Kirk Minihane Blasts Dave Portnoy


Wiz our second run here. We just played some carson sound from carson kennedy my favorite show. I'd like a chance to get to know kennedy better. I don't know if there's opportunities out there anywhere but they'll do the best they can. <hes> <hes> can you imagine but it sounds like carson was telling a story on the beach but there's real reverb in the business. That's an echo so i thought it was worth playing singers it. So is it so distracting and we can't play. It's just a boring story. I mean i've pretty much summed it up with like they spent four and a half minutes talking about seeing people at the beach you saw at the beach before only heard heard so we continue we eat and then at some point like lanta and this woman's is kind of meat and they both could donate doing know each other and the woman says yes so five years ago we parked next to each other on the beats down at greg's point story province town and played cornhole sir. Can you believe it really wait. Why now so five years ago that's a radio they probably they project there. Show they were getting phone calls no issues and they do. They're showing home one hundred frigging five ten thousand dollars or whatever they'd make for a morning show and get no radios the sound so bad now. I think with anyone you know what's the point. I mean the only dumb fucking conference series called sing for your supper hon sirius x._m. We're segment i've ever been involved in in my life and then fucking. You know going to worry about assholes. We're trying to ruin your life instead. What you do is paying fucking. Everybody pocket instead which again is fuck. Can i parked at the beach yesterday in the personal park next to me say i recognize you we park next to each other beach once and then just go home like that's everything that happened in your life sounds like i want to. I want to stop and shop through cupped hands. Apparently stop shop yesterday and i had a list of food and i got everything on my list and i paid for it and got in the car and drove home. The that's easy continuing doing saying the things you're doing why you do a show. That's show termite dow. Would you please loud jesus christ to establish dominance sometime all the ways possible. Here's my rough two great great funds. I'm in a wonderful. Thank god for roman swipe. Somebody just say that we love roman swipes. I saw tweet tweet enrollment tweet the show. If you will today by supporting the company five dollars for your first month when you choose that plan get tremaine dot com slash car get roman dot com slash kirk <hes> reno we know roman swipes the clinically proven way to last longer in bed. You can fuck longer. You can enjoy it more your partner enjoy more and you'll help up the kirkman show and you can tell the dark forces the enemies <hes> to go fuck off as well and tell them fuck off you can tell him to fuck off longer probably waiting room so do that go to roman swipes <hes> get roman dot com slash car gets roman dot com com slash kirk get roman dot com slash. We love roman <hes> they've been with us. It's day one. We appreciate that very much. <hes> you know it's easy to if somebody's doing show but a frigging car comic book or movies or whatever you know reviewing pizzas. It's easy to when you're safe. People like that when you people with no guts you know it's easy to have sponsors but when you got some you take on tough issues that can be difficult. We appreciate roman for doing that. So get roman dot com slash kirk get tremaine dot com slash card away we go on listening to cookman the hands of podcast booth kirk minna hain who is apparently a derelict of some kind kirkman hands no one more controversial right now on the sportstalk world trump talking about me hanging off you yes well. He is white hot right. Now i ask why say something about carbon couldn't hand because i like him. Kirk is like a sports genius who everyone cheats fuck. I guess we have to start. I guess we have to start the big situation right now. Am i wrong. Oh yes you guys think it's the dave whether the fucking name is mike with barstool radio yesterday at serious so i we got a call or whatever steve call me. You figured out how to call me on the phone. He called me every eleven o'clock yesterday and said after eric. He said he's going to <hes> they want me on barstool radio. I presumed zoomed is gonna be about the merchants stuff. I talked erica. She was super supportive. She said do you want back. We're not gonna you know back down and i found that was well by mike's contract. Whatever fine does whatever we're doing. We're doing we on their first of all you have to people on the phone in different places j. hate and then pornos fucking. Mike didn't work at all. I couldn't hear anything you said like like ninety percent of the time and i'm not even really sure what the purpose of it was like. I don't know i'm so confused. You know you didn't know either because i thought i was four seconds after the interview i was like why am i doing this again where i'm in front of a millionaire dancing for the this is what my job is. Can someone please pay me and then. I don't know why asking me. I don't understand why that was happening all right well. Let's let's <hes>. Is there any particular sound you want to hear from the st that jumps out of you the beginning when portnoy just kind of asked about mike jumps right it into a blind. Mike wants to be paid. That's what you know what half sag pipeline mike this that the other thing. I gotta be honest. I don't listen to your podcast asked all that off tonight. So what is so stop so. I feel like at that point. We're i'm sort of done like i don't know i think he's the head of content right right but allegedly so he doesn't listen to my podcast at all which i don't really care about. That's it doesn't it doesn't matter to me at all. He doesn't listen to anything you this. Listen to mine years and listen to whatever then you really can't can't weigh in on the importance of it or not so essentially we go on we go back and forth wherever we talk about that and it comes down to you know if mike wants to get paid. I'm going to have to pay him because <hes> <hes> my part comes. Out of my end. Steve's thing comes out of my end. Most of thirteen does all the equipment does now. Mike does as well so now the questions really essentially. I'm thinking about it last night and this morning. What am i doing here then like doing. The payment is salary fine short of that. What am i. What am i getting out of this. That's all it is apparently and i think it's fine. I mean that that's okay but go ahead. I think that might have been why. I don't know all the details. Maybe i shouldn't say this but i think this is kinda. I pat mcafee left and i know it is pretty damn short but i'm going to be clear throughout this entire because i'm in the mood to them. If you guys can tell them in the mood i love the people barstool eric nardini in particular. I don't deal with dave much at all. Which is what i was getting with. Dave eric has been awesome chill. If i text right right now she'll call she. Call me after the show yesterday because you heard the podcast. She was concerned that you know i started talking about. Hey this is it. This is an ultimatum whatever i'll do a subscription service and and i truly do mean that in that partially just don't want this human being in my life anymore. I don't want him in my life anymore. It's not good for my health. I know doesn't care about that. That's been the criticism. He's he's got his own shit. That's fine isn't even know so. It doesn't even matter but not going to deal with this guy anymore so we're gonna take them head on here every single day until there's a resolution. They kept dave senate yesterday. We'll get to a late goal. Just don't mention them. That's not how it works. That's how it works. That's not how it works. This guy's contacted people since day one. I don't don't mention his name. He's gonna keep doing it. We played that game at the old place and it didn't stop so i'm not doing that anymore. I'm getting a resolution whether it's barstool fires me. They get rid into this guy. They make some deal. They do whatever they get him out of my life so i could continue to my show. The minivan show this morning fucking d._c. Who i like is sitting there going like oh you know. Kirk needs to broaden his audience and then the leave him alone a our audiences fucking great like our numbers are our numbers are fantastic and it's not that's not the issue and number a to. I just left the place where the audience for radio perspective was as big as it gets. It doesn't get bigger than our ratings. Were in murchison harassment and they want nothing to do with the audience. The audience is irrelevant. Shows no rating stay forever because they get fucking left alone. That's that's not the issue our numbers if we will get another subscriber numbers of great. We have a really strong. Loyal in our audience is fucking unbelievable if i turn them and say let's get going. They're gonna fucking crazy which i'm not done yet and keep my fucking mouth shut but it gets frustrating here for people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about talk about stuff. Go ahead what you say something. Do you think portnoy was people are saying porno scared of murchison. I took it as he just doesn't get the situation. Do you think we'll get there in the second. He said he knew the story. I think he knows your story. Put this way eric has been the point person on this poor. Knowing those is a story you know generally doesn't really and by the way. I don't think that's a compliment like gets his fucking company. You know they brought me in like he should know more. You know how long taken returning boy story fifteen minutes or listen to one of my podcasts. I mean he knows the deal and i think he thinks it's like when people harass advertisers for it. It's more. It's one of the guys that he has to deal with right. It's and it's just and maybe it has something like this. In the past. I have no idea but i will say this the idea that solely kirkman an issue when i'm under the bar umbrella is ludicrous because that fucking guy will worm his way around like the idea these back. Oh you know what we'll just. Make your kirkman. That's not how it works and this is. This is what happens you allot. Whatever what. What do we have here. What sounded we get a little bit more porn he after the mike discussion when he starts talking about the mike. Let's see them up before you get to portnoy frustrated with him. I am it's fine <hes> <hes> so where are we at. Where are you at you. Listen to it. Where are we at with. Mike skin contractually nowhere. Don't really i mean we don't have we don't have a contract contractually were nowhere well. I mean the way it works is like i said yesterday. I think it's steve tell you that you know. It's fairly you know this idea idea that. Were you know the the the advertiser advertisement fine we've had whatever twelve or thirteen one is left. The fucking saw company left good goodbye. Whatever the giving up a point or two who in adra is not insignificant right no but i also think that we can do things to increase the ad revenue ourselves if we're on our own as as portnoy said yesterday then i think we should take more initiative to bring in advertising and get your job yesterday. Go do it. Yeah i mean this is the sales team. Barstools not gonna like it but that seems to be from from what i've been saying that for months. I don't care what they think. I don't. I've been brought in here is a free agent. They basically said that porno confirmed it yesterday so we do things on our own. If they don't like get they can fuck off. You can have the sales. People call me individually. I will tell them to go screw. That doesn't matter to me at all. The guy who essentially runs the company yesterday said you're on your own so we're on our own. They're giving us whatever they giving me a very nice salary and they're giving us a split the ad revenue. They're giving us publicity not a lot of it but that's okay too. I don't care about that and i don't you know i see you know i i am not to open the minivan podcasts references all the time but they're like you know. They're not gonna be as big as part of my take. That's true this podcast will never have as many downloads as part might