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Welcome to Santa Cruz and kitchen podcast. I'm Andrea and I'm Mel and we're two friends who like to cruise. WHO's into the kitchens of Santa Cruz restaurants and enjoy some good food and share our experiences with you so we don't actually go into the kitchens just want to be clear we actually stay in the dining signing room? We might peek into the kitchen but we stay in the dining room and eat because we would be no use in the kitchen. Obviously no I have no background experience in restaurants uh-huh and are only agenda. Here is to eat some good food and talk about eating some good food and reporting record and to record this podcast for you purely for fun. Now I'll we'll have to say we. We intend to eat good food sometimes the food. Isn't that great right. How is it that was not the case this week? It was not the cases cases. We we had some great food this week. We did. So where do we go this week. Man We went to harbor cafe on a Tuesday morning and it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so it was a little bit different probably probably population wise and it would be. We got there right at eight o'clock because we both work and wanted to get to breakfast early. In the reason we chose have a cafe is I. I probably driven by how the Cafe Thousand Times at least and seeing the lines and going. Oh yeah that looks okay. I'll stop in line and I I I have been living on the other side of the Halbe so my default has never been her cafe so it was good that we chose to yeah. I've never eaten there yet. Yeah I think this is one of the reasons I like to talk to eat at different places. We got a reason to go to the one we drive by all the time so that we got there at eight and there was there was a little freccia ha in the compaq sure. It's even that well. There was one couple who had dined to get in. I write Mel Right eight o'clock in the morning in the morning like this then they. They just like slammed the car into the parking lot and just ran to the doorway park too close to me living heck out so the WEHAVE ABBA cafes set up is they have an big outside Israel which is where you walk in then. They have a dining room if you want to call it. That wooden tables with a bath full by full more. And they're only open 'til two exactly so full by and then they have another room. That has the kitchen. There's also like two or three tables there and you go around the corner on the street front. These two picnic tables right on seventh avenue. I didn't realize that kind of an enclosure of sorts. Exactly made the cool people eat right. We went to call people and it was eight o'clock on a chilling warning so we ate inside. And what did you have for breakfast. I well so let's about the menu before we talk show. I thought the menu was extensive. Yeah so they had a lot of benedict's addicts and then they had a Lotta scrambles a lot of sides. You can get your classic breakfast if you want to have specials that look like every day on Wednesday after we were there. The basic breakfast was only six dollars. Okay and then you could add. Meet France for nine dollars so I thought the menu was excellent and fallen One thing I liked is like one of the sides was Vegetables you could just get a plate of vegetables before so I think if you Vegan you could do the vegetables IOS and potatoes and it would be great so now. Let's talk about what we ate. Melwood you have. I had the Kelly Benny. Because I'm like Benedict's and this one was on a croissant. Instead of an English muffin which made it's so much easier to saw through. Yeah Oh so that it was delicious. It had bacon had avocado. We'll say the Benedict sauce had a cheesy taste as opposed to a purely benedict taste. I guess we'll cheesier the normal but it was good. I mean I definitely finished it and and you said there was something about the croissants what did I say about the almond. Queso Ho. That's true you mentioned which is a little odd did have an. It was kind of a weird taste to go with all that other stuff and I just thought a plain croissant would have been better. But I'll take it. I mean either way it was delicious and they coffee was good and hot so I smacked a little of your potatoes compared potato yeah side so when the potato they were delicious but then they'll call when they got Colin not so much for me. I don't know if you had the same experience I didn't because I just smothered them and catch up beneath them anyway. Well that's right your kitchen. Faint and they were. They were You know cut potatoes. They weren't like Hash browns or fries or anything. They're they're very actually really good so normally get them. I had the I had the Burrito the breakfast Burrito and it was delicious so you know it had eggs and EPA Kado of potatoes no meat because which is what I didn't want anyway. It was delicious Salsa Fresca in it and then it came with Uh uh Salsa Verde on the side so it was really good number. `tatoes didn't need it and I think you took some I did. I took out of it because I was going. It'd be going somewhere else. I didn't want to go somewhere else. Full to the Brim. But I had the rest of it for lunch so we will find our gover- so it was really good now. The coffee is a coffee right. Not My favorite right so for me the coffee with me but you know it's just me. Okay well I enjoyed. Freud was nice and hot and half and half. From what else do you need and the service was great. Service was really good so kappa. We talked about going in eight o'clock. They got served served at eight sixteen. 