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Missing Kids, a Doomsday Cult, and a Sea of Dead Bodies: The Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell Saga


It Hey this is robin. This is Jackie and this is Amanda. And you're listening to Weei solve the double a podcast dedicated to horror true crime. And all things macab want to follow. Us between shows. Don't forget to check us out online. You can go to our website at www dot we saw the double dot com. You can follow us on Instagram at. We saw the devil podcast or on twitter at lease all the devil and if you want to follow specific co hosts social media you can find the links of those on our website as well okay. So for today's episode. We will be covering the insane case of Laurie value. Chad Day Bill. And they're missing children. So if you keep up with the news at all or you spend any time on the Internet. You've undoubtedly seen a news headline related to this case so Chad Day. Bell and Laurie value have made pretty muchly. Incessant had lions for their involvement in a tangled web of missing children that relatives and even a doomsday cult. Like an end of times called Just last week. Laurie Velo miss a deadline to produce her children. Who Haven't been seen by anyone since September? And I'M GONNA go ahead and call that. The deadline hurt around the world because Last week I believe it was on Saturday. She missed the deadline and it was pretty much the headline on every single news network. Now everyone is shocked by this case and no one really seems to understand where the kids are. Or WHY VALO ENABLE. Haven't actually been arrested and broaden for questioning the children literally have not been seen since September and nothing seems to be happening in Violin Day bell or still out and about in Hawaiian. Doing you know the day to day. So this case is incredibly complicated Bizarre decidedly is currently a lot of moving pieces and a lot of people involved as well so tonight. We're going to try to break down the case and kind of start from the beginning because this case is just literally Betcha and Amid a win win was your first exposure to this case so oddly enough when you send it to me. Even though I'm in the same state half the shit went down I. I don't watch the news. I mean I've seen a couple. Little blurbs about it on facebook and like saw the missing kid posters and you know have seen that quite a bit but I didn't realize how convoluted everything was so the rabbit hole is very deep on this case. Yes and Jackie. What about you heard about on the live news? It was kind of crazy. They actually had to give an outline of the characters. Because it's it's difficult. Have you ever seen a case where they have to give you a like a cast of characters? They're just so many people involved in so many names that even just on a generic news story they literally have to give you the outline with pictures and almost like a web. I can't say I have not like this snow like I mean for two missing kids which is horrible and sad in its own way but then you can't even say all these kids are missing. You have to go. These kids are missing. And here's the background. Why it's so much more crazy than the average missing kids case and there's so many different theories. Sulaiman away where you know you can totally go on the spectrum of Colton in craziness or you know murderer or even they ran away. There's so many different aspects to it. No there are countless aspect so with this case it may be difficult some to at times for people to follow along because there are so many people involved so we will have the full cast of characters and a time line on our website. You ever have a hard time listening to this episode up. Please feel free to reference. We saw the double dot com. Where you can kind of Stay in the chronological order of happenings. But in discussing the case I figured it would be the easiest way. Be Start from the very beginning. I'm with Lori So Laurie Valo is the central figure of all of this now. I'm not going to get into background. Biography anything really like that. That's not really relevant to this case But we're going to start with the relevant time line if that works for everyone here to. Yes so if you've seen the case. Laurie followed by all accounts. She's blonde. She's she's absolutely gorgeous. She looks kind of like your upper middle class. You Know Arizona Blonde woman. I mean she's very kind of unassuming and you don't really look at her and see crazy. I mean do you guys think she looks fairly normal? Cheetahs agreed she looks like the average. Don't Blonde Woman that you'd say pretty. Yeah I think so. You think that you'd probably Inter doing yoga. Yeah like you see driving. Tahoe and taking her children to soccer practice or she's a doctor. Some yeah like she's your dentist so Laurie about low is the central figure behind this entire madness. Oh She's been married five times. She's currently on marriage number five and she has three children now. The children at the center of this case are Tighly Ryan. She's seventeen years old and JJ Joshua Ryan He seven years old. So we're going to start kind of where this all began and go through the entire time line so Laurie follow. Her first husband was a high school boyfriend. They married in Nineteen ninety-two in divorce. Sometime in Nineteen ninety-four. His name is actually unknown in one thousand nine hundred five one year after they divorced she marries her. Second husband. William Laguardia in Travis County taxes. Now they have one child named Colby and then began divorce proceedings just one year later in two thousand one Lori. Mary's Joseph Ryan so Joseph Ryan Adopts Colby The sun from the previous marriage and they have a daughter together named highly four years later in two thousand five Joseph files for divorce that's finalized a year later in two thousand and six. Laurie Mary's Charles Valo in Las Vegas. Now this makes Charles Valley has been number. Four Charles and Laurie Adopt Charles's grandnephew. Jj also known as Joshua so as a two thousand six we have tighly and then an adopted child named Jj in August of two thousand and seven. Inter Alex Cox Alex Cox's Laurie velos biological brother. Now he's arrested in Austin Texas for aggravated assault in the second degree against worry. Valoise third husband Joseph Ryan Alex had used a stun gun against Ryan and threatened to kill him and Ryan had just finished a supervised visit with four year old daughter. Kylie and Ryan injured his back and sprained his wrist in a fall now. Alex Cox Spent Ninety Days in jail for this assault which is relevant information as we continue now fast forwarding all the way to twenty fourteen. Charles and Maury moved to the Hawaiian island of Kobe with. Jj entirely okay. So in April. Twenty th and twenty eighteen. Laurie Velos third husband. Just Ryan is found dead the autopsy list heart attack as the manner of death now. Another character is Chad Day. Bell whom Laurie is currently married to. And we'll have more on him later but in December of two thousand eighteen Chad Dave and Lori valid. Do Their podcast together. Called time to warrior up. This is a far right religious kind of doomsday. Podcast in Warri had apparently become obsessed with Todd Day Bell and his kind of doomsday proper grew in January of twenty nineteen. Laurie fellow and Charles valuer having severe problems. So Laurie fellow moves out of the family home and takes highly Ryan with her leaving. Jj with Charles and this is where shit just starts to get really really really weird so in January of this last year two thousand nineteen Maury and Charles are still married. They're living separately but still married. They're supposedly trying to work on their marriage Lori. Valo allegedly transfers ten thousand dollars from Charles values business account into their own personal checking account before moving money into an unknown account. So Laurie Valla was actually stealing money from her husband who she is now separated from and moves it into kind of like an off the grid checking account she then the next day transfers an additional twenty five thousand dollars from Charles Values business account to her joint account and then from the joint account to another unknown checking account so as of right now in two days she transfers thirty five thousand dollars away from her separated husband's business account into their joint account and then off to one that he wasn't even aware of so already. She's you know as you can see. She's starting to bleed his business account dry also on that same day she tells Charles Valley. She tells her husband she was. God assigned to quote. Carry out the work of the one hundred and forty four thousand at Christ's second coming in July of twenty twenty. She told her ex husband that if he got in the way of her mission that she would kill him and this is where they should have just put her down. This is where they literally should just have put her down. It's Procam it is broken exactly. Yeah so the next the very next day after she you know tells her her. Would you call him not separated? Her estranged has strain jess. Thank you the damper telling her estrangement has been. She's God she told him she calls them and tells them that she's going to kill him as soon as he returns from his business trip and says that an angel waiting to help dispose that there's an angel waiting to help dispose of his body because outstanding and she also threatened. It's financially that's also saying yes so Charles. Follow obviously fearing for his life. And it's kind of like what the fuck is going on contacts the Gilbert Arizona Police Department in regards to harassment. Call so police say that Lori would be allowed to go facility to talk to staff and if not she'll be taken involuntarily so there's kind of a scuffle Charles has her purse and it's this absolute big mess but the police and the document states that they found Lori to be in a normal state of mind and only slightly upset. She showed no signs of mental distress as she described what was going on and she actually seemed to be in a good mood she just took thirty five thousand dollars of