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Hello and welcome to the Quick News daily podcast where we give you all the latest news and under twenty minutes no fluff no filler just news made for the twenty first century. Today, is Monday seventeenth. Thank you for joining me for your news. Well, that was strange weekend for the news I. Think it was like a setup weekend like in football win, the offense runs a few plays just to see what the other teams doing, how they're gonNA play you that sort of thing with a continuous stream of bad news. It seems like Democrats, and Republicans were both planning their strategies for how to attack each other mostly over the post office issue. But anyway, let's try to make sense of it all and get caught up. We'll start with the story that just gave me a weird vibe and that's the news that Donald's brother Robert. Trump. Dined on Saturday he was seventy one. Obviously it's never easy to lose someone and even though he summed like a shady character himself I'm not here to refund his past at the moment. What I want to mention is the mystery around his death. Nothing crazy. No. Like you know spy novel stuff is just that officially the causes unknown. The New York Times reports that he's had some brain bleeds after a fall recently in that he was on blood thinners CNN reports that he's been sick for months now and trump said he was having a tough time with some unannounced issue. I'm sort of in a weird spot with this one because I'm not sure if I should conclude that covered was the newest factor in the death that Donald was talking about in maybe dying doesn't want to admit that. Or if it could really just be more brain bleeding because I mean, that's incredibly serious. I just think it'd be a big deal for everyone if they were trying to cover up covert because it show even the most hardheaded people that not even having the last name trump will protect you from this virus but let's be real. They'd still use his other health problems as excuses. So in the end I'm not sure it matters. What's most important I think is where Donald was when all this happened. Thanks to Jay feely the former NFL kicker who posted a picture on Saturday letting us know that trump was golfing as his brother was dying at first I thought they might just trying to be careful with trump so that he doesn't get sick or have to go into a hospital. So maybe he an excuse for being away but then. I remembered that he visited Robert in the hospital on Friday. It gets even worse when you remember that Saturday was also supposed to be the day that trump throughout the first pitch at the Yankees game. Even significant doubt that they ever even invited him eventually trump ended up canceling that because he said, he would be too busy with meetings about the covid vaccine but those must have all been canceled. Weird. So to recap too busy to throw out the first pitch because he was supposed to have covert meetings which were never actually scheduled in the first place I'm just assuming and he's also too busy to visit his dying brother because he's golfing with J. Feeley. Now. The chilling thing is that if he doesn't care about his brother, do you think he cares about any of Stein? No it himself it is what it is. By. The way that picture with J. Feeley. Weird stain on trump's like just by his collarbone I'm GonNa Guess it's the bronze earlier but also someone zoomed in on his left I'm GonNa say forearm band-aid that's covering what people were saying would be like wearing IV would go. So. There's a lot of questions. If you start to look closer also selfishly I hope trump doesn't get like a sympathy bump in the polls because his brother died. In honestly that'd be another reason they would cover it up being copay because can you imagine if his awful response led to his own brother's death or at least contributed? That would be something. Now, let's get to the biggest scandal that's been driving the discussion, the postal service. Thankfully, this thing is blowing up the news. Because Lewis Joy has been working pretty quickly to slow down the male just Friday the Postal Service announced it was shutting down mail sorting machines in some of the busiest parts of the country with the lame excuse that yeah, the number packages is up, but the number of regular mail is down. I. Suppose. It's also a coincidence that some of these machines were in Michigan, Ohio Pennsylvania and Texas. All that are pulling in Biden's favor pretty significantly I'd say six plus points it's not like those states will be important to the election, right? If we're ever you're listening lets you see my covered for this specific episode you can see a side by side of just a blank grey map with circles over with the machines were removed like where the cities are. Then right next to it. Someone overlaid the twenty sixteen counting by county electoral map and wouldn't you know it? The circles fall almost exclusively in the counties with the most Democratic voters. Weird There are also pictures going around with trucks full of those mail drop boxes in the back obviously, they had just been removed. If you're in Montana. You're actually pretty lucky because Senator Jon Tester was able to negotiate with the postal service there to stop their to start removing them from your neighborhood, but it looks like a lot of other places weren't so lucky. Nancy. Pelosi. Chuck. Schumer. An Carolyn Maloney who is the chairwoman of the House. Committee move up the date that joy and USPS chairman Robert Dunkin more supposed to testify making it all twenty twenty-fourth instead of mid September when Congress was supposed to come back from recess, it really should have been today or tomorrow, but it's a start. Probably, logistically, that couldn't happen just on such short notice and in actuality Nancy Pelosi is calling the whole house back from their recess to deal with the postal service issue and to vote on chairwoman. Maloney's delivering four America Act which obviously deals with the post office. We're getting things moving, which is nice. If for some reason, all of this doesn't get sorted out by the election on quickly over three options you have that don't involve the post office for returning your ballot. So the three options are one vote early in person if your state allows it, they're usually shorter or even no lines. So there's less chance of getting covid to request your absentee or mail in ballot. Then use a ballot dropbox to return it yourself or three again, request your