Dave Revsine helps preview The Big Ten's opening weekend


Welcome back to the latest edition of the audible presented by Trader Joe's I'm Bruce Feldman joined by my colleague, Stewart Mandel, and Stu we have a really good guest today since the big ten is about to get underway who better to have on than bt on his own day revson yet dave knows that conference cold and interested talked to him about his thoughts on some of the teams also just You May Remember Him Irian Kevin Warren back on that day the big ten originally shutdown then just kind of the the. Odyssey that he experienced from there in terms of whether, the conference was going to come back or not. So let's get today. We're pleased to be joined now by our good friend. Dave. REVSON. Big Ten network. I don't know if you guys heard there's big ten football coming back this weekend starting Dave's network Friday night. With Wisconsin Illinois Dave. What's this I know. I. Know a lot of people are excited about this. I got imagine nobody's excited in the big ten hour. We are thrilled I had heard rumors about this Stu I'm glad you could confirm it is back this weekend fired up. For us I mean it's it's crazy. We're GONNA have more conference games on our air than we have ever had before. We will have every team at least twice with. Typical season but often it's one non conference in one conference game but we're guaranteed obviously because there are only conference games having to conference games now for every team. So for us I mean, we have four games. This weekend be extended out to the whole Fox family of networks, which, of course we are were partially. Owned by Fox sports, you know you get a game on F S One game on Fox as well. I mean you're talking six of the seven games are are on the Fox family network. So that's That's pretty amazing but four on bt and and we're just thrilled to get going. Dave I. Feel I know no of the no other conference network dives in as deep as you guys to and have been for years for folks who probably haven't watched. I think some of the must see if you're a big ten fan. Is when you guys go on the road and you do your spring tour you go on your camp tour in it's it's you Howard and Jerry, and it's really You, know it's Kinda. Must see if if you cover her care about big ten football in so all that to get to this. What was it like for you? Any en really your to two buddies, Howard and Jerry who spends so much time together in a so invested in that conference to watch everybody else obviously not the PAC twelve but almost everybody else back in the swing of it and you're on the sidelines just trying to read the tea leaves on if there's going to be season or not. It was painful Bruce I mean look I understand the rationale, and certainly if we want to get into the rationale we could. So I I got it. I mean, we're in a pandemic and they WANNA keep people safe and so I understood all of that. So it wasn't painful because I disagreed or I think it's one of those reasonable minds can differ. Type of scenarios, I don't know that anyone knows what the right answer is or was because we we can't see the future here. But it was painful just in that. I really liked those guys I mean this is our fourteen year working together and bt, and then I, work with Jerry for two years prior to that at ESPN. And we hosted a show every week together and traveled together as well, and so you know those guys are part of the rim of my life they really are and and so not being on that bus with them for eighteen days. Hurt it was painful I, missed it, and then I would also say it's very valuable to us. So above and beyond the fact that we really enjoy one, another have a great time going out for good meals and swapping stories and finishing each other's jokes and all those things that you do when you have known someone have such great chemistry as the three of us do with one another just genuinely like each other. we also learn a lot on that tour I. mean it is invaluable. And I think we have always prided ourselves on. On the fact that we know more about our teams that anyone else does and I don't mean that as a put down of anyone else because look I I worked at ESPN and I took great pride in what I did covering all of college football. And I felt like I knew the most that I could possibly know position but there's just something to be said for going and watch every team go through camp I mean if we didn't know more than everyone else we. Like, there'd be a problem, right so so that that's kind of what I'm saying here and and we just missed out on that this year, and so I think it's it's GonNa be challenging. We certainly all have a lot of connections and resources now within the League and people that we can turn to find out information. But. There's no substitute for your own eyes and ears, and for talking to people in for having that quick. Two minutes with the wide receiver coach who have known for Awhile and you get a chance to what's going on with your group. And we didn't get that this year and so that that part of it is is really challenging and I think that. In a year that is so different in a year where there is less information than they're typically is we're kind of in that boat to I'd imagine it's going to it makes it harder for you to like I've always said to people you know my my preseason predictions would be a lot more accurate if I had the magical ability to go and watch practice at every team in the country, right? Now it's not possible bur from a time perspective and also like most of the schools won't let us watch