his money and she wanted her purse back. Yes Brian Poignantly. Move on well and also just add how. They think she's so normal. Her daughter's friend and her family also said that she was a great mom like when they moved to Hawaii she flew her daughter's best friend to Hawaii to spend time with her so that she could still have her social life. So that's kind of the the mom on the outside people thought they were looking at. Everyone thought that she was a great doting mother to both of her children now. Jj also known as Joshua one of the current missing children also has severe autism. That's actually why is she and Charles adopted. Jj is that he actually has severe autism. So Laurie has tighly and JJ and then an older son from a previous marriage. Who At this point is Colby? Who At this point is old enough and out on his own? Okay so this is where things get really. You know kind of fly by really quickly so in February of Twenty nineteen just a couple of days after all of this mess and Charles Value New contacts the police department. He's like hey. My estranged wife is literally threatening to murder me. He's on a business trip right so well he started. He goes to the airport and finds out that Lori had cancelled his flight. So Charles had to buy a six hundred last minute ticket to come back to Arizona and I'm sure he's like fuming and pissed about that right like you know. My estranged wife just cancelled my flight out of fucking nowhere arrive at the airport. I don't have a flight had to pay ungodly amount for last minute ticket. His plane finally arrives in Phoenix. And guess what his his truck is not there. Laurie Avello had used her spare key to literally take his truck to add. Insult to injury. While that's Kinda like crazy genius and evil away a leg talking with her ex husband she so Charles rented a car and then went to her home you know whereas his wife and kids are and the house was empty. Only one was gone. It gets worse so Charles is trying to communicate with Lori and he claims that it took her three days to tell him where she'd left the truck now the next day to make matters worse. Charles Valo is threatened with legal action because he was not able to meet payroll for his employees due to the thirty five thousand dollars that Lori had withdrawn from his account so apparently Charleston's business and he owed about twenty two thousand dollars commission to a few contract employees and when. Laurie took that money out of his account. He wasn't able to actually pay them and so was immediately threatened with lawsuits so February. Sixth the very next day is the day that Charles Valla realizes that Lori Valor transferred two thousand rent a car points out of their joint account he also finds out Lori had called. Jj School to see if he was in class. So at this moment. Charles's thinking okay. My wife into the house. She took my truck. She is threatened to kill me and the now she emptied the rental car account and she's checking on the children in the school so he thinks that she's about to leave the state and take no their children with her right rightly so right so Tuesday later. He's like fuck this shit. I'm filing for divorce. So he files for divorce A week later he files a document asking for temporary custody of. Jj exclusive use of the House and vehicle return of all the stolen money and return of his Jj's personal items Several attempts were made to serve Laurie. But process servers were completely unsuccessful. At this time her car had been seen an Alex Cox's driveway now. Alice Cox again is her brother. She was living with her brother at this time. And he gets sketchy later. Yes in this is just a whole series of Scotch here from February to March Laurie just up and abandons Charles and Jj for fifty eight days apparently is she and her daughter highly pretty much just went to Hawaii and they spent some time in Hawaii and then they also lived with her brother. Alex mentioned above but Lori and her daughter just disappear from her husband for almost two full solid months without saying a word. So you imagine being in Charles position of having your estranged wife keep you from meeting payroll bringing lawsuits upon you stealing your vehicle cancelling your flight and then all of a sudden disappearing with your child. We'll let up to their divorce all of this. So just the fact that of Noah she decided to just take the the payroll and everything not provocation or anything. She just like sap she got really into her weird spiritual things and started going crazy from my understanding the deems as she started listening to a guy named Chad Day bell and his colts. I mean that's literally what it is. I mean it's it's of a break off group from the Mormon. Lds Church right except they believe in this weird spirituality bullshit and Doomsday Doomsday. Cult is at its core what it is and so Lori started listening to this and she even did back in that December a couple of months before she went on a podcast with Chad. Day Bill. That's how they met over this Doomsday Bolshaya. Wow I'm so excited for some of our guests now since all right so to make things even more fucking weird right so after all of this stuff after everything that Lori put Charles through in March just a couple weeks after this mess Charles. Lyles dismiss the divorce proceedings. He's like no. I want to try to work on this marriage. So March Sex. The court approves his dismissal of divorce proceedings. So they're halt. He's halting the divorce after all The next day he withdraws his son. Jj from school in Arizona and then moves jj back to Houston Texas so currently apparently that worked out for like a day. I don't know exactly. You guys have speculation on. Why because the court he is like no I want to work on my marriage and then he immediately takes his son and goes to Texas with him so it sounds like he knows that she's about shit crazy in out of the marriage but was either placating her or doing something to keep his child. It could have been it. Could've been games. Yeah to try and hold her up. Bay. I mean to sounds like she's pretty evil. The core right and then splitting up the kids though because you can tell that they have very good bond based off of little videos that have been shared and like. I don't know if they're snapchat or instagram or something little videos with like filters on them but they seem like they're very bonded to so separating them probably didn't go over well and especially because he he is autistic for my understanding. You you want to continue a routine i. He even had a service dog to help them. Yeah it's and then we'll get more into the service dog in a moment. Enter a new character. So Melanie Boudreau now. Melanie Boudreau is Laurie. Vallejo's niece she's married to Brandon boudreaux right so Melania Brandon are married. Melanie is lawry's niece now. Melanie has also gotten into this. Doomsday Shut Melanie. Has Been Listening to Chad debacle and has gotten into the LDS doomsday shows while Brandon seems to be a pretty you know with a guy she asks on in June of two thousand. Nineteen Melania. Ask Brandon for divorce. Brandon's completely blindsided. He said I thought I had a happy marriage. It was just really overwhelming and he links they're divorced to this doomsday cult. Now this may sound really random. Bring up Laurie. Velos niece out of nowhere. I promise you it is actually relevant. Okay so that's June. Early June of two thousand nineteen a couple of weeks later June twentieth Lori moves into her rental home in Chandler Arizona. So Charles Bowo is in Houston Texas with Jj. And Laurie Valo is in Chandler Arizona so they are separated. The children are separated by all accounts. There they're still married but everything is pretty much done and over with their living separately. So here's where shit hits the proverbial fan and we're all of this stuff gets so weird July eleventh of Twenty Nineteen Charles Valo travels from Houston Texas in his his base. We've visiting his children and his ex wife and he is shot and killed by Alex Cox. Laurie velos brother Amanda you want to talk a little bit more about that. Sure so what I did. Last night I watched the police cam of when they approach like the police get there and they're talking to Alex Cox about what happened so he's just like chilling on the curb. I guess the body's just in the house from what I understand it it breaks up and the audio is cut here and there. I'm sure just to protect their names. And maybe their information but he's the only one there and his story is a little odd. I feel like it breaks at times. Because he says Charles is there he's upset. He's fighting with his ex wife or estranged wife. The kids are present during this and they I think he says highly gets a bat and brings it into the living room at one point but then he also at one point says there's a bat in the living room so who knows and she tries to break them up. He takes the bat from her. And then I guess the Moms just like I'm GonNa take kids to school take. Jj to school and leaves but for some reason takes his rental car. If I understand it correctly So she's gone. Kids are gone now supposedly and then he has the bat and he hits Alex in the head with the bat so then Alex instead of being like a normal person and getting away from the situation he goes into his room but he was staying in. He's not actually living at the house. He's just there for the night ago. Sir for a little. While visiting he goes into his room and gets his gun then goes back into the living room and shoots. Charles because he comes out with a bat again now. That's his story. The cop then asked something like in them. What did you do next? And he says that he went to put his gun away and to clean his head. Which I'm sorry if he's cleaning his head which reserve blood which we do have a head injury. He's speaking very calm and collected on this curb. Not like he has a big head injury from a bat and then also the police at no point at least of this video. There could be more obviously more footage. But they don't say. Do you need medical help? Like let's see this wound. Not at all they don't even react to it and I feel like if you