take pardon. My take is a really good podcast but it's also a friendly podcast. It's a heavily promoted podcast and it's been around forever and is released successful. Our podcast is different. It's daily. It's a a little more. I don't know what the word i would say confrontation on forget. There's a little more of that and that's but that's okay. I mean the one thing you always say when we're looking booking guesses that you don't want anyone you agree with not going to apps. You're not gonna have samuel l. jackson in here and be like hey. How many different ways can you say motherfucker samuel jackson seconds but i mean you know like knock date sit in the van with like dr phil and they do a really they do a really good job i couldn't do that. They do things i can't do so it's not gonna happen. We're not gonna be that the call caller daddy. Daddy show is on once a week for forty minutes. Okay all due respect. They do a very good job downloads. They're on everyday for two hours that people would listen to them as much i would. They just wouldn't have much talk anyway. They would run out of things. You can only talk about looking asshole so much trust me. I've tried it ends but it's really good. They've covered a really popular niche. Those are the two most popular podcast. Our podcast. I think is better in my opinion. I hope they think there's better and we have our audience. I mean it's loyalty up against anybody's anybody's no question and that is that is worth to me. You know a shitload. It's hugely important so we're gonna handle things ourselves now. That's off bar wants to help out and ship in we. Have we have an agreement. I have no issue with that. That's great but we call the shots now. We were told that yesterday off the phone. That was my takeaway portnoy said this is your issue you deal with it. Talk about it. Don't talk about includes mike so. I don't know how we're gonna. Handle the mike situation. <hes> ah seems to be crazy that some sponsors not gonna step up and say we're gonna pay for transportation. I mean that seems like a fucking no-brainer and then we'll figure out the money part of it. I don't know but we will figure it out. It's not gonna not happen mild thing we what we actually came up with. Yesterday seemed very fair to me. We'll be come up with yesterday. Well the numbers that were getting thrown out where it's a low base salary and maybe merchandiser ad revenue whatever that seems very fair to me i and the thing is that keeps coming up with you as you keep saying. I have no leverage. No you're right. I i agree with that but what i'm saying is. I can't keep coming in here for no money. I agree. I need to pay my rent. I agree i agree but also this is also my money right so i mean what i'm saying if we can't do it. I'm i'm not saying can't do. I'm saying i'm not doing anything until this your situation with all due respect is secondary right now right without <hes> also married to the situation. We get rid of situation a we'll take care of it. Then everything opens up in my opinion or we just we just totally put ourselves in the bubble which then shortened ends e potential amount of advertisers but we are people who will back us a one hundred percent and advertise who them only that's it and then it's a smaller advertising base for the more loyal one so what are the potential ways to deal with this primary situation the merchant situation what i think either you know we we meet head on like i would like to do and i've talked to eric about that. Yes talk to them at any time <hes> or we just continue the war until once i back down and i'm willing to do that. I mean you know me. I'm willing to do that and then for me. I'm in a different situation. Mike like if it gets the poor parcels is hey. You know more say well. You know you allow me to talk with. I wanna talk so would thank you. We'll shake hands and we like you guys a lot more definitely not going to be throwing flames because you guys have been great eight to us and we move on. I go somewhere else. I have a very successful subscription service. You know again. It won't have one hundred thousand listeners but do you think i don't know i just don't want out of the hat. Let's say gerry callahan and i decided to do a subscription show right tomorrow in new england. Do you think it would do pretty well from the start very well. Yeah i think it would you go done. You know we get a producer mike third guy. He's you say telling some wacky jokes. He gets a piece of that subscription base. I'm in iraq and we're off to the races by the way i would rather do this than that but that that this is is what and by the way you do subscription base and you can advertise within that as well with people you like and people you've worked with before we don't give a shit about other people then you totally the protected then your life is free and you can even do. I don't want to sorry but i don't wanna i wanna do this. I don't want to lose this fight and i know people are saying you're doing this again. Maybe they are maybe not. Maybe they find it interesting. I know people at barstool one of the before the show starred yesterday just because they're so interested in the story correct yes yeah so i mean you know i get it. It's a good drama but you know for me. It's my life like it's actually you know glue affect me mentally and physically. I don't wanna go down that road anymore so i am until it's i'm not going to say oh you know what will mention his name for a a few weeks but that does doesn't work for me because it's still in the air. I want to fucking take care of it. I don't think that's gonna work either just ignoring him. He's not gonna go away. I guess my view is the success is the best revenge bench and so that if we build relationships with advertisers who are you know <hes> i guess activist proofed then eventually. He'll go away if you see having. He'll never ever no way but you're right in bali. We basically done that so far. Also forget this is not where people are bailing left and right and i do like portnoy said say what you want. Erica said say what you want that we've never had this this podcast today the one yesterday a conversation we had yesterday with never happened ever huge difference so this idea idea like you know i saw between the pornos pathetic and all that stuff and i recognize that thought but it's you have to understand it is so different than there was a year or two ago so i don't know we'll figure out we'll figure out the thing but i mean at least the uber stuff. That seems like that should be taken care of no all right. What do we got here and now we've got. <hes> portnoy is asking you. Why won't you just pay mike. Why won't you just pay him out of my pocket little bit dead air there japan. Is this delay with some of that. There's also also i can kind of hear canton and i'm like it was tough to hear. Some of the address is is he talking about just writing a check. That's not you know i don't know. I have no idea do you. <hes> do <hes> dan in p._f. T pay hank out of their pockets weird also because poor noise like started by saying. Why didn't you ask me and ask me that. I didn't know i could just go to the head of the cut. Knock on your door and say dave money. Police ignored. I mean i never asked bringing you back. Oh you know i emailed him and he said come on barstool right right so there you go so you did ask him essentially right yeah right basically good job. I just said that yesterday while you're talking to him on the show. I figured he knew that part of it. I don't think he knows anything so. I'm sorry believing those nothing like all this stuff people warm about now with him like all the good and the bad. I'm realizing now until it's really okay. I i would rather have somebody who is super hands. The one thing i will say about davis as much as people people said well. He didn't defend yesterday whatever he did it on air for everyone to hear people that entercom would hide bugs clear the porno would like me not to talk about this but you know tough shit and i think he was credited recognize. It's tough yet like he's like you know but he's also doesn't know enough to realize that not talking about the same time it doesn't matter it doesn't matter isn't tournament of portnoy's doing a radio show so he's got. He's got his his persona as the big boss hogg disappointed in everybody after he gets back from his vacation. I feel like you guys kind of walked into an ordinary portnoy yeah. I just thought it was weird like i said i would much rather have had mike colin. Make a case like. I don't think i needed to be there. Honestly for that parts and other voices distracting. I could go on and talk about the merchant thing with him. It's two different. It's two different things while they're while they're related. Just it's it was an awkward choppy. Then is might didn't fucking the thing is mike was dead so it didn't work segmented more. You could hear you trying to drag it to murchison file. It's where we you know i i mean. I like you know we'll pay him. We won't pain pain. We're talking about twenty eight. That would doing like you know. It doesn't important. It was basically saying this is. This is my issue so i'm like well. Maybe this is your issue or maybe not so then. I'm so what what do we have here so then puerto he kinda takes a shot at mike for talking about murchison saying like well. You want to get paid but you're also saying. I didn't get this i didn't i. I didn't know he was calling me a pussy or i don't really understand. I think he was saying you know. You should keep your mouth shut about somebody. Who's coming after advertisers. If you wanna get a slice but but it didn't seem to me like you're the one kind of leading this charge charge against and then to be honest for both you guys what you've talked about with this other person who the merchant would ever who doesn't like you blind mike. You're very quick to say oh. We're going to go after this guy. Well guess what from what. I've heard this guy's gonna make it very difficult for you. Guys get advertisers. Guess what might you don't get paid so you guys figure out how you want want to work that dynamic. I don't give a fuck. This is your show. We wanna make money but it's up to you guys. You can make money to pay people works. I what did you mean. I'm quick to do that means. You're quick to if i talk about mersin quick to seattle well. No no i'm just saying he's saying you know but i don't know what we're davis wrong on that. He's just wrong. Is that if we didn't do it he. I am repeating myself. He would contact these advertisers anyway. David david just not not even makes up just you no. I mean you know you think murchison if he wanted to fucking take cuts with davis over the years attorney. I mean anybody wanna do that. But of course he could but this this is you know but dave doesn't this is when his strength which is these days out of the way is a weakness that these days out of the way because he's not he's not educated enough on the topic. He's just not it's like talking and that's why at that point whatever he said. I was like i'm fucking done. I'm not gonna fight him because he doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't he's not he's going to. He's not aware of the situation. Wait so it's arguing with somebody who doesn't know what he's talking about that point i was like i want this fucking conversation to end. I was annoyed. Anyway was four lines these fucking mike sucked. Everyone was cutting in with everyone else. Elsa was just repetitive and then portnoy starts talking about financial ramifications. I think this is the point that a lot of your fans were disappointed. We'll say this is a specific civic cut. This is what i started saying like. I started getting weird little very little very little feeling in my stomach. I've been here before and i can't believe i'm having a conversation on sirius radio with dave porno a market if you told me that when this started in october of two thousand seventeen i wouldn't have believed that but here we go. I hope and i suspect you guys will be aggressive in defending me against murchison. I suspect that'll happen knowing you meaning what <hes> meaning that if he continues these attacks well. He's definitely the attacks. He's definitely the kids. I know better than anybody. You will obviously from what i've learned about