EP78 - Change The Meaning


Same Day as well so happy Friday if you're listening today and getting ready for the weekend or speak to yesterday talk about something what happened guys what's up of welcome to the foss growth broadcast super excited super pumped to be with you guys today. I'm going to be recording posting it on solve anybody who stood out or still standing out amongst the crowd like you know Richard Branson is the crazy Tara is crazy one on Dr Learn to stand out amongst the crowd and they are the one they created their own niche market they created their own brand created their own businesses from to stand out amongst the crowd right if you don't learn to stand out amongst the crowd you'll be like fifty thousand other people doing the same that unique selling perspective the unique skill set right here is what happened when we took over these clients rides a bay message was pretty straightforward covered as as a marketing company has a person who wants to bring clients in through the bad marketing we must do one thing we must learn different things and everybody started to look at that person right so anywhere the way you stand up on the Internet is exactly the same thing they would just saying the same thing like many other people so we said change that message instead of saying something get a free quote get this from US less James so they they go out and do landscaping pretty much every every building you can see think of in in the city so they huge business sir how you would do it in public rights most people trying to blend in line most people trying to blend in most business owners trying to blend in they don't WanNA stand out Turnover squad law to end the monthly subscriptions acquired lot when I say subscriptions means that they maintain a low building God on you probably have to be the something which is your unique quality you you must learn to stand out so this is what works online as well right look at example into in that space in motion level and they click whichever they click and they sort of get along with that right so this is the biggest thing the message in say something completely different and this is what we said Hey daunte higher any landscaper until you read this artnews the the unique one name all these people who learned AD credit own niche market right those are the people won't be invisible don't be in visual one of the biggest biggest biggest problem today is with every business owner most of the bowed the person to educate them right made them aware about what are the things that must be must be mindful off before the higher and but the business only grows when he learned to stand out you probably have to be the weird one you probably have to be the different daunte highly landscaping company or landscaping before you read this just one liner ad and we put a blog together information together it search with their name on on Google you'll see other people popping up there as well pretty much with a similar kind of message run grind so so now what happened is in laws three months it's completely changed the game they probably have ten thousand people in the database with that so just one change wide whole right so they said we are the best landscape in the marketplace we ought this way out that we've been doing it for a while if you want thank you same thing same message same everything once in a while days some crazy said come along and say is completely any of these companies right so the really important to learn the skill set because if any business today and you just doing the same thing a not anybody in the marketplace going knew about them to what we did is very cool stuff happened in last couple of weeks so I'M GONNA share the results with the you see this is what I realized we always selling we always selling we always selling as a business owner we always selling events and it's a huge and a big landscaping business on speak to you guys about something which recently happened see few weeks ago a few what everybody is doing it e- kind of leaving so much on the table so it's really depends on the mode of your client and how they feel you know what they love doing we selling them something outside we selling them services we selling them their desired future whatever the client might be looking for but he had the same message so it's really hard for the consumer to pick and choose which one they gonNA call Jay depends upon the mood of the client Harry in the market blaze then you'll be like that as well like you know your business will be like if you feel that that you want to be just like those people that's fine you can be one of those people as well but you must learn to stand out if you WANNA take your business to the next level it if you want to grow your business you're gonNA take it to the next level you must learn to stand out because you hiding it you'll hiding somewhere behind something you climbed doesn't even know that you can actually help them so the more you come out of that Nope details below and give us a call call in week of your free quote pretty much aligns with the this end if you look at got more and better is for you and your business and for your team as well right because if you're running a big company you have a team members who look up to you sonorous they kind of invisible they don't they're not visible to the potential clients they hiding somewhere us today writer see when we looked at the profile for the first time and they've been doing this for awhile writer here they're add look like when we yes I'm selling staff and you know it's GonNa have a bad meaning in life so I think changed the meaning Janu life are we selling them that as well at home selling kids some stuff we always selling something right our kids are selling selling everybody's selling some nothing but the only thing is only said a number of people have the guts to say that he has some selling line because until you stand up and say us to make sure people come and buy from your right if you don't learn how to stand out amongst the crowd you'll like every other Tomlin can internally we selling the dreams we selling the work with selling the you know for them to turn off your employees the top at work we selling them the freedom we selling them the today writer head very quick meeting with clients he wants a landscaping business Means that they pretty good as I think Tony Robbins said the long longtime ago changed the meaning change change your life because the moment you change the meaning about stuff or anything right two things change internally and then they start to reflect externally that's it for me today have fun enjoy we can Montiel when we took over this client the having a big problem with the with online worldwide today they're good business very good business but they didn't actually feeling it getting the business based on that so you don't WanNa do that why do you want to move people forward Bush people fall would any. It's your job as a busy.

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