got hit in the head with a bat someone would be reacting to that but anyway so he goes he puts away his gun he cleaned off his head and then he calls the ambulance. So if you just shot someone and you didn't want them to die. Wouldn't you immediately if it was self-defence call for help instead of going in like washing your head put away your gun for all? We know he like sat there and cleaned has gotten like I don't know so. The video is on youtube the Chandler Police Cam. And he's just so calm and collected and for just killing a family member that he says he had a good relationship with in the past. No one's going to be that calm now. During this video she returns with Tyler and it's all blurred out. I don't know why they blurred their faces. Everyone knows what everyone looks like But she returns and they're just like standing on the other side of the street waiting and I feel like if you came up to your house and you saw a bunch of police officers and fire department and all of that. Wouldn't you be running in? Like I dunno acting more crazy innocence. Like oh my gosh. What happened is everyone okay. Who's dead in whatever she's just standing there and so is tightly so I feel like they knew what had happened already because it's not the initial reaction of one. Your family members is dead or seriously injured. It's we already know so. I feel like what happened is they. Were there when it when it went down. I don't know who shot the gun but I feel like they were present. They already knew and then they probably took jj away because he can't keep a secret. That's just my guess. Thus post war yeah in terms of this particular altercation. The police now believe that Lori and highly were present that Lori was actually in the home but not an eyewitness and that highly possibly witnessed the Kellyanne. That's what I'm thinking in. That also might be why she did something to them because they probably know what happened or at least highly does and she's old enough to understand what happened and old enough to be a witness on the stand now also no idea what happened there now. Charles he was living in Houston at this time was actually scheduled to look at apartments and the Chandler area because he was planning to move back to Arizona to be with his children so that's apparently why he was even visiting Arizona to begin to begin with Lori and especially Alex tried to make it sound like in the cop video. I don't know just came to visit children no idea. Why's why's here but Charles had actually scheduled to look at apartments. He was planning on moving back to Arizona to be with his children and kind of reunite his family together right snow. It's just Alex changed his story. But it's actually really interesting. We'll put the video up on the website. You can watch it but yeah Alex Cox Cool as a cucumber after murdering a longtime family member. It's actually very odd. Does really rude right and someone if you look. I look through the comments a little bit of the video. Some people are also speculating that there is water that is on the curb that looks fairly fresh because in Arizona. It's obviously very dry. And they're saying that like either they wash something off or something. Evidence wise was probably washed away but again those are just youtube comments but I I was looking for it and it does look like it's only in front of their house but also if they're you know lawn Watered or something. It would look the same way. But that's just speculation. I've been seen online as well Coming off sprinkler. Of course of course but a lot of people are like they wash something. They did something they got rid of her. You know leaving. I don't know but that's that's another discussion. The police have been very tight lipped about some aspects of this case so I wonder if someone possibly got her car leaving. You know at any point like a ring doorbell or security footage in the neighborhood because they lived in a suburban neighborhood right so like the houses are very close together late. You know ten feet apart and it's very very very very suburban where they live so yeah but apparently this This we'll talk more about the outcome of this. But Yeah so Alex as it stands is taken away and questioned by police so the next day. Lori now Charles Valo. Everyone in this entire story has been married. Thirty Times right like stepchildren. A mile long and everyone's been married multiple times and so on and so forth so Laurie Valo is Charles of aloes. Second Wife Right so Charles himself was married before Laurie and he has two grown sons in an ex wife so the next day Lori Valo. Text her stepson's about four thirty in the afternoon. Twenty hours after Charles was shot to tell them that their father was dead. She doesn't even tell them how he died. And when of the sons? I asked like what happened. She said we are still waiting for the medical examiner report. Yuck has being shot needs. That's crazy so the son asks her a series of questions via tax trying to find out what happens. She does not reply. Seven o'clock at night he asks again. No Reply Eight thirty that night he tax again and she replies and says we're still waiting on the medical examiner. She at this point has not told them that They have been shot. So Sherrel Wheeler Charles Value. His Ex wife and the mother the other two cats finds out from the medical examiner's website though fucking website that Charles's death had been classified a homicide so Laurie. Valo isn't even communicating with his children or ex wife. The EX wife Cheryl has find out literally from the medical examiner's website. How her ex husband died so she then uses. Google searches at that point. You know this is the day after News trucks and whatnot has started reporting local news. And so she literally finds out about all of this via Google and the news. That's so sad. That's absolutely ridiculous. And then that's also a cover up there because if you had no part in it you'd be like Shit went down. I was taking the kids to school. This is what I know but no. She's being very secretive in creepy. Yeah she's being very very creepy So also this the next day right this is July twelfth. Two Thousand Nineteen So to shore. Willard just found out that it was classified homicide and Laurie finally sends a text message to Charles's oldest son and says I'm still working on a wait. I'm so waiting working on arrangements and sorting things out the best I can and so two days have now passed and she still refuses to tell his family. What happens The next day on the fourteenth she leaves a message for one of his sons and says inviting him to talk to her On the fifteenth. Now now we're reaching four days after his murder his death One of Charles's adult sons Tesla. Rebelo again saying hey bitch. It's been three days and we still have no fucking answers about our dad. What is going on and the text message actually read the only information we have is that one texts from us saying he passed away. You disappeared after that we need any information. You have what happened? When did it happen? How did it happen whereas he now are there any plans he later? Swipe Colby entirely haven't contacted them at all and white. Colby didn't answer his call. He ends the tax with. This isn't a nonchalant topic. You can just throw a textile and be done with so. Laurie is acting massively shady. Any comments from you guys up until the point where Charles has died. No but I do have some stuff coming up in the next couple of days about an odd thing with the service dog. Yes so let's move on to August and that is actually the next thing with the service dog so. Jj Fallow autistic child. That Laurean Charles had adopted had a service dog for. Jj they use the local kind of service organization and got was a lab or doodle so they went through a Gilbert dog trainer and got a golden doodle puppy back in December of two thousand seventeen. Yeah they're they're super cute. Same Was Bailey and basically the the goal was. Jj would wander off and get distracted and the the doodle was there to help keep him calm. Help him sleep. Help them stay in bed and help him with anxiety which I guess once trained. It was one of the first nights. Jj actually slept in his bed all night long so very helpful family member to have as far as you know service dog. It definitely helped him. It's true and Laurean trawls had spent seven thousand dollars on this dog tags worth it to get this dog for. Jj So magically on August ninth. Now were almost a month after. Charles's death right. Jj has his service dog. Laurie Valo puts the service dog up for sale right and I actually have something extra on that so Arizona. Abc Fifteen had an article posted on the tenth of this month so February tenth and dog trainy or excuse me the dog trainer. It's Neil Masters if I'm saying it wrong I'm so sorry But he owns the dog training elite in Gilbert and. He's the one that helped train the dog. Well IN AUGUST. She contacted him and said Hey I need you to come get the dog. And he yeah. He was super confused. Because it was it was performing its task. It was helping. Jj But yeah she calls him and says we need to get Bailey new home. She said her husband passed away and they were moving to Idaho and he just thought it was super strange. They're getting rid of it so I guess he actually did go to the house so he goes to the Gobert home to pick up Bailey so I don't know what he did with Baileigh after that. But here's what he says. He said when he got to the House. Jj was in the back seat of the SUV. With his tablet she otherwise Lori was loading bags in the car. She asked me if I had found a home for Bailey and I had said No. I hadn't. I didn't have time to do that. She said well if my daughter asks just say that you have. Because she's really upset about all of this. I said Okay but the daughter never came out and I never saw if she was there so August we know. Jj was still with Lori but he did not see tightly and then he found out about what happened To the husband being shot and all of that so no idea but at least like that's that's a a known account that Jj was still there Now a couple of weeks later now don't forget. The