Your Mind Really Matters: Why Creatives Need to Open Up about Mental Health [TGGS 42]


I've heard that from several different people who've listened to this podcast if you don't know Allen I'm one of the CO hosts of God and Gates and we're trying out a new program that will help defined it hard to balance your everyday life with your creative life and do you have some goals that you want to achieve what you simply don't know exactly what steps to take to reach them there'd be bipolar conditions anything panic attacks anything regarding the mind. I think creatives find ourselves in a sad in weird position where we think our creativity can hide and cover up and he'll really are mental issues and that might be now get professional help immediately call suicide prevention hotline of which we will definitely put a link to as far as national resources that we can find but mental health is one of the biggest issues facing all creatives because we've heard all the stories of course of artists like Robin Williams Kurt Cobain Gig Show Visit Garden Gigs Dot Com for show notes links and more information hello and welcome to the Garden Geek Show My name is Alice Paul and I'm a musician therapeutic and of course it is by it can't be the entire answer because of it was all of us artists would be healthy we will be mostly connected we would you can reach if you just had the right process check out the show notes for the link or simply go to guidance gigs dot com slash right now and now on with the episode I'll be feeling good about ourselves but we all know that Das- not the case that artists and creatives can be just as No about the stuff we didn't see was really it made it feel like suicide was the only option and so even before I started artis musicians creatives of all kinds but looking for help bouncing your passion to create with your Gene Chester Bennington so many amazing artists who've lost their lives due to suicide who've given up who have just turned two anyone who is even having the idea the thought was suicide is becoming an issue in your life please stop listening do not hesitate turned us off now and get help but for those of us who are struggling with other aspect into helping Zygi depression with you this this is horrible decision that we never seem to understand but then when you look at what they've gone through mentally what we did and it's one that's personally important to me because I've gone through it and because I think I can share from a personal place this will be a very transparent episode daily life not sure if your faith can coexist with your profession welcome to a place where real artists discuss real-life you're listening to the God elect to apply the spiritual principles these timeless principles to our lives to help us solve temporary problems that we face as artists so thanks so much for joining in please make in an author of the book got engaged succeed musician without sacrificing your faith as well as our devotional Your Art God's Heart It twenty one day guide for creatives weird and our relationships so today's topic is one I feel is really important for all of us as musicians creatives and freelancers thanks so much for listening to this podcast if you're new to this show it's all about creative musicians and creative freelancers who want to build better lives from the inside out are you subscribe to the show and you like it makes me leave a review tell your friends about it tell them about this community of artists who want to help each other to get better in our faith can I as a creative who's dealt with these issues who've who's been diagnosed with depression has been diagnosed with anxiety how can I somehow help us suffer from mental illness I do think that it's much easier for us to hide it because we use our art as a crutch so there's the most dangerous thing about this condition is that as creators artists were used to expressing ourselves and sharing our motions and we can kind of find it very affected and probably more so affected Majlis mental health issues as anybody else so while I don't want to put a blanket statement and said that all creative an equal measure referring to what we do as creative musicians oftentimes we feed off emotion we feed off trauma and we write about it and we share it and it becomes kind of like this food and this this place where we find inspiration but it's also and fortunately sometimes celebrating the unhealthy no sense in church serving praying teaching or leading worship those things did not cover of the fact that things were not that I found online says that seventy three percent of musicians independent musicians that they saw on this study suffer from some form a mental illness his program just sign up at got engaged dot com slash right now and we'll get you in the list and start sending you information to help you to get to the next level that you know own strength there was a point where I had to say I don't have a handle on this and I need help so accepting their reality was the first step to me at least all the time or feeling pressured all the time feeling cheerful all the time was not normal and that I couldn't cover it up and yes I couldn't even cover it up in a spirit you can't simply do it yourself the second step I would advocate is to open up and that means opening up to others and this is the scary part especially outside of your profession and something to talk about where you are professional therapy and counseling is got to be one of the biggest keys musicians and creatives who do this professionally on a daily basis we share our allies and our emotions but we can do so in a way that kinda still hides behind habits and unhealthy mindsets and the mental health issues that we've actually need to avoid need to get out so how do we deal with these issues how had to accept reality that things were not okay in that I couldn't pray it away will it away read more books steady more fine more resources simply do it in okay and I know this is a sensitive topic but once again I'm simply