Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR2)


We'll feel so good weekend. Good time out. We got a lot of football. The the rams won the trojans. Let's just a good Monday windy so good Monday. Had Lots of sports assistant get two games tonight to the dodgers had a shutout still go to it is too it is I can. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I didn't watch pitch this weekend a lot of college football ball on Saturday a ton of NFL football yesterday and I'm aware that the dodgers won a game yesterday but beyond that I got was yeah we're GONNA do anything for policy honest with you. I watched a little bit of it. 'cause it was on at the same time. It was like my balls really went to the football screen. Not The baseball eyeballs like to go traff would six fifty eight on a powerhouse. NFL Monday keys doppler at her sixty two degrees west Covina high of eighty five today where we will be Friday. Tehran has gotten in progress more details on that in a moment it is National Teddy Bear Day keys headline presented presented by Sprint Cockatiel do do do we had a great <hes>. Great Day <hes> we had a great Saturday aboy Algae Orange County at <hes> Shady Country Club. We visited that crew. You were off in another state. I went to go see DEF LEPPARD. I understand I interesting so I <hes> communicated with my guys all morning long to make sure that they got into the country club. I was women out any ish oh they didn't even Eh. They asked me a lot of questions you. You told them who you were. Come to visit the arm. Just went up. It came out and walked to my car. Walk Accord came up and took the little around the but we we have fun we watch the USC Trojan football game near Texas LSU game. Whatever Nebraska Colorado Travis was the first to arrive. Chris had to work so he's a little bit late. Rush was working. I'm assuming because you are a little bit later. Don't work weekends. Oh you. We're not working us. Just a little bit late. Okay so travis was the first to arrive. I have the watermelon cocktail tale. Margaritas now quite good by the way they in better. The more you have the better they are more. You have the better so I text Rosh Heyman. When you add tim minutes away getting off ten minutes he comes he walks into the course and he's you know filming doing whole now. Obviously there's not a lot of African Americans Kim at the country club and hanging out so what I get out of the golf cart you want you know where he is a Mike. I'll find L. Find Me Travis sitting at the bar. Travis is in his you know entire. He has his glasses on. I'm there was wearing a blue blazer and like no no no. It's casual cash go. I'm sitting at the bar. I'm chilling outdoors as big canopy you know bloom style or whatever they call it in. Rosh walks up and he walks right past Travis Travis five days a week. Sometimes more over the last several years he walks right past travis because travis blended so in that everybody in writing looking at me like hey and trying to stay high. He's coming. He's walking right towards me and I see and I kind of get up off my stool to kind of say hey what's up and he's the I just get. This blank. Look like I don't know who you are what hell as he got close up the opposite. I do like man. It was pretty pretty <hes> pretty fun to to say the least I would say right guys I mean it was it was awesome awesome. You know there seems you know how now I know it was it was not simply but but it was one of those deals where it was. We were just hanging out in any joint it as they were scoring. We were pouring they get a first down. We poor I mean it was one of those situations that that was a keys headline in the morning. You're listening to okay. Espn Los Angeles. We'll talk about the the magic of the country club and what happened late night next hour for your headline really it was like a dream. It was pretty pretty awesome like what you described was fantastic and it was a good time and there was a whole there was something that came after all that that was talking about the on a cougars era nope nope. We're not you mentioned it. Forty five to twenty and key there was this was a game that was feeling like it was going to be a runaway I mean Stanford had a twenty two three lead and you're thinking oh boy here we go. It's his on and then. SC just hit the gas and they tore them up in the second half they win. Mesa second-half adjustments and came out and in typically sc to me has always been a second half football team for whatever reasons and especially under coach Hilton Stanford or athletic ability in what we have on our team is way more superior than staffers Stanford. I know they've been a bullying a block the last several years and they like to run the power game lineup three tight ends and push things forward. They were without Caja Costello which so we were out J. T. Dies but we've found slow. Vis is a two star guy out of Arizona. I don't know how they found him. What it is about him that they like. Maybe he just fit the air raid offense perfectly the way it was designed. Zayn and I think when you look at sc whether it was Steven Carr whether it was was <hes> Saint Brown whether it was tyler vons whoever got the the football in their hands that night they couldn't do anything wrong <hes> defensively. I thought that they