LORIA has another son from her second marriage named Colby Right. He's a full. He's a full grown adult August thirtieth twenty nineteen. Laurie bellows stops by the workplace. Coby Ryan her oldest her oldest son to tell him that she tightly. Jj were moving to Idaho the next day. Kobe says that he didn't ask whether removing and didn't find out. All he knows is that Lori came to him and said or moving he did not hear from anyone really again until three months later until November. He didn't care where they want pretty much so August. Thirty First Laurie. Avello moves highly end. Jj to Rexburg. Idaho Cam so there. We have that now also to note so remember. Alex Cox Laura's brother who killed her estranged husband so he just moved into the same apartment complex as Melanie Bhuj row lorries niece. Who's also getting into this Doomsday Shat right? So Laura's brother is now living in the same apartment complex with her niece WHO's getting also into this doomsday cult. So let's move now to September like a couple of days later Lori Ann. Jj entirely are in Idaho laureate enrolls jj at the Kennedy Elementary School and expert and she emails Jj School in Chandler Arizona and says that she needs to withdraw so she didn't even withdraw him before she moved she just moves enrolls him at a new school and it's like Yeah called after the fact she told staff on the phone that she accepted a position in California which is not true. That's a lie and also that his father committed suicide. That's a fucking mayes. So yeah so. She says that they were in California and that his dad committed suicide not true. They're currently in Idaho and her father was murdered by her brother and his father was if you would think they would have known that being a school a local school in that area and especially with the headline there. You would think they would've known about the murder you would think so maybe off chance edema you have to go off. I guess so. Jj is actively going to school at this point right like he is actively going and and he has been seen in attending school at Kennedy Elementary. September I wasn't sure of that. I've read two different things saying that. He never actually ended up going and when asked she said Oh i decided to home school. See I've I've read that. He was seeing Kennedy Elementary Between the sixth and the twenty third apparently were the days of his attendants and then the twenty third is the last day he attended and then on the twenty fourth. She just told him from enrolled him from school. Got It I did watch the neighbor to. There's an interview with the neighbor next door because I guess. Jj His kids were friends and they would play. Yes so Laurie. Jj Out of school. She told administrators that should be home schooling him and Jj was not with her when she went to the school to unroll him. He was not present with her also on that same day right. September twenty fourth. That's tighly seventeenth birthday. She's also she was really active on social media apparently and on September twenty four at that same day that she had enrolled. Jj it was highly birthday and she had no social media posts. No nothing. No one had heard from her and that is weird for a seventeen year old girl now just since you mentioned social media I did Kenna poke around because I was honestly curious if we had any any mutual friends on facebook because they are from a city or lived in a city that I do have some friends and family that live in there. Too like in that area We don't have anyone in common though so I couldn't see much but her friend I don't know if I'm saying her name right either Visa she posts a ton of videos and pictures of her and the kids too and I've noticed that her mom also changed her profile picture to the girls so them when they would hang out and she's pretty present on a lot of the the groups that talk about the disappearances well and she does kinda update some personal information on there as well. So if you want to check out the case a little bit more there's a couple of facebook groups and They have some firsthand experience. You know talking to the family and a new all of these players in the game Oh it's crazy that's known the social media aspect though it's really weird that a seventeen year old girl just up and disappeared on social media especially on her birthday. That's not really really normal Let's see some moving to October so October. First Laurie Valo opens a ten by ten storage unit locally. Which is if you're in a true crime. That is never a good sign. No so remember Brandon boudreaux right the exit. The the the husband of Melanie Boudreau. Laurie values niece right. So MELANIA's one getting like oh batch it and say it in the Doomsday. Call so back in Chandler back in Arizona Brandon Boudreaux a shot at all of a sudden. He's driving along and there was a jeep which had Someone in it. He didn't see but someone shot at home. Boo Dro- later identified Alex Cox. Laurie bellows brother as the shooter and Alex Cox was driving tighly the seventeen year old girls car. That's crazy and scary so brandon bro. Melanie Bruce Joe said I wanNA divorce you. He says it was blindsided. He's actually he was actually in his garage and I believe he was getting out and then all of a sudden he gets shot at he looks and he saw Alex Cox. Laurie brother the same person who killed Charles. Driving Tyler lease the seven year old girls jeep so highly as jeep had been left behind an right as the family supposedly moved Idaho so already. Now we have Alex Cox getting into you know like trying to murder what person number three at this point. I can't believe he's on about at this point. So okay. So we've kind of gone down. Lori vow owes timely right like a good bet so also in the story is Chad. Day Bell Bright so Chad table Lives in Utah is part of a LDS Mormon Spin Off Kinda doomsday call. He's currently married at this point in October of two thousand nineteen. He's currently married to a woman named Tammy Devel- She is loved by everyone. She is apparently a massive Saint She works as a librarian. And so we're going to kind of switch over to their time line now right. So we'RE GONNA go to Chad Chad debacle. Tammi Davis Time Line. And then eventually. We're going to intersect with Chad and Lori. Okay so moving onto the day bells so chatterton. Tammy able or married. They're in love supposed label accounts and so on October Fourth of two thousand nineteen. This is two days after Brandon. Boudreaux was shot at right back in Arizona. Tammy visits her parents in Utah Chad Day. Bill claims that he tammy needs to go visit her parents in Utah He says that he was told from God that she needs to go now while she is there she is shot at by a masked man using a paintball gun which is weird right. Like I WANNA know why. Shame people with paintball gun mustard sir. You kind of stings Alkali. Yup so the day after that Kylie her vanilla count shows a payment sent a colby to know how much okay so in October to Venlo payments were made from Kylie's account to our brother. Colby the memo for one payment on October. Sixteen Twenty nineteen is a heart Emoji and the message for another payment from October tenth. Reads we love you? Isn't that so bizarre? So she disappeared off a social media. Nothing has happened at this point. The yet we have two payments right and then colby and and this is inside additions article. It looks like they said Kobe. Ryan previously told casts a Zee TV. Has Mom used Van? Mo to transfer money within the family. My MOM IS NOT TECH. Savvy so tyler's account for. Venema was the account she used to transfer money to us. So it might not have even been highly. It was probably Laurie most likely. Us which is really insane. Also just a couple of days later on October fourteenth. You Know Melanie. Boudreau and Brandon Boudreaux Melanie. Right they live in Arizona so melanie tax. Her strange husband Brandon tells him that she plans to also move the Idaho. She said the kids can remain with you in Arizona. You'd have to arrange for day care and I could have the kids for school holidays and summers or I could take the kid. Idaho enrolled them in school. And you can have the kids for school holidays and Summers. Let me know what you'd like to do. And that's how the text message for. What do you have kids? It's not hey everything's gonna be different either. Option works for me sometimes. See the kids. Sometimes I won't. That's not normal. Yeah so nonchalant like she doesn't give a shit you know so here we have Lori has already moved to Idaho and then now we have her knees divorcing her husband planning to also move Idaho right. So let's move to October nineteenth. So Chad tables wife. Tammy ripe the say the Librarian. She dies in her sleep. She's literally in her late forties and she healthy as a horse apparently dies in her sleep. Chad claims that she went to bed with a cough and just didn't wake up. The death was believed to be natural and the family rejected the autopsy. Because in some states if you know the cause of death is believed to be natural the or just in general the family can just refuse an autopsy in that. That's very weird. I mean I've read to like some religious beliefs. Don't allow for autopsies in. That could have been it but also if you were healthy like I think she had visited her family within the last few weeks before her death totally healthy I wanna say she was. Yeah under fifty so definitely was fine and then all of a sudden dying in your sleep as a family member or as a husband or whatever when you be like what the Hell happened. I need to know. I need to know if something was in the house. I need to know if it was a weird chemical like to protect yourself on top of you know wondering what happened to your wife or family member. That's just insane to me that they're just like an issue that interstate. That sucks and of discussion. No it's it's really weird and don't forget. The Chad is the head of this cult. Right so Chad is kind of like the leader of this Doomsday Coal Chad. Day Bells Organization is called preparing a people. Now it has a website you can go to and it says its goal is to quote help. Prepare the people of this earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Laurie values extended family literally said that they felt the group was called an insane now. The founders of this group Michael Nancy James denied that the group has a called or represents a specific religion. They'd have removed references to Chad and Laurie From their website and from everything but yeah it is literally a Colt is a far right wing repor group. That's pretty much the only only information I have unless you have anything else. Amanda no just that. He wrote books so a lot of people have read through these books And they're insane and you had a pass that he would be gone and Laurie. Laurie left Arizona. She was a frequent guest on it. He pro. He apparently prophesied the death of his wife. Supposedly open yet. She ended up. I say if anyone profit you know believes are going to die. You should probably go man. Wouldn't you be even more curious if you prophesized that it'd be like well? How did it happen? Like what happened to her Do you think he poisoned her or suffocated or something. We will get to that now. We're in so on October. Twenty second of two thousand Nineteen Tammy Day bell is buried right like. She's interred now also in late October. Remember Colby the oldest son of Laura Velo. He's been texting with Kylie this entire time right so he claims that in October that the demeanor behind her tax change. He started calling and face timing her but she would never answer and apparently entirely always had a reason for why she couldn't face time the Shia text back and coby says it just did not sound like her and Kobe said it was just bouncing back and it just didn't seem normal and not an inlaid. October is when Colby. The oldest son started piecing things together. Apparently right and for a seventeen year. Old Girl Not Answer her phone. Something's weird and also in late October. Kylie's friends back in. Arizona are starting to receive text messages from her as well tightly has not been seen by anyone but her phone is still texting people and family members that she knows. And I haven't been able to find the actual tax but they say that they're not very personalized they're very basic so it could have been coming from anyone else like one. There's one that says knock Tober texts Reading Hi Miss. You guys to love. You was set to a concerned friend. That's Fox News. Which apparently is very unlike tyler issues very personable and talkative. So and here's where things get weird in November of twenty nineteen now at this point. Borey in Chad. Right Charles out the picture Tammy Day. Bell has been out of the picture. Chattan warrior fallen dating. Tammy has been in the ground less than a month in Chattanooga in warrior already together. Now they're together and witnesses report that Chad debacle and Laurie claim that highly had died the year before and that Lori had no children no minor children exactly no minor children so I don't know if he actually thought that like if that's what she told him or if they got rid of the children because of the shooting or what but a year ago no. She's in the police video months before that. So that's clearly ally like their video of at least her that the police have. That's you know a real source that she was a living breathing girl. She wasn't being puppeteer it or anything like that. Other person thought for the video the elevator video like she was there. Valla literally said No. My daughter died a year ago and I have no other children. They know minor chill. Jj doesn't exist so moving onto November forthright a couple of days later Lori and Chad. Mary Hawaii and you can see their wedding photo. They hired a fucking photographer and they are on the beach and they're playing Ukulele and smiling and kissing and like all Lovey Dovey on their wedding day though some sweeney todd shirt right there and there are no children to be found none nope. I heard that the photographer started trying to get new sources and stuff to pay for the picture so they are around but sometimes they're a little hard to find even sweetening. Todd loved his fucking head. Okay I lay low life Aria to make meat pies out of your fucking geds. It's it's crazy. I mean they just show up in Hawaii so November Fourth Laurean Chad get married. This is less than a year from Laurie. Values husband dying and then literally was at almost a month less than a month. Like three weeks after chide debacles wife. Tammy died. They married in Hawaii now. They're in Hawaii and on November seven. The couple of days later they meet with Jean Martin about renting a room from her home in quiet Hawaii according to Gini Martin after claiming to receive a quote sign from God. About moving into her home she asks about. Tammy Day bells. Recent Death Chad Day. Bill Answers via taxed. She helped me reconnect with Laurie. So quickly and it helped my children move forward so I don't know what you want to make of that. Or how Gini Martin? The person like how did they? How does she know about Tammy? Tammy's death like had news reached Hawaii already. I mean it must have and also recently. I don't know if we should say yet but now that all of this is going down. They actually went for her body now. TAMMY's body to do an autopsy. They exhumed her body because after all this started going down. People are like okay. Maury and Chad are literally leaving a sea of dead bodies behind them and one way or another. Let's EXUME Tammy debacles body remember how lorries third husband. Joseph Ryan remember how he supposedly died of heart attack. Rory had him cremated. Apparently everyone says was very very random. Supposedly died a very healthy forty year. You know like late thirties. Your old man died of a heart attack and Laura. Laurie immediately had him cremated so she also did not want an autopsy on him so we have a sea of dead bodies literally traveling in the wake of the people. Okay so also November. There's a lot of drama between Melanie. Boudreau Brandon boudreaux Brandon boudreaux's. Like what the Fuck I was. You know my ex now. Almost ex wife's brother is trying to kill me so like Louis what the fuck His and Melanie's divorce is finalized. Melanie doesn't show up. And he's awarded full custody of the children. Gus Melania's that's right. She moved to Idaho to be with Lori. And the Doomsday people. The therm it right and also what remember Alex Kachler Cox Laureus Brother? He's also an Idaho so on November twenty four th twenty nineteen Lori and her brother Alex visit the storage unit that Lori rents in Rexburg for the last time they stayed for four minutes and there is now CICI. Tv footage of them removing things from the sort do not. Oh God right have you seen it? And what do you think that they were carrying? Because it looked heavy. It looked very happy. It looked very very large. Dna remove a child's bike to. There's a whole video that one of the New York Post I just saw. There's a few others and they actually have the security footage and then they actually have footage of what was in the locker as well some people on read it. I was reading all the different theories. Because it's not clear footage. Some people even said it looked like legs other people's That like a car seat. Yes a backseat. Yeah look like a c a n honestly whatever you read that you look at it. You're like Yep that's what it is. Yep those are two legs in Tope box thing so I don't I don't know but it is very strange that the kids stuff was in there and has like there's like jerseys it has like Jj's name written on bags and stuff and also when they disappeared one of the neighbors said Jj's toys were still on the front porch so all their stuff. And I'm sorry like a little kid especially with autism. Just routine is important. Having his stuff is important. You know like feeling secure as important so like I don't know what happened to him but I feel like if he was alive they would be trying to keep him as calm as possible and then tighly not having her phone and not talking to her best friend where I mean looking at facebook and the videos of them together like that is her person like they are together all the time or at least talking or a and she has no idea where she is. That's weird so now the children have been gone for like have not been seen for over two months. Right Charles. Valves sister was very very close to the kids. So Larry and K woodcock now they're JJ's biological grandparents biological grandparents in K. Is Charles valid sister? They have since offered a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the discovery of the children and from everything that I've read everything that I can tell they're pretty much the only advocates these poor fucking children have that's their grandparents that and I think the older brother now like knowing that something is going wrong. The kids have now been gone from two foot like over two full months right so the woodcock Charles Volos sister and her husband are like where the fucker these cats so they contact enforcement and on November twenty six law enforcement performs a welfare check on Jayjay fallow at their Rexburg? Idaho address. Laurie fallow answers the door and tells police that. Jj is staying with a family friend in Arizona later that day investigators obviously call Arizona. And how how people check out Narayana. That's not the case. That was a lie literally. No one has seen. Jj into months. Yeah I don't understand why even they're like. Then why didn't they arrest her? Your their mother. You have possession of these kids and they are nowhere to be found. Will the very next day law enforcement execute a search warrant and discovers that Lori Valo and Chad debacle had actually moved out of the townhouse that value is renting witnesses? Say the kids were not with them. Law enforcement also searched the how the town houses belonging to Alex Caucus and Melanie Boudreau. Who only lived a few doors down so Melanie Boudreau? The niece Laura's brother Alex they both moved Idaho and they all live within just a couple doors each other well and that's not normal in itself. You don't WanNa live that close to your family. And so yeah so still no sign of the children