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Mason and Ireland (HR 2)


ESPN LA, OJ Jackson, junior seer, Brian cabinet. Ski sierra. Mason and Ireland show. Whoa, jr. Was on the get up this morning. Here's what he says about. Kawhi actually know here's what he says about coli and the clippers reality is quite Leonard's focused on Los Angeles. But it's the clippers not the Lakers. Number one, they don't have the money to sign him. And to the idea of him being third wheel on a team trying to create a super team that is nothing. Oh, the clippers are poised to be able to lure him from Toronto. This will be a raptors clippers fight down, the he may take meetings. With more teams it's not even certain even taken meeting with the Lakers right now. Not even certain. He would take a meeting with the Lakers right now. I only listen to roads. Sounds like Larry Koon. Is he is a Downer? Isn't he hears? Whoa. John, who the Lakers could get. Well, this is what they're roster right now. Looks like with this trait. And as you can see with Davis LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma, there's a lot of work to do Wagner, and Isaac Banga or the two holdovers. I think when you when we look at where we are. We know we're the thirty two point five that's pushed back to July thirty it's twenty three point seven million dollars in in room. Splitting that money up into two or three players. They also have money to buy into the second round that could be an option for them to and also block out the noise, who is that final decision maker. And I think when you look at what their options are going to be they can go out and get a player like Bowie on Bogdanovic. But here's where it gets complicated. If you put Bogdanovic again, now you're left, what about six million dollars cap space still find a player like TJ McConnell for six million dollars, and, and that would be kind of what your options are looking? Like you can also put a player like Danny green in there. And out of player like Darren Paulson, you also have the four point eight million dollar room mcclinton mid level exception. But there's a lot of work to do for this Lakers front office right now. So he said something interesting in there. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles is decide, who is the decision maker. Now, I assume at this point the decision maker is rob Pelinka. Is that not a fair assumption? I mean if you're talking about somebody who's employed by the team. What do you mean? Hears about this. Rich. Paul this guy. See, here's what I here's what I've been thinking. So. Jared Goff gets absolutely no credit because of Sean McVay. I think rob Pelinka is destined to get not a lot of credit because of rich. Paul, I don't know how much mean Rich Paul certainly drove this, this trade for Anthony Davis. The Sports Illustrated article last week, the absolutely no way. We're going to be one hundred percent a free agent in the twenty twenty season he definitely pushed that trait. Does he get credit for that trade? Rich paul. Yeah. Go back to the Mitch, Jim thing people when people say, oh, it's bad move Jim did it. It's a good move Mitch. It doesn't matter if it's a Rich Paul thing. Or if it's a if it's rob Pelinka, if it's good for the Lakers, it doesn't matter, ultimately Pelinka will get some credit for maybe not as much as he deserves. But the Lakers win titles. Palinka will get credit as long as he doesn't care that he gets all the credit he deserves. The Lakers will be fine if, if it's really important to rob Pelinka that everyone knows that he's in charge. And everyone knows that he's the one pulling the strings and he's the one making it happen. The Lakers can have a problem because part of the world that they live in with these stars is the agents are a huge okay? But last year, Rich Paul didn't get credit. I'm I'm sorry. Rich Paul didn't have any blame for the players that were put around LeBron James, nobody said, hey, Rich Paul screwed up that part after LeBron signed with the Lakers. That was that was on the front office that was clearly on the front office. Right. Yeah. That was Magic's magic went out and Pelinka. They talked about what they wanted. So why do we think Rich Paul is basically, rich? Paul is going to get credit for every good. Move has in part because. Like Rich Paul more than I think more than they like Pelinka. But it's also because in this particular case with Anthony Davis, he did essentially just drop Davis at the front door in El Segundo and say, all you gotta do is get David Griffin to say. Yes and saw at Plunkett, did get David Griffin to say, yes. And he deserves credit for getting Anthony Davis here and he deserves credit for getting LeBron James here and all that, that's not the hard part, though. The hard part is what comes now and it's partially but what you're what you're saying, well, what, what you're saying is Rich Paul is going to get credit for the good moves now. Gets the blame for the bad news times, he will. And sometimes rob blink is getting thrown