Hour 2: America Under Protest II


We're back with a special edition of I take America under protest. One of the most well known activists in this country is Kareem abdul-jabbar. He had an impactful comments in the wake of George Floyd's death a week ago. This is from the L. A. Times. He says yes. Protests often or used as an excuse for some to take advantage just as when fans celebrating. Celebrating a hometown sports teams championship burned cars industry storefronts I. DON'T WANNA see stores, looted, or even buildings burn African Americans have been living in a burning building for many years choking on the smoke as the flames burned closer and closer racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible even if you're choking on it until you let the sun in. Doing now is award winning author and Radio Show host Dr. Michael, Eric Dyson he is the author of tears. We cannot stop which addresses the plague of police brutality against black Americans I want WanNa start here. Dr Dyson. Give you the floor. What is your reaction to the latest events in our country? Well. First of all for having me on one of my favorite shows on television. You know we are living in devastating circumstances. There's no question that we say time and again after an incident like this occurs that we are now having revealed to us the underlying conditions, the pre existing conditions of racial bigotry of prejudice of hate. Of the way, in which black people are humanized the refusal to recognize our humanity, much less our social equality, when you look at what happens on a daily basis, and you can take a kind of if you will extract of living tissue a biopsy. Of the last couple of weeks we see the situation in central park where white woman threatens to call the police on a black man weaponising the various threat of the police against black men, acknowledging that that is a problem. We see I'm arbitrary in. Asia? Who is jogging down the street and down like an animal, and then we see George Floyd in Minnesota. Laying prostate on the ground, tend beneath the knee of a police officer. A law enforcement official was sworn. An oath to protect and serve US and yet Mr Floyd begging for help for relief, asking calling upon his mother sacred in black communities. Knowing that he's dying, his mother's already an ancestor and he showed soon joined her. This is the explicit articulation of such fundamental disrespect for the life of black people, and so what we see now spilling over into society with. Rebellions and uprisings and looting. That pales in comparison as Mr Jabaar has said to the viciousness that black people subject to daily, and when you think on top of that. About you know white brothers and sisters loot as well not simply in the streets, but black people face looting in corporate America. Black people face looting in offices. What Roger Wilkins called quiet riot's and so the disavowal of black humanity. The disrespect that we continually confront is something that has to be confronted. Is there something different about George Floyd that now in Germany and in London, people are identifying perhaps so, but until we confront this as a fundamental issue of American democracy, we shall not solve this problem in a way that will prevent what is going on now from going on again. Back, the dyson my brother always appreciate you. You know that happy to have you on the show. Let's let's say point right in terms of confronting in terms of confronting the issue, you know what I always say. When you and I talk, if black folks I if if white folks catch a cold, black folks, catch pneumonia and other word, right? It's always worse. Than it is for them, although we're seeing riots, take place, and it's not just confined to the Black Community Riding Oh community now we see black and white protesters, black and white rioters. There is a difference between protesters and rioters, but we see both ethnic groups involved in both categories. Thinking about what I just said. In terms of how much worse it is for black people than it is for white people in light of the things that are transpiring. How do you see all of this panning out for black folks if these riots continue in your estimation? Well, I absolutely right. Your analysis, as always is a cute and incisive and accurate I think the larger problem however is what will happen if we don't listen to the people who have been disadvantaged and who have been hurt and pain now we know that what we see in the St Martin Luther King Junior said a riot is the language of the unheard. It is the voice of the unheard, so the bigger issue here is what do we do so this won't happen again. And you know as well as I know which is why black people are out in. In the streets, if they spot some of their white brothers and sisters who want to be their allies from engaging in unlawful behavior of the reason, they're trying to stop them is that they know that white privilege will even cut through to who gets arrested, and WHO's not who will be demonized, stigmatized and bear the burden of that Tabu, and who