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On this episode of the playbook I have Amy Porterfield CEO, the Digital Courts Academy, and Amy Porterfield Dot Com and amy's going to share with us how everyone has an online course in them and how we create financial and lifestyle freedom by creating these courses. Join me for all this and more on the playbook. This is entrepreneurs the playbook. Each week I, bring you some of the greatest athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to success and what made them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host David Meltzer. Announcement hotline or the playbook and I am so excited. We are GONNA come with you with a lot of energy because you've got to marketing people getting together giving you great ideas on branding and promoting an amplifying amy porterfield she is the host and top rated online marketing made easy podcasts. She's a podcast like me Creator, the Digital, Course Academy and the list Builder Society Speaker, and of course, extraordinary business coach. whoo welcome to the podcast amy, how are you? Thanks for having me? I've been looking forward to this all week. I'm doing great and I'm excited to dive in. Well, you know I've been looking forward to it as well. But I've only gotten a lot of written background on you and until I see the face in the energy, I've never quite sure how the. Get go and I've been very blessed to have extraordinary guests. But for the time I came on I was like Oh man, this is going to be awesome you literally through emotion have connected to me from the time I said is on you like this is GonNa be so positive I know in marketing that's are our main objective is have an emotional connection. What are some of the things you've learned in your career and you teach about connecting on emotion with people? So incredibly important. I think from the very beginning when I started this eleven years ago I. Think I learned more than anything that I needed to become obsessed with those that I serve and support I needed to know what kept them up at night what they talked about what they were worried about what they wanted their dreams, their aspirations like I really needed to know them like they were my very best friend and so I think that connection and that emotion that comes through when I market and I can act and when I. Served through my digital courses it's it's like they are always saying you get me you know me how did you get in my head and when I hear things like that I'm like finally I really get my audience and it didn't happen overnight it took a while but it's something I've always aspired to. It's awesome because one thing to be were interested that interesting you Ziara and do your homework and learn and ask questions. But there's the Jerry Maguire side of two of you had me at hello and I believe in a certain energetic. Frequency that we tied a brand solutions services, your academy, your podcast, your books when you step on the stage and I call it it, and there's certain people that have it and do you think that that can be developed trait the energetic side this emotional connection that we put out this charisma albeit or called in products and solutions you know this attraction can you think do you think that we can practice it evolve ought to something that you're born with I do believe that some people are just born with it they're lucky enough. To be born with it, I also have seen firsthand many people develop it when they care enough to to put the time energy money focus into really understanding who they want to market to what they want to do how they wanna serve I do think that is something that can be developed and and the way develop is you keep showing up over and over again creating content you you create a business that you're there to serve, and I think that you get better at connecting with your audience. Thank goodness it's something you can develop. It from the beginning. In you have developed into quite a mentor as well but I know younger mentors don't aren't born with being a mentor because it takes situation or knowledge experience advice and most importantly I call it the dummy tax If you haven't made the mistakes and learned in Henry Tax, you're not going to be a great mentor yourself. I think that's what made me. Such an extraordinary mentor is I've paid more dummy tax than most people on Earth. Now one of your mentors though has paid a lot of dummy tax and he's also one of my mentors what influenced in Tony Robbins have on not only your career, but your perspective of being an entrepreneur in the space. So. For over seven years I got to work as the content director for the Tony Robbins. Organization. And I was so fortunate because I got to pitch in catch with Tony Work in his space create and work on the content that he would deliver on stage in his digital courses and one thing that he taught me from the get go is that being an entrepreneur eighty percent is mindset. Twenty percent is the mechanics and so as I journeyed out literally my journey a being entrepreneur I learned from Tony what what he taught and how he taught it is literally the foundation of how I do everything. So it's that eighty percent mindset having to constantly work on how I think. How I feel and and when I put out into my content based on my own experiences, all of that came from from his learnings and I think one or one more thing I took from him is this idea of being resourceful like everything I do I know I can figure out one way or another he's the most resourceful person I have ever met and he doesn't always just throw money to it to make it work. He's creative and he's thoughtful and what he does and as an entrepreneur, there's never been a day that I thought I couldn't do it. I think that mindset has helped me immensely I, haven't always reach those goals, but there's something inside me. That's like. This out one way or another that has helped me immensely Antonio's helped me but mentally as well with that because he talks about mindset heart set in stomach set. All three together. Equal this confidence right and there's not one day and I joked around but I was with. One of Tony's partners Dean in Tony. With their new mastermind helping out as well and I'm not wasn't wasn't comfortable or confident selling office stage now obviously, Tony sold off sage for years. Dean sells better than anyone I know opposite age huge dollar ticket items and you know the greatest thing those guys told me they started naming names and they said, Dave, you know tell me who you've bought stuff from. Tony I bought your stop when I was young I cassette tapes the in my