EP 204702: Garage Pass


In the all new next gen cup car so far so good. It's been fun to drive yet so roble workout. He'll like i say at school because of how different the car is and to have all this happened during mark caroline. Prn's garage pass. Have you written a book and wanna get it published page publishing a sap. We're looking for authors of all types of books and unlike most publishers page publishing will take the time to review each and every book submitted to us. And if we like what we read we will get your book into bookstores and for sale online at amazon apple. Itunes store barnes and noble and other outlets we handle everything editing printing publicity and distribution. So if you've written a novel children's book or a biography and want to get it published called page publishing now for your free author submission kit your road to fame and fortune could very. Well start with this simple phone call. Eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four once again. That's eight hundred two nine six twelve ninety four instead of debut in during the upcoming season because of covid nineteen the next gen cup car will now hit the track in twenty twenty two nascar has however resumed track testing at charlotte motor speedway on wednesday. They'll run laps on the oval but monday two car spent time turning left and right on the roble with martin treks junior and kurt busch behind the wheel qualifying every lap. Because of how impressive the lap times are overall a lot of fun seat working with all these different people trying to sort out a car that has never been on a road course for like bush. True acts enjoy driving the new car with bigger tires. Bigger brakes and sequential paddle shifting like you see an indycar and formula one racing been pleasantly surprised more suited. I would say for road course. I think the bigger towns would be wednesday. When we get on the oval but so far so good and it's clear to true acts it's better than the current cup car yes it. Does everything a little bit better. It's a little bit easier to drive around the road course. We're having a few issues with the steering on the big track if two car bottoms out at all the steering really kinda goes haywire are working through that but otherwise it feels good and it's been really solid fun to drive so far. Newly crowned champion chase elliott will run one of the biggest super late model races in the country december. Six the fifty third running of the snowball derby in pensacola florida. Elliott won the event in two thousand eleven and fifteen meanwhile after his rookie cup campaign. John hunter nemechek has decided to leave front row. Motorsports save big money with progressive home and auto bundle. So i finally bought the new set of golf clubs to watch out. Fairway here i come. This is not a real testimonial sure. Customers can save big with progressive. Burt your other expenses won't just disappear. Are those clubs going to help you in the hot water. Heater is also it. Sounds like your money is better spent on gulf lessons. Gosh shoot the course record. No but maybe time for a reality. Check progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates from the xfinity series after the to share derided. Junior motor sports this past season. Daniel henrich now has a full-time deal. At joe gibbs racing to run the eighteen car replacing rally herbst while over it colleague racing. Jeb burton is taking over the ten car from ross chastain. Who's moving up to cop. It'll be the first time burton has run the whole schedule and went for a championship. I'm just really blessed and humbled for this opportunity and is something we've been working on unconsolidated twelve years old and started racing. Go karts to have. All this happened is drink Vre garage pass presented by progressive home. Insurance get your progressive dot com today.

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