Local Hour: 2020 Opening Day With David Samson


Suits here advance auto parts has ended A. Winner to their roster. Diehard batteries about that. That's right. Diehard batteries are now in advance auto parts, and if you're a stat free like me, you know that means advance got a player with unrivalled reliability, durability and power, plus you can get free testing and free installation with purchase, and you don't even need an appointment. Advance your auto at advance, auto parts and participating carquest locations see stores for details. Hello, everybody, and after a brief brief vacation, the local hour with David Samson hosts of nothing personal with David Samson is back David I'm looking at the zoom right now. There's baseball starting today. You still have a beard. Wasn't this part of the whole deal? The MLB dare challenge will end after opening day first pitch, okay, and in no small irony, the weather in C. Tonight. They're supposed to be like a summer nor Easter and I think the game is going to be delayed, not played. Who knows, but I'm going to be heads up barbershop with you go. The marlins barber in the chair at seven Oh eight PM. First pitch thrown beard off at seven. Oh nine does the ceremonial first pitch from Dr Anthony Fauci count. Now. No, it does not by the way. I'm looking forward to that. Because if he actually does the first pitch that means Max. Scherzer is heated up and ready to roll all right so baseball looks like we. Still chances can all nuked. is returning today I. have loaded up my first fantasy baseball team since you traded away, Josh Johnson and Mark Burleigh. I am giving this sport in honest. Try I need to educate myself on it I drafted a team filled with ninety nine percent. Of New names to me. They might have might as well been create a players, MLB show but I am here I. Am Learning I. Am no longer going to be woefully. Ignorant I'm no longer going to actively root against this sport. Rising tide lifts all boats. Let's go baseball your thoughts with baseball being back so far you know. I've watched the MLS David. And I'm so happy. I. I watched the MLS and aesthetically not enjoyable look I. DON'T WANNA be European soccer snob Guy Mls isn't. Doesn't hold a candle to that. Sell a of football. I almost said the F. Word there a football, but you know you take soccer. This is a dilute sample what you're watching Orlando sweaty. The Games are hard to watch. The camera angles are atrocious. And I watched it, and I realized. Did MLS play themselves with this bubble? Because MLB's out here, traveling to each game, it seems as though the Cova numbers are starting to stabilize within that sport. They have a pretty good protocol. It would seem with their I l. and they're Kobe. Designations did Major League Baseball. Get this right by not doing a bubble. I think it's way too early to say and I think Major League baseball will end up in a bubble come playoff time I think the concern that baseball had is. You can't do a bubble with thirty teams over the course of sixty regular season games, and then a month of playoffs. It's just not sustainable you're in which by the way where would it be so? So you've got the NBA Orlando. They got a bunch of courts. You've got mls a bunch of football fields, so there's opportunities where exactly what the bubble be like in Miami. Would they go to La and play Angel, Stadium and Dodger Stadium or New York can play. Yankee Stadium and Citi Field I'm just not sure how that could actually work where there'd be fifteen games day. which is what there is in baseball sixty games in like sixty six days. Where would it be like at university school in Davie while billy brought this up on the national show, initially, when remember major? League Baseball was the first sport to try out the notion of a bubble now with NBA doing it and mls doing it seems like we were probably a little too harsh on that idea of major league. Baseball's Arizona was a good place to do it. They have the infrastructure with all the spring. Training Sites Got Multiple Games a day there. Were we too hard on league baseball with that initial idea. Now I think what baseball realized is that the in and out of clubhouses is very complicated. Why is it that the Blue Jays aren't playing in Pittsburgh? The governor gave a reason that to me was completely wrong, except he got to the right conclusion I just WanNa clarify you said. Why are the Blue Jays not playing in Pittsburgh? They are playing in Pittsburgh there now playing in Toronto. They're not playing in Pittsburgh. I know okay. Welcome back to the show second i. read all sorts of articles. Saying that was a Pittsburgh Blue Jays. They're not playing at PNC now. It's done what did. On three. At this, this is the continual education of me. Learning baseball again. The Toronto the Toronto. Blue Jays the Pittsburgh and PNC park. That thing is off the table. We were talking about that yesterday. It's now eight look I saw was never official, and if you were watching nothing personal, you've heard me say there's no chance of it happening yesterday. The governor came out and said that they are not allowing the Blue Jays to play in Pittsburgh. How about that early have no place to play? They are going to be nomadic currently. David season starts today. Yes it does hold on. Yes, it does. So. There is a major league baseball team that has no idea where they're playing and I'm just learning about this. This seems wrong and unfair to those players look. There's all sorts of unfairness in regards to playing in Canada and the United States in a sport that all the other teams or American teams it's it's a bit of a pain you've spoke to how some of the finances work out. They get paid in American dollars. At least that's the case in in the NBA and that's the case in Major League Baseball I. See you nodding along. This team is going. Going to be on the road, the entire sixty game season that is so unfair to them and their families, so they're looking right now to see if they can find another place to play I've said from the beginning. It's GONNA end up being buffalo, but the players. WanNa play in a major league facility. which if I were with the Blue Jays I'd sit down at the players, unlike what Marc Shapiro the president in the Blue Jays did they sat down in the player, said we a major league facility. They said Great. We agree we're GONNA. Do that for you. But they're making a promise that they can't necessarily keep. Because there's no guarantee that any professional facility will host two teams as a matter of fact, I think it's not going to happen so the two options. Are you playing a minor league facility? And the players said