Ep. 489 - Trent365! - Minimum Viable Audience


Today. Episode four hundred ninety nine of trend three sixty five. What's your minimum viable audience? So minimum viable audience is a concept. I I heard sit Godin speak about a couple of years ago. And the idea is that instead of taking the approach that we want to get the maximum potential market, the maximum potential audience think about what it means to target our minimum viable audience, and what that means is identified the smallest possible number of guests number of customers number of clients. The you need to make decent product and divide because sess theories basically that by targeting to the maximum potential audience. What we end up doing is making something unremarkable because in order to make something that resonates essentially with a lodge audience by definition, we kind of have to dumb it down a little bit. We kind of have to make it more accessible to everybody. We're trying to be everything that everyone and end up being nothing to no one. And so it's this idea that by creating something that is available to the masses, we tend to create something that's. Remarkable as a result. It kind of doesn't go anyway. Whereas if we would create something just based on a real specific target audience, which was the audience that we've identified if we can just get those customers to come and pay that much money, then it makes sense, then we have a business, and if we can do that we end up by default, really creating a product that is remarkable. And guess what? If it's a remarkable product it will spread and before, you know, it it's become a much bigger audience. It's a concept that of written about in this week's blow postal pulling to that below. If you want to check out citgo, Seth Godin dot com is a way to do that. And just search for minimum viable audience you to find some information on or that's today. Thanks to you know, we'll be back again tomorrow. So yeah.

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