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You listening to kilometers zero by the cycling podcast powered buys West. The fitness up with fun is fast. Could. Barely even it's a second stage victory from the first. Takes. On stage nine, jared Italian, whatever chills were produced by stage nine. This is generally Talia on Sunday maybe owed more to weather than drama but at least a couple of ways, the two hundred, eight kilometers between San Salvador Caracazo, contain the essence of the Court Sarah Not only because the day ended with a hint of Control Vesey a pizza Cov Paul Anka. Riding a real asshole today. As it journeyed North into. Abruzzo the Jira began its I knew immersion in the land or amongst the peaks where the soul of Italy truly lies. The appetites are known to Italians as their homeland call on variety rally or backbone unbroken twelve hundred kilometers chain stretching from Likud Calabria not so much mountain range or geographical feature as the country's very fiber and Mario. Almost three thousand meters to the highest point, the Koran of sauce. So the idea they're green but rugged increasingly deserted by humans but run by Wolves Chamois and just a few dozen hardy Brown Baz. Journalistic career there. Forget yards forget your knees forget to determine resort the shelley it's something it's like. Being in a in a movie of the seventies is everything seems grades in Raff. Sim says not it's not. They're not charming at first glance. To the APENNINE especially the opinion out of Italy because they are. They are tough land of Shepherd. Deserted because a lot of people left to go to the to the CDs. To roam out to be a citizen the center so you have to discover kilometers. By kilometers that when you pill apparently, they are not too long not too difficult that. In some tracks you have A. Series of it are maybe maybe art and during the winter or during. October in March. Of the weather is awful. So it's better to go to the obser-. Then to the opinion so. Everything you do year cycling is are. A lebaron difficult. Does. That are. GOING ON A. Lot bungee roles difficult. I'm Aris, picky and come from to skinny. But HIGA. When I think about the. Suffering. Not. In beautiful peaceful places places whereas beautiful to ride but less to race not least because the weather sometimes. Their more famous harder climbs. But of the ones I've suffered on the most in my career Montana where Pantani used to train. To visit I'd say, so beautiful anyway you go in Italy, you'll find amazing places and especially in those areas. Out. By banning. Credit joining in these classic count of the Nineteen forty-nine, Theodore? Dino. Described that editions appenine expedition from Rome to pay zero the. Bitter. To traverse the heart of Italy at breakneck speed, not be able to stop. This is where Italy is most like Italy, where one hundred thousand memories of major are starting even those with the most basic education. But this lawns speaks to even someone who's never been to school in his oblivious to centuries of history even to military person. I'd only Philistine wouldn't want to stop here stretch out in the shade of a tree with the birds singing overhead and gaze passing swallows and the happy clouds flipping between castle turrets. Salonen. You listening to kilometer zero by the cycling podcast powered by swift the fitness APP. That turns indoor riding into a game. Explore endless roads, race riders from all over the world and fitness with monthly training plans and structured workouts. Join the world's training playgrounds left fun is cost. Goethe's with DOT COM and start your free trial. I'm Mike Woods with F. Pro cycling. With me breaking my Femur I had bad injuries in the past particularly when I was a runner, I had a stress fracture. Form a big regrets runner was after breaking my foot. A. Was casted for two and a half months just not mobile at all and I think ultimately was what put the nail in the coffin of my running career some big lever when rehabilitating to still incorporate movement into recovery through the help of. A physiotherapist in drowning Richard spink get my knee flash into an angle where I could get my. Leg around the. Pedal. And doing. So I get back on the trainer about two weeks and. Even, though I was riding for only fifteen minutes with at an out of fifty watt. That movement I think really increased my feeling and not just helped physically mentally the act of just doing some physical activity in the day was. Was Really. Cathartic. Yeah I'm a huge fan of it. I think it gives you. It's a salon more difficult to really push yourself when you're just alone and when you get on five from swift, you get that same level of competitiveness and I put out some of the biggest numbers in my life odds with just because of that competitive your. God Prima. Mattie. Sick. Bitch. To. Face. On nine. Top a melrose inevitably, a natural barrier that he's almost Honda to circumvent on a tour of Italy than it is to overcome has given us famous pages of history. The euro ventured beyond thousand meters for the first time on the third day of inaugural edition in the APP nines or Carrizo. Twelve. Years later on the nearby Valley caudill mature owner and exhausted Costantini Jira dangle the first. `Campionissimo climbed off his bike and theatrically sketched across the gravel road with the end of his pump announcing Gerard Bengal stops here. But despite their rich contribution to Jira folklore climbs of the two thousand to start your blockhouse or come point predatory. Well, the face them notoriety of San Pellegrino in alpay Monte Capena the is remain almost an afterthought in conversations about the Jiro and it's mountains Like poor country cousins to the out. So dolomites or even