Richie Tankersley Cusick's Trick or Treat


Hello team groups listeners. Before we start today's episode. I want to tell you about an amazing new comedy that just came out today, October twenty. Fourth from vertigo, it's called books of magic, and it's written by cat Howard and illustrated by Tom Fowler books of magic is the latest installment in Neil Gaiman Sandman universe. The original Sandman series which ran from nineteen eighty nine to nineteen Ninety-six is still considered one of the most influential graphic novels of all time and this year in honor of verticals twenty fifth anniversary Neil Gaiman invited a diverse and innovative team of writers to help him reboot Sandman and take it in new directions. One of those directions is book of magic. Cat Howard Sandman spin off that follows the adventures of Tim hunter, a London teenager who delves into the ancient worlds of magic and mysticism only to find himself being hunted by a deadly Galt. Luckily for Tim, his new substitute teacher is more than she appears and maybe able to help him discover the mystery behind the books of magic perfect for fans of teen creeps Harry Potter and the original Sandman series books of magic is a village. Well, now at your local comic bookstore, vertigo comics dot com and comics dot com. And for more info about vertigo, comics is twenty. Fifth anniversary relaunch took out our Minnie's. So from a couple of weeks back on border town, the new series from Eric Escobar and Ramon via Lobos and now on with the show. Trigger treat trick or treat candy dandy, but murder is the we this week on the podcast Richie Tankersley QC trick or treat. Hi, welcome to teen groups. The podcast that discusses why Pulp Fiction, I'm one of your host Lindsay, Kate, I I'm another one of your hosts Kelly Nugent, and that was an biz multi line that you're gonna call an an abomination by both works. Yeah. Wow, really lazy stupid. Fucking terrible tagline. Unexcelled candy is dandy also. Why did you say trick or treat twice? I guess because it's a. Four lines and pay them, but like so this is what a BA rhyme. Yeah, lazy trigger tree lazy to have the two as dandy but murders sweet ill. Oh, were they afraid that chick trees Moi feet. That'd be too. It'd be too silly for this book. What? Yeah. Why not just stick with something more like that. Rhyme like trigger tree trick trigger treat, give me something murder, murder, murder, summer, wait, ticker tree, healing. You would be so sweet. Jigger treat checker, treat killing you would be so sweet. I don't know that like, yeah, I mean this handy dandy, no ill if someone says that to you slap them. Yeah, I hate that. You know, that phrase that sometimes people say the next time they say it slap them in the face. Do people say candy is dandy probably are. I mean, that's probably from something I don't know. Yeah, anyway, he entered your tree by Richie. Tankersley q. sick? Yeah, it. Okay. So this is a really bad one. In my opinion, it is very bad. There are parts that were. Genuinely scary. Yeah, but like the twist is very damn. Well, I did see the twist coming. Yes, I was okay with the twist that it's win, right? It's win. She's like jealous because she had a crush on Dennis data like that. She was keeping Dennis's corpse. That was the Liam that was creepy as sitting it and acting like he's alive. The thing that I liked that was the genuinely scary parts to me kinda remind me of hunting hill house. It's like when she's like sleep, they go into this house and it's creepy, right? Yeah. So they move into this new house. It's creepy. This is just like general. What's it called? Like theme of these books where it's like we're moving into a new house and it's very scary. So many of these books were like, we're moving. I don't want to a hate this town. A boy likes me. I like the town more bad things are happening. Yes. Also like, oh, I'm the only one who thinks the houses. Creepy. My parents think is job. Yeah, everybody's gas lighting yen. Haunting him hill house. Very similar. Yeah. Like every time the kids are like, this is weird. The parents are like, it's fine dream. I'm sorry. But even if your child is, if all of your children are dreaming dreams then doesn't a good place. No pay attention attention. Listen to your children. Yeah. Okay. So, but also children should listen. Children showed. What was I? Oh, the worst part of his book is our heroine Martha who I think is the drippy est of all drips. She sought that we have yet read. Yeah. What is her thing with fucking what's his name? Brother. Oh, the stepbrother. Yeah. This is why my my notes were mostly stepbrother porn because I thought they were gonna get together. I was rooting for that too. What's his face? The hot Islay. Okay. So there's like so Craig, Greg, I may be Blake. Okay. Greg cousins. Why did nothing happen with Gregg whatsoever? Okay. Greg is the counselor who's layup? The cousin of the hot guy that she is also high and he's hot, early, twenty hot when she's like getting interviewed by him at first. She's like, she couldn't help. But notice like that he was. Had some dick sucking lips. She was like he was so fucking hot, and then I'll make like who is hot as his hot teenage issues like they look so much a light. Did you think when she said they look so much alike? Did you think there is going to be a like one of the like she thinks it's like one of them is the killer, but it turns out to be another one. Yes, until I did not know how Greg was going to be used. And in the end, I was correct and not knowing because the book didn't know how to use Greg one little bit. He likes her nothing. It's weird. He hits on her a couple of times. He doesn't even really get used as a red herring. No, nothing. He's nothing. It is never indicated that he might have been anything. Was he even in the book? Are we just imagine