we're major leaguers. We don't WanNA. Play a minor league facility and I would have said your major leaguers wherever you play. If you plan a high school field, you're still major leaguers playing baseball, so the other possibilities they stay on the road for sixty days, but they get to bat last in what would have been there? Thirty Home Games, which is drew advantage now. Is it dangerous to be on the road? That much more does it put their health at double the risk because they're traveling that much more. The. Answer's Yes, and that's a big concern that baseball has, but during the course of the season. Mike you're GONNA see a lot of weird stuff you've never seen you're going to see games. They're canceled locations that moved. There's going to be a lot of flexibility in the teams that can deal with that. The best are the ones we're going to be successful. Yeah, this is this is. This is more natural selection than it is. Actual sport all right, so let's say on the bluejays here. Why did the governor rule against the Blue Jays plan and PNC park. So his answer was, he didn't want people more people. Coming in and out of Pennsylvania is view. was that if there's thirty extra home games that means that there's more opportunity more teams, more people and that was. That was Canada's reasoning to. They didn't want all these Americans coming across the border into a country that has more in check Though by the way, so they didn't want what Canada's set is. If the if you Toronto go play in America. If you come back, you have to quarantine fourteen days. I know there's all sorts of levels of bureaucracy, and there's red tape, but I imagine the Senate Catch Major League baseball by surprise, but it kind of felt like it did because it's so late in the game for decision like that to be made. What do you know about sort? Sort of plane bees that were made by the Toronto. Blue Jays. Did this indeed catch major? League Baseball SURPR- by surprise the way it looked so what baseball will tell you is that it didn't catch them by surprise, but I also know that Pittsburgh. They made a big deal of hosting the Blue Jays and they did a whole statement saying that they're doing this for the community to bring in business extra nights in hotels, extra meals at restaurants and. And Luba reads and all the other things that would add the local economy, which is obviously hurting in Pittsburgh, which makes sense that said baseball should never have allowed the possibility because they're trying to keep thirty teams, Elfi and just picture the logistics imagine you in your studio at the clevelander where you finish your our your show, and then all of a sudden another group comes in, and they do a show. Then another group comes in, so it has. Has to be your student would have to be cleaned in between. You have to be okay putting on the headsets again doing the microphone. All of those things where I think Mike. If you were honest with me, you say I. Don't want anybody using my microphone headsets. No, you're. You're absolutely right. When he put it that way I absolutely understand why they wouldn't be sharing facility. You mentioned them traveling. They need to have a home base because increased travel. Means increased risk, but aren't they already traveling all the time? If their home is Toronto, who cares if they have a satellite city? That's not really their home because they're living out of a suitcase. Anyways, so that is obviously we buried the lead. If you can't plan Toronto the theory is that the players who play for the Blue Jays don't live in Toronto, but they come they get a seat. They get a home for the season whether it's an apartment or a hotel. That's where the players are for an entire major. Major League season. That's the case it. Let's say in Miami very well. Miami's actually interestingly different more players live in south Florida all year long, so they've permanent residences, but take a team like the brewers where I would bet you and I have no information. This is anecdotal. There's not one member of the brewers whose permanent home is Milwaukee Wisconsin nothing against Milwaukee. Love it, but what they do. is they rent an apartment for the year? So if you're playing in buffalo in theory, what the Blue Jays would do as. As rent an apartment for the year, but the year is only two months. So what would it be ed be are be O- or VR be. Would they do a hotel? But then what do you do at the families? If it's a one room sweet, it's a complicated issue when you're on the road for sixty days I think he kind of address it by using my studio as an example if they're going to different hotel rooms every three days. That's increased risk whereas if they did have a base camp and And were assured. No one else is entering this domicile, but you then there's less risk there obviously. Is there a need for the satellite city to be close to Toronto in proximity kind of seems like that was what they were going for. Could they look at I know the Texas Rangers Old Ballpark. It has been sort of reformatted a little bit for high school football, but there are facilities older ballparks that are still standing that I. Guess the Toronto Blue Jays just the Blue Jays at this point could explore right. They need to be on the east coast. Because the whole point of the baseball season, which again makes no sense to me is done by geographic, so the nationally yeast is playing the American League East in the national. League, East. That's it so there's not a lot of travel. You're staying in the northeast corridor. Would I said to someone the other day is once. You're on a plane. What's the difference? If you're flying? Time is ninety minutes or three hours. I'm just I'm just curious I mean I've I haven't been on a plane in months, but I used to travel all the time. Once you slept to the airport. Get through security. Open yourself up to the rigors of travel, the inconvenience of travel the concern of the spread of covid. Once you're on the plane and this is not commercial travel. It's charter travel. You have social distancing by definition on. On the plane, air is recirculated way better than it is in an indoor restaurant through air conditioning where it's old, they are being recirculated airplanes. Do it right so I never understood why they were doing the schedule the way they did claiming. It's because they don't want players on a plane for too long I. Guess Wear and tear. your congesting a lot of games together. The whole thing is going to feel like an adrenaline rush, and if a player can just. Just be on a plane for a ninety minute flight as opposed to you know a four hour flight I guess that preserves. Their