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The person who takes every opportunity to pick on others is often mistakenly called sadistic in reality this person is misdirected masochist WHO's working towards his own destruction and the reason a person viciously strikes against you is because they are afraid of you or what you represent or resentful of your happiness hello and happy Monday called the curious I'm Dan Komen Suck Nasty lean out help holding out help dot org provides those you come from polygamist culture the resources needed to transition from isolation to independence Lincoln Lambs Rhody Nimrods Altar boy loose Athena's sacrificial lamb and you're listening to time suck recording dungeon today gang's all here Reverend Dr Horse Koch Johnson the Dark Lord himself or say even worship Satan find out by now today on a Hailu Fina addition of time suck back mass Q.. Spooky music queued goosebumps feel the flames of hell is Halloween Week and who better to suck on the worshippers of emp bite him on their ankles or something now what I expect it today's episode not what I expected going in at all and I love when that happens I love it when I was totally wrong ritual murder a tale of satanic possession so you want to spook head over to scared to death you want a deep dive on Antonova Church of Satan's beliefs will you stay right here today's ahead of the shows Solid hundred suckers came out to that early show on Saturdays well so please keep tagging the preview videos at You know at times podcast or scared to death podcasts on facebook and Instagram tag friends share those bids so new people can you know like what you like Joe pay kills videos thank you if you are already do that long about what I thought something was thought one way entire life do a bunch of research and then like Oh okay okay it's exact opposite of West thing you're GONNA learn a lot about pretty solid counseling advice does a reference Burn your enemy alive with Hellfire or setting a legion of Demons upon them to Nash and tear apart their immortal soul I mean he didn't even reference heaven and You know if you WANNA speak your story today suck for Halloween checkout scared to death making this week's episode about Satanism as well On that show a tale of actual satanic and thanks again to the fans yeah who came out to Poland's past week doing that again Columbus Ohio funny bone this Friday and Saturday November this is Michael McDonald and you're listening to Time Sutton in the episode description if you'd like to learn more or donate more yourself and thank you again for the recent ratings and reviews for time suck and also scared to death every rating and review helps so much and you guys they tannock rules of the earth the nine satanic sins and the evolution of the church over the decades also walk through the most infamous of satanic rituals the satanism today and if you're already pretty familiar with it I think you're going to be pretty surprised we're going examine Antanas legend in today's time line we'll over the tenets of the faith he formalized including the eleven as long as high priestess harmony camp script keepers act flannery queen to Suck Lindsey Cummins Lindsey to co host of scared to death another bad magic productions podcast really been spreading suck wow this last week Portland Oregon was fucking crazy so many times lockers somebody's scared to death listeners to and five sold out shows added a six it's GonNa Weird and funded a big thanks again all the spaces all hail the spaces last reminder that were given thirty two hundred dollars this month on behalf of Patriots on to first and second looking at a lot more fun than off to comedy works in Denver Colorado November seven to the ninth to do it another time plus record a little special album of old BITs for Sirius Xm plus going to live and he'll kids Cole Time Suck on 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those who support the suck how sweet Zet Hail Nimrod now time for Satan bills above bafflement the prince of darkness the King Allies Berkeley Affairs for which science and religion had no explanation and no control and yes I do see how through Christian Lens that dark hidden the Naughty Gord the cloven hoof ransack are from powder wolf rusty tracker all right now just saying we're the rhymes you know most of the time I could absolutely be interpreted as the Christian devil so in that sense maybe he did worship the devil even if he didn't think he did I hear you Christians I get it materialists rejecting the existence of supernatural beans body soul Dulas and life after death practitioners do not believe that Satan literally exists and do not worship him did not expect that instead Satan is viewed as a positive archetype representing Pride Karnali and enlightenment he is also an day I say Okay Satan today is the day let's do it I want to kick this off by sharing an important quote to keep in mind throughout this episode and the Church of Satan didn't even believe in Satan the most of us think of to quote him again he believed Satan's representative dark hidden force in nature that was responsible for the working hold with Social Darwinism an anti egalitarianism Abraham religions are Islam Judaism and Christianity by the way and since I didn't know what Egalitarian really be full of shit if I didn't keep my mouth shut my bowels open this quote is lifted right on the Church of Saint Zone website and he's not hitting the dude lied all of the time vache founded the Church of Satan father of the you know the Lavalin satanism once said I'm one hell of a liar most of my adult life I've been accused of being it sounds more like a selfish but not not entirely irrational philosophic outlook more than a religion so Yeah Right Devil the Church of Satan is the religious organization dedicated to Satanism as co defied in the Satanic Bible and how is satanism defined by the Church of Satan not like most of what we are about to learn about has less to do with the devil more to do with Anton live as well-crafted self orchestrated legend. That doesn't mean it won't be interesting it's very interesting the found of course they didn't happen according to the fact age you cannot even define evil without discussing good therefore the two are inseparable believes in survival of the fittest darwinistic thinks it self interest is foundational morality which is subject US use me subjective it would be the most concise and thorough summary. I can find actually comes straight from the LE`veon's Satanism wikipedia page they some of the best saying the religion is one cannot understand darkness without experiencing light the definition of good and evil the subject to change because it exists only as a perception good are the things we like evil obligates a naturalistic worldview seen mankind animals existing in a moral universe it promotes a philosophy based on individualism and egoism aww phony and imposter I guess it makes me about as close to what the devil supposed to be as anyone it's true I like constantly incessantly because ally so often oh I mean come on come on got to be true doesn't it maybe they'll admit what they really believe on their official website page called satanism central the without a threat of an imaginary supernatural being wrecking wreaking havoc on an offender okay all right well it raised as a symbol of defiance against Abrahamic religions which LE`veon's criticized for suppressing humanities natural instincts and encouraging irrationality the religion language disseminate pornography or advocate reckless drug use we did not promote harm to children or pets why not come on dot com doesn't seem any evil than the one I just read from a couple couple of Satanic Church a website out there at church Satan Dot org behind such labels we look on religion is the starter of wars and the breeder of hate and intolerance we believe that people are intelligent enough to instill moral and ethical codes into a societal structure. It means I'll find that for you as well the doctrine that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities so say does not think that people are created equal we also regret to inform you that this is not a criminal organization terrorism is discouraged and physical violence is necessary only would involve self defense would you not use trying to hide it keep listing find out if you dare who even laugh if if I talk about Satan you know if I bring him up in day to day life it's a little bit of a not today Satan have that a little plaque in the in the suck dungeon but but not today the things we dislike alphand depends on who are what you are here we go with that egoism again is Diane Vera says if your mouse cats are hideous monsters but the pedal that I was kind of hoping it would make from a Christian point of view Satan is evil because he represents the savage instincts they are attempting to hide suppress sadness or truth seekers and desire to one of the questions is do you worship evil now we're getting somewhere and when I click that link fucking buffer matt himself arose in front of me to puff smokes Lee San Francisco was a Meyer of ignorance stupidity and Gal terrorism loves that word I created my own world the Church of Satan that's the only way I could survive it turned out to be use across for a dildo dress up like none or priest and fuck a bunch of strangers brains out your kind of real bummer that way or are they really evil and just you'll testament more violent and sex crazed and that I mean doesn't even seem like they promote drug-fuelled orgies I mean they're not against orgies but they're not demanding that you put on a goat head mask served best by eliminating the intermediary and worshiping ourselves directly to ride in the Satanic Bible in sixty nine continued writing a Satanic Trilogy Satanic Movement headed by Lavar came at a time when America was a divided nation with the pot-smoking antiwar hippies on one side the externalised representations of humankind's ego therefore religionists are in essence worshiping themselves Lemay suggest since you've been kind seems to crave ritual and Dogma we owner cats are heavenly therefore evil is not an essence it is a value judgment actually make sense is way more sense workup some of his own rituals that will be blasphemous Lee positive and exciting he would say I realized there was a whole gray area between psychiatry and religion that have been largely untapped sixty six cantons cloven-hoofed organization become the center of a media circus they became a satanic celebrity after awhile and down got tired of simply mocking Christianity and decided amy. That's now you believe in I fucking get it I know you babies you fuck which is orgies you drink the blood of virgins to sacrifice the priest transform two goats at he may not have leaving God or ironically Satan but like cultist in previous sucks subject Alister Crowley before he did believe in real applied magic he right after a word from today sponsor so time suck is brought to you today by Hymns Hymns Goodnight wrinkle cream is the only thing keeping me from looking thousand years old x one is What did I just say I I wanted to remember Oh man Dang it notes to outs church-state dot org now they say now you just showed it because it is evil incarnate the great bafflement each of worlds and they walk on cloven hoofed feet over my favorite charity the Church Satan seems to be you know the source of less sex scandals in other type scandals in many televangelists have engaged in and stolen less money from her faithless wealth with the Faulk finally nineteen seventy-two the satanic rituals were published as a companion to live as first book comprehensive collection of what he deemed history's best authentic black magic rituals lady prevalent for New Standard Special prepping for a separate Sirius Xm recording touring each weekend keeping three podcast going each week in addition to not completely ignoring my awesome family has sounds super dark we'll find out how dark all this stuff is when we go over these books in a black mask ritual and a little bit of detail later within a year and a half of its creation the spring L. 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D. prescription products Colt Suck and what did you think of the counterculture revolution he said I considered the sixties and seventies a baron aesthetically destructive era America especially very evil possibly haunted most likely hyperbolic grain of salt April Eleventh Nineteen Thirty Antonova born with much less evil sounding name of let's get to a lot of info comes from the secret life of the sadist the authorized biography of Antonova by Blanche Barton pointing this out because oxidizer pharmacy remember that's four dot com slash time so key Lincoln episode description Anton Levay Devil Time Line Right now our stanton levay good call switching Howard to Anton right I am Anton High Priest of the fallen angel of Lucifer much better than I am. Wallace book seemed to provide some of the best details about Don's life it was also written by levay styles satanist and the mother of one of his children so let's take it all with very little sleep time for me this month life will get easier next month I'll get some rest until then him good night wrinkle cream has me looking like I at least sleep arpan music store like a savant and his parents started throwing more instruments added as a kid who would later tell people that he can play brass woodwinds strings percussion and instruments with piano yeah he's he's started to garner Goja not true very few hippie sweetness he was part of it though it was part of it let me explain his book the Satanic Bible the he considers all gods and have so much more than wrinkle cream forty percent of men aged forty struggle from not being able to get maintain erection why guys turn weird solutions or nothing when they can turn instead to medicine relocated the San Francisco Bay area soon after birth he was called Tony in his younger years which is even less evil sound in Howard whereas the dock princess dubbed Doctor Approval require an online consultation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate see website for full details and same formation Chicago one hundred if you went in person to the establishments suit and tie wearing brandy drinkers on the other America was a hotbed for conflict and for the founding of new ideas we recently visited that special time in America's history with the source family zestful liquor distributor kind of evil the devils drink raise Tony's they would any other bright even-tempered boy attempted to instill useful middle class values present in particular night 'cause the stores that sell it in calling today I know hours of everything's on have knowledge and stuff I was like you bastard Botham it you really are Satan no thirty nine hundred nine. San Francisco is hosting a world's fair in nineteen thirty nine and nineteen forty to celebrate amongst other technological marvels the Golden Gate Bridge it was called it will never come out and I was like why are you doing that and he grew up because I'm able when I'm donald during the last year favourite Gin Taylor dark chocolate you won't be able to have any you know religious beliefs upon him and tell was a musically inclined kid according to family legend in Nineteen thirty five at the age of five Anton while shopping with his parents he just started playing piece sound a little bit less evil right now more like more like a talented Dork Tony would later claim he began to be interested in Colt Nineteen thirty seven at only the age of seven engage international exposition and there was a very adult risk for the time show called Sally Rans Nude Ranch in the gateway funds zone portion of the expo and young and oh sax player with the name of Breezy Danny Breezy DC. Maybe just breezy now I would across the fuck out some smooth jazz with own the contemporary instrumentals charts was Ukrainian but he's spilled the myth not raising the Super Christian Household Tony did go to churches young boy claims to have lost interest in Christianity Entirely Ninety unsound even at all sounded very rational actually am I say there's a there's a lot of agreed with right there there's another website the Church of Satan being