Top 3 Tactics For Engaging With Influencers


Here's my top three tactics for engaging with influences. The experts will generally tell you that the best way to get noticed by influences is to engage with them on social like comment, shave great, and to be clear when I'm talking influences. I'm not talking about a Kardashian what I'm talking about is people who have influence or impact in your industry segment, your field of expertise whose attention you wanna get. So I wanted to share my top three tactics in reverse order. So number three on the least is to add depth to the conversation that might be an opposing comment might be linked to research might be linked to another article on topic around the topic is being discussed perfectly, not linked to your own site, because that comes across bit spammy, but basically, adding dip them color to the conversation. I think that's a really great tactic for getting noticed by the influence of who's made that initial post number two tactic is to add your personal story. So jumping with your own personal experience, your own personal story. As it relates to the topic at hand. And if you followed my content on linked in for wall, while JoAnne foods democracy, someone who does that quite Wrigley on my stuff is, she will often jump in and share her personal experience and that stuff resonates, because we like stories we notice, and we listen and we hear stories, and so it works for both the person making the post for the influence and it also works for the other people listening, the other people in the comments who following, along with the conversation. But my number one tactic is whatever you're going to do with your telling stories with your ending dips, and color, what you need to do. Do it a couple of days later, and the reason I say that is because most of these big influence talk, folks, get flooded with comments in there in the post and the reason that that's happening. I think is because we're telling people to engage with influences. They jump in early in the hope that they'll get noticed. Maybe that person is still on linking the time still in on Instagram. And so they might get noticed, and they might get. Comment. And you might but oftentimes if that person is a series influence than they're not going to be the very long they might jump in jump out. And so it's a very short window unless you get that window. You're gonna get lost in the flood of noise. That comes thereafter for the next twenty four forty eight hours and so- commenting or posting or sharing it later on a couple of days later. Maybe is gonna get you noticed because they might be notification for the person who made the post, it's more likely I think, to get that person to jump back into the comments and say, hey, why is this post resonating after two or three days? And so I think they're more likely maybe gone. Read your actual post and see what you said. And the third thing that works on that particular tactic is that if someone else's might a comb, a couple of days earlier than they're probably going to get a notification that you've just made another comment on a story that they've been interesting, and so it kinda works on those three different levels now to be clear tech, number two, telling you stories and tech number. Three adding dips to the conversation fantastic tactics to use with my content. Encourage you to do that tech. Number one, though, do it with me. He's and the reason I say that is because the el-gharib actually benefits us if you getting if we get engagement earlier on in most of these social platforms, they will push the content up that gets engagement early and, and a lot of it. And so, by giving you this particular tactic, then actually hurting myself if you apply to me. But in my defense, you don't really need to do that. Because as you've noticed on my content, I pretty much jump into the comments all the time I will pretty much respond to anyone who's got something to say, as long as it's not too spammy, of course. So so you don't need to do the number one tactic with me. But I would encourage you to do it with other people. You're trying to get the attention. So tech number one two and three two and three for everybody else. And for me and number one, only for everybody else, please not for me or that's today. Thanks for tuning and I will be back again tomorrow. Oh, so yeah.

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