it. If you mentioned naming it increases as tax <hes> <hes> i i hate everything about it and i haven't told you not to talk about him. It is the same business situation. That is your podcast basically if he's i don't know who like i know the story and obviously e. I got very cold feet. Where not parcel gets attacked by everybody. This guy sounds like a next level in what the time has the resources in all that jazz. It's an interesting thing because the way i look at it which is not too different from what i'm saying here you make in this situation your how much you make trickling down to the people you work with is directly reflective of how much ads we we can sell if he's successful of getting people to pull your ads. You're going to have a decision to make. I that that's it. Nobody will be making money. It turns but i'll never tell you kirk mark. Don't talk about it but just know the financial ram yeah well. I mean so you know again a broken record but he doesn't really know the situation and by the way that on its own if it was the that's pretty decent vice. If it was just a regular activist he was making folk. It'd be right but this guy says next level. It's just different. Murchison's just different algarve. I say name one hundred times or not. I'm not i'm done playing murchison like don't talk about this. Don't i i did that. It didn't work one of the fundamental institution. I lost my fucking job. I walked away away from you know a lot of money to do this. I'm going to do that to come here and then not. I want this done. I wanted to take care of one way or another. That's it. I'm not an hijacked jack this fucking podcast every day and talk about until it's done i will i will so i mean you know i. I mean i understand that. People are upset about portnoy there but you know i don't. I don't think that's i don't think it's horrible. The answer i think in the other thing is if murchison's started to get to the point where he's affecting him portnoy and barstools stuff. He'll go fucking go crazy. I that i am a thousand percent confident uh he doesn't know the situation so if they start now i would like him to say you know hey. I've got your back. You've worked hard. You've been so far. You've done a good job. People seem to like. I'm seeing a lot of feedback. Fuck him but you know. He didn't even say that but that's okay doesn't matter to me. That's what a lot of a lot of kirk. Minihane minihan fans were expecting was for him to come and be like fuck this guy. He doesn't know who he's fucking with. There's another situation. He just doesn't know the situation yet but you know what it hasn't affected them in when it does. I mean porno to his credit. He's a very selfish guy thinks about himself. That's right a win it. When it affects barstool or affects dave portnoy he will trounced by the way and i'm telling them if they don't take care of this will yeah porn i get it. I think there will be the appropriate response. I hope what kind of conversations you have with them about murchison before said they knew we existed. I <unk> said just be ready. I said from day one. He's going to bother you guys. You know he's going to bother you and once jerry left. I knew that he got a pelt and jerry was gone and he had nothing to do so. I'm sure sure he doubled his efforts. The second jerry left he won that you know using these things joepat. He is so fucking boring and dull and shitty now and he was nothing to go off. He's one like this so if you go put on the boston right now. You get like what murchison wants he's one. He's gotten shitty boring afraid radio all day long. Do you think he's gone after anyone else other than just you and i. I don't know i've never i know he's gone after people like other businesses in small towns in massachusetts gone after people fucked with people get real estate stuff. He's one of those guys. Every town has guy. He's that guy yes so i mean i have no idea. I don't know that i don't know about but i know he's that way. <hes> he has a transgendered son who's an activist vistas well and he's in the dolphin. This idea that people say we don't bring up his son. It's not fair sons and adult <hes> and his son is a very <hes> public. Media does podcasting hi castonbound podcasts. He's written publications in my and i don't know this but do i think he is helped his dad and the sip of course he's an activist. I mean this is what this is. What you know activists if a student i you know but it's it's. I guess it's up to me. I mean porno said it's up to me now to take care of it so i'll do that can is there any is there any part of you. That thinks that if you you talk about murchison too much then you're allowing him to win if he becomes like the programming director of the kirkman hands so i think it's i think it's important battle. I think it's the most i agree talk until it's done. I can't you know we we're going to do other stuff but it's always going to be around it. We ignored it and it got worse so here. I'm going to talk about about it and i'm wanting my listeners <hes> to be active. I want them to <hes> to you. Know effect mercy's visit they. Can you know i want them to contact also want want them to subscribe with roman i want them to we have new advertisers. You'll have over the next few weeks. I'm sure i wanted to advertise with them. <hes> that's what i want. I want them to be part of this. I want them to be active active with this as well because if you don't you're going to get what i'm going to be gone and then you're listening. Options are going to be whatever you know. That's that's life. You're gonna get honestly you're gonna get fucking <hes> greg hill and you carson things joke telling stories of running into some of the beach and he saw before that's where we're at now that fascinate so to me. It's a culture war and i. I don't think i'm overstating it so i'm in the middle of it and i'm not going to stop talking about until it is rectified. Don't know i don't get like how this guy is allowed to fuck with people on on a daily basis that he does like i don't because he hasn't because he has a transgender kid that people are afraid to go after because he has a transgender kid for some reason i mean even like there's also a mining order taking a break any laws crummy kirk is a public figure times be sullivan. You can say whatever you want about. How's this by the way as murchison. He's put his name in boston. Magazine stories about romanies give it coat to sue o'connell and so i mean he's not even saying mind-boggling. Rich apple is evil. I think he's evil. I mean yeah. I think he's an evil person you can you. Can you have a transgender kid and be evil. They're assholes in the world who get cancer like that. That doesn't mean you're not exempt from anything that that's the way it goes. He happens to have a transgendered son. Gabe <hes> and you know you. Also bob also happens to be hassled too. Were unrelated. I suspect i don't know i think you've gone above and beyond to try and accommodate him to try and understand trying. That's and that's over. I i've made it very nobody. I'm as pro transgender. Does anybody does that that that that there's nothing that anymore nothing to do with that. Where's enjoying the sport of it. So you know in puerto wicked say it doesn't matter. It's your own battle okay. It's my own battle you know and then he said the thing with the fifty million dollars and get rid of me i get that too. It's a business their business. I mean they've been barstool has been disneyfied and a lot of ways dave portnoy's sort of mickey mouse barstool. Now davey the mouse d._a._v. you i was that spell davey mouse david most oh. I'm going to have a celebrity on today and eat pizza. You know he's a pussy now but that's okay is but that's all right. It doesn't ideal eric davimoss anymore. I just don't he's the he's little symbol of the new barstool where they have celebrities and all i saw steve austin was in yesterday who so edgy get a lot of trouble and people like that in there at least not gonna beer. Yeah who knows who's in today is going to be logan paul again. Oh i can't then wait what the fuck i mean. You know it's it's disneyworld disneyland. That's i enjoy. There've been great to me but i mean dave porno. He's not deporting anymore. He's not he's mickey mouse like he's davimoss he's. The boss doesn't really have any power anymore. He handed over aside the check. Now he puts on a sometimes it goes to england puts the tuxedo dances around so that was he goes the horse races. Sometimes sunday's shoves pizza this fucking face. That's what is now. He's just a little symbol. That's all he is. I think the amount shirts in the borstal storm. That's why we have five hundred shirts. We can just do them every take that merck shirt dunga. I want all these things done. You donald davie maos done. That's i want all this stuff about them. Just put him up just stuck and put them up for them up. Put them out. Put them up. Put them up. Put them up them up and let people buy if you like the show by. That's all remember what happened last time. We did this simple simple. Keep it simple good. I was just going to say i think for people who think this is just kirkman hand battle. They're wrong because i mean they. They will continue to take down every single person who disagrees with them. Whether it's the trans issue with ah self irrelevant the issue itself is wholly irrelevant d platforming plain and simple going to tear down people who disagree with them because they don't want and that's why i don't wanna get boehner here steve but that's why i admire tucker. Carlson is because those people he's like. Fuck basically fuck you. You know okay. Twelve advertisers bail fucking will find more fuck you laura ingram same thing fuck. You like there's there. Is that stuff where he god forbid you have you. Have you say as something that some people don't agree with okay. Well we disagree you know in in how you just disagree with me and we move on what's fire. This person and let's just say they got across and fire or last year lowering right like them. What do you think they're like. Oh we're satisfied. We're done no. They're going to move onto next. One like o'reilly should've been fired. He was fucking sexually harassing women. I have no problem that's different. That's a different situation. That's a thought that's free speech. That's being a fucking creep in the sexual harasser and a predator in an asshole roger deserve to be fired but you know with what was the what was the thing with war. What was her thing. She said something about david hogg one of the students at rochman right which isn't it. I know a lot of people don't like him but i didn't agree with her thousand asshole thing to do but whatever but she's. She's a fucking she he he was he was a legal age correct. I seventeen or eighteen okay. Whatever talker do <hes>. I think tucker referred for two immigrants illegal immigrants making america dirty air but right. He was showing footage of litter wrong legal. Look like coyote path. Laura ingraham's other thing was lebron james right <hes> <hes> yeah she said in triple a book called shop and sing or something right wasn't shopping act but like so so what's like so fucking what i don't care same thing even on the other side joy reid right road. All those weird blogs homophobic things about charlie crist. It wasn't her as the time traveling hack right exactly yes so. She should like they're not. I don't know like what the fuck drummed out of. Just how about she just goes on and you don't watcher you mock her. What this rush to get everybody off the air like say bob march the winds riding. They literally take my fucking vocal cords out of my body. I can't speak anymore and they would take my brain out. Chubby hands can't write anything how this is life. Get better what it's crazy to me the amount of people that don't just allow things to exist that they don't necessarily like you know what i mean like. My girlfriend watches the bachelor. I have no interest in it but it's i don't think inc you're not trying to get it taken down because i'm not interested in watching. I don't understand it. It's like i don't get it. It's weird to me. There's also something strange about the left wingers players who are trying to us corporations to control speech like they they want large corporations not advertising with you to arbiters of what's