imagining Greg o. whereas if unconscious dream it greater union, Greg, like keeps will. First of all your phone, where's my own? Greg, if their names, Greg, don't remember. Blake's, possibly, Blake's name. I don't remember. Listen, this is the book I accidentally read. So it was like, I hope I remember what happens. He Greg, first of all, he's a counselor through school. He's in his twenties. He tells her multiple times that she's beautiful, which is very gross. Why have happened? So my capital I in appropriate for stepbrothers named CONNER Connor and Connor was hot. What? What is her fucking crying with Connor for? She starts off and she's, she thinks these so-called, but she's like obsessed with. Yeah. And also she like I thought, for sure she was going to get with him because she was like, he's so cold. But like also I feel like very weird when he like around me. Yeah. Has to be looking at me with like bemusement and like he knows an a joke. I don't know. Yeah. So I was like, oh, they're gonna get together. Yeah. And also this book says over and over again how fucking gorgeous. He has every girl in school is hot for his bod-. Everybody's obsessed with him. Also it was Martha and Martha's like I don't even see it. That was the thing right where I was like, oh, there's fucking they're setting it up where she's going to finally see it and you're like, oh, you're like the hottest thing to come into this town except she just like, is really into Blake, is seems like lakes family because they all look alike and they're all hot and they're all nice. Yeah, they're really nice. Like Blake are genuinely nice. They are. Yeah, and win. And let's say Greg, and Greg, just the three of them and cousins, not. Llings not a one of them is a sibling. Now, other just cousins, which is weird. It is weird. It's weird that there's no, no, no, I think, oh, in is the sister. No. Blake and Gregor or siblings win is the cousin? No. No? What what is their deal? Okay. And is definitely a cousin. Wayne is not somebody's sister fucking book. None of it is memorable. I read it Saturday near Jay's gutter day and Sunday. I can remember it. This doesn't make sense. Okay. Looking looking looking looking looking looking looking looking, oh, here's a description description of Martha. Is she pretty? I can't remember pretty. Okay. So there's talking about how she looks so Connor is saying she looks about twelve. That's right. Connor says she looks really young and says it was true. She had always look too young for her age. Wholesome. That's what mom had always called her. White gray is and bouncy blonde hair and face that couldn't hide her true feelings. No matter how hard she tried and she was trying now, but Connor was watching her and she had that awful exposed feeling that he could see right through her and was enjoying himself eight. So seems like he wants to fuck are and also like it's either that he wants to fuck her or he's fucking measure sixteen as she's seventeen. He's seventeen her dad is marrying his mom. They've moved into this house together. It's creepiest shit also like, okay, the part that I thought was legit scary was when she's laying in her bed and she keeps like hearing noises and then like her closet door like she'll leave it closed and then it'll be open or she'll leave it open and then it'll be closed. And then one time she left it closed and then it was open when she woke up in the middle of the night, and she can see a figure like staring at her from the closet. Which I thought that was scary. Like that there's someone, yeah, in her house in her closet, except there isn't is it there is, is it win? Win win, has been haunting her cheating. I don't think so. It's win. Win knows about the the, what's it called the, I guess, chasta happen right away, I guess. And then, okay. So this is why when is obsessed with her and also like everyone's kind of drawn to her. So at first she so boring, she's very boring, but she's blonde and she looks exactly like a girl that used to live in that house who died and was killed by her boyfriend. Everyone thinks yet Dennis Dennis. Dennis supposedly killed her, and then drove his car away and went into the river and killed himself will like washed like me, never found in a big rainstorm or something a flood or something. And so then they're like. Was a what she first arrives in town. People are kind of like doing double takes with Erica. She looks similar to the dead girl and then says she gets it in her head wishes like everybody only wants to hang out with me because I look like the dead girl. Everybody's freaked out by me because they look like the dead girl and I live in the dead girl's house. And so I'm being treated like a pariah, but we never see. She just keeps saying it fucking anything. Martha is the biggest fucking self like self pitying. Sap? Yeah, that I can remember in one of these books she is. So she's the worst personality. She has a bad personality. She's doesn't want her dad to be happy. She's like a wet slipper. That's like an puddle like a bunny slipper that's just been sitting and like is bloated with puddle water. She's just like, like to with hair? Yeah. The like fluffy kind of slipper. Yeah, and no, you know, and she and all she does is complain. And then she hates Connor, even though Connor the most he does is like Wicky like gently teases her can. Yeah. Then when she's being like such a fucking bitch about her dad marrying Jali and then moving to this house, he does call her a spoiled brat trying to ruin their happiness, but she has coming. Yeah, because she's been kind of like bitchy about everything the whole time. I'm sorry if a person is gorgeous, you recognize that they're gorgeous. Yes, you don't just sit there and be like, everyone thinks they're gorgeous. I just don't see it stop line yourself. Oh, and then there's that