played better than they did against Fresno state if you're shut out in the second half but at the same time time they got some work to be done there to let let let's go to slow this for a second because he comes in like you mentioned. Jt Daniels has injury last week. He comes into relief there and it looks like slowest. This is going to be the guy for the rest of the season. <hes> we might be the guy for area go twenty eight to thirty three. He threw three touchdowns. No interceptions he looked sharp and he was twenty thirty three twenty eight or thirty three only five completions three hundred and seventy seven yards and three touchdowns and that's the question key that look this happens all the time in football where a guy gets hurt next man up comes in like. Oh snap looked at that and Slovenia. I know that it wasn't a highly recruited kid but man. He looked fantastic and you wonder if jt not Daniels isn't thinking where do I fill out the paperwork for the portal because I'm not getting my job here we go okay as far as that goes slow was played good against. Stafford at home can't take anything away from goes on a roll to Provo Utah who just came off a victory in the SEC off Tennessee. That's going to be a different atmosphere for young on May going on the road if he continues much like a Sam Darnold did look at the Times. Jt Daniels D if he continues this pad then yeah you start to have other conversation because then you'll see a defense like Utah which is probably the best defense in the PAC twelve four shutdown corners linebacker defensive lineman. They got like four or five top. How fifty type draft picks on defense when you talk to the Coliseum in two weeks so you. Let's just slow down with slowest. US enjoyed the victory against Stafford Alfred. Let's see what type of success he has against. Byu before we move onto some of these other teams because they got the Utah Washington to Notre Dame's coming up which is not going to be easy pickings. Although Washington did lose was a cow at home this year unbelievable this past weekend you know one game at a time just take it slow but there seems to be a pattern because because Klay Hilton did not go with Sam darnold right out the gate. He needed something to happen to his first choice before the second. One choice is Alabama. I'm driving right. Something happened and so here we are. It feels like a Redo. It fills even he's got everybody in front of him. He made a picked and may not necessarily been football pick but because the circumstances now he actually has the person who should be starting quarterback in that position it you look. Let's see I agree with what you're saying about. Byu The go into pro Vos weird. You're playing against older guys. You're playing against guys that are pretty disciplined. You're playing against guys. That are a certain type. They're hard to beat. They're not particularly good but they're hard to be some sense. It's a very hard out. Let's say he does go in there. Let's say he does play well. Let's say `see comes out of their three. You know we were talking about this with. Maybe a C comes out one. Go down three you know but three and slow looks looks good at that point. Jt Daniels has everything came out. I got I gotTa keep going yeah but you gotTa keep going. If you Slovaks you can't you can't see you can't go in play well against Fresno state play well against Stanford play well against Byu then all of a sudden when you get a little tougher opponents opponents you start to play azure. He's gotTa keep going keep going means like Trevor Lawrence type like you're not getting it back. You're going to have to transfer Kelly Bryant. You're not getting it back in that that there's a potential to do that. That's there but what is that. Is that ESI winning six games this year is that Esi running the table and get into the final four when tramp issue. That's how you lose your job. You don't lose your job because a guy's playing good in spurts against Oregon State. You lose your job when a guy is eleven in one ten and two just beat down somebody in a major bowl game. That's how you lose your job all right a couple of things number one. I've been watching this guy for three seasons and from the moment I I noticed him. I thought he was fantastic. There hasn't hasn't been a moment since that. I've seen him where he's fantastic. He had talking about Steven Kerr. You only had six carries in this game for thirty three yards. It's be did have a twenty five yard touchdown run in this and key every time. That man touches the ball. I'm like that's an NFL player that is an NFL player right there. They don't give him the ball in what happens a Lotta Times in systems in colleges. You don't fit what they want to try to do but they still want to. Try to utilize you at some things because you're good at added. Maybe he doesn't know his pickup responsibilities on blitz or maybe he doesn't know his past protections or maybe there's only a few runs that that he's good at that. They utilize I. I don't know why they don't play but certainly he's. GonNa play on Sundays I can for sure whether whether he is drafted high low or not at all he'll be on somebody's fifty three mayor roster in getting touches for sure because he's a hell of a back I mean he's <hes> <hes> he can catch the ball out