okay. Let's also be like big anti he business. It's also guys like i said yesterday who were sitting there saying well kirk some public airwaves. This isn't fair but then he goes somewhere where it's not public and it's still not fair so i you know it's just it's just again. It's a sport it's a sport. It's you know pardon me just kind of wants to say. I'd love for for barcelona. Release a statement saying fuck this guy in if you interview view whatever company bows under him whenever you're not in barstool anymore fuck you. I'm honestly a little surprised yeah like like fuck you. We're gonna we're barstool if you don't if you're bom ba socks or whatever it it is just so you know. Everybody likes barstool everybody. We're going to get together and not not use your product anymore. What murchison's doing any different from what the mafia used to. I know there's there's no violence but he sees keeps going to bomb once. It's pretty pretty nice sock company. You've got here. It'd be a shame if somebody came along and literally what he's doing exactly. It's a whole shakedown racket. I would also say that at some point you know like the company has to say well as anybody else. Emailing us isn't no no no fuck. You and i used to say that last year year before for nobody else would literally nobody else would app but he would bombard them and they would give up because they were afraid because they were pussies so you know i think i think the onus is on the company myself and i just blocked the guy's fucking team. Yeah just say fuck you fuck off. We got an email yesterday to the minivan show account from some guy. Did you see that who who dealt with them and the guy was like. We don't stop bothering us. Listen merchants said okay which is surprising but that's that's what you have to you have to say no buffalo wild wings. Milton's has done it. We love them will buffalo wings. Other companies have done it. We this is why we love roman so much first of all to great product in second. They're loyal. They're saying fuck off and i know the romans getting great feedback for the advertising. We're doing for the show which is different. I'm guessing different than the other advertising day of anywhere. There is so that's kind of where we're at. I mean i you know i think we have to get this thing aqap. Solve one way or another that that you know and that's that's kind of it. You'll not a lot of change the all of a sudden quickly and it's one inspire the way it's one fucking company is dumb and that was the other thing too. I think people seem to be freaking out a little too much now. The show is filmed but i get it but i use it was just that i get and it's more like it's for them through it. Yeah the people who knew don't really understand what the people who've been through like holy fuck thought we thought we got barstool portnoy. Why would i don't know have my back and have some balls instead of putting on his big ears and dance around. I think a lot of people expect today. An emergency press conference yeah but mickey dave is now it is different. I mean there's different celebrities yes to deal with and this horse racing what's more important right and he's got his horse races. That's funny new golden sunset stuff a riot but this will respond to what he'll respond to you calling him david now. Maybe he's a pussy. I don't know guts are not who knows yeah. I have no idea it depends on what it depends on what advertisers tell them to do. Yes my understanding of it right and if they tell the dance fucking dance they tell me that pizza pizza pizza. I mean that's davey mouse. He's the he's the signal of barstool disney. I think that's that's not a big issue there or is there no no steve no no. I don't see any issues coming. What i don't see any issues coming from. I mean what's my wrong. I listened to him. I like i said i don't money leaves us alone but like you know the old portnoy. The milton portnoy probably worked more spirit in the senate version on my issue well. It's going to be your issue soon enough stupid if you don't help me out but that's okay. I'll do i remember this is the porno i remember called. <hes> the churn group called him the day they were going to make the announcement they sold sold the company and the disney group and sports illustrated wrote like hit another hit piece on barstool and the churns called him and said like hey. Maybe we should announce it today. Just because the bad press and that's how you wanna play it maybe we shouldn't do right and i thought that's a guy i fucking respect air conditioning in that costumer no because it's got to be when they open barstool amusement park near the caller daddy ride and they have filed burg land and corrobos laminated get c._o. Fascia throw a fucking baseball would final piece of it. <hes> it's good question. We'll porno be like right in front and it's got to be high hope. He has a c. for these kind of jumping around and taking pictures with oh. He takes pictures of everybody. You know you know that whole thing will he be. We'd we'd be part of it or no ever knows. The rules day. Do is yet frank. You'll be next to him and it'll be wacky. Nobody goes after him and you know he'll portas. Porn is happening yellow people if they don't dress up but you know when somebody's in real situation like this is your. Let's hand this over to you. This is your deal. I got you know i mean. I'm fifteen minute break here. You get back to the park. I'm gonna put the puck and soon on the put gloves on. They got to put the big ears on dance. Around sounds like someone wants to call it a barstool radio again i do not i do not i will decline offers. That's not my contract good saw. Leah sounded like he had a nicer things to say about francis when we fired then he did you yesterday. Ah i'll always sent an email to the company yesterday that you're not allowed to talk about francis or have free and you see that email no. I'm not unlike the company said no francis talk don't have francis on you can't only francis podcast anymore. What's not promote francis which i mean i don't give a fuck about but what do you say well. France generation town just francis ass you. It was really hard to let him go. He's very talented. Yeah i mean i think he looks at me. Now is a little bit of a headache which is fine whatever i mean he. He knew what he was getting anything. Oh he's getting business with here. There's any faults advertising on your part the entire the entire thing was very public. Yeah i mean he knew it and by the way the podcast has been really successful like numbers. Numbers are fucking great so i don't know i don't know what they want but i would say until this is taken care of it's gonna hijack the show at times for good. I mean you know when i know dave. Erica cacares more than dave and that's how i put down the shit to worry about yeah so eric is more interested in helping and she's been great great now. I actually don't break obviously making funding david lopez. I don't mind he doesn't care that doesn't really bother me because he's a bother the fans the show more but i would have liked. I would have had my ideal mine. I thought and i asked corner that question chance he's going to say you know what you're right. This is bullshit if you fucking bail out and this guy for and he said you know i'm one hundred percent right on this than fuck those advertisers but that's not the way they do. I guess that's the way he doesn't anymore. I don't know if it's changed to same whatever i have no idea how how we did before because i hadn't worked with him before i know now you know it's also different. I mean he's the trademarked character. Davy mouse's trademark so it's like the car too. I saw the basement that was nice. I got to see the first episode of davimoss yesterday in all. Oh my god did he get in some trouble like the pizza. It was a funny episode. The those pizza thing going on it was like there was a horse thing. It was really funny. His dad came in mikey mouse his dad dad. It was really it was a really funny episode. The first episode davimoss available on barstool cartoons get barstool for kids. Which is i must be honest like kind of the next step for disney barstow. Wouldn't you say yeah. I think that's kind of where we're headed so it doesn't really matter. Does he wear the red overalls or is that too <hes> derivative. That's a good question. I love the episode davey mo- shuts down the comments section great great great episode because i think that's important like freedom of speech to me. Get the fuck outta here. Let's make them pay for it. That's the way the d. a. v. e. y. M._o. That's my favorite cartoon. Character harry loves him. Harry loves barstool cartel go. He loves it. Loves loves loves. It and it's oh my getting what we might be getting. It's seventy. It's getting a little old is true. It's more for three or four year. Olds davies like you know you and i count to three eighties easy. He can't you see the mouse davey mouse okay here. We go up the pizzas little hike kids cute shoot now if a full pizza has eight slices and how many sizes are left. Let's welcome our good friend day my friend. Mr kirk doesn't like him mr bob i mean today and tell us how to live our lives boy uh-huh oh boy anyway. We'll get the point across her response. I'm pretty sure i i think there's some great sponsors who have stuck around no question i have in my hand relax so fucking mike to work by the time you read this letter. Another man will be diagnosed the prostate cancer. It happens every three minutes. There's no better time than now to the action in the fight against prostate cancer golf four f. o. r. e. prostate cancer research twenty fourth annual golf charity charity tournament presented by dr sheffield certified natural was a national natural toothpaste august twenty second two thousand nineteen that is <hes> what tuition thursday right yes <hes> lake of isles twelve thirty time there were closely with prostate cancer foundation support. The late legendary golfer arnold palmer on the palmer enterprises will continue to raise money for p. c. f. to aid prostate cancer research. What do you guys like. Oh yeah the beverage i mean or no i can tolerate not really amazed the actually i think invented. That seems very strange. It seems as the first guy in mixed lemonade not yeah well he he made it. He made it his thing invented but he certainly perfect well he was the king was probably stole it from somebody only major championship to the win like you know i don't off hand. I'm gonna say he won. Four masters. Never wanna p._g._a. Didn't win the career grand slam. Did you know that i did not nine. That might be right. I was gonna say you might be right anyway so i'm looking forward to this golf four f. o. R. e. prostate dot org golf for f. O. r. e. prostate dot org eighteen holes some of the finest greens and course conditions in the u._s. Managed by troon the worldwide leader an upscale golf course manager. I'm looking. I am actually before the plane caddy eddie for me. Yes he is how much how much are you gonna depend on us advice. What did you do hold out the tough uber for you about the fox. I'm going to begin. We'll have mubarak best ball scramble format by the way eighteen holes of golf great lunch dinner reception the chance to win prizes. This is what i want ten thousand dollars hours for hold on one fine but i'd rather go to pebble beach when a trip to pebble beach singer single player packages available term <hes> sponsor golf ball sponsored t- marking spots all that that stuff <hes> <hes> close to this pin launch and registration all that stuff's available a great deal by the way it is pretty simple you go to w. w. W. dot it golf for prostate dot org golf for f. o. r. e. prostate dot org. We'll be there. We doing our show live to tape friday or live to tape. The tee. Time is twelve thirty. I said right so we're doing this morning. I'm sorry thursday morning with doing this. Show there at foxwoods talked and then and then afterwards you'll have the receiving line where anyone who comes uh-huh and he asked me who like people that just want so okay good. Let's keep well. It's included in the package. If if you paid come golf you get to hug anybody. That's fine. I can learn from my guy. Dave portnoy takes pictures and everybody hugs. He dances drinks zone urine field do whatever they want us a little corporate stooge