under the bus for stuff that isn't his fault because he's but part of the job of being the general manager of the Lakers of makes that job different than being the general manager of the magic, or the Hornets or something like that is you have to deal with this of its managing the line between okay we can do this. We'll, we'll sign Casey pee for one more year, right you, but no, we won't do that, like where is managing the relationship between the agents managing the relationship with the players getting guys to come play here is not that is not the hard part. It's not easy, but it's not fantasy hardwood, deciding how to if, if we're writing off the Colli thing. And now, let's play the other side of the coin, we're writing off the qui- thing then figuring out how that money gets set how that money gets allocated is on, rob Pelinka. Absolutely. And I'm sure the Rich Paul folks will. Then clutch will have input as they should, as they should. And they'll probably maybe suggested guys and it'll be up to Pelinka to say you know what? Yeah. Well, you know, we could give an extra million dollars to vis clutch guy because he fits in really well, and we kind of need that anyway, or we're going to draw the line here and say, Nope, we can't do this one for you, or whatever it might be. And, you know, Paul, I think we could also you know, we, we gotta be careful not to just indict Paul with, like they're just gonna stack everything with just clutch people out automated, like he's, he's got a represent his each player individually, and that Johnny's doing then really is what they do. But this is this is the hard part for point of this is what makes this job hard. We're gonna find out if he's good at it. Yeah. And some of those Rich Paul clients, by the way, how do you feel about rob Pelinka at this point? This is a this is a very important summer for him. You know if he if he puts together at team, you know, cuts a couple of deals and put together a nice roster. It'll get them out of a lot of Laker fans, you know, bad graces, it'll, it'll get. Him into a better light because they're still stinging about the Magic Johnson thing. You know, it still that's still looming. You know, we were calling rob Pelinka little finger just a couple of weeks ago. You know. So it's this is very important, not only for you know, us as a as a team as far as the roster. But I mean, rob Pelinka you gotta stack this, this deck a little bit. And it can't be just a bunch of rich. Paul guys can't it can't be Rajon. Rondo. And Michael Beasley McGee and I don't mean those guys literally, I just mean, in the sense of value didn't well, no. Right. I also maybe rephrase. I also mean it literally, but it can't he cannot be guys who when you look up and December, you're like, well that was a terrible idea. Right. They have to be correct about every dollar. They spend this off season. Yes. And by the way, the, the clutch guys that I think would make sense. Marcus Morris has one of the guys that is out there in a Belleville. He does make sense. Also, who's the other one here Nerlens Noel, I think does make sense for the right number. I mean, you, you need you need somebody to play a legit five. Yeah, that was the thing about Toronto against Golden State their size. It reminded me of when you had Lamar Powell and bynum, nobody scoring in there. Like it's just too lengthy. Right. Seattle. Come Kawai box. And then you can switch out for a sal-. They were just there are just too big. So I definitely agree with that size. And you know the extent centers, the name see mentioned boy on Donovan. You know we talked to I talked to Dave mcmenamin yesterday. I think we talked about remarks yesterday. They both said probably in the eighteen million dollar range, while the sudden, if you've got twenty four million dollars eighteen of cater to boy in bogdonovich. It's it's hard because you've got room for basically one six million dollar player in one four point eight million dollar player with the room exception. So and he mentioned TJ McConnell. He mentioned, Danny green. I would think it's an either, it's either Danny green or boy. I'm bug. Donovan. It's Josh Riddick who's probably in the ten million dollar inch. Did you? I was. Greg like throughout for eight Kenneth three it was like a guy like he's probably different minimum for cheap, right? As role instead of a guy like Nerlens Noel, I would rather have. Kenneth read the nearly just visible, you want, like some of this. This is the this is the advantage of, like, do if you spend a little bit more on somebody like bogdonovich who's a little bit more versatile as a player can catch shoot and do some other things I'll fence guy. I don't mind being on under contract for a few years. Yeah, you're going to have to like the problem with splitting up all the money is you end up with a bunch of guys who can kind of do one thing. And if you can find somebody can do two things at once like they're going to need a guard in the backward, who can create a shot, and they need somebody who can