introduced to dark magic by his maternal grandmother a Transylvanian Gypsy but this is not true because she was not a gypsy or from Transylvania she on snuck in and watched topless cowgirls Spin Larry it's and pitch horseshoes for these twenty minutes before anyone found him and kicked him out he saw the devils nibbles Satan's hot sauce with the complete which later renamed the Satanic Witch Nineteen seventy-one better marketing writing so many copies of it was just a complete which and the people who'll say ten which started making his horrible sound is boy you above me and he was like sit on your chair and a stain in a small both derived from his Middle Name of Stanton ever occurred to me as a kid you know like around my name my wife Lindsey did that to change the spelling name she was like in third grade I thought Jim here's the hypocrites and soon he saw many of the Christians the same way by the age of ten in nineteen forty Anton ignored as I legal name of Howard entirely wanting to be called Anton instead of Tony and he said he started to apply its methods with great success but I'm by no one else is corroborated and this eleven year old boy hypnotized fools left to right in San Francisco nineteen forty males involves chosen pave the way for the return of the Anti Christ it is I how would now I think ain't done more evil born in Chicago in John's parents shrapnel new boots soldier were marching down a time suck time line Sunday school teachers boobs I those are some hot boobs they claim that this was his moment of disillusionment with Christianity later lead him towards satanism no path of Satan forces okay then I found William Mortensen the boundary pushing photographer who wrote the command to look and I realized this is magic this is what I was looking for but it can't be doc whereas Satan's wizard Tony Hey no but seriously has anyone seen Tony item in ours Gertrude Survey and her husband Michael was a six aces were topless you know that was about as evil Zagat the priests were really hot I mean all of that makes them more less he will you know I've been a lot of reasons and all I saw was junk casting a circle to protect yourself when I started devising my own rituals out of frustration with all I'd seen shaped glowing pentacle to attract the Hutchins Keke long hounds alongs hounds of Tim dos that's where I found food for thought that I couldn't find in the so called dangerous Dr I am this magazine called Weird Tales Hours Reading Stephen King Dean Koontz House Age Interesting Weird to think that I was reading darker shift in the future founder around the age of ten or eleven Anton read anything Dorky get his hands on stuff like Brand Stoker's Dracula Mary Shelley's Frankenstein most popular expression of the dark side of its probably based on some random movie basically wash HBO or showtime or Skin Amax was something I'd stand on my grandparents yard I thought was watching like nine or ten if I just focus hard enough I could actually shoot you know like fire from my hands you know that I can do some kind of magic superhero ship like I really thought for whatever reason I might actually be able to do that of the Church of Satan also around the time and got into the practice of hypnotism or maybe not he later claimed to have devoured Dr William Wesley Cooks practical lessons in hypnotism and maybe they didn't let it out because they were getting results okay so early on he doesn't believe in the stories of organized religion but he is open to the possibility of real magic existing somewhere else fireball glory they would love respect me then I grew out of that Anton did not grow to these thoughts fucking ever like not ever his whole life of magic had anyone call forth demons before their friends I thought surely they had it makes one believes that people probably were doing it on a carefully guarded underground level data at names what if what if I would alter my middle name of Brent something like breezy moved into the middle but Danny Breezy Danny Cummins I could've been mean surprise swing around free from God's oppressive bras that's what he became either he did soups the also saw his normally proper improved all kids Anton said he never had trouble making friends and his home was always full of kids expecting him to revise some interesting activities for the day I do love his imagination powerful imagination he he organiz mock military orders and secret societies but then get pissed off and the other boys broke character lost interest I love Ya come over to my place enthusing hell about what I was it was interesting to love interesting dots so digging and get to know Antonova as partake in this very important coal to the curious ritual the time suck time line has planned out the they had a good relationship with his parents they encourage is musical talents he'd say they pretty much let me do what I wanted and he seemed to be one seems much more likely to be again is just adding some earlier colt routes to make it appear he was destined to become the dock prints you know as young child he knew there's just a little book on photographic techniques I went through squabblings within myself but finally I realized this was real magic I relied more on fiction for Magical Truth lovecraft hails Satan Mom and dad no none of that it pretty smooth childhood the only real difficulty on face growing up according to himself was being armed with a huge wing not kidding why he claimed Zuhdi talked about ultimate humble brag and the biography written by his ex wife and during the world he's opening opening thinking there's like cool sorcerers and witches out there in all these powers you can harness which you nuts cool that's about as a kid when I was a kid I thought for a while spending all this time thinking about magic left Anton with the weird kid label and it wasn't a sports either as we must have been some social deviance despite Nabi one of the a pretty good kid he dabbled in the occult but didn't let parents find out saying I didn't tell them much about what I was doing because I didn't want them to worry so so far so much less doing bust up my stuff and then go home I get that more than I care for I didn't want my friends come over when I was a kid a lot of the time you know like if I play my Gi joes out in the dirt voted volunteered is written as with many young men who find themselves unusually well endowed quote on usually well endowed Anton felt self conscious to his his destiny was Satan Lavelli recalled having the following thousands of child I look through all the the grim wars manuals of magic used by supposed source room which is able than I expected he hasn't skinned any pets alive even told his parents to fuck off you know I am the dark Lord serves earth parents show have no dominion over me uh how cute girls in school you know how cool they think I was Kim doughty Holly Thomason Jackie Hardy Michelle Kosinski appears portal's even back then you know they see little Danny comments in his troop none of that happened I mean I know in theory that could happen I'm not saying it couldn't happen to somebody who you know it could be bad but this feels like some just juvenile fantasy now irv this massive testament to manhood that leaves other boys to spread vicious rumors about my childhood python that inevitably piques the interest of the most sexy undressing in front of other boys that poor bastard Satan why did God cursed me with this giant Donkey Dong what did I do to deserve I had it fucking setup perfectly it's been our get on my little guys in the right spot the whole battle plan doubts buddy cuyler you'd show up or brother chance says convinced the doctor to write him no excuse him from Jim so he can spend his ROTC and Jim periods in a special room far from the prying curious is of the hope from Anton Levay founder of the Church of Satan is that what you'd expect to hear from the guy who wrote they say Tannock Bible the black pope feels above high priests given walking ruin it no snakes would ever do that he's supposed to fight storm shadow stalker industy your crock master fucking de Strode cut dammit curious and adventurous girls at school why about Cross Talk Lord became aware of his uniqueness he grew to detest due Gordon deal if he complained of an ailment of the nurse any Ellen at all he was instructed takeoff pants every time guys he said I don't know if you two other boys a little makeup mirror and we just you know staring just gazing at his third leg vein kick stand while she pretended to can inspect your lipstick get the fuck out of here what young nurse being so overcome with lust that she just has to sneak Peek said young love as Horse Cock remembered Anton Documentary uh-huh claim that his dick was so impressive it even drew unwanted attention from the hot young school nurse he does discover it'd be like young yes I was too embarrassed to ask anybody else when Anton was taken off his pants he claimed his nurse would turn around discreetly to preserve his privacy but then they noticed she was always sneaking peeks interpersonal should get the other boys he called late and Thomas Sexual gung-ho types who would constantly stared his massive dragon tail in the locker room they eventually convince the doctors right now this is what he that would actively try to shoot fireballs out of my hand right I just I'm just pictures like odds if I if I could focus hard of PLO off these fireballs then and then I would naughty other locker room boys how dare let their mouths follow Gabe how dare they permit there is to Pearl Bulge out of their heads and powerful Fallas Anton would you that's a shame yes I've had my share of lady problems as well my friend my last ten girlfriends all of whom I was dating at the same time when they of course totally cool with it I had to break up with all of them tell lies this has to be one of those times it would be unbearable to talk to this guy to bar just one insane humble brag after another life left you feel gross and violated during the childhood the voting athletics reading about Magic Spine on women while they went to the bathroom hading being burdened with his Gargantuan lovely rock-hard giant perfectly symmetrical cock they can come and then immediately be super hard again you know sometimes early Teens Anton guidance also seems as if his uncle was locked up in prison at this time in the United States but what about these Nazi occultist did they exist yes he didn't make up that part as a fifteen year old does with her uncle a German interpreter explained that the films were more than fictional accounts but rather they were thinly disguised portrayals of Real Nazi occultist underage underground porno every had to have sex with ten or twenty of Germany's most beautiful women at the same time Anton said the film's pointed to a black order he remained interested in music allegedly went onto become a second noblest with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra when he was just fifteen excuse me nineteen forty-five there are no records of this however the hypocritical peeping after complaining about having his own dog stared at or earns extra change picking up empty bottles around an outdoor dancing he says he discovered a hole for two to sleep maybe haven't maybe the summer thing I doubt it and on claims that during this trip he saw confiscated top secret Nazi Horror Films at a command post in Berlin so many models and beauty queens you know so many times and and one day no matter how much I gave them they always wanted more whole Tony's teams if young Howard spent the entirety of nineteen forty five in suburban North California and that not only did he not visit Germany as a fifteen year old he never visited Germany at any point your side and senator whenever he spied an interesting woman walking in to relieve herself this is his whose words again Oh my God I'm so sick of everyone trying to get a sneak peek attack Nazis let's take a peek. According to Anton in the spring of nineteen forty five and one of his uncles was hired as Villian engineered to rebuild airstrips the army addition right underneath the ladies room there was a gap between the floor and the front of the commode through which he could get a front row glance at any girl who happened to sit down and apparently Anton made sure he was from and actually plenty of evidence that this is another lie but he did become a musician so maybe the next claim of as is almost for sure ally but it's an interesting one that involves Satan worshippers whose members still the highest ranks of the Third Reich and learning to this order fueled Anton interest in the Cote now we tried to verify any of this actually happen mini fifteen-year-old Anton went with him because that makes sense you know just to head to Germany with your uncle what I imagine will be extended period of time for job we're supposed to be a high school a deep dive on this would be more befitting suck Nazi cultism or Nazi conspiracy something in that realm but it's too interesting not to talk naturally talk a little bit about here basically not as a tool and towns beaver Basha Le`veon's come gun Satan's Philippian squeegee I finally had to tell them I more than just one big always I'm surprised he didn't add that he was only allowed to see these films because Germans found out about his massive deviled along and they agreed to let him watch top secret footage only if he agreed to star Chisolm itself was type of a type of a Colt you know senator out a belief in Aryan destiny Aryan defined by the Nazis basically just being Germanic and Scandinavian which ironically not even the real definition of Aryan as much broader kind of raised the people term I was you know arrived in into the lexicon of people on Earth Hey hold on some little hot redheads heddon ladies room or I bet she trims it up this is going to be a good show now if I take out my caucus Jack and please do not stare at it makes to get access that it can aid them on their quest for world domination and this would lead the Nazis for legendary magical items like the arche covenant and the Holy Grail and it led some to worshiping you know there's this belief that the Aryans reign supreme and eventually cleanse earth of all of the races and some of the Nazis believed that they could access hidden occult magical power for the German police Third Reich Minister of the interior and one of the leading architects the Holocaust super into the dark arts he'd been interested in the occult since he was a kid at a nineteen Satan at least in some sense or incorporating some elements of what some people consider say tannock belief heinrich himmler top SS officer cheese thirty-three he bought a vivas Berg castle a Bavarian Renaissance Castle and he had it remodeled to become the strange s s cult activity in research headquarters like this did happen to nine hundred eighty six nine hundred forty one top Nazi party leaders would meet at this castle there's people studying weird shit there year round but these leaders would meet Himmler's command they would take part in satanic rituals read cultish text of Germanic Tribes Hitler kept expanding theology this little Cold War you know got ready to go on I annually put on nights gear sit around this roundtable channel various pagan heroes of German legends so fucking weird these Nazi dollar essentially liberating Germany from Roman rule according to some German legends one of the Castle's rooms also served as a center of worship for the holy grail and since early German the Indo European Black Sun symbol similar to a swastika the vehicles bird castle believed to be in the area where the German hero or menace defeated the Roman army in the year nine c. e. and Hitler envisioned myself as this kind of modern King Arthur and twelve of his SS officers with a twelve nights the roundtable like the reincarnated versions they would gather were not Christians Hitler rejected Christianity and incorporated Satanic cult elements his Colt as part of this rejection and he understood the importance of psychodrama and knew that cultist who came known in the West is Joseph Balsamo nor almost all historians have viewed Balsamo is a fraud conman imposter after his death while he lived now let's get back to his own mythology through his elective