weird detail right that his mom can't cook and she's serving them like different colored liquids, yellow a nonsense detail. Yeah. It reminds me of like an eighties movie, like a, yeah. Like a brat pack like detail? Yeah, and also it it it like ties in with that whole like we are not a good mom unless you can cook. Yeah, you're not a good mom unless you stay home. Yeah. Yeah. And then also like they're all cousins. They're all they're all cousins. That is so weird. Yeah, three sets of cousins that live in the same town, but like we never see and never seen any of their other family. No, it's just them that's weird will like why cousins? I dunno just make them all siblings. Yeah, that act. Maybe it's just because like, oh, we'll siblings wouldn't hang out together this much. Whereas if your cousins, you might be more friends, but then doesn't that make it more intriguing if they're all siblings, hang out together. A ton. Yeah. Also, you know what? Maybe they're like, because right. Neither of them knew that win was the one who killed. Yeah, neither of them knew. Maybe that's like, you know, it is sort of sell set up that like Gregor's jealous of Blake for being such a. A basketball star that is to maybe supposed to be how he was a red herring like maybe he wanted Elizabeth for himself, but he's in his early twenties. I just couldn't believe that there was no Greg romance and there is no Connor romance. Yeah, just think it was just all Blake and Blake was the least interesting one to me. He was like nothing like a Greg was like, who's again? Like hair. Yeah. Yeah. He was just like hair on a stick. Yeah. Yeah. They're both hair on sticks and then Martha's a slipper with hair? Yes and muddle win is like a sleeping bag with her. She's like more like a little bit in, but she's like, imagine her talking like this. Hi, I'm win. Yeah, she's very your, your brother Connors, so dreaming and then in the Marnie. Out. He's only stabbed runner. Scam rather than her why everyone lugging it me also hurts being obsessed with saying, step other to was like, oh, it's because they're gonna. Fuck, wait to it was not. No. And then like the payoff, I guess is supposed to be the by the end. She just refers to him as her brother. Great. And they're like pals. Now, I might know. With Sean or there is fucking heat, there should honor. Martha gives us nothing Connor was giving off Martha heat. It was like. I just wish that there's like now a second book where like it's circuitry to incest. Question Mark, like now they're like, she keeps calling him brother, but like there is a thing. Yeah, it's like the second Brady bunch movie. My boyfriend Georgia's. I okay. So then so it turns out win was jealous. She loved Dennis, so she killed Elizabeth. And then did she. She accidentally killed Dennis because she pushed him and he hit his head on the floor and she's like, I don't know why he didn't get up our. Yeah, so then she little weird. So I dragged him to mazal. Liam drags this fucking corpse through Muslim puts like flowers and shit like all around him or I'm sorry, let me mummy. Correct that I do. I didn't get up. So he dragged him to. This is only. Yeah, that's one. Yes, that is exactly when the sorry, I got you off your turn out. I don't know. I have a question on. I'm thinking about AM. It's about him. How did Connor how Connor was like I'm drawn to. Well, the magic, everything is implied that there is a genuine supernatural element to it. Yeah, and yet it is in the end they're like no win set the fire with the dish. Rag on the oven win was calling win through a scarecrow with a knife in its head or whatever that was. But yeah, that's the only one that doesn't get totally resolved. Yeah, because he's like wandering back and he's like polled by something, but it keeps talking about how they're both sensing, stuff like. Martha walks into her bedroom and immediately is like something bad happened here. Yeah, not just feels creepy or. Oh, if you look ghost fully something bad happened here because that is where Elizabeth got murdered. Yeah, and so it's like it wants to have its cake and eat it too. Yeah. I just wish that they had like one line which is I've always been sensitive to stuff or something, you know, or like or Elaine, why he's being pulled to the Muslim or have like Elizabeth, in fact, help Martha honor figure it out. Yeah, and then and then they go back to the house in the house, heels new and not creepy anymore. Yeah, great. It's like, oh, Elizabeth Elizabeth's ghost can rest easy now just something, but if you wanna make it both make it both. It literally is it's so fast. Neither. Yeah. So it's like kind of it's both in. And not. Yeah, it's both end one both on one. It's both. It's like hints of supernatural stuff and then like by the way or it's more it's like win, fully killed, both of them. Yes, nothing supernatural about it. But also you were sort of sensing that that happened we? Yeah. The biggest one is Connor being led to the mausoleum with no explanation. I would have liked if like she was like a little bit sensitive to supernatural stuff and then so was Connor, and like that was like drawing them together because what it doesn't, they never anything doubt. It should have been called out because he is sensing stuff. He's going into the woods and she is too. He's also like saying very weird and cryptic things all the time, and she's like a Connor. So weird. Connor doesn't believe me even though he does. He does. He has. He listens. So caring and gorgeous an-. I love him and I'm going to kill Martha's with him. How you get her out of the way. Why? Why did have raining also like, okay. So, I mean, yes, I rope around her neck, but when tightened it until death, but. But why? But why the so the narrative that's like being told to Martha, I is that there is a big Halloween dance, and