boy but that's okay sided deal. It's not i'm not criticizing him. Take it that way but people thought we're gonna bud heads ads. I don't think that's gonna happen. No no right out your first bit on barstool. Radio seemed like you guys are gonna butthead but it hasn't been that way. It's true and by the way we're brothers in law suit together. You forget forget that's right. I mean there's a lot of drama. Are you guys still brothers. I feel like he cut you loose room to begin he did. I don't forget that either. I wasn't it wasn't me employees working. It doesn't even work here like what's going on. She's that's what makes this so different any update from your lawyers by the way on that no none which is but again. I think that's gonna take forever ever. Don't you yeah yeah. I think it will. I can't finish this read police because his important <hes> sponsor right now registered a plate w._w. Dot gov for prostate dot org the guy that again today. What else do we have. Let's move on. Can we can laugh some laughs well. Did you wanna get to the suggestions to grow. The show dole responded well. There's all this podcast list did. They didn't esquire did yes. That's that's a list of the top fifteen well. Well not not not actually well. Yeah no esquires versus esquire which is another obviously woke shithead fucking like you know you read. These things like these are these are lies like they said the most now is not one bar podcast on their one bar so whatever you want to save my podcast. It's fucking interesting. I think it's the best podcast there is like so take me out of it. I'll take myself out of it like part. My take is not fucking monster or even the daddy there in barstool or k._f._c. Which i think is a really good podcast like none of them. Make the listener pick pick any of them really. It said they have the munich himes the munich time show featuring lenny. I've never heard of that one it. Do we have sound of it or no. No oh i'd have time to grab sound yesterday. I was thinking we could do tomorrow with sound and so i i was going to get sound from each and every one of them. So why do you give me a list today then just for fun okay. Let's just go through with no sounds. That's good how about the throwback one they do this with comedians too though where there's a list of like <hes> <hes> comedians ever and it's amy schumer hassan manatt right. It's just a just on out fucking top each of course amy schumer funny. I have no idea <hes> i liked her. When she was young like in comedy before she got real famous you thought she was okay and then she got not very nauseating right now. She takes yourself very political and takes herself to torture or something something that happens with comedians as they start to think that they're like moral lecturers who who who gets be go hand against hanna gatsby i mean she got right to the lecturer part. Yes she wasn't she wasn't fun a special a successful for one day and choose immediately telling people how to do comedy comedians. Don't some comedians just career comedians. Keep their head down right which i like. I don't nor mcdonnell. Let's say i don't need to hear norm mcdonald too. I think is a republican. You know he's yeah he's he. I don't need to hear him unless unless he wants to make try and make it funny. I don't know yeah you know well. That's why i was like the bill cosby. I mean the guy kept a clean work right. Mike lived cleanly. Is your favorite comedian louis c. k. it makes diana the fascinating louis c._k. Debate he wants to have other way really earnings today. If i heard that some people are willing to step up and pay blame like i've heard this by the way we're we're working on a sponsorship. We're trying. We're trying to find something good to <hes> help our buddy blind. This is now your world now. You're gonna earn your money. I you can't work the fucking. Mike's i mean what what did i say to you yesterday. The first thing yesterday saying to me ashley you wrote some text. It's text the first thing was we're going to start hustling for our own advertisers. Yeah i mean barsha was happy. They always provide us with advertisement now. I think we know we have to find some on our own because it just is easier. Yeah i wanna put you know god forbid portnoy through trauma. It's tough life. It's easy to be him also want to know who who at these big. Corporations is getting paid to respond to bob murchison by just going into total paralysis because it never get them. I'm sure they never get them. I mean i saw this. I saw this last couple of years where they're like. Wait a minute. What and if you don't have any context like you think thank fucking bomba sir or early two years ago whatever probably just said well if somebody jack fridays is like the like wait a minute hold on did you don't listen to now. I think they should. I think this is somebody who's dedicated to listen to all this stuff. I serious i was another podcast. Nobody is a better job. Incorporating reads than we do make conversational. We make a part of the show are still said that they've pass around recordings of you're right every so i mean you know exactly so instead of having okay. Let's take a break here to talk but i'm running for instance and i hear that i'm like oh perfect. Good bang bang bang bang bang bang up there talking and let me go back fifteen seconds or back on the show with us you will you incorporate some of the duchess smart like and i think that that makes people listen more. You're in. I think podcasts are far more loyal to advertisers and radiologists fucking when they go commercial radio. I'm gone yes corey lewandowski and these once generation talent. We have people people tweeting all the time saying dusky getting more guests on that show. Yesterday i heard jeffrey lord steve's old show howie carr high was yesterday i police oh yeah so you know corey lewandowski in and boy. Did you get to that dayton story about tobacco. He did four hours on it every so he must be greg. Hill was really get get to the bottom. That's just because i love our kills watching tv every time the pack on newsmax which is how channel how he's on he had had kellyanne conway on he had bannon on. I'm i'm like. Can you just fucking like talk about guest after guest that what you've done it if you were there. Would i have gone guest guest guest yeah. Would you say here my friends. This is i wanna talk like everyone. Cut the date with window skis doing. I'm not sure i didn't get to hear the entire thing all. You're all i heard was a quick. You know i'd like to or two or three minutes with jeff. Lord okay good fascinating insight. Thank you steve or you're saying mike anything now okay. What were the things that you're issue. You want to get to oh. I just don't know what they say solutions to what what he's going to be they have some tips apparently audiences so i listen to this morning on running to them. I have to admit i'm a great hill as it said yesterday the kind of beat me down. Do you have any sound from them today. It made me feel better <hes> well. I've got from greg hill saying anything. You even listen to greg this morning. Yeah no i mean i i recorded their lead this morning but then terrible there wasn't there wasn't even beginning of it and there was like brady's dead air yeah i i. They've they've defeated me into the point where they can't even even those people tweeted less about it. Now people just moved on which i knew was going to happen. Yeah i've got i've got racist impression of i._t. It was here that fitzy well. Here's the thing so before play it like we should on them for not taking chances but yeah i'm kidding. I know that like i saw people yesterday talking really over a really talking about this fifty world war. Two things like i'm like oh. We can't really have it. Both ways really really want them to get in trouble because somebody tries to be not trying to be funny but he's got so unfunded much fun element of of making intercom abide by the same standards enders. They tried to impose on you but i would say yeah. The only difference is interesting. They did their board and their dullness. Nobody's gonna get angry about them. They're just not they literally physically been in black face doing in going like full old school like racist like my voice of talking like i've i had makeup problems to write about. I mean they could have but no. It'd be like <hes>. I can't even it's so boring can't even type it is because even when they try to do something like that. It's just it's the way the people in your office would do it where they're like. Oh that's right. It's just the most boring ringway you could do even play. It's even worth playing now. I don't pretend he was jamaica's out really late and you know seems like super through on a southie. Acsi seems like a sweet guy and he's just happen to be comedians. Not i don't find maybe i'm wrong. Maybe he's hilarious. I just don't find them. Funny kind of hick tries hard like he when you feel a comedian trying trying to get that but i mean you feel trying on the air like he's like oh. It's just there's nothing more uncomfortable than for my i. I <hes> listening to the first half hour. They were talking about something. We're whole half hour today. Well yeah because i'm sitting on my car. Wait for people to show up recording in case there's like that one thing where there's been a mass shooting shooting in dayton and he talks about the dayton tobacco true but they're talking about a woman who was trying to get her bag off elaine and some older guy was like hey let me help you with that and she was like no fuck you. Oh i saw this story tweet yet some poet carol rothstein or something like that. She tweets out there but that was the first half hour of the show they did that. Oh uh-huh shiva's. I'm gonna guess they took calls from women about that or no. I didn't know i didn't get. I'm surprised they're probably details on it right now. Yes i could see that being like hey you know yeah. I don't mind if a guy takes my okay great. Let's go to carol in westport yeah. I like to get my own bag. Oh yeah okay. That's good well. It's kind of like you said the other day where it's like. It's just they their version of the lead. The biggest story of the day is just some generic thing. That could be happening anywhere. That's very safe to look the video danielle do and i was like wow this is amazing. They do listen because it is clearly from that service because she did one that was lay weird this morning. Did you hear it was something about like. I forget what i did hear. It and i remember thinking oh that's bad too so so forgettable forgettable forgettable so <hes> the fan show podcast. I'm actually kidding. I thought they did a good job to this. Is this is what they should be doing some interesting theory well. I think it was a relevant to the minivan universe. The portnoy blind mike tough spot for you. Essentially i know porters your number one island with two huge father figures yeah well saying how much they like me but it it also it also sort of both slow sure destitute and begging for money both them basically saying. How 'bout you pay him. No how 'bout you pay it. Okay forget it. No he's worthless. I don't want to pay him. I don't want to pay them either if he's not worthless worthless debate not solved we all agreed custody fight mom or dad yes sort of like before we move off that call by the way i said the the most interesting thing was that riggs felt close it with. I'm sorry mike. I didn't realize you can't drive yeah. What is a bunch of people ah barstool. N._y._c. didn't know that black guy is blind. Mike there should be some. I guess they think it's a character. Maybe i don't know there's no service for that not not that i know of that would bring me from my house to framingham of right. You know what i mean. Yeah not that i know okay good so there's a service that will bring heroin on addicts to methadone clinics but not only can afford a heroin addiction. Addiction might be good for the show worked for already. Take naps on the couch. We we do have the perfect set. Some great video opportunities fan guys jumped on last night or maybe the smile listen to it this morning. I was running and they more d._c. Came up with some solutions to fix. I think he got lost in the idea that the show's not doing well the us writer now. I heard that the show is doing fine. You idiot. It's