hit a three pointer spot up in ideally, it'd be the same person. Yeah, that's why I like Kemba Walker because he can do both of those things for you. They're not gonna be able to get him. It doesn't look right? But that's why that, that I think is the argument for getting the star, so to speak, because they check more of the boxes that you need. Trevor REEs is another name that has come up a lot. What you, you're like. No. I for the right price. He's not the Trevor REEs that you remember. No, not at all. It's just not that guy. He's thirty four years old. Darren collison, another lane house. Fender can hit a shot solid. Yeah. Solid, you gotta love Darren collison UCLA. Come on now daring. No, he makes a lot of sense. But what is Darren collison caution again. You see, you see an eight million dollar player Zia ten million dollar player. Brian. What do you think? Paulson eat. The Bobby Marx yesterday put him right around eight eight. I'm terrible herbal this game. And why are you terrible at because I always guess wrong about how much people are gonna make. But I think the good at that game. Who's who's good click, Larry Coon? Larry Koon Bobby is Larry good at that game because we didn't use them in that way. No, we did Bobby marks James Horton thing to remember, is there are something like twenty teams with fifteen million dollars or more to spend a lot of teams have space Darren calls in last year, may two years twenty million dollars so he made ten million dollars a year, he'd probably somewhere around there again. Right. He's in the ten what did Danny green making, you know, Tanna think Danny green was ten JJ Rettig was twelve there's another guy that makes sense. I don't like his defense, but he makes sense just because you are the team, you have around your shooters, Danny Green's for forty four for forty. Yeah. So he's a ten I love JJ. I love Wayne Ellington, I love Seth curry, I love Darren collison, the these guys look at you making notes. I liked that dude. I've been when I it's Laker Tom, you need to be over there in El Segundo with rob Pelinka with your note. Pat roughly wouldn't let me in now I've said too many unkind words. Yeah, but I you know, I've I've eaten crow on that got. I mean crow on that. No, I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Can't do. They went from. They went from no chance to win the championship to chance to win the championship overnight, got to give credit to rob Pelinka. Got to get credit to cut it. I gotta give credit to Jeanie Buss. They always they gave regretted like I, I, give them credit for getting LeBron LeBron wanted to come play for the Lakers. But you still could screw that up. You can make it. So you, you the, the landing spot isn't appealing that didn't do that. The cleared the runway. They made it look good. They got everything all dressed up nicely. Let LeBron land the plane that's exactly what they needed to do in that situation. This should get credit for it. The hard stuff comes next. Yeah. Casey peas and other clutch client who we've seen for two years. I think they've thirty million dollars enough. Casey. A year. In other words, they've given him. He got he got twelve and then eighteen you got eighteen hundred twelve eighteen and then twelve thirty million dollars as sort of like a LeBron appetizer. I think that's enough. Yeah. All right. Can I dunk in because we put it in the promo? I want to Dunkin something about the dodgers share, you cannot off, if you want our. Feel free to not offs. Camomile the dodgers have got a tremendous hole at one position. And there's an easy way to fix it. That's coming up next for you. I e SPN Elaine Mason, Ireland. Let's say Shay is here and Brian Chemnitz keeps your eyes so watch the dodgers game last night. For whatever reason the dodgers cannot be either the angels or the giants during the regular season. Don't know why. Greg. It's just one of those things it's one of those things that is inexplicable got no clue. All of a sudden dodgers can't generate any offense. It was last night. Eric fatty is no great shakes today. Sean. Sean on on is pitching for them. Yeah. I know. It's Sean, maybe Anderson, that sounds right? Could be Wilson could be Johnson. Doesn't matter probably has an eighty are a but may we make them look like a Cy Young. He's probably going to spin up a great game. Here's the thing. So last night, I I'm watching and every time I see Austin Barnes, come up. I say there's an out. There's an out. He's batting two oh, eight now two years ago had a really good offensive season last year. Dropped off this year has dropped off a ton. There's a really easy fix here, which is to call up Will Smith who was really good in a short stretch of time for the dodgers when Austin Barnes was hurt and has hit four home runs. This week, five in is it five five games in five. Home runs this week, he was good in Aladdin. He was good in Aladdin. Yes, he was big big week. Yes. Big week for Wilson. What is the hold up? It's clear that he's the guy the future. So why not make them