Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #32: Total Idea Request Live


Wow. Akiva needle. That's right. Yes. Robin, Akiva, Nida podcast episode number thirty two that was the great songs rob Makita need a podcast by recent wand off winner, Adam Berkowitz, and here, we are ready to go as it's total idea. Request live. I am rob sister. Nino here on episode number thirty two of Robin. Akiva need a podcast with a man that I have not spoken to for two weeks. And it's one of the longer yada that I've had in these last five years of podcasting with the guy they called the podcast is podcast. Or of course, you know, him from the Seinfeld post show recap the thirty two fans, podcast football, and sports and TV talk podcast here. He is the crate Akiva Winokur instead of podcasters podcast, or what do you think about my rebrand? Spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephews recently, what do you think about rebrand too key? Uncle key. That's fine. I've heard you reference yourself as. Mielke, something actually last night. If people listening, the the smooth dulcet tones of Akiva, uncle sound different. I got a new Mike, and I went to Chester's parents place to pick it up and Chester's kids were crying in the elevator. Because it was like midnight. We were both coming back from like vacations. And so I was like, hey, I'll take one of them because his wife was alone dealing with three three sons. And I'm like, you don't want to go and his kids who don't really know what? Yeah, we're all creeped out. I think, but I also I brought when I was getting the Mike I brought my daughter because she had the p she was we were we're both on long trips home. So she like, you know, we have been in the Carver to want to go to the bathroom. So went into his place. She comes back afterwards. She's like dad, I was afraid to p their bathroom toilet gold. So I don't know if like Chester's Donald Trump or not. But he's got a gold gold toilet. That's been a theory that many floated before I did she mentioned anything about an inspector gadget type panic room. It's a different different place. Also, she's thirteen. She doesn't know. What inspector gadget is even ok well, my kids know it from there is a Netflix reboot of the inspector. Gadget. I guess she missed it though. Maybe my little ones. No. But like thirteen year old miss the whole gadget era. All right. Total idea requests live here today. We've got a ton of people on hold waiting to pitch us ideas. Akiva when we bring somebody on with us. They will have two minutes and thirty seconds to pitch us on an idea to go onto the wheel. The idea will go onto the wheel when both rob. And Akiva say yes to the idea. Can maybe that should be. What this episode called say? Yes. To the dress say the idea, I mean. That's a good name. The other thing I was thinking because what if we get like a couple of good ideas, the beginning. But then at the end like those ideas, get knocked out of the ballpark by better ideas. I mean, if we limit for how many do you want to sort of rank them what if like we sort of make rankings during the call? We don't like tell the people. Hey, that's great. Or that's bad. I'm just balling here. But what if we don't tell the people if we like it, and we sort of have an internal ranking? I'll do it you'll do. And then we'll talk we'll we'll reconvene at the end where it's like one to five one being awful five being great for being let's say I wanna come back and have to do something at the end. I want to tell the person we're talking to their idea is good or their ideas sting. But should we grade them? Should we grade them or do you think that's too harsh? Should we grade them in real time to the person? I don't mind surly like ranking the ideas as as they come in in terms of like, that's the number one idea that came out of this. But I of all my one to five system, you're not into it. I don't know why we were gonna make it extra complicated. I the name of the game here. Everything we do is extra. The rules where I think we each get to extend the calls, but only one minute, right? Also, we don't know his keeping track of the time because I don't. Okay. You're keeping track of the time. But the game is get people need to get us to say yes to their idea. I don't think we need like overly complicate it with rating for what it. It's a one or is euro as likes to throw around. It's yes, sir. Deciding what you are or one or zero she's decided I'm zero a longtime ago, but that's her loss. Okay. The right. The other thing I'm not sure we mentioned is that minimum. We promised to ideas. Get on the wheel. Okay. All right. The fishbowl. We would like we could sorta cop out and just take two ideas and the fishbowl worst case scenario. All right. I so I think we need to anymore setup. Here. We've got a ton of people on hold. Let's see how many calls that we can get to two minutes and thirty seconds. You do not need to use all of your time. Akiva, do we have a word that we want to say for when we say, yes, we want to have something like something cupcake. All right. Okay. I ask one more thing. Yeah. Remember when we when we last time we spoke to the listeners when we call them, and we ask them who's who's living rent-free in their head. Yes. So let's say if we if we have time for people. I've got a question him. All right. What do you think about this? That's fine. If people want to run it by you, first, let's say for the first person. I think you're gonna hate it. That's fine. That'll be cut the first one. Okay. All right. So then if people have if they want to either what's that called like when I watch these congressional hearings, and they wanna give their time to fill. Oh, I don't know what that's called. Is there? There's got to be a name for it. Do you watch a lot of congressional hearings? You make it sound like one I didn't before the last couple of years. But I, but I know exactly we're talking about. It's like you have five minutes. Eo see only needs like ninety seconds and give the other three and a half back to the chairman the other way around. But yeah, that's the idea. Yeah. Okay. All right. Let's get into our first call. And so we are going to hear from. I know from the sound check that this is Maria. Yes. Okay. All right. So here we go. Maria, your two minutes and thirty seconds start. Now. Hi, Robyn, Akiva. So let's go number. My what's what we got. You maria. You're good. Okay. All right. Sounds good. Okay. So I'm going bit of against conventional wisdom here online, which says to not talk about on the podcast. I'm saying go all in on the opposite direction. And let's make a podcast where for a week or less leading up to the next one all of Rob's meals are planned and decided by kiva and in an effort to expand Rob's pallet yon, just boring chicken and salads and whatever else try to get some spice in Rob's life. And then on the podcasts at the end at the end of the week, or however long rob is gonna report back on is experiencing how terrible or good or it was hopefully on a 'cause you know, we want to be one of the other extreme. Anyway, that's my idea. Can rub trick me into eating. Not kosher. The other way round. Yeah. So. This necessarily like if I'm gonna go home for a week. If kiva isn't a plan. My my will I don't like kiva planning my meals as much as I would like the idea of keeping kosher for I think, I knew it. I mean. Yeah. I mean, I think I'd be like the perfect person to keep kosher, Akiva. Yeah. Because your food is very boring dif- you'd have to different supermarket one time, but it would be relatively new your house play the more expensive. So what which version are we are we voting on? Rob keeps kosher for a week or Akiva plans on my meals because I'm out on a kiva plans all my meals for a week. I think rob keeps kosher for a week is really good. But rob is nicks like rob eats Jewish dropped tries Jewish foods BuzzFeed style, which I thought is also a good a good idea. What is the podcast is the podcast? Interesting. Am I like keeping a diary all the way through? I think we could discuss like will make you have like a couple really hyper-specific, kosher foods, and you're keeping some sort of brief diary, okay? And let me give the rest of the time to Maria. And then it keeps I will finish the Scott Shen. Anything else? I think the the kosher idea could be interesting. It might be too easy. I'm not sure. Okay. All right. Time is time is expired. Okay. So I'm going gonna put I'm gonna I'm gonna put you back on hold and keep an eye are going to discuss whether we need more time, and whether the ideas go onto the wheel, thank you. Thank you for the call. We may come back for an additional sixty seconds. If we need it. Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you Maria. Keep my phone on. All right Maria is back on his back on mute. Okay. Akiva. So that I have a little bit of the deliberation. Before we go to the next call is this is this good enough to go onto the wheel. I think also can we knock something off as long as we have to. Let's say later in the show. We like let's say this is our favorite but ends up being third or fourth favourite. Okay, fine. Let's. Tentative. Yes to what is it? Rob keeps kosher for kosher for talk about my experience. Yeah. But I also think I'm gonna get like a famous kosher chef to like help plan. That's that's fine. But I also, but I the final say on if I wanna have a kosher boring chicken, you get like three meal vetoes, and then we'll make we'll give you the backup meal. Okay. All right. Okay. We need more time with Maria. No. I think it was good. I also like it's funny because we're just going to sort of tweak every idea and give ourselves credit for it. All right. All right. So there you go. There was Maria. All right. Let's take you all number two today. And this is going to be from. Okay. All right. Two minutes and thirty seconds go. Okay. I supposed to call note in and nephew hater, keep uncle noted. Niece and nephew hater key. Yeah. That is true. If you die listeners know that I'm anti nieces and nephews like, okay. Hey, all right from the original hot take too. So. So I think the episode the season for now was really fantastic. But it got quickly sidetrack into an idea of whiting the wheel clean. So forget about wiping the wheel clean. But imagine this season finale episode it comes of randomly. We haven't whole award show similar to verners both home the wheels. If your favorite and least seven episodes that span that's best not to get takes that's cetera. And for the main attraction in this. This can be its own idea. If you wanted to beat the marriage of it sells. I mean case it doesn't hold enough on its own. I would want now this again to guests. But I think one should be to get them. The other nuts the net Wanda, featuring cheswick and Casey Kasem. And of course, the winner would get the win win were getting. Gets a Weiner. Okay. I'd like to see the rest of my time for the my other ideas if that's not smoke. Yes. It's fine. I have other ideas on more time so feel for. The brand the renowned character brand steel, I think we'd just be rebranded as for nephews versus villains AK stands versus ops. Okay. Try try maybe Mark linn Baker data up. Obviously Ryan Candice Bergen leprechaun's MRI, of course. And for. He's not he's. Keep going. So I- revisit the original to lost Robin podcast episodes, which are not I'm this field. And I thought for sure some gold in those in those episodes, really isn't Rob's favorite idea right off the bat robbed, you know, your favorite idea from the original sixteen. What was it watch CSI New York over and over again? Music videos. Hit the Mark. Now, New York, you guys you guys the pro for New York was that it will for sure be on this aisle access. About was that you'd be so excited for the following episodes that you desperately wanna continue season up. So, but you wouldn't deal out the how does that? All right. Great concern. The thank you for all of your ideas. You are added time. Thank you put you back on hold. We may come back to you. If we need additional sixty seconds like like, rob future. All Mata lunch that he's going to have in a few weeks a lot. They just from three there by the way passer over for like two days. I almost choked on mozza before when I was home alone. And I thought like two days after because there's nothing no one came home with dinner went out like four hours ago to get dinner with the kids and somehow showed up two minutes ago. The second we started the podcast. So I felt like what a a low weight ago. Like, no, no Lamer death of all time then like choking on mozza after Passover almost happened. Okay. V dropped a lot on us. They are Akiva Bill. It's the is is is the creator of the conspiracy the domas conspiracy. All right. So he has a better track record with these. Ideas than we do apparently. All right. So I if he says that as a noted hater of nieces and nephews you had said that one of your least favorite things is when people post niece and nephew pictures on social media. Yeah. Like, it shouldn't be the cover your phone if you like. He's a psychopath. If they have the picture of their profile pictures them with like a niece or set a lot of regrettable things that might they rob. But but I mean in fairness like, I don't know all of my nieces and nephews name. So I can get like an irony a monkey I was I was literally at my brother-in-law's house for the holiday, and like, I don't think his kids noticed. I was there the whole nine. Okay. So V went through a lot of stuff it sounded like he was pitching another version of the Robin kiva award show. But ultimately, he ended up saying something about our Robin, Akiva wand off. Yeah. I mean, that's really not up to us. Like, we could say, yes. But we obviously cannot do that without Jesuit lers consent. And I understand if he wouldn't want to spread too thin. I really do think that we would struggle to get five one offs for a one-off interesting. Now, the thing is that while we probably have a lot less listeners than something. Like that. A lot of the Wando of people are like pretty big staple. So I think they might actually show up. But what are they writing songs of? Right. I think they would just have to be Robin kiva songs in general or that whatever week. He comes up the wand off is about the previous episode because I think that would actually make it easier with in doing the wand off when we say, okay. Well, you make a song about the whole season. I can't do that. But it's like make a song about the past episode. That's easier. Literally be like every single could literally be bet like JT or the Oregon trail, whatever the pre whatever the episode in which that wheelspin comes up. That's what it is. So if if that came up on the last episode, all of the wand off songs would be about Riverdale or frail, Mary or mcginnis or any anything from the previous episode. I kinda like that. Okay. Let's put it in in consideration. Is something are thinking about I. In in-practice now that we're really under the gun. I don't really