the murchison is fucking doing his thing again. He was fixing apart. That is not broke right. He doesn't get is like if the show show honestly the puckett's wasn't doing that. Well murchison wouldn't be interested like that sp- emergencies like oh. I number one. I tunes. He's he's all the tweets he's like. Oh here we go again unlike let's bring this fucker down. There's some there's some light and happiness and let's let's make kirkman miserable the grim reaper of entertainment to the edge of death again so go ahead. Can you let me we get to the rest of the things. I would have them do because this will be controversial. Okay by the way this guy hold on hold on when there's nothing controversial but anything this guy's ever said his life the way you should never say this will be controversial like that's just fucking stupid. He's just reading. You're not gonna believe you. Don't you breath sit down. You're not going to believe this is going to be controversial partial. K what we're gonna do is. We're gonna offer. A dozen long-stem rose in a controversial but they must be cheating on their wives d._c. Knows like i liked him in the fan. Podcast walk as nobody would ever okay. I'm ready for this. Go ahead. I'd have corrobos on every once in a while. I i told you buckle up. Can we have murchison contact advertised them get fired from his job please. That's not that is incorrect but maybe this is the angle d._c.'s taking what if <hes> have caraba san and murchison says i can't. That's a good strategy. I can't listen and that's why i brought you in original and have steve steve. Jones would be the one that would would finally get him away. Hey but it didn't work guy angrier. Okay let me let me here. Let me here's explanation. No fuck that nope. I'd rather gets a lot of listens murchison out to stop. Stop like i don't not do you think jared corrobos in jared wanna come. I'm going to do his podcast fine carpet for guests. Ladies and gentlemen jared jared cook. Don't download at once trying to spread it out throughout the week. Does he come in with his baseball bat. It's a good question can't you can't hear him anywhere saugus raw ah we get him on. He's on the radio every day as nine podcasts but here he is jared arabas is a one off. It's great and it's maybe we get some new listeners. Susan listen before but like our listeners our flag. It's not gonna they're going to be a holy shit. Jerry karabelas ought to work. I think he was trying to help but it was misguided advice. He was trying to fix the wrong part of the day. I mean he's just stupid. I think is what it is. He's a fat stupid. Fuck head good. If he goes on with kirk he's going to have a big boehner and he's gonna get slapped around great. Wow so what did he talks about having that to me for kate on which is fine. I like her and having filer bergen fantastic and casey. They're all well bites on. I'd have k._f._c. z. Great they're all going to be. I was on the emerges and goes along with. I think does a great job. I have her on what what are we doing decent episode right but like what are we doing. What's the hook. What's what are you talking about. Bob murchison says hey his boss to celebrities. I wave the flu around the few weeks. Ago is doing the roses funny but like the idea of hey casey. What's new in your world like i do a news of the day i don't deal with anybody thinks into it wouldn't just be hurt sitting in she's in new york to skype in almost like an interview he's ever in town and she wants to come in for an hour or whatever like suit great. That'd be fine but i'm not gonna. I don't know what he's thinking. I don't want our show is going to be what it is like. It's never gonna be this all encompassing. Hey like it's a different show and he knows that fucking codes. What was the minivan show. I think he was just trying to throw him out there but even jesus christ wonders kids are stupid right but you didn't what no no his kids. I don't know i'm just kidding. It's fine. Mike gets a joke me every time there's too busy listening at twice. Keep up but even even here. The the hook is that you have k._f._c. Once a month. I heard that and then let's go to our cooking with gas wherever everyone listens because k._f._c. was on is gonna listen every put every no they can listen every day because the you know we're that we're that much closer to shows away twenty-one shows who is this. The one twenty shows away fourteen shows away but have a little casting couch. Korea have some of these people on i'd have k._f._c. K._f._c. would come on the program now once a month so casting couch earned sackville bring people in every morning. That's a great idea. I know is you bring in gary tanguay alex reamer shore mike nancy gerry callahan gerry there you go to upgrade your there'll be the women maybe someone like twenty coups there. That's a good idea just threw that one out. We might have to pick up their uber's though to get them out here. It's absolutely i'm happy how how happy to cover the price of wheat no issue as a matter of fact. We still a little extra twenty thousand h. per per se. Mike was like you know what they've twenty eight thousand. I'm willing to do that with the one or two percent other dave that's it. I'm not fucking around here. You are dealing with you know. Here's my problem with that is that you're kidding. I was thinking i make intrigued shut up. I was making fun of d._c. I should have done that. I apologize to his kids. They got enough to fuck a deal with their dad's a book and blimp moron idiot fuck wad good. I was gonna say my only. The problem with that is that you're making. It seem like i'm trying to play hardball. What i'm just like i know relax relax relax. I've never what do you want me to do. What would you like to do. I know on me. I understand but i need something. You know i got. We're working on it. Okay you want me to quit. Get the fuck. Go go go. I know i know you're like oh kirk minahan. Will we'll have a career without me. I will never said survive. I mean on the one yourself steve. No we'll find somebody else like fucking. Porno said they'll find some of the young guy yeah that's right. That's what i took it. She questioned the fuck. Is he talking. What did you make another word getting back to the subject. What did you make a blind. Mike's pitch to poor yesterday. I was really which in your pitch right out of the game was that i didn't really say what's that my lover is pretty simple and that's that <hes> kirkman hand while very talented is a clinically insane insane man and every day you need someone to beat up on and as dave knows on the best punching bag the business. Did you expecting any laugh so it was dead silence. I even heard like a pause laughter there. I mean you guys are the phones aren't working but was i like. I'm not even it was so that to phone. I didn't know what to do. I know if i was supposed to be funny. If i was supposed to make a case for myself i didn't get it all. It's boyne boyne. It's two people on the phone and the show oh and one of the lights in the show's not working in your sort of confused that jumps from one topic to another. It was an awkward twenty minutes. It was weird. Yes i think no yes absolutely i could hear him listening on x._m. Radio muffled. I couldn't hear him at all sounded there. Were it would go in and out where it would sound like he was a thousand miles away yelling through it was he wasn't even close. I don't no no anyway so when we hear the do i wanna hear anymore of these two idiots or no of d. m. h._b._o. Has an interesting theory. Do you hear that maybe truth in this now. What is worse in isn't doing this at all. What if it's colony <hes> obviously we thought to get into it there. I mean obviously he's the does he do as palmer does he. Just you see avi. Saudi sounds fat two's going those voices or song. You can hear the chicken like you know god. He's the the poor guy like it's not even. If you're you know if you have anorexia he's at the opposite end like a clearly is on the east side. He's unhappy right. He says he's losing weight. Food is food is his friend. You know it's it was the inspiration i eat because i'm unhappy and that's the conundrum he's he's in his life and look at steve stepping up with a movie find an object ever seen those movies. Oh yes well. That's that's asked austin powers and you have to see the name they bring a lot. Today's rough twenty four hour for you know just success lesson in notoriety and publicity something else. What's that city sports also. He's got nowhere else to go. Why am i why are we doing. Is that true or false mom. Why are you doing this. We've sent it to your mom many times. Why would i what i step into that. Why are you doing this. Why would i bring it up. It's your fault into show 'em h._b._o. Elaborating on his name conspiracy theory what if fucking colonnade my name is the one that could i call that baba's or or email them posing as murchison to try and get them out all that calling can can can devise to kirk because what is calling and been saying since day one kirk you know the way to go is to do a subscription service russia that up for i've already got it. I think i think i think there's real finally we're on yeah. I think they said it's true like the real masterminds poses dummies right so maybe coning the whole time is posed the dummy and has done an incredible job at that working with me but i've seen the colonnade passive aggressive tweets last twenty four hours a reason sort of stepped in though oh yeah that makes a lotta sense that whole thing i saw someone say hey are the shirts came in if they're not soft on blaming dave cohen and co economy. I think they know that nothing gets gets by not that. He's very listen. That's the theory is any. I wouldn't surprise me. He's onto something erica. Yeah argument mentioned that it sounded like it was bob. It's only only cruises email justice. I'm open a._b. Call me was merged along. Maybe have you ever seen the same room. I have never seen them in the same room with both of them. I've never ever seen him in the same room shamlan movie and think it's usual suspects was then yeah it's a big twist calling to mastermind and it was all because you dare thought he could be getting a cut of the right to hold dershowitz thing. It's all being in the tie in together. What did you think that dershowitz thing was intentional sabotage so he could get fired and then get me back with the other guy so i get angry right wind up here. Go back to him. See it's. It almost makes too much sense anyway. He's a genius poses a complete fucking idiot but visit genius genius was y'all long steve michael. Just house hoses a loyal produce surgeon learn learn. It's really bad revenue and no one knows what you're talking about. It and that's the key scripture in service the pain you and finally get you cut in free. I think we need to get up line. Mike pitch on in the style of cullen gene how he's gonna pay his way with mercedes work working on how many more millionaires yesterday it would be like yeah. We can't afford this poverty below. The poverty line broke eighty z partner. I said they're doing twenty thousand dollars. Still technically you can get food. Stamps simpson was looking at eight thousand was not the forty five thousand right away partner and this is fucking riddick as a reasonable number on it but like you know but here's the thing though is so people here that they think always working an hour and a half a day yeah but i'm not really okay well. I mean what your job. Oh never ends saying merchandising stories and go from this. It's eight thirty. What could you go work a job. I wanna back and forth all day. I'm not paying attention to stories who bring back and forth working night jobs that would maybe tire his job in the morning and night job. You could fuck them work at ten a._m. Nine a._m. Eleven eight fifteen you could be somewhere. I can guess in theory but let's say like bagging groceries. Yes when you see a bagging groceries. How would that be the greatest thing ever. I know that place every day the greatest chicken juice on your vegetables short it out. You made some say go sell cars drive them but you can contribute a great deal to a very successful not say that i say that yesterday several times. I said you're doing a good job. I can't remember who said we could just replace them with anyone. That was porno. I i disagree