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Tue. 03/24 - Sony is slowing down the PlayStation Network, Konami denies Silent Hill rumors, and early Control DLC impressions


Welcome to the gaming ride home. Podcast for Tuesday's marching twenty four. I Kyle Hilliard. Here's a whole bunch of videogame stuff. That happened recently. The playstation is lowering download speeds in Europe. Konami is pushing back on Silent Hill. Rumors photo mode is not. Pc exclusive death stranding. And I have some early impressions for the upcoming control deal. See The foundation. Which is coming out on Thursday. Sony is limiting playstation network download traffic in Europe to help preserve access. Sony Europe released a blog this morning about its intentions to help. Quell Internet traffic in Europe. Sony wrote Sony. Interactive entertainment is working with Internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire Internet community. We believe it is important to do our part to address Internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are practicing social distancing and are becoming more reliant on Internet access players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust. Gameplay we appreciate the support and understanding from our community and they're doing their part as we take measures in an effort to preserve access for everyone. This is disappointing for Gamers. But I I think it's the right call and it really amounts to a minor inconvenience the one thing we arguably have right now is time so if it takes a little longer to download the latest update to help improve the larger Internet. Then it's probably worth it. This blog posted this morning. But ironically the X. C. E. Okaz Harare perte twitter account which waivers in and out of retirement but is pretty consistently hilarious and worth following tweeted two days ago net flicks has restricted bit rates to limit the demand on networks caused by people staying at home. Dacoven nineteen I can announce that we have taken similar precautions with download speeds except ours started over a decade ago. Which you gotta give it up for that tweet and that account for whatever reason the playstation network has just always been exceptionally slow compared to other platforms. I have no idea why I'm not an economist. Nami push back against silent hill rumors in recent weeks. Rumors surrounding a potential reboot of the Silent Hill series with some of the original creators involved as well as revisitation of silent. Hill's the canceled Silent Hill project from Deo Kojima Guillermo del Toro and Norman. Readers have been circulating primarily from the website rely on horror which claim to have multiple sources corroborating. Novels Silent Hill intentions this morning. Cj Melendez reporting for rely on horror shared a statement the website received directly from Konami Melendez wrote according to a North American P R representative for Konami Recent Silent Hill rumours quote are not true then Melendez continues the quote writing where aware of all the rumors and reports piquet confirmed that they are not true. I know it's not the answer. Your fans may want to hear said the. Us We asked the economy. Us Pierre Up for some clarification on the companies claim that the rumors were false. Asking if both the reported Silent Hill reboot by S I e Japan studio with Toyoma Ito and Yamaoka on board as well as the Separate Silent Hill's revival that Sony is allegedly pitching Kajima. Productions are both not true no response was received after a week of follow ups. The initial response about the rumors was received within an hour of our I e mail. So that's where the silent hill rumors are right now. Konami is denying them in terms of the wait time rely on horror is currently experiencing after their follow up question. I honestly wouldn't read too much into that as someone who has probably hundreds of outgoing emails asking for clarification on rumors that have never receive replies. It's really one of those situations where regardless of what kind of reply a company offers whether it's confirmation of the rumor or a denial. There is something that can be read into it. That will create a story which is something that you know these companies in question. They don't want so many just adopt either the standard. We don't comment on rumors and speculation response or they don't reply at all. Which frankly I I totally understand for what it's worth. I would love for these rumors to be true. I would love a return to silent hill with modern visuals. If I were Nami I think my approach would be to look at the resident evil two and the upcoming three remake and try to emulate that success with a remake of Silent Hill to Silent Hill. One has been remade already. But Silent Hill. Two is generally considered the best in the series. It would be a great admittedly expensive way to test the waters for a full silent hill. Return or maybe just selfishly. Want a sound hell to remake because it's my favorite one auto mode for death stranding is not a PC exclusive feature when Kajima productions and five. Oh five games announced its intention to bring death stranding two P. C. It also noted that that version the P. C. version would include a photo mode which prompted the question of whether or not the PS four version would also beginning a photo mode and hideo. Kojima confirmed this morning that it is coming Kojima tweeted today's good news debt stranding. Pc version photo mode will be also implemented for ps four