the guy of today? How much does service time matter? I'm just asking how much is service time matter when they also have another catcher isn't like, don't make consider release to be a better prospect. They yes, but he's not ready yet and neither is them. So there there's other guys that are in the minor leagues. Well that are catchers that are not ready. Yet, but you have you have to on the roster now. And one of them needs to be injured relief to bring more because you're not gonna just wave or put Austin Barnes down in time for the fake. I'll why I, I mean, I haven't honestly, why can't you wave Austin Barnes, you're not well, they like them, especially because of his defense. Right. Why can't you send Austin Barnes to play? I'm pretty sure he has option still. So it's very possible. But this team is about wouldn't it be better for him to go to triple A and try to figure out what's going on? I, I mean that makes sense to me, and I make sense to a lot of dodger fans. I'm sure there's something I tend to trust in would Andrew Friedman, really decides in these situations last year, Cody Bellinger was struggling big time in a lot of people were saying, oh, let's just send them down to AAA just for a little bit. And then he came out of it later on. So I'm assuming that's kind of the same thing that Andrew Friedman's thinking now, just give them some time we have a nice large lead in the divisions of big lead. But he's also a time to. Get Will Smith more major league experience because I don't need a two. Oh, eight hitter in the postseason this year. Well, what happens a lot with players, especially when they're young? And they I come up and they're in their hitting really well is at pitchers tend to figure them out. Right. And so if you don't see him you don't figure him out. So if you need him more, so down the line that would be a better situation for him when you really need them in September, when guys don't don't have much tape on him. I'd rather see him. Good big-league swings now. And I think within a week we're going to see him up. I wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. Shay, what do you think? Well. Making sure we did. I wake you up. But yeah, we need to call a Wilson. I tried earlier didn't work. Yeah. We've got to get out to a dodgers game you know, they won't let me back. Come on. Have you been to a dodgers game? Yeah. I did the whole the whole lineup. I didn't throw out the first pitch though Miguel Koto did oh you announced the lineup. Yeah. Yeah. Back where we had a gone and all those good times. Those are good looks were some good times. Good times. Have we, we didn't go to the World Series with a gun on the roster? Did we did we? Well he was he. Well, no. He was not really on the roster against the Astros. Right. Austrailia wasn't even in town for your right, equa- sounded town came about Syrian the sports net, LA studios, and people like now get out of the year, you're gonna ruin it all right. Oh, yeah. A gun. I forgot about that. All right. You know what happened twenty five years ago today shape? How old were you twenty five years ago three three? Do remember reporting. Car. Okay. Where are you leave? I'm coming up to five days. Okay. We all, but you got it. He's got a country was here. Okay. Hold on minute. You know what? That's very uncall-. I just got school is very. Find on wasn't the reaction. I was. No. What I was expecting at all. Yeah. You know, I just I just got he was there. He was three three right now. So, you know the rest of the story. Brian, do you remember where you were at absolute where were you when they visit my friend Carey grease at ex house? It was just after school, ended where we're, we're living in Saint Louis, and we were all standing there, watching it on. TV. Wow. And we were all by believe I have to do the math figure out what year we were back from college thing. It was the summer after we graduated from high school. Right. And the amazing thing was that the NBA finals were going on at the same time, I think I have then they preempted and they know they put him in the corner of the screen hit you in pitcher. It was p I p p- it was picture in picture. It was Pittsburgh in a pit. I saw Scottie Pippen walking outside. Did he really by himself? Yeah. How about that? It's probably doing the jump today. I Greg do. Do you remember where you were? Yeah. I think I was it was ninety three writes, I was about ten years old. I was in fifth grade. And I think I was still in school because it was right at the same time, I remember looking at a TV at school. So I mean I was in LA, so it was early in the day, still, I remember because I was a sophomore in high school. Liar. The fifty fifth maybe maybe junior, maybe a junior maybe after call. No, I you know, I had actually I'll tell you next already SPN Mason, Ireland. We mentioned twenty fifth anniversary yesterday of this reporting. Okay. Where are you fleeing? I'm coming up to five free news. Okay. We all we all things, but you got it. Over calls. He's still alive. He's got