I will start at the beginning, I guess, Elizabeth moved to town. Yes. She started dating Dennis, Dennis, everybody thought was like kind of an aggressive jerk. Resum motorcycle and he played dirty at basketball, at least according to like, and it's it's made unclear as to whether he was in fact a jerk on the court or Blake was just feeling competitive. They didn't. They didn't get along. Oba with breaks up with Dennis because he's like immature and a little bit of a jerk. Dennis, like makes vague threats to her. Like you're going to regret this. And then at the Halloween dance, she goes with Blake? Yeah, by that time. So Elizabeth gets together with Blake, there's this big Halloween dance at the dance. Oba agrees to go to her house and talk things out with Dennis, and then win freaks out because she thinks they're going to get back together. So she follows them kills them goes back to the school and is like, oh, they just, I saw them leave, but I didn't tell anyone it was about an hour ago. Yeah. And then her, Greg and Blake, I'll drive to Elizabeth's house. Find Elizabeth dead or win finds Elizabeth dead weight. So she kills, oh, shoot. I know she did it, but she also doesn't check us. She has like two personality type things going a little. She goes into a few state or something. Yeah, but she flaked in the end, she remembers, but for a long time she's like, I can't remember. Remember, but then at the same time, she's like, oh yeah, it was fully making all of those prank calls to you. I definitely started that fire. I set up the scarecrow so it's very unclear as to whether she genuinely didn't remember or she was just saying she couldn't remember. Yeah. And then also, so when she killed him, Elizabeth, is it like a longtime before they find her? It's like during the an hour later, I misunderstood that. So what I thought happened was that they get to her house and she just in a room Elizabeth and member like they were like, oh, sh- win, like rand up ahead of us, and it was the one who found her a long. Yeah, I thought she ran in killed or like super fast, like. And then was like like covered inner. There's like a knife like inner hand, which means she did cleaner self up and then back to the dance. Yeah. And tell them that Elizabeth had left. Yeah. Yeah, I saw with leave with Dennis. Yeah. And then I mean, that is a weird thing to write. Like, let's also. So it's like the keep questioning they're like, win, was their wind doesn't remember. We've all tried to get the details from her, but Greg, Blake, were there at the same time. So the full story is far as they know is we came, she found Elizabeth. Yeah. So what other details are there to keep saying? The long dark. She's like the long dark and the like, what is that? And she's like. And like we need to figure this out, but then not really try that hard. And then here's my other question. It is why if you are obsessed with Elizabeth and I'm sorry with killing Elizabeth, but you can have Dennis, yes. Why would you kill Elizabeth accidentally killed Dennis? And then like spread the rumor that Dennis killed Elizabeth and kill themselves? Well, that's the thing she keeps saying Dennis didn't do it was that streaming semi, say, Dennis is a lot Joe. She's like, we don't know. He's dead. No one found his body. He definitely didn't kill bit. He loved her. He would never do that. He confided in me all the time. Okay. So she is. Saying that he's alive and that he's not guilty. Okay. Then that makes a little more sense. Yeah. I was another. There were a couple of parts that I thought were a little scary, not the scarecrow non the Mon calls. I mean, you know what? Maybe was just the stuff in the closet. So then there's like another day at the end of the Muslim was scary. Yeah, with Genesis body l. trust up like he's still alive so creepy and also actually when Connor and her are like going out to the Muslim. Yeah, there's a little eerie. But then they don't. They don't go in to it, go in and then he likes to touch it. And then he's like, a, I don't want. I don't wanna. I wanna. And then. Okay. So they are in the there's another Halloween dance? Yes, because it's a year later. This is just a dance they hold. I feel like do you not have the Halloween dance? I mean, because she didn't die at the dance. So it's a little bit is it's fine when I was in the fourth grade, maybe third grade. There was a some sort of open house. Fair type thing at my elementary school and a girl, a little girl, my age who's walking home from it. Got abducted, oh my God. And then they found her body wrapped in a sheet in the canyon down alley behind my house. Did they find out who did it a friend, family friend was the most dangerous like, oh, I'll give you a ride home, I think so probably I wasn't told these details because I was child. I feel like it was probably like he was molesting her and then either accidentally kilter or like was afraid was going to tell and then killed her or just wanted to molest her. Did that one time and then killed her. Yeah, afterwards. Yeah, and like got rid of the evidence. Yeah, bye. You know, they saw it the fair next year. Yeah. So it's like because it didn't happen at the ferrets a little less grizzly? Yeah, I guess. So they have this Halloween thing again. That's crazy that those are minor been Halloween. It was like my house is on the corner of two streets. And then there was. At the edge of it. There was an alley, and if you took the alley all the way down block, there's a canyon that took up like a quarter of the block. Yeah, and that's where they found her ex. Amanda geeky RIP, hurry p. So they have this Halloween dance again and then win. And so it's going to be win Martha just Conard of going with them to the dance news sick. He's sick at home, like fixing the roof in the colds, you know, does end up going with