reading in a Colt Research Anton decided that three men had been truly successful at applying the devils tools to the benefit of their peanut butter sandwiches maybe channel the souls of Eagle in Rockdale off Brock may Satan glances power to the nine room's thirteen monkeys in the free French hand building rituals could foster loyalty to 'cause he wanted to be the leader of someday so that is what Levy is referring to so he wasn't Germany but he is referring to shit that did happen in Germany lives recent history was the guy we talked before Suck forty-seven Grigori Rasputin the wild eyed infamous Russian mystic who wasn't very good in the end and keeping the Bolsheviks from over like which with an image to Basil's power over women even has grandson named Stanton's Haruf was perhaps the most successful emergence of all time supplying weapons rival war merchants he planned to rumors to set friend against friend used the charms of beautiful women to defeat or tempt those he wished vase respect for Ohio grew even stronger turtle doves and the Partridge in the Pear Tree Hari Krishna Krishna he'll say ten just fucking whatever it is weird shit him and her the walls decorated with symbols when does ours he served and you also get murdered before that he had a good run now he tricked rush women into sexually serving him remember his own penis discovered that even after the highest death those who tried to expose his manipulations or criticize him often lost their jobs suffer health even death as if the horror was Dong and he's a supreme fighter all very legit he also dropped out of high school in Nineteen forty-six didn't need school anymore you don't you don't need a diploma to become dark wizard for the Boer War the Russo Japanese war the Balkan wars will were one born in Poverty Sahara of influence kings and parliaments eventually became a knight of the British Empire becomes more and more interested in the lives of magicians and literature of the Colt he starts studying judo supposedly the duke more studio in San Francisco he says he earned several belts by the end of nineteen forty you'd true black magicians today's mind Satan is he respected wanted to emulate guys who live selfishly guys who manipulate the beliefs and others you know to to serve their own that's important kind of thing to remember too like he really did think he didn't believe in deities but he did believe there was true magic you'd harnessing on this Earth Ninety forty six young Anton Anton looked up to as being a master of the Dark Arts Sir Basil the Haruf a Greek arms dealer and industrialist they was so influenced by Basil the opened his book say ten who lived for himself somebody who did what benefited him live by his own rules didn't care about morality in the way most of us think of it so he's bribes and tricks to beat out lives hair grow out sort of where leather jackets zoot suits hanging out round disreputable pool halls spend his time with gamblers pimps prostitutes hustlers pool sharks kept you know it's pretty simple he sneaks into the line and tiger cages and gives them fresh food and water and sneaks out before they call him to death okay least outside of the last six years of his life he spent prison at Bryn inquisition trial for heresy or Harris Heresy there we go he convinced the Royal Courts of Europe the ad psychic healing it was just so good at it he started beating other boys acids so easily with his judo mastery that they started accused him of cheating you you got it all right you got our lowest guy in the circus totem pole and as a cage boy responsible for feeding and watering the big cats cage boy sounds like a terrible job they said he became intrigued with the lifestyle possibilities of circus life while there are no employment record out there verifying Levin became an employee of the circus I'm absolutely open to this and clearly regarding at least this part of the circus experience he was full of Shit because he says he got so good at understanding tigers lines he was able to exert dominance as a sacrament and get women to give jobs thinking that that's how they were supposed to take the sacrament so I guess Satan helped him out a little bit there another man and on looked up to his eighteenth century Italian magician and basically mind control over them he was able to do shit like set a hammer down on the ground beside their food and then eats you know like a line would eat it mimicking their growling noises commute and screen abilities you know he'll use his mind fuck make gold at a dirt and he could see future except he couldn't do any of those things the Third Guy Sarah I'll do anything you gotta have some kind of job you just got us I need the money where we do need a new cage boy great I'll take it what does the cage and you know he learned how to become a satanic leader work in lion cage he'd later say I learned so much in the cage even getting knocked down taught me great lessons ends of the beliefs of others to serve their own ends and guys he thought actually had figured out how to use some kind of true magical powers now back to nineteen forty six what happened last cage boy to death of course according to Anton biography developed an immediate rapport with the lions tigers and in no time seventeen years Donovan was handling eight Nubian lines four Bengal tires in the cage once so now he's Tony The tiger trainer and according to his official biography he was great another weird childish fantasy following your nineteen forty seven he claims joined the circus after talking to young man in a pool hall who worked for the Clyde Buddy's circus where you really learn power magic even how to play God Anton was able to put his music skills to use in the circus well one night he asked he circus over their heads exposing her legs and underwear or lack of underwear and he said he literally set up seats in front of this and charged guys quarter also theater is the most ridiculous story he says it would just a spot where unsuspecting girls could walk across his Great Little Puff of wind would blow their skirts quote to sit down on on these seats and just enjoy the show is if there's a never ending stream of women walking by with easily you know Blown blow publ skirts no part of me believes that happens imagine that super loud some of these things to be played so loud you supposedly could hear them one to two miles away air an instrument truly befitting a minion of the devil I thought Father IOS musicals my least favorite music and I think it was but now may have new least every type music a circus clive emusic forgotten about it and maybe even worse this is the Kinda Shit he was opposed to play in Russia a Greek in Greece a Frenchman in Paris so interesting choice enroll model but very very satanic and as well as he'd come to define satanism later is and just do that alongside of them as if they wouldn't fuck and slap his face off I don't know maybe someone can do it I don't believe he's he said he begins sleeping in the cages with them the guy got sick and couldn't perform so Anton got to step in right take take that Allah peanut butter sandwiches a spider a frog league a beat one of his favorite characters was Hugo keeney the human cannonball a former Catholic turned militant atheist Zecchini would go on tirades about the corruption of circus collide he played refuse to let him try out so he used his occult mastery to curse him and the curse worked he cursed the collide player and the reserve hell Israel someone is playing right now have like little handy volumes this fucking blasting out your ear holes that music so that's what John said it was so good he immediately became the show's regular live player he cursed that other motherfucker right out of a job Levine said he met a number of engine characters during his time at the circus I don't doubt that a bit had him writing kind of writing his legend as a hero state in the south of France also supposedly had a black drapes satanic chapel hidden within its walls and they wanted to be this guy and these kind of Eddie performance shows with mystics fortuneteller gypsy palm meters hypnotists magicians learned as much as you couldn't find all of 'em time in the carnivals Anton also met Joe Calgary unreal he seems like the kind of dude who spent a lot of time to circus it said that in the spring of nineteen forty seven he signed on as Clyde Betty Circus roused about basically labor right a number of short fantasy stories for the popular magazine Weird Tales he struck up a friendship that lasted until many years later till after the Church of Satan was officially formed reaching out from his grave to exert his continued influence on the earthly plane then that's probably just bunch of Bullshit Sahara feel his followers having a hand in or people who is religion and he gets shot through the air out of a cannon an Anton had found his people I picture that guy going on rants about the corruption of religion as he's getting fucking launch out of account Canon I be player if he could try and figure out a plate collide is that insane circus instruments similar to an Oregon consist of a series of whistles sounded by steam or compressed written the stupefied delight of the crowd wild applause Anton got to see now how much people love being tricked how badly they wanted to believe in real magic he learns although the Bay wasn't sure he could even play the instrument he of course was immediately awesome at it if you can be awesome a little loose usage of the word awesome nineteen forty seven when the circus season ended avai claimed he he moved onto carnivals work in numerous jobs hued often play the clip he sorrows summarizes philosophy as I made wars that I can sell arms to both sides I sold ornaments to anyone who would buy them I was a Russian these trip closed God can you imagine Kinda Weird clown can strip club just music when she gets with don't put her in your mouth all right your diesel fuck me I shine a flashlight on them display them through a magnifying lens for the Swami to see them onstage now the turban show within miraculously recite exactly what the audience members trollope more magic tricks he becomes stereotypical Carney by this point flashy sports coat hand painted ties pencil thin mustache he had a lot of fun but his health did suffer tremendously for two years he lived on nothing but funnel cakes caramel apples elephants kettle corn fried pickles Cotton Candy Root Beer and cream soda he was a full blown diabetic morbidly obese and had to wear cutting occult teachings how did you make money while I think is parent support him to be honest he claims to have made some dough by saving perverts seats as the gathered around what was known as the blow her an animal tamer whose real name was Robert Barbour Johnson okay. CD Dude their chains Robert Barber to rubber that's fun nickname is awesome he read a number. This guy would run a lot about showmanship watching all this how important presentations lavar learning Learned everything he could when he was with the carnivals and circuses phonology Palmistry hypnosis doc another carney named Johnny star out on how to play Swami by sitting behind a table in a turban a pretty girl collects folded messages from audience members brings them onto a platform drops oh this is something he would talk a lot about the rest of his life he would brag about his romantic liaisons with Marilyn Monroe by the late forties now wants to while he's you know he just he came on with these motherfuckers he's got a huge dick he can kick anyone to ask would you do any trick lions and tigers into thinking he's aligning or tiger the eight he used some recommendations to get jobs at some strip clubs in Los Angeles and he said he performed clubs the Mayan and the Burbank Hills notorious culver city spot called Zukas the man who's starting down the path of magic billet reading which is describing while blindfolded what is written on paper concealed inside an envelope ner variety ways this none of which rely on real mission and I'm sure she was unable to resist his donkey Wayne and Chuck Norris like martial arts skills and fuck musicianship by what woman doesn't want awakening of lust object I must admit more than actual love object he said they moved into a cheap hotel on Washington Boulevard and had so much take your fingers won't pay because now you're too sick Henry Chris Dodd Satan not picturing putting stuff in a little cold rinse turn it around much sex he said we could make love and places where there was some chance of being discovered now could we would we would make love in places like in a cemetery the back seat of they've got it back to you get they also met circus performer rubber bubba Johnson an animal rubber bumper CIANCI they only in his late teens had already earned reputation as a flamboyant bay area personality and is reliable musician at burlesque theaters in one thousand nine hundred she was really the awakening of this fascination I have for the translucent skin quality I never had much interest in blondes in particular before I met Maryland the first time I saw Maryland on stage you know and there's no way that God ever intended this message has been delivered to the common man no you have to light the fuse I the message shouldn't need to deliver to priests I mean why outside of wanted to control the masses hit which included you know working some of the sex shows which they call the human anatomy in hell shows to keep the police she's so basically Strip club and he would play the collide Afri- online to this ever happening comes from Anton Biography Anton said when he was eighteen and Maryland was twenty two they had a little fling uh-huh we'll be wooed by the doubt even better he would say that it was Maryland's unusually white skin tone that attracted Anton tour in the first place he said Iraq and she just loved endlessly hearing him talk about a cultism you know the practices La was beginning to understand shortly after started messing around Anton became involved with the daughter of an influence Maryland stuff just make sure to bring up the stuff nineteen forty nine at the things didn't work out with Maryland even though you know because every other woman in La will also want him so bad even less sense he looks like a fucking career Kearney a weird pencils stash beady eyed carney and while he and Marilyn occasionally hop on the phone and turned around and had that Pale marshmallow flesh with little bruises on the backs of the thighs that erotic feeling went through me that I hadn't really thought since that a party a couple years earlier dentures due to tooth brought by the age of eighteen now getting all the health stuff is bullshit as is this next claim about the time levay supposedly spent with previous thirty to Maryland just so happened that young woman who went by the names Merlin how Noreen Mortenson and Mona Monroe had recently been cancelled by Columbia studios and start working duck maybe the only Los Angeles business now he's fucking around Marilyn Monroe because everybody wanted that sweet Carney Dong well he's not attractive guy by the way either the his dot one of his daughters later lifelike after he died still annoyed that she would like do press for the Church of Satan or beyond some show talking to the church and her database breakout is a huge star she was already that time banging movie studio top exects the Vice President of the William Morris Agency already wanted to marry her. There is no hon key play that music again the birthday Connie guy there's no record of him doing this also claims to become involved with a number of militant Israeli groups while he was there to help them run guns he's running guns to the Israeli aw abandoned building she liked the thrill get the fuck Outta here no way that happened I would bet my life that didn't happen and nine thousand nine hundred forty eight Maryland was just about just strictly forbid her to touch a ruler or a tape measure for poor woman she probably had no concept of length for for many years probably thought that the average Grocery Store Deli hot dog was three went after fourteen year old no one his age with half a brain would have believed all his silly bullshit about dating Marilyn Monroe being a judo bass running guns for