bodies have been good NBA studies on by Tom. haberstroh about the rigors of travel, and what that does to an athlete's body, granted much different demand on an athlete's body in basketball than there is in baseball You mention a great point about the Blue Jays needing to be on the east coast. I get that and also their reasonable. Reasonable TV contracts to keep in mind there, too. I am very confused. At times a major league baseball there is such a wide lane for Major League Baseball to dominate the mid afternoon games even morning games because the sport that you can play in the morning. They do it all throughout a you earlier start. Times are commonplace in minor league. Baseball Parks and even baseball on the weekends e even on the weekends. It seems like they're going for later time slots. Later than usual. They're going to be going up against the NBA directly. Even the NBA knows to play some games granted there in a bubble, and the facilities demand that they have some earlier start times. Why in God's name is Major League baseball going after these prime time slots? Is this just to appease regional partners? It's one hundred. That's it so it's a very simple answer. It's called money so the way the schedule works is it's based on your TV contract and your TV? TV partners have a desire to get as many games in prime time because they want to win the prime time windows now enormous seasons in the summer. They're not going up against the NBA. After June or the NFL before September, so the reality is that baseball has its own windows during the summer. That's why you don't see more afternoon games. Also when there are fans, you always prefer night games during the week because people don't come during the day because they're at work. On weekends, you have more afternoon games, and you will see those afternoon games on Saturdays and Sundays as usual, but in terms of mid week afternoon games. It's only when it's necessary for travel because you lose it the gate when fans were allowed and TV networks do not like it, and you meet with your TV network. They're your biggest client. Picture your biggest sponsor on Lebatardshow. Would you do something purposefully? That would upset your biggest sponsor by by lot. You just wouldn't so. TV partners are our biggest clients, so we talked to them and say what can we do to make? You WanNa keep giving us as much money as you do. Yeah, but people aren't commuting to work in the same fashion. Obviously, everyone knows the unemployment situation in this country. Did anyone sit? Down with these regional TV people and said Hey, you might be able to own a window in a fashion that you might not if you're going up against Lakers clippers. So the other side of that however is that while people are home and not commuting, just look at the world podcasts. In general podcast numbers are down in the reason they're down is that people are not commuting? People are not in the gym, which is the most common place that listening to their podcasts and when your home let me give you. An example of people who are at work versus people are at home all right. I'm at work. I'm looking at my desk I've got my earphone in. I'm listening to a podcast on pretended to work whenever the boss walks by, but I'm sort of on on Google. I'm doing some online shopping and that's your workday. When your home you've got maybe kids in the background to want your attention. You've got a significant other Hussein. What are you doing on Google? Kids crying needs a diaper change. You're listening to a forty five minute podcast. Get off the podcast and start paying attention to your family, so all those different things are adding up, so it's not as though that viewership during the day. Most people two o'clock aren't gonNA. Say Kids get in the pool or kids? Just entertain yourselves. I'M GONNA go wash three hour baseball game credits league baseball, four, beating the NBA to the punch under the NBA started their exhibition games about we got games that matter beginning today hopefully in major league baseball. It seems as though they miss an opportunity by knocking back sooner I think everyone knows that because they could have really owned a couple of weeks get. The viewer invested no these players to build up their fantasy teams to bet on the sport and all of a sudden. You have seized on this opportunity. I wish that they were a network. I understand the regional TV contracts, but they have a rights agreement with ESPN. What wouldn't SPN tried to push. Push some of these games an earlier time slot. They have MLS games going on in China. Nights determined a lot by the weather in Orlando. As you see, I mean it's I feel so bad for these players playing Magin. Can we just talk about that for a minute? Can you imagine playing outdoors right now in Orlando I just I can't even fathom it the only time I've ever seen kits stick to players. Bodies in this fashion is when. When Kumar had a Puma had an unbelievably flawed kit designed during the two thousand six World Cup where people were essentially wearing loose leaf sheets of paper that would just stick to their bodies. I feel really bad for these players in the as they don't have an MRI machine in that bubble. If they need to get an MRI, they need to go to the hospital and then quarantine for three days and wait for all the testing to come back. Back the NBA. Allow the MLS in the bubble because that goes against the whole idea of a bubble as feel really bad for the MLS players, it's a diluted product and players are getting gas, and you see very sloppy fouls or a lot of the reds I've seen most of the red in this competition David and it's usually just get me the F of here. I am tired later. You saying they do it on purpose. Oh their latest. Red Cards so they can get out of the game I am saying the vast majority outside of you know the occasional era thinking, and or incidental is going in for a tackle, and I just miss time at the other guy made me into this. The vast majority of the red cards that I've seen have come later in the game, and it's a dude. Absolutely drenched in sweat in a way that you haven't seen like. He's out of a pool and he's just kept me the Gada here. It is hot, man. I I'm tired. To his coach though. It screams off the television because someone sends out a ball over the top on counter, and you have this winger with much better speed, and you have some backline defender that's like thirty five, plus like Jesus Christ man. I can't do this. Just red cards and I feel so bad. I have to wait. Are you sticking to your story here? Your story is that players get red cards instead of telling their coach gassed and they want. Want