love the idea of having to say yes to something immediately. Let's let's hear what comes in. And then. We'll definitely be able to say notice today. Let's and then finally V said that he thinks that we should make the brand steel stands versus ops. Okay. That's fine. Yeah. That's really a tweak that was saying he's like DuPont. Remember those commercials. Like, we don't make the things that you buy. We just make them better not venting that ideas weaking. All right. So let's go to our next call here. And this is going to be from. Dave from Ohio day from Ohio is online. Okay. So let's go and patching Dave from Ohio, and Dave you're two minutes and thirty seconds begins now. All right. Hey, Robin, Akiba mine idea is rob versus the chief battle of the month. You were born. Okay. So each of you would pick ten celebrities movies icons that are there born viewed or released in the month, you're born. So so rob your Tober seventy eight is that right? Correct. Well, hold on hold on. We'll give you a few seconds. Wait, Dave, make rob guests the month. I was born. He was born. Oh boy. Jitter the year. Oh, rob what kind of friends, rob? You could tell them. Dave. September eighty three is correct. Correct. Correct. Yes. Correct. Okay. So so you take him whether we. Born viewed only onto your born. And then you get stats on them. Like either ratings if a four Ticon then percentage or number chairmanships, and then you would go head to head in the next week. Robert pick one Akiva would say this one and the back and forth. So for example, I'm just a little bit older than rob. I was one in June of seventy eight so. Would be. So my would be Bill hater from Saturday live Dirk Nowitzki from the Dallas Mavericks. They'll move from berry off so Donna from avatar guards galaxy and Star Trek, Justin, Laurie you haven't heard of. But he was in dodgeball. And he was I'm a match guy. Yeah. The commercial back in the day. And then number five would be Garfield the cats. Right. So that'd be nine list. And then you would say, okay. Like, technically, I say, okay, I'm gonna give you Bill hater and say, oh, let me come back with Zoe gel. And then I say, oh, well, well, his IMDB rating is this your I'm being bickering is that mine tire my lower. You also could do a rotten tomatoes because every celebrity has their Beck newbie in their worst movie. So I could say, oh, here's Bill hater. I know that Zoe don't Donna. Bean rating, but but when you pick rotten tomatoes, and and you can say, okay, actor or or different stats for sports icons, and such or you can also do the brand steel idea that so okay? That's my all right. Thank you so much. Dave wants to have us podcast about the months in which I don't think by the way, that's the way in terms of content. That's the way to do. It just come on. And Dave and thank you for the call you back on hold. If we need the extra sixty seconds. We'll bring you back. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Very great. Okay. I think you can hang up. Question is ultimately, who cares if a juice? You know, random listener Corey from Cleveland. Okay. I opened up my tunesfeed on on a Sunday morning. And I see oh, Robin Cubana podcast wonder what they're talking about this week and the title is October nineteen seventy eight versus timber nineteen Eighty-three. Yeah. I might skip that. I mean, it's definitely out there. I give him props like for you know, for for the idea to big idea. But it's just I don't know if there's anything they're like, a water, we ultimately. And like if I'd almost care more birthday like if we went what's your deck over twenty fifth or something twentieth. Twentieth. And September twenty six I I've no month birthday month pride. I have day day pride. Okay. Like, the most famous people born on your birthday. Yes. Do off the top of your head. You know? Keith hernandez. Okay. Mickey Mantle documentaries brothers, Snoop, Doggy Dogg. Okay. You and we've discussed this on Seinfeld. Once I think I wanted to really Chester should have a birthday ranking for all three hundred sixty five days. Maybe the most slippery birthdays. Or do you want to be the most famous person on your birthday? I mean, it would be hard for me to be, you know. But like, I don't know. Yeah. I just have. I just have Serena Williams and genuine them. I think are the only celebres born on my birthday. My birthday month. You have. Sean Brosnan peers, president son. Yeah. I don't think it was a great month. Now Maggie grace. So I think is still buried September birthday. So lost the spoiler. Yeah. There's a lot of the Semper baby making happening. Yes. Okay. All right. Let's get to our next call here. And this is going to be. Be draw. Deedrick? Okay. Let's talk to d- dry here who famously was somebody who went out on the one of the dates on the rap chiller and before I bring her in Akita. Did you catch the big update from the rapture edition of the podcast? Oh, yeah. I was gonna say I have note to talk about that right before we spend the wheel. Yes. Big news. And the nap world will end just east from the end of the recaps or segment who famously I wouldn't say promised, but we'll consider getting married on this very show. Yes are engaged. This has been a big couple of months for Jessica sterling to become the first two time guess on Rodney to podcast and then also getting engaged. Yeah. And she just beat Dietrich because the dry think is about to make her second appearance on the show. Also, the guy. All right. So let's go one more update before we get to the. Yes. By the way, Edwin says called from work, but had the hang up. Okay. No. But here's an update quals. Who's listening says senators congressman yield their time to there to there? I think visa seed they're times it seed, or you know. That person is right. Also, I got a from Wolfram merica, would you like to hear it? Sure. He said he's on the line, but running an escape room until a half hour. He should be fine. Okay. Okay. Also, just says a as a note here, we will not do mount Renat more in this episode after we get calls. This whole thing is about or if you think about it. That's the thing. If the whole episode is about ideas, we don't do amount more we going wheel. Okay. Here's the DRA. And let's go ahead and bring her in her two minutes and thirty seconds are going to start once we get her on the line d- dry there. Yes. Hey, robbing heave. So I know we're supposed to start our ideas with achieve of this idea is good. So there we go. Robin kiva, Robin, Akiva, predict the future. So this is like a spiritual sequel to what e- brought up earlier with your sports and hot takes from the two lockstep Assode where rob and kiva you guys can make no sir Dom type predictions, and then we can revisit them at a later date. Whether that's next year years, you can predict all the things that you would talk about on one of the random day in the nineties odd tasks like the biggest movie at the box office, the jets the Mets things like that. So it's like that. But in reverse. So that is that is my idea, and I see my jurors floor. What if I told you d DRA put Q thirty thirty four. So what if I told you that? Pitch like five times. We've been much different. And I thought that you guys had gotten sort of the opposite of that. Which is like you put. Time you talk, airing and. Capsule up. So, but we just air it. Retract my statement. And I yield my time to the Russian was cry. So just putting it twice comments. Okay. So, you know, a keep an eye are what predicting things like, you know, who's going to win the World Series. And then who's going to win the democratic primary things like that. Sure. Yeah. And you know, we never to remind forgot to mention rub. Yes. Okay. Well, hold on. Dietrich keep going. Oh, yeah. So we've got big survivor year coming out. So that could be big prediction night. You could talk about like, what are the the big shows that are gonna win the Emmys, or you know, who's gonna get eighties reboot in the next year that. All right time for this question. Of course. Okay. Real quick DJ which twenty twenty democratic candidate you support right now. I am legally not allowed to answer that question. Oh, government employees racy that's straight and that got off to a good that got off to a great star. Rub. All right. All right. If we need more time, we will come back. Okay. Hope you doing great. Okay. All right. Bye. Okay. All right. So. Yeah. There we have it. And so any thoughts on that? I mean, I I met, you know, I don't hate it. But I don't love it. Like, we'll any been be excited. If that's next week pod. Guel can't be next. Like, it would be interesting. If there was somebody who came on and was going to tell us like their predictions for twenty twenty where but what are the stakes? I always ask what I don't know. I don't know if it was like in January. Yeah. Or or in December. And then like like Chester was coming on with. Big name guests. It would have to be like a funny like what if we got like a fortune teller on like a psychic. And she told us what was going to happen. That would be cool. I would that would be then it's like you're really putting your name on the line there that I would do. But what if your way to listeners are sending us their predictions for twenty twenty are we are we in around. We could do that. What if I would like the best listener wins Weiner hat or some or or you, and I have to have to decide are we? Okay. So somebody comes out and makes a prediction twenty twenty twenty. Somebody says Texas is going to secede from the union this year. Okay. And you and I have to cast our vote. Yes. Yes. Or no. And then at the end of the year, then we have we're we're counting for the twenty-five things. All right. Put it in the maybe pile that I like that. Yeah. Wheelchair like the March madness bracket where it has six spots on the wheel in December. Okay. Perfect. Okay. But not until like, we're not doing that. In august. Right. I agree. Okay. All right. Twenty twenty prediction game. Okay. Let's go to our next call. And I do think that the time limit is is working. I agree. It was going to do about you. All right. So let's go ahead to our next caller. This is. Monica monica. All right. Let's do it for Monica. Okay. Here is Monica. Monica. Are you there? Hey, Robin kiva making my call. Minutes in thirty seconds for you, Monica. Okay. My elevator pitch is a slight workshop on the podcast you've already done, and it's sorta going to flame out because of you just didn't up date before the Deedrick call, but hang in there. Okay. The elevator doors opened and I see rob. And Akiva, rob, Akiva. I love rehab and my favorite one coming in second place to leprechaun was perhaps earlier. Now here comes up. There was only one thing missing from there. Happyhiller pause for dramatic effect. Oh, shoot. I was three that sorry. There was only one thing missing in that was. That was a happy ending and everybody wants to happy ending. But either kind of is one. So forget that. But okay, hang in there. The one element that will create a guaranteed. Happy ending to their happier is rob and Akiva, ship a podcast. Robin, kiva hiccup friend. Robin. Akiva have agree on the date, Robin Akiba ship. The. Now, I am not Rob's LA base assistant. So I cannot foresee possible roadblock coming or problems that may occur. But and I know robs picky. But. If you choose a trusted friend, and you both agree. I think there's a guaranteed happy ending. And if it hits the wheel in like three months from now, there could even be another engagement. Elevator doors just open. Hold on. Are you confused at all or do you feel like that? You are getting this all I'm I'm confused. Yeah. We're shipping. cO basically, we're setting up a couple here on the crew Robin came on the crew we're using ship it up to do this. Absolutely. Okay. Okay. So I don't know what that is. And that's that's maybe the confusion. Yeah. I think that'd be difficult to do. Through the. Nardy benches debate at the kick idea. It's all right. Well, but also trip is like someone's like, hey could get on my ship idea. Then everyone was like, oh, it's like it doesn't work for Android. So we're really discriminating against our injured listeners Bach. I don't know if this is going to be a fit, but I'll I'll tell you. What if I ever get divorced in back in the dating full? We do this for me. Okay. Okay. Thanks, guys. Thank you making. All right. What what a podcast that would be key. I'm literally what a podcast that would be. I do not know what to do. But it might be tacky to date the listeners that would be is that what she wanted. She wanted us to date the listener. Oh, you mean if you? Yeah. So a key. They want to get people matched up. And then we're going to pick all the particulars. That could be the only way we could get Nicole to listen to or at least like her attorney for legal purposes. Yeah. Okay. All right goal really is to have like some attorneys like having to listen this like billable hours at there charging their client for. I mean, there's a count is Chester's listening to the podcast. I mean, he probably building somebody for that. So sure. Okay. All right. Who else is on hold Ben from Calgary? All right. Ben from Calgary. All right here is Ben Ben are you there? I'm here up. All right. Ben, you're on the clock. Okay. Thanks. I was a little frayed. Monica was gonna pitch up kiva get a happy ending. Idea. My idea is a little but of a take on one that you put on the wheel AST week where you have the last four minutes of a movie, my idea is putting is watching the five minutes. Fifty five minutes into a movie that way, you have about four things you can podcast. I the recap what the hell you just watched. I you. And then you can also talked about what you think happened earlier in the movie, what will happen later on in the movie, and whether you would actually watch the movie, okay? Are we watching up until five minutes and fifty five seconds where we're watching a random, five minutes and five seconds. I was thinking you'd watch five fifty five minute five minutes fifty five minutes into the movie. So from fifty five minutes to one hour into the movie. Okay. So we're watching the exact middle of the movie. Yeah. Well, not always the middle. Yeah. Okay. So we're jumping in very late in the second act of film. Yeah. With with no context idea, you you might not even see the the main character or the main villain at that point. Why why would the listener care what we thought about the middle five minutes of random movies? If I was thinking about if you had a crappy movie something like a leprechaun, not not necessarily leprechaun on because obviously you have the bad movie diaper, but something like that then then you can just do re hap. And then with five minutes, I think you're gonna keep us. Recaps would be probably hilarious and then trying to predict what's happened earlier in the movie. And what will happen later on in the movie, I think that there is some Jews to that where with watching the ending of the movie, you sometimes Apple's movies where you have two minutes of action and then three minutes of fall out and nothing really happens. Okay. But what do you think I just don't know how this is better than the final four? I'm not sure if it's better it's similar, but I it's. It's it's more confusing to say the middle five fifty five. That that's I tried it with one movie was called the sand. It's this really random movie where the fan attacks people. And I thought that if you to record something about that about the movie like that or similar Sandra that trying to explain the plot was movies with any content happened for would have been Larry's, okay, Ben. I'm sorry. We're at we're out of time. Thank thank you for the to me. It sounds like that it might be the follow up to final four really takes off. And it goes into the the strata Matic twenty sided die. Okay. Thanks keeper shy speak. Bye. All right. Did watch one to see how it would work. Definitely appreciate that sort of effort from him. Okay. All right. Are you ready for the next call or anything else that okay? No, okay. All right. This is our next caller. Okay. Tyler. I believe this is okay. Let's see is is this Tyler. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. We hear you. Okay. You're on the clock. Great. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Great. So I'm gonna try to go a little bit fast because I have two or three ideas, so idea number one dic-, Robin. Cuba would choose rap album and kind of go behind the scenes and try to dissect all lyrics and what they mean. And then you guys can kind of just make up whatever, you think actually means or you know, like the song and everything you can maybe actually tried to do it. So one of my dance for that is there's a famous rapper whose names wall lay he has a scientist themed mix tape called the mixed about nothing. So that's just an idea for maybe something you can do idea. Number two, Robin, Akiva, leave their house. So I'm actually calling you guys out. So my. My was that, you know, the listeners can maybe sending their ideas. Like, maybe they could teach you a little bit about the language give you some survival raises. And then give you some like background history about their country their city or whatever. And then maybe they could pepper in some false information. And then you guys tried to sniff it out. And then that's kind of a way for listeners and everybody to learn something about different little corners of the world, I suppose, and then I d and number three is crossover. I guess between season three episode seven and crappy movie diapers. So my is season. Three episode seven of power. Rangers is actually the conclusion to a kind of TV movie time episode, but they also created a theatrical Power Rangers movie to that has like the exact same plot. So the idea would be you guys could watch the TV movie type thing or the actual theatrical release movie one the other both whatever, but they're both pretty terrible. And I think you've kind of fits your guys nineties wheelhouse, crappy dialogue and production. So okay. Those are my pitches sorry to super fast. Twenty seconds anything else. That'll do it. Thank you so much. I honestly can't believe. I'm actually you guys. All right. Tyler thank you for the call k-. Keep it I will pass those three pitches. Okay. Thanks so much. Thank you so much. All right. The key ask these people with the voting for it. Because literally everyone's Canadian who's calling. What works for the government? Okay. Look. So Akiva, three things we had dissect the rap album. Yeah. All right. All right. Everyone wants more aqui, Robin. Akiva, talking about music, especially like there needs to be more podcasts about white guys talking about that would have been saying on the street. So. Actually, two guys who couldn't handle like, you know, one music episode. We picked up by the ringer after that. White guy song about rapid is their wheelhouse posted can I someone I have no idea of this true. But this person's usually, right? And they said that the ringer doesn't pay their their host for their podcasts. That's wild. I don't know if that's true that's alleged. Okay. All right. Number two, the foreign language. We were learning about the world -education oil podcasting. No. I mean, I just think like it won't be funny because like worst case like winds up that we're making fun of them. It's not a terrible idea. But I don't think anyone's excited about it. And what was the third idea? Our injury NPR podcast. I really don't like it was like like, you probably still John John's pitch. John John's on the line. But I'm not a power interest guy never was power. Rangers gives me the the Hebrew. Jay, bruce. The. It's the he'd be gbs. But for Jews. So I can only give he'd be jeez. Yeah. You can only get he GP's. You know, unless you convert after rob keeps kosher that week. You're like, I need the food. All right. All right. Okay. Let's go to our eighth caller. Okay. We're flying through the calls. Okay. Eighth? Caller is going to be. Sean, Sean, the mailman okay is ready to go. Sean the mailman. Okay. You're on the clock. Okay. All right. All right. I got my list here. Norma calling. I know one of them was the new take on the the west lot quiz. But it's mayor Nicole don't wanna podcast just about the stupid wheel and the stupid stuff and then get rip on both. The also win win for all of my love of podcast where she complained about me for for like ninety minutes. So keep an eye on this episode yet your own the episode and there's a host, but you can't talk the. Episode also. The coin flip you turn that into like the bedding winter spot instead of a coin flip. It's whoever's won the latest bet that becomes their spot. So why takeover then y'all have to shut up and we ever talks the most loses. And so the other winner gets the spot. If it comes up there is Robin cable. Learn a new language or develop a secret Rene language. That's going to be. Yeah, we barely know. One language Rene Rene the game it's kind of board game. But it's all the Napa fide with all kind of random number generators and pingpong pools and a TV kids coming into the room shouting out something, and no we got us Twitter. I am db listeners. Sean. Can I ask you a question? How's our driver? Matt dip in that detto doing. Hey, the Benedetto is qualified twenty six today the racist. Probably starting actually right now do not have it on. But he qualified twenty six and they're racing in Talladega today. Superspeedway two hundred four miles an hour during qualifying rob is Dan the benefactor loved us. He would he would get a he would get a sticker like a Rene sort of stick not the main sponsor for NASCAR par. But like one of the side a five hundred bucks now, nobody watches NASCAR anymore because Sean like the I think we could hack that. What do you think? So we're getting a bumper sticker on a NASCAR car. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're doing some advertising on the NASCAR. That'd be huge. If we could get that would be you. Yes. Then the benefactor you're raking in the cash. I assume. All right. We are running out of time with Sean anything else. I got Robin. Akiva, get schooled gotta watch. The new spin off of the Goldberg called schooled school anything that. What if we'd ever watched the goldbergs, although I think their wives? I've watched it. It's fine. All right. Yeah. Sean, thank you so much. Okay. Thank shy about. All right. All right. Sean went with more of the, you know, scattershot approach through a bunch of stuff at the wall. He shot back. I don't remember had developed a language Rene the board game watch the TV show schooled. Yeah. No. I don't think any of them. Are we already have three or four in the maybe pile, right? So I think there's a high barrier. Yeah. Rene the home game. That's not anything. He's thinking ever heard. But I feel like the game three a little more developed. Well, I think that that would be the podcast. I mean, we'd be developing developing the game. Okay. I don't think it's a full podcast. Okay. Maybe if we had like a game developer could take that one. And then come up with the renowned home game. Okay. All right. So then because I don't ever been a podcast had a board game before. Serial? No, you're probably right. Yeah. I think we probably have a go to market with that. Okay. All right. Here's our next. Call caller number nine. James, james. Okay. Caller, number nine is James. Okay. Hello. James or you. Hey, guys, you hear me? Andrzej? Great. All right. So I thought it was in the show episode two which got me hooked which the patriots versus jets playing men, and we haven't had a sportscenter episodes since then. So I have three titles for an episode idea that would be about the same thing. So it'd be Robin. Akiva, sports makeover, Robin, Akiba, sports think-tank or forgetting really adventurous, Robin. Akiva, inventive sport. So basically, you would talk a lot of people who listen to that don't like sports, and I I'm a sports fan. But I do understand that they do get boring at times. So they can I think you could. You could like talk about what you do like about sports. What moments you like? And then what moments you don't like about sports and try to tweak sports and make them better. And yeah, that's DEA. And then my favorite show episode was my kid shows our trash, and I I know Reina's new show called Ryan's mystery play date Rob's than watching. Oh, man. I haven't checked it out. But I would like to hear you guys talk about. Okay. My son. We haven't gotten to it yet. Okay. All right. Who you voted for in twenty twenty Cory Booker? One for Cory Booker, by the way, this is binding whoever we this is like that first city, and I were up whoever wins this is ver- now getting one delegate. Yeah. Worry booker. Okay. All right. So gotten weeks. All right. I think somebody pitched Robin keep invent sport in like like episode four or five if I remember correctly. Yeah. These thirty fan. Like a million sports out there. Why would we like, I don't know? We're trying to sell like. You know ice to people who ate ice. Well, I don't know. James? Would you listen to any of these ideas as thirty two fans episodes? Yeah. Sure. Okay. Okay. Maybe thirty two fans. Yeah. Yeah. And then in terms of Ryan Ryan's mystery played it, I think it's actually hard to podcast about it. Because every episode is exactly the same. I don't know like how much there is to make fun of I feel like we've dunked on like four year old enough. Also. He was he's like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And really his parents there's much more to to dunk on except that they have like, you know, a worth and sell us half half a billion dollars. One emailed the podcast one this whole operations over. Right. Hope they're not with digits. Okay. All right. That being said James. Thank you so much for the the calls. Okay. All right. All right. Keep anything there that you want to ruminate about more, not really, you know, I have a sports podcast where I have to think of so many ideas that I would hate to like have this once the one almost I don't want any of those ideas for the sports podcasts not right now. But if Chester's listening to me like something he can hit me up, you know, sort of find me I would like to hear Chester invent a sport. Okay. If Chester has invented sport. By the way. Can I give you a Chester family update? Yes, please. I went out the night before Passover, I went out for dinner, just myself Alexander, Chester. And Dr Jen actually original thirty two fence. Sorry goal joins us at the end. Also. But oh, we went out for dinner. And Dr Jen is I think officially off the obsolete. I heard we had heard that on fans. Very nice time. She said that I am a good conversationalist. And now she's will take her off the opposite. Oh, okay. All right. Next up. This is going to be caller number ten here is Josh Joshua you there. Yeah. I'm here. Okay. You're on the clock. All right. So first of all keys before and Sam idea. The all draft podcast. So you take maybe six or so fun categories. And then you briefly each view drafts five of each category of peace. So just for some ideas. What you'd be drafting? I'll think it'd be best movie villains. Fancy name Steve places you'd want to live fast. Food restaurants all said, you a huge list. You can pick out whichever ones you like the best TV networks Christmas movies ninety sitcom characters. So these pick out six of the ones, you think would be the most fun. You have a host on maybe Chester or wake lawyer or like loom to act as the judge after each round. They say, okay, rob one or kiva one alternatively. You can have that person alternate between being the host and being wanted people drafting, and then Robert kiva judge between the other two. So how about that? Okay. Like it all. Drafts. Schrafft's? I kind of I liked the idea. And this is one of my things that I don't care for about fancy football. I they should not give you the list in ADP of what people are drafting, this is a Chester opinion, Chester like the wild west when I did fantasy basketball and fifth grade, rob after the first seven players we had to remember who was in the NBA and the Google in the middle of the us, Robby Krieger, S-Class guess, I'd like this idea without the list of all the things, and then there's more room to make fun of a person like you idiot. You didn't even draft, you know? Steve Kerr in the famous Steve draft bright. I like the idea I think listeners could submit ideas to Josh my tweak would be what if because I don't know. How interesting it is. If there's like a Mike bloom. Mike bloom type who's just deciding who wins what if we could get the audience involve what if like there could be like, a, rob. Like what if there's a third person on the line and you could extend Josh for a minute. If you need to like what if there's a third person on the line who sort of like making insta- polls. And maybe like they're like people are voting in real time. 