'cause I looked at my phone. So eight sixteen sixteen minutes is incredible. Your time we're all seated and they were gone by like eight eight forty. Yeah so it's fast service. Now by the time by eight thirty came around all the inside seats were taken right tables and I think I counted like nine hundred eleven inside tables. They were all taken okay and then even one of the outside table right now. Even though it was pretty cold regulars they fishermen they did in one of them was wearing. Look like as Pajama Fan. Yeah so you know slip is Oh flip flops. So the service service was impeccable. Very very fast service. It was great We were out of there by nine. Yeah and by nine forty. I mean by eight forty eight forty five. Seven of those tables were empty so people coming load and notice the eating and leave so we did ask as a sort of normal mall of big Russia aid and he said no because it was Thanksgiving week a lot of kids rat tables have kids a lot of kids out and so you know there was some people who may not normally been. Yeah take a look at his house. But that's the weekday weekends packed. Oh yeah every time I drive by on the weekend. It's packed but you also went back on Friday. So let's let's talk about our review and we'll see that you know let's talk about a painted review rating and then I'll talk about going back. Okay all right so tell me what are review radio or patent rating system is Number one which is fork. This place means we're not going back The second reading would be second helping which which means we'll be going back and we're GonNa try something else on the menu and our highest rating the plate liquor means we will be back to lick plates with friends later on. Yes S. O.. For me this was definitely a lick the plate place so I went Tuesday morning with Mel and I had a friend in town for Thanksgiving and we went on Friday morning. She's like where should we go for breakfast. I'm like I know just so. We got there around ten and we did have to wait and we and they will see people outside. Because it wasn't raining Sony. They were sending people that we wanted inside now. The spot that we got inside we waited ten minutes Max. It was pretty breezy so I was a little uncomfortable. Oh 'cause it was a breeze you know my kidneys so little brace so I had A. I had the POLENTA Bennett. Oh which it is the avocado mcaddo. I think Mushrooms Avocado Benedict. But instead of being on a Muffin. It's on POLENTA squeezed. Even easier to cut through easy to and dull collusion. Very Good Clinton runny or what kind of crusty. This was the crusty one. Okay as the plaintiff and Friday and then put put the poached egg on now. I will have approach eggs. That will never have plane crash live. Have you know you're not GonNa make holidays now. I had a side of instead of the potatoes. I hit the Hash browns our that they were good. That was standard Hash browns. They were delicious. How do they compare to the fresh cut? Potatoes from Tuesday morning I think that choosing one bidder when they were hot. Okay but you know hashbrowns Hash. Browns were good. Yeah not not like Oh my God but differently. Obviously display the place for me as a look the plate because I went back on the same week anti took afraid seventy two hours later the price. They didn't go. Oh Nice phrases in town on Sunday morning. They're like hey where do you want to go for breakfast again. But we win somewhere morale's naming a table after Awkward Tab and I'd give it a plate liquor as well because I love a good breakfast list I'd probably try and get down there on Sunday morning. Maybe when it's warmer out need outside 'cause I like eating outside. Would you be willing to wait. Probably if I knew that going going into it and I know the food's good and the food's worth waiting for row would probably do that okay. Okay Yeah when I went on Friday there was like a family of six to fit one family of saving one family. Live six and they still say they sat outside but pretty fast. Oh yes they could serve as their do. Yeah they do. And let's see. We spent a total of toto so for both of us. Twenty six dollars. So that was Affordable as well it's like twenty six pet- plus it was a temp okay. Yes really I think it was because I think it was about fifteen. Well I just had the BURRITO. which was I think eight bucks okay? So and then coffey. I had the coffee and didn't enjoy the coffee better. I had even had a drink at any. I told them and they were under water. It's not automatic but differently. This was a great one for us. We're good and join US next. We almost so tell us so. It's eighty two. Yeah Eighty two and where is it located it is located. Oh Harbor Cafe is located at five three five seven. Th Avenue Avenue in Santa Cruz down by what is the name ministry down by the harbor. Yes so it's on the entrance to the yellowhammer that operations of the habit and it has its own little CAPAC DOC but most people just back on the street because complex okay so next week. We're not sure where we're going. But we will have a fabulous podcast about it and please join us then thank you.

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