these rallies and having a got you know they'd correspond for another decade or so they'd never see each other again says the Maryland story and he would keep beating that drum that the story happened like he was like I read an article clouded crystal bowl when the messages fall directly through the bowl they fall on a shoot to the eager hands of somebody like under the stage then you know anti would open up the paper Kaha Jesus I mean I mean Satan Gosh what the Gosh equivalent for Satan Sashi of Wells Fargo Bank executive he was twenty when he met Carol and she was fourteen I know it was a different time but gross and of course he uh-huh guys let's the lunatic and ever-deepening studied the black arts so ard he bursting out laughing at this nonsense he says is true he says they would drive around her l. way she was digging around with eighteen year old San Francisco Carney and collide with a player I just you know man and the future just for show you light the fuse and they were all the way down pushed about an excuse me anyway the church is business and sell celebration to ties and just and I just think that's and she currently runs the first eighteen church and San Francisco thought to have a teeny tiny membership then don't get your hopes about this place it's not open to the public you can't just walk in or should they get so big he stopped taking pe class because he's tired of the stairs young Carol had probably never seen a dick so he was able to convince her that he was like eighteen inches long or something you know and then he or something since Kerr was underage religious leaders tend to like them young don't they it was necessary for the couple to get her parents permission before they marry got you wonder how God can sit and watch over all the bloody carnage that he had to photograph which would make sense if he did take those photos which I don't think he did record of him ever working there he claims he won several awards for these photos and even sold Sunday magazines at this job would solidify his lack of belief in the main stage is candy around the stage candy get sticky floating across the backyard weird noises UFO mysterious raise all the all that kind of stuff as a self-described avid ghost hunter Anton said he loved this new job a typical hey the to me no according to Lavalin fascinating stories of life in the carnival this wasn't going to happen very easily because parents you know thought he was a weird creepy because he was so nineteen fifty one gets out of the Strip clubs and Berlin joins uses the education you may have gotten for the same reason they were sexually insatiable oh they wanted to do was make me give them multiple orgasms several times a day a man can only bang and a draft would be an act in nineteen fifty so an attempt to avoid being drafted spite not graduating high school he claims you've enrolled in San Francisco City College where he would study Criminology Mary did now twenty one year old levay this is what he claims to San Francisco Police Department hired him to do these photos like crime scene photos even though they have no the house he said he would usually discover the source of the unnatural moans and it would be very natural like Rusty Ken Wilson Wind or some half starved cat trapped in the attic studying criminology to get a job that skews photographer for the San Francisco Police Department so you get some more respectable job so carol's parents will now give their now fifteen year old permission or something I don't know how bill them while studying if he did in fact study there's no record of him again he kept working at burlesque houses and he met his future first wife Caroline daughter courage to ask for a raise they needed ninety dabble in all these kind of little side jobs eventually clients ask Amazon's advised to make simple charms cast spells makes anti knows that when he was described as simple cause of these problems people were disappointed but he was a showman like a snake oil salesman started spicing things up just telling people like I took care he went back to San Francisco make sense and he continued to work as a strip club musician by the end of forty nine the Korean War was looming Anton word he'd likely be drafted of water break out get rid of monsters and whatnot I guess people would pay good money to have their houses you know of cleaned of spirits would it be hypnotized also help them stop smoking lose weight mustard it did happen yeah real details nineteen fifty two caroline Anton have a daughter Carla Marie Soleil Carlo would go on to become a high priest in the Church of Satan in the eighties nine all would have Anton report to a house to find freaked out couple frightened by unnatural moans coming from like a locked attic or something and he'd go crawl to the cobwebs search and under the eaves he should be a frequent guest on TV shows Joan Rivers show twenty twenty sixty minutes that kind of stuff Speaking off into the cultural paranoia about the satanic panic of the eighties nineties Johnny so he quits the Police Department you probably have worked for nineteen fifty five and then to supplement his new income as an exorcist hypnotist and potion maker all's we did the people just curious yet you gotta pass some tests pay dues the year after the birth of Karla Anton said he was assigned the but a lot of money and ghost hunting and all that stuff at this time Anton returns to music playing the organ at a former speakeasy and house of ill repute called Moore's point back back strickland you know I took care of the entity started making believe that you know he did get rid of some spirit and within a few short years Anton developed a steady clientele of people who needed him to cleanse things all all of the repeater eight hundred calls they would come to various San Francisco police bureaus now that was the code number for what they call nut calls reports ghosts blowing shaves awesome where the that's where the money is about the time Anton moves his family to a flat near Sutro heights the Outer Richmond district of Western San Francisco overlooking playland at the beach and he also gets a leopard at this time one of his friends a writer named Julius Adams knowing he loved big cats somehow smuggles ten week old black leopard from Burma gives it to end if Chicago at San Francisco Civic Auditorium and then became San Francisco's officials city organist You know playing for cultural events conventions in games no that's I didn't happen late nineteen fifty nine in the early sixties not having to worry about a mortgage only having a weekend gig Anton has plenty of time to entertain growing group of friends who share his interest in the occult orderly was overjoyed and she she just had a feeling she knew that she needed to sell it to him it was his destiny to own it so we offer a bit more money than whoever it already bought it. She was panels that were allegedly used to rob brothel customers and they're being entertained secret passages web throughout the entire place it was possible to move throughout the house without being seen Very notorious Madam in San Francisco's barbary coast as when the neighborhood was local Red Light district for the second half of the nineteenth and twentieth century she tells him that many of the clauses in the House contained seriously this guy such a piece of shit when it came to be honest about the details of his life. I mean there's not remembering something correctly there's exaggerating the truth make yourself look a little bit so he goes over to the House the owner of the home happens to be there when Anton introduced himself as a historian he's given a a tour of the home she leads him through each of the thirteen rooms how she's how the home came complete with secret panels trapdoors in rooms the history of the home included an owner named Mary Ellen pleasant known as Mammy pleasant says Anton version he says on outing to see House to the exclusive sea cliff area a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge he was immediately intrigued by a weathered slate Gray Victoria and then they're just making up a completely different nonsensical story to fuel some mythology to have people view you in a way you want them to mammy pleasant never fucking worked also had various devices hidden through the house stimulated Erie effects during seances when Anton told the owner that he desired to practice occult magic in this house She uh-huh she revealed the house had been used at various times as a speakeasy he spiritualists parlor and house of ill repute supposedly haunted true in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and on a house that became very infamous in San Francisco I'll tell you how he claims he got the house first and then I'll tell you the truth this so he moves into his house he paints a black and he starts building all the secret passageways so he could turn it into the state hand church after moving in according to his wife Carol he barely provided for the family making less than thirty bucks lived in this black house there was no secret patches before Anton built them later he moved into the house his parents gave him his parents house because he couldn't afford one zone because he's not it was actually real Anton claims the big cat part of the family we'll even crawl into the baby's crib to sleep with garlic that's a good choice for parents make Anton also says he takes can get real jobs fucking collide Carney player and playing strip clubs and talking about ghost and Shit Oh my God in home across the street while his real estate agent tried to talk him out of it says the house already had a sold sign on it you know it seemed like a lost cause but hit a feeling and a powerful feeling about this house and they would come over started meeting regularly the Black House you know hoping he's stupid fucking Jaguars didn't Klom talk about stuff like summoning demons making contact with the WHO knows where I spend a Lotta time listening Anton talk about how big Dick was or what sex let's Marilyn Monroe's like these friends would eventually become known as Anton magic circle all kinds of people were part of the magic circle members of the magical began wearing odd shaped black and red medallions adorned with the bat winged Demon Boffa met you know became buff Matt formed a group called the order of the trapezoid which later evolved into the governing body of the Church of Satan those who attended live as soirees came from wide variety professions and pursuits the week playing the organ at Strip clubs anti mostly on like the weekend Antao would say that in addition to play at the one club called the lost weekend he was also hired to play the largest pipe organ walk on a leash at night San Francisco terrifying people now let's get to a a another walker of ally this is important part of Anton mythology and it's not filmmaker Kenneth Anger Artists Attorneys Doctors Writers Young Liberace musician was supposed there law enforcement officers real estate moguls Ernest Karen do pleasant group and the Royal Palace of Denmark Magician Dr Cecil Sissel Nixon anthropologist Michael Horner writer Shana Alexander under to break that contract with the previous purchaser sold home that's history the infamous black house of San Francisco here's the truth it was his parents house. Ceo I prefer Dildo President or the Pecker joke in the industry through New Circle of friends and and and someone has to be the DILDO president what a weird job what do you do I'm the owner and CEO of climax triggering internal toys what what kind of toys exactly clinic premium genital stimulation devices what bills man we we make dildos and you're the dildos apparently one regular attendee was dildo manufacturer no name is given out that part is not ally he's described as Dildo manufacturer I mean it's the always got to do it likes of former suck suck subject the amazing inspiring a Harry Houdini be there or was once they're you know many years before Pianist composer well how to cure people you know with which portions and what kind of spider did you put in your cauldron how many legs of Newt do you need to protect yourself from a necker manser it's real job Dildos Omega themselves someone's gotTa someone's GonNa work on a Dildo assembly line someone's gotTa do be like a Dildo secretary into the dildo calls someone's GonNa work in Dildo shipping in his home but never learned to play and Dr Nixon admired Anton a great deal at least according to Anton You know the doctor Nixon shared magical secrets he learned over many stupid dressed like a character from Victorian novel complete with wingtip callers high button shoes gold Pinson his style of glasses perched on his nose he a lot about stage decades of life with Anton and only with Anton now is that true I doubt it I think it's more myth building she met this guy I doubt he got hidden secrets this is a little get togethers in the early sixties holding magical lectures some sort of you know different topic every Friday night at midnight opening these lectures to the public sort of charging people found out divorced me and then I made the new girl the new Quinta Suck I don't think that would sit too well with you meet sacks I hope it would not Anton began to form Colt Esoteric knowledge on topics vampirism Like like Hanthropy I also that we're creating a little bit I I have apprentice meet an important influence Dr Cicely Nixon mentioned him Nixon was an eccentric character dentist by trade he's in his eighties time Anton met him and he had similar interests in the coats everything now twenty nine year old Anton wanted a woman and on Diane Beginning Affair and the following year nineteen sixty Anton and Carol to get a divorce Anton kept us the Catholic Church you talked about sex theories revitalization techniques Glenn Transplants from Monkeys Goats Recipes Refugees Yaks esp she worked nights at a theater days doing office work for an insurance company she was perfect at two jobs she was waiting to the Colt she was gullible and her vagina hadn't turned eighteen machine to performance a function according to predetermined set of coded instructions we talked about that Davinci episodes did he made those the mechanical night and the mechanical line he made the King of France those were so he met Diane Hegarty at Moore's point another club you popped into play the piano she described as seventeen year old up she was beauty with long blond hair and enchanting green ice I'm him nineteen fifty-nine Busier Ran Donnie met his next wife Carol was ancient by Nineteen fifty nine she was twenty three gross and he was sick of her nasty old lady parts zombies haunted all kinds of shit and honestly it sounds like a good Friday night sounds like a Good Friday night midnight show right they'll get messed up at a bar you know maybe it'd joint take some shrooms and go to this magical spells as dark magic could could let you become a werewolf even though he never pulled that off it's weird you must not be able to dispel just quite right you know he couldn't nail down background music for dramatic resuscitation magic acts percent the proper mood for the night the instrument Levine was playing elaborate pipe organ the Nixon had built himself. I like Kanter people angry unless you're gonNA save uninhabited environment doing this could cause a violent reaction which will just make the situation worse you guys please only use like hanthropy around people you trust and fully understand what you were doing however it is best that you use it alone. This better facilitates uninhibited release I think doing it alone also increases the odds dramatically that no one will keep annoyingly telling you stuff like dude you're not a fucking wolf stop ground supernatural transformation of a person into Wolf on the Church of Satan Dot Org it's so great include actual instructions on how to turn into a wolf person I mean you're just high you look exactly the same zip you're walking on all fours like a Weirdo number three only use like hanthropy in a proper dollars and fifty cents now to get in and in no time the Front Chamber of the Black House was packed to capacity now people would listen to listen to Antanas magic circle his lectures included the the house where people are wearing robes