them, Greg. We is very weird. Yeah, he's a chaperone, but he also doesn't. He could date he, he dresses up in a costume and like as his death and he has an axe. Yeah. And he's like perk of being a chaperone. I'm allowed to bring an actual acts. Maybe you're trying to. Well, I read it here, so I think that's why he insisted, but she never really followed through. Yeah, it was like the fact that it was sort of hinted that he was jealous of, Blake, and then the fact that he had a literal acts a working acts. Yeah, a dance, but it was never. He never did anything menacing. It was never like a Gregg had a bit of a crush on Elizabeth, never anything apart from those two tiny things that were never used in any sort of a medicine way? No, no. I seriously thought that ma- that acts, like I say, max that acts never. Never comes into play. Yeah, it does not by him like he like as a bag. I mean, no, but he backer. What does he? He uses it to Google, Dave. Yeah, yeah. Honor? Yeah, it's Connor Martha. Oh, yeah. So Blake and Greg show up at the mausoleum to save the day is going to kill them. So basically, like they almost kills Connor. Yeah, he's like losing blood. Yeah. And this is originating. Here's like you sick book. I'm surprised she didn't like make out with Connor while he was losing blood. Oh, true. So like they why do why are they back at the house? All of them together oca- she's like, oh shit. The killer is going to hurt Connor. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So she's like, we gotta go back to the house right now. Yeah. So they raced back to the house Connors, fine. I forget what makes her think Conor is in okay, because Grenadian call at the school because member at this look, there's a coal for you. It's in the library, and so it's an, oh shit. She's going to get attacked in the library. She doesn't is just going. It's win, be like trying to the house to the house. So there's you can kill quote, unquote, Elizabeth. Yeah, because then she's like, no, no, I do believe you're Lisbeth, but then she's like, no, it's just reminded me so much of her and I got upset. It was all over the, it's not one or the other, and I hate Martha. I hate one was a warring. She is not even. She's boring inner personality, but she is also so grading. Yeah. And. Mean to Connor? She's really, I don't truck with his meanness and issues. That was the other thing up until the very end of the book. I thought she was gonna hang up with Connor me to trap fill the end right up until the end when she hooks up with when she stays with Blake, I was like, what? I'm going to open the last page of the book because I, yeah, right up until the very last page. I was like, well, surely now, yeah, I was like, okay, just waiting for it waiting for. He's going to be okay. He said they told me. So I promise OPEL ache as the horrors crumbled around her, she said against his chest felt his kiss on her forehead. Tears roll down her face and she shook her head cut her new knew what the first time here and I found the cemetery. He had a bad feeling about the mausoleum. Martha remembered. You felt some kind of danger. She squeezed her eyes shut held back Assab. Can we go to the hospital now? Sure. We can his arms tightened around her. She felt his heart beating against her chest. I almost lost you tonight. He said Horsely and he kissed her again long and sweet. And when she finally opened her eyes, he was smiling just Connor know how lucky he is and Martha thought of Connor. So still in pale is he was taken away how annoyed he'd be when he woke up to find himself in the hospital, which what? Why wouldn't you mean annoyed? And she saw herself beside his bed and Blake there with her and how that look would creep across Connor's face and how she wouldn't even mind. She looked into Blake's warm Brown eyes and kissed him tenderly right on his smile. Which what? Wade, say he's an engineer. He really to you. She's gives me because I'm the lucky one Martha said and she wanted. So she's low lucky one for having Connor. But like right up until the end, I was like, well, yeah, no, Blake, Connor. Yeah. Also, like now I realize how much he means to me because I almost lost him. I'm sorry. Blake, you're like very nice and attractive. Connor is gorgeous and 'perfect. I also how weird is it to like? 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There's a part where I think she's like I couldn't move. Yeah, because he was on top of me. I was very wary concerned. It was very concerning to because at that point that was Connery in the bed when he's trying to get her to shut the fuck up and listen to him. Oh yeah, he's down. Oh, I believe you and she, he like pins her on the bed and she says, she can't move that was scared. So maybe it happens twice with Connor and Blake also, like for some reason, I was worried that Blake was actually Greg. Oh no, the twenty year old. He's he's tricking building down. 'cause like, okay, so she also liked kind of hints that like at this point, like things are a little weird with Blake because members, she's like he only likes me because I look like his girlfriend and also there's like questions about like who really killed her. So he's he's a contender for killer. Yes. He's like, let's go for a drive. Let's ditch school and go for a drive, and she's like, I don't just go on. He's like, let's just do it. I have a cool truck and she's going, okay. They start driving. It's like far like it's the next town and he's like, isn't this a lovely small town like down where they can't hear you scream? Don't you like being in a place where? No one knows where we are seriously. He's like, no. And then she's like, wow, and then it starts raining and he's like, let's go to the barn. And she's like, okay, it could be a killer. But okay. So then he's like, come with me see in a world of here engine and