a country countries here. Okay. Hold on minute. So that happened I at that point was living in Westwood. I had a house in in Westwood. But I was in New York doing my first national radio gig. For CBS radio network. So weirdly, I was watching the OJ slow speed chase. Right through my neighborhood, essentially, while I was in New York, and it was a surreal experience, and if anybody remembers that when he pulled into his driveway and how long he was in his driveway and how I mean, I was expecting the worst or you Brian. I didn't mean it was so bizarre. Like the whole thing was bizarre. Because OJ was not OJ like village with he wasn't bad Jose, right? OJ. Still naked gun OJ. He was still hurts commercial j yeah. The little the shine was off the apple, but you understand what I'm saying? Like he hadn't become what we think of him now twenty five years, you, you saw OJ Simpson running through the airport today, you'd run for your life. What's. On it from someone. Do you do you remember whether or not you thought he was guilty at that point? Oh, totally. You did think guilty. Yes. Absolutely. I don't remember if I thought he had white guy thought he was innocent guilty, things juicy that's awfully guilty. Doing to me things, you know. I just remember that period because I was doing radio and I remember that period in wondering at what point I could say I think he's guilty today in right now. If the if the same thing had happened. I would call him guilty. The beginning still still have to say allegedly allegedly allegedly, you saying, this is what I think, as opposed to OJ is you. You still depress it and yet still qualify. But what's people don't understand? I think are don't necessarily appreciate this thing didn't just change the way we talk about OJ or sports, like this transformed media. Yeah. Did it transformed everything about how we think about news about how we think about celebrity about all this stuff, and this was before social media? Yes. And by the end, by the way, if you go back I if you think about what hap has happened since I mean, the people vs OJ Simpson miniseries was a. Phenomenon it was a phenomenon twenty four years later. The what was the OJ made in America documentary, which won the Academy Award, which I would recommend if, if you like shea, you don't remember much of this to, you know. Okay. So if you watch OJ made in America, it tells the entire story, including the context in which all of this was going on, because I think the context is what got lost in everything. You know, the backdrop of exactly what went on, do you think OJ did it Shang? Not for me to say Steve. You know that was expecting a fight on their fight. All not, not listen. I just know that he seemed real guilty. But he wasn't found guilty. So there's no say about right? It's been like he was found innocent. He was found not guilty. But he was also found more likely than not to have committed to civil case. And when you do things like make a book, if I would have done it, that's you do a real guilty things juice, but found not guilty. Now OJ. Yeah. I think he did it right. Yeah. Greg, you think he did it right? I mean yeah. Yeah. You think UCLA healthy soul Lamey this transcends where you went to school. Yeah. I mean, I to me it was a it was a no brainer. But also understand the context of, of why that your jury may have reached that conclusion, Demi like Mark Furman and all this stuff. You gotta again you go back and you start to think what you know, they put the gloves on, and the Mark Furman stuff and all these other things like do add, I guess, some level of doubt, but also to it's like it was right after the riots. And yeah, there's, there's a lot going on. And but like OJ was such a weird symbol of racial injustice. And police is is not like he was wildly popular in the black community. No white people like the OJ a lot more than black people, but I'm not black. I'm OJ. Yeah. That quote stuck around so law that they put it in the Phil, but you have to or in the series. So, like, yeah. You know, run to the airport. So the big news of the weekend was that OJ has joined Twitter. Yes. And song giving. This is such a bad idea. Yes. Twitter seems like it. This is such a bad idea. And George was the first one to show me. Hey look, O J's on Twitter at Saturday at our poker tournament OJ's on Twitter and I watched the video, and, and I decided in that moment. I will not follow. Oh, I refused to follow OJ on Twitter. It's a it's my form of protests are not going to a moral judgment a you refuse to cross this line. It is you won't participate. You will not participate in what will surely be the self-destruction of OJ Simpson on Twitter. Yeah. I will not I will not give him the benefit of adding to the number of followers these picked up, which I think, is, well over a million, especially since, you know, you're gonna find out anyway. So tweet it feel like you follow in him as a way of supporting. Yes. What is at seven hundred twenty eight thousand nine hundred twenty eight thousand do you mad