trunk I listened to all day long and he said, and you know if I didn't sell those to you, would your life be the same? And I said not even close in the same hold true for Dr, Wayne. Dyer. And several other people that I bought on PBS or off state, and it was such an interesting lesson for me because I had separated myself is superior to my own mentors because I thought there was some honor in not sell, and then once I realized I can sell things as long as I'm a Prophet Center and that confidence to be a profit center meaning you've talked several times about providing value and service in being of service in promotion and elevation of others when you have the competence not just to sell but the competence that what you're doing is giving because If I tell you something for twenty dollars and I. Know You're GonNa make a hundred I've just given you eighty dollars and that was a key lesson beyond confidence though consistency. So important I see you as one of the younger entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurs really understand consistency. What's your strategy with consistency or the importance of it? You know I haven't always been consistent and I felt the pain of it and the first two years of my business. So when I started a blog and then I eventually might casting would just do it. Maybe once a month when I had time things were I was busy I was helping clients I was trying to make things work. So my creation of content was not a consistent thing I did and I really struggled. So when I created my podcast I, I turned to a friend and said, this isn't working. This is way too much time and energy for the impact that it's making I for my podcast I wasn't really getting any downloads and he said you need to be showing up every single week new podcast every single week come rain or shine. So your audience knows when you're going to show up and the content you create on a weekly basis, they start to understand how to engage with you how you are there go to source they know when to go to you. And how to go to you because there you are showing up with a consistent content every week they kind of know how to be in your world, and so the minute I moved to a weekly podcast everything changed and that consistently consistency showed me holy cow if it works here, maybe it works for other of my business and it really did I've been around for eleven years in the online marketing business and I've seen people coming go and those that I loved from the minute I got on the scene when I left my corporate job into this, they are still around because they show up every single week with new content it makes a huge difference. Even push people to do every day. Ya That's that's big Tang it is. It makes a huge difference but the interesting component of doing something every day every week with that consistency especially in building your brand one of the key lessons is humility and there's two sides of humility to me. One is how can I be of service or a value but I think the larger cited for humility for me was asking for help and being able to vote for what I wanted and I think you know that lesson of humility still is one that I progress in practice. How has humility help? They'll your brand as well as your clients. You know it's interesting because I teach people how to create digital courses, take their expertise, their knowledge, their know-how, and turn that into a digital course that they could sell online over and over again I taught it for many years. But where I really hit the mark with my audience when they really start to pay attention is when I talk about my failed launches. Like the first time, I ever launched something and I thought I'd make millions because I saw Tony make millions and other people I consulted with make millions and I launched my first digital and made a whopping two hundred and sixty seven dollars, and I was rushed I i. Did everything wrong looking back but when I talk about that story and how I felt and how really really hit me like I'm going. To, have to go back to my job. I'm not cut out to be an entrepreneur when I talk about how I felt terrible. Afterwards, my audience realizes wait a second if she has a multimillion dollar business now, but she started out right where I'm at maybe I have the ability to do. So as well I have this mission in my business that I wanna be an example of what is possible and I can't do that without sharing the crash and Burns that I'm being humble in that way. So it's really truly shaped my business in it's it's put me on the map to be a go to source because I think people realize I'm real and I came from where they're at right now. So it's a huge part of what I do you know so interesting too about what you do is you know I'm A market for years. So back when there was no internet at all in fact, they started my ground law school in the Internet when it was very very slow in dos and carry it around your on a luggage cart in nineteen ninety two is when they started my career and built a career in the Internet. But the interesting thing is that you still utilize email as a major component to market now i. Still, use in person on the phone email, all media radio print TV, and social media because I see social or social platforms as an amplifier to everything real like Shakespeare said, the world is our stage. But I really am interested because you talk about these communities and if we can replicate how you build your email list because not necessarily the number of emails that you have is the relationship to the community and. Regardless whether it's email in person phone or or media. If you don't have that relationship, then people aren't going to respond and I would love your perspective on how to get people to respond eighty percent of the people never respond if you're lucky and so those people that have learned to give people to respond can then transition interest inhabits yance articulate their value. What is your secret to getting people to respond I? Love that we're talking about this, I always say the energy of your business is directly tied to the strength of your email list. I didn't say the size of your mls but the strength of your email list I learned way early on when I still work with Tony that if you don't have an email list and you're doing business online today, you don't have a viable business that's how important it is and social. Media will come and go the algorithms changed like that, and your business could change if you've built your business on rented land, which is building your business on social media and so with an email list, you own it and that's why it's so important that we're