their practice or not most but a lot and you guys obviously afforded that that luxury. So. Do you feel like you. You must go into most seasons feeling like you've got you've always gonna be surprises, but you've got a pretty good handle on who Who Your who you think we really good who you think is probably not as good as maybe the public realizes at you feel like you're just kind of guessing about how this seasonal play out we have a lot of institutional knowledge. You. Have a lot of built up right a reservoir of knowledge I mean I would just use the example of Joe Milton at Michigan. I watched Joe Milton quite a bit when we were there in preseason last year I remember coming out of there fact I think I said it on our set. That they have a great situation here in the they had three guys who I felt like we're really good now of course still McCaffrey has left the program she patterson left but we watch show milt last year, and so we obviously saw a little bit in games last year but but there there is you can be a little bit ahead of the curve I watched Spencer peach slash sheer got a sense or a good big physical kid good arm. So it's not like I feel like I'm flying totally blind but yeah, it's different. I mean. Again. It would be selling short. What we do every year which I think is incredibly valuable. It would be selling it short to say that not doing it doesn't put disadvantage compared to other years it absolutely does. it is incredibly incredibly valuable. Now, we still get it wrong, and of course, we don't always agree with one another but there are there are years where you see a team I mean I would use Nebraska last year I know a lot of people pick them to win the West. We went and saw them last year and I mean I think it was obvious. There were some challenges upfront on defense. And the maybe that would be somewhat of a limiting factor, but I still think we left Lincoln thinking that was a really good competitive team, and again they lost a lot of one score games I'm not saying they weren't but but I, still thought they had a good chance to win it last year when we left there and they clearly were never really all that close to winning it. So so we get it wrong sometimes even even after seeing the teams but but I do feel like just kind of being able to eyeball. Guys who are going to be thrust into roles they hadn't been in before. That's something that you can do. You can get a sense for depth particularly along the lines that we weren't able to do this year. So yes, do. Think we're at. Disadvantage certainly. One, and then once again into week one, you know I am going to spend most of my week next week. Watching Games back and just really familiarizing myself with. Okay. What happened at this left guard battle and how did they resolve it and and how did that line look and all those things? So we'll catch you up. But. The. preseason advantage. I. Think in the gate it. You. Mentioned Joe Milton. I WanNa just kinda start there. So Michigan, Loses Nico Collins One of the best receivers in the country he's off to the NFL. Now, I've heard good things from the guys I know on that staff about some of the young guys now fast they are and will see it's the second year in Josh Gad assists them what realistically do You expect from Jim. HARBAUGH's team right now everybody's going to be talking about how I stayed is the clear favourite and then I think some people may like Penn state more because at least you know a little more about Sean Clifford and quite honestly James Franklin Beaten Ohio State Jim has not. So what do you think Michigan fans should be expecting in twenty twenty? Well. Let's look at it. This way they went nine four last year. They lost ten players to be NFL draft. The only school in the country that lost more was L. S. U. All Ohio state also lost ten. They were decimated on the offensive line. And that would have been an area where I would have loved to have seen what was going on there because I know they're excited about some of these younger guys. But the truth of the matter is Jalen. Mayfield's really the only truly known commodity there, and then they were fortunate to have income back because he originally opted out. So I look at them and to me, the questions are early on offensive can they become more explosive? This is not been a particularly explosive. Offense, and again as as you pointed out I, mean you lose down when people's Jones Tariq Black Nickel Collins. So you can Giles Jackson be that guy? No, they're really high on him and so maybe he can become a really explosive play. Jay hennings really highly recruited I. Know They love their running back room. But. That's a tough situation. Is Tough situation right off the bat because they're playing MINNESOTA? WHO's really good. now lost a lot on defense but again, if you're Joe Rossi experienced coordinator, don't you go after Milton a little bit and Milton didn't have the advantage of playing games against lesser opponents to figure it out and get his feet wet here. I mean you go into the deep end, their crossovers, Minnesota and Wisconsin I think Indiana's really good in that division to I'm not sure if you did just strip away the names in Michigan just team may team be he said what they have coming back You might lean toward Indiana Nano Indiana's beaten anybody beating ranked team other the Michigan State. Or Michigan State team ended up being three nine. So, you could say with Indiana, I'll believe it when I see it but. But I don't see Michigan in in a position to really. Challenge Ohio state at least on