version. As many of you requested we are doing the final checks right now and trying to make it happen at the end of this month. Update that is good news and honestly you know maybe not worth a dedicated full segment as I have given it here but it is just wild to play death stranding right now amidst all the self quarantining and fear of cove nineteen as we rely on delivery services to bring us necessities. That's basically what debt stranding is about people willfully quarantining themselves to avoid the danger of the world. Outside that stranding has a pretty optimistic ending where everyone is able to come together in the end so hopefully we will experience a similar unity soon. Here's what released today. After being in Beta twice bleeding edge from Ninja theory. The creators behind Games like DMC Devil may cry and Hell Blades. Cinema sacrifice is officially out today for xbox one in PC. It's already on your account if you pay for game pass. It's a weird one. That is trying something different. It's a third person. Overwatch that focuses on melee combat which is Ninja. Theory's specialty. I dabbled with it and I like the style but we'll have to wait and see if it finds its audience. I think it's out there the audience but I think they're also really satisfied with being able to shoot guns at their enemies in overwatch. This is the perfect kind of game for game pass where it already has a built in player base that will probably at the very least give it a shot vampire. The masquerade. Coteries of New York is a weird one that I actually had to research a little bit because I was a little confused by it but in any case it is out today on Nintendo switch and it will be out on. Ps Four tomorrow. It is a game that originally released on PC late last year. Here's why I was confused by it. Vampire the masquerade is a popular tabletop game and established world and inspired two games in the past vampire the masquerade redemption in two thousand and a game called vampire the masquerade bloodlines. The latter of which is well liked and considered a cult classic. When it released in two thousand four it was well regarded for its impressive. Approach to player choice but it was a technical mess recently developer heart suit labs and publisher paradox interactive announced a sequel was in the works vampire. The masquerade bloodlines. To and people are very excited about it because bloodlines is one of those games. Many think deserves a sequel. But those folks also assumed it would never happen because bloodlines is really a cult. Classic and is the prime example of a cult classic so when I saw today's release coteries of New York. I thought. Oh this must be affiliated with bloodlines to maybe a small. Release THAT BRIDGES. The gap between bloodlines. One and two. But as near as I can tell outside of both games taking place in the Vampire. Masquerade universe the two are completely unrelated honestly feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to have the two games overlap in terms of story at least a little bit year. Legacy of the dualist link evolution is out today on PC PS four and xbox one it released on switch last year. It is an updated version of the two thousand fifteen yu-gi-oh game of the same name. Yu-gi-oh is one of those series that I've made the mistake of brushing off as being no longer relevant in the past but all it takes his one yu-gi-oh fan being present to tell you that the yu-gi-oh community is thriving and it is still one of the best digital card games out there. Yu-gi-oh still has a dedicated fan base in a big way and speaking of Card Games. Gwent the dedicated witcher SPINOFF card game out today for android devices. It has been in Beta for some time but today marks its official release on the new platform. And it's free so you can go downloaded if you're an android user right now also. It's not out today. It's been out for a few years but child of light is free on P. Today via you play. Ubisoft game distribution service. It's a charming little. Rpg that has a great. Look I've told you about e set special Gamer edition which is the security solution designed for Gamers. He said not three. To Antivirus Gamer edition never slows. You down has zero interruptions still gives you killer protection. It's extremely lightweight. It's fine tuned to save resources for gaming watching videos photos or presentations. At any moment. You said automatically switches to silent mode when any program is running full screen no interruptions just pure enjoyment. You can stay unplugged an online longer. The battery saving mode that allows you to enjoy gaming without distracting pop ups. Not Thirty two. Gamer edition maintains high performance and extend the lifetime of hardware. It's any type of system environment and saves Internet bandwidth with extremely small update packages. It's easy to install renew and upgrade. You can set it and forget it or fine-tuned your profile with one hundred and fifty detailed settings. I want you to get a thirty day. Both featured free trial right now by going to try dot e set dot com slash ride and get thirty percent off when you buy. That's try dot E. S. E. T. dot com slash ride for your free trial. It's yesterday about being able to offer some impressions for an unreleased thing and that unreleased thing is the upcoming control deal. See The foundation the DLC releases on Thursday March twenty sixth for playstation four and PC. I commiserate it a few days ago about how I had bought the game on xbox one