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RJ in NY


To the office you did. And then you realize, yeah, he said that you didn't recognize you because I was wearing a t shirt and therefore resembled an intern. And then the basketball player professionals way sports in shorts and a t-shirt doesn't really recognize you for that reason it does for little, you really should shirts work. It's summer. New York man, beautiful day pretend to care. I do care now. I'm here this first name. Zion Williamson do freshmen went number one overall to the pelicans last night, or you with GM David Griffin. Zion is not here to save the franchise only to join this family. Well, I don't feel like this is a franchise that needs saving necessarily like let us know forget just last year. They went to the second round of the playoffs. Right. So this is not a eighteen that it's just been so terrible, too, so miserable that only sign ways they can fix them. The other thing is, they're putting stuff around him in a way that does not require him to be the guy to come and say the franchise isn't going to look like a LeBron. In two thousand three go into the Cleveland Cavaliers so no I understand exactly what he's saying. Yes. And it does look like you just joined the family and a beautiful ceremony on a beach somewhere. That's what looked like I loved his look. Although I think you probably don't love as much as I loved it. I mean, you wait. He looked like he already had three drinks. That's when you start on buttoning news. Right. He showed up looking like he'd been there for three hours. You did Zayn Williams. And meanwhile, has just joined this team. And this team is being built around him in ways that are encouraging like the good news for the pelicans in terms of convincing people that it's not just him. Their GM is really, really good at this man. What he's done. Got that big hit from Texas who can run into fan super athletic got the kid will now name Jackson, something a stacks in Hayes, very impressive prospect, I discovered, and he also has a kid I will refer to as shake Alexander's cousin in the back court now, who's also a kid can defense which positions do all that they're built to contend, maybe not for title this year at this point without shooting, but their Bill to make a playoff run of some. General manager, things cool. But I mean they got you holiday. That's like a legitimate all-star guard. They, they were not in a position last year. They were bereft of talent. They actually played Anthony Davis who knows they might have got around something near five hundred or whatever it is that they were but they've got young guys. They they're in a position to go to a future good for them. Because most seems the superstar don't have that good. All right. Next name is RJ Barrett. Because the Knicks finally pick somebody, the not only wanted to be in New York, but who Knicks fans wanted themselves wash their reaction last night, Barrett's picked. The New York Knicks select RJ. That everybody from another time. Thanks. That's no, Porzingis reaction, kids crying day. This is who they wanted y'all. Bob East Bay. Knicks fans continued his love all the love is conditional in this city. But this was tremendous, and I think, wildly atypical start to a career here are man, Florida James was there in the building. And he was saying that RJ Barrett got encore of laws when he came back out after the interview is done after he got selected. So this is something that they don't often. Do you go down? The history of guys who've gotten picked the lottery. You're gonna go all the way back to Patrick Ewing, defined a player that Knicks fans were actually excited about. And that was. Yeah. About thirty something years ago. All right. So the thing is that what scares people off from the idea plane in New York is the eyeballs it has all the attention RJ bear once night, he really seems to love the idea of being that guy. And he has a sense of self that's in line with the guy. That's like, yeah, I can come take all New York. Are you going to able to? Figure out how to make shots because the most inexplicable thing about college basketball last year, why come are RJ Barrett just could not make shot everything else. That's like a great NBA player except for the fact that he can't make shots and he likes to take a lot of. But if he makes just a few eighty got to be a lax Knicks fans so desperate, they'll take anything he could just make a few shots. This is going to go very well. Until there are expectations at which point he better start making shop. Right. We did. In fact, as a city boop after doing it's worth pointing out as a matter of expectations rising, and then really becoming infuriating, but RJ Barrett. Let's all remember was as a year ago, the number one prospect in the country, and then he went and played college basketball, and everybody thought okay? Wait a minute. Maybe his whole mom is hold maple. Mamba I should say perspective like when he shouted Koby out in the interview I forgot pick. That's not necessarily a great sign for efficiency. You say he wasn't able pig a year ago in the two thousand nine draft. We could say the same thing. About. BJ mullins. Next quote next name rather Tyler hero. Monte, the sophomore out of talk got picked thirteenth overall by the heat, but that is not what we're here to talk about at all. So roll the tape. Let's see how your man if you row. True. I mean when the kids mega