and shit is all kinds of occult imagery all over the walls and listen delay talk about wearables or something and he was super into where wolves by the way parents house in the divorce Diane quickly took Carol spot as the hostess of the Magic Circle Ouch apparently members didn't seem to mind if I chewed on Lindsay and not kidding before the instruction is warning by my throat is a little bit trashing week and take a quick zip off Mike like a professional you gotta become a wolf please do not become an angry Wolf Besse last thing that you or anyone else need there are too many angles out there as it is number two environments such as your own property away from prying eyes this better facilitates the transformation and you know makes it easier for you to tell yourself to pull it off and will help keep police does the ingredients correctly was was one leg of newt or two and which leg was one of the front wants those counters nude arms how much how much spider is a pinch of spider we did wear will suck on August third two thousand eighteen and he at least claim to believe in man's ability to transform into a wolf he thought learning the right Colt Colt okay so here's the instructions I have turned into a person before the instructions is a warning I love it was like warning letters never it breaches or more properly satanic started developing rituals and prayers devoted to hailing the dark lord renouncing God according to the purpose of these prayers and canopy dominate your life obsession is a possibility so you must from time to time examine yourself from the standpoint of objective objective observer treat cancer wear your Wolf Skin just you know folks wolf just sitting there right behind you and then you want to focus on that wolf just kind of magically entering your body and then and the backwards resuscitation of prayers so it's less about the worship of an actual evil evil entity more about free in one's mind from the guilt and shame cannibalism and human sacrifices and it actually had these mother fuckers eating people like for real students at night were invited to partake of a cooked thi- of a young Caucasian woman offer thanks to the teachings of certain denominations of organized religion at other times he talked about stuff like cannibalism they one seminar one Friday that seminar on Agic enchantment love potions fortune telling although stuff pertinent to witchcraft. I'm sure these workshops had a lot less to do with actually learning how to perform spells that had been provided to the Black House by Berkeley visit by Berkeley physician who attended Anton lectures regularly and hopefully it was fired immediately bills were stifled and traumatized from the religion inspired psychic burdens satanic ceremonies employees the inverted cross black candles instead of white desecration of the host what part of the abdomen the head the legs are we supposed to use black widows or Roanoke Rick Loses there's a page dedicated to cancer be I did have it right yes mind reading ventriloquist them loved it been truly cuisine he also was a talented altamont inventor an autobahn and Autobahn Sweeter and not quite as tender salt Islam called it long pig and I don't doubt he actually did that. Anton also developed which is workshops concentrated more on the skills of applied ages and vampires giving his lecture lectures on zombies and where will just to get attention you know trying to figure out you know what would draw the biggest crowd give people talk in the most Dan because born is fuck summarize basically you're supposed to do it during full moon and you're supposed to wear wolf costume ideally get some more and he put it on she says he actually didn't do anything particularly satanic until publicist wrote a story about him being the first priest of Satan and then people started really talking about that you know it's like the lightbulb went on more people's now known as just xena xena would grow to become the Church of Satan spokesperson the eighties then in nineteen ninety she would leave the church Renown Satanism Start Hating her dad over lately the became a Buddhist she now lives in Berlin Germany two thousand twelve she helped found the Sathian Liberation Movement a religious body that allows people to learn and practice magic without agnostic Paderewski Polish name look actress Gertrude Lawrence at once gathered with his Guy Lavar would she would later say that her father on the time of her birth was experimented with various gimmicks at the Black House he would just be an intentionally weird hosting burlesque shows with women dresses a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle wrote of Antanas a psychic investigator spending nights investigating haunted houses and cemeteries now holding strange rituals in his medicine Black House if anybody found out he had taken a leg and cooked it up at this party the meat if you're curious was described as tasting somewhere between pork lamb with the consistency rather fiber is like pork chops answering to depressive sect and helps free ex members from their troubled past so if you want to be too cold anymore but you want to keep doing spells look her up some totally legit I'm sure it works more with Anton papers on some more young ladies 1963 Anton Diane would have their first and only child Zena Guillotine Levay bay-area curiosity starts getting peaked who is his pencil stash beady eyed master of the dark arts nineteen sixty four another friend of Anton Associates purchased on with nothing else just you and your Wolfer and relaxing meditate and just focus super hard I'm being wolf right actually what you're supposed folks I you want to be right behind you you're sitting there over the grocery store okay scare other shoppers you don't have the hands you would need to pay for the end so and don't be all over the gym either had a lot of complaints Kooky stuff dressed up like somebody in the addams family but I'm GonNa have myself let's go back to nineteen sixty four and sixty four Anton antics started gained Publicity Monique Wanwa Society Preston a hamstring curls little impossible when you got little wolf legs the instructions on how to transform into a Wolfer long and tedious and Superdome so I'm not gonna I still peanut butter sandwiches now you're wolf they wolf right you just fucking focused your way into Wolfram sometimes Friday night speech is about like other also nineteen sixty four young Carl now twelve chooses to stay with her dad Anton said of her mother I'm guessing things are a little more Loosey Goosey Devil Dad's house guest you don't have a hard with all the cold starting to spring up and California Sixties Anton was inspired to start his own religion she said you know her mom diane was mortified when he did this she she just like you know talking about super cool you know when he's talking about wearables zombies and Satan stuff if he's wearing a pentagram necklace and sitting between two big cats names one to gary the garden Zoltan ways it's about wild animals roaming the neighborhood down to a dull roar I swear to God i just read that verbatim and they're not joking number four do not let automations of them saying that right Anton loved the interesting eccentric I do too actually and he was soon included in doctrine Nixon Saturday night Suarez with for me this new religion always been sort of satanic underground going back before recorded human history if you classify you know being satanic anyone worshipping the Deity that represent it's Anton big big cat experiment wouldn't last long it's now legal have a lion or leopard for pet most places and the path to donate than most of the San Francisco Zoo here's something special and don't Overdo it Jesus don't overdo guys is because the super easy to turn into wolf nerve you want not safe you know high priestess in his church everyone in Mansfield camp would say this is a bunch of bullshit they said that Mansfield was seen with a few times and it was a calculated Publiz a short black house then he got heavy into satanism she compares her dad's founding of the Church of Satan to l Ron Hubbard's founding scientology you've just a money grab Gene Mansfield did meet Levin in nineteen sixty six while attending the San Francisco Film Festival unclear whether Mansfield previous contact with them instead of the meeting or she just wandered into the formalized satanic worship until the mid sixties not really not until Anton did it nineteen sixty six according to Anton he he had a fling with another sex symbol actress Jane people start whispering that is because she was fucking around sadness Anton himself perpetuated a rumor about cursing her boyfriend to get him out of the picture because he also died in the crash associated with craft well find out why it has to do with old rituals for protecting livestock back when animals were traditionally moved to summer pastures bonfires were but again get ahead of myself not ready for nineteen sixty seven still have more nine hundred sixty six talk about Anton shows the German Christian holiday of Vargas Night Nineteen did they were shape shifting witches bent on some chows dry and stealing butter of something people were actually fucking worried about Scotland pieces of Rohan tree replaced about the doors of has you know Pagan Associations this holiday celebrates the life of Saint L. Perga- in Eighth Century British missionary who brought Christianity to much of Germany and then and then it became city stunts she was a sex symbol in the fifties her star was fading she needed to be noticed by the growing counterculture movement she wanted to edge up her image a little bit and she knew if you showed up at the Black House and but it just became a thing in German folklore val purgas night became associated with a tradition that witches would gather from across the land for a great Sabbath instead of the darker side of life and people here and there never that many have worship day to Christian or Jewish devils since early in the history of those religions but no one her few the black house but I wasn't too strict when it came to drinking or weed or listen to whatever she wanted to listen to as Blissett swelled mortuaries people began to show up Anton lit by communities across Europe to scare away predators and that was spooky all these fires at night and Sixteenth Century Ireland hairs were killed on May Day in the belief more intimidating than the names in my little doodles pooper G G battle if I sat on an altar with penny pooper on one side and g g bell and the other I would not be taken seriously as a master of the Doctor Black House uninvited regardless mansfield in the bay did spend some time together during the final year of her young life when she was thirty three years old before she died in a brutal car accident nineteen interesting is that there's no evidence there's there's ever been any type of pagan or which like or satanic activity activity more socio at that time of year than any other time of year the top of Blacksburg now Brockton a summit in the Harz mountains of central Germany this great witches meeting may have been you know much depicted in nineteen the ten week old Nubian Lion for him his second big cat no yet another I already said that we are another friend of Anton one of his associates purchased second he fifty seven according to elevate before her death man still would go on dates do photo shoots you know have all kinds of sex the even publicly announced that he had made Mansfield twentieth-century art literature but if you look closely at which trial records there's not much evidence for being true probably never happened from the hundreds of confessions beat out of likely innocent people by self righteous around and having sex these villagers devils and demons big devil wings and horns and shit all around them that essentially and a half later German philosopher and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quizzes confessions brought up by torture confessions just given to make the torture stop till the torture what you think they wanna hear it's clear that pagan rituals deemed Pagan Satanic Book includes an illustration of orgasm or I'm sorry orgy type celebrations taking place in this mountaintop there's old pictures of people you know original kind of outfit on like she's going to be his sacrifice and she was writing it worked it got people talking about her got her some good publicity and then when she died in a car in the next year drew upon this old bracken or Old Brock and book for his famous play Faust Publishing Eight in which he depicts the legendary sixteenth century magician dat sure it's funny to scare people like spin class or sounds and watch them kind of peddle faster at the bikes ghost are moving but don't do hard to work out you know wolves are strong but not good albers to keep witches way an era of which trials the Danish Law Code of fifteen twenty one observed that witches were active at times such as Turkish night scared religious people like Oh my God watch over the witches on that night and it became a thing when it was never originally an actual thing that's a fascinates me professional publicist Edward Well that's a pagan that's that's a Satana collie actually no actually it was just a fucking rumor started six hundred years ago in the telephone game got it whipped up and going and then you know apple of indulgence instead of the temples of absence they've been built up until then we didn't want it to be an unforgiving unwelcoming place but a place where you could go to have fun flashed front page headlines About Satan Church around the world helped Anton so lot of copies the Satanic Bible a little bit later the first of these was the marriage of two of Amazon's members Ram Stoker continue this association principle Purgas night and Satan Demons and Blah Blah Blah and brock and continues to be referenced improper Popular Culture Happen at any time of year not vault purgas night in particular and probably didn't happen much at all these people were just saying what the inquisitors wanted them to say then in sixteen so again it's not really a religion it's just more of an anti religion within a year and a half of its creation the organization would be the center of three separate media sensations their wedding ceremony blessing their marriage in Satan's name and Christians worldwide freaked the faulk out if we start allowing marriages to be blessed Satan's uh-huh so for that I want always may stresses me out which is which wearables you know we talked about methods of torture various devices for pain the methods of self Malaysia and despite Purdis night to see that we should quit this company will goes fast provided inspiration for subsequent artists like writers proclaimed he was the one who told Anton to turn Friday night gatherings into religion he says he suggested to Anton that he would never make any election on Friday nights for donations it'd be better to me the Los Angeles Times voted four columns at the front page of the event or most of the other papers stories lingered on the naked lady alter the used in the ceremony I got him some press two stink so do the witches foss later references while it seems for soothe a little strange when we the bracken came to range sorry I nine hundred sixty seven John Raymond a politically radical journalist Judith case a New York socialite daughter of a prominent attorney they asked Anton performance sixty eight volt progress which established firmly located at brock in a weighty tomb about the history and geography of the mountain and the region called the blocks Berg performance he sticks holly the stretches from the well the evening of April thirtieth throughout the evening of May first to officially found his new church and he chose us because few pigs with the veil fucking state endow we're cost him you can find these pictures you got this little devil horns loo- it looks silly to be totally honest he's holding skulls and stuff and she has this white orders and photographers at the events more than any event since the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Blackhawks was packed with reporters witnessing the supreme yeah he's right and did kickoff religion around the time say we established the Church of Satan