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Reflection: RAIN on Blame (2019-10-16)


West please visit Tara Dot com the following reflection is led by Tara Brach to access more of my meditations our reflections are to join my emails Nama stay and thank you for your attention so we begin the practice of bringing rain to blame by identifying some not full-blown antagonism opening to sensations aliveness inside you words exchanged perhaps the tone and to help you get in touch you might bring to minor particular incident deeper and it takes a really deep reflection and commitment to practice something different no matter same meditation take a moment to invite yourself into presence and let your Census Bureau one you care about and with whom you're exploring some distance conflict or tension whatever our habit is whatever we practice really does get stronger the group's getty disempowered identity as a separate victimize self it makes you small and of course it makes the other person's small bring your attention from the other to your own inner life and we begin rain by recognizing whatever and with whatever you're noticing to look towards unmet needs are we'd be creating ripples that really can affect consciousness notice what comes up now this is the time to make that you turn is most predominant inside you right now whatever feelings or reactions could be anger blame judgment thank letting go where you can in your body any tightness attention this is what will allow you to deepen attention now and the is investigate wanting that didn't happen author acting that way they couldn't care about me or they don't respect me are they don't understand me not safer and you might notice what's the worst part of this for you what's most disturbing are hurtful how right you think you are when you're in conflict no matter how right it's still a trance the keeps you in what were you really hoping for with this person important maybe understood appreciate it say this person you might notice if there's a belief there remembering the visuals of whatever was going on the space you're in the look on the person's face and now call on the most wise so the invitation here is to deepen our attention in our own lives to each of us the unmet Ni that if each of us right now who's here and who's listening leaned in that direction to wake up at that transit us your belly and since what is the unmet need and as you do go right to where you feel most agitated or vulnerable maybe your throat your Chad adding any extra judgments about it not trying to fix it not ignoring it just let it be there offering understanding offering protection message to that part of you that might be comforting nurturing where you feel the reaction the hurt the anger the former ability and you might let your face a allow to let it be know that this belongs to this is natural and alongs you're not here what is it you're most needing to feel cared about to feel respected the most important word you feel the feelings right now on your body the essence of investigators to feel in your body Chen offering care and that can allow you to begin to investigate bring your recognizing their reaction and allow it let it just be there give it some space just whatever you see anger upset distance shut down whatever you notice ability or upset place feels maybe your hands go into fists or your you hunch over some just experimental that actor loud safe appreciate it imagine incense their vulnerability maybe as a young person since what that part of new that's got unmet needs most needs to hear and feel and see if you can offer empathic capacity deepening your attention what are you imagine they're feeling and believes in you spiritual figure you can imagine their energy moving through your hand right to the most vulnerable part of you it's from this mar away card space that you can begin now to look at the other person and as it helps to bring to mind someone that you know loves you and you can even fake it are exaggerated a little bit with your face and you might even let your posture shifts slightly to express how you feel like how that vote offer to yourself from that high self to the vulnerability exactly what's needed you might put your hand on your heart as you do so of vulnerable being and feel your care failure nurturing your heart space through wise is let an image of the other person be there as you imagine them earlier that openness to a heart space that really can affect consciousness in our world so like to explore our meditation now we're going to do a rain on and save good in them and you might imagine dispersant feeling their needs met that place that's right now witnessing and listening to the vulnerability the awareness that's here and see if you can how might they have a leg in a trap where they were hoping for something not getting you've never done this before let the touch pretenders you can send that you're offering that tenderness right through your touch to your own heart a you might notice what you're believing about yourself and the other person it might be something like what and you might imagine from this heart space ways you can loving part of your being and you might if it helps shift your posture and your facial expression and really call on your own high self we close with a short verse from the poet Mark Nieto Heart Loving itself back together wakes with a piece of that original heart aching its way into blossom this is why we know each other below are strange the joy we danced together life is many pieces of that great heart loving itself back together changed perhaps that there's less of a sense of of victimized self and there's more presence more heart you're seeing their face and their body posture imagining their voice and see if you can recognize in them whatever's going on bond when you're next encounter this person with more choice Ooh Ooh and notice how is you offer the self compassion noticed the shift in your own sense of presence what's Agean ah how would they be if they felt really loved understood my soul tells me we were all broken from the same nameless heart and every living being every living even just a glimmer of that heart space that can include yourself and others the realization of true belongings us why when we fall we lift each other are went in pain we hold each other why when sudden the moment to sense who you are when you're free from blame as you sense that you might sense their basic goodness now. The gold shines through when they're not caught and fear the expression that expresses what you're feeling in your body and experiment with us it can be very helpful and getting in touch her life is the many pieces of that grade what might disperse unmet needs bay to this person need to feel how might they be or behave or be different if their needs met just.

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