substitution well no I think they're out of substitutes. At this point, remember you are limited there five, so they were allowing more now because of the the war, but you're still cap you, so you have five substitutions. You still have eleven spots, so the majority of your team's going to be on that field for all ninety minutes, and with water breaks and everything sometimes closer one hundred minutes. You're seeing and you see this a lot. When it isn't a million degrees outside frustration thous- I'm tired I need to stop this counter and I don't have the wind or the pace. Keep up with this guy. I'll take the red better to take the red than to give up. The actual chance at this is going to create I. Think you're seeing a lot of that. have any results impacted by this because? Because, there's a red. Don't you have a Don't you play? Isn't there a power play yet? You're up a man. We or have have games scores and results change because a player just to said you know what I'm done. Oh, absolutely, absolutely. You imagine this in the NBA. Where one of the starting five says you know what I'm tired I. DON'T WANNA play anymore? I Von Four. They're not coming out and saying it they don't need to. It's very self evident when you actually watch. The nature of those vows. I WanNa talk to you about rights. Fees. I got into a bit of a A diarrhea take on soccer and its coverage on ESPN ESPN does have an MLS contract, but they don't have the big TV contracts CBS credit to you and your network. You got the Champions League in. That is the the crown jewel. Followed by Premier League. If we're talking just club competitions, obviously, everybody wants to world. Cup when ESPN has World Cup. UC's wall to wall-to-wall coverage and ESPN doesn't quite wealth Shane that they don't do it more often. ESPN does have a very big major league baseball contract yet. When I was growing up the coverage on sports center in the daytime programming. They talked a lot more baseball than they do. Now. You would think because you have these rights. Fees and ESPN's ratings have obviously taken a hit without sports I'm talking to you right now. and soccer is responsible for some of the biggest numbers on the network in the month of July because it's the only live sporting event. Why has there been such a sea change from the daytime? Daytime programming of these broadcasts partners in regards to how much or how little they're talking about the national pastime. Well. If you think about it, what what ESPN does, is they spend a Lotta time with the NFL and they spend a lot of time, but you're seeing their NFL package. Their package ESPN is not looked at when you think baseball. The first network you think is probably Fox because they do the world series. Then you've got Turner who does an. ESPN has a window and national window of a Sunday night game. But when you ask why they don't get more afternoon games, because they don't have exclusive rights to games other than that Sunday window now if there's expanded playoffs, could espn bid for that and get more where you do as a network is you use your ancillary programming to buttress the place where we have the largest investment, so you want your daytime shows dealing with the NFL and talking about the NFL because they spend a lot of money. SPN doesn't the NFL people are watching. People are gambling on it. NFL's just a bigger TV property. ESPN wants to be like the kinks right? They WanNa give the people what they want. I think that it's a self fulfilling prophecy. The less you speak about something, the more it gets ignored, and then you create what you want to avoid and many of the networks are doing that. The second reason Mike is the start of MLB network. That's a lot of things changed when NFL network. If you think about it for the biggest sport, there is no one watches NFL network. People will say they do, but they don't NBA network that Sneha. MLB network is different. There's games on it. There is daytime programming. There are talk shows, and that gets a lot more traction a lot more attention, so ESPN at some point said you know what we're not gonNA fight this fight. WE'RE NOT GONNA go encounter program during the day against what you're doing were just going to do NFL. An auto policy from state farm gets you collision coverage and this radio ad from state farm coverage of this beloved ninety six. Gone. is going. For more coverage is state. Farm! Dot Com. For businesses around the world. Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with. IBM to change, how they from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. That's an excellent point because if I'm a baseball fan, and I want to hear baseball talk, there's really only one place I can go to, and they'll be network if I'm an NFL fan or an NBA Fan I can tune into ESPN and here's Stephen Smith. Talk about it Ad Nauseam. I'm not going to get perhaps even more of a perceived level of expertise from some of the more famous personalities in sports media than I. would at NFL network. Network is an excellent point as a soccer fan. There's really no daytime American programming that I can go to to get my soccer. Fix on just begging for mainstream media to pay a little bit more attention to it, but if I'm a diehard baseball fan much like if I'm a die, hard golf fan, I go to the Gulf network. I can go to the network and I can absolutely get my fill of insight and analysis and I'm absolutely. and ESPN just sorta seeds the floor because we got college football three major sports in this country. Don't let anybody tell you different. It is NFL football. It is the NBA and it is college football. Those are the very three cleared King's College. Football is not really considered there because it's an amateur sport air quotes, but those are the three big ratings grabbers and ESPN treats it as such as ninety percent of our daytime programming is just designed curated to make you watch one of those three live events, because that's how we make our number and make our sponsors happy. By the way doesn't that make perfect sense what you just said. Espn you just answered your own question perfectly by the way I. Think you should start a soccer network well. I think I'm I'm very curious to see no one. It's a bad time to start any sort of network I don't have the plug next, but CBS it's very curious to see how much they lean into their soccer coverage. Because this is a massive massive, writes agreement that CBS sports network out, you finally become a destination for something outside of Bull. Bull writing so I'm very curious to see how much you lean into it. How much everyone raises their game? How much the network