won't so even white privilege at the level of distinguishing a white woman walking through a store, taking things is seen as an employee WHO's out of work and black people are seen as learners, so we know the very definite. level of WHO's a looter, and who's a writer and who's rebellion who's engaging in social rebellion is racially driven. However, the deeper question here is this. That we can't keep having this occur. Where on the every day when black people speaking softly when black people are speaking intelligently when black people are speaking vociferously against these issues. They're not her. The tragedy is my brother Stephen they often. Don't hear US until the negativity comes out here. Here's the false dichotomy. Well, this is a distraction. We can't hear your claws claims. If you rioting no, you refuse to listen to us before the rioting before the rebellion before the city's burned before the self destruction before the destruction of certain areas. Areas and properties of America the destruction of our souls bodies. We don't own anything in those communities to begin with hardly, and we don't. Even it seems own our own bodies. If we can't take to say to a policeman stop, I am not able to breathe. Please let me go. We have no ownership that is worth defending so at that level I think that the bigger question is what will America do to make certain that these streets don't burn and that the utter chaos that we are subject to now will be prohibited. Prevented in the future. Glad you're with us. On this special edition of I take during these times of protest and unrest, Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post had a column recently about calling Kabir Knicks fight against injustice writing in part to needs one protesting in the grass, one pressing on the back of a man's neck. Choose, you have to choose which knee you will defend. NFL owners chose. Chose the knee on the neck they did. They may rationalize it as controversy, avoidance or respect for the flag or audience, modification or economic strategy or Business Exigency, but when they collectively ostracized Colin Kaepernick for his protests against police brutality on unarmed black citizens, they to wrong knee. They chose the knee on the neck. The knee that pressures Stephens gags chokes and silences. Those words from Sally Jenkins Award Winning author and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson excuse me. They're still with us Max I want to open this to you because you didn't get to participate in the last segment, what would you like to ask Dr Dyson? Professor Great to have you on the show especially on a day like this first of all Spin on the brain a lot because like Mohammed Ali what started out as kind of the leading voice in the or symbol in the counter, cultural movement was the mainstream wasn't on board at the time, right what he was standing up for wasn't as popular with the mainstream would become because of obvious subsequent events and Ali's case, the tide turned against Vietnam War. War In this case. George Floyd's death, which has sparked. Major Outrage Kapernick spin on the brain because this country's reaction to a peaceful. In fact when he was told he was being disrespectful, he said okay. What's better? He took a knee to show respect and deference away, but. Still there was a major problem and then I see a two things that strike me as quite curious, given these, or at least interesting given these times one in Minneapolis Alley Val. She of MSNBC said that. State. Police supported by National Guard. Rubber bullets. into an entirely peaceful rally including it him even when? The police. Delicacies! Kelly here, he's back. Go ahead, man! He's back. In incense in Cincinnati Sheriff deputies raised the blue. Lives matter flag instead of the American flag in front of the Justice Center in Hamilton County in spite of what's happening or maybe because of what's happening in the street. What do you think explains this kind of point of view from law enforcement in Bolton's them to take these illegal measures? It seems to me particularly in the face of this social upheaval. Yeah, it's a great point There is a kind of bipolar. Juxtaposition, if you will not opposition, but juxtaposition between on the one hand what we see going on in these streets today in terms of protests, and the way in which the reinforcement of structural inequality structural racism in American Society, the Police Department and law enforcement more broadly. Has Been Part and parcel woven warp of a culture that has been intolerant of difference. Why is it that the police chief in Minneapolis acted the way he did because he filed a suit some years ago. Claiming that the local police department was engaging in racist behavior. He then led. It led him to that. Is that sensitivity to firing these police as soon as they murdered? Mr Flowing and also to insist that they be held accountable. We need more police departments like that where we don't reinforce a deeply entrenched ratio, animus and bias against African American people and