from well from nominee in the small town shell out to witness on me. I'm just happy. I'm here to tell you the boys over there have been hating on your drip, a little bit. You know, Bilas had Instagram post about it calling you Austin powers. I don't know if you had a message for him, or you want to talk to them for a second speech, Soave. I mean, look at it best here, honestly, Bill until you get one of these. I don't think you can actually talk about anyone's drip, looks. Is he right about his drip? He put a kit on his watch. Right. He went and put a kit on his watch. I liked the suit, though ban, and I'm just already fascinated by what the hell is going on here. But this kid was it greenfield Wisconsin, that he says that, not everybody, not a lot of people make it out of, and I got to be fair man. Why folks got her hor to I'll know he might have some fun out here on this stuff on that stuff. Whatever it is. I'm not sure economic hangs out. He putting off from the homeys in greenfield. There we go outside of a walkie somewhere, and he goes Amani from outside of Milwaukee somewhere to south fee. This already looked like a young man who knows how to get back into live after getting kicked out the whole Shane underneath. The collars thing is a bold move. The whole suit is a bold move, but we also have historical footage of this man showing that he's kind of been about this for while we roll that I'd like to know where he was radicalized than I mean to be fair. He's a bucket. A while a couple of months ago. Like these are Kabul, put need to know where this starting. Well, do we have the footage of Tyler at the shop? We have that. Oh, we have something to far. Hope. And he's hoping he's on the Jones. I'm hoping he didn't really think he could wear that do rag long enough to turn it into ways getting my waves together, what this young man says, and this feels like kid maybe was radicalized that so many people are on the internet. I wanna win like this long ago either. That's a Kentucky logo. Oh, really Mora's next name because the forefront zag became the second Japanese player ever drafted in the NBA. The wizards took him last night, ninth overall, watch out, we introduce himself to wizards fans. Look in the camera and tell Japan, whatever you wanna tell them. On any of this. Of course. Good. Then got drafty. Louis. Okay. With this pig. Given the wizards never met with him or talk to him. Well, let's leave his either front office stuff, which is disastrous for one second point out that, yes, I am, in on this other diaspora of a more to the point. He's a fascinating case study in Japanese afro relations because of money. And I mean, that, you know, in the sense of he in Japan felt like an exotic animal that's what he said. He was the kid who was the curiosity who stuck out like a sore thumb in Japan. But what he loves about America that he can both blend in which is a great sign in terms of him. You know, feeling more comfortable, but also he's the guy with the accent. Now, we just don't have many Asian American, or Asian, Japanese players of any kind who speak with this accent in the league period, would like to know what I had to tell you who he was in the first place. You don't be kicking up on Asian brothers to. They do some good. But once I do man, it makes so much sense, once you do. Yes, the thing though, about the wizards heading never met, or talked with him. He can play. Play. This is a pig. I watch as much college basketball's, I had in previous years. But I don't feel like this is one of those were you needed to talk to him to figure out if he was able to play. He's a bit raw. But at that pick, this is the kind of talent that you take he is. And the issue, of course with the front office f or mentioned that they don't have a GM still. They still don't. And so you wonder like cynically speaking, there is so much positive media attention from Japan on this kid. My hope is that the wizards actually picked him for basketball reasons, and not because, oh here is some sort of global news, PR win for us in the absence of actually having a plan for the basketball team, which is actually going to be an issue. I ain't no PR win. If you don't win. Right. You ain't get down. We won't be happy about it coming out next Lillard or Marvin Bagley. They got rat beef. Yeah. Basketball player. Hey, this is Bomani on the latest episode of the right time. We tell Vince goodwill of Yahoo. Sports talk about his Houston report. But rockets, Chris Paul talk about three agency. How might not be as big as you expect and Anthony Davis trae find us wherever you get your pocket. All right. Gobi white guy draft about a bulls. Number seven is college teammate Cam Johnson, North Carolina win. Number eleven here is still be white finding out about this. Zach helps treated WFAN Cameron Johnson just went eleven tatty react to that news would eleven off drought live. Yep. This read on the screen right there. Wow. Wow. How dash crazy? That's so love both because y'all knew. Yano on a hard Cam work a, you know, a lot of people that doubt on. But wow. I'm just bro. It's such. That's crazy row. Wow. That's so crazy. He's very enthusiastic almost so much so that it's insulting that he's so surprised that he went there. We were all surprised that he went there to be fair, just he was nicer potty berry. Nice. I quote, that's the plan got a congress and more steps for that. Thirty-five year old former Washington quarterback. Alex