Couple turns $5 dollar dream into millions - Part 2


Welcome to love and business. Is it worth it. I'm the girl diane ian on this podcast. We address everything. Love everything business and everything in between you're looking to grow with your partner while you're growing your business you listen to the podcast that will help you figure it out. Figure it out f. i file question for you. You come in from like you. Transitioning to being like st background street mindset. You know before you met your wife and now being that troop professional businessman How was the transition for you not only financially but my set wise when you were like okay this dude this but you know what. That's the way i used to do it. I gotta do it like this now. How did you deal with the transitioning as as a man mentally from you know hustler to professional without having like a boss or it wasn't like you worked at a job going that transition where you had somebody to be over tapping you. You had to learn. Figure it out on your own. How is that transition for you. Well i was always the kid. That was disciplined So i was always disciplined. Far is waking up on time. Like i was a wreck chaser and i always had a thing with if i'm once once i wake up late my day your shop so i'm always will therefore for about four fifteen in the morning i got myself up by four forty five time. I got the bronze. Didn't it was six o'clock six o'clock. I was going to pose anybody jamal. You can find me anywhere. Brunson six eight am. And i'm not moving and as being a professional i always i always had that mindset of being professional because i had to convince people to give me their cars and their cars would be safe with me at my body shop so i always was able to talk well and express myself to the people who wears though they trust young kids to say. Give me the keys to their car. Sign this paperwork and get it to to the shop Now far is getting into businesses. Cg's i had to learn to with customers. I had to learn to not be so voice for. Because i always had a thing where i spoke my mind and if you said some crazy like a lot of people say some silly like Hey i'm looking for tire cool. what nsa size it. And they'll say. Well i've got a volvo. I'll say ma'am or sir. You have volvo comes three different sizes. I don't know where to look then. I'll say something silly like what i used to say. Well if you look on your tire a tire sock then senior blight. You can't say that. In the beginning. I had a bad habit of being a little bit to voice aware as though i had to dumb it down a little bit and and tell myself. Hey i don't care man or woman. Everybody doesn't know where certain things are in your job. That's why they call you because they don't know is your doubt to explain so it took me a low. Took me years to get to the where i'm at and then make you having our our customer service talk and you know what i mean. And we went. We went from near man. I mean i'm still growing. Don't get don't get it wrong. I it come out of me sometimes. I'm not one hundred percent. I might give myself. No lie. eighty percents working. I'm still. I'm still getting it out. May but overall i. She's good somebody. I'm doing ten times better than i was. United me and i've seen it because the business has grown. You know what i mean in the repeat customers comes back and that's what about the repeat customers and making people feel like family and at home so i will say i mean. I'm not just saying it because you're on the on the line with this but there's definitely a or at you feel when you do come to establishment. Now things are neat. They're in order of. You guys are imposition. And you're not gonna be in a lot of fifteen minutes an in. Somebody's not say something to you. Done well in that aspect. I personally got work. Done there And i definitely commend you for the way you do run established so sure. I'm definitely loop. That will start dating you mention family in when you guys started dating. Were you involved with someone else was how that friends because a lot of times against some that are on here. They are dating someone. There's a transition happening. And they don't know how to identify should wait. Is this a blessing. And just gonna pull through this or is this someone that's gonna toy with me. How do you make the decision. So explain it. There was a transition. Was there something that you needed to let go of in order for to come in one hundred percent you sure for sure. I had to let I was hooked on our on. This was my second girlfriend. Like i didn't have a million girlfriend's girlfriend grow ziani. Mom was somebody. I was in high school so then after high school after high school. This ain't workout. So i was always used to just work. You go home and work and go home then. I got the taste of not dealing with nobody for like two years. I was a animal industries. All out there was party on seven days a week. Get your own from me on the floor. Say i see hood on here hooding Raynham army passed out somewhere near the houses. Like you know what i mean to. The point was going lie. Lock me in. Which she was i was i was twenty with her because like i love. I like this girl lot. But i'm just not ready to settle down. Boom boom boom. Some my head to release so i got locked up. I got locked up a remembered. Friday morning got locked up. Used to sitting down like sitting still in a tight spot. So my old this amy. I'm used to so i ask the guard. They knew me more. You good yeah. I'm good. I had shrimp anything on pepsi front. You know what i mean. I said but i need one thing. I need a pencil. And i need a pen. He said you're not gonna stab you. So bro said brahmin. Trust not suicide. Abro trust me. They the he gave me the pencil. And so i wrote everybody's names down no line. That was doing everybody's names down on the wall on walks just wanna long writing on war gave me this little little little little john. That's all they can start right nearby name down on the wall. Right had a list. I had list of women nola bugs. I had him though. There was a list axis wit can do for me. What are they doing for me. And are they longevity fulbe. She was the only one ahead checks next door name. I say god might get outta here. I said god. When i get outta here this this my girlfriend i'm done i'm done partying i'm done. I'm done running around all right. Though i get out mine had no keys. no nothing. I walked from the thirty fifth district or home. They gave me plenty of time to really get my mind go. They let me out. I walked i remember. It was like eight miles away. I walked nobel. No shoe string like smoking. I called her up. Gotten a shower. Which you don't she was hot j. Wanna talk to me. I said no no. No you gotta listen to dig. You told me a million times understand what you're saying where you at now. She told me where she was at net up. I said you my girlfriend. She said boy stop playing. Like i'm not like you said that a million times. No no no no. Let's listen listen. You got bit unlike lacking no listen. I'll take it no