the Anti blackness woven into the very fabric of the culture, hoisting a flag. Of Blue all lives matter, or in this case, blue lives, matter is akin to symbolically rearing the confederate flag against the larger nation in deference to one's own sectional loyalties, so I think the convergence of votes that confederacy and cops at that level knowing that white supremacists have penetrated to a deep degree law enforcement in America suggests to us that the problem can't be the law and the rest of us. WHO's going to protect service as K.? R. S. One set from the cops themselves and this is why we need. This is why we need community policing. This is why we need. Police live in the communities that they are policing so that they will see. That's my aunt, my uncle that somebody I know that's my homeboy which Katrin an Anorak. Absolutely, no question where it's hard to argue with you or Miss Jenkins this morning. There's no question that when terms of as Miss. Jenkins said choosing a knee. We have to talk about the knee Colin Kaepernick. Did Place on that Gridiron to suggest that there was a problem in even if one disagree about method and manner, the ultimate message is real. It's powerful. It's poignant is compelling, and we've got to grapple with it somehow. Well Dr Dyson I certainly can't argue with a couple of points Max made, but that's for me and Max to deal with on another day which we will make no mistake about it. We got a law week ahead of us. As it pertains to Colin Kaepernick the only thing that I will say this I totally agree with Sally Jenkins the only thing that I would add as I really wish. A distinction was made between the NFL owners and the NFL. The NFL led by Roger Goodell with an executive. Vp who was a black man in Troy Vincent. WHO does a lot progressively the things that they have tried to work that they have put in shows that the intent is distinguishable different from what you get from a multitude of NFL owners, and I think we always in fairness to the NFL to make sure we like that, but stand with your. Your point Dr Dyson I would like to ask you moving forward. You talk about community involvement. What did you think of the idea of having some kind of and I? Use this word I understand the topic that we're living in into word, but an overseer in terms of a national police commission. I don't know how plausible that is, but in light of the fact that we have one presidential. Presidential candidate that his is from Asli. No for his position during the crime bill in nineteen ninety-three when he was pushing for that, and he call folks predators on the streets to a president and the office that just brought up dogs as in vicious dogs waiting for the protest I. think that when we look at things from a federal perspective. There's a lot of reticence. There's a lot of hesitancy. Hesitancy when it comes to things that need to be addressed at the federal level, so I'm asking you. Is this something some kind of remedy involving a police commissioner or somebody or board over everything before it can get to the attorney general where the police behavior Tim be dealt with before even arrest made somebody to monitor what the police are doing. What do you think about all of that? That's very powerful compelling, and let me say first of all. Mr Vincent and Malcolm Jenkins so you saw. There are one football player. One of the have done extraordinary work in trying to address many of these issues, so there's no question about that and I think that the section you make. There is more than technical that the way in which a bunch of billionaire white guys whose own ethos is antithetical to the encouragement of difference and those like Mr Vincent a black man to play the game himself and Malcolm Jenkins. WHO's on that? Gridiron is well talking explicitly and openly about racial inequality. Yes, there's no question when it comes to a policeman of the police of police czar. Steven eight when we talk about. Somebody who could talk about? How this is going because we that the under the Obama Administration Ag Eric holder one of the great. attorneys-general, we've ever had a had covenants with police. Departments examined them routinely. Look at what happened in Ferguson talking about what the corrupt culture of policing was day or or join with. Organization like Noble. National Organization of blacks and law enforcement headed right now by. Chief CJ Davis from the Durham Police Department tremendously brilliant Black Woman Who and those release people who are black by large understand ratio animus. They are victims of it themselves. They have been victimized by white supremacy within their own ranks and are deeply profoundly sensitive to this. So yes, we need police. Policing of the police. We need a police czar. We need to the ability to leverage penalty, fine and sanction against police departments that refuse to be trained, not like in Minnesota where they overrode chief did by saying we have warrior light stances, and we will pay the fifty five thousand dollars in warrior training. This is what ends up