forces some talent, maybe even nothing personal to pay a little bit more attention to Champions League soccer. I know when F S One was launching. We had Katie Nolan on our Chelsea podcast and she hosting a show that was on. On after Champions League in the network exact said. Hey, you have to learn these teams. You have to talk about that stuff at ESPN. You're never going to get that. Sadly until people retire the old guard, soccer's numbers aren't good age fifty, plus David, the on air, talent and the producers and the decision makers and the executives. They don't care about soccer and. And at their age. They don't care to learn, so you're going to need ten twenty years ago by for people that are closer to my age. That really embraces for that TV numbers actually reflect a genuine sustainable business model to actually get in those positions of power I. of course. We've been saying that about soccer for a long time in the United States. I do eight years. This happened array. Yeah, but I do think that there is a sea change. If you're of a certain age if you were north of forty, the vast majority of people not just don't pay attention to soccer. They actively hate soccer. There is a great disdain for soccer within American like. Bush moment If you're of an age, soccer is a joke to you. It is boring as all the cliches that you've ever heard of it, and that's not to say. There are plenty look. There are plenty of younger Americans that don't give a shit about soccer, either that think all the same things, but I think that they're indoctrinated because their parents also hated. HATED SOCCER! I think that there is a obviously growing interest. The younger television demographic numbers bear this out, and when you get to a certain age, group and people are retiring and moving on from there broadcast careers. You might have a bit of a sea change in regards to how people approach this the on air talent. You can't see Manet in next. Kelemen About soccer, they talk about combat sports. We have rights to Combat Sports, and that leads into some of their strengths but Mike. Greenberg isn't gonNA. Talk about the run that Christian Pulisic had these are talents that just simply never had to pay attention to soccer and only talk about soccer on their shows when there's a World Cup match because he has the rights to it. So one of the things that I'll tell you a story. Is that I was? I was one of the people you are describing not into soccer at all I didn't have open. Disdain stained Ford at all. I just found nothing game to be boring and I never watched it. I grew up in New, York when the cosmos were there and I and Palay and there was a chance messing. And I just didn't get into it I was into the NBA and NFL so then. I got into the World Cup. In, so this is about how to teach someone how to get someone engaged. So then I started watching the World Cup and I got very interested, because it was super exciting because there was something on the line, it wasn't a regular season game. There's winners. There's losers, but I wasn't into the round. Robin. Part of it I was only into it. The elimination stage then four years later I got into it at the round. Robin stage now the next World Cup I'm into it from minute one in now I've started the process of paying attention to Chelsea because of you, and my in my loyalty to you, and so it's slow, and you're right. I'm of the demographic at fifty two years old. where I can I be changed, the answer is yes, in the way it happens is slowly and I'm in that process. I love soccer now, but now I've got to learn more about it more about I. Know about the business and understand that, but I never would have known that Liverpool held the Cup this year. It just never would have I. don't have the nomenclature right all the time. I don't have the exact positions and how it works, but when I went to a and I told you this when I went to Liverpool menu in Liverpool at Anfield. It's the greatest sporting event I've been to in my life. That's it. It! That's arguably the fiercest rivalry in English premier league soccer, going back decades of hatred Oh. That must have been an electric atmosphere. It was incredible because what I saw was emotion, passion and I. It depressed me is really what happened at the time I was still president. The marlins and I thought it is what it could be like. This is what it would be to put on a game where people care in this at this level. How do we battle this up and bring? The United States I came back met with the marketing department met with the Sales Department and they looked at me like I had three is. You put on a very positively reviewed world baseball classic, and you and Jeeter always hearken back to the days of the wbz saying we gotta bring that atmosphere over here, and that closely resembled some of the soccer. Crowds that you see out there. Why is that so difficult to replicate day in and day out with the Miami Marlins? Well it's difficult to replicate that for thirty teams on a Tuesday in August so I. Understand that you want to be anti Miami. Believe me I. Get it, but you've got to go to Cleveland Kansas City. There are maybe four cities where on a random Wednesday. There's thirty thousand people in the stands, and even then it gets quiet in baseball once in a while. There's a big cheer some big noise. That's why this piped-in crowd noise for games. This season without fans is driving me insane duty. It's bad home at all right so I as I mentioned. I'm diving back into this and I've seen a couple of summer camp games and baseball funny enough plays very well without fans in the stands because guys, if you tune into an Oakland, A.'s game, Thursday at ten fifty PM, eastern or many people there, I'm not hearing a lot of sounds coming out there, so the pipeline sounds like what is a baseball game ever sounded like this during the regular season. This is absurd. I like here in the. The crack of the Bat. I like hearing the sounds of the game i. don't like the home of a see that we can get rid of that, but I I think it plays well, and aesthetically there are so many camera angles in that in that sport, in which I'm so used to not seeing a single person in a seat that it's not at all a shocking sight. I think baseball actually is a pretty decent made for television product David so when we would pay per the stands in Miami. This is something I. Don't know that we've ever talked of. It is pretty funny what we had in our office is we knew all the camera angles, and then we knew which sections. Of the seats could be seen from the different camera angles on Fox, and so we would focus on making sure that people were in those sections. Only