of the backfield. He knows how to run between the tackles. I mean he's loose fast. He's elusive powerful. I mean he's powerful. I don't know what it is. Why they know utilize didn't know he's a guy two years ago. When I saw for the first time like you know what he might be the next guy he was going to be the next time be the next Trojan guy every time I bought a high high draft pick it just gone every time he touched the ball. He shoots out of Kenya so I don't know I man. I don't know I don't know how to use it is it is that the reason why you think about SC football. You don't feel like they're back. Because to your point we use my last week Travis to control the offensive line. They say our guys the better your guys you're gonNA come. Take it and you do that via exactly they. They don't take it but you do it via the running game. They're not utilizing running game. Not all AWW fast. I don't mind of imposing their will if you will. I don't mind them winning the way that they're winning. You can't be back into you win. Beating Stafford Okay you beat Stanford. We always did not just beat st well. That's not true. Hold on hold on that's not true. I say we always be staffing. I'm not saying like every single year but does not like here's the thing Alabama rolled up in here. No I get that but they were four and eight in their last twelve against Stanford this team that they've beaten recently they've struggled with Stanford and not not only did they beat him. They beat them the blackout of them but that doesn't make sc back making them back is getting to a point where you you are competing for the National Championship in your one of six teams as left to give four spots. That's when you back not. Ib Fresno State. I I beat Stanford. I had scout against Byu. That's not back back is running the table getting one or two losses throughout the year in being in that final sixth six-foot final four spot tyler higby with a new deal and a touchdown in the first game of the season right there. He's another one of those guys he stares down couple ought to but when they get in those situations since he's looking for higby a lot no hickeys a tight end. I like I like the fact that Jared Goff has a safety to safety net blankets. As far as I'm concerned with Higby as well as scuba come 'cause they're brace cooper cups tidy and even though he's playing receiver. He does a lot of things at tight ends would do. He caught a ton of balls early. You know what it is. It's time to ask Kirk. Oh wait a minute whole oh man what fears linebacker years component or cycle holder on the PAT team pre half a toast as well kirk more good morning my friend. How are you doing this morning. It was happening man just trying to figure out what the rams did. They took care of business or they did or did. Carolina let them take care of business. Obviously you watch the game with pre post and halftime and everything else travis <hes>. What did you see. What did you see from the rams that made you feel like that? They'RE GONNA wind up in the NFC championship game again cutting. Honestly everything was all correctable mistakes. I mean it's whether it's in guy in the wrong gap in run defense whether it's jared Goff misread the throughout the game early on <hes> you'll or whether it's Sean McVeigh the way that he called the game early on a lot of the things that I saw were just correctable things it wasn't effort and it wasn't like they lack talent <hes> none of that yeah. I mean they played pretty. Well defensively and you can say argument. Their best defensive player was almost inactive and that's Aaron Donald Crazy to even say that so to me a lot of things. I'm thinking that they can build on but for me. They honestly were they WANNA be. They want to be planning January convenient. They were better team when we saw them <hes> kind of that second half crew while they were in the superbowl your go do did you see anything that can get them bit though like there. was there any glaring mistakes that they don't correct correct that they wind up. You know costumes at some point during the season yeah. I think it's run defense. I mean we saw it in the Super Super Bowl. I mean if a team wants to go up and try to bloody of the rams I mean that's kind of where the recipe for success it's just one of the football and be consistent and be he committed to doing it and everybody wants to the ball down the field and you get the big yards and touchdowns and be all exciting but you know we saw the Patriots when thirteen three super bowl against the rams and we've seen teams like the Chicago bears do the same thing. It's gotta be commitment to the running game because I think that's what the rams lack size in the second level level but it also to a safety positions well. They don't have the best short tackler guys who can cover but I'm not sure if the best short tacklers when it comes to you know the run game asks Kirk Kirk quarters one through three we saw one version of Todd Gurley quarter number four. We saw different version enough todd Gurley. Which one are we going to see more often this season? I WanNa see that second version of the fourth quarter version with tagger getting carried in the second and third quarter to me <hes> kind of wasted carries. You know what I mean. The game's really not in the