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you're listening to showcase from PR. XS Radio Tovia. He there. I'm Audrey mirvish managing producer Sir of radio. Tovia as you probably know. We're in the middle of the annual Radio Tokyo fundraiser. Right now. We really need your help to get the thirty five thousand donations nations. Now is the time to show your support for Radio Tovia at Radio Topi dot. FM as you probably also know by now radio. Topi is a curated rated network of extraordinary. Cutting edge podcasts. We bring you amazing shows like your hustle and ninety nine percent invisible criminal and everything is alive breath via looseness. And this one that you're listening to right now showcase. If you listen across the showcase feed you'll find stories about the shift from analog to digital digital culture and video game conspiracy theory the intersection of creativity and depression stories about being black in America and so much more here. Buds are like a dream of the South radio. Cities designers were after they are auditorium without walls and our digital devices are not only portable. They tap into a seemingly limitless cloud of sound. Mr Courtney needs ten luxury sedan Dan. I'm Terry Gross can do. There's a game in the Pacific northwest. That was really popular. A lot of people had adverse reactions to every kid played it. Go crazy or control of their thoughts or feel like they're being controls. Some people talked about the connection between police and trump replacing it somewhere where everybody thinks everything. Religion Begin with kind of smart company claims. He was abducted. No way could possibly be real. I've despite my whole life people not believe me. I'm to the point where I don't care anymore icon sale. Why I did it for the first time we all have one lie become? I'm a second Li- we live with them. The third lie is coming just to camouflage the two other allies secrets I. I really genuinely enjoyed the art of deception. I enjoyed the elementary school. He went to all the parents and teachers teaches new me because I pick them up every day and the dreadlocked black man picking up a little blonde blue eyed white kid who runs around and screams. Daddy was well memorable whenever anyone stared at his I could feel that fear bubbling in my heart. But I would just look at my son and concentrate on him because in my son and his dead in nineteen ninety eight a brain scientist named Alice flared. He developed a mysterious mental until illness. She couldn't stop writing. She scribbled on walls and even covered her own skin with words as she tried to figure out what was wrong with her mind. She turned to a memoir by the world. Famous author William Styron. He had battled suicidal depression. And Writer's I block and it suddenly hit me that what he had was the opposite of what I had. There's this assumption that we're all the same kind of black. Before leaving home. I would check the mirror to make sure my head wasn't teasing. Okay so get this. He said he would tell our son not to wear and not to go out late at night but now I checked to make sure is peasy enough. He's e- I don't even know that one same experiences same reactions to stuff. We'll guess what you just want to be. The person who you know can't figure out who you are. You just WanNa be the tragic Mulatto. We're going to stoop this out. We on this side. Leave that you on that side or a bunch of mother. Same thing about the United Nations demanding the Security Council aalto condemn Moscow. We do not have a picture yet. Showcase Production Gear Axis Tapia. Okay Rider Houston we do have a TV picker. We're even even know voice. This is space bridge partner. Now is the time when you can help us. Keep all all of the many parts of Radio Topa thriving and here's yet another reason to donate now. Have you heard of radio. Plus it's our donors donors only podcast. That goes deep with all of the radio. Toby producers through questions about life culture and really important things like favorite Britt snacks. What their moms think about their shows and what they wanted to be when they were little? It's our special stash of audio that no one else hears and so you get access to radio. Toby News late show trailers and other network secrets before we announced them publicly if you make a donation by December twentieth you'll receive Steve Info about Radio Topa plus as well as a secret hotline number to call. And ask your burning questions about whatever's on your mind your questions might might be featured on a future episode of plus and just a heads up there's a special episode of Plus dropping on December twentieth. That you will not want to miss go to Radio Topa uh-huh dot FM to donate now. That's Radio Topa Dot. FM thanks so much radio to the X..

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