'cause there's like a bunch of people right now, we're listening to this and like the and correcting us in real time, which I think is interesting. What if even if it's only ten or twelve voters like might be more useful than just like one way, bluer bloom or Chester's again, I'm ready to put you know, the all draft episode into our shortlist? Yeah. I agree. Yeah. I think it's really good. All right. Time is up that you want to extend Josh now because we already made it. I don't think we have any more questions for him on right now. Josh, thank you so much. Okay. All right. Thanks, josh. Okay. All right. Good. All right. Let's go to our next call. We've still ton of people on hold. I got I got a message from Cuba's childhood. Correspondent Andrew saying. Let me cut the line. I have no idea. How many people are in front of me? Thirty years of friendship, doesn't even get you along here. This is you're talking. This is Scott Chupak, Scott, Scott. All right, by the way. Yes. I just to give you a sense that I'm talking to Scott who called in at ten nine. So I don't think we're going to get. I don't over gonna get everybody today. But let's keep let's keep trying. Okay. Sky your from Seattle, right? Yes. He's on yet. Okay. Here is. Scott and okay here. He is Scott from Seattle. You're you're on the lines got I'm normally some Seattle. I'm right now in Las Vegas. I called to end my my room and extra hour because I didn't know when I was gonna get on. Okay. The wild haggis. Okay. Yeah. Guy. Okay. Thank you. So here's my idea. Is rabbi Akiva need to podcast. So this is kind of. Kind of an attempt to make something out of Robin. Akiba? Learn the Torah or maybe Robin, Akiva, read them again long. So so for rob sake. Rabbi, Akiva, a famous rabbi from the first entry. And I'm guessing they have something to do with got named. Sure. Yeah. So I learned about this. Because when I was a Sunday school know what I'll I got it is a as a book. So he stories about rabbi, Akiva, he was also famous for writing the tall. Mid has a bunch of Morrell boilers. Okay. Okay. So thinking this is hosted by Akiba's rabbi dad, hopefully, if we could get him. That's a big yet. Revolu? Toes? Kennedy ideas, we learn about the rabbi talk about some of their stories defied if they make any sense today. Maybe we try to make the rabbi Akiba story into an award-winning bio pic, okay, now, we're sort of monetize things. Now. He's got my attention. Yeah. Okay. Tiba? Is this interesting for you to explore the history of rabbi, Akiva, I it happens to be that. It's fascinating like everyone should check out his appeal page the more important question because I have so much familiarity with it is Rob's interesting for you. And I won't be offended. If you say, no, I mean. If it's it does not grip me, I have to be honest. Thought when people said, you should really do a biblical thing. I just don't think we like it you with these things it's hard to be funny because I feel like you're like to flip and people get offended or if you're too dry, then it's not really a comedy show. But you should read about that you read rub Yukido page for next week's episode. Ravioli needs a podcast is a good name. It is a good name is definitely a good idea. I literally had the same thought Scott. But I don't know rabbi, Akiva, needs the podcast. Fun fact about a kiva is I think this isn't freakonomics said, this is the most educated name the United States. I think I've mentioned the step for all right because I don't know Cuba's like going to school. All right, Scott. We are out of time. I'm sorry to say thank you for the good idea. Okay. Good luck in Vegas. Okay. All right. All right. He was a we're not gonna do rabbi, Akiva, no, not unless there's a real approaching Akiva at some point. Should we cut the time down to ninety seconds? Because a lot of do you wanna like should we cut the calls in a few minutes? Also, like people are normally people around whole deal idea. Let me see as of right after Scott's call. Let me just find where he was. That he might not. I think I lost my place. Also. So by the by estimate five ten. Fifteen twenty. I think we've got about twenty five people on on. Well, that's a lot by the way, everyone if people want to this to be a long episode than blamed Jordan Kayla, and if you or happy that it's the place survivor, New York, Brooklyn south, and he and he even lost. And now he's growing over. Okay. Yeah. All right. All right. So I'm gonna go to we're going to go the ninety seconds of cut the caucus back. Okay. Okay. No more cautious. But can we and let someone wants to come on and say can we cut if someone's like really not doing it? I can we just give them the boot. Or you think that's fine. That's fine might be. I think we could probably just like give them their ninety seconds. And not. I'd be humiliated by okay after waiting on hold for an hour. Okay. But this is John John. Okay. Oh, John John John here is John John line. John John you there. Here. John, john. Okay. You got ninety seconds on the clock. All right. I got three idea. So providence came off like four nights. And they learn about it. And then maybe, you know, do something relations. Okay. Second one. I guess, Robin. Kiva watched all four men to be all the movies. It can just be all for Benjamin. And then talk about you know, from starts to the end. So and then movies is big ask especially since one of them is like three three twenty or something like that. It's like ten hours of movies. Yeah. One more. It's also Rodney mckeever place who wants to be a millionaire, and I get the winner gets to at least maybe to the topic. We're next week. Okay. Are you putting up the million dollars? John, john. Because if you will play right now. I don't have the questions. So keep an eye of the home game of who wants to be a millionaire that could be that could be fun. I mean like we both get knocked out on the third question. And the podcast is over. We could note the way we could do it is we could have guests call up like this. And then we could just like ask them promise. People will cheat. That's my guess. I don't think it should be who wants to be a millionaire. I think is could be could be fun. I think of those three okay? Let's let's put that onto their. I mean, we episode was well received people would listen to, but we also do have which Tim's money which people excited about which is on the wheel right now. It's somewhat similar. Okay. All right. So maybe that could be a way. Okay. Judge chartres. Sorry about the lightning. John, john. Thank you. Oh, okay. All right. All right. There you go. There was John John. All right. Thirty thirty seconds on the clock. Let me just make sure I didn't skip somebody this one already had. This was no from Denver. Okay. Oh, nelson. Love this guy. Yes, friend. Yes. We stand Nelson from Denver. Absolutely now. Okay, nelson. You got ninety seconds. All right. So my pitchers weasing things act about I know, you guys like to crush like beloved TV shows and movies, but we're done for you. I would go to I'm db and read all the one star comments where most below shows like breaking bad game of thrones. And read those comments pretty layers people have reason there have. I think there's good shows are really bad like maybe read those much chose the movies. All right. So instead of us watching something crappy we talked about being that's widely well received should that be part of two beloved should we incorporate that kiva? Yeah. I actually liked the site did Nelson. The only issue is I feel like another podcast has done this. But I can't put my finger who did it. But I feel like someone has sort of taken the let's let Nelson get the rest of his time. Oh, sorry. Do you have more Nelson? No that was basically it. So this idea, but I just worry that we're jacking somebody's idea. Little bit. No, you can spread it restaurants or anything. Everything's a little seed read the one on yelp reviews. What people are different takes people one-star reviews. Podcast that would take maybe. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good idea. Okay, nelson. You waiting for us to do another live shows you're going to come out at the Denver airport. Gua- Guam anywhere. You're under underneath the catacombs for sure. The Denver airport. All right Nelson. True. Yes. Twenty twenty. All right. Thank you. Oh hickenlooper. Chester's dad was his college roommate Hickenlooper. The best friend. He's he's a congressman. He knows he hangs out jangled him. So wow. Look at Nelson's best, friends congressperson. Wow. Boy, high society Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker three way race whoever calls up next week. John John's pick which I would have paid fifty dollars for. But but the next person call up Clova shar, bro. I could feel it. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. All right. All right. That was Nelson. Okay. Going this that one I think that was just Nelson. Okay. And this is either terrier, Jerry. Let's okay. Is this Terry Terry Terry with a T you your time? Okay. Well, the main thing I was good call about xactly what Josh's idea was to draft cast where you got draft different things. Good name, though, the good name. And some other things I had were. Season. Four episodes five of yesteryear is a big brother episode. I don't know. How throw you guys with that show, but with other mildly so with all the big brother coverage, you guys do it'd be great to have you guys talked about Michael Malley and his time in the big brother house and the episode as a whole. There's been a lot of Luke Perry recently. So for the crappy movie diaper Buffy, the vampire slayer the movie, which was pretty poorly received what's really and has Luke Perry in it. So that I thought that would be a good thing to keep Luke Perry theme that's happened over the last few more, Luke. And then the last thing is my brother-in-law's actually in Ilias, so just season three episodes seven that show. Okay. All right air from territory. So fifteen seconds. Cobo, terry. Are you klobuchar guy l'auberge, bro? And okay, fine. No all right for sharp fan. Yeah. You have Alexsandr Chester for that. Okay. All right time is up with Terry, Terry. Thank you so much. Okay. All right. Those extend the calls are going to be evermore important now. We are. To the ninety second range. Okay. So what really we say alias? I'm not super interested in the vampire slayer for the crappy movies diaper. No, I would sooner do an in the fish bowl. Which is I believe in the in future. Mailbag some may have been him who suggests the season for episode five of. Yes, dear where they go into the big brother house, which features a bunch of big brother alumni, no offense, the Terry. But I think that's the the the last idea would do everything we've heard today. I'm just not a yes, dear guy. I guess. The L F C. Oh, you guys should do that. But I don't know. You see? That's that's the uric with like alleged wedge on the thirty two thirty. Yeah. Brandon off season big brother podcast Taryn print, Melissa. Okay. Sounds good. All right. Let's see you who's up next. This is caller number fifteen. John is a sure right. Chuck Chuck oak. Okay. Okay. Here is just seven. All right. Chuck. Are you there? Hello. I'm here shock. You have ninety seconds. Okay. My idea is rob. And Akiva have the Robin, Akiva attack. Basically all the case. The case some area to saved by the bell up Assode, you guys create a fake fan with a lot of I guess just one or two people from the wand off probably, and you know, just how you create your own start a make a story about going number one. And why you guys broke up and Robin, Akiva, tack story behind the music and narrated by the ghost of Casey Kasem. Do we have like original music? Is there an accompaniment like a score that someone's doing we're getting Wilford America and Tim in the studio? Yeah. I feel like they would be into it. I I'm not forcing anything upon anyone. Of course. I feel like there's at least one or two people in the one with the enjoyed. But I'm having a, and I know I could write scenarios for it. And I'm sure that people who are interested in waiting at least a few like I dunno give you guys ideas for what to do. And you guys are the masters of improv and just play off each other. So I'm sure you guys could make money. Guess charts to the billboard number one. It was the story of the renege attack. I like the name nap attack. I think this is so high concept like your gives me like the high of just thing but much work we'd have to do for. This would be a lot of work if it comes up on the wheel, and then to have to be ready to go with that episode like who's like do we have someone who'd want to put this together? I mean, not that. I think I'm going to pick up like it just seems like such a daunting task. It's like he's thinking too big almost. Even though it's it's just I think it's like, yeah. Maybe this could be sort of like the premise for the rob Akiva TV series. But I I don't know how to pull that off as a podcast, and I don't even know to explain it like, you know, the listener before. So mad elevator pitches. I don't even know what the elven so complicated. You know, I'd like the ideas to be able to splaine. It's the parody of thirty year old saved by the bell up is so oh. Even like when we cook. But save by the bell. All right. Chuck. Thank you so much. Thank you. Chuck. Thank you. All right. Akiva. Right. So we're not we're not putting that through. All right. Let's go to caller number sixteen that is going to be. Couldn't be topic. Okay. Let's talk to Cindy. Cindy, are you there? Yes. I. Cindy. No ninety seconds. Cindy. Okay. So my idea is raw than Akiba take on there. And so we the one gathered school the one-star news of the negative, and we have one of your lives grades them. As though she is your, and then you just discussed on how awesome the. And. Yeah, that's basically it. Okay. Do you think that this will encourage people to leave us negative feedback? Yeah. I think that's beard here. Because I don't think they have funny negative feedback. Yeah. Yeah. That's bear. Yeah. Yeah. It could it could encourage the negative beat that we have to like the gathered negative feedback that already his there. And so like, we're not gathering new beat that starting now like when chose and negative feedback the league. I don't like to give suggest to the hater. No. I know. I know we want to suffocate the haters. Yeah. I don't like to give them negative attention. I liked to instead reward the lover. All right. Well, Cindy, thank you. Thank you for the call. All right. Thank you. Okay. All right. I think we go rapid fire. All right now. But maybe soon we go, right? I mean, just time check. So I think we've got another half hour of calls. Look, I'm having fun. Are you having fun? Having a lot of fun frigging by by my estimate. We've got about still another fifteen to twenty people on hall. Okay. All right. So to stop people from calling in, and then we'll just try and rip through as many. Okay. Stop people from calling our? But maybe anybody who calls pass this is could be out of luck. Okay. All right, and including people call them before. And then we'll see what you call two hours into the call in show. So yeah, that's on you. Okay. All right here. We are next up. This is caller number seventeen for Keith anandas will will. Okay. We finally got to will is making his second appearance on the podcast here. Kazin. All right. Will you have? Okay. What? Start restart your time. Okay. Ninety seconds starts gang. All right from idea is childhood trauma. So there you guys talk about like seems or movies TV shows that really like freaked you out as a kid, and like stuck with you or like listeners submit their ideas for like seeing from TV shows or movies that traumatize them when they were kids, and you guys watch them and talk about them talk about if they're like appropriate to be in children's media, or if they're like to extreme and yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So things that freaked us out when we were kids, and we're gonna go back and rewatch them. I feel like I don't know if we need to do that. I don't want to. Yeah. You have to have to keep his interesting to you. First of all the name will, you know, we love you will the name, Robin, Akiva, childhood trauma is astonishingly bad. Really sends a different message. Yeah. Yes. It is funny because it's all spooky stuff one which I've discussed that nauseam on the podcast to like, I don't wanna revisit, you know, I'm already going to be assaulted by frequent Chucky my Nevis coming out with a new movie, we got Edward Scissorhands gonna get rebutted soon. Like, I don't want to hear from these people anymore. More of an Harry commercials on he. Yeah. Forget it. Yeah. Being rebooted soon. Also, probably right. I don't think so I- Spielberg would be against it. All right. Well, I don't know if we're going to do childhood Trump on. Doc. All right. Well, take care. Bye. Right. Sorry. All right. Let's go to our caller number eighteen year. Claire, okay. Claire is on the line and here comes Claire Claire. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. Claire what's going on? All right. So my idea is called a, Robin. Akiva are getting Palade. Okay. So basically, you would go through a bunch of like swindler or like con artist techniques, and you have maybe like eight or ten to talk about whether it's like the Nigerian prince scam or the Monte scheme or Shelby GMs things like that. And you'd have some kind of like a source of info, I guess whether it's like a guest or some kind of somebody puts together like a package for you to learn a bit more about each of the tricks. And maybe like if it's something particularly like sleight of hand related you could even want to short video or something. And then, you know, break it down like is this good trick with this will me with this will my grandma if I had to do one of these tricks, like which one do I think I could Belossi and in some cases, there might be like particularly relevant to real world examples, or or things from pop culture, like a Linda the bottle deposit from Seinfeld or like, you know, Dorton bell for wolf of Wall Street type things. Okay. So. Yeah. That's that's basically it keep hearing about scams. I like the idea my concerns are. I think a lot of them would be visual like the actual con artists. Some of it's like how to steal someone's wallet or something. That's but also, I know this going to sound strange. But I think it's somewhat similar to like the Eric Stein episode. We're going to do where we're just talking about like scammy. Well, if there was a way to do it like, we're like, okay. Antonio comes in and tells us about like, the you know, the home AC duct repair scam. Right. And tells us about different scams that are going on. I do think that that is potentially interesting. But yeah, what what if Claire like emails in a week or two, but like has sort of like a win or somebody else like has a well-thought-out like here the three to five scams that I would talk about. And like, you know, really maybe start do a little research and we'll see like all right? The Henry on the paper. Like can we can put this on the wheel because it's a fully-fledged idea? Down. Okay. All right. But Claire we are we are out of time. But we have to move on and less akitas using his extent call. No, I I sounds Canadian. So I'm not gonna ask her. Are you Canadian date? Yes. I am Canadian. As a quarter Canadian person recognize. Okay. All right clear. Thank you so much. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Thanks. All right. Let's go to our caller number nineteen. This is. From New York. Okay. Mic from New York. All hope it's not the, you know. That Mike who Mike white? No my Clark. Okay. All right. Mike from New York. Chari TV. It is Michael TV to you, babe. Michael Clarks is here. Okay. All right there. Ninety seconds. All right. So my first idea is Robert, Akiva, go direct to video. So you would find Nazis for movies that they're sequels went direct to video and you could try to throw in fake ones and try to get real. Which is aren't you could try to come up with your own directive video sequel collaborate, I'd like, oh, what would the videos people Titanic? They that's that yet. Okay. The pressure of the ninety seconds. But I can't think of it. Judge dying and. What do you think about direct to video or directed DVD? I don't know why we still call it video rob who did Michael say he was voting for Buddha judge. Okay. Mayor Pete mayor Pete. All right. It seems complicated. The direct to video again, if any of these ideas would be helped if somebody was like the expert that was coming in and they quiz the same thing with Clare. Like if Michael wants to be like here, I've got five ideas, he doesn't have to spoil them. But like, here's an example of like a real one in a fake one. What do you guys think? Like, I think that would go a long way to getting it on. But I do think there's work to be done and Robin. I don't necessarily want to do is other. We don't wanna do that work. It's it's it's like if we already know what's going on like the Tonio podcast one of the reasons that works because we're like totally surprised when we come in, right? Yeah. Pitching us on new information. Okay. All right. Anything else for Michael, Akiva? No while he was on this phone four more Yankees. Got edit to the aisle. Oh, no. All right. So all right, Michael. Thank you. Okay. Thanks, mike. All right. If I I cannot believe he did not plug pilots and once during ninety seven call. Okay. All right. Let's go to caller number twenty. Mcallister McAllister mcalister. Mcalister? Hey, guys. How's it going? It's going. Great mcallister. All right. You are on the line ninety seconds. Kind of that. I'm gonna keep as bogus. A road trip stories crate, you plan ride or already fun trout live inch. You may have been on. I've been Cuba order delivery or each order each other's food for a week until. Fries expensive, man. And this fine. I had a tells from the crypt season three. Due. Spooky who's what is there? Tales from the crypt sees three ever said seven. No, it's called that reluctant vampire, and as George went from cheers. No, okay. We like, we're wind guys. So I do like tales from the crypt of. But I think that keep was so scared. Yeah. I'm so scared. I used to the Chris keeper I don't remember. I remember being scared of. But I also have thought about it. And so long that I'm not even sure he has does a little too much wordplay to be scary. Yeah. That is true. And it was on Nickelodeon. Right. Like how scary on HBO? Oh, I'm mixing up with while. While your lordship. You're. Yeah. Oh, forget it. I'm not what HBO harsh. Oh, you crazy. Jordan. Jordan dark. Okay. All right. Which is what's cheers. We like George win so much other idea. It was Robert order delivery. And then rob keeps bogus journey. We delivery was too similar to their other idea. And then journey Wilson have an idea road trip, also, Robin. I who knows we might be able to Minnesota if. Yes, okay, road shipping McAllister, we're out we're out of time and mechanics hall. Thanks. Thanks. Okay. Yeah. I would watch the tales from the crypt episode. But. Scary. I like in Sala shows. Okay. All right. Let's go to the this area code. And this is Jim Jim. Okay. Here comes Jim caller, number twenty one. Hey, guys, Jim age ninety seconds. All right. My idea is ran up clip bracket. So listeners would send in their favorites. Ten to twenty second clips that could be collected by me or by Akiva intern. And then zakat season. It would be on the board flip Brown. Okay. These movies TV shows or anything. No, you're clip clips from your show with from your from big Jim big complain about the show is it's not self referential enough. This this. And. Okay. I like this the the greatest clip from Romney does it have to wait all the way till bracket season. Hired a nice thing about it. It would take a while to make this why send in Oakland. Yeah. You might have to go through everything. Yeah. Submit clips, and if somebody could cut them. And what rating different strokes ultimately nothing that we already know the winner. I like the I like, the the initially I like the idea that he's willing to do it. But it's just so self referential. It's like you're not going to say it. But like the I don't know. Okay. All right. Jim. We are out of time. Thank you, Jim. All right. All right cool charts, by the way. Chartres clan guy. Okay. All right. Is that what they call it? One man show at this point. None of the favorites. No one's that. No. We don't think we've had any Biden Sanders. Kamala. Any of those people? Okay. All right. Let's go to our next caller caller number twenty two. And Andrew, okay. Ooh. This is childhood friend. Andrew. Okay. Oh, no. He might have gone away. Andrew now. He's he's everything. He's a low talker injury yellow Tucker. Okay. Why is? Do you have guests over in the other room? I think it's just this phone is at work because he always talk like kiva. No, I think there's something wrong with this phone isn't even his voice as might not even be the injury. No, okay. Andrew. We barely hear you. See sounds like he's underwater does Airdrie. Last chance we gotta get the strain move on. Okay. Enjoy my friend just said, it's not me. Andrew didn't know so many injuries. My name is Robyn Akiba just can't agree or the big fight extend this you too. I will be given a series or pro such as C should become a third anchor permanent. Yes. Truth physicians, and you'll have a series of these protests and the at the end you'll have a whole near to who's the better debater. Okay. We are debating a it's like a it's like a cliffhanger till the next episode because unless listeners are literally listening in live. They we won't know wins the next it's basically, again, what are the stakes to these? I always ask. These I want them to put up like five hundred bucks their own money say like, I'll give you guys five hundred bucks. Then rub. And I will say yes, right away. This is like, Robin. Akiva, I take. Yeah. Which by the way, I think is a pitch in the mail bag. We haven't got also we get a lot of Robin. Akiva have a debate. That's that's been a common mailbag suggestion. I don't think it's a bad idea. I just don't know what the format and structure would be okay. Finishes. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Keep going. With this podcast, all the it. Okay. Okay. All right. That's good. All right. So time time is up with Andrew. He's good. Okay. Andrew we got we got to let you go. Okay. All right. Not a crazy idea. But I don't know. I like the idea of people could trick us into getting a big fight. Yeah. I would say what's the biggest fight? We've ever got in on a podcast that you were. I said that you were a self-loathing nerd on. If you're not listener listened to episode one hundred of the Seinfeld podcast. We get into a big fight. But that's about about it. Yeah. Because you hate all things nerd culture. No, I've come around. Okay. All right. I'm I'm a I'm a loading nurse. I mean. Let's take this caller. This is. Caller, number twenty three. The number of Fishman, Nick Fishman is here. Number twenty three. The number of Michael Jordan star of the conspiracy. Pod. Okay. Let's go to Nick Space Jam. Hello. I guess Nick. How are you? I am amazing ninety seconds frame next. Yeah. Oh, my best idea. Short, Robin Akiba become tacos, I provide you guys to three or four episode ones, some enemies and put a walk you through it and see how you guys do just like the website that John goes to. The crunchy roll dot com. Maybe maybe just I'll pick some like I. Accu one. So this is the word for something that Akiva are gonna watch anime. We're going to mean, we're not gonna get it. We're gonna make fun of it. And then we're going to get dragged by just. Yeah. Yeah. I'll pick one we lot of enemy listener doesn't watch. Anime doesn't want to hear about it. That's my concern. That's fair. Yeah. Okay. There enough. Okay. Kiva is into hen tie. I think right. That is I'll be I know it's I know it's like thirty thing. And I don't know what his wait. Let me ask. Let me ask you while you're on the line. Do you know who you've been Jesus? Why? Oh, Onen GI issues on the genius. No, no. I do know you g I don't answer 'cause my sister her her Twitter handle right now as I love you engineer. I dunno you Jesus. What full metal alchemist? No oh. Okay. So that's my sister's into I don't know. I'm like over twice. I don't know what she like get your sister. As a guess we already had or once. I don't think we need to get her head that having twice. Yeah. I think this is going to be a pass for us, Nick. Yeah. I just know if one of us knew something the other didn't that I think that usually how it works like if none of us know, anything strictly. Okay. All right, Nick. Thank you so much. Okay. All right. Keep a we are under one two three four five six seven eight people still on hold. Okay. We could finish it or and I think so I think so I think so but keep track let's not like new six and leave to people on hall Corey be says he got he got booted. He's upset he was on at the beginning pullback on the callback or UB. Not not Cory Booker. Right. He's mad. He only has one vote so far. All right. This is Matt. Any? Hey mad. How are you? You got ninety seconds. Who? So my years, Robin, Akiva have a bucket list. So you go through a bunch of online bucket list that people say you guys talk about what your bucket lists are. I'm sure very exciting to people who don't leave their houses. Found the issue there. Yeah. And then and then from there, you've you create a bucket list for all listeners that are things that we have to talk through also things that you guys have already crossed off your bucket list that might be common things like survive or something like that. Yeah. So all right. Akiva, making a bucket list. I think we're like the worst people to do this because I feel like we have very wayball dreams. These like, it might be fun though to have something like like a bucket list is, you know, you know. You know, get into a Twitter war with t dub like I feel like we've both done this. I it's a good idea. I think it falls into the category of more segment than full podcast your immune like, it would be a funny ten minute bit. I don't know of stretched out for an hour if we'd be able to maintain it. You know, probably there. Yeah. Okay. Now, you've got fifteen seconds. And then anyway, doing a bunch of who's on any way games, improv games having a post on bring will on. So he can do music and stuff like that. Okay. Would you like whose lines anyway, improv games? I don't know. I have not a big fan of improv podcasts. Like, I don't listen to all your will. It's not a bad idea. I just don't know if we're the like you should get good impresses do it. No, the Rob's Goodwin. But like, I have no improv background so zome natural baby. Well, I think that's what improv implies. All right. So matt. Thank you. Thanks. Okay. Okay. All right. Let's never that. Which Matt that was it could be there's like one hundred mats in our universe. I didn't recognize