happening. It converges release, logic, legal logic, and the logic of white supremacy to really squelched the brethren from black people, and to have the greatest endemic besides nineteen that we've had. Laura I just want to say this to end this segment. I listen I don't believe that the police officers need training because of training with an issue. You'd be doing it to white people you know what to do. You just don't care when it comes to black people in a lot of instances that we're talking about so if if it's not being done the white folks clearly not training, clearly, you have the training necessary. You just don't choose to exercise it in some situations indiscriminately against black men period. It's your home. Speaking and I need you to do me a couple of favors. I could get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week. It's throwing my functions. Way Off SPEC anything. Bundle your home and car insurance with GEICO. It's easy, and we could save money. Lastly, I know you're thinking of painting the nursery back to off white, but I'm actually feeling. This baby blue didn't think it was my color, but I m pulling it off Geico for bundling made easy. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. A great thing about facts they're proven. Like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or that base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities. And, the fact that pennzoil is the person feting motor oil made from natural gas, not crude oil. It gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil. Based on sequence for a test using SAS five W. Thirty. We as black man. We've seen a lot of stuff as far as murders and people being taken from us. Right. True. But Now! Now only it's been. It's been seen by us and our brothers seen by children now. So I'm sitting. Watching this. And my daughter. My daughter. Tells me. That I can't leave you. Because I've seen what happened to your friend. And I think you need. My daughter's. Life. But my daughter to see that. And tell me that I need Harris sits. Imagine what I'll put the pain and the frustration in my mind, right? The words there from former. NBA Player Steven Jackson. It's been a week since the death of George Floyd and continuing we see unrest, we see protests around this country. Welcome you back to a special edition of I. Take those words in reaction to the death of Floyd, the reaction to the death of MoD rb. Brianna Taylor so many more welcome in now is Mike will for his thoughts here and I'm just GonNa. Open up the floor for you will tell us what you're thinking and reaction to everything going on right now. Well I guess, my emotions run the gamut like most people's from depressed to anger. And a lot of anger. Just just watching the pieces on television, it was a piece of CNN yesterday that very. Appropriately chronicled. Just sort of not all the cases, but the more celebrated ones Trayvon Martin Michael Brown. Eric Garner Lukewarm McDonald Tamir rice well, just got Freddie Gray you just go on and on and on and on and that's when you realize the accumulation of this. Is just overwhelming, I know in my household, you know. One of the discussions was why now what happened in Minneapolis? The sort of pushed the next the reaction to this point. Why didn't it happen sooner? Why do we have to get this deep into it? This many deaths, tragic deaths and I don't know that there's an answer I guess this is the tipping point. What happened in Minneapolis and people perhaps didn't have as much to be distracted by in terms of television is social media and they locked onto this. Because we've heard I can't breathe before you know this is not new sadly. But for whatever reason this use the word sparked. A level of interest and passion and depression and anger that resonates with with a nation and It's so. Awful that we had to get to this point, but now we are here and now what? Michael you? WanNa get take this a little bit personal you. Are In my view have always been very representative of the best of sort of midwestern American values. You're always. Helpful and and I remember when I was in DC doing around the horn. You're a mentor and you showed me around. The Wizards and introduced me. People everyone in the business if they hear Michael Wilpon. They know he's a really nice and helpful guy. We both have children who are preteen entering the teen years my eldest and and I just I. When it's. It's worrisome enough at your kids out into the world and I'm speaking just as a white man. Let your kids out into the world, and you hope nothing bad comes to them. You know you can't be there with them protecting them all the time, but you hope that they're going to be okay. Because the world can be dangerous place I'm wondering about your thoughts Nice. Michael Wilbon who goes out of his way to help everyone with the sterling reputation, public figure who has those same kind of worries I'm sure that I have about my children, and then some I'm wondering about your and then some. Well. Max growing up in the Midwest. Still didn't shield