I will squish your little body dish into a pile of, hey. Sure. Yeah. So great lyrics. Thank you. He takes her into the barn and he's like, whoa. Tripped and she's like, oh, I can't believe you found some, hey, it's like that part of groundhog day where Phil is getting like like he's had his one perfect night with. Forget Andrew del. And then everything after and then she, she won't sleep with him. And then he keeps trying other nights but gets increasingly desperate and terrible at it. And there's that scene where he like forces a snowball fight with those kids, and they fall in the snow, and then he keeps inching towards her and she's like. It's not that he's like, oh, and instead of she's like. I loved. I being able to move and then they make out and some, hey, and at that point I was like, the Connor things still going to happen. I was like, it's still going to happen again right after the end of the world. Literally, I thought she was going to fully kiss Connor causal. Liam me too. It doesn't have about site. I'm actually pretty mad because it's which entity also I thought a similar thing with teacher's pet. I thought that she was going to end up with. Peers Pierce, yes, I thought she was going to end up with, here's the moody caretaker and not. The teacher that she ends up with the teacher really. Got that. Yeah. You know about the same age, but he's teased her and he's a deeter. So it's a little more inappropriate. In this. I think she totally should have ended up with Connor. She doesn't sweet. So how do they? Okay. So when later when they're at the dance and she's like, oh yeah, because wins like go Elizabeth. And she's like. Is it the house? She runs to the house with win and the other two cousins, then they caught us fine. And then how do they end up where they end up? This is like where things get fuzzy remain run in house. They're running all around and is there smoking? Can. They're like, is fully going to burn the house down, I think. And then they act the basement for some reason. I know why they fall like wins, like looking for them and they don't realize it's one at the time the being has looking for them and they like backup into one of those secret passageways. Yeah. And then closed the door and then they escaped through a secret passageway ends up in the basement. The other. Like in a cellar? Yeah. And then the fires happening there in the cellar in and how do they get? Oh, they find another passageway and they go to the mausoleum. Yeah. At that point, he's yard. It's like a super small. It's like basically a tunnel. Yeah. And again, we're using the excuse of underground railroad again, it's happening again like time windows. Yeah, where it's underground railroad passages. And so that's how they end up there. They like. Yeah, they go from the seller through a super small tunnel and end up in the mausoleum. And they see Dennis? Yeah, and then they all right. And then the door gets kicked down right act Daggs down by Blake and break, and then win comes in and she's like to us and she tries to kill like everyone. Q. came back. But at the same time knows it's not because she's like, you came back, oh, they get hurt when they like get like subdue her, then she switches to knowing what's what? Yeah. And he's like, well, you just reminded of. Yeah, Elizabeth. And I was like, fuck, you came back. You're going to get on Dennis again, and she at that point still doesn't realize that Dennis is dead. But then she talks about how he fell and he didn't get up. Yeah, I just she thinks he's still not getting up. She thinks he's still alive and he doesn't ever move from the Muslim again. Smoking win one eight classic win. So I guess they also had to because right, so they don't live in the same house so that when win is like going out on the do now. Yeah, she's very busy. She's she's like Oleszek Ritchie tan. Yes. Q. sick. Busybody murder? Yeah. Like RTC villains are so busy. There's shingles jam-packed so she has to. Okay, just to go to school during this to go to school. She has to make some calls at night just to be around the house at night. So like make noises and shit. Yeah, she has to be crawling around and he's secret passages. Yeah. She has to stand ominously at the foot of of beds of beds of various bed shift like where costumes to make her look like a boy just to set up a scarecrow. Oh yeah. Just like just to start a fire, just like rigged the scarecrow to like be hanging from outside of the house. And she has to have that setup day. Which means she hasn't met Martha yet. So what she's like, oh, a blonde girl moved into that house. It's like, oh, people are moving into that house. I'm gonna go check it out. Oh, she looks like Elizabeth. Oh, member met knows. Yeah, he's her but doesn't meet her. She sees her and barely meets her at the hardware store the first day. No, but the scarecrow thing happens the first night doesn't it? You know what you might be. Right. So then she's just like, I see that there's a blonde girl that moved in there. I'm going to do the scarecrow thing and she calls she's just like hanging out at the house every night. Oh, my God is she just asks mausoleum a Muslim on the Twitter or her parents. She needs to sleep. She needs parental supervision, so I does need to sleep. I should probably contributing. Oh, what does it seventy? Two hours brings you to like legit insanity. Probably. Yeah, that sounds horrible. So I think that's why they have to be cousins because otherwise I feel like if there was siblings, they'd be like, what is win doing? Yeah, she's out all the time. They've no, she's gone. Okay. Okay. I'm like trying to put it all together. Yeah. I truly, I don't know why they're dish. Conan's not sibling. I was gonna ask if she got together with Connor, she tries to set them up member Martin Marthas, all about like getting her