that younger but you gotta remember that somebody who doesn't listen to the show right right so he thinks you're the wacky blind which you are but he thinks i'm doing what i did for him like hey let me throw wallet right which is kind of what you're doing but there's more thep associate. One of the things you said yes irked is that you just don't want to deal with the bullshit of having to negotiate what his salary is dealing with the administrative stuff. I just don't know who to talk. Would you like me to deal with the administrative work of getting kirk getting a mike on walk barstools cable. She'll sure sure sure fine. No i'm saying the rest of the rates been thrown out there. It's twenty eight thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars base salary point point fair. No i think we've got a deal here. Boys i mean i i will. I will be in touch with barstool today the pain at twenty thousand on my own well. I mean i think that's his base salary. Barstool to the point comes from us fourteen fourteen okay. Let's search that seems reasonable. You want to merge points. I'll give you one. That's fine. I'll give you on my points. Emerge care aren't getting two points cooking appointed merch and up a point of total show revenue fourteen k from barstool fourteen fourteen k from kirkman hand. It does not seem unreasonable to me. I don't think it seems unreasonable. Either i mean there's tremendous upside. I mean i think all th- all three this year have bet on the success of this pot and by weight's been successful so yes. It could be more successful but i think now. We've learned this is again. This is kind of the advantage of starting to show in the summer and finish it out. We know now porno said it yesterday. We're on our own. We've been saying that episodes start so now we're on our own. So steve is why we hired you right. You're going to be proactive with stuff absolutely close. If you need me to go play golf and have have launched do it and we'll keep the advertiser barstool briggs in like rome and the other one's great will have none as well will marry them together and they'll all be merchant proof. We're done we just need to be. We'll make a lot of money two weeks. The show will be all adds ed's babe. That's what we need to be premiered moment. When we're telling barstool i know thanks. We've got our own correct me. Prepare for all fuck off. I mean listen to your boss. Told us the your. Your guy told us to do it ourselves. We're doing it ourselves. Go sell your thing somewhere else. Go give it to you know lights camera whatever good. I don't think i have a problem with that. Really i mean you guys deal with them more than me but all right oh not not as else people get territorial. You know how l. salespeople directly to call me. I mean as long as erica doesn't care. You know you care here. I don't care because they've made it. They made it clear to us. That's fine so that seems to me a reasonable contract negotiation point out here today boys one of the great negoti. It's gonna happen. Oh boy. Do i know today. Show on your end and nobody does. He bring to the table right. You've been you have been <hes> in the last few days. He seems like you've been rattled by this whole thing this team as well. I've lived this life. You just keep your head down and do your thing is nothing you can do. That's it right. I'm trying. I apologize. You've been fucking bonfire right there. I think for blind mike's perspective on your head or what it's been. It's been i think appreciate that. It's been a tough situation. I bet in no he's gotta pay wral no tough my situation no. I don't think so. I know audio have to deal with merchant i do. That's true you're right. I think we're i think that makes it a tougher situation for me as well okay. I don't really care about you. I know that you've you've made a very giving up my own money year. Yes debut my boss. It's kind of like you know. We'll not much sympathy sort of but also not really. I mean you know kind kind where you are now. It's all you hundred percent. Well not really fifty fifty or half season yeah so you didn't go agree to that. I asked me a you mike. I'm asking steve. I think there's a good chance to it. Okay we'll see. I don't know i mean this is. This is the first time that i've negotiated but i mean i mean they. They paid for colony right right yeah but that was short term and they were paying yeah but i know i'm sure i was paying yeah no. I don't think so i paid for it. Okay right right coning. Maybe maybe maybe they won't we'll see this. They say no to that then. You know what you're worth then. I gotta go. No no maybe not. Maybe we figure something else out but i'm just saying we know where they value which is not going to pay fourteen thousand dollars over fifty two weeks. That's not a good sign that got. That's the thing is i'm not. I'm not trying to play hardball with. It's either got to find a real job or i gotta do. I believe you're not trying to play hardball at the believe me. It's been clear fully aware of the picture that's been painted. I just have my hand out begging for money. Well there was some of that. I don't agree with that really care but i think that there is some of that i mean i. I am with portnoy on the sort of generational thing. He mentioned that again yesterday kind of wearing the same boat that's two hundred sixty nine dollars a week by the way fourteen thousand nine hundred fifty to two hundred sixty two so divide that by we'll. We'll say you work thirty hours. A week for the shore is that if you get a job as i can be accurate or no okay. That's eight point nine on their point. The paying of nine bucks an hour. If you agree boy i have really set myself up into a media want this to happen. What a thriving deriving businessman. I have become what's the minimum wage here in massachusetts nine dollars. I believe it's twelve or thirteen getting nine dollars an hour from my side and then the potential slice in when it's in its argument great already get bigger. That's we can make again. You're not gonna make the money on making i'm at that's not how it works. The that's you know i don't expect to so to two points and that's swiping sent get that merchant shirt out. They get moving again. That's going to be your money. I mean so get going. You know these things done deal. You know they sell. We sell a thousand of those. Let's just say which. I don't think it's unreasonable. Unreasonable <unk> then you're all of a sudden you're looking at a couple thousand bucks right there boom you want the polo shirts shirts up before the golf tournament too. I don't care might just do it. I can just do what she cries. Every washer tub before the gulf people will buy them well then. Do it okay out of it. I was giving you the point so that he has out. I'm letting you do this. This is your world right like steve's and they handle are the people we like an assails world. Mike's him a handle that part of it the cre- guy you've seen you've seen in action dimmer all right well. We're going to say something say something else <hes> intern coming in this week wonderful win on thursday saturday thursday okay wonderful. What time ten no he's gonna be in here for the show. He's gonna be at every already interviewed him. He came here last week. He's going to be in here shooting shooting some video busy a college student. I just graduated from baylor. Okay was he want to do. He doesn't wanna talk to you doesn't even want to make eye contact with you. Just wants to shoot and and <hes> cut promos and do some of the the work that we need to experts hillman with those danielle. So what does it he doesn't. He doesn't talk to them. That's okay. He's not personable. Oh my god what a grump in the morning you hear him now at ten imagine him at five am uh-huh. Why did you see him at three a._m. Daniel yeah right five a._m. Was being a little generous. It tries to if that let's the bad radio sat around the country tomorrow to better mood. That's neither here. We've been sitting a little. I don't know if steve even still has this something you blink and you better mood is still have josh saloons intro music. Let's end with him so it's big time baseball. That's not his own thing yeah yeah he. He has his own <hes> red sox podcasts through entercom. Throw like e. Dot com yeah i believe so w e socks daily with josh lewin wait a minute what the daily really red sox podcast how by not aware of this. Who is it mike phone behind it and you were you. Were thinking about putting together. You know mark theme song. Yes and oh no no no no no this might be. There might be some tips mirrored. There was a minor league team in time. Wa iowa stand patters trump standing pattern stand patter defined as one five or opposes chain which does seem like kind of an iowa sensibility while the flash or twenty nine this is this is a theme. Let's meet the american league's. Wasp patterns not to be confused. What the fuck is hold on. Hold on my that was the open of the madman episode. You watch my mom. We're roger showing does l._s._d. With his with his girl that's why i feel like i just walk walked dance. Madman is was at its is peak like one of my three or four favorite shows or a great show. Klein lost it would just meander and to these problems was very slow. There wasn't an action so over seven seasons season's kinda looks kind of yeah and it got sort of in the guy who did it was <hes> sopranos guy. He wrote in the sopranos and they had a lot of that. I was a big fan of the flashbacks to like when he was a kid. Dick whitman dick whitman and his mom was a prostitute and this that stuff with me. Don draper started bore me a little bit as the show them kind of came. I'm one note a little yeah like we get it like. I mean he's a lot like us. A lot like tony like he was very conflicted and had this going on living these lives and it just got sort of another now the top not a top ten show really not talk ten. Oh but it started it started top three or four and then decline i think so i think if it had been one year two years i said it's the length of it hurt it yeah. I think a._m._c. had like a great run run bringing madman walking dead now they don't well better call saul still walking dead's another another one that just petered out it totally topple though is like maybe maybe three seasons to my like you know like people say that like oh. It's hard though shows are like in episode. Breaking bad is the only show that i think i've seen that has been exact perfect length of time held a store and they got. How many years is it five. The last one was two parts are getting a little sick of bryan cranston toward the end really believing like he got into it got to theatrical with him to the hague. My cancer's answers return like yeah. He was putting on too much of a show. I liked about welterweight. Was that no one when he would do that stuff. Nobody believe he lied hi to everyone but when he lied to his family this obvious bullshit and so hey he was. I didn't like the older son who is always like bacon today mom. Where's the the worst. Why did you why our kids on show ablest yeah why our kids on shows able able to stay said he didn't like the one disabled able to act an issue the kid cerebral palsy or it wasn't going to do that but you just a lame fucking character feel bad for him. He's never knew what was going on yeah but it was about that was you're right. That show was never bad. That's hard to do but meanwhile sean toll is probably seventy episodes right something like two and a half years of a real network. She only bad episode was the fly the fly show everyone says but even that was like i don't want to see those guys take pictures together. Sometimes i don't want those guys. I'm interested in that. You're not gonna watch the <hes> airport movie with jesse. Penguin movie no managed in that. Are you use my favorite characters but like it's not going to be as good as the show never is. I don't know bret baier calls. That's pretty good not as good as brothers goes. Breaking better costs all kind of petered out for me. There wasn't just the just wasn't enough action. I still like yeah. It's it's bring jesus enough. They actually know stuff. It's worse than you donate stuff know movies and tv. Mike fucking fucking jesse's just saying i like breaking. We're just playing a little bit <hes> jobs even when we have regular. We have what we