balance. I think it's tiger woods fully healthy. If you ask me I've been I'm trying to tell Travis. This is really think that he's healthy. I didn't believe you until the fourth quarter. The only thing is that last year. They just ran them into the ground. They didn't have the true backup where they can put them in the game. They're so comfortable like okay. Let's take todd out this series and put this guy again well. They put their guy last year and Jay got creamed. Gosh it got smoked and I looked at the game I got conflicts and don't Henderson. Obviously Malcolm Brown had the two touchdowns but it kept todd really fresh when you need them and honestly the rams for not playing in the preseason. I thought they were the better condition team and that Fourth Quarter in ninety degree you know whether over there in Charlotte with the humidity the ramparts a better conditions teams and they put them around so I think we ought to better version of Todd Gurley in fourth quarter when it's needed. I think we saw the cowboys are the same thing Hugh Elliot Asks Kirk Chris. My goodness all right. Let's go to a game here. You called it. I think it was during the second preseason game game that we were doing kirk. You said to me you said Cleveland's. GonNa get beat by Tennessee. You called it. This wasn't earlier in this week. This was a couple of weeks ago. Maybe three weeks ago you said the Cleveland was going to get beat. How did you know that was about to happen. 'cause they. Were Kurdi Boise soft. I mean you can go out and grab all their Beckham and Jarvis Landrieu and Baker Mayfield and there's game seven. You know passing tournament. This game can come down to how you're going to be up front and we watched Tennessee titans offense of line. Just you know Cleveland Up. They turned it into okay. Let's turn this into a run game. Let's see you want to hear if he really about this life and that's just what I thought I knew that they were going to take on. Tennessee is different man. They got a head coach. Mike Gabel we know from fell. He's a whole school ballot. Check disciple. HYPOL- and their defensive game plan was to do work worker make Baker Mayfield have to make choices in windows are just weren't there. They doubled Jarvis for slander. They doubled Odell Beckham. They allowed the tight end hit catch passes but when they did they tattooed him every single time and Baker Mayfield was forced to make some throws an interception the next thing you know he's on the sidelines looking around and saying what just happened but I kind of decided that from the beginning ask Kirk Kirk what <hes> when you watched yesterday's games obviously the week of football in tonight and Monday night with the two games has gone on but when you look at what happened over the weekend again who's who so far looks like the surprise team has come out of nowhere in clip. Somebody reprise team that clip. Some might just based off of what we saw over the weekend. I think Tennessee Division that before what would actually three weeks ago key I I would have found your while Andrew Luck and they're gonNA be right there. Probably you know continuing to win that division and get back you know to a deeper in the playoffs and when Andrew lucked retired. Are you really putting their division. I think kind of up for grabs so now we'll see what it looks like today versus New Orleans but I mean you gotta enter Tennessee you know top contender in the AFC south. I'm not saying that theory. AFC Championship type team I think he's GonNa clip off some wins and and upset some some people throughout the year and I wouldn't be surprised to see them in division around not necessarily believe they've got enough talent to get to the AFC championship. Do you take anything away from that Athletic Eddie Dominant quarterback in Baltimore receiver running back with a strong arm. I one he and I went out of the last one out of the building. You take anything from that. <hes> I do something out of that. I take something out that market Hollywood Brown. Nobody saw them in the preseason and all of a sudden a first name speed was real in Miami had no idea so I think a lot of that was because they had an agenda. Let's be honest. Baltimore hadn't agendas to throw the ball down. The field aged inch. Miami is already wants out. I mean I think and I kinda speak to this. Is that when everybody around you. Keep telling you you tank in your tank in worried about next makes you this and that either as a player you try not to let us see in but I think it's always hit those players. They they've are already checked out this week one and they still got not more. We could have so. It's Kinda hard to say was Lamar Jackson. Really you know five touchdown passes and all those yards or did he play against a team that was really. I'm not even listening to their head. Coach was probably team and we'd want Kirk John Wick one John Wick to or John Wick three which weakest pickiest <hes>. I think I'M GONNA go with rich one you can then that's the one that started it all right and then he's. Kinda keeps getting better. It's kind of like the fast enough theory. Go Part One and all of a sudden you start having the Hobson the song and then you'd have to fasten theory covered eight long but always watch the first you know episode of some of