the voice. Okay. So let's go to caller number twenty five. Actually, I think I missed a call here. Let me try this. Who's this? Childhood correspondent. I saw five inches. Okay. All right. All right, childhood. You do your parents have the state. I remember your parents phone number from when we were kids. They have the same number k member famous. I won't say it on air. All right. All right. I'll tell your parents hurry. Okay. All right. Can you believe this? Let's make more work. Okay. All right. Let's go ninety seconds with keep his childhood friend. Correspondent andrew. I'm gonna keep a paver that I don't robs is keeping knows what his is. And keep it has to watch sucks. Tell the story. I don't remember the whole story. I just remember, rob. He won the bet twelve years old. Yeah. And he made me watch the Marx brothers movie duck soup. And I said watch this is like nineteen ninety four and I've never watched it. And I never had to watch. Yeah. This trying to get to repay a debt from twenty six years ago to watch duck soup, the movie ever seen more brothers movie around twenty years. But which one is for Kibo doesn't like anything scary. Keep us maybe three the first time, man. Oh, so that was. For one deal. You watch scream and I watched duck soup. I think that's what it was. Which is. Okay. Scream with are chunkys fear. Yeah. Keep it love soup. Yeah. That's true. And I like duck. I never really maybe maybe we'll feed rob inter Demi could food ideas for for rob. If we make him keep kosher for a week. I. Beyond the classics. But there could tell. Yeah. Yeah. Really? Not too Bry. Lots of can't give them Matza during monsoon season, though. That's an issue. Rob. What did you think? You'd like muscle Bri, Matz what Brian is. Yeah. I don't even know I've had. Hey, it's milk. It's like French toast. Okay. Embarrassing stories from I was little that. I'm gonna make rob be about. Cut out of the podcast. Nothing in particular. They all kind of blank more stories that you're you're father and your sisters. All right. Well, Akiva, unless you want to end the call. I don't think we have time to get. I mean, I love speaking to Andrew. But issue, I'm sorry. We couldn't put we couldn't put watch. Throne. So he doesn't even get the Lancaster pawn in the in the pay your debts thing right engine watch game of thrones. Now, I don't have any of those. He doesn't want to game of thrones night at city field. I did not. Watch it. Why would you? I think people probably went to a Mets game that didn't doesn't watch game of thrones, Rob Andrew, and I were and went to school from grades segment through college. We were we were sixth grade lab partners. We were senior year of college life partners, Andrew from zero to one hundred what percentage of the work that I do in our chemistry lab. Basically. No, I did teachers speaking keep on going to charge you a extend to call on this one. Okay, fine. We're not using any. Okay. All right. I'm honored. The andrew. All right. We that we keep going through calls, and then the number of people on hold is not going down. So let's oh boy going. All right. Thank you, Andrew. Okay. All right. Bye. All right. So kiva got dock day. Extend a call for them when I don't wanna hear that we played favorites. And then let somebody go over. Okay. Got them for stay on the line for two hours, though. Yeah. All right here is. Not. Okay. All right. We talked. Okay. Here is our next. She are. Okay. J C way met Stewart claims to be the mystery Malachi got it. All right. Another Canadian his voice, I want to I should've asked my friend who's voting for. But maybe I don't want enough. All right. You're is Jason Curtis Rivera. All right. My hold on. Okay. Okay. My dear is rough kiva need a musical. I mean, this goes one of two ways one is more fun. One more practical, the more fun money is a storyline. We go through some Robin Akiva story, and we have people write music, and it's like a nice fun musical that we go for like an hour. And it's like a fun podcast. The second option is just like a wand off. That's very Robin keeping the podcast beamed. And it'll be fun and people are talented. And we were the Robin keeps to a podcast wand off is inconsideration from earlier in this podcast. But explain to me how the musically you would work. So it would be my is for the creation of Robin. Akiva, need a podcast. So we go through some fictionalized story of the creation of Robin. Need a podcast where their songs that progress? The plot as in your favorite musical up. If your favorite who's doing? What are we can't do it? I need JC. Are we need a an absolute like I'm going to do this not not me? I'm not. Writing musical. I think you're listening to the people and people writing the musical. I e me will from America whoever's. Okay, you know, I I write I write. Like when I think, so here's my my feedback to you is right. The musical when it's ready. We'll put it on the wheel. But that's a big big ask because. If a wheel spot, I know he's talented guy. But I feel like if he writes absolute musical, we will put it on the wheel a full musical. But how does this work like singing or part Senator? No, he's like recruiting where I go. Yeah, we'll go through the scripts and then recorded song. And then it's just play the songs when they come up any there could be guys going through the or guest host or myself goes. You wouldn't put that on the wheel. I guess why not one? Maybe if he ever gets around the finishing a fan problem. You're almost in a race with Phil Mary now who was too busy until we said, hey, do you wanna come on an episode or you don't have to do a lot of work? And then she was like, oh, yeah. I got my whole week free. Yeah. Job. I don't have a judge just teasing. Okay. All right. So that if you can right if you can write the Rene musical, I think that we can make that a podcast the years twenty twenty two nd Aspen off the air for years, Robin. Get an Email from JC are the musical ready to bring the band. I mean, or then we hear that. It's a, you know, a off Broadway hit musical, but we're not the. Yeah. We know we know residual Jason. Thank you. Thank you. Jason. All right. Thank you. All right. Let's keep going to caller number twenty seven believe it or not keep it twenty people. I mean, if you play back, the argument, we had you didn't think we'd have any callers. I know you wouldn't think. Just for my Twitter. I don't remember what the debate was that. You said, hey, I want to hide the phone number. And I said, okay, you're right. You're right. But you didn't tweet it out. We would have had one hundred calls callers, if you tweeted it out one hundred callers, I know I knew you did the right thing. I'm just set. Yeah. I posted in the patron group to I guess if I had hit it in the thing. And just said look in there, we probably would have only had eight or ten hearts, you're probably right. Okay. All right. Staying correct. Let's see. All right. All right. Here's corby. Okay. Thank you. Okay. We have on Cory Booker is here. Everybody. That's right. I. Not Cory Booker. Okay. Ark are Corey. Corey be of ninety seconds. All right. So I have two things the first one is back in for. I know shut up to him had an idea for putting a separate wheel spot on the wheel for a separate wheel with bad ideas. And you've got I just wanted to tweak that a little bit and do like that idea gong show. So basically you pick or maybe have it up for poll have a bunch of the bad ideas out there. You guys have maybe like a minimum time that you have to do it for and then you can kinda ring the gong if it's going really poorly and just kind of go through a bunch of bad ideas on one thing podcast. And then the other had I've been I didn't make sure that this was vetted yet or had never been pitched. But would be rob Makita run for president which would be like not not politics related, but kind of podcast related like you're running for president of the podcast. You got. Food. Well, sure, sure, that's fine too. But you could you know, get a team fans that would be on your campaign team you'd make a platform that you would make attack ad against each other play them on the podcast. And maybe at the end you have a poll on Twitter or something for who should become the president. So so all have kiva, and I are running against each other for the for the nomination for the presidency of Robin to podcasts. But I mean for the pedants think, but that's a funny idea. I just have no idea how it works logistically. Like we promising green new deal or they podcast Pacific promises. Like. I was really thinking it would be podcast acidic. But if you guys want to get into that stuff. I don't know no idea makes much more sense. I don't know why they would vote for us based on our politics and explained to be I'll use it extended call here just because we are out of time with with with Corey be explained to be heavy gung show bad idea would work like are as the podcast where it's like, hey, this is Robin. Akiva, have all bad ideas. And so this is the first bit idea, and we do it until he can't take it anymore. And then the next bad idea starts. Yeah. That that would come idea 'cause we have this spreadsheet full of ideas that were rejected, and and maybe we have some way to filter some of them through based on the potential viability, and you have some prep work. But. Then that's that's fair and the logistically might be hard. But I'm guessing there would be a fair amount of them on there that wouldn't require kind of work. Keep it. Let's get into duck soup. Okay. All right tech soup opens up. And then now we're going into like oh Power Rangers season three episode seven. Okay. Okay. Yeah. It is for sure. The president ideas worth discussing more, right? I yeah. I just think it would be. That the podcast has a president. And it's either MIR you, yeah. Like wouldn't be fun. If on the node all's like either, you're Stephen were in charge because you're the president's going at all. No at all. Like, you don't knowing soda just gets like some pride. What if like you're in charge? What if so I'm gonna guess it is rob is a podcast. You are technically charge. It's interesting. I wonder if it should be like an ongoing thing as opposed to like one podcast. Okay. Yeah. Could be running bit. We promised to running on the show like say, there's an election coming up. And then continue like, rob rob says like, you know, that gets three spots, and I say, no it gets one. And then, you know, people could vote now that we can't then go around our butts person. Oh, that's true. That is the problem. But maybe we need like a separation between church. They had. All right. We've got six more people on hold. So we got. All right. Thank you. Okay. All right. All right. Let's go to this is a nine one. These ghoulish. Oh, man is he just calling you you're out filibuster until the podcast. No. I am. I am here to give an idea. Okay. All right. Here to tell. Yes. Yeah. No. I'm here to tell Cuba. I believe you shout out on the or plug on the podcast because money or Yari. It was on the thirty two fans mock draft was taken in the fifth round. So I think one that okay? Okay. So intense seconds left. And a waste of time. Okay. Jordan keilor's has seated his time to Akiva. Yes, kiva. Yeah. He so basically, we made a bad and the winner of the bed got plug on the other ones podcast. Jordan is saying which I did not know that he won the bet and the winner the bet gets a plug. So I would like to plug the podcast this week and survivor starring rob sister to Jordan daily both on the call right now. Listen to it who's the guest this week is AJ mass. Okay. Who's next week Liana Boris? All right. Okay. And I'm going on his podcast, NEC's, Jordan and got ten seconds left. What do you got for us, thirty two seconds? I three have Robin kiva watch fake survivor. You guys watch one episode of one of these family pieces of survivor, and you whole week of our HA you recap episodes. You have episode all within the same podcast this this thing. I know I'm I'm such. Yeah. I do think that Robin kiva needs podcast exists as sort of a I mean, we do brands steal season. But I think that the last thing we want to do on Rene is more survive more survivor. I agree. I one. Really? About our HP, not enough survivor talk. I feel like that should not be a complaint. Okay. All right. What's better? What's better this idea or you guys cook food for your for your family and your family rates your food? Yes. No, this ideas better. Okay. All right. Jordan. I think I'm gonna need an extra couple of minutes before twist tonight. Okay. You guys do some schedule. They Jameson Email. Does I do have to do something that I don't talk about podcasts. Okay. All right. That's called lunch. All right. All right. Thank you. All right. We didn't need extra talk to my. You hang up you hang up. All right. Let's call it. Love us like after the one nine woo burden. Now Jordan now that Jordan back the back bags orange. Okay. Let's let's see if this is him on. Hey, it's my other phone, okay? Jordan. All right. We need a throbbing Chiba do banter voted on by users or a listeners. They go. Yes. Is that or should we can we can jump in? Okay. Well, do start the fire. Keep okay. And you talk about the little phone. We start the fire go around and see how much you know, from the phone. I like the idea going once on. Variety show is use a bunch of small ideas that can't fill an entire podcast and just the smaller ideas on one, okay? And the worst idea of the day Akiba needs a survivor. Oh. Yeah. Okay. I don't want to put any work into that though. I'll make it now sitting shirtless in my underwear doing a podcast. Who's who's casting directors? They'll forward it to the FBI. Okay. All right. It was the first one that was. Basically, I real quick like PTI banter, where we're we are bantering on specific topics. We have anything that's like that. No, let's go put through Bandra. I think is scheduled to come back. I think what a couple of suggested. And I decided there was because banter belongs in the on the strata Matic twenty twenty sided. Yeah. Because it's been done. All right. We insert the fire. I mean, how would you want to go and get into very funny? The doors day red China, Johnny Ray, Sal, any of those people alter wind chill. Jody coming. Just like, I empty bagging people. We're going to be like, you know, a googling everyone who they are. Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon Studebaker, Richard Nixon melody, it's a funny idea. I don't think we need to do is God cast should be in the worst idea than like gong show and variety show of that. I mean, that's like more of like a structure, then then, but if we have three things that are like on the like wheel waiting room that we think could be all in one podcast. Somebody should write to us and pitch us that and yeah, give us give us like a four or five ideas on merge them somehow survivor tape. Okay. That's probably gonna be. All right. Thank you, Jordan. Thanks to nose. Good. Okay. All right. All right. Let's go to caller number thirty today. We go to sopping thrifty thirty two. Okay. All right here is here is Steph. Okay. Steph. Is a Steph be. Steffi? I believe the first caller on the on the praying. The listeners episode staff, how are you? I'm good. I'm also the the founder of total idealize. Okay. This is your idea. I was actually wondering today. This is your baby. And you got thirty seconds of name. Yeah. I couldn't I couldn't remember who was all right? Steph hit us. So my idea is the guys get either one of those hunt cower boxes or like an escape. Embarks? Maybe have Clark host and try to sell. Okay. So we're doing like a basically a escape room type puzzle. They were kind of ruining it for people. I feel like the people at hunter killer would not appreciate it if we solved it on a podcast. Yeah. Is there is there a big element to that too? I'm sorry Steph. They're unique. They're not it's the same. So that being said, I kind of I liked the idea that you, and I are working on something. But maybe it's like one of these things where it's like, a logic puzzle of like, you know, somebody comes on and his like. Like a man is in a room with no windows and no doors, but he escapes. How did he do? Right. Eric Clark writes like he wrote in the scape. One for Facebook. That is in and like people saw through the Commons. So, you know, it's tough. We have some kind of stuff worked up. I don't when I offer him. Like, robin. Akiva, solve riddles. Yeah. I'd almost like to pitch is this, and then we'd have to think about it. I came up with the idea was I was listening with him in the car. Start New York episode when Mr.. Yeah. Yeah. No, no. That's what he thought on gang doing like it is. Yeah. I think it's there's something there. But I don't think there's enough to put it onto the wheel. How about Robin Akiva, DVD at times, crosser puzzle? The why would that be I mean? Yeah. But how about I would say, yes, if the idea was we cannot cheat. We got a few phone difference. We can achieve and we literally can't stop podcast that we finish it even like. It's like four days. I would say, yes. Right. We are out of time. I'm sorry. You said thank you for for your idea today, which was a big hit. Enjoy. Okay. All right. Let's go to the this is our episode thrifty thirty two by the way. Okay. Let's go to our next caller caller number thirty one. And that is. Aaron Glenn Corey b. No way would be called back. Now, we spoke to. Yeah. No corby. Did you call back? No, I just never hung up. Okay. All right. Never hung up. Okay. All right. So we will get to thrifty thirty two then. Okay. So then here is going to be thirty one. Is it is it we got two left. Okay. This is Matt is this isn't a math that we already talked to right? I don't think. So. Okay. You know, man. All right, man. How are you? This is going to be good. I'm doing pretty good. I'm sitting in Bangkok Thailand right now. Are you go calling us from Bank talks a Bangkok Thailand? Okay. Ninety cents for Matt. All right. So my the ah is, Robin. Akiva, get roasted. I think maybe the of the are happy universe. So. Yeah, you guys obviously would take a little bit of prep work ahead of time. But I think that it could be wrapped up in a nice package. So obviously, you guys would take some time to roast each other. You could have a couple of other prominent members of the are have universal on the day. I want to hear the day. Yeah. Let's see what Mattis with us on the panel. I mean, Chester coal Akiva, writing a ton of jokes. Yeah. A sister. I think you get a working writer's room together to help help some of these guests on help for the speakers. So yeah. And then my last part is that you could include maybe like a, Robin. Akiva, read means leat segment. Fans and their fans their best hot take rows of you guys. And so that's the other. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I like this idea to how do you feel about your a, Robin? Akiva, I like it. I'm a big roast guy. Yes. I want to be a little selective in terms of the panel. Because I think that we we don't want anybody who's gonna come in and get us. Cancel right. Yeah. Or get themselves cancelled frights. I think the problem, I think Missy would be really funny guest. But I don't she wouldn't know any jokes when she doesn't know us. We'd have to get her to listen episode, Robin, Robin, Akiva, get roasted. I do. Yeah. It's a good idea. I believe it has been suggested ready. But you know, we're we're moody people sometimes we don't like an idea. And then we like it. L E Lascher would be really good roaster. She would be yes, you become in Royal? She wouldn't shoot stress we need. We have at this. Matt a number eight the eighth Mattis calling today. Can we get to I don't know fourth? But we may have been Yuli times. You're not sure. Yeah. I have the second map by my notes, but go for it. Can we? Like, I feel like we need to get a writer's room together. We can't physically add this to the wheel until people have sort of committed. They have what if we do this Minnesota what effect? That's the Minnesota podcast. We like. Wow, Airbnb, and we just do the roast of Robin. We would be limited by then who was there. And I feel like that. It's going to be Missy to come to Minneapolis. Right. I think that actually it might it might do better as a audio as recorded podcast. Okay. Yeah. It definitely would work as recorded podcast met. Why don't you message me after the podcast? And maybe well, I'll set you up with some people, and you can try and put together a writer's room. And then when you have like more like, hey, we've got some jokes. And then we'll add it to the wheel. Okay. Because it will take a lot right? It would take a lot to put this together in just one week's time. Right. Rub. It would take probably a little bit of like, I think I would start a Google doc start writing roast jokes as we go along. And then you have to know the roasters because we're not just roasting each other. You know, we're roasting. And we can't really rose people were non-participants. Okay. Only roasting people who opt in basically gesture. We don't care if chesser and we'll keep our ops. And also that's good throw invited observed idea. Okay. All right. Thank you met man Bangkok. All right. And then finally the final call on episode number thirty two and the caller number thrifty thirty to our final call of the day is going to be. Allison. Oh, sin. Okay. Allison, you will have the last word. Can I just say something before starts? Yes. That lasts. Matt is a Tulsa Gabbard guy for sure. Is a what guy Tulsi Gabbard? He's definitely tells the Gabbard. Okay. I'll take your word for it. Okay. Allison, this is a lot of pressure to be the last Gus. But maybe it'll make you more likely to take my. Idea. For it. Alison, ignore Keven restart your time for okay, cool. The crappy movie diaper diaper thing on the movie, it's called midnight. Stun? I watched with my friends last summer, it is starring Bella Thorne and Patrick's sports eager. And it's basically about a girl who cannot like the sunlight like she camping in the sun. Or if she is exposed to it, she'll basically die. So she can only go out at night. And then she meets this guy who's Patrick swertz Nager, and it's like a horrible teen romantic comedy, her father her like strict father, played by rob Riggle, who is just like kind of a medium, very funny and overall, it's just my friends, and I had a lot of fun commenting on it because the movie was horrible ending with literally absurd and made no sense. And I thought it'd be really fun here. You guys talk about it. Okay. Okay. Midnight sun, Akiva for the crack. It has it has a twenty two percent on rotten tomatoes. So not a great movie already kiva does that speak to you. I think it's a funny idea. It sounds the fact that you're singers kid is in it. He probably like secretly financed that there's something to give kids. Some job is funny. Dating somebody famous Alson. I have no I literally tested and just been watching the guy walked pastor window every single day since she was like a child and now they're teenagers. So she's basically falling in love with him through the window. And then the first time they meet they like fall in love because obviously. Time. Yeah. I feel like rob Riggle take. Okay. What is it? I feel like he's bad and everything like rob Riggle like he's bad on the NFL. But. Kind of you know, to like big and strong to be money. Yeah. I agree. I agree do drama robbery. You're not funny. But you don't look part. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Can I give you my complaint to Robin Allyson before we wrap up here? Sure. I think it's a funny idea. I think what the crowd movie diaper. I think people need more of a because what we found with three upset seven is like the more famous. The show is the more people care like I thought like Riverdale podcast was fun. But a lot of people don't care about Riverdale conic enough. It's not a kind of. So nobody knows what midnights as interesting. We'll be all time. Like if it had Larry its name or something. Like again, I'm Charlie from Cleveland, and I'm getting my podcast feed. Heo it's Robin Kimba midnight sun with Allison. And it's like all right. I know what any in pitcher self to be yourself else. Oh, I didn't. But I could. But I don't I think about this movie is simple enough that you guys could explain it, and everyone will understand what's going on. We could figure out. Allison, did you wanna pick yourself for the day of the Robin Icke get roasted. What I have to come up with my own rose. Yes, we any rose jokes for Robin. Akiva. Oh god. I don't know. I don't think. So what would be the number one? What would you something you hold on for us? Yeah. What would you go after if you wanna panel? Yeah. Well, okay. I don't know if it's been overdone now. But the the rob not liking sued thing is just absurd because is. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's not that a that's not that original. But that's my main. The. The people are now going to try and like insert themselves into the row status. Like going after his hard the same way, we had the bad reviews idea before. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Up to the haters up. Tim just like slamming us and trying to get onto that day us. He'll be on it anyway. Probably so right. Alison. Thank you so much for the call. Okay. Thanks. Good. Call. All right. Okay. All right. So let's to wind this thing down. Okay. Let's talk about what we what we are inventory for today. And let's talk about what is going to actually be going onto the wheel. Okay. All right. Let's talk about what's actually going to be going onto the wheel. Okay. Stands versus ops of the brand steel. That's can you get on through. That's that's not even idea that that's just can you? Tell me. How many lists things you've written down because I've not been writing. I wrote it. I don't know. I probably broke down like about ten things. Okay. Okay. That's a lot. Okay. Rob keeps kosher for a week. Is anybody can be excited if that comes up with a wheel, I think people might. Yeah. About this. How about this Twitter poll to see if this episode makes it to the wheel great? Okay. Okay. All right. But what I would like to do is just see if I could do what I do normally. And just because because I don't think it would be that big of a change. We could do some of that like it's not like we're gonna make you have twenty one ridiculous meals. I'd say you could have like eighteen ridiculous meals at a twenty one. But we have to throw in a couple of foods that are worth discuss. Okay. That's fine. That's fine. You know, I think it has to be because like. They don't like them. No. Of course, not. It's not like fear factor. But I, but I like, it's just chicken. It's like how kosher chicken. It's not interesting. Well. Shebab dinner the. Yeah. The chicken that I buy is already. I already by kosher chicken. Oh my God. So you may already. Sure, I may I might be all ready. I might find out. Yeah. That's interesting. Okay. All right. Then the Rodney kiva wand off. I'm of course, one hundred percent in. But it's totally contingent on Wigley saying, yes. Yes. Okay. So then our listeners tweet away. Blur and ask him if we can do it. No. Because then he would get too many tweets, and it's a busy day for him. So don't bother him. Okay. I will ask him. He's got a lot going on with game of thrones Chester will cry during game of thrones tonight one hundred percent, Chester cries during yester-. So yes, I, but also if you ask Josh they wouldn't be till the summer. Okay. We're not going to do the one from. There's actually a one though, it would be like a one off in the summer. Okay. That in December. Would we have six spots on the wheel for people giving us their twenty twenty predictions? Yeah. Let a will America put that on our future lists all right draft calf? I think this might be the closest to you. I think this could go on who's in charge of this. That's my only it was Josh lemur who had. Okay. So we were hit me up, and we'll we'll work it out. But that could go on the week. Okay. Yes. All right. It's not going to be in play for. This week. Just remember for that. This is a who wants to be a millionaire. I'd say put it in the waiting room. Okay. If somebody could tweak a little bit, then I'm willing to put it on. But I don't know Nelson had the idea about the one-star reviews of things that are. Normally considered to be rated very highly. Does that interest? You like I just again. That's what's the elevator pitch. I think it's hard to explain concisely. Yeah. Okay. Then this is one A care. Really? I think this was like the clip idea. The clips getting clips submitted. No, no. It's too complicated. All right, then probably kiva have a debate. Mean we said no to this before. What do you think like people send this topics and we have a debate? Are you more interested into the? Structured banter. I feel like that. That would come up. Okay. Yes. Structure, put it. I think structure being Thursday. Yes. I just the question is do we put it in now where the only two things allowed in on the twenty sided die. I know this more twenty things could be allowed for the twenty sided die. But people said that we should because a lot of people emailed in the last few weeks that we were off air and said, Ed re Ed band through. That's the one you forgot which they were right, except they said wait until one of the other two gets picked. So because people are excited about the brand steel and the conspiracy putting that's put structured banter onto the okay when he cited now, we're deciding now we're dividing twenty sided die by three fine. Well, the sick LA, okay. Okay. To the first one from seven are conspiracy and eight through fourteen is brands feels stands versus on that. And then fifteen twenty is the only other bidders have no access to the twenty sided die. If it comes up today. But we'll sit on the computer I have fake. The musical Jason careers gonna know when it's done. Solve riddles. I don't think. So. Okay. And you love it, the