however law enforcement has been you know how they they dig it. A search warrant judge did approve a search warrant to search these houses right so they are now on Larne force radar at the very least right like the kids. Now it has been put into law enforcement's hands people are aware that Laurean chatter shadiest shut and the kids. People are trying to find these children now so also November twenty seventh. Detectives go to the House of Coby Ryan to inquire about tightly in. Jj and there's actually video of that now. Colby seems to be an amazing person. He you know he's much older so he's been separated from Laurie and her last couple husbands and he seems to have his shit together. He says he immediately called his mother. After the detectors laughed and said to detectives just came to my door what is going on Lori allegedly answered I got it. I'll take care of you. I'll take care of it love you. She also asked what the detectives asked him. So Laurie literally wouldn't even tell her own son where the other kids were. The kids were which is just like insane. Did he lie and say that he was taking care of? Jj Ed Coby coby has had no idea what has been going on at all until just on November twenty. Seven when detector showed up did they. Did they cross verify though the the JJ actually stayed at the Front House yes and he had not okay. Lorie told detectives when they came to her door. Oh Wall Jj's back in Arizona friend's house don't worry about it and then they checked on that and nobody has any J. He was in fact. Not that friend's house. So then. Detectives searched Melanie Boudreau and her brother. Alex Cox and Laura's brother Alex Cox's home no sign of the children so then detectives came to the House of Colby Ryan. Laurie bellows oldest son. Right like the old adult son to ask about Thailand. Jj and he has no idea like none so. The kids are still not found in Kobe. Now kind of brought into it like Holy Shit. What's going on? He inquired with his mother. And she's like I got it. I'll take care of it love you. So now he's majorly sketched out and the cool part about colby is that that was. I believe the liquid the last times that his mother spoke to Him. And so he's actually. He has a youtube channel where he's constantly putting out videos trying to get his mother's tension. Here's what I don't understand right is Usually like was a gated in storage unit. I don't know Amanda. They do recordkeeping of who comes in and out. You have to like chuck an if it's getting them. Have they have an a La Times? Are Pretty Secure. The surgery is may have like cameras and stuff because that's money for them. Yeah sure so. Yeah they have cameras and they they. They are like very much cooperating with police and they're very open I guess Right now the storage locker. I think her card was declined. So technically it is abandoned so if there were other areas around because a lot of traffic lights and stuff have cameras and can mean stores and stuff like that. I mean the whole they can try and triangulate were they may have dumped the bodies of the bodies were in the storage unit. It's starting to sound like that's probably where they put the baby's right. I was just a couple days ago. I believe that that even came out. It was actually just like three days ago. Where the the police finally released. The footage is from November. Twenty nine th of Twenty nineteen so lorries are other Alex. Alex Cox Right has been living in Idaho. Right getting to know and You know twitting about with these doomsday people. He goes to Las Vegas and he marries. Zulema past Dina's please correct me if I'm wrong Pasadena's or Pasadena's They go to Las Vegas and they get married now. New Character for the cast. Here is an Avid Mormon an avid LDS member and self professed emotional code practitioner on Harlington profile. She actually lists cuddling service. He provides conserve us. Okay so she marries Alex Cox on November Twenty Nine th of twenty nineteen also remember Melanie. Laurie values knees. Who also moved Idaho who justice freshly divorced. She married. He's also someone and Las Vegas also another Mormon far-right LDS member of the church. They all travel from Idaho to Las Vegas and get married. So they're marrying into the call like they're marrying into this like group so now we're into Berg is so the kids still have not been found. No one has seen these children. I mean Elvis. Is Dan more mergers. Yeah exactly the. Elvis is performing marriages in Las Vegas for cult members and meanwhile two children are still missing so on December sixth of two thousand Nineteen Chandler Arizona. Police Department serves a search warrant for all of Jj's records at Life Academy where he attended before. Laurie valid moved him to Idaho. And does anyone know anything really came out of that? It sounds like they're trying to knock her for some sort of negligence. How how old is he at that point seven so if he's not in school no and she can't prove his enrollment or homeschooling she's going to get shot? It seems like get something exactly. It seems police are trying at this point to get some sort of reason to like intervene. Yeah and so that way. They can get more warrants and probable causes and stuff. Yeah that makes perfect son because at this point in the if you go on any article read it like any discussion of this case. Everybody's like what the fuck hasn't she been arrested yet? You cannot arrest someone purely on suspicion you have to have some sort of evidence to actually go off of you can do search warrants. You could investigate but you cannot do something until you actually have a reason to arrest someone for us. You can search for it with probable. Cars arrest with probable. Cause unless you have. She's not cooperating. Well isn't that a like enough? Just not cooperating with police not failing to like you lied to police. You lied to the police about where your kids are already. And then you didn't bring them when they ask you to. I feel like that's enough like at least to hold her in Idaho Right A lawyer has said there are no signs of life but also no signs of death and without that it's nearly impossible to bring the couple to extra them back to Idaho and so. That's the problem. Chad and Laurie have moved to Hawaii. And that's actually the next piece in. This discussion is that they moved from Idaho to Hawaii on about December tenth. They move into a Condo at the Villas on the in the Prince Community of Principle Hawaii so they have fled the state now since this investigation has been so far local to idaho like the missing children. They were last seen and supposedly an Idaho. They can't go to white them. They can't just like Russell Hawaiian bring them back. So not only did Laurean Chad flee the state they fled the fucking continent and they're living in a million dollar condos condominium community and Hawaii as of December I mean. He has all the royalties from his books. Yup So what they are now. We're currently on December eleventh. So on December eleventh is the day that Tammy Day. Bills remains zoomed by the Fremont County Sheriff's Office with the assistance of the Utah Office. The medical examiner an autopsy is conducted now the warrant stated there is probable cause to believe that the here and after described property. A person's presently located within the hearing after describe location is connected with the Commission a public offenses to wet conspiracy to commit homicide first degree. Which occurred on about July eleventh so police? Investigators are pretty sure at this point that Chad Day bell may have killed his wife well once the autopsy is done. I think they're just waiting on that. I feel like it should be done by now. Just not released. It's not release. I feel like the police are probably holding onto a lot of information all right so let's get into Amanda. Do you WanNa talk about Alex because this is really where things take another like insane. Turn a yeah so so on. December twelfth than Alex Cox Died so his wife was it his wife's son. I believe that found him. Unresponsive in a bathroom and call the police and FOX TEN PHOENIX ON FEBRUARY. Third on facebook has the transcript of the nine one one call and basically just he was unresponsive. They try to do. It looks like they were trying to walk them through how to do. Cpr The nine one operator okay. Is he moving at all and his responses? He's breathing basically they're trying to get him to do CPR but he's saying he's too big too big to move and put on his back and he says he also had lost control of his bowels. Yes yes so. That's the way he found him and then at one point doesn't he else? Oh it's okay. I'm trying to find it if it's quickly to a few pages long but I WANNA say like they ask what? His name is an daily healing to his first name. That's exactly what I was GONNA say. He didn't he didn't know his first name and he didn't know he was. Actually they were married. Yeah he had no idea so that just seemed really strange to me for the nine one one call. Just I don't know who he really is. He's just up here passed out yet. Clearly they were very close knew each other for a very long time. Yeah passed out because they say what is your emergency and he says. I have an older male here named Alex. Like I'm sorry you're you're you're mom's husband is not the older male here named Alex. That's just a weird way to say it. He's just passed out here in on my bathroom again. Transcript so I understand. It's scary situation. It's just you know your your mom's husband's name. No that's that's pretty much currently so he died. of suspicious causes and the police have been so tight lipped. There is nothing released about Alex. Cox's death nothing. So he murdered Charles Velo. He threatened to murder Laura's husband before that and all of a sudden he ends up suspiciously marrying into this doomsday cult and then winds up debt himself. What if what if he cursed would if they're the main leader is just cursing choline everybody by accident. Not even two weeks. Jesus not even two weeks. Yeah so he married this woman on November twenty ninth and December twelfth. Like what two weeks later? He's dead so moving on