the first movie the first series you get back to the root of it is kind of really the reason why you've kind of fell in love with their here's a fierce. NFL linebacker and also my partner on pre happen poster in the Rams Games Kirk Morrison asked Kirk. Thanks my friend all August respect yourself ask Kirk home and the news tonio alright like this before he started getting this just so that of course is the audio that Antonio Brown unreleased of a what I would assume at least Jon Gruden assumed was a private telephone conversation that Antonio Brown put out there for the world to see Antonio Tonio products now a member of the New England patriots when we left here on Friday. I thought that there was a chance that we he wouldn't play tonight for the raiders because maybe it'd be suspended. Maybe it'd be something thing but that fast forward Monday. He's a member of the patriots as a shock to me now. I want to go back to what we were talking about. On Friday. There was kind of two schools of thought going on here. I kept saying over and over again that maybe the raiders realized that they didn't want him and they were. They were pushing buttons in an effort to get him to react a certain way so they could suspend him and get their money any back. I also floated the process of the possibility hey look maybe Antonio Brown wants out and maybe he is going to go an act a certain way so they have to suspend him in he can leave which of those two things happen because all of a sudden when he ends up in New England over the weekend every saying this has been preordained. Bill Belichick was pulling the strings a long time ago holiday he wanted to be in New England but they wouldn't send him there so he went to the raiders and all of these. I just have a really hard time believing that a Antonio Brown would trick off fifteen million because he wants to go somewhere else says forget it. I'll go over here and be with all due respect that Antonio Brown is capable of putting together a plan like that look this thing has changed seventeen thousand different times right in. I go back to it over the weekend and I look at it and I started to really try to dissect elected as much as I can understand it by putting myself in. Ab Shoes and I came away with it as if I never get the letter for fifty four four thousand fine the first letter that the intrigued me to go after mayock for never get that letter. I'm playing tonight right against the Denver Broncos with no problems at all so I look at it they sent him. The letter may accent in the letter. He was mad about that. He saw mayock doc on the field. He approached may idea whatever he did calling whatever you call them kicked football did the whole deal. They got mad. They came up. We're GONNA suspending. We're going to do this. We're GONNA do that his agent got. Ab got to the race and let's try to work it out the raiders at the same time. I was trying to figure you're out if they even wanted to work it out. His agent tells a be going apologize. Stand up there with the captains. Give them some tears. Give them some everything. We're trying to fix it. In the meantime his agent nude at the fix could be good or could be bad so I'm GonNa pick up the phone and I'm going to call Pete Carroll up in Seattle. I'm going to call John Dorsey that I deal with down in Cleveland. I'M GONNA call Belichick who wanted him Andy Reid. I'M GONNA call a few guys 'cause I can cau- aw talk about whoever I want to as an agent and it's not tampering goals coaches and general managers will say well. We're always interested if they become available. You know that's how we get to this point. It's okay you got some in your hip pocket. If they release issued a be like okay cool then they come back in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and say we're going to take your guarantees away in at that point. He liked my guaranteed money. I'll know man Dan without him. Outta here Blah Blah Blah. We'll put a video album so he escalated it to be released knowing that he asom in his hip pocket from another team. That's out there. You don't get released unless you've got some in your back pocket. You just don't you don't I knew oh I was going to be a Dallas Cowboy. A year. Early doesn't put out that release me. He doesn't put up a phone call. He doesn't know that he's got to deal with the Patriots done with anybody could it it probably was the patriots could have been. Seattle regardless of the destination but he had a deal you gotta deal for sure one hundred percent a hundred percent and he was going to be able to recoup see everybody's reporting thirty million dollars thirty million. It was never thirty million dollars. It was never thirty million he had had to get to the the fifty three man roster on the first day of the league year to be able to get the fourteen million dollars the million dollar signing bonus that was giving him in the march he hadn't even received yet so that made up the fifteen million the next year he would have to do the same thing which which is make the fifty three may roster for the fourteen th so million dollars to be fully guaranteed. That's where people are getting the thirty million dollars from. He didn't lose thirty thirty million dollars. He didn't lose fifteen million dollars because he never got it. He