together with Connor and win is like, no, he's to him too. Handsome. I'm so shy and like who maybe the whole time it was like, he's so handsome, but my heart belongs to Dennis who's definitely alive. My heart belongs to dentists who won't move. Why won't he? My mo- he moved. He stopped moving. Okay. I'm trying to come up with a hypothetical here if you did highlight something. Oh, just another classic example of something isn't funny, but the characters like burst into giggles. Please tell me. So this is a win and Martha talking about how cute each of them thinks like an Connery's Martha's talking about Blake, and when is Iran Connor. Okay. And I think. And I think. Remember this. So Martha says, oh, bet. Blake is stronger is not all the girls say, how sexy economies, how would they know? Well, look at Blake. He's too well friendly to be sexy. Oh, you no, mystery. There Connors, the strong silent type. He's not always silent. Actually. Sometimes he's pretty funny in its are cast it kind of way. Do you think Playtex sexy? I'll bet he kisses better than Connor. I'll bet he doesn't. They collapsed into help giggles. And for a while, neither of them could speak. Finally, went caught her breath in sagged against Martha's locker. I heard I feel like some hot chocolate. You don't have to go home right now. Do you? Okay. So if we were having a conversation and you were like, I bet he listens better. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna talk about, oh, my my allows me to talk about my celebrity crush Tom hardy, but only when he's crazy and wearing a mass. Okay, cool. So like Tom hardy, I bet you, Tom, Harry is a better kisser than who's who's your pretty crush right now. The first thing that popped into my head was David Tennant. He probably because his better than David Tennant. I'll bet he doesn't. So crazy look at us. We're kidding. I can't live. That that's insane insane. They're both insane because if I saw real, I would like like speed up my walk. Okay. This is how this is how you actually make it. Okay. Let's talk about it like we really talk about it. Okay. Okay. Tom, hardy, I like when. Okay, but you better David because he has like like nice juicy lips that he like, keeps caged behind a scary mask and it's like when that mask comes off those, let's go wild. I'll bet to better conserve because he has like a lot of wiry smart energy. And I feel like Tom hardy might be too aggressive, so aggressive where David Tennant I feel like also care about how I'm enjoying. It know what I want is like, I don't want like a little spider crawling around on my body. Fuck you want. Smaller crushing. I want. I want like a like a sack of flour that is like gotten wet, and then dried up to like just trunk. Like Shona flour. The big bag of chunky flower is like it's wearing a mask and then it takes the mask off. And then it's just like pressing, it's chunk against. That's what you're saying into that. I want like David Tennant is like like his long limbs rate. Six together. Okay. So imagine six tied together by their tail. Wouldn't you feel fully invalid and like just like sprinkled with like tongue and. And kisses and attention. What I want is like a chunky Saka flower. But you put like to Vienna sausages just aren't top of each other on the top, and they're. I want to have each other. Okay. And they're like just like, okay, this is what I, this is what I say. Okay. You got two little sausages. He'll he'll he'll he'll firms heals your farms little smokies. We'll smoke a little smoke. Together on the end of a a sock filled with sand. Okay. Glue gun. Right? You got them way sock? Sure. You with yourself. Just like you're getting like just like a general, like a slime. Yeah, just like, what does I didn't hear cheek. Just over like somebody's like taking the like top of the bag of flour and they're just like spitting it. Yeah, on the air little helicopter. Yeah, propeller. And it's actually like every every spin. Yeah. When it gets your face, it's smacking you with like some slime. Yeah, just like some some port smell. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Attached to like like automatic, bats like, okay, so lies the touch. Yeah. So it's just spinning. Okay. And then you have to walk into it. Okay. So it's like, yeah, you're like containers. You like going at? Yeah. So that that's how you could aim your lips at the sausage limb. Yeah. And what's great is you can keep trying. Okay. So you like, but, but for David, Tennant look what you can do. All right. So imagine they're like those six? Yes. Their tails type gather Slyke. You could be using those like like squid like squid tentacles. Okay. It was like rap yourself. Yeah. Yeah. So you like you're there, you're suction? Yeah. Yeah. Just like there are just these of like thick ropy snakes all around you and big like embrace and like, let's say, so the stakes don't have teeth. No things like worms. No, no, they've been removed. They're still snakes. Okay. But the teeth they've been been, okay. So abused snakes. Imagine like abuse with no fangs. But Tung's. Yes, like so it's like instead of chomping down with fangs, they're just like, like just like a soft like, oh, gummy chomp with tongue like slithering and. At your really fat and like and like there's somebody it's not fast. Like with you. It's like somebody is like slowly rotating the snakes. Let's say like how you roast a pay on on a spit. It's like somebody just like cranking that handle like slowly like the snakes are also like like, oh, harassing me. Yeah. The snakes are just like like pushing on like my skin. Okay. Resting me with just like tongues. As they go. Are you standing? You're standing great. Like the word he? Yeah. And if you want, if you want it on your mouth and you turn towards one of the mouth, but if you like, wanted on your cheap and so you're