Smith of FOX five sees Angie golf about whether he will play football ever again. But was this a smart idea given the injury? No, he ain't no former quarterback let him sell it. He is still a quarterback. I believe he is actually on the rostrum. He's a former quarterback game playing again but he's going to keep on trying. And the only thing that I can say about this is the attempt to keep trying to play football must be something that just simply keeps him going, right? Because he's got me otherwise laying around would have broken leg. So this makes him feel better, and Harrison toward recovery them bless his heart, but I'll Z anywhere in the world is do play football again, us walking around right now wearing what looks like a Russian military device on that leg that we see now in this video was completely. Yeah. Like rotating and fractured and all of that. And in fact, that's what that device is. It's this Burien device called an external fixate or and. It looks insane. It looks insane and underscores the idea that if you don't have to play football, and you've made a lot of money. Alex Smith, you have a good reputation right now is really something that you feel inside of your soul badly to come and try and do what he does right. I mean it's not as though he's like, okay, I'm gonna stop doing this and get a reasonably similar job. This is what he does. Now. I do think the probably recover he'll give it a goal. And then they'll say he can't do it in a probably be fine. But I could understand him saying, dammit, I gotta truck, even if I wouldn't do you need? Quote on Fanta turn this Dame dollars chump change. Marvin Bagley on a district Daniel Lillard, this is one of four districts twin the two that have gone back and forth. Pablo was your takeaway from this beef. This escalated quickly this escalated overnight, I was asleep for a lot of it. But here's the chronology of this Bagley drops, no debate, the first salvo in this at six twenty six PM three hours later. Dame drops. Marvin question marks exclamation points, two hours after that. And he tries to go Drake tries to go back to back on this, he drops by by, and then five hours after that Bagley comes back, and this is a lot man. And it's kind of impressive lot more pressure on. I thought it would be they're both dues can wrap Dame out here doing a rep thing for a while. But I tell you one, I had to call them about, as like I need somebody about Marvin Bagley Zieger ramp. And I never got around to hear and then I heard that track. It was like, no, this do can't really wrap. This is fun to me, man, these disrupters back and forth. Nobody seems to actually be mad they're rich do with the money to make tracks, and they go ahead and do it. I'm here for it. Yes, there is a lot of. Big, big Bank, taking little Bank in Dame Lillard 's first response, which seemed to be the thing that would be the fatality in this exchange, but back came back and I feel like the track. That was released last check. Mate was kind of the strongest one, and it is kind of lovely to watch masculinity, being litigated through art through poetry, like this is fun thing that I think these guys understand as such masculinity. Litigated, art. That's right. That's what is battle rap, if not that it kind of is averages be like, yo it's fun to watch these go back and forth. It is also that I mean when Marvin Bagley was talking about how they sent him some Adidas Daimler's put him back in the box. They were wack and then got some Puma money. Also, enjoy -able. I've also seen it never seen either one of their shoes. Right. Shoes. All day one. You can tell me anything about, Dan. Lewis shoes you definitely got velcro autumn. I got no idea by the way. Now we haven't you? Thank you for Marvin Bagley to shop in our lives and do that bridge ache coming next letters go to meet with three new teams. Who are they? All right. We got some more dra- fashion for you. That is Darius garland. Hi ya? Yup. With the band collar, by the way shadow to the band collar boys boys girls. Might want to reevaluate this now man he looks gusting. Lee amazingly on point. And then there's job morass daddy, who was the coolest man in the building without question. He looks so. Cool. That hat that tie. I would recommend foot his boil Bahir though. When you look exactly like Jack you done some wrong. Keep that in mind yourself. Wow. Wisdom. I number you guys left way too hard at that. I'm the only one who tells you the truth. How dare you eighteen? How many seconds this phone call to Boston Zolak and Bertrand radio show was and some say it sounds an awful lot like kyri Irving. Let's listen to the hosts replay the call trying to decide whether or not it wasn't fact, Mr. three as. Today, that was such a rare talent like Tyree. It's such a shame that the fans in welcome welcome him in more towns like those are so red. It'll come by that. And I think it serves us right now, he's gone looking what we're left with on my God. Wow. No, that's him. That's it's the inflection that is him. Four. Are you buying that was kyri? I have got to say this is like a classic case of confirmation by because the first time I heard that it was sent to me with the link that said it was kind re and then I listened and it sounded like re and then the other thing, same guy called later and didn't really sound like. And I gotta say this time he didn't really sound like really backing off. I was I was on it at first because