was never getting it until he made the team assuming you which we all could assume he's probably. GonNa make the team. He picks up nine million in a bonus from New England a million dollar based salary and he has a five million dollars centers that he may or may not even get so he's back to the same number that he was going to get in Pittsburgh which was a ten of so million dollars. Ninety million dollars wanted to get paid. You you know part of the reason he was unhappy. Pittsburgh part of the reason not the only reason but part of the reason was is that he didn't like his money that he wanted more money. The raiders stepped up with six million dollars more money and now fast forward and he's back to where he was now. He's into football situation. He knows he's got his money's the same name his money is the same his he got five million dollars of incentives to earn but his ten million dollars nine or ten million dollars that that he was on the books for him Pittsburgh. That's the same money he's getting from. New England hito full circle to get the same money that he was going to get in Pittsburgh which was was which was a no guarantee which in New England is a no Baltimore because he's on the team now so therefore he earns the money the same thing he did on the opening day fifty three mayor roster in Pittsburgh as well as the raiders the thing that's interesting though is that when you look at the timeline of at all Chris Mortensen is reporting that he went inside advice from social media consultants and at the very beginning of the conversation on instagram by posting the letter was all part of the master plan that he died from the social media consultants. I don't know if you want that due to the team if he's that devious I took is playing cowboys. Look good cowboys one of the best teams is in the NFC coming in at least on paper and they <hes> for a week for a Sunday look pretty good. That was fantastic. Lorca course cowboys there was supposed to do that press cow text throughout the game rise letting him know the deck tech is black black black pay pay all those sorts of things and I think when you look at him at the quarterback spot a lot of people questioned what type of quarterback mcdade Prescott would be but he led the charge. He beat the team news post to beat the giants. He show why he's a hundred plus million dollar quarterback of guaranteed money nor a lot of people are saying. Why would you get his guy display. Let's see a little more games with him at the end of the day the cowboys they're supposed to do you know what else gets guarantee. Money traff would all right. Let's start key with where are we finished up last segment talking about Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown is now a member of the New England Patriots. He's eligible to play in week. Two Antonio Brown will be cool in new kingland. Take it or shake it. I'll take you get. You'll act right yeah. This is what everybody has to understand about the history of Bill Belichick in the the players that people seem to think our problem with other organizations a lot of times. It's the money it's how you deal with a person how you have have a conversation. This all started the Patriot way. If you go all the way back to Corey Dillon the Cincinnati Bengals Cordella came from the Cincinnati Bengals to the New England patriots and went to the superbowl. It was a fine citizen model guide the whole thing right in Cincinnati. They couldn't get out of their own way like you're. GonNa be mad. You're GONNA be angry. You're going to be kicked off when you know you're giving it your all if people are treating you a certain way you think about randy. Moss people had him dead. I mean he was dead in Oakland. He goes there Oakland. Oakland raiders were terrible things same organization the same things they were doing on the and they're doing now creating problems. He's going to go to New England Randy. Moss catches twenty nine touch. Now's or something super bowl records all sorts of craziness same thing and then Tony O'Brien all everybody turns into model citizens since when it gets to New England and it's not because they're not is just an other places they being. They didn't want to be from various reasons. You go to England. Everything's good you win. Everybody's happy they small small and they know your name and then I found that you are not being deceitful none of those. Let's AB wants to be a star and there's Tom Brady right there. Watch e start seeing instagram posts of him. I'll smugness started some of that with the sure forty three to thirteen the final score the titans over the Cleveland browns after all of that off-season hype Freddie Kitchens is the head coach of the browns at the end of the season. Take it or shake it shake shake. Shake it because I. I don't think that they're gonNA make the playoffs but at the same time I think they'll give him an opportunity to maybe see through to some degree if if if it completely goes south then everybody's gone but if he's kind of hovering around and maybe that seven games again and we're we're building onto something he comes back next year but anything short of seventy and he's GONNA get fired. He can't have eighteen penalties. I mean do that again. He may be gone by the before we get to a Halloween Wean. I was trying