so if you go to the ballpark and you're at the game, you'd see a pocket of people and no one else anywhere and coincidentally might I add the pocket of people is where the cameras are in the angles. Because you want it to look like two people, watching that may be a cool place to go. There's people there and then of course. Course you walk into the stadium and they're all like clustered in five areas process over results argument if I've ever heard one because. If you ever watched the Marlins on baseball, you would say that was their strategy. Because I can't tell anytime. There's a righty pitcher on the mound. I see like I can count four people in the camera shot. There's only so much you can do right right. There's only so much giving away tickets ice think the panthers used to do it a lot under your mark. Away tickets there were times during my time. Where certain seasons we give away a lot of tickets other seasons, we just you know, make up the attendance and buy the tickets ourselves and throwing away the problem. When you give away, tickets is people. I always thought. Wouldn't come with a free ticket? Maybe they'll buy a hotdog. Maybe they'll buy. Shirts doesn't work that way. You have to give away a hundred tickets to get one person to actually show up to the game. It's very bizarre. The mentality I would think hey, if it's free, it's me I'm going, but it turns out that with TV and with the way technology is, and this is going to happen in many sports. Watching it's just much more fun. Yeah, well, credit to the NBA for really leaning into their situation granted that sport is conducive to making it. Look like it's an an a high high tech television studio. Those scrimmages looked really impressive with video boards. I wish other sports do it, but I don't think other sports can do it quite the way that NBA does isn't it looks fake to you I felt like they were in a television studio. Plants Finds A. I found it to be and I found the lighting to be a little dark when I was watching. The Games didn't feel like it was as light as it needed to be. At least from my standpoint, but it was so good. See the players playing when I was shot watching the first night scrimmages last night. Just take the heat as an example. It looks like they hadn't been gone for four months. there was some sloppy some turnovers, but from shooting standpoint from a freshness standpoint I was very impressed because one of the things I'm worried about with sports. Returning is the quality of play and very valid concern. If you're watching the MLS because that's not the top level. Football could be watching on television and I think the product is absolutely suffering because of their situation right now. Are you upset with Inter Miami for not winning a game? Does it really matter when you're an expansion team that your own five people are losing their mind Sierra Miami. Why is that? Well because you kind of feel like you got sold the bag goods and you feel like you were promised. Stars and outside of Pizarro and Pizarro's not a crossover star with. If you follow major league soccer, he's very clearly one of the top fifteen players in that league, but he's not going to get you to a ball game. Oh, my God I got Rudolfo Pizarro. They they're lacking star power. They are not fun to watch play kind of like a scumbag grand of soccer right now. They're not well organized it. Isn't that bad I although you can't do worse than own five in your family matches. You could be losing these games by multiple goals. They've lost each one of these games. And Goal I knew with the buying, and I just spoke to my season ticket rep and I'm still trying to get clarification because I. I have to season agreement, and they're like well. Just roll over this year two thousand, twenty one. I'm like yeah, but what about twenty twenty two can you get back to me? I'm still waiting on callback into Miami. I knew that I wasn't going to be watching. You know Barcelona in their prime I knew I'd be watching a style of soccer that was distinctly American and mls soccer sticks out because it's very different from some of the other club leagues, it has its own style, but I'd be like so what I got beers I can sing along. I have this crazy atmosphere. Because MLS, Games are superfund, actually attend because those are super passionate fans. It's like that wbz crab that you had you rip that away from me. Any GIMme a bad product to watch on top of that I need a win. I need a star. I need something to keep me invested into the season, because it's going to be abbreviated and they already seen out of it. One of the worst possible launches I've ever seen from a franchise ever. The only thing that's gone right for this franchise is the logo. So if you want your money back, no, no, no I. I believe I'm huge ally. I want to grow the Game I. What does that accomplish me taking my money away from a game that I love that WanNa. See grow in this. -aseball Mike and I don't feel like it needs me I don't feel like they're enough public allies. This is why this is. Actually I am paying attention to Major League Baseball. It's good of all sports are pay attention to you and I can't in good faith. Try to be an ambassador for a sport. Even though I hate the way that comes off, but it is I'm gonNA. I'm certainly an ambassador for Chelsea Football Club here in the United States making people aware of it. Thank you so much for following Chelsea. It's a big fat mission accomplished for what I'm setting out to do. You're the only reason I appreciate that now it's great. Again this warms my heart because that's what I'm going for. How can I be this guy? That's like Hey, I know you're probably bored by this in the past. Give this a chance, please. I'm begging you. There are so many exciting things going on here I. Know It's confusing. I know there's like five competitions going on simultaneously I. Know that you're I've lost much of the audience even talking about it this much with you on this episode. But how can I be that guy? Try Not to be snobby. I understand everything that you think is soccer fans and. End of the coin be utterly dismissive of baseball. The check out on segments when Billy's talking about the Miami Marlins. How can I do that? That makes me a hypocrite. I'm not GonNa do that with baseball. Anymore I used to do that with golf. I used to do that with NASCAR I am trying to embrace the positives and all these sports listen to. To people that know what they're talking about and learn about the game, because that's what I'm asking my audience. That's what I'm asking of anybody listening to this right now. Please give me a chance. I'd be some sort of asshole