I mean Sonny Gray who was also an all star but then getting the game. He's been pretty good weight. Diesel fanis been inconsistent castio that guy's a Stud Rorick hasn't been bad the pitching has been all right promise with Amir Garrett on the I l.. There's no left-handers in the bullpen rides recently sent Zach Duke on assignment and I believe he got cut recently with her. Get coming up to the big league club. I think the rights can do it and I really hope to see the reds. Make that playoff push Marty Brennaman last year. I don't know how next year is going to go listening to the Games because I like Jeff Brantley and I really liked listen Marty Brennaman. It's going to be sad next year in case you're wondering who's leading the other divisions while that's the The New York Yankees they're up six and a half over Tampa Bay fifty seven thirty one or the Yankee crew hard to believe that the A._l.. New York Swat has so many on the I l. but yet still managed to roll along a tank in the A._l.. Central Minnesota they're five and a HALF UP ON CLEVELAND TWINS fifty six thirty three the Indians are making a really good role nice to game sweep of the reds in Cincy by the tribe at fifty and thirty eight Houston esten leaves the by seven games over the Oakland athletics if LEX seem to be catching fire as well. I like I do like the athletics. It's not just because they have Gold Jersey or that Kelly like Kelly green color. That's a Nice Jersey in the end L. East. It's Lanta by six over Washington and six and a half over Bryce Harper is three hundred million dollar overrated contract. Oh I'm sorry I promised I wouldn't let that slip out Atlanta's leading the east fifty four thirty seven mentioned the cubs and the central in the West it is the L. A. Dodgers Sixty and thirty two thirteen and a half up on Arizona and fourteen up on San Diego wow but then again when the playoffs come it's a different animal while the dodgers still be dominant. We'll see we will see and to close out episode. One four can't believe it's been over an hour but they go things happen. M._l._S. standings the F._C.. Cincinnati squad picked up their first win a while. They defeated Houston Dynamo Komo at home. Three two two got off to three. No lead things start to look really shaky but you know what F._C.. Cincinnati pulled through and I'm proud of them the record for F._C.. Cincinnati that's four wins thirteen eighteen losses two draws in nineteen matches. They have fourteen points in the three away from not last place of the Columbus crew seventeen points for Columbus five wins thirteen losses two draws for the central Ohio squad like I mentioned it has been a tough year for Ohio. M._l._S. Squads F._C.. Cincinnati I believe their stadium is still gearing along. I asked someone if they knew about startled to opening up. I mean that was the promise. The new stadium would be up for the twenty nine thousand nine football season. I haven't heard a peep about. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Maybe I haven't seen it who knows the crew. There's some good news as Columbus City Council did vote to approve the new crew stadium in the arena district and that that pumps me up and I really love here in that because as if that's the same location I'm thinking of that's right off six seventy. That's a major cut through you. Go a little north of downtown Columbus with six seventy you go to the airport. Are Gehenna or you know away from seventy but that's visibility right there you get off to Rena district six seventy I do when I'm there which hasn't been for a while so I dig it and I'm really really looking forward to the fact that that is looking to be more of a thing and now we'll get to the Columbus destroyers. I'm really really happy. Stories are back but it's been a rough year. It's been a very rough year as Columbus has one win and two games left to go so be one nine record. They will be at home for one last time for Twenty Nineteen July fourteenth. It'll be against it's the Albany Empire. They have those sharp orange jerseys at least that's what the time line had and I'll be on W. S. Y.. X. Six point two local TV in if you're in Cincinnati Dayton Columbus NBA's find t._v. and then put on six point two there you go. It's also on radio and you listen to it online. I have done so and it's been nice but two games left a tough tough year for Columbus. The only way to go is up recently. I saw the other expansion team this year Atlantic city in the blackjacks gambling. They said that they're coming back next year and I really hope the story is due to. I hope that the a rough season doesn't really push people away mean indoor football. That's a sport that's a great sport. Remember calling the two years was Dayton sharks and just get hit on the boards and it's just it's it's great. It's football and it's indoors and it's half because you your mid lines twenty-five not the fifty they go. I haven't been able to get two destroyers game work schedule you know what can you do work but they go hopefully next year. Get to see a Detroit game with my own two eyes instead of my own four because I have an extra pair what anyway like I mentioned last home game and according to A._F._l.. Destroyers on twitter there will be a tailgate fan appreciation tailgate starting at one outside nationwide arena you enjoy concessions and some live music and then you possibly might be able to get a hold of those few rally towels early smirke face by the destroyers. I like. I mentioned if I didn't have to work. I'd probably try to go out there. It's open to the public is the Front Street Plaza nationwide arena. I recommend seeing indoor football lease wants lifetime is law fun on the call to it'd be nice. Dane gun another team but see how it goes and that wraps up the local sports review as I don't know what to call that segment and that will close episode one Oh four. It's been nice to talk to you again. I I liked doing this podcast. It's nice to see the numbers. Go Up the Guy Thank pod coin for putting this podcast back as a bonus meaning. It's more accessible more. It pops out at people stats. It's been pretty nice so it's really nice see nice anyway. Why thank everyone that putting questions for Mallon's mailbag and their patients as I did not expect it take this long but there you go one zero five well? You have to wait next week for until then. This is wwl one and here is the new closing that I made the everday hope you enjoy it and we'll talk to you again next week. Get those questions in for Mallon's mailbags anything thank you for listening to another episode. The Gem on the Queen's crown the Cincinnati Danes or it's podcast closing theme is leveled up bad snacks from youtube the royalty free music no copyright music group visit the lead wwl dot com slash podcast to listen on your favorite platform such as apple podcast Google podcasts cast tune-in cast-offs anchor and more follow along on twitter at gem on Queen Crown and at the Lee w vow on and on facebook by liking the gem on the Queen's crown the Cincinnati date sports podcast page age and become a member of the facebook group fans of the local Syndey sports podcast once again. Thank you for listening this wwl and saying goodbye and please join us again for another new episode of the gem of the Queen's Crown.

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