something that would smash all concepts of what a church was supposed to be this was the came up with more rituals that parody Christianity started doing stuff like producing strip shows like a topless witches review in San Francisco one of the girls he hired cover stories and interviews with Anton Levay the dock prints of satanism they loved it he pushed the envelope more and more blaspheme mortar round up you know people more get more attention has he started doing that as well it'd be better to form some sort of church and get a charter from the state of California I told Anton at the time that the press was gonNA flip out over this and we would all get a lot of notoriety seriously nineteen sixty social conservatives were disgusted at the idea of a nude woman alter got a lot of people talking about the status he was titties a woman's naked body that will rile up social conservatives almost as much as the hard dick naked naked body a naked woman on it's good friend there's no am smuggling Leopard kitten fucking anywhere to give to anyone cat was named Zoltan and playfully terrorize guests at the Levine House for years this in metastatic lease traveling to the summit of the Bracken accompanied by witches and demons the witch's strike up this famous chorus or you know literally nerds which is bound often in lesbian sex just because of the trip logistics of rubbing one could've against Clinton away that would feel good and be rhythmic and it would take a lot of work he probably cramp up and it'd be awkward position they might like it they might want to touch one of those pussy someday they might want to suck on those CD's who put their adult penis and there's a pussies between those are though titties my land to to perform these shows was actually Susan Atkins Future member of the Manson family couple years later Atkins would commit the murders and Sharon Tate's Benedict Canyon home what if they wanted to someday rub their own pussy up against the other pussy some kind of sexual sizzling fantasy that I'm ninety nine percents sure dude made up because I doubt that happens today by heavy metal band black metal band horror films and it was referenced in Nineteen Sixty six by Anton Lavina just find this a fascinating where you know there's there's there's these holidays out there about ooh the anti Christ will be heard any seconds Hama Hack Dang the world's GonNa be flooded with Damon's gets them a lot of press on the day the ceremony newspapers from California to Europe had more reports with a woman dead he's out in full view what if a child saw those filthy deputies even worst what if a child saw one of Satan's pussy hole so my flip the title the black pope in media from around the world you know they'd started falling all over and get an interview men's magazines printing picks up these nude altar girls mainstream magazines an end up the broken are we the stubble is yellow with the new grain is green all number will gather them and you know who would take the chair so we race on over hedges and ditches the he thingy Boeing moved into hoes moldy against another whole to tug a boat captains fighting it out on the high seas who've remember Atkins is just another haight street burn out perhaps a bit more drug befuddled in some Susan with Diana California prison doesn't nine at the age of sixty one alleged licking the blood off her fingers after the deed we talked about that way back and suck eighteen atkins would later say that Levine was the start of her mental downfall anti would later robes standing along naval honor guards to end the funeral the navy fired three volleys with their rifles and navy musician played taps after the mourners shouted hails wearing Botham at medallions a picture taken this funeral holy shit is worth a glance so surreal like a screen shot for some old movie just dudes and Satanic aim of Satan Lucifer welcome new mistress Zena creature of aesthetic magic light welcome to our company the path of darkness welcomes the and so in the name of Satan we set your feet upon the left hand path Zena we baptize you with Earth Air with Brian and burning flame and so we dedicate your life to love to passion to indulgence and to Satan and the way of Darkness Hail Zeena Hail Satan you're not afraid above you Satan Heaves Balk into the startled sky and makes a canopy of great black wings small sorceress most natural and true magician legally kind of have to agree with this request there was a chrome helmeted honor guard in attendance at the ceremony standing rigidly at attention alongside the black robe which is in warlocks well Christian Organiz organizations obviously appalled but there's nothing they can do about it be a wee bit hypocritical of them if they try to step on you know you know freedom of religious expression child original sin as in Christian baptism imposing unwarranted gilts we will glorify or natural instincts and intensify lust for life right this gives people fucking freaked out a he'll Satan I dunno I love the message. December of nineteen sixty seven the third of Anton great satanic publicity stunts occurs after Anton was approached by activated reporters horrified the public with an image of this little girl in this row with his pentagram necklace being dedicated to the devil may twenty third nineteen sixty Oh shit satanic funeral load the Greg Aim News Grega fire the Craig Hail Satan seven her mother dressed also in a bright bright red hooded robe she sat on the edge of the altar while photographers from New York to Rome or snapping pictures an anti Ian Edward Olsen become members of the Church of Satan and she said of her husband he believed in the Church and it is in this church that he would have wanted his funeral the navy not stoked about it Hayden I can only imagine how accountable some of those soldiers were how would that he's funeral herald better without the Hill Satan's now mine nine hundred sixty nine Anton financially capitalizes on his new notoriety by releasing the Satanic Bible there were rumors Nineteen sixty-nine that membership in the church maybe Roman Polanski's film about the child of Satan was about to be released on June twelfth nineteen sixty eight publicist took advantage of the high priest high visibility bypass out funny to me that if you take out the nods of Satan if you got some of the language the underlying message there is actually pretty good it's basically just Carpe Diem enjoy your time on earth you know tiny hands have the power to pull heaven down from its build monuments to your own sweet indulgence your power makes you master of the world of frightened cowering and guilt ridden men experience pleasure experienced joy don't just exist live get the most you can out of your rotation's around the Sun Hail Nimrod Hey lose the fina his Edward Olsen Mrs Olsen the high priest performer funeral for her recently deceased husband naval officer named Edward who was killed in a traffic accident near San Francisco's treasure island station black buttons that read pray for Anton Levay they said that Rosemary's baby did for the Church of Satan with the birth of a nation did for the Ku Klux Klan complete with on recites in education that he would later adapt in his book this attack rituals they went like this and this is this would be pretty freaky if you were religious and saw this he said in the had grown to well over ten thousand and on himself Clinton Church had hundreds of thousands of members not true according insiders membership in the Church of Saint like actual membership without the protection of the Pentagram invoking the names of Jesus I couldn't find anything like what I had mine so I wrote one this religion of Satanism Anton wrote about again really anti now who better to be baptized in such a public ceremony than live as own three-year-old daughter Zina with a soft blonde hair she's such a cute kid soft blond hair engaging smile she us satanism is world affirming not worlds denying however the encouragement of indulgence does not equate to mindless immersion into pleasures. Sometimes restraint leads to heightened enjoyment later in which case patience and discipline are encouraged. Finally indulgence requires one to always be controlled if satisfying czar becomes a compulsion we begin with the universe and say it's in different there's No God there's no devil no one cares so you didn't have to make a decision that places yourself the center of your own subjective universe because of course we can't have any assessor failure you can't be praying to God or blaming the devil or anyone else for that matter for what happens to you it's on your own head yet regarding what he wrote in the book and said I never set out to be a writer I wrote the Satanic Bible out of disgust I'd look for years for no bullshit how to book on Black Magic Putting posters in the lobby touch to reference okay I find Rosemary's baby help boost the tannock enrollment like the birth of Asian boosted clan enrollment his comparison notable about making your own decisions about what to value what's positive to you is good what harms you is evil you extended to things that you cherish and the reality in existence or sacred and the truth of that existence is to be honored in south at all times never sacrificed for a comforting lie or unverified claim one can not bother to investigate kind of object contact with anything that exists so by making yourself the primary value in your life you are your own God by being your own God you are unkindness there was nothing productive in that but it is also unproductive to waste your energy on people who will not appreciate or reciprocate your kindness treat others has never exceeded three hundred people this by not having impressive membership numbers attending Bible is sold well enough to have never gone to print the paperback version has over a thousand ratings. I didn't mind the naked older girls Muslims so much but the hail say really kind of chat my ass really kind of made me uncomfortable live as dark star continued to rise in nineteen sixty eight in Rosemary's baby of a church the Church of Satan a couple of variations elaborated on satanism atheist roots in two thousand Seventeen satanism begins with atheism the third of these statements represents undefined wisdom instead of hypocritical self to seat true knowledge takes work and strength it is something one fines rather than as they treat you will form meaningful and productive bonds but let parasites know that you will not waste your time with them Holy Shit I love that one a ton very Villalba Satan again taking responsibility for your own actions success or failure depends mostly on us to stop blaming other people that sounds like some might say okay now let's look at the main often handed to you doubt everything and avoid Dogma truth describes how the world truly is how we would like it to be be wary of shallow emotional wants all too I started feeling state and gives me the six statement is at Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for Psychic Vampires Satan advocates extending responsibility to the responsible rather than acquiescing to psychic vampires true leaders are identified by their actions and accomplishments not their titles real power often they are satisfied only at the expense of truth who should he just described the core ethos of time suck is not Satan Satan Awesome fucks happening religion with some kind of witchcraft thrown in the book doesn't talk much about God's or saving more about people worshipping themselves the current high priest of the Church Peter Gilmour current high priest elevating the human species to a position somehow innately superior to other animals is blatant self-deceit humanity is driven by the same natural urges that other animals that you cherish so it's actually very easy to see that it's a self centered philosophy but it also requires responsibility since you're taking on for yourself to complete onus for your personal the four statement is Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates there's nothing in satanism that encourages wanton cruelty on Amazon and we're going to look at those ratings today's issues of the Internet knocked into that segment quite yet I let's see what Anton said about his most infamous book let's go over some what's inside of absence nothing is to gain by denying oneself pleasure religious calls for abstinence most often come from faiths that view the physical world and his pleasures as spiritually agents the Church of Satan let's begin with nine ten statements coming from the opening chapters of the Satanic Bible Number One the first agent is that Satan represents indulgence instead somebody because dogma dictates because someone has judged it bad in addition when a satanist realizes that he or she has committed an actual wrong correct responses to accept it learn from it has been the best friend the church has ever had as he has kept it in business all these years this last statement is largely a declaration against dogmatic and fear based religion Wentz while our intellect has allowed us to accomplish truly great things which should be appreciated it can also be credited with incredible and wanton acts of cruelty throughout history instead of turning the other cheech cheech cheek leaving wrongs unpunished merely encourages miscreants to continue prey on others those who do not stand up for themselves end up being ruler option out of Range Rover that being said I do prefer humans to any other species doodles being very close second the second to last David there were no temptations if we did not have the neighbors that we do if there was nothing to fear than few people would submit themselves to the rules in abuses that are developed in other religions specifically Christianity over the centuries now you know what that's inflammatory but maybe my favorite one if you wanna believe in God do because you love God not because you're afraid of the devil also worship a loving forgiving God not an angry God willing to set your soul on fire forever because you don't worship him specifically as my I pulled this is not however an encouragement for misbehavior becoming a bully in the name of vengeance vengeance is not only dishonest but it also invites others to bring retribution on you the same goes for performing illegal actions of retribution break the law and you yourself become the miscreants that the law should come down on swiftly and harshly fucking love it righteous vengeance the Satan is to eight says that Satan represents all of the so-called sins and they all lead to physical mental or mental gratification Satan champions our so called sins in shut up already tireless you aren't I didn't ask for you advice the third rule is winning another layer show him respect or else do not go there if you're gonNA get the fuck out of my layer fourth rule says that if a guest in your layer annoys you treat him cruelly without mercy Good this one is tell me come from today the king of Bullshit telling me to watch out for bullshitters Bull Sherry I mean I agree but you know maybe should have followed your own statement look closer Anton then control has been surrendered to the object of desire and this has never encouraged okay so so what I just got out of that it's okay to do a little bit of blow from time to time I mean don't don't fuck with me motherfucker to kill you so those are big Tony's basically rules there's also the nine Satanic Sins Anton wrote to give us more complete understand okay I mean obviously out for a long time that humans while we can be so beautiful so inspiring so godly even also overall the worst thing by never happen to Earth I mean bears lions are constantly thinking of new ways to kill each other dear aren't dumping toxins into rivers and streams and killing fish poisoning water so they can make some extra money to buy an infinity all right don't be Arabi creep rule six do not take that which is not belong to you unless it is a burden and the other person cries out to be relieved so don't steal unless nights it's too bad that stupidity isn't painful ignorance is one thing but our society thrives increasingly stupidity it depends on people going along and responsibilities should be given to those who can wield it not to those who simply demand it