paper. Again, we didn't get to see him so knows. But but to me, you know based on what we know based on what we've seen based on schedule. I still think there are a notch below I I know it pains Michigan fans and and maybe I'll be proven wrong. But but I don't see a reason to think otherwise right now. I mean if anything feels like over the last couple of years, it's I mean especially given how lopsided the the last two Ohio State Michigan Games have been in Michigan one nine and fourteen last year it seems to me like there's almost a resignation at this point that as much as that should be the standard Ohio state that. That's just not it's not realistic anymore now maybe not realistic or anybody maybe Ohio states foreign away above everybody else in the conference but I mean just the fact that you know Michigan's opening with Minnesota and it's considered a tossup game I think tells you that I mean they've they've Ohio state replying Minnesota the point spread would be would be a lot higher obviously but. Do you think Ohio state I? Mean I feel like Ryan Day kind of set the tone for couldn't have set the expectations much higher and I know why he was why he said at the time I mean he's trying like any coach would do to save his season. You know he said that this was a once in a lifetime team. Do you feel that this this team does have that potential because yes justin fields back lot. We know they're always talented, but they did lose some some pretty significant players from last year's team. Let me say one last thing on what you said at the end there I'm Michigan which got me thinking I mean to say it's unrealistic. I mean to quote Brady Hoke Michigan right like like how can be unrealistic like to me I get it states really good which they have bill soon, advantages that Michigan doesn't have I mean maybe a little bit better high school football. In the state. They don't have to take you know you have Michigan State within the State of Michigan who has been really good I mean you could argue the last decade about an average level. They've been better than Michigan although certainly there now in a in a rebuilding mode. So I, I just can't accept that Michigan the winningest program of all time in college football the most big ten titles ball time. A can't accept the notion that how can you say and I'm not necessarily saying you're saying this but like should it be realistic Amino housemate insurance. If it's not then. Why isn't it? Right? I mean you have so much going for you but but you're right like Ohio state is is cranking on all cylinders. They have not missed a beat with Ryan Day I mean to take over for one of the guys who you know arguably is on the Mount, Rushmore certainly of modern college football in urban Meyer and to say you got better the next year. I know they did lose a lot of the draft I brought up at the amount of thirteen returning players who had all conference mentioned last year, which is the most in the big ten. Huge. OPT back. INS. which really help them I mean to be getting Sean Way back is enormous. In that secondary. On the offensive line you know having why Davis comeback is huge. And then you have a fabulous quarterback I mean. On the very short list of heisman contenders. In. Justin feels I don't see any obvious weaknesses I mean I. Think Defensive Tackle is maybe a place where you you don't have experienced depth. Do you have a real study at defensive and I know in talking to urban that's something where he's kind of Said Hey. They've been this in recent years on the buses on chase young. Is there someone like that? One hundred percent clear. There is, but you're really nitpicking with them and then their schedules really favorable. Nebraska Illinois are there crossovers? Yeah. You go to State College. I mean what differences make whether it's homer, road. Deal with that white out, so. I don't know I to me it's Ohio state and everyone else in the big ten and I, you know, I, think the journey brown injury but a little more distance between them and Penn State. 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Certainly they replace Nate Stanley but you know we've we both heard good things about Spencer Patriots who's come in there but also obviously a lot of stuff happened to the Iowa program with the crystal investigation in his exit and just a lot of things coming to light with Kirk furnaces program this off season yet they have a lot of speed at receiver Goodson is a really a big time running back I think and their offensive line should be really good getting a key Grad transfer from Indiana to me they. Are My sleeper team in the big ten and the team that I think will be the team that ends up winning the West. WHO's the most intriguing or who would be your sleeper that's kind of under the radar that you're saying, Hey, I think people are not talking about these guys enough though I was really interesting and I agree with you I mean I think some things set up really well for them particularly steps in and is good at figure out a way to be a little more explosive on offense but. I agree with you know Smith Marquette is a really good piece in and you can move around and and I think to a lot of interesting things with him and we saw. In the ball game last year. So they would be on that list. I hinted earlier. I really think Indiana is is. A team that no one is talking about because it's Indiana because they don't have a great history I. Think these are the highest. For them in years, they won eight games last year, which was the most since nineteen, ninety, three