finally into December Twentieth Rexburg Idaho. Police Department officially announces an investigation into the difference of Thailand. Jj Velo so finally now. The children have been missing for three months The Police Department finally decides to open an official investigation and the FBI actually joins on the FBI are actually now involved in. Took them long enough like for kids? Disappearances it has to be quick to find them alive exactly and now. We're going on three months the next day they can't let's true to you. Know it's very hard You have to file a missing children's report for them to initiate the investigation and their grandparents are the only ones who care. They're playing Who is coaching her on this? Because this is a lot of moving around this is big at the right place right time where she gets to avoid a ton of stuff and yeah full online to the police always Arizona. I feel like anyone else would have gotten caught by now. Just been playing a lot of the league in divert lake. Diverting attention and bouncing people around about herself are on the line. Time galashiels police. Oh He's in Arizona and then after they go to corroborate that story she and her husband move. You know so. She's definitely playing the system and the legality is behind it and I feel like she has an attorney or lawyer like there's someone with a legal background is assisting her with us or she's just really fucking smart. She can be a sociopath. Oh she definitely is sociopath. Actually multiple people have culture such a law sociopaths. Very intelligent we'll get. We'll get to theories and like you know what we think happened in a moment. Let's finish up because we're almost at the end of this So the next day after that Rexburg Idaho. Police announces the investigation. They actually verbally call Laurie. Fallow Chad debacle persons of interest in the disappearance A couple of days later. Charen a couple of days later charn buffalo lick of Rigby Andress and rigby an actual ow firm legal firm issues a statement on behalf of Laurean Chad so they basically are pretty much claiming. We didn't do anything wrong. Leave US low like literally. They hired attorneys to pretty much. Say That now. December twenty seven between nineteen. You know couple of days later Chad Day bills friend Julie. Rowe who is also in the the the LDS Colt claims that both she and Chad had a vision. Were Angels told them that Debacles Wife. Tammy would die. She also claims that she knows the kids are safe. She says in her visions. I do know the kids are safe. I can see them. I can see their energy in there in a bright house. I can see there in the living room. Where they are. I can see. They're comfortable in their beds at night in my brain in my head. 'cause they're probably not comfortable she. Her visions told her okay. She's fucking Ya'll have also three days after that right at three days after Julie. Rowe gave her Her interview the Idaho Police Department issues. A press release stating that. They know that the children are not with Lori and Chad and that they have information indicating that Lori quote knows either the location of the children or what has happened to them they also say we strongly believe Joshua entirely lives are in danger. We are aware that in the weeks after Tammi Davis Death Lori and chat told witnesses that Laurie's daughter had died a year before the death of her father which is untrue around that same time. Chad told another witness that Lori had no minor children so it seems like December thirty S. The Police Department is starting to actually finally piece things together and get bits. Bits and pieces interview witnesses and are like Holy Shit. These children are in severe danger at this moment. Seems like they're only they're allowed to finally in. That's that's ridiculous. I mean I understand not wanting to scroll where someone's name or get in trouble in that sense but I'm sorry there's two children that are missing. They are not in school. The family hasn't heard from them and they're not answering their phones. I feel like that should be reason enough to at least take them in for questioning. Hold them because they keep moving. I mean aren't they in contempt from not producing the children? When asked well they actually have a right to hold them. Nope they have to have something on them and they don't have anything. The judge has not approved a warrant for towns and the deadline. Was last Saturday butts. So why so why I? We don't know I mean we only see what's being reported okay. So we actually don't know what's happening so let's move up to last month. Okay as the word literally last month January third right the Rexburg Idaho Police Department and the FBI. I finally fucking finally searched Chad and Tammi Davis former home in Salem Idaho. Law enforcement takes forty three different items. Don't know what they are. But law enforcement went into forty three items Also early January and the seventh. Larry K would cough. Jj Velos grandparents and not to twenty thousand dollar reward for any information leading to the recovery of him entirely If you actually get a chance to watch the news and they have many videos they they are the only faces of family in this case other than Colby and his Youtube Channel right like warriors oldest Larry in K. WOODCOCK. The grandparents seem like such amazing people. They're begging to take J. J. N. U. They're his biological parents. And they're like Thailand. You know you're an adult. You're more than welcome to come live with us to. We love both of you. And they are the basis on January seven. They offer a twenty thousand dollar reward leading to the recovery. Remember how late. What's so fascinating about this case? Is that you know video footage. Cctv footage all of this shit. Just comes out over. The last couple of weeks has just come out. Come out come out come out. But it's of things that happened like a year ago so January thirteenth is the day that the body Cam footage the nine one. One call in the police report from the day. Charles Valla was shot is obtained by Fox News Tan. So it happened. You know many months ago but yet the news finally just got it so on January. Twenty eighth right now. We're less than a month ago. Just a couple weeks ago. Law Enforcement and Qui- Huei serves Valla with child protection order from Madison County's prosecutors in Rexburg Idaho it required her to produce highly Ryan. Jj Valid to Idaho Department of Health and Welfare by January thirty S. So she was served. She was physically served by a processor with a child. Protection Order requiring requiring her to produce these children the next day now law enforcement in Hawaii is on their case so the very next day law enforcement in Hawaii Sees Lori and Chad's rental car and searched them to search both the car and their home So Nate Eastern from East Idaho. News actually has flown right so like news agencies from all over the country have now flown to Hawaii to try to track them down. Because here's what's so weird. Laurean Chad or going about their daily business and why like people news. Journalists are following them s Lori is going to the gym like she's happy in skipping with her husband and going to the gym and they're like where your children were your children and they're not doing anything So Nate Eastern from the East Idaho News pursues the couple to question them about the whereabouts of the children that has gone viral. That was one of the biggest moments I would say. January twenty six when Navy sent is following and yelling after Laurean Chad. They're holding hands walking and they're completely nonchalant and they refuse to answer You guys see that video. No I haven't seen that one. I've just seen One of the groups. There's a picture of them holding hands at the supermarket. I have yet so that I believe it's the same day that that happens But this is the moment that really kind of went viral is the first. I guess like public kind of Introductions them together is like all. These news casters following them. Asking what happened the kids and then just holding hands and acting like nothing was wrong. So January. Twenty Ninth K. And Larry Woodcock Clal for emergency guardianship of JJ fellow which is so sad Also the same day chat and Laurie clear out the Condo that they were renting in the prince community on the island. They allegedly move into the quiet beach resort. So they've tracked down. They found their condo. And then they're like nope we gotta move gun. So they moved into a beach resort so Q. When this shit show really hit the fan on January thirtieth just Louis less than two weeks ago. Laurie valid defies the court order and does not produce the kids to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare or REX. Police Department Risking civil and criminal consequences and nothing has happened. They're gonNA probably talk about how they're too far away. That's why they moved to where I now. Hey there's a reporter justed alum from Fox. Ten Phoenix and his facebook page is just this case for the most part right now at Sorry I sound ridiculous. I'm so sorry. Six hours ago His team has several other requests waiting to be fulfilled. But here's his response from the Fremont County Idaho Prosecuting Attorney's office so he had said it looks like or his team sent a request for public records of the nine one one call and report taken from the death of. Tammy Day Bell on ten nineteen eighteen and Eddie. Nine one one calls from the whole And the Swanson's requests are denied. I mean it's a little longer. Yeah Yeah from the prosecutor prosecuting attorney the office of I mean it goes into like all these statutes or whatever but it just says you're denied Screaming screaming they're exempt from disclosure if they meet one or more several conditions in that much statute stuff. So they're trying to get those. Because I wonder how that nine one one call wet. Wife said she was sleeping. Everything's great just take her body. Do not look at. Oh actually yeah. He's the one that I read it. I couldn't find from before but he said On February tenth again Mrs Justin love of Fox had phoenix. If you're wondering why the exclusive