absentee or in ballot. In personally return it at an election office or a polling station. So essentially, you take back yourself instead of having a Senate through the mail and quite frankly for everyone who's able bodied in able to do. So I would really have suggestion just don't even give them a chance I trust the male people no doubt. It's just the the timing in what they're allowed to out also suggest using the links I haven't description for votes, save America, and the Lincoln Project. Because they have voting information, Andy can even see if registered or how to request your absentee ballot. Even if you've done that already, I'd suggest posting them on your social media just so your friends family see them. As. Well as liking sharing re tweeting anything from the Biden campaign the Lincoln project or Pod Save America slash crooked media crooked media's the big umbrella that Pud Save America's under just any group out there who's trying to sound the alarm on what trump is doing to the post office or anything else because the way social media works these days they want get you to pay to have your post seen. So they really don't show posts that aren't promoted. I know it's scary to get out there on a limb on facebook with your friends and family because you know we all have that family member. WHO'S Wearing the Maga hat proudly in you know it's hard. You don't want to start anything. But things are different this time around we can't afford to have anyone on the sidelines. So really think about engaging with those posts. Last thing on this topic just as an aside I saw this insane tweet saying quote, this is such. A great point mail carriers can pick up outgoing mail directly from your house. This is so old school. We don't even think about it holy what that actually came from former special FBI agent and lawyer who is now analyst. For CNN in, you can tell that she genuinely so excited about remembering this it's just hard to even believe it's like George H, w Bush being amazed at the new grocery scanners that had been used for like ten years. Yes. I know that story was misleading but that's the closest analogy I can come up with welcome to mail for most of the countryman. But Hey, that's why you need me. I'm not just another news program from one of the coasts. Back to a story that I can't help but feel partially responsible for new. Zealand's outbreak. Of course virus. I mean they go a hundred and two days without community spread in the day I. Finally praise them for it boom covert outbreak. But in all seriousness, it really was mysterious. How popped up if everyone who had it before travelers coming in I mean. had been properly quarantined. The theory now is that it has something to do with imported food cases. All seemed to trace back to several shipping workers at Amirah cold food storage. They think it either came from a worker coming in contact with someone who is infected on the ship was bringing the food in or that there was enough of the virus that was able to survive on the frozen food or boxes that the workers it, and there you go. I feel like everyone would be pretty good about physical distancing like they take it seriously in these other countries. But there might be times during unloading where it's just not possible or the guy didn't Wanna get someone else in trouble so he may be lied about it. I think that's also unlikely but you never know the frozen food thing is also not probable but frozen chicken wings from Brazil tested positive for. Kovic. When the gap to China, it's a bit different because genetic material that's detected and was detected on these chicken wings is different from a live virus because the virus needs a host to survive. But between this and the issues we've had with meatpackers here even in my community there definitely seems to be some connection between the virus. stored. In temperature. Okay. Stay with me here I'm going to sound like a crazy person like I've got like a huge wall with all this yarn in all these threads, but hear me out. So the frozen food is kept at a specific temperature. So or meat packing places, they're kept at four degrees Celsius, which is actually where the virus thrives in lives. It's best. So my theory is it's able to survive dormant in freezing temperatures maybe something like the Arctic are Antarctic or permafrost and remember how they were those studies where it was found in different places I in Spain in Twenty nineteen and then even in sewage samples from like Twenty fifteen to twenty eighteen or something like that. So one person this Dr. Jefferson. Person said maybe it's always been here and you know conditions are just ripe enough for it to finally activating come alive in to use the example of nineteen eighteen western Samoa had no contact with the outside world yet they still got the Spanish flu now after research that more because the article I originally used for that story now hasn't added saying that they think it was probably in some ships that came to western Samoa at that time. So if that's true then maybe this is out the window but it was always locked in trapped in places I'm wondering if it Wasn't trapped in the permafrost and as we've had these really warm years year after year. Thank you global warming. Maybe it finally unlocked that way I don't know I just think maybe temperature is the key to all of this but in any case new, Zealand is really good with contact tracing. They think they've caught just about everyone and that it's all related to people at the know like there's no outside people have it. So my guess is they're going to get this under control pretty quickly and then maybe go like another hundred days or so in any case New Zealand I'm sorry for Jinxing you. All right I think that's it for the news today. It's Monday and we have a new contributor. So help me think Kathy are brand new producer I really do appreciate the support, and by the way Kathy you're listed in the credits in the about section of the website as well. Made a new special producers section C can find yourself listed there again, just WanNa give credit where credit is due. If you WANNA shout out like that on Mondays go to the support quick news link in the description and the instructions in there should help you out and help you get signed up to be a contributor to quick news daily. Otherwise stay safe. Make your plan to. Make your plan to vote. Fill out your census. In. Doc- right back here. Tomorrow.

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