if I was like now. That sport socks that sports boring can't do that. That's that's not that doesn't help. Accomplish my mission. I'm so happy here at you feel better like that was very impassioned. I've felt like. Preaching I'm just curious because you've been on vacation. You've been home quite a bit more than normal. How do you feel right now like are you? Is your heart racing a little bit? Because that was passionate in a way that people will will resonate with people, because Luke, warm and I don't think people realize unless they've been listening to the show for fifteen years. Your hatred and anger toward baseball was so significant that it wasn't disdain, right or contempt. It was actual visceral hatred. Yeah, yeah, what you're saying. Is that now two thousand twenty of all years? This is the moment where you're going to pay attention. Do you know who's playing at ten eight tonight? This is the giants and dodgers. Right yes all right I got. I got Walker Bueller on my fantasy team. Dot Him. You know that he is one of the three bs now in Los, Angeles Bellinger, Bueller and Yeah and the hope is remember the last team that had the killer bees. Yeah, the about. This is when I last watch baseball. It was Bijou Beltran Derek bellwood occasionally get in there. Carlos Beltran headed unbelievable playoff run, and then all of a sudden. We made him to kill our Glenn Berkman. Yeah like all the killer bees, so the dodgers have A. Buehler's a great pitcher. He's the best pitcher on that staff. They lost review to the blue. Jays who's now the Blue Jays number one starter. Starter and Clayton Kershaw obvious hall, of Famer but he so old now that he's not their best pitcher. You Got Buehler Buehler, yeah Buehler Buehler. Let me tell you. Can I run my team by you? Real quick? Because I don't know any of these players my fantasy team name is a Kunia Matata and I have bueller. Ver- LANDER CLEVEN JER CARRASCO from Cleveland Gallon from Arizona Wheeler from Philadelphia. Some dude named fried from Atlanta which that's not a great name for Senator Oh. It's read spelled fried. Frayed. Oh, well, if I were pitcher, I would also correct people saying no, it's free, not fried. He men is a WHO's a closer from Detroit. Now I don't know a lot about baseball but I know that banking on a closer to get saves with the Detroit Tigers is probably not a great choice of strange. She's GonNa maybe get five saves the whole year because they may not win more than five. Top Line closer in Major League Baseball in the sixty game season's GONNA to eleven. So gimme the five. Oh, squeak across the Finish Line Marquez from Colorado, and this dude Kella who presently has a corona virus. Yeah. That's a problem, but I like I like your pick of the diamondbacks. Juneau's Zach. Gallon was a Marlin that why you drafted him. The marlins traded him no I had no idea so he was on the Marlins. Marlins traded him for a very top end prospect I believe that trade was jazz his home, which is one of the great based on names of all time he's in the in the Marlins, minor league system now, but Zach Gallon is performing pitcher who could be toward the top of the rotation on a team that could actually make the playoffs in Arizona. That is a great. Lineup Kare Co is a feel good story. You know he's coming back and hopefully can do well, but is your name a Kunia Matata because you also have a KUNA on your team so I had the number one overall pick and I named my team that but Okeydoke them. Everyone just assumed a Kuni Matata. They're taking a Kunia right now. I took Yelich. Took yellows with the number one overall pick also bolt strategy by me I presently have four players that have the corona virus on my team. That just fell to me that I was like I gotTA. I gotTA. Take Dosier and meadows. For businesses around the world, today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering. IBM to change how they from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Awesome matters is a great player. He'll come back, but having corona virus. Listen everybody in your league. We'll have a player who ends up missing time because of Corona Virus I think that makes that's going to happen. While in the NBA bubble has come out in an MLS. They do a release every day. No positives, no positives. All's great. It's not gonNA happen in MLB. Because by definition, there is travel and more exposure. I think it's great that you're doing fantasy and the reality of baseball always attracted me more than the fantasy side, but just having the engagement of fantasy and gambling brings an entire new demographic to baseball, and people are Jonesing. What is this company? That's giving one hundred dollars back. To everybody in their account spending eighty million dollars to imagine fantasy fantasy daily, Phoenix gambling site okay and i. read a quote that made me smile. Which is, they said? We will cover a hundred dollars of your losses. It made me laugh because it's like telling your customer, we will pay for your hospital visit when you get botulism from eating our food. Why would I be eating your food to begin with? That's the thing with gambling and I never understood because generally. You'RE GONNA lose, aren't you? Yes, well, I am going to look I'm not proud of this. I got hot tips. I'm proud to report. While not to report I went three zero in summer camp overs. Tips out, tell be grabs, replied I. AM fully prepared and and know this going into it that I'm going to lose some units on major league baseball this season. It is a down payment on educating myself I. Need to have some skin in the game to be able to follow the sport along. That's it. It's not like college football. It's not like pro. Pro Football. It's not like soccer for me. I need to have either fantasy or bedding and baseball's case Anita have both for me to be invested I. Think I speak for a surprisingly large amount of people when I say that it's not one of my you bet on the other sports on Nfl College football and NBA David Dog I. Bet on everything. On tennis. But you need that to be invested in the NFL. You just said that you need it to be invested in baseball. Masking that you need. I don't need it for American football, college or pro. I don't need for the NBA I. Don't need for soccer I enjoy those I honestly I don't need it to watch the Florida Panthers but in baseball I am trying to get back into baseball. Strangely enough I still don't feel connection of the Miami Marlins I would feel connection to the Florida Marlins I would think if were the owner and he's doing media appearances, but I don't feel a connection and. And you listen to his media appearances I. Haven't I've just seen