still you know pretty solid pragmatic advice the seven statement says that Satan since man is just another animal sometimes better more often worse than those who walk on all fours who because of his divine spiritual the intellectual development has become the most vicious animal of all no you're more mortgage payment away new little bit okay I'm listening devil second statements that Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipedreams now make sure he's still sounds a colty the eighth rule is do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself I can't do that one if I if I follow that rule avoid doing it again not to mentally beat yourself up for it or beg for forgiveness not oppose the final of the nine satanic statements is a statement you know some people might not interpret is nice I think it's Nice says when walking and open territory bother no one if someone bothers you ask them to stop if he does not stop destroy him the concept of Saint is something that breaks a moral or religious law and Satanism is strictly against following such dogma when a satanist avoids action it is because of concrete reasoning not double headed right love those damage you for parasites and assholes fuck off hailed him route the Fifth Satanic Statement is that Satan represents afford to be stupid they men the second major centres pretentiousness Anton describes a sandwich says empty posturing can be most irritating and and isn't applying the cardinal rules of lesser magic on equal footing was deputy for what keeps the money in circulation these days everyone's made to feel like a big shot whether they can come up with the good human animals unless you're attacked for your food fair all right don't hurt animals mustard attack new or are tasty final rule also nice says it not gonNA fucking career anymore it's a stand up comic now gotTa Complain Sorry Anton Rule Number nine do not harm little children big fan of that one which followed it tenth rule do not kill so those are the nine founding satanic statements but of course that's not all there's also satanic rules of earth much shorter the first rule is do not give opinions or advice unless your ass you know they bugging they want you to take rule seven Satanism uh states that acknowledged the power of your magic if you have employed successfully to obtain your desires if schism solipsism can be very dangerous for sadness protect projecting your reactions responses in sensibilities onto someone who is probably far less attuned than you are with whatever they are told the media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot all that can be known to exist Levy says solipsism God damnit the extra s that I hate saw it it works for most of us requires constant vigilance let you slip into a comfortable illusion of everyone being like you as has been said certain utopias would be ideal a nation of philosophers but unfortunately we're far from that right now it's all like this one and I work on this one I get mad mostly when I think someone is not acting like they're supposed to but I'm defining that for what I think is very subjective the power of magic after you've called upon it with success you lose all you have obtained so let's dig a little break from the DC adviser just to kind of which it up a little bit ignore Redbird redbird excuse me something Jack London wrote this book and it was a piercing darwinistic critique of Christianity rejected conventional notions of human rights. Now I can't expect someone else to act like I think they're supposed to act if they were raised very differently than I was you know you get the force in itself to seat also is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration courtesy and respect national give them they won't instead sadness must strive to apply the dictum of do unto others as they do unto you you don't you don't like me calling you NASA within fuck and get on earlier get out of the layer geir the fifth role the fifth rules good one do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal plagiarize the majority of the Bible from this obscure 1896 book called might is right written by someone under the pseudonym of status by my books you'll learn the inside secrets of how to be better than everyone else number seven forgetfulness of past orthodoxies the rights be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwash informed persons wishes if it ultimately benefits you but only fools fall along with the heard leading an impersonal entity dictate to you all right now either this is one of the nine Satanic Statements Anton decided to include it again number five satanic sins conformity Anton says that's obvious from the satanic stance it's all right it's all right not too evil saint like grumpy Grandpa next rule is do not tell your troubles to others as you are sure they want to hear them again kind of grumpy GRANDPA advice can be by your very existence we are making history right now every day that is an important key to both lesser and greater magic so this one's just come as more of like a the factor aesthetics email and this is just a bunch of weird dribble about like magic again and kind of like a little message of don't be a Slob you know don't don't wear your pyjamas out to dinner come your hair brush your teeth another third of the Satanic Bible consist of Giannis Nokia keys taken directly but again without attribution from Algebra Crowley's equinox and then the nine satanic advocated a type of psychological hedonism was best for you fuck everyone else on the subtitle of this book is survival of the fittest and very similar to the Satanic Bible own actions their own evolution and make adjustments for their own progress the population will be cut in half in one generation instead we've devised laws and lawsuits to protect people from themselves us if these feeble modern bread creatures had to live by their wits and take care of themselves they'd be too scared to go out of their houses they'd be dead they wouldn't be able to move went again just like more common sense stuff but somebody's like the way it's worded the first is to pity stupidity is the first and cardinals of Satan isn't it statements actually could be taken directly from an rans atlas shrugged forgot his rule of crediting the original their number eights of the Sans is counterproductive pride six sin of Satanism is a lack of perspective and undescribed something you can can lead to a lot of pain for satanist he says he must never lose sight of who you are and what a threat award choose Easy Road Lazy Road Tuesday identifies victim even though that they're on their own primary victimize her now why why should we kind of support these people which is what he goes gene of a levion sadism all these sins written down around nine hundred eighty seven or written down until nine hundred seven they were taught in the early days I or Anton likely plagiarized a lot of these satanic thoughts from the philosophic teachings of other people previous to him none of whom were Satan as many claim that gladly brain damage mental illness cognitive disabilities then there are other people who choose not to try not to put forth their best effort choose not to adapt evolve sacrifice present happiness for future yeah I'm sorry and say you're sorry like they went to final number nine lack of aesthetics he writes the this is the physical application of the balanced asking people into accepting something new and different when reality something that was once widely accepted but is now presented a new package kind of ironic did he put this one in here considering that Internet Internet so here are some Amazon seventy three percent of the raiders give five stars User Kellyn Watkins not one of those five star raiders he gave the Book one-star This past August twenty fourth with talk about more in a lengthy scripture that rule now basically like why why do we the rest of that are working hard and trying to evolve why do we have to you know act like Satan is superior because you know you know magic you know you know more magic than the average person even though they never actually demonstrated doing anything magical could you every other religion as one the teaching you to not worship Christ in a sense that would kind of make it satanic right I guess maybe on a philosophic mm-hmm is the third major sin solid salafism or how Jesus solipsism very tricky word for me it's the viewer theory that the self is title of really disappointed right or this book at curiosity the views of Satan worshippers for funsies disappointed that the church Satan doesn't even worship Satan the as a valid you know theological belief system which of course if your question is is very satanic but really no more satanic than any other religion if you think about it in a way I mean if you're Christian kids are not yeah don't fake until you make it and when you do make it don't act like you're the shit I read this in is like you know just be fogleman slips is reviews of the mass market paperback edition of Antonova Satanic Bible hasn't thirty-one ratings at the time of me put together overall four and a half out of five star rating asking for think fast enough and they'd be eliminated Holy Shit am I the devil I dunno right Kinda resonates as me of course there are exceptions you know there's something attached again tiniest little bend not used teeny tiny little bent it's a paperback book you fucking idiot have some respect for yourself the rest of us have to look at you and Levay stood behind all these statements until his death he would actually double down on the ninth when he said if people simply had to face up to the and rip it and then for review he wrote book was torn at the lower right hand side looks like it was done on purpose by the looks of it attached his a picture right to their own demise and you know what if you took the energy you spent helping them and instead spending on helping people actually help themselves you know Gosh Dang bills Bub are we are we buds oh my heck someone working there might have ripped it you jackass said a fucking email like a grownup to customer service like someone who understands life what you did was I give it to me damage book then you wrote Great Book bought it as a gift for a friend however the COP received appear to be used the paper cover in the back were bent damaged another picture of the tiniest little tear dude what are you talking about you really think some Amazon employee sees book and then he's only wants to read about Satan Doug End bomb left another one star review titled Wind Do I get the Satan and then wrote Satan didn't come out of the book waste of money but funded leave out to scare the moments he says the first word is important pride is great up to the point you begin to throw out the baby with the bathwater the rule of Satanism as if it works for you great when it stops working for you when you paint yourself into a corner and the only way out constantly try and help lift up people who don't fucking care who don't try now why waste energy on those who choose to rot when let them rot is that now what they deserve are they not the contempt he felt for anyone who swallowed rehashed atheistic a cultism just oozes through this pretentious book all right thank you Bob over your bad review because you didn't like how much butter the kid work in the fucking concession stamp on your popcorn and anonymous Amazon customer one starter for the same reason title Sunni Muslims aiden user woke quagmire gave another one star review with the title be wary whoever packs your book might be offended it was a carney never aligned tamer but he picked up enough to handle one for a while and the Karni attitude shows through just about every word he spoke and wrote he also the result with more than a little bit of Nici and the Marquette Assad in the mix as well giving this book and Modern Satanism much attention gives them far more power than they deserved Tony this is one of the most well written one I've ever read he titles waste not your money or time and then writes an Ranaldo Crowley had a love child and this screed would email saying it was on its way after his side of my car for several weeks the thought that this attack Bible may have ordered itself made the experience a thousand percent better smile another anonymous Amazon customer gave the Book Five Stars writing the title of ordered itself and then they wrote off enough I don't remember ordering this item I woke up asked about his being a crime scene photographer so the story of his Cannibal dinner dining upon poor auto accidents di was almost certainly just a pork roast supper he inflated the story of Jane I did love how fast it showed up only give it two stars least Weirdo Sabre Bob gives a very good one star review I'm not against one star reviews if they're done with thought the book was before you ordered it maybe don't one-star selling just because you don't bother to look into what actually fucking is I just love that he wrote disappointed that the alive it not really an ideology funny to me like dude I give being bombed but that's not the authors fault that's your fault you could look at Pedia and two minutes got don imus customer gave it wants to review titled Disappointed Really I didn't know what I expected review is disappointed really I didn't expect and then I read a lot on different religion practices but it's dumb knock ally this dumb book arrived fast though exclamation points poor cracks me up arrive faster I hated it isn't for more than four decades the second major offense of the public came on Anton decided it was time to perform the world's first public satanic baptism rather than cleanse theological level is hit actually offers a lot of good advice mixed in with a lot of weird kind of ritually stuff at least that's how I see it let's see how some other people see it on today's idiots and I love how you call it grates but then give it one star email or call customer service how do people not know that someone extremely offensive username someone I hope I never meet or communicate with any way whatsoever he is the book to stars with the title of Yeah Okay Whatever and then he writes let me first start out and Hebrew and French you fucking dummy never seen anybody do that this isn't the language I know I guess just made up then by saying for the record that I am a satanist I became interested in Satanism for the Satanic Bible and the time I read it the book really impressed me however the reason I give it to uh-huh l. but if you're leaving out to scare people and you enjoy that can't at least give it two stars on a lot of harsh reviews here hansel death via curse she was partially scout but not decapitated her death was from impacts neck break as a carney the vacant play the role of black pope to the hilt but I'm scared of what you review of times it would be but you wanna see you know you you seem like you put a lot of thought of that I like how you justified you're one star well done now for silly when the just I is it has to book is common sense everyone should know already the other half is just made up languages disguised as powerful rituals made up languages like Latin Yeah Satan is picked out for them they just put in scar what else do you put in your cart it's got to be more self interest book okay one more Cayden Fox is a satanist and like the way you think sometimes so that's the gist of the Bible very little to do with the Christian notion the devil in the Christian the only thing released he tannock about it is that it rejects Christianity this'll teach him and then just make the teeny tiniest little tear in the corner art about teach them talk about staying and also why are you one star in the book it's not the books fault how dare you to start a book that got you into the religion that apparently like this this book completely changed my life to five stars it was in the three star Guy Great Book wouldn't change a thing three to five stars that's not for just a little idiots of the Internet four fifty who can believe in another interview this time for flying vows that he will enhance the growth of new more intelligent generations if he has a chance by selective breeding a man was masculine muscular inverted triangle type of a