to find a positive and only positive I can think of that. The Cleveland fans look really happy in that first quarter. That's all I got. That's it all right. Let's go to college football for the next one. You mentioned it earlier key that Washington loses at home to cal USC with a big win over Stanford at the Coliseum as we sit here today USC he is the team to beat in the PAC twelve. Take shake shake it off shake that the trojans are the team to beat in the PAC twelve at all. I still haven't had an opportunity to see them. Play Utah have had an opportunity to see them play Colorado. I haven't had an opportunity to see him. Play a issue Oregon Oregon. I mean there's a lot the knees he's the unfold over the next several weeks for me to really feel like they're the team to beat. Even though Notre Dame is Notre Dame and I'm not a big huge fan of Notre Dame at all. I think it's all hype they they still got to travel to Notre Dame. Even Notre Dame's not in the PAC twelve conference is still is a tough opponent is arrival and if you go there and you lose the notre dame he can affect the rest of the season so we still gotta see that back to the NFL Jameis Winston a pair of sixes yesterday. James Winston is done in Tampa taking her shaken. I can't shake it ain't gonNA give I'm arrive with Jamison to Bruce Arians. Tell me otherwise and this is the first game name obviously and for whatever reasons James tricked it off something that he's been known to do lately and I've years if he could get get on track and I think you know God make mistakes could get back on track going into film room. Learn from your mistakes and turn it around is fifteen games left in the season. What's not adding up for him why it hasn't happened because he's got all the ability in the world. I don't know maybe they handle butter limit with grabbing important question. Why can't you quit him. Everyone else can quit him. Why can't you because I'm willing to give them a chance. You get five years half decade. I mean he's done okay. It tested all right. We saw Kansas City. Look great offensively. Patrick Mahomes was great but a rookie rookie quarterback in his very first game comes in Garner mid shoe and looks good against that Casey Defense. The defense will keep the chiefs out of the Super Bowl again. Take shaky. Take it if they don't somehow fix that defense gun Cunningham whoever's running a dang thing. They're going to be in trouble. I think when you when you look at spending type of money that you went out and Eastern for Frank Clark Entire <hes> the honey badger you you look at it and you would think that this defense would be solid and sound but it's not the case they've gotta outscored opponents every single week even have an opportunity to chance and at some point that that wears on you as a coach and wears a quarterback. We'll think about it last year. The chiefs became the first team in the history of the NFL to lose a game. Despite scoring fifty points happened down the street against the rams fifty four to fifty one I mean they lost a game that they scored fifty one points. That's unfathomable. I try to tell you last week that if if you if you gotta be who threw for fifty touchdowns they can stop anybody. You know that the fifty touchdowns not coming again maybe yeah. I don't know what the stopping somebody's initiatives is always always. GonNa keep them out. I don't think they're gonNA go far next one. The Dallas cowboys attack over four hundred yards. Dak Four touchdown passes Kellen Moore the new offensive coordinator. Does it take it shake shake you. Hey we go. He'll be the next head coach. You know. What's that so you know. The white man gets credit for that. Come on now on your credit next thing. You know he'll be the new head. Coach of the buffalo bills feels. I'm not doing that. I mean no one game is against the giants. Debt Prescott is shown me with this offense. Killing more in all seriousness did a good job but the pace of the offense and and not getting plays with four seconds left on the clock none of those sorts of things so that was able to just sit back there relax scan read need. Some of the perfect throws it. He's throwing John. Kittens the quarterback coach which is a good thing you got a guy who played in the League as a quarterback coach who has some success who understands the quarterback position to teach them. Kelly Moore play quarterback in college and Pros Wayne. I've been really play <hes> who else did they. Jason geared ex quarterback. There's one more I can't think of Bhagat four quarterback tight end doug <hes>. Oh God wasn't him Doug Meyer Messner something like that. He's a tidy and coach but all four of them play quarterback of Collagen and the pros at some point in their careers so you got a guy a quarterback all four people taking the same. I'm like a quarterback. You're GonNa have some success or you should and if you don't the Jason Garrett will be the next coach of the buffalo bills. It's all about scoring touchdowns on Sunday. That's why you gotta go to Blue Dot COM P L U Chew Dot Com chewing. Nick Doreen use the Promo Code seven times and it's not a lot of money. Actually it's only five ninety nine. You only pay five dollars shipping and then you too can chew it and do it.

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