Kevin Durant opener. Is it a possibility that NBA player could beat add lane but no, I don't think that's what's happening here. I think unfortunately, it probably is I believe, Mikey from Waltham, which is disappointing to everybody. But it is sort of the point that Kyrie Irving four some amount of time, was plausibly, the guy would litigate and defend his honor by calling a radio show, because what is the real difference between that and jumping into comments to defend yourself? Well, when you're pretending that you're somebody else that is where the difference would come up there now I do want to be fair to car. He was willing to put his own name. I'll say that the earth is flat. These me to believe you'll put his name on anything. Nice numbers three. That's the number of teams other than the clippers Asia awards announced he says, Kawhi Leonard might take meetings with the Knicks sixes the net. Bob low, do you think Toronto fans would understand them leaving Bruce Arthur before the finals completed said that if they want to title with Kawhi Leonard that Canada would happily let him go? They would take it. But now you have to wonder man is Toronto like a city that collectively just flew first class. And now they don't actually want to go back to the way, it was before, because quite Leonard was that luxury experience. And if he does leave, I gotta feel like they would actually miss the taste of success that they just had they might but they just had it right. So like, if they'd had him for ten years, and they won three championships then yeah. I think they'd be like damn Kawais leaving the do stop by for one year. They news probably going to be there for one year. They got to taste championship. I think they'll be fine broad left Miami, you had a few people that were salty, but overwhelmingly people got it now Miami is a place. That is like. It is powered by relationships convenient so they can fully understand what was going on there. And I think they'll be good. If you leave by the way, the city of Toronto has put on the full court press in terms of treating him as the celebrity who everybody orbits around can be see the faces of Leonard, as he's been 'paparazzi, because we have him at, like a Home Depot with moving boxes. People have been snapping him doing that. And then there's just him at dinner, man. And that guy just looks like he wants to be left alone. This would not make me want to stay you guys are hustling, backwards of which are playing. And by the way for the people who saw him getting moving boxes from Home Depot, and are making a big deal out of it. I doubt very seriously. That Leonard even if he is moving is packing up his own house, moving himself from all right? This is what hope you've got all that money, and you do your own move, and you dedicate it to the proletarian 'cause way that came relate to dead, a tasked rabbit, get many task grab or, or a moving company or that they do that. Ain't close. I drove Washington. Good subway. Kerfuffle so long as comfortable distance way. I don't know if I could get far enough away from this feel safe. Ladies and gentlemen, that man has the baseball bat, although your kitchen may be drawn to the other man. Retire police officer who showed up his buddy, Rosco. Right. Man who just happens to be there. And now he makes a slow walk away. You've got to go to the next car, make them think it's about to be performance because whenever that door opens, you know, somebody about to be singing, dancing, but you stayed there, this is credibly here. Here we go. The twenty first century. That may here's the thing about you, and your cameras serve is that dude has a pistol, and he shoots somebody guess, who's next Bobby fools with cameras? I want to be a witness also do we know even that guy has great aim? Because now you're in a tiny subway car with the gun and someone with the bed, and I feel like the principles of ricochet should signal that, hey, maybe I wish I would hope understand that. I'm building person here from Texas, which gives me a different vantage on firearms. But I would hope that his aim would be good enough to kick him from there. Can we get good over here? Right. Like Pablo gives us a little bit more credit. I feel like he could jump out a boat land in the ocean. Well, what if that bad is something that guy carries around a lot and used that bad defensively and offense? What do you think is going to swing the bad, you hit a kid gun, and then maybe the gun goes that way at all? I'm saying is I changed cars for so little reason, and if you insane everybody all you had to say is you change cars that would have done smell mental change cards based on that alone in closing. I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Scheuer give you one second guess how he got that name. Shooting does, John. Definitely much out of his shoe. What everyone wants to shoot actually takes shoe off the top. Catch. Guys that are crew that do this, too. But. New shoes. So there's that. This is that a CFL game between these Saskatchewan rough riders and the Ottawa red blacks. I believe. And this guy is a hero to people and granted, I don't know if anybody wants to give my opinions or whether or not gross or not. But that's impressive objectively speaking, that's impressive. Thank you. Oh, you are going to be on vacation for the next couple of days. So. Questions next. Just so you know.

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