because he's got followers in you follow. DT follow. DT. No. All right. I was about to get you. Oh to know I don't actually I don't need a too, right? Right. You don't need to. And by the way, you probably don't need to follow Jay their bribes at the moment. He says something stupid. We are going to know it because it'll show up on social media. Does he have a cool name? It's big. It's so funny. If he had a cool Twitter name, the real OJ. Hey, I think it is the real OJ thirty two. Yes, that's right. And there's also there's, there's fake ones that are rolling around already. There's the with the t h a meal OJ thirty two and there's the real and the L for this. The cautionary tale. Don't follow a fake OJ, right? We'll because they're saying some crazy things on these fake OJ some awful nasty stuff right on the fake news. Yeah. Is a funny story, my grandmother doors, when she was having my father, it was between orange Paul and OJ no way, I don't know how we got down to these two names. But Orenthal Orel shave and love any other. Orenthal 's are though it was it was because j o. It wasn't just accidentally orange orange Paul or oh man, I could not rock accidentally named after I couldn't rock Orenthal. I wouldn't know he ruined it for everyone yet. He did. I would not be cool. Yep. Anyways, twenty five years ago today Hoffman if you want he gave away, some interesting fantasy footfall advice already know is that what he's doing on there. Yes. Do you want to hear it? Sure. Taking an early look at fantasy football. Patrick Mahomes, was my clear number one, but with cheetahs status still up in the air. I am debating Baker Mayfield or t g three eleven so which or Todd Gurley. Yeah. What do you think? Am. I missing someone. Early. Number one, the arthritis news. No literally, not the no need Todd Gurley. Yeah. All right. So deep is your league if you're going to OJ. Magin if you're an OJ's fantasy football league of heavy weird at very weird. Hold on. I just feel the trade offer from OJ from let him win. Take first place. Please. Don't make them MAC. Could one of the first thing you said was I've got scores to seven, which is really scary, which is really scary. I coming up next we'll circle back around to the big story of the day, and that is the Lakers and Anthony Davis and what the Lakers do next. Plus, we will return to our normal format and bring you fasttrack coming up for you the top of the hour. Shea you got some fasttrack stuff. Yep. Wrote it out on your notepad. I love that. I love that Mason, Ireland O'Shea Jackson junior seer along with Brian cabinets. ESPN LA. I don't know if that was not. But I dumped it to be safe. Mason, Ireland, O'Shea Jackson juniors here. ESPN LA. It is the Tuesday after the Anthony Davis trade is completed and one thing that we, we talked about a little bit earlier and we'll circle back to is what Damon Jones said yesterday on the us. Yes, after the AD trade on Saturday, I had a conversation with somebody. That's close to the situation that said that collide Leonard is now in play for the Lakers. Now it's a lot of things that have to happen. The Lakers have to clear the cap space, although Kawhi Leonard right now still contemplating if he's going to go back to Toronto. And if he does that it'd be on a shorter deal. So you're saying that if he is still certainly very much in play that he goes back to Toronto yet, if not the Lakers are a legit possibility for him strong possibility. I was told by someone close to the situation understand. He's winking. You wink, both eyes. It's okay. Damon is very close to LeBron James, why on the way. So you know as watching that parade yesterday and there were a million and a half people a million a half people, what does the Lakers parade draw. What did the two thousand nine Lakers parade draw I round will roundabout a lot. Yeah. Look that up Greg, because I want to see that there's, there's something different about the Toronto Raptors parade in that it was a whole country. It was a whole country. No other NBA in, in, in Canada. So the whole country rallied around that team. And I think it would be very hard. I mean, I'm just putting myself in I Leonard shoes, it would be very hard to leave knowing that a million and a half people just showed up at my parade and believe me. They all I mean they chanted by you. Dream about that every night, a million and a half people showing up at a parade for you. Yeah. Like this is literally the, the best thing that could ever happen to you. The Lakers parade in two thousand ten according to CNN says that they got between five hundred thousand and two million. Huge range, but unofficial reports ranged from five hundred thousand to two million people converging around the parade, which shows a lot of wiggle room. Yeah. That's a lot, right? Well crowd size gets gets to five hundred thousand two million fame. There's a few in between this mix of something CNN. Yeah. Give you fifty because the two thousand ten prayed was not as big as the two thousand nine crap in there. I couldn't