that. He's done it I haven't had time. Can you tell me about it well if you just watch the one from last year and one from the year before he's still talking about how it was a train wreck in the old days, the old administration, how he had to change the culture, and how he has expectations and no patience, and when you think he's going to get over this. I think well He. There's no accountability in this market from media to Derrick. He gets past like no one. I've ever seen well out of their excited to talk to Derrick jeeter. It's like if I'm doing if I WANNA, talk about Inter Miami struggles, and I get the opportunity to talk about to talk to David Beckham I'm getting swept away in those is and by how famous David Beckham is and Derek. JETER does the power being Derek Jeter, because if you do listen to his media. It's not really pressed on it that much. There's reason why he's not on this show because I think damn would press them in a fashion that he is certainly not used to. I did get a chuckle out of him. Saying we'RE GONNA have to learn to adapt by playing in a ballpark with no. Yeah I found that to be asa founded in saying that having no fans. This year's the responsible thing to do because of what's happening with virus, and I can only tell you that the way it works in Miami. When we were ever be told if that would have ever happened that we had to play without fans I would have been happier because then. It makes us not look as. As bad as we looked when fans were allowed, or we get to say hey, we're only twenty percent capacity, which to us would be a sellout so so the pressure is off i. just don't like the fact that people give Derek Pass because he's Derek because in the business side. He hasn't gotten a pass it all. He hasn't gotten the naming rights deal or the TV deal don so. Money. You don't give a pass, but the emotion of being in front of your favorite player Hall of Famer. I guess that's the power of it, but if you got interviewed David Beckham. You would be swept up in his eyes, and you wouldn't actually talked to him about some of the things that have gone wrong. I would talk to him about some of the things that gone wrong. Quite frankly I i. This is gonNA. Sound Super Egotist, I think kind of smoke David Beckham out a little bit with a tweet that kind of went viral among mls, followers and MLS reporters were weighing in on it because I noticed. Beckham hasn't posted on social media about Inter Miami throughout this entire terrible start all. Really after own five guess who pops up with Inter Miami shorts given some like words of wisdom and people are like man. You smoke him out I'm like I don't think so but. That world of MLS again egos soaked it sounding horrible. Do you think my voice carries a little bit more weight if I were just all my ass, saying you know fire, Bob soups you know. I'd like you to try to get back on the show I've tried that. This has been a running joke I've tried and failed I do continue to try to Greece the rails in that direction I i. don't crush Inner Miami. It's hard an expansion team during a pandemic, there's a reason why mls push back the starts for all the other planned expansion teams. This is a horrible situation horrible. This is the worst possible way. The launch a team they had. Mean I don't WanNa get into it. We've talked plenty of soccer. Okay, so the way, my impassioned plea to be an ambassador for Chelsea football. Club I've tried to be an ambassador for kingdom, a little known television show that was produced by direct TV at and T. that lasted three seasons, and many people know about it. It actually made its way to Netflix and became instantly a hundred percent more accessible to the masses David. My impassioned pleas you worked in. You gave this series. Try to finish all three seasons. So I I've got eleven. Episodes left because the middle season is twenty episodes. Yeah, so it's already episodes in three years, not ten ten ten. It's ten twenty ten. I'm fascinated by the show. I can't stop now with sports starting. I'm having no not as much time on also training for a long race so I'm running a lot more so all sorts of things that play into it kingdom. You introduce me by the way your your record is one hundred percent in terms of your suggestions. You have very good taste and shows i. never heard of Kingdom. I don't like 'em and now I do. I am watching it now in the real world when I never would've watched it before and. And I'm picturing the characters and the character. The brother, the two brothers Joe One of the Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas is actually an actor who I'm fine to be very sensitive, and there's some mystery behind him in some interesting things about his character, he's phenomenal. Yeah, and I I didn't realize he could ever act there are there are beautiful. There's a Miami connection. Yeah Natalie. Martinez now has his great I'd never heard of her, but she is the perfect Miami character, both as an actress, and as a character on the show, and I just I'm enjoying it and for people who don't want to give it a try, and I've given the suggestion, too many people and it's about sixty forty. Sixty percent of the people will try it forty percent just by definition, even with my recommendation say I'm not gonNA. Give it a try and I can't figure out why they not enough star power just MMA. I don't know why I. It's not an MA show whatsoever. Not An MA show whatsoever although the enemy action that is in it is actually quite good and well produced, but this is a family drama. It's absolutely a family drama, and I really hope people give it a chance because it was a difficult sell for me as well David Samson. The national show. Ready, thank you so much for actually taught. It was refreshing thing talking baseball as opposed to going back in the annals of time. We will do that some. We still need to Jack mckeon partout that I that I need to get to with you and trader. Jack, that was a lot of fun host. Have nothing personal with David Samson. I'm I'm sorry you probably had another review in your mind, but I needed to get to your thoughts on kingdom I desperately wanted. Wanted to hear them I haven't even been texting you about it all that much. Just because I wanted to save my initial reaction for the Air Davidson Great, follow on twitter. Make sure you do that. We will be talking with him on the local hour. When get back from more PTO, I'm sorry that's frustrating to you. Maybe we can fire on up episode while I'm away hopefully. Moving into my house at has all sorts of Kobe delays David. Thank you so much. Take care of yourself.

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