me from anything, and it may sort of. Color of veneer, but underneath when when I said anger I wasn't exaggerating. I certainly have been stopped. Driving while black is probably eighty to ninety percent of us of a certain age have been, and it didn't even happen in the mid west, happening in in greater Washington DC, two out of the three times is happened, but to your question sort of our children. What do we tell them? I've got a twelve year old son. Is You know I've got a nineteen year? Old Nephew Guts on? He's with us now. He and his mom and Dad. My brother and his wife are with us here in Arizona and I. Yesterday had to sort of restrain myself from sort of forcing them to sit down and watch this while still delivering some sort of lecture that I hope would be internalized. And what do you tell the twelve year old and I said son. You've got to pay more attention to this. You'RE GONNA want to drive my car in four years when you're sixteen. How you going to comport yourself? What are you going to do knowing Max? The answer is it may not matter a damn how he comports himself. He may do everything by the book, and his and mother and others tell them to do, and he could still wind up on the wrong end of a knee or a gun. Now think of liquidity McDonald Being Shot Fifteen or sixteen times being a native Chicagoan so when I have these conversations with my son and my nephew I wonder what's. Was Thinking, my nephew's already of driving age. This is a lecture that my brother and I have delivered to him and we're going to have to stay on them Tony Kornheiser and I had this discussion? I said to Tony who has a son I've known since he was born Michael, said Tony. Have you ever had to have this discussion with your son? The answer was no. And these now are just Max. We should be so far beyond this in twenty twenty would. This sounds like something? My parents when my father was growing up in rural Georgia and fled literally fled a town rural Georgia to stay away from the possibility, the possibility of a noose. My parents fled the south, hated the south one, no part of it because they grew up in the worst than Jim Crow South. Prost depression south, and so these are stories I would expect to hear from my father. Who would have been ninety four years old if he was living and we're talking about this in two thousand and twenty, it's just it's unthinkable. Noah's interested in always love having want them the show and I just On National Television I. I'm sure I'm speaking for for my buddies. Jay Don Days David Aldridge's of the world Marc Spears Plethora of African Americans in this business. We, we love this man they might. Will we revere him and more importantly than that the what does the one negative in a fun kind of way to my brother Tony Tony? Kornheiser who we all love as well is dead. You look at PTI and makes people forget. At times of the popularity institution. The PTI has become part of the interruption makes you sometimes gloss over at the exceptional resume spanning three decades that Mike will bond did as a columnist. For The Washington Post under the great. George Solomon as the sports editor and I know that would make you laugh Mike, but here's the deal. Watching you Friday. On Television, Speak About Jim Crow laws speak about how you shiver when you hear a police siren in the vicinity. Being grown man. In your fifties accomplishing what you have accomplished being well known as you are. To be in these times where literally as frightened as people said they were back in the sixties. Did you. Do you see this as a situation? That's helpless or do you see some kind of remedy? That's within eyesight that we can grab and grab hold of to let you know the push us forward. What are your thoughts Steve Date I? Thank you and secondly. I don't know if I. See it that that's SORTA suggests optimism. I don't know that I'm ready to express, but more hopeful than maybe I was a few weeks ago in that it is sad that it took. George Floyd's. And the his murder and the reaction to it. To sort of lead to this necessary national conversation with plenty of Angst and depression and anger, I was glad Michael Jordan his statement. Yesterday used the word anger. So I'm Donna. And Doc. Rivers and I know doc well, and knew his dad and understood I. Think felt the pain that. Some of the pain. Doc Rivers still who grew up the son of a black man in law enforcement. Stephen Our hope that this discussion is not just. Evaporate and sort of go away. But I don't I. Don't know when you look at that list of people that I sort of read a few names from era gardeners. That I can't breathe. How long ago was that? I mean it's not like being introduced to this pain and anger for the first time we've we've had. We've had the exact words and sold the conversation. Then was sort of sparked. It was muted and then it was gone. I think the conversation is the first place we have to start and by the way. While no one using these platforms going to condone violence. Do I understand I. mean listening to Martin Luther King the third yesterday. Quote his