there one shy of the school record. They had Tennessee beat the game and just kind of let it slip away and they had several games last year where they lost in the closing seconds right free games that they would have won that they didn't. So to me I, you know they bring back a ton. They love Michael Panics, a quarterback, and if he can stay healthy, you can see why they have a tremendous wide receiver in watt failure They have depth concerns on the offensive line and you mentioned quite Cronk Leifer Iowa Net and it is a big loss for them but but they've got a lot there in terms of I like that that starting group. I think they're really good up from defense. He made it Tom Allen made a good move last year turning the D. over to Kane. Wyoming, and just saying I can't wear both these hats. I can't be a defensive coordinator head coach. They have some very good talent Air Mike McFadden leading the way at at linebacker I, really like him. I just think this is a team. That's Kinda. You know the question for them is, can they beat the elite teams in? It's staggering dies I mean. They're last seventy, three games against Ohio state and state in Michigan. They have lost seventy two of them. So I. Like to say, they haven't been able to get over that Hump I. You know it's incredible. How tough it has been for them to beat the teams. Accenture Lana. Then if you throw a Michigan Stadium, it's easy to last eighty four against those. So. It's a pretty big hill to climb. But I just think on paper if you swished Michigan and Indiana and you said, tell me you like more based on what they have returning now again, recruiting rankings all that stuff you'd say Michigan. But. Man. I. If you were to go with experience and what the different players have done in the league, what they accomplished. I'd probably go Indian. I'm with you. I'm high on Indiana I'm also high on perdue getting back You know I felt like they had like the worst injury asthma last year regained background more and just schedule not having a play I, you're talking about eight games. You know who you don't play is can make a huge difference in the standings and they don't play Ohio State? Penn. state or Michigan who is let's go opposite. Who Somebody that people assume we'll be good. And maybe has some issues. Well. I mean, I think Wisconsin. You'd never doubt Wisconsin Tan just because year in and year out there. So consistent, they know who they are. Are they've won at least ten games. Five of the last six years I mean they have a very clearly defined personality. and. They really understand how to recruit to it and to play to it I think they'll be tremendous on defense schimdt Leonard is. I East really proven himself. I think to be a gifted coordinator and had taken over for a couple of guys in Rhode really good. Elsewhere. Dave. Aranda. Kind of being that headliner of that group kind of built this identity on on defense. But yeah, like to me. offensively. There are some issues You know quarterback yet a huge blow and losing. Jack Cohn. Completed. Nearly seventy percent of his passes last year was third in the big ten in passing efficiency. He I think fit that offense really well, but you know probably a little bit better runner than people gave him credit for two. Fairly mobile quarterback, but he's out after having foot surgery grammar I. Know He's really highly recruited through ten passes last year nine of them were complete. Can't like those numbers and I, know people are excited to see them. But you have no experience behind him or he'd get hurt and then like let's be honest here I know it's every year you feel like Wisconsin's can have a good running back but I mean you lost one of the all time great running backs in College Football History Jonathan Taylor stuck around for this year. He would have almost certainly left as the all time leading rusher. NCWA history it was he's the six all time leading rusher. Give the most rushing yards anyone before senior year and she'll obvious heir apparent like we've seen the Keough. Watson we've seen Garrick Roszak good solid backs. But I you know they're not in that same mold. And then you lose quintessence your your best threat on the outside you lose an all American Center as well. So to me you know like if you think about what do you need to do where those Gash Claes come from? To me like that's the big question for Wisconsin Jonathan. Taylor Gotcha. Dash. Glazed grins has seen Scotch Gash place they had two hundred eleven plays longer than ten yards last year second most in the big ten more than half of them were from those two. Like where do those plays come from like to me? That's that's the issue. So I, think there's some question marks around their offense I still think they'll be there in the end just because they're Wisconsin because Christmas really good Joe Rudolph's good. They know who they are but But, I, think there are some hurdles there that we don't ordinarily see with the badgers. If you really got me, he's a super skeptical of Wisconsin now than as you lay it out but I, I want to stay in the in the West for a second more ask you. You mentioned Nebraska I was kind of with you on wor sounds like where you were early in the season. Nebraska I did think that we're GONNA have a much better season and then I think early in September or my crew did the cu game where they were up at halftime see look like a dud and then all of a sudden. Nebraska got sloppy and see you took over the game and they won they storm the field in everything and I just felt like Nebraska's season was kind