getting it on your shoulders and on your back and like you can like slither through too. So it's like, is there. But like also like gravity still apply. So like you're also having to kind of hold the snakes are reaching you. They're tired. They're like, we're tired. So okay. In the middle of both of ours. Right? There's like a little recorder. Okay. And it says like one phrase, like one thing, what is your say. I'm the doctor. Mine says box by life, fire, broad, and then. Oh, by the way, the the sausages are like covered in a little cage that like you take it off before. Oh, right. And that's the thing. Going for Bain? No. So you know how he where that Bain hearty I'm going for listen. I like when he's being when he's, oh, I know all the things from the snake. Yeah, they were taking. And made made into a giant mouth and put on Tom hardy, like venom? Yes. Yeah. So I haven't together. We're helped to make out experience that we desire. Which both of us are not doing anything with their arms or faces. You're just walking in and walking out. So like I heard, do you wanna get Huchon. That's funny about kissing. You don't just say like he's a better kisser? No, he is an laugh and then laugh. I'm like, I get it like not. Everybody can be that funny. Like we, we do have worked like classically trained in common classically trained, classically trained comedians the we went to conservatory for that. Yes, yeah. Comedy concert, specialize schools, special schools. I mean, honestly. When your child edited at UC. Yeah. Yeah. Like in Russia. It's like in China. If you wanna be a child. Yeah. And then they train, you always always always, and you pretty much know like from the beginning on they also put like three objects in front of you and then like you pick and object. And if you pick like like there's like there's. There's like a rock. There's like. A Cup and then like a banana. And if you pick the banana, when you're a baby, you're like, they know you're gonna be funny. So then like, but also like if you want one over another, you have to keep your eye in the pretty lady because it's three card Monty as well. It is. Yeah, it is. Cup, you got, you have to watch closely. You have to watch closely on very, very hard to get it very hard. So we're like, that's what makes it genuine for us. It's like a combination of like eight talent and then intense training. Yes. So keep that in mind, but here's the thing. You know, your characters don't have to be funny if they can't raise money into left. Yeah, they can just kind of smile like, or or you know what would have made a lot of sentence is for like one of them either win or Martha like say it was Martha jazzing to say this, like kind of laughing and being like, I'm sorry making you think about your cousin, kissing me. Yeah. Yeah. Then that would be like little chuckle when combing this is pretty funny because what you're doing is you're making me think about if my cousin is a good concern, not and go. Yeah. That's, hey, do you want to grab a hot chocolate? I'd love to. Yeah, or layer from I'm making you think about how my cousin and then the other girls like, oh, yeah, and I'm making you think about your stepbrother and then. Yeah, totally. And then they could be like we're being so inappropriate to each other. It's kind of gross. I feel weird now let's stop talking about. Let's never speak of it again unless you hot chocolate and silent. Yeah, we'll just like snow. We know where tracked to our family members on some level. Some cocoa. Yeah, yeah, perfect. We've earned it. So that's the bucks. The book. I say, go ahead and read it if you want to. This is not a necessary skip this one because Martha is so obnoxious. He's pretty obnoxious and there's enough. There's enough books in there are enough books in the world that, yeah, this one Berkshire. But if you if you wanna tweeted us, your celebrity crush kiss fantas. Please let us do indeed to do we know what book we're reading next week. Is it we're. Oh, right, right. Wing Halloween, the first original Halloween with our good friend Montoya as Oz. Ause Montovia this. That is what we're doing. Really great. Yeah, great. We got. We did two weeks, a Halloween stone. This'll be great. Yeah, so thank you guys so much for listening and thank you to our patriot on subscribers. You guys helped produce the show. That's really awesome. If you guys want to get on board with the patriots stuff, it's cool, Minnesota outside zone, episodes and stuff. Check out all the fun stuff we have to offer at patriot dot com. Slash teen creeps. You can follow our social media. It's at teen creeps pod on everything. Uh, if you're listening to deep trouble last week, I went to the, I went through the effort to find the as Merle the boots that Kelly was talking. You're out worrying so you can find those on our Twitter account. Yes, yeah, that is amazing. And I might actually take that for the Instagram to it. I can't believe you found those boots. You're welcome. Thank you. It took some light googling. I did have to go through a few pages and different variations in phrasing, oh, as morale-boots didn't cut it yell. Then I had to like kind of search, like I tried shoes and then I tried boot and then I because mostly it was giving me gypsy costumes. Oh, yeah, it's weaking Martha. Yeah. Yeah. Knock, right. Yeah. So follow us on social media. Thanks so much for listening. We'll see you next week. Keep it creepy. This has been forever. Dog production executive produced by Kelly Nugent linzie Kaitai foam, Joe Silio, and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Please visit ever dog podcasts dot com. Subscribe to our shows on apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts keep up with the latest forever. Dog news by following us on Twitter and.

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