father as saying. Violence is the language of the unheard. And so when people say to me, do you understand this hell? Yeah, understand how many times is going to be a knee on your neck? I'm not a turn, the other cheek guy as much as I might. God I, I lies. Martin Luther King and everything. He stood for I'm going to turn. The other cheek got I grew up that way I get I grew up with a father who fled the south because he knew he wasn't going to turn the other cheek. But when you hear that that quote from Martin Luther King through Martin, Luther King the third yesterday. Violence is the language of the unheard. People aren't listening. You know it's like these episodes. Emma talking about the looters. I'm not talking about the people who were just come on the scene to make a noose. Themselves I'm talking about protests legitimate protesters. Listen to me listen you're not listening America hasn't listened. And it starts. Of course you know at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue where there's no listening to this night and paying attention. There's disdain for it. was. A Great Carl Bernstein said yesterday. Dereliction of duty, and so when you start, the people say lack of leadership that lack of leadership this Dane. For the notion of leading so now that the rest of us have this conversation, and where's the leadership? Coming from maybe is coming from a lot of voices. We've heard. Too often we turn our children. Turn the culture over to celebrities. But in this case yesterday, some of the most famous people in a culture where the people are making the most sense I was overjoyed to hear Jane Fonda last night on CNN. Talk about what had to happen in her opinion, someone who have real protests all her life and understands protests. I'm relieved to hear those voices, and if that also rests with the most famous. And influential people in Sports, then good, this conversation has to go on. Your has to find leaders. I wanted to make sure nobody else's trying to jump in there, but thank you so much. Mike Wilpon for joining us from. Your wisdom, your perspective so valuable in furthering this conversation. We just thank you so much for being with us. Listen thank you. For having me appreciate it. I'm just I'm glad you guys are devoting the time and energy and effort to do this today. Thank you. It's your home speaking and Do me a couple favors. I get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week. It's throwing funk. hsi-wei off second thing, bundle your home and car insurance with GEICO. It's easy, and we could save money. Lastly I know you're thinking of painting the nursery back to off white, but I'm actually feeling. This baby blue didn't think it was color but I. AM pulling it off Gyco bundling made easy. Go to GEICO. Dot Com today. Is your money not sure what to do with itself right now at? They'll help it save for the future with their smart savings tools. Bucket your money for the things that matter most analyze you're spending and save automatically all on top of competitive rate for all things money. You deserve an ally. Visit a L.. Dot Com slash savings for more INFO ally. Do it right ally bank member FDIC, Among those speaking in the wake of George Floyd's death one week ago, today is Michael Jordan who released this statement saying I'm deeply saddened, truly pained and plane angry I see and feel everyone's pain, outrage and frustration I stand with those who were calling out the ingrained racism and violence toward people of Color in our country. We have had enough are unified voice needs to put pressure on our leaders to change our laws or else. We need to use our vote to create systemic change every one of us part of the solution and we work together to ensure justice for all. That's Michael Jordan. Our friend, who is like family Marcus Spears also shared his heart on. Get up this morning. Where we watch George Floyd beat choked out and I. Don't care what it is about underlying conditions in all of that. This spirit broke in this country. If broke if broke me because my eleven year old son. Okay Marcus. Take a moment. My Soren! hitter asked me. Why didn't he get off? Open. Stephen is is a guy that I. That has been told me G. You got his mentor be. In everything that I've done in my life. Culminated to me having my children. In trying to give them a better situation when we're black and we're athletes. To the man. The fight is get your family in a better situation because. Something about the system in this country has told us. That if you make it in you. Make a certain amount of money. And you accepted in these circles where we know we would normally have an opportunity to be in because of our talent. Welcome back to I take To be right now. Is the Attorney General? The State of Minnesota Mr Keith Ellison thank you so much. Sir For being on the show. Let's get right to it. the officer Derek Shelvin, he's been arrested and charged with third degree manslaughter Why have the other? Why have not the other three officers been charged as of yet? Well before last night? It was