story. We broke for the Laurie Valo Chad Day. Bell wedding is removed. Here's why the photographers revoking permission and ask for compensation for the images now since the story aired. So THAT'S WHY THEY'RE WEDDING. Photos are being taken down until you can't find them. They're out there everywhere. But when a an actual new station is reporting them. They're being asked for money so they hang with some great people because wedding photographers. Let's they're paid. They normally released the rights to their pictures. So that just seems weird to me but it looks like he's just like dedicating his life right now to the story so I'm GonNa go ahead and follow him and keep up because it looks like every day every few hours. He has some sort of update. No it's definitely we can. We can continue doing updates as well. That's crazy January thirtieth. She defied the court order. Okay so on February second. This is February first. This is really interesting. Have you guys seen the Gofundme me? Yes I will so colby right. Maury follows oldest son. He's married okay. His mother-in-law actually sets up a gofundme e claiming that colby and his wife lost their jobs and he's being stopped and so she put up a gofundme me for seven thousand five hundred dollars. She says these kids have lost. Their cars was taken by the police for evidence and the other was in lorries and Charles. Name and the payments had not been made for months. Colby lost his job due to all of this his credit has been ruined and they have been hounded and stopped by reporters on a daily basis. This has been like a living nightmare. That won't go away. They need help so please find it in your heart to help in some way. How much has been donated? Three hundred dollars of seven thousand five hundred dollars and it was actually done by the mother-in-law Colby's mother-in-law Apparently they're newlyweds. They have a one year old child. Colby has been the only sold person with a job Apparently the baby has medical needs She says Kobe's mom. Laurie has obviously ghosted them. Like she has the rest of the nation and they can't even explain how bad things have gotten to not know can siblings or dead or hidden somewhere so lake. This is a very very very like sad. Go Fund me. But the mother-in-law has put one up to try to assist with With Kobe which is really interesting. The wording is very interesting. I think a lot of that so that was on February first. So February thefts let let Salem So six days ago remember Brandon Boudreaux right. The EX melania denise so he hired a private investigator out of his own pocket because the police were not taking him seriously when he said that Alex cops shooter so the private investigator apparently his staff in came back and said he identified. Alex Wong Cox was the shooter. He said the vehicle that was involved. The shooting belonged to Charles Vassallo. It was a green Jeep Cherokee with Texas license plate. He recognized that this was his former in law and he suspected Charles valoise killer. Alex Cox was the one driving the jeep so Brandon Boudreaux at ex-husband and Melanie was also Alex Hawks. Also didn't fat is now accepted that he tried to kill Brandon. Boudreaux the Alex Cox Dub which is just so weird like that makes no sense whatsoever by all accounts the marriage the divorce is going smoothly like Melanie. Blindsided him said Nope. I WANNA move to Idaho. I you know I'm really into this. New spiritual religion. You know thing and I want a divorce. You can keep the kids. I can take the kids. I don't give a shit by. And then all of a sudden brandon. Boudreaux is being you know attempted late. Someone attempts to murder him so it is now accepted information as of six days ago. That Alex Cox Cox was the shooter Further so now he gets. There's been no news pretty much the last week until yesterday actually so the big news in the very last piece of information actually is that law enforcement just found highly his cell phone with Lori. Osha so Laurie has been in fact the one with Talley's phone and that's the last piece of Information Amanda. Have you seen anything in the last like less than twenty four hours No just what I had read from that. Facebook post About denying the one call. It looks like he does have though a couple other calls from some of the family members and from the the cop between Gilbert Police Department detective and Fremont County talking about Tammy debacle he does have a MP three file for that. So I'll do digging and learn a little bit more but as right now. It's just that they were denied that I wanna call that's crazy. That's not isn't look suspicious. That all is about time before they like figure it out and catch them so something here. We have Chad Day. Bell the leader of Literally Doomsday who has their entire thing is being prophesied like he's I prophesized about this Someone die and then. He has a lot of people in his life. His Ex wife who turned up dead Then you have Lori vowel. Who to me? As the central figure of this entire thing husband number three died suspiciously. Husband number four died suspiciously. You know now. Her children are missing. Her niece's husband attempted murder like issues. So much crazy shit. That happened in the UH. So my question for you guys is it sounds to me like Lori has been I mean I guess like husband number three Joseph. You know the one who died supposedly a heart attack and then was promptly cremated. I guess it's possible but that was a coincidence. But like this weird shit really started happening after. She met Chad. Dave Oh Usually money motivates these things to This kind of like a widower killeen's so it'd be really interesting to see like the monetary gain behind it. It's it's truly truly truly bizarre Multiple people have come forward though and said that Lori was acting crazy and that she got really really into his books. And you know got on the podcast and stuff. So is this a case of a woman? Who just got you know kind of like brainwashed? Is she literally a black widow slash sociopath now it is known to that so Chad debacle right is assault? Self published author. So hit books are actually sold nationwide in Mormon bookstores. Though the Church said Chad is known for his other novels such as chasing paradise in the trilogy as well as nonfiction books for youth including the priesthood and the Youth Zaylon. Is Laurie going to be the one writing these books with them? Oh my gosh. Some of these books are insane to. They're selling well. I mean I mean priced priced. Insane are no they're all. They're all absolutely insane but the celestial city right now the paper book. If I could talk paperback it's not from Amazon. I mean it's on Amazon but sold by someone else. So what has it priced at eight hundred sixty dollars and forty eight cents so if you guys want to read some crazy shit from a psychopath so he probably. I would assume if his books are still being sold and Mormon bookstores. That's where his money came from to be able to move things around some of it. Yeah I don't understand it I can get it the if there's like no information right like you know before they served Lori and Chad as far as producing the children like I totally get that they had no like information right like no evidence but now they have ample evidence to prove that. Something's not right that she something happened to the children and she missed her deadline and still nothing. They're trying yell at him. They'll find out. I think they just want you know a lot a lot of times. I did read an article with another attorney about the. They want concrete irrefutable proofs. So they don't you know. Get her get her arrest her bring her in have nothing to keep her on and lose and lose evidence and then Louis her because it is very clear that these people will move around. Oh yeah so. Every time they move they lose to know. Where do you think they are though like where? And when I think they're not I think they're I think they'd likely with this something. I think that they witnessed Charles's murder and I think that Lori decided to kill her children and take off and start a new life with todd. I think the plan was to start a new life. Anyway you're not her children who kill them when they were killed but Charles actually said in his divorce The initial filings for look when he said he wanted to worse lorry that Lori had made multiple statements about how she did not want children and how she did not want to have anything to do with the children. So I think that pretty much like makes it obvious there as far as or hey well he would have taken the kids too. I mean had he not been murdered right? I think he would. You came to be close to the children. That's why he was trying to move from Texas so maybe tightly was I. I don't know it's all speculation but the one thing is for certain that this is definitely probably going to come to a conclusion at some point. I don't foresee this being an unsolved case. No I think every every morning now if you just google it and go to news. There's an update of some kind almost every day. So I think that you know we're GONNA get a conclusion every day You knew info is leaking out so I think we're we're quickly approaching the conclusion of US right and we'll share to what we see in some of the sites that we talked about and timelines and all that fun stuff but we want to hear too. I mean I like hearing what other people think and I've been reading a ton but it's over the place so I wanna hear other people's thoughts too because some people swear that they are being hidden by the colts somewhere like that they. They don't want to be there but the court has them in there in hiding which is also a possibility to your number. No but stamp today feel free to go to our website. Www dot we saw the double com. We'll be posting daily updates and reach out to us on twitter instagram or facebook. And tell us what you think happened. Don't forget to download our Valentine's Day massacre episode where we discuss crazy true crime cases that happened on Valentine's Day and also review Gretel in Hansel and talk about underwater until next week.

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