which meant out have to wait to play the D. L. C. Which I still think is a bummer. Full disclosure I received a copy of the game from five. Oh Five Games. And they also provided me with a save file that jumped me to the end of the game which is an important qualifier because the foundation. Dlc takes place after the end of control. So you need to have beaten the game if you want to access it when it releases on Thursday and all of that leads to the question should you pick it up on Thursday? The short answer is yes if you liked control it's more control and it extends the story a little bit. I HAVE COOLED. General on excitement surrounding. Dlc over the years. Just because I find they generally underwhelmed but some of my favorite DLC of all time or the episodes that were added to Alan wake those extended the story and did some strange unexpected things within the context of the Alan wake world in terms of remedy. Games Alan wake is is probably my favorite and control has the most in common with Alan. Wake and there are even teases within control that it is connected to the world of Alan wake so I had high hopes for controls. Dlc episodes and this first one is good in a simplified way. It offers more control which is a good thing. There is a new underground area to explore new encounters. And you get a new ability. Let's eject rock formations out of walls to create platforms or you can use them to attack enemies. I enjoy just having a new area to explore and new enemies to fight. I got stuck figuring out where to go next on a few occasions. Thanks to controls still not great map system but overall the map has been improved across the entire game it still more difficult to parse than I would like but remedy made improvements to the map system that makes it more readable in general and that extends to the entire game. So if you've been scared to start control because you hear the map system is bad if you start playing on Thursday for the first time even without playing. Dlc know that the map system is better than it has been in terms of story. Control is opaque and hard to follow and the foundation is no different but there are some care elements. I liked the protagonist Jesse. Faden is getting more comfortable in her new role and over the course of the deal see. She speaks with more and more confidence and even feels comfortable enough to make some jokes. They're never particularly good jokes but I like that. She makes them and I also like how her confidence affects the last bit of the DNC as she is forced to make potentially reckless decisions are in order to maintain that air confidence and confirmed to everyone around her that she has earned the position that she essentially fell into. I won't go into too much detail to avoid spoilers but there is one optional mission related to a film camera and a train that when the opportunity presents itself. I would highly recommend you pursue. Or if you're not particularly interested in playing the DNC. Just Google the foundation control train in a few days. It's a very cool sequence. That really caught me off guard in the best way overall. The foundation doesn't really change control in any radical way and the new abilities. You unlock while cool are really isolated to the one area where the foundation takes place if you liked control and want a good excuse to play more see where the story goes knacks and get a good tease for what the next potential chapter in control will look like whether that story is just the remainder of the DNC or a full sequel in the future. Hopefully the foundation is worth checking out. It doesn't change the formula established by control in any radical way but it's a well implemented extension of the base game and I liked it. That's it for gaming news today along with the control. Dlc Impressions. I was also fully planning on sharing my half-life Alex Impressions but I just could not get the game up and running last night. At least not well I was worried about getting my oculus quest to communicate with steam. But I don't think that was the problem. I got the game up and running and let me tell you that loading screen looks fantastic as did the new. Vr Valve logo. Those things were great. But once I entered the game it was stuttering every few steps so I could make progress but in. Vr stuttering is just unacceptable. So I had to shut it all down and try to troubleshoot so I I have no impressions. Unfortunately and I'm trying to see if I can track down some Ram because I think that might be the problem. I am still very excited to play though YEP corrections or feedback. In general feel free to send me tweets or EM's to either at Kyle Hilliard or at gaming ride home or you can send an email to kyle at ride home dot info. I'm currently accepting technical. Help FOR MY HALF ALEX ISSUES. If you're an expert and PC gaming and you want to tell me exactly what? I'm doing wrong so I can play that. Dang thing chew message I'll read it and Please consider leaving a review for the podcast. Wherever you listen to it. You can also check out my twitter account Kyle impersonator playing through Black Mesa. Right now so I'm just all in on halfway. I forgot halfpipe. Alex going on in the background and I got lack. Mesa going on in the foreground and you can find me on the mid Mac show more long form video game discussion. I will talk to you more about video games tomorrow and fingers crossed. I will tell you what I think. Apply to Alex.

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