not my case now. That I'm on the case less than twenty four hours. We have been dug in. We're doing express look at the at the avance and the charges. We will be able to go up fairly quick very quick review. We already know a lot. So. They'll. Those things may very well change I. Don't have anything to announce right here right now, but people can trust that we will charge everyone who is culpable and blameworthy, and who has violated the law with the most highest accountability that the law provides for they can be assured of that. That's my pledge of possibility. There are a lot of people that have asked why third degree murder charges against Derek show show show as opposed to second murder. Can you explain why that would be the case? Well actually not can't and the reason. Why is that? When that was charged out, it was not my case. You know there are provisions in second-degree that may and I have to be somewhat circumspect because. We're still in the investigative stage here, but it may apply and so. I think that I'd I'd ask people for something that I don't even have a right to ask them for which is a little bit of patience to get through this evidence because I think that. We may end up amending the complaint, I'm not announcing anything now, but that is certainly a possibility it on the table. Has Body Cam footage been released to you. Finding the police I'm of released. Well we're getting. We're getting it all now. Let me tell you this morning. When we started engaging that process or still, we're still working through it. We haven't even had a full briefing by the Bureau of criminal apprehension yet, but those things are scheduled, and we're moving forward. I would like to say Stephen I'm not going to be in a position in the future the comment on the evidence. It's something that are prosecutor cannot ethically do, but I will tell people this. You know I got good eyesight, and I saw what everybody else saw. was disturbed us as much as anyone else, and we are committed to bringing justice to this for everyone involved and for the highest level of accountability that we can. How should people be feeling about the state of Minnesota right now when it comes to law enforcement when there's an office that had eighteen complaints against them, and only to sort disciplinary action. We need we need reform. Brother we need we need. We need deep level reformer. Our chief of police is dedicated to reform. Madeira Air was the one who fired the floor officers within twenty four hours yet. Our city has a police federation. Where you know the president essentially operates like an alternative cheap. Who Alibis bad behavior all the time. WHO DOESN'T WANNA reform anything, but the reform is coming anyway. I think the cheapest committed. You need some help. City Council members committed to it, but it's a long drive to reform, but we are on that direction, but we do. People should feel like it's completely unsatisfactory. In deeply appreciate your time during this busy morning. Thank you so much. Take care of yourself looking forward to talk in the future. Thank you very much upgrade day. Thank you so much steven. A. and Mr Ellison for that interview Steven when opening up to you for some final thoughts on today. It's been a rough week in. A rough week. Week Ago George Floyd. We saw him murdered. That is what black people feel. That is what we hold. the law enforcement industry. I'd rather judicial system ultimately as a clue conclusion, it will reach. He was appropriate. Lead the officer in question appropriately arrested. Charged with third degree murder, although according to my sources, he's been let out on. The other three officers should be charged as well. These are the kind of things that we know. What America needs to realize that this particular moment in Time Laura. It's incredibly essential that as we move forward. We make sure we recognize the importance of bringing attention. To the agreed just acts exercise by law, enforcement officials, but just as equally as important. As, far as to recognize the fact, there are a whole lot of people out there. WHO HAPPENED NOT TO BE African Americans that are speaking up about this issues and issues that have permeate our community and of drastically affected us. They know it's unfair. They know it's agreed. They know that we've been prejudiced against. They know that racism still exists that still to flagrant too alarming to ignore. And people are speaking up and that is a beautiful thing. Because when that happens particularly when that voice emanates from Young, White folks you know change is possible because the people in power. Ultimately these are their children, and they're not going to be ostracized. I said earlier we got a president that brought up dogs waiting for protesters. We noticed unacceptable. We know something needs to be done. and. It's hopefully it's in the process of being done right now. Something desperately needs to be done. And I hope that this is just beginning of a fight. NOT THE END

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