worse completely unheralded under recognized Larry where are the apennines? are there In the Middle Italy like I'll now wait. Now, they must be just north of Genoa. The Zero del Apnea Pino finishes in Genoa humor about the only place they are what you think may extend over cloudy bigger distance maybe slightly bigger, but I'm not sure. Can. You name any climbs in the upper nines now? BLOCKHOUSE Ahead of that. Oh Shit so They're pretty Big Ben. I think that's more like on the northeast of Italy I. Think. So happily, it wasn't everyone I'm some and then I'm from team show up. A quiz question just awesome. If you guys do you know the name of the range of mountains during today happenings? Jura direct tomorrow venue was born in the apennines of sudden Tuscany for years before graduating to his current job. Vinnie. Also designed directed one stage race that truly celebrates the range tirreno-adriatico. Yep. All. Thing. Roll side job. Yep a big part of the Italian landscape. You may not find famous mountains in the APP nines. But as a race organizers, you can create any course that super steep ramps climbs difficulty far exceeds that reputation. So the apennines apart of the fabric of the Jira. Unfortunately I say fortunately but release also a blessing. We also have the coastal regions that we have to show off in central. Italy but the lines are really beautiful. The market. Is One of the most beautiful areas, and of course, I know well from the Pitino. Beautiful hilltop towns, medieval villages that are among Italy's real jewels. The Madcap Nines and the APP of Emilia. Romagna legis go just. The northern apennines have more cultural architectural appeal then in the South Bay, appenine wilder and more natural. I think you have to have balance you have to have sprints you have to have transition stages with some hills and you also need stages with really big mountains in the definitely find hard climb steep ramps walls as we call them but I think you need long climbs fairly steady gradients where you can open big gaps the steep ramps spectacular but they don't offer that much from perspective because the top guys don't want to attack now. We. Live in this week, venue will offer a tear or star like breaker to doctorate lead on Tuesday and an even tougher mice. PANTANI's all training roads on Thursday. But does ever these will be Anticosti to the main meals of the final week the dolomite an Alpine climbs weather permitting that will anoint the race win and images into the minds i. It was, of course evidence with one night will exception in two thousand and nine for the racy centennary venues predecessor Angeles. Oh. Mignon took an almost inconceivable to many types unpalatable punt. Plotting upside down Jira the skim the DOLOMITES announce before climaxing in the nines. So many queen stage left commentators open mouth, not because of its terrifying difficulty. But because in the racist centennial year, it shunned the summits the cheer turned into National Treasures. Cristiano Gutty of Journalists said that zone yawns appenine experiment was akin to heresy. multi-role gaviard Stephenville Allan Poe toy on yellow. In a land that's morphological teaming with prestigious summits you'll patron has achieved the feat of avoiding all of them. Give him his remarkable talent a standing ovation. One Hundred Years of epic battles a century of toiling up and down pastures mountains. Another big centenary edition is going to be decided by time bonuses. Like a midsummer Kerr Mass. Like Toronto Andre Attic. WHO Suddenly lost the self-proclaimed true connoisseurs are telling us that Monday stage in the market will be absolutely all inspiring. From what they're saying the more it all on his own Cologne are no more frightening than a Mass Bowl One name looms horrifyingly over the race Monte patrol. But level with me who's ever heard of monty pretrial. What the devil is Monte Paterno. Where the devil is mortar decry. Zome in patron never lived it down indeed within two years he'd been replaced and order was restored together. We'd be out and Dolomites in that prime time third week slot. Returned to tradition and common sense perhaps or just to the dogmas that have become ossified council fide, the flanks of those stories climbs. BAENA tricky. I'd say tricky underestimated as you said, action movies starting. Sport director boy. Avi. Hundred Sixty seven. Five kids you never know what's around the corner. Let's put it that way we have been you know. They always hide some think they can be quite hard. They can be quite by t in terms of. Stuff can happen in a grant I mean as Jiro. I keep saying you know these sometimes to hundreds to to to empty the SU- Kahad it's not the race. Course what's what makes a race hod but it's right is what makes the race hard you know. So you can go when the shortest eight, hundred, Forty, eight throw in some stuff like that on on it'll be con- agents stuff happens sometimes when it's too long too hard and hours and hours of of of writing and even you know TV coverage it just makes it. Not Fun you know. On the shorter stuff sometimes, how would the average people do on the gatherings they have on the bike equipment it's like fast and hard and get it over with and let's make stuff happen. So why not? Spend. Pretend looking starry. Don. King. Donna. So now teaching, you may soon me the F. Pino. To Scott Cicle think that people are folded apart in Tanna. lowdown global capital Michael Went. Both are. Senior nine King Donna soon. Folly. Love immediately when you are in. The. Down the cellar to fully love with the up in India's difficult but I can see that. You have some sports, some places in the. that. Really really, amazing.

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