of in a free fall from that point on so. They obviously have a huge opener against Ohio state this weekend I remember being at that game two years ago. The last time they were in Columbus your Martinez was a true freshman. They gave Ohio State all they could handle and probably should have won that game or at least could have won that game if you know maybe a couple of things bounce their way. Right now are you the schedule is brutal especially the first month of it. Mean how confident are you? That Scott Frost program will take a big step forward given the schedule they're facing right now in some of the players they actually lost on defense. The schedule is really hard you play in your first four games you played the three highest ranked teams in the Big Ten as part of that four-game Slade Ohio state obviously, they played Penn state gained four -Sconsin game to. Game against northwestern, that's always a a real battle. They played some crazy games in that series. So I I mean, it's it's challenging. No doubt to start things out, and then you still have our producer Minnesota on on the back of that schedule as well as. Illinois is better. So there's just no game you look at their schedule and say like cut obviously Nebraska's going to win the game. which isn't to say, they're not gonNA. Win A lot of games I will. It's just There's is a tough schedule. I'm gotTA. Tear to. Your Point Bruce. Local has share issue. Martinez was hurt I think all year like I was at their game against Illinois and man he was great. Nano Illinois is limited defensively by if that if that's your Adrian Martinez. And you throw in Wando Robinson. If he stays totally healthy because he had a really nice year last year I know they have some younger guys they feel good about the whole of on academic. Better as last year went on. So I think that's a big part of it it you know to me a lot of it falls on the defense in and they got better. Last year. They had nowhere to go but up at the end of the Mike Riley era, and they have kind of very gradually improved here the last two years with actually hinder. But to me, it's the point of Attack and actually talked Scott Frost and asked him about this. Hannah. Are you better defensive front in a front seven? because. Last year, no team gave up more yards per carry in big ten play in Nebraska has five point seven yards per carry in a lot of those guys are gone. Now he said, hey we're really excited about some of the people we're bringing in. We think we have better size up front we we could be more physical. But that defense is a work in progress and I mean if you have to deal with Ohio state a week one and then Wisconsin I mean I know I cast some doubt on their offense but I mean you still know they're going to try to grind it out with you. Too many Penn state I know journey. Brown. But still that's going to be a good rushing attack to you gotta deal with them and week four. I mean you're not better at the point of attack it it could get ugly here. No question I'm I'm certainly less bullish sitting here on a Nebraska right now that I was a year ago. That's for sure just because of the hand they've been dealt and schedule all right David before we let you go I want to circle back. Maybe against Bruce's best wishes, he really wanted to focus on the football but. You're you're part of a kind of a very memorable maybe swing might say infamous TV moment back on the day the big ten announced it was going to postpone football. You know you did the interview Kevin Warren I don't know. How much advanced warning you got about it and whatnot. But when you ask all the right questions and and it was a great interview from your end but man, he really touched everything, you ask it just kinda seemed to be just kind of set in motion the. Backlash that he Or the next power many weeks till they actually decided to. Come back and so we're just curious like kind of your your behind the scenes take on it. You know did you As it was happening right after. Did you did you grasp like what that? How that was going to be perceived. Grasp honestly as it was happening, Stu frankly because in this day and age, you get your phone up there with to ride and and so. There were text messages again in the middle of the interview I'm embarrassed to say that but but it just happened to be on the desk next up moving it I. Think. a one point in the interview because I thought it might be a little distracting but So yeah, I think. I. Had a sense right away. I just want to preface it by saying I don't what extent Rack. Warren I think really highly of him on spent some time yesterday as a matter of fact, at some really great interaction since all of that and an I'd spent a lot of time before with him to serve on a coalition that he's overseeing that I really feel strongly about I think the world of the guy and and so it was tough I. Mean I kind of knew it wasn't going well for him I you know look. I would just say this as when you and you guys know this you guys are were all journalists and we all ask questions for living to a certain extent part of what we do anyways to ask questions. And I always see as my job is not to ask questions, my job is to get answers. And so if I ask a question and it's not answered in the way. If I. Don't get the answer that I asked for then I watched question again. Because I. Just think that's my job and so that was what I did. You know in that situation and there were a couple of times where were Kevin didn't necessarily provide answers and so I asked again I so. I. Did that day in August