roast of Robin. Akiva, I think I think that's in the it's in the waiting room just waiting for the writers. I think it's a good idea if you're into it are you happy with this hall from today. Yeah. I think we really add a lot of stuff now and for the future when the wheel gets little lighter. We got a few things that will come up that. Now, I remember like now the whole we got so many ideas with balls in the air. I don't even know what what ain't punk balls in the air. Yeah. That's right. So we'll let we'll from America sort it all out on the spreadsheet and then get back to us. All right. We had a week off last week. So here we are for next week episode number thirty three okay? Let's let's get into it. I do wanna talk to you off line about maybe being off the mother's day weekend of at could be a lot going on. I don't even know when that is. It's not this weekend. It's not nickel but the weekend after because you first lady of podcasting is not going to really want to hear about how I need to potentially record a Rene episode on mother's day. Then another Robin, Akiva, get divorced Seattle. That'll put her right over the edge. Okay. Let's go ahead. And let's let's bring in the wheel and talk about what's going on. As we get to our spin for episode number thirty three here on number thrifty, thirty two okay. Okay. Season. Three episode seven was hot ways that we that one slot last week lies a lot of pushback, people were said that the show was ruined that we gave these seven people that. Yeah. Coin flip which I did like that. There was gesture today about the winner of would that make the coin flip more exciting less exciting that the winner of whoever is the holder of the bet. Holder of what if we whatever we had whatever stakes that would be instead of coin flip. Think of a bet then sure it's funny because it's been a couple of things, and it's never been picked whatever we want. It's never going get it's cursed. Okay. Oregon trail rise and fall of JT MTV's shows trash life coach infomercials Attrash, the Royal rumble the crappy movie diaper slash hat total. Request live is now off the wheel. And maybe could come back to the twenty sided die on a future. Episode millennials killed it wind shut up. Tim's money. The census the sequel mechanism which is to spots to beloved and the final four. None of our new ideas are going onto the wheel for this week's episode. Correct. Correct. Okay. Let's save one one slot for season. Three episode seven right now run slide for seasons real let's life coach is not really on the wheel right now. Because I don't wanna commit to kaitlin Herman looks like she's very busy based on. Yeah. Okay. I think the move we might have to just take that off the wheel. Okay. We might have to. Let's see. Let's go ahead and spin. Spin the wheel episode number thirty three can I took while you can I tell you what my daughter said this week, rubber guess, she's like how do you explain the Pacino's? It's like what the pockets my thirteen year old. She's like, how do you rob doesn't cheat? And tell you like whatever he wants the behind the wheel. I said I don't think like a he cares that much and be it's never like. Oh, yeah. That's the one rub onto a lot of times. It's like, oh shoot. I can't believe how to do that next week, but very devious kid Ella Weiner, she thinks cheating the wheelspin. I have a devious kid of of my own that is Dominic is in big trouble. He pulled a real real scam on his parents this week. You wanna hear what's coming up on the wheel? Yes. Okay. We may not be able to do this one this week. We may not be able to pull this off MTV's shows are trash, I don't know what. Allie last year's graduation. Schedule is. And this might be week. I know that she has been out on the your your beloved MTV reality podcast. So MTV's shows are trash is the pick. Do you want? A second spin Valez your cannot do it for any reason. Here's the thing. Every time we do this confuses people. So I feel like almost because I already asked I already deemed her. Okay. I feel like we second. Okay. Let's maybe let's how quick is. She a quick the DM responder. She might be. Okay. All right. So let me let me just a real quick talked about that my my beloved son Dominic that he in his he doesn't even go to kindergarten. He's in the he's like it's called TK transitional kindergarten. But he goes five days a week. And you know, he gets a little out of control at at school. He's a he's a good kid. But he overall like when this other kids around he just he loses his mind control himself. And so he gets like a chart from his teachers because that that he's been disruptive in the class, and he gets zero one two or three stickers every single day. And so when he's good the perfect as three stickers, and the absolute disaster is is zero stickers. And I we he was having some problems the week before getting bad reports. And I said, well, if you get three stickers every single day this week, then you and. We're going to play the LEGO Star Wars the force awakens that's going to be. We're going to do that this weekend. He's very excited about that. And so we were we were cruising through the week Keiv three Vickers, three stickers three stickers three stickers. But then upon further review later on we at my my wife was able to find that. There was one day where the teacher wrote something, but then crossed it out with a marker. And this this scam artist. Oh, my a k wist. I can't believe it. Yeah. He he took the marker. He crossed out what the teacher row leave the teacher changed her mind, and then he took stickers from previous weeks. And then this putting them onto the onto the thing. He's home. My god. He's you shouldn't be mad. You should be proud. That's amazing. Boy, I mean, this is this guy is going to one day be a CEO or make the fire festival to. Oh. My god. That's that's really like, you should be impressed long-term but concerned I'm very consum-. Very very, and he came home. And he was like, hey, three stickers again today debt. Wow. I'm like why you really you're really doing it. This is this is great. And then Nicole was furious. What is what he's your son? That's wild. So, but he did certainly did not get a Star Wars treat. No, no, definitely not. That's wild. Did you you didn't tell all is waiting to speak with with that is wild. But also good for you that you have a smart kid. Well, but a smart, but maybe one day, you know? I don't know bars. Well, then you have to pay for his college, or whatever maybe I like like Zack Morris level like a very normal thing for like a ten year old kid to do. I don't know. And I have a five year old, son. But he's a he's a few months younger than yours. I don't know if that's known for five year old to do. But it's impressive. I don't like, I don't know. I don't know where he goes from here. It's only up definitely everyone's done the son your Ford, your parents signature on a failed test or some note from right, but but not in kindergarten. They've done it not even kindergarten junior. Oh, that's next year junior high school. Yeah. All right. Keeping no word from LSU. Right. I think I think we need a backup spin. Well, I think it looks dumb when we have. And by the way, you know, like people are listening Corby is like commenting on. I forgot the people who are listening. Yeah. I know. Okay. Well, you don't say anything to I know people are listening. I think but I think let's cut it. I almost want to go back to the phones here. Let's go back to Corey be Corey we need a ruling here. Yeah. On Allie washer. Yes O'Malley year. I I I think you guys been again. No, I just hate having to options. And then people don't know. Like, I almost think like what if we know this is probably a little more work for rob like because she'll definitely let us know within an hour or two, but rob doesn't have the time. What if we do a standalone wheelspin right now? But then we cut all this out of if she says, yes, okay? People are excited about that's what this podcast is. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go back to the phone lines. Okay. Okay. Let's go to let's see who else. I try cars people to call in the tweet down. Don't recur. All right. Let me see who's there. Okay. Let's go back. The Josh lemur. Josh is on the line. Okay. Josh, okay. We need a ruling on this. You gotta be the second spend gotta do second span says yes in our you don't wanna get Alleanza you trust me. Well, maybe you do the tomorrow. Tuck is supposed to be up tomorrow, though. Yeah. People get mad. Okay. All right. Let me go get let me ask bands lemur always going to be to woman. Let me go back to Cindy. Okay. Cindy, I wrote down everybody's name in. Let's say all right. Cindy, are you there? Yeah. Okay. Cindy, what are you doing? I think you do the second in go. Let Allie lashed or no. You the second. We're feeling. Shoes. My biggest fan. Yeah. We can't trust you people. You'll tell there's like thirty year witnesses. Yeah. We can all paying promise we won't. You watch alley headed explode when she four Andrews in seven Matt's track. I don't know who's on this call right? All right. Let me let me ask de dro- real quick. And see what she says. Because let me see if how she feels that. She's she's still online. I think right d- DRA. They draw. Can you hear me? Yes. Hey far. It went silent. What are we doing here? I think you gotta go. I think you've gotta go to the second spend knowing that she's been off her own podcast. Yeah. That is a good. What should we do a rapture to at some point? I'm out I'm down for that. Pretty ship sponsorship down the sounds like it's right for picky for perhaps ler par. Two ships would get involved. Rub. If we do that again like next year. Let's see for new based on the the first game. I just did the last ad for them this. Okay. Let's see. Let's see if they were new. Okay. All right. That has listeners has asked me to add to ship, but it's been it's the thing. My wife doesn't listen to the podcast. She's not gonna like if I've a dating app on my phone. I don't know how there's any way. It could spin it. Yeah. Look then. Yeah. You look you. That kind of heat that's going to help you this. She's gonna be like, hey, oh, boy, keep dating fishing now. Yeah. Mike game. It'll become as filling prophecy, then I'm going to need dating. All right eater. Thank you. All right. Let's take can spin. Let's do the second spin. And then if maybe maybe by the by the time that in post production, we can we can add the update, okay? We feel like if the second spiff alley says, yes, the second spin is never heard because I don't want to disappoint people who you know, who and cutting out. Sailors? And I know I know I hate food. But I do at some point. I do need to have the chicken. Okay. Spin will bad here in thirty seconds. All right here, we go. All right here is going to be spin number two for this week again. And this is a good test valley last year's commitments to see just how committed she to this idea. Message me a few weeks ago. And she said what's going to happen? When after take the bar, Akiva, like can we put, you know? Are we going to pause the things if they come up my adult luck? So she has already put some thought into this. But I don't know why she's like you should only. Yes. She's got multiple things on the wheel. All right here, we go. Here's spin number two. Millennial judge. Okay. Here we go spin number two is life coach. Oh boy. Where do we all his car yet? No the wheel. Hey wheels. Curve. We said we said early episodes where the wheel just like detests that us and was coming up with the worst. Yeah. I feel alright. We're not doing life coach. We're not gonna be S. Right. All right. All right. This is the real the real Mickey Mouse operation right now right now, we've lost our credibility here. Episode number. Thirty thirty two. I feel like second. This comes up you tell me what it is. And then that's it. That's the last word of the podcast win shut up hymns money by if we can't do it like that. That's a great way to end. If look if it so if alley Lascher, maybe we'll maybe we'll be able to add the if we if we hear very quickly. Maybe we'll be able to add to it. Okay. So we'll be MTV one or the other reality shows are trash, and if I can't do it winds up. Tim's money. Okay. All right. I'm happy with either one. They're both good. Thank you guys so much for listening. Who called in and listen to thirty two fans, podcast and everything else. Take everybody up. Good one bracket theme song bracket that people should check sports teams. Like, there's still pushing them that was like from a month ago. I know, but it's timeless, and we can't listen to the latest one because it's the draft. It's over. Okay. All right. Take a good one. We're back. So I think that will we were on the right side of history with let's do a second wheelspin. Yeah. I guess once once we knew the Allie was taking couple of weeks off her own podcast. We shouldn't have been arrogant enough to assume she was gonna come on ours. Yeah. I mean, I think that I was saying let's do the let's do the second. We'll spend you were a little you were hesitant. The callers. All said do second. We'll agree with you. But I just I I hate when like we've gotten we've had a few weeks in the last couple of months where it's like, wait. I listen to podcasts. What's next week? I'm not even sure or like, then we put on a podcast, but we forget to mention that we never really ended. Like, you know, we never really came up with the final answer that was my fault because this week like is this going to go? That was my wife was like pressuring me to go somewhere. And so okay. All right so shop. Tim's money. It is for next. Did you talk to shut up Tim? Yes. He's in he's in. All right. I mean, he's got some date requirements, but we could we could get into scheduling off off air. Okay. So shut up. Tim's money. It is Allie Lascher is her stuff just off the wheel until further notice. No, she just needs to weeks. And then she's got a few months where she's available. Okay. And then what will here's the question should because this is sort of? Unfished? Should she get two spots on the wheel for this for the MTV shows are track I will turn that over to our butts person to? Okay. And then does this do anything to escalate or deescalate your tension with Alli Lascher what she did say, I'm being pushy? Just now. But then I explained like neuro because I was offering her a bunch of different days. I was like we'll push off the podcast like until next Monday. If you come on. But you know, it was it was too much. She can't she can't think about things like this. Yeah. God bless my wife sneezing in the background Humaira. In. Here's the. You know, I shouldn't want to shoot and want to have to worry about this. Because he also got to watch a bunch of different TV shows, and it's a whole it's a whole spiel no process. Right. So that's that's that when Tim's money next week episode number thirty three on rob Makita podcast, see next time. Bye.

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