figure never be sexually submissive across the board or attracted to smell of women's Menstrual College of Seduction and manipulation about secrets women can use to manipulate and control men and in my opinion is trash straight up money grab Anton Anton divide the people up along a clock by things like personality type in physical appearance making weird claims such as to center people would never desire each other in quantity one cherish child create I guess you know maybe what one chairs child a one cherish child who can create will be more important than ten who can produce in in in August Sixteenth Nineteen seventy-one Newsweek article titled Evil Anyone a picture of his daughter Zina captioned building a better race and they quote Anton that's actually his advice in this book that last thing was true the best selling perfume in the world would smell exactly like period blood which is not the case thank God all of the Church being the creation of a police state it's the weaker weeded out and the achieving orientated leadership is permitted to pursue the mysteries of black magic okay going a little too regard right and we don't hurt kids rights or animals need to see rex okay exactly that's what I thought and that is why we need to create a police state where the week idiots just distract me we need a police state nineteen seventy-two satanic rituals publishes a companion to love as first book and then there's a comprehensive election of history's best supposedly most authentic black magic rituals includes this directive to his followers he says now does the High Man's role to produce the children the future quality more important but here's what's always going to be talking about the show not having another person in the room then so much radio over the years I'm so jealous of them in that sense where it's like yeah they're pushing the right now we need to allow ourselves to be you know we need not allow ourselves treated right we should be free to enjoy our lives not worry about the judgment of China mostly this Atlantic rituals book about rituals so finalists get into this the black mask or has talked about it people robes cult symbols daggers sacrifices and I've forgotten what that means is it it's a therapy technique defined as a spontaneous dramatization roleplaying basically dramatic self self presentation for person complete witch later renamed the attack which basically this guy to which is workshops she's running the time at the Black House The publisher describes the book as undiluted Gypsy Lore regarding the Forbidden Group to investigate and gain insight into their lives so really this is just a way to kind of be deprogrammed from Christianity is what Anton intends with ritual I'm not a multitasker okay let's jump back into time line where we land in one thousand nine hundred of the year after Anton Releases Tank Bible in Nineteen Seventy Anton publishes God damn baby smell good it's fucking sexy are you wearing new perfume or did you just take a dirty out of the trashing his rebel over your neck then he says this is terrifyingly related to Hitlerism So usually I can't even talk about it okay all right I mean I've had thoughts you know I've had thoughts about you know why don't we the concept of a demonic entity but it's very very rare and and a lot of like Le`veon's Satan it wouldn't even consider that person to say this roydon strong can figure out how to finally make these Goddamn spells work I'm sticking being able to fuck and teleport of working on it for too goddamn decades can't even fucking levitated because of the and he even downplays the significance of it in that sense he just as the black mass is a valid satanic ceremony only if one feels the need to perform it he says historically there is no ritual more closely linked satanism than the black mass long considered the principal elective of sadness who were soon never to tire trampling on crosses or steel unbaptise infants they've Satan see that's what's going to be right now no but now it's GonNa be kind of interesting enforcing none of the rituals have to do anything kind of sacrificing you know with babies or virgin will in many religions many pagans thing about the Aztecs we learned about longtime ago and yes people have you know sacrifice people in various little colts and then done it to you know the word Satan or the evidence of them doing something non-christians away to justify burning them or or torturing them or you know expose expulsion for the community and that sounds that's that's part of the problem with Satan is there's no central text really there's this the hitting Bible but not all saying this agree that that's what they're supposed to use there's no equivalent to the thinkers rebels but to concede that they were very real threat to the holy fathers such as Galileo and Davinci accused of traffic with the devil most certainly were satanic human child was not quite the way collectors of baptism fees gloatingly told it now Anton provides an interesting as far as I can tell do extra research accurate explanation of the original kind of black mass performed by many who call themselves Satan is today he says Catherine the Shays known as Lavar Johnson although to save to say that unlike the majority who bore the label of which those who conducted themselves say technically often earned it there stigma this is not meant to condone the actions of the inquisitors against such free has nothing else to do and it's independently wealthy newer and more blasphemous versions of the black mass You know have been invented in order to nourish their jaded existence you know but who's ineffectual prayers throw them to seek darker magic this sort of desperate miracle seeking is as prevalent today as it was then and the performance of one of her more popular and sometimes using an aborted fetus as a human sacrifice records indicate that she performed over two hundred abortions the priests would productions a clandestine highly commercial in version of the Catholic mass the Voisin provided authenticity but actually engaging willing Catholic priests as celebrates black masses a ritual has been performed cal times the participants often were not sameness but would act solely on the idea that anything contradictory to God must be the devil again because they don't have to be fucking talking the same time they listened to somebody else talk have the time I'll do jokes unlike radio the guy's not looking at me he's leaving the control board a Q. and shit up consider the social conditions of the time for centuries and France many men became priest because they were from upper class families and the priest was expected for at least one son of culture supposedly celebrate the Black Mass for her they supplied the holy propagandists more material if ordain priests were occasionally prone to take part in heretical writes it is understandable mainstream satanism so exam with ritual entails to he titles the section where explains the black mass original psychodrama psychodrama wiring well-developed mine could often be dangerously skeptical and subsequently irreverence so that's why they would do these rituals so there was a steady supply of depraved midwife lady pharmacists abortionist and someone who had a flair for theatrics nevertheless liberalizing the church what it needed a real honest to Satan black mass heretical most certainly perverse definitely but harmful evil probably not the exploits of Voisin which have been recounted in such a sensational manner if simplified reveal her as a beautician some people breed more in by certain people as being dummies by you chronically ignorance but yet does ring a little hillary says you know usually the Christian satanist miscreants who adopt Christian standards of Satanism Anton brings up another good point writing one factor refutable for every unborn baby offered up in the name of setting for various degrees of perversity ranging from harmless and or productive psycho-drama to actual heinous acts though substantiate the chronicles chroniclers wildest just been propaganda spread by various historical Christiaan Christian denominations basically anyone who wasn't a member of a church or of the Christian church you know they would use you know some kind of avenues of higher learning it was to be expected that the hermetic principle of as above so below and vice versa would apply to gifted and intelligent individuals and Satan during the clandestine playlets countless thousands of living babies and small children have been slaughtered in wars fought in the name of Christ might not be fun to hear nights she gave people an idea those who lean to the ideas expressed by Voisey's rice needed little encouragement to attempt to duplicate the rights for those persons the black mass provided in the sense that they express ideas and theories destined to break down the status quo the supposed- high point the black mass alleged to be the offering to Satan of an unbaptise raise Larouche at noi the red and black if one of the young men happened to be of an intellectual bent which was often the case the priesthood provided virtually the only access to libraries this is Lavar version of the black mass. I'm sure other people will actually you're supposed to this is the most agreed upon version the one most closely linked with me was the seventeenth century French businesswoman who peddle drugs and performed abortions the voisin arranged rituals charms and spells for clients all of whom wish to retain the safety of the church raced depraved ready willing to celebrate Satanic rites then he says the seventeenth century priests who celebrated the black mass need not have been intrinsically evil with this kind of theory went though titillating concept to many it is without validity as devoid of logic as the assumption that Christians Celebrate Good Friday every Wednesday afternoon there's a a naked woman needs to be the altar there's the illuminate or who holds a lighted candle needed for reading a thorough for a person who carries the ask was employed as propaganda against a heretical sects and orders few cared about the finer points differentiating the which from the cygnus both were one in the eyes of the inquisitors right to me directly convince a committee someone is panic and you can get rid of him you know see the Salem witch trials see the Spanish inquisition thousands of other examples Anton says Blackman and late nineteenth and early twentieth century France while it maintains the degree of blasphemous or blasphemy necessary to make it effective psychodrama it is it does not dwell on inversion some Goth Teen anarchist who hates Christianity in the world at large and he wants to worship the Christian devil so yeah it's all being set it well to do parents the first one was to become a military officer or politician and the second was sent to a religious order so controversial with this arrangement that it produced a catch actually worship the devil requirements performance participants consist of a priest the celebrant his immediate assistant the Deacon a secondary assistant a sub deacon which is in Bible in statements but it's not organized like state is very loose you know the sadness can arrange from a colt mind eight this hedonist Antonova types too synonymous with the beasts sometimes deem sometimes Satan himself the dark lord of many names and he's totally made up okay so back now the black mass ritual the naked traditionally hotline the voice input the Black Mass on the map and so succeeded in working some very real magic you know this is far more importance more potent than the spell she concocted for robes worn by all participants except to addresses a nun who wears the habits and the woman who's the alter who's newt so he'll lose Athena the pre important you know a Lotta time someone who define themselves say this is just really mad at the Christian God and he goes on and talk at great length about how most tales of black masses ducts the mass conducting the master's noted celebrate over his robe he wears a chargeable that sleeveless garment worn by Catholic priests delivering sermon except one that bears You know the Shirow meds and then King Philip if you recall seized on those accusations because he was an unscrupulous piece of shit when Pope Boniface eight threatened him with excommunication for kicking clergy out of the government fantasies depending on individual predilection those received inspiration for the likes Lavar could either affect therapeutically valid form of rebellion or her but think about that for a second how many people died in wars fought supposedly for the glory of God compared to how many babies have all likelihood actually been sacrifices satanic none which is just a woman dressed up as a Catholic nun but you know at during the same thing there's no none the church Satan this against to fuck you to cause Autism Ninety three from the Knights templar Botham is made up thing buffet is the Deity that the Knights Templars were accused of worshiping thirty seven by a former disgruntled templars name woman who serves as the altar lies on the platform with their body at right angles to its length her knees at its edge widely parted a pillow supports her head her arms outstretched cross I I would guess far more died in the name of God and died fighting others who thought they were fighting on behalf of the same God not saying this point makes the list of tool in some ways but is an audit is a patent a fancy fancy ceremonial plate maybe Peyton holding around way for Turnip or course Black Bread Donna the fourteenth century and they were coming to collect and so it just pain his money back he figured out a way to get rid of the templars and he ran with the Botham at accusation and augments standards of satanic ritual or employed Bell Chalice Falah Sword Gong etc a thorough incest or used the chalice containing wine or liquor is placed between the Altar Eskin deflore in in France a lunatic who said the templars practice sodomy spit on the cross worshiped demonic idol called Botham it I ever met symbols satanism the signal of Baltimat- complete with an inverted Pentagram in inverted cross and Brenton Boston a few times here if you remember because he gets tossed around that's from bonus acknowledging confessed my past era renouncing all past allegiances I proclaim that Satan Lucifer rules the earth and ratified renew my promise to recognize an honor him since which some say do but just not the religious type Satan it I mean not really I mean if you're thinking like well that does happen it has happened a few times people have sacrifice people he had been death he loved accusing people sodomy did it a lot of times you know when their demise would benefit him and he owed the templars a lot of money black veil perfectly the same fabric celebrates chargeable immediately in front of the challenges placed Fallas idle the ritual book placed on Small Standard Pillow Jr aluminum understanding to the the Sub Deacon at the right the three make a profound bow before the altar commends the ritual with the following verses and responses the celebrate begins I will cut off some of this women's Piquet just a little bit just enough to complete the ritual and then I need all of you to leave the room immediately so I can get to ball and baby bowler you my brother to bear witness and present me nude woman I offered to Glorious Lucifer to pay tribute to his glorious hedonism non I call upon you to hand me the sacrificial knife early for sake of blasphemy its prime purpose is to reduce or negate stigma acquired through past indoctrination right just kind of a middle finger towards Christianity more than that must take the uppermost or prominent position the cross occupies a space in the lower house of the altars legs you know there's all these exact detail of how you stop this pageantry the celebrant says some shit in English now before the mighty and ineffable prince of doctors and in the presence of all dread demons of the pit and there's assembled company side of the alternate the ritual book more blocking more stage instructions Anton says music should be played something no detergent preferably played you know on the Oregon may be heavy

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