figure out we beat the Celtics game seven, I just felt like the whole city would have been on fire, but you know what? You know what that is? It's like the, the if you go back to back, the first one's always going to be the bigger of the two because people get a little spoiled in the meantime, and with the raptors this is their first ever, right? Adver you know. And I the Canadian teams the grizzlies and raptors back in the day, and then it just turned into the raptors and I know Canada felts feel some type of way about the other NBA teams and they've just been so close. You know, they LeBron James has been their villain for the last three four years. So now this was their opportunity. They finally got it everybody had to show up, but according to Greg LA had two million people here or five hundred thousand. Well, let's see. I think it's fair to say, we're all from LA now. Yeah, I've been here twenty. Seven years, Lido been here, over twenty over twenty years from Saint Louis I'm from LA. Yeah. You're from LA Greg. I'm from LA born and raised put yourself in the shoes, you're interrupting to-, right. And you have this success, but you live in LA, and you've got a chance to come home to play or to stay where a million and a half people just showed up to see you. What would you do if you require if you're coli personally, I feel like no matter what I do Canada will always love me for what I did for them. And I'm going back home with the unstoppable. Team of LeBron James and Anthony, Dave, thanks. It's easier to leave the because they won then it would have been had. They lost really see. I think it's the opposite. You, why are they did it? But I- title I can go now. Yeah, if you want, he comes if, if he were to go and live a life out here in LA, and then go back to Toronto, whenever they're going to be like, oh, my cou why and it's over like they're going to. I'm not saying it's easy. I wouldn't. I'm just saying, like if you wanna leave it's easier when you actually accomplished and gave people to think that they want Bronwyn as opposed to we were so close and next year, I'm going to push it over the top, correct. Like, oh my God, I got us. So close, we gotta go back and get it. Like I feel like there's unfinished there is no unfinished business. You did it. I still think it's the opposite for me. It would be the opposite for me. It would be you know what about you? Greg. I was if I was him, I would stay in Toronto. I mean I just don't see like you're saying with the millions of people there. If you're, you're now a God, you're, you're not in a country. You're yes, you own all of Canada. Now anywhere you go in Canada. You're going to get free food free free. Yeah. By the way, there that Ryan dine program, where all these restaurants say that no matter what when walks and he gets free. You know, him and his party, get free dinner free drinks free, whatever they want. He was offered a luxury penthouse. Who is the type of guy is still tip yet? I can't yet he can do all that. And I can't do go fund me, so Anthony Davis can get his four million dollars all year. Brian cabinet ski, but there's so he should though only take a couple year contract out of this, because look what's around him because you only have I mean, well, here's the thing, calories thirty four. The premium free agents the premier free agents. I was talking to mcmenamin about this yesterday and the hall, he says, they're all going to take to. And once because the salary caps gonna take a jump after two years. Right. And Marcus already thirty five or going to be thirty five thirty six somewhere around there. When the season starts seeing with Kyle Lowry big parts of it. So really it's him Siachen who's really good really right player. Surprise. Yeah. Fred van Vliet was very good if they can re-sign, Danny green, they could have a good team around it, but it's not going to be the same. When you're playing against Kevin Durant when he's back and Steph curry and Klay a win win there. Against the Sixers didn't go in there were no. They were certain way all bouncer certain way, gotta get a little luck to win a champion. You do. You absolutely do. So we look at Toronto now we say completely worth it. No. Yeah. If y if Kawhi leaves, let's say, let's suppose that he leaves actually I'll save that for after faster. Oh, save that for after fasttrack. I wouldn't leave the raptors for the clippers. I'll tell you that when the Lakers are set the way that they are in. It's either go home or stay in Toronto. Stands, ron. I'm not moving here for Doc Rivers and Patrick Beverley, even though I do like Patrick Beverley, I don't like, Doc Rivers. Patrick Beverley is not going to be here. What he's not going to be. I think he's going somewhere else. He could come to get a lot more somewhere. Oh, money. Yeah. He can get line for money. Where's the love? Yeah. All right. Fast track is coming up next for you. Mason in Ireland. Shea is here. And Brian Chemnitz ski serious piano, life.

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