moved. Listen i mean. If i can sell a wreck i got. I got locked down right from that day. We boyfriend and girlfriend. And i play with her from that. They we locking since bro. That's definitely had or a couple of. That's watching this now. That may be in a position that they're ready for change. They don't know what to change. Looks like they don't know exactly what to go and change into. They don't know what to do. They may be working jobs and they're tired like they know that is something greater that they're called to do they just can't just figured it out yet. What would you guys suggest them to do. What are those action steps that you would. You would suggest them to do in that provision all right now come from me. I'm a little tough. Because remember. I never had a job so i always tell people step off with good faith and they look at me like i'm crazy high bro. It ain't that easy especially when you got a ton of bills so me being on my little sensitive side. I would say whatever you have playing to do. Don't wanna keep saying. I'm gonna get it going when you see the residual either a meeting which are now or be more. It's time to leave because you're trying to be at work running the business it to me. It's not gonna work because it was like me rotation when she told me leaders you gotta leave and get that business your undivided attention. And if you don't 'cause i'm gonna do you say more we gotta jump from. This roof was the next move. They broke. I don't know but i'm gonna jump. Well what if we fall man when i get close to that ground. I'm figure it out. Whatever i need to do. A figure it out then. I'm not the one that stand on a roof and just be waiting for the payer for me to jump next thing no sixty years old and guess what you wish i would have did member not be a wish person. I wish i would have did. You're going to be six years old to have what your dream car with. People drink cars a cadillac. I'm not going to be the one. I was not going to be the one time about. I wish i had his car. I'm thirty seven. I had almost forty brain cars at thirty seven. And anybody can tell you that you know what i mean so sure like a joke a swiss. They nights so we'll know that what type of people kill people out so people like this man if you've got a vision or a dream because a lot of dreams if you think about it it's true is your vision. You gotta go after and take that chance man. A job comes a million times. That vision comes in goals. Man you really only got one chance to detect your vision before you wake up. And that's what. I say you ever have that good dream you and get green you dreaming good as a muck and then gina baked that. Wake up and you be managed. Sim more minutes. I was almost trying to. I almost figured it out. And that's how dream when that person wake up is over. And that's what i tell. People may go after it. Don't wait don't imp- the money. Stop thinking that you need money to do. Everything gets all credit together. You're not. I mean they got so many loans and grants that you can do if your credit is good and i learnt that i remember i went to go. ain't about new product x. Y. and z. Said it means nothing. That's a piece of paper. How's your credit. My kids credit at the time was right better than mine. So would to answer your question. Honestly go out on good faith get it going at least so you see your business that about making some money and in the meantime why you got this job to pay the bill that is working for you and by town then a year to your credit should be good. Ain't no excuses. You can go to banks and get alone. That's what i say hell with money. I got the credit. That's the that's the good work with biden especially for those right now. The pandemic's has made unemployed some foreign though. What would you say that personal. Excuse right now. This is the biggest time. Yeah so right now with everything that's going on. This is the time. Actually start investing. If you have the means. And i and i'm not gonna say even if you have the means you talk about as far as physically having money in your bank account or not. The banks are giving away so much money so much money right now. They just anybody can take anything. Yes so we can all them in the future. I always say people always our and work and no one had to pay anybody. As long as you're gases on your lexical you want. Oh really go you never and that's and that's how we live. Yeah i'm gonna take a loan out. I'm gonna take a loan if you haven't take a loan here alone. Not there because i know me. That's an investment. I'm not afraid. I'm gonna take a payback is small increments and tell their business really gets going and then you can slap down the lump sum. What does that got another loan. People you world makes on debt absolutely. That's why we were going through. We're going through because the world wasn't making no money because it wasn't enough people in debt so now that you've got the pandemic is pitting so many people in debt. You're really not in that. That's what they should bring up with now at this time in home is to get all your dreams together. You're not doing enough when you them. Twelve hundred dollars. Whatever people banking on for the stimulus and all that kind of money anyway is your money anyways this boy and giving us not use that money. Don't go out and spend you get a new car and some new gucci sneakers and all that man. Listen take that money. Put into your dream so when everything is over you'll be starting fresh credits good and you ready to rock and roll man. I it's like this. This people say i just bought new maecenas bought new tow trucks and the pandemic tell you why because they gave me the pain do four months if gonna give me four months to take a piece of equipment. The furry erkki come on man. You're playing with me. Prequel must've paper so now with more. Why because y'all let me make the money in the four months the purchase more. Not only that. I'm blessing people with jobs. So i'm gonna stay out of my mind. I'm blessed man. You know what i mean. So that's that's a knowledge about all this congratulations on that because another because other state. And i won't put off being the state so that amazing that it. I think i think even even better when you get yourself a position in business. And you're able to streamline your business you're able to create other streamlines that income not of that initial business that's where it should definitely the floodgates really open up one year educated in wise enough to say okay. This works ray here. I don't even have to start a whole brand new business now. i'm just going. I'm going to get tentacles now. I'm gonna give my current could make less what it is and that's what it comes down to. Please leave love and business. Is it worth it. A five star review on itunes. Open the apple podcast app and search for danny when you find the love and business. Is it worth it. Podcast scroll down and tap the five star. Ace also leave us a written review.

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