speaking as someone who has dealt with this in my own life and how I had overcome it and what I found was or some type of symptom that they can equate as mental health issues another quote at balance said mental health issues are demonized romanticized I used in order to get on a path toward a healthier mind and deal with my emotional issues in my mental health issues so I'm going to definitely say for that with and make sure that you take that as a priority and make it a priority because just like we talk about physical health and you go at it and we're GonNa get better and everything's GonNa be okay and that's not usually the case at least in my life when it comes to mental health there is still reinstate sometimes things don't happen right away and so I'm going to ask you as you hopefully take this to into heart it's going on in my head you need to accept that that may not be the whole story you need to accept that the way of feeling might be something that requires more help in that for performing live with yours sharing your art all the time if you're feeling like well this is the way that I get this out of my system and I share with you gotta take care of yourself and your body and do exercise and Diet your mind in your mind and your emotions deserve the same amount of attention and the Mike Hides behind the instrument hides behind the camera and so what I'm saying is that you have to find someone that you get opened up to outside of your creative level times that the oldest us pop up again there's still times when I feel the same way I felt and I see those symptoms and those signs popping up again and it can be frustrating because I'm saying you to get a better understanding perspective of why this issue is so important I I'm just GonNa give you three small little points that have helped me in my life and is talk i WanNa make sure that you hear me in terms of just someone who's an advocate someone who's dealt with is not from the idea of professional I'm not trained and not licensed whether it's anxiety depression any type of thoughts of self harm do not wait open up pick up the phone get to somebody who can help you and finally the third one don't expect immediate results be patient with yourself allow for the waves and the ebbs and flows to happen but realize that you can I'm doing the work I'm working on myself I'm I'm following the directions that my therapist gave me why is it still happening and I think one of the hardest parts is for us is capacitors or somebody in your world who sees you for who you really are and gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to how you're feeling I realized that this is a lifelong issue this is not something that just goes away yes I am a believer and I believe God can heal and he can deliver us but I'm just letting you know in my experts those of you who might feel whether it'd be a faith-based counselor Christian counselor any other type of psychiatrist psychologist find someone who is trained who you can talk to who you can the hard part is once you realize there's a problem then a lot of us especially in this area we want to fix it we think that we can step through we can find out the steps and we just tell us what you thought of this show we'll be back soon in the meantime go create something amazing has I think most of us sweep this under the rug and we can't anymore so the first step to advocate is accepting reality that's what I had to do people to gain accountability and encouragement to reach the goals that they're setting for themselves and the goals that you really feel are divinely inspired within you if you want more information about I had to accept the reality that I was not okay had deceptive reality that my mind was not in the right place that feeling sad really wants to get to when it comes to our mental health and it's not something we can just keep on the outside so that little tip or help you again it's very personal in the process of getting healthier mentally and I'm going to say the same thing for you if you have been in a place where no matter where you are whether you're serving in church where the needs over the long haul and that you can't find health and happiness and wholeness you can find freedom from fear but you may not find it overnight me but I felt it was important for me to share that you need to accept reality in terms of your mental health make sure you're opening up to professionals or to counselors and getting healthier in your mind your body and your spirit thanks so much for listening to this podcast thank you for being open to me hit him part you'll make me no wisdom that's my little paraphrase but what I take from that verse is that it's the inside and the authentic part that God dan have freedom from this if you continue the steps and continue working process of sharing your story sharing her motions sharing a real feeling the third step I'm GonNa Kinda advocate to you once again something that's helped me in my life has been to not expect immediate results and to be patient that you be patient with yourself that you realize that this is a marathon not sprint and that your mental health deserves the attention it they will help you as well and once again the all the links I'm going to share with you and all the ideas are not coming from a professional please seek out professional help in this area thanks for joining us here at the garden Gig show please leave us a review on I tunes like our facebook page or visit gone and gigs dot com and in that you have to be willing to allow the process to take its full course one of my favorite psalms that was reading oftentimes and I still read is still one of my as I opened up to you. I hope you'll listen to the next episode of Joe Subscribe and Review It so that we can share more of this creative join together thank you and God bless CNN episode signature my favorite Bible verses is from Psalms Fifty One and six and said that you will make me no truth in and we're partner.

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