go well for the big ten it didn't and You know we are again were we are a partner with the big ten conference, but we also have to it's a it's a interesting role you play because I still feel like my responsibility is to the viewer and we otherwise you've sacrificed. Your integrity as a journalist, you have to ask questions in the after. Ask Them to get the answers and if you don't ask them again. So I you know it's kind of as afterward. An kind of progressed going forward to win the big ten did actually bring football back I think as tough as the big ten Hatton and honestly like I still think the rationale for what they did in August is very sound like I think at the end of the day guys the big ten wasn't going to play. If they didn't believe that they were putting players on the field who they knew with close as you can know, absolute certainty didn't have of it. And so they basically were at a point where they were about to begin contact practice back in August. And they said we can't do this because we're we have these kids going on the field. We can't test every day because isn't there yet, and then we're going to start contact practice and then your contact trace how do you contact football practice and we are walking into a potential disaster here and we can't do it. So I think that was their rationale along and you can say, well, they're conferences did it and that's fine. And they did it with varying levels of success but that was what the big ten believe. We don't WanNA play or we don't WanNa practice contact we think the kids might have the virus. So as soon as I got to the point where they believed. Okay. Now we have this rapid testing can test everyone every day. So people understand in the big ten every time any person walks into the facility anytime they go under a practice field, not just the players support staff trainers, all those people everyone has tested negative for covid every single day. They weren't in a position to do that in August they were in September. So all that makes sense to me and I think it's poorly as a win in August. It went really well in. September and so I give them a ton of credit. For learning from there, missteps and for getting it right this time and and so I think you know in talking to commissioner warning yesterday I. Think he feels like they're in a good spot where they have the best chance to get through this. They've obviously left themselves no wiggle room because there are no by weeks for anyone. And I think they feel confident in the plan that they put forth. But I think they're going in with eyes wide. Open. Learned a lot from the other leagues stand that it may not go. Perfectly. And I'll gosh with this thought on that I think in this year. People understand that things may not go perfectly I i. think we have built up much more of tolerance for saying. This. Game got cancelled the can't play this week. That's just the way that goes. And and we'RE NOT GONNA. If one team plays eight games, one team play seven games and we have to compare. Them for the playoff for you know, and it's apples to oranges or whatever it is I think we're more willing to accept that than we would have been in the past because frankly were just happy that football. That's the way I'm looking at it anyway. All right, Dave I. think that is a fresh perspective and I think it's I like I said back then in a stew agrees with me thought you just handle yourself it was a Really a exemplary journalism class ask that you put on in that moment especially throughout and We appreciate your your perspective as were all excited to actually get games this weekend and You know just the idea that it's basically here after. So Long we just got to keep our fingers crossed that everything can can stay on track going forward from here. Yeah. I'm with you Bruce. I think. I. I go into this with fingers toes to everything you can possibly Process crossed because You know it's GonNa take some good fortune get through it all. But but I'm with you I'm just so thrilled I'm thrilled kind of getting back to our original point being back to my guys Thrill Yard and listening to you guys I listened to so much college sports coverage and it's been a little painful not not to have the big ten be part of that conversation. So so thrilled to be back in the mix, we really appreciate it. My main takeaway from this conversation is that I should start planning now for the Northwestern Indiana Big Ten championship game We do not even talk about the wildcats and they paid Ramsey transfer. Because Bruce wouldn't he would hang out we? Bruce Bruce would've unplugged cords or something. Yeah. Yes full disclosure. Obviously, if people don't know Dave, went to northwestern I suspect David, probably were a couple of classes behind stew stews. I think a little older right know I'm older than STU. It's more than that. Dave grew up. Going North Western Games and it is just you know a die hard long before college. Yeah I spent a lot of we were My father is a professor northwestern at thirty four game losing streak in my childhood show we have to halftime a lot. There you go. All right. Well, enjoy the Games. This weekend are face to face spruce straits talk to you guys. All right. Great to talk big ten football a lot of lot of good games. This weekend let Games outside the big ten obviously in of everything from Oklahoma state I was state to undefeated Cincinnati against undefeated SMU and so on down the line. So we will talk about those games on Sunday he then.

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