talking about this and the way you get people to respond to your e mails. Well, first of all, you gotta get him on your email list so. The the key to doing that is creating consistent content and creating a lead magnet some kind of Freebie, a free guide, a free resource, a free video something not so valuable they're willing to exchange a hot commodity, their name and email and exchange for your free resource. So that's the first thing you want to think about what can I give away for free that people would give me their email for an exchange but From there once somebody's on your email list, it's all about communicating with them like they are a good friend just like I said in the very beginning if you know who they are, what they're about their dreams, their concerns, their worries, their challenges you gotTa talk to just one person every time you send out an email, you want to send out an email to your list of, let's say a thousand people and You want somebody to open it and say it does she just send this to me is did she send me a personal email because it's that good it's that vulnerable it's not personal and it's conversational. That's how you get people to want to have that that exchange with you through email marketing as incredibly have created all types of efficiency rules to apply to what you're talking about because I think if you can create. That database of relationships? Well, you keep surprising people by his ad email from me. You responded so quickly I but I, think default as well when you can complimentary email lists with telephone call. One of the highest forms of responses that I get is, hey, let's jump on a call, and then even when I jump on the call 'cause I, have a five twenty role, every phone call I have the objective is to complete it by five minutes to to meet my objective in five minutes in every meeting or interviews twenty including my podcast in that allows me to be more accessible but I'm still amazed that number one they're shocked how quickly I get back to them they're shocked how quickly I say do you want to get on a call and then they're shocked that it's actually me? And I think to everything to build that relationship that if I'm going to make the Apper, I find that people are lazy. They go through the effort and some people have these beautiful relationships initially and then they think I've done my job and I'm just going to send them through an automated funnel and they actually end up. I think ruining their brand more than helping it How important is it through any of those aspects that I said to own the customer meeting own the relationship overselling anything one, million percent I always think about your email lists and let's say you have five hundred people on your email list and you think, well, that's not a lot of people. Other people have hundreds of thousands well, invite all five hundred people to your house all the sudden they can't fit in your house because it's a lot of people in each of that names in emails on your list are human being, and so really treating everybody with love and respect and. Take a moment to give them the attention they need. They feel seen and heard you will be creating a customer for life even if you don't get on the phone with them, which I think is awesome that you're doing that even if you send out an email to your list and have them respond and you reply back like, ask them a question and say look I'm going to reply back to everyone that responds and you get in there and take five minutes to do. So it means everything I think we've lost a little bit of that human connection and so the more you do it, you literally shine above all of your competition. and. You can't match the frequency about and when I hear. You I got on this podcast and you lit my screen up right and I think that frequency carries you if automated return it doesn't have your frequency if it's you, it has your frequency and even though if I got a text back from you or email back from you, it's how you made me feel right and so if you had this way for your video, your training, you're speaking your book or what other form of content that you've created that has created that connection you want them to remember how they. Felt about it and people will remember how they feel is mile. Angelo. Said, I'm in you have that blessing now last question which a lot of people ask me as I look through your resume history and experience, you do so many different things which one is your favorite of all from Book Speaker, Coaching Kata, me build lists, whatever else you do mom I don't know what your favorite activity to get paid for. Okay. My favorite hands on I don't even need to think about it is creating digital courses I believe that. Digital courses give you the freedom, the freedom of making as much money as you want the freedom to work whenever, wherever, and however you want and the freedom to build a business in the way that you want. If you create one digital course based on your expertise, your knowledge, your know-how, and believe me I believe everybody has a digital course in them. So if you create one digital course, you could sell it over and over and over again, I've seen my students nominally make so much money in their business selling their. Expertise to digital course but they also create a business in a lifestyle. They love because it gives you that freedom. So hands down I believe everybody does have a digital course in them. All you need to do is have gotten results for yourself or somebody else, and you could teach that inside of a digital course. So with that, it's my favorite thing to do in my business in it's my favorite thing to teach other people how to do in there. So they could create an online business based on a digital horse. that. Was Not the one if you pick but I'm amazed and I appreciate that I, mine is by far doing these podcasts especially when I have a guest like you either sharing their playbook of something that can change peoples lives in your playbook truly will change people's lives and allow them to make more money help more people and have more fun. You have articulated that in such brilliant manner I look forward to doing more things with you sharing your advice as well and utilizing what you know I. of course, available to you. Thank you so much, Amy Porterfield here with David Meltzer on entrepreneurs the playbook. By, hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note I, just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing, subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes does Dave Meltzer with the playbook?

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