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Live from npr news. I'm nora raum. The senate will not consider a standalone. Bill passed by the house to increase pandemic relief checks from six hundred dollars to two thousand but senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell says he might allow consideration if bill also addresses other objections to the pandemic relief package raised by president trump stocks opened higher this morning as six hundred dollars pandemic relief payments began going out. Npr's scott horsely reports. The dow jones industrial average rose more than one hundred fifty points in early. Trading stocks were mostly higher overnight in europe and asia london's footsie index rose as authorities in the uk. Granted the first emergency green light for covert nineteen vaccine developed by oxford university and the pharmaceutical company astrazeneca stocks in the us slumped on tuesday after a push to boost pandemic relief payments. To two thousand dollars. Hit a roadblock the senate. Gop senate leader mitch. Mcconnell has tried to saddle the larger payments with other provisions that have less support among senate democrats boeing shares gained altitude early yesterday but ended the day. Flat the jet maker seven thirty seven. Max plane flew commercial passengers for the first time tuesday after being grounded for more than a year and a half scott horsely news. Washington forty-one-year-old congressman elect to loop let low Louisiana has died of covid nineteen just days before it was scheduled to be sworn in washington from member station w. r. k. f. Paul brown has more let low or republican. I announced he had tested positive for covid. Nineteen on december. Eighteenth less than two weeks after winning his congressional seat in a runoff election. One day announcing his diagnosis let low was admitted to a regional hospital in monroe louisiana. He was later transferred to auch. Lsu health intrigued port for more advanced care. He died there tuesday. The forty one year old is survived by his wife and two young children let low began his career in politics. Working for former louisiana governor. Bobby gentle he won the december fifth runoff in louisiana and was set to take office in january for npr news. I'm paul braun inbound rouge after a marathon session. Argentina approved a law early. This morning to legalize elective abortion becoming the first major latin american country to do so. Npr's phillip leaves has more until now abortions only been permitted in cases of rape or where the mothers the mothers life was seriously at risk. This new law makes abortion legal in the first fourteen weeks. Supporters of it say tens of thousands of argentine. Women goes a hospitalized each year because of unsafe underground abortions that more than three thousand women have died in the last few decades because this. They hope that this will do a lot to help end. That npr's philip greaves stock. Prices continue to climb. The dow is now up one hundred sixty points. The snp is up sixteen. This is npr news in yemen. Explosion struck the airport in the southern city of aden today. Shortly after a plane carrying the newly formed cabinet landed officials say at least thirteen. People were killed dozens. More were wounded. No group has claimed responsibility. According to newly released clinical trial data one of china's leading covid nineteen vaccine. Candidates has a nearly eighty percent protection rate against the disease. Npr's john ruiz reports the vaccine is being developed by an affiliate of china's biggest state owned pharmaceutical company sino-pharm. The company reported some results of its phase. Three clinical trials they show. The vaccine demonstrated efficacy rate of seventy nine point. Three four percent against the disease. That's about fifteen percentage points lower than the rates reported for the pfizer biontech and moderna. Vaccines both have been approved for emergency. Use inner being administered in the us. The chinese company says it is applied for conditional approval of its vaccine during the summer china gave emergency use approval for some vaccine still under development. Hundreds of thousands of people have already received inoculations. The government has pledged to make any vaccine developed in china a global public. Good john rich. Npr news britain today authorized the emergency use of the covid vaccine developed by oxford university and astra zeneca. It's the first country to do. So officials say britain has bought one hundred million doses and we'll start distributing next week. This vaccine can be stored in regular refrigerators and doesn't need the altar. Hold temperatures some other vaccines require. I'm nora romm npr news.

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