were looking for. No i think this is interesting. I just didn't have it in the country was was that that was him opening. That's after the intro. That's that's that's how he opens his podcast remember. He tells these music bed wound up stories before he gets into it. I don't remember but go ahead so the clarion call went out. Bring us a reliever. Dave dombrowski rousey deliver us from the summer of walden and henry. You've got a blackjack hand of thirteen so tell that dealer hit me now. The red sox held on thirteen eighteen. The as raised hayman was do you remember it was so obscure that i i it. Was this long members again. Film or the the interview remember fuck. This thing reminds me this film just as so how does that relate to the red sox before the movie with that's my favorite momma. If you ever chose to happen here but what i want the talks daily theme song too bad day lorna abode okay. Here's josh lewin podcast centra. Thank you and down the stretch. They come trade deadline upon us lots to talk about. We'll do it now on. Dr seuss yeah i. I am going to give josh lewin press. Press sounds like david moses themes. I think i think josh josh lewin us. I think josh lewin in on the joke. I must say it. Yes <music>. I'm gonna give him more credit than you guys are. I think he's in on that joke. I just love to buy it again. It varies between the novi. I like that sounds good. It's heroes. I'm lou guy you know that he's got. He's got a speech impediment but he's not he's. It seems to me like he's not asshole. No no definitely seems like i like i like him. I like indoor. It's on a month oh and go that far. Get our audience an audience up fucking guy with a fucking fan podcast telling me kirkman manana get more listeners podcast but number one i to dc telling ya you can't even get mad up there in the rankings which is worry about. What's your own shit jesus christ mortello d._c. Wire coming up with pseudonyms is is drunk era curtis what you go for yeah i think he got caught the moment of martin dolls i understand i think the drug eric curtis name will apply very soon again as he's probably in the middle of a bender right now. He sounds when he when he contributes to that show almost like do this is what the sox are doing like. He just has to three hundred contract. What's that gonna do romaine roman again yeah schaub how is going through these <hes>. I'm trying to think of the ones before we do. We'll do this tomorrow from. I guess. Maybe try to think if i've ever listened to before for you roaming if you've ever listened to the show no edge of sports no view from the cheap seats now sounds sounds. Is that those this guy's was brothers. Those guys are still doing their fucking skyer. Bra brother scope whatever yeah god they sent them. They're still doing their fucking thing. She's only a game on n._p._r. Okay are to see too is interrupted. Oh i'm c._c._c. Bath you've no i know of sports wars no bill simmons on it <hes> fifteenth. I'm almost thirty for thirty podcasts. Listen to it throwback which of course about the one thousand nine hundred nine women's world cup so you have the the davis here in a moment just focusing on gays and sports the n._p._r. One yet the throwback one like these ah men in blazers which is about <hes> soccer outside the podcast and these are all better than partake take and of course sports or just any sports. I think sports net tops any sports podcasts non-coding barstool sports again these podcasts take br bringer up breaks and tell people all the fuck longer before they fucking jackie doubt place now we do that here. What's is there more important service than better sex of course not roman our friends at roman day one sponsors. We're gonna have him with us. I hope forever <hes> super easy to use a roman swipes. We'd love them. It's clunky proven way to last longer in bed. You're going to fuck longer. I can tell you right now. I met a woman yesterday. I've never met her before. She didn't say she said her name. First name was mama los angeles and she what she went into full detail about about the roman omen swipes and she was asking some legal questions. I didn't really understand that but it was fine once. We got past that <hes>. She said she fucking my mother. She said she's betting this this this gentleman who has a disability but yet if you put roman swipes on even have like disabilities site or whatever that improves during the process she said so mike you confirm that or no i can't actually must be talking. What about someone who i think i am. I think it's crazy. What do you have. I mean might give any disabled. I've used snuka. My mother shut up mike jason's. He's idiot. He's really talking. You're blind person nine dollars trying to save you from playing incest clips in the listen nine dollars. An hour is a good working rate. Yeah me and the guys on the mown lawns the kitchen thirty hours a week on the show. Let's we've thoroughly hours a week. I don't know what he's doing. We're not texting searching stories new stories. Do you find stories. You break there. Was that trans transgender story. Do we do it around one story two months okay anyway we love roman ebony day one sponsor if you love the kirkman and show and you like in love good sex and you like not coming quickly leap. I'd say this is kind of a no brainer for fucking five dollars. I'll do the math again if you like. Let's do it right now. Shall we let me get the old calculator out fifteen cents a day something like that shut up. You're probably right. I was going bigger picture right ernie. How do you say fuck my mother backward blind. Mike tom yum cuff but we've heard that before. I'm sure say the get mike. That's what she says tom. That's a signal rate. Would that be in this bizarre scenario. Go ahead. Why why would that be six. We're talking <hes> yeah so third. Yes you're all right mike. That's about right yes about sixteen cents a day fifteen sixteen cents a day to keep the kirkman show happy with their favorite sponsor and fund better. We're done. I mean nothing else to say. Get roman dot com. Sashi kirk detro- man dot com slash kirk roman dot com slash kirk today. This podcast is brought to you. At the red. Thirteen studios read thirteen c._e._o.'s dot com they host. Tom brady kirkman a hand. The marks the guy who did the zairean saw what's his name. Josh lewin maybe the days aaron and open to the hell knows daily socks pomona mudassar from here it again. I think that it is going to be one to one thirty four and down the stretch. They come trade deadline upon us lots to talk what we'll do it now on. It's leaving good moves it. Yeah they talk as you saw his. I'm gonna have to i'm just going to say we used to work for that kind of stuff. I bring a tape used to work for that company. I think the guy the guy seeing this is better than linda marks off officials say did you hear. Did you hear that. Song is better no but i'm just saying. I think he's better focused oh. I don't know linda marks but she's still she's still marks. Marks brings some of the songwriter town nat invaluable those same lyric over and over yeah. No marks makes you think yes. I've ever heard <hes>. I get knocked down but i get very repetitive. That's not the point though i don't know i i. I like to lose on the joke. I dunno. I dunno joke okay i do. He man of comedy funny guy. We don't make fun of people for disabilities around here. Now porn told me that he said that he's that's my regrets throwing that wall on this face he's like david said that paul just would never do though no should assume you know knowing knowing how yesterday when if you could go back in time would you have launched december disability classes over when when does the window closed on that davey most have like a one to grow on episode like read during commercial oh break on shows respect don't do this. Don't you stuff like that. Where you know you treat treat these people. These people are treated respect as well blackout. Don't have exactly meets the don't tell girls at once. They're not attractive. Don't be useful company anymore. Stuff like that d._a. The navy y ammo u._s._c. see today. Oh it's a sicilian slice. Oh this is crazy. I have a feeling you may have figured out a way to get a response military didn't and maybe that's true find out all right so tomorrow we need. This podcast sound all these podcasts. Yes get some sound from some of the best ones okay usually what's what's been happening is mike and i we'll text each other around five or six saint. Hey have you seen anything that's up in happens and boom. We know what we're gonna. Be talking about. What's going on and then you start texting each other. We're we're we're we're data. We're looking for stuff all day. Then something happens like shirley long comes out with her column about walk tall or something like that down in the minds times. This is mike oftentimes. I find something insanity. Yes that's true yes yeah. It's like i just fucking you know. Let's not nitpick you hill. I show up kind of working all day. I am on like a great kills your day portnoy's. Do you see this story out of dayton ohio. It's incredible all right so <hes> back tomorrow i. I don't know the suspect me of some reaction from barstool. We'll find <music> out from today's episode. Maybe not least guys who knows by mike skin continuous <hes> and then we're off to m- not tomorrow after milton's on thursday by the way yes lunch shinned <hes> some get some clothes fit by mike's tickets at the lunch thursday who supply mike scott and builds on thursday. You did last week nights and lie the guy mills. It's the way you dress and the uber thing. I don't know we'll see maybe uber from here to milton's steve will give you what does he just bringing to work every day st south that faraway nothing the other over what you can to steve's house ooh that'd be fun for you. Isn't that cheaper for you. Probably is that okay. Yeah i can do that is that is that an issue. No i'm down. I'm down to find any way that that helps you figure. I live in j._p. Watertown i mean that's way fucking cheaper yeah yeah you know we can do that well. How how much earlier do you get your him. I get here at six. Okay geared six thirty okay but it doesn't matter what the difference okay. Let's saves you saves as you bucknell. No no yeah works for me works hammer now deals all day sounds we're doing. We're trying to improve mike situation so we cut that overprice down right. I think we can go eleven thousand eleven thousand. Let's see so thirty hours a week say mike. Are you pitching in the calculate. Oh you bet you didn't for gas here or what you know. What's the other thing yeah well. I guess yeah ask grasser gas so you got on. How 'bout you this last time. I'm enjoying this. I'm sure you you go seven dollars and sixteen cents an hour. We've really bad rate for boss. Gotten myself a real fair honest win to ride to work or steve robinson every and that'll be do who doesn't it self people pay for that experience. It's a credible didn't mind the jokes the whole thing we gotta show anyway. We'll see what happens tomorrow and and i appreciate gate <hes> you guys obviously and all the listeners have been super supportive. We know that they're going to have our back. We're going to have there's as we continue this wheel well is this is weird bizarre fight and i said you know st best earlier. It seems like he wants me to stop fighting. I'm not i'm not gonna stop fighting on the white house. You don't want your stars that question right might say hey. I didn't realize he was such a coward. Davey mouse's cloth wacky sidekick. We're absolutely going to fight but there are different ways of cat t._v. Moses wacky is always chasing. Stevie cats always chasing davey mouse. Oh no this is finally the time. I have there a pez dispensers here. We go special guest star. Whoever so that o'brien she's got questions for davey most but don't worry d muscle dance for her. It was done say. She did a good job brian. Next jesus was always review with him soon enough. Who knows yeah yeah jeez yeah well anyway <hes> all right so i think we've we've we've done one day no squeezed enough out of this limiting so he's almost two hours. I'm done exhausted exhausted so i'll see what's going on tomorrow <hes> <hes> this was pretty reprehensible. I i don't know how it can be anybody's idea humor.

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