S4E12a - Killer Coach [Part 1] (Featuring Greg Lisi)


Hey, it's Molly Makhalira, and you are listening to season for a mother may I sleep with podcast. Okay. Guys tonight. We're doing today we're doing wherever you are redoing killer. Coach with Gregg Lisa. Hi, Greg show. Thank you for having me. So Greg is a friend of mine that I've met mostly recently. But I've known for a long time because I follow Tori, Lee. See your wife Healy hyphen. Okay. No, no, no. She made her middle name Healy. Okay. Okay. So what's your middle name Oreste? Okay. So I'm not doing that. But okay. So Tori was an intern. At Hello giggles. When I was there, and I always love, Tori. And then I just like, I don't know. And then like all of a sudden over time, she was growing up. I saw her getting into a relationship with you. Then like, you guys were more active like on my I was seeing maybe more the algorithm was favoring y'all. And I just got really knew it. I got into you guys as a couple, and then y'all were into me as a creator and also Christina Lopez. I me to you. So hugely important Christina Lopez. And now you're here. Congratulations. You kinda traded the very sacred hard thing to get into which is my life. And I'm so happy to have your you're really funny, Greg. I. I'm really excited nervous to movie with you because it's so campy, but also like very heavy. It's intense. It's called killer. Coach this is I think our third swimming movie, we've done well, wait. So we did Lisa Renna that movie another woman's has been and then we did deep blue pool. What was that called with the two sisters sister, Ted travel tide pool up Assode deadly deadly pool sisters? Let's just call it the hot. And then we did. Oh my God. Sammy well, the murder under the ocean thing. But then we didn't other swimming lesson movie in particular, listen, they were all with me. I'll remember as we go throughout. But this is another swimming movie. This is actually our first. Movie with the black entre new, we've never had an African American woman or whatever she may be center of our movie ever, especially in a teen role. This is my pick debt, right? You wanted to start a conversation this movie like brought up a lot for me. Just in terms of like, oh, fuck like, I'm realizing, you know, some problems I have always sent sort of underlying in a lot of lifetime movies. This is a really difficult character for me to sympathize with throughout a lot of the movie, and in a way that I've never not liked like the lead of a movie so much, and I felt like that was the way that the writing was were she didn't this woman has no friends. No. She has no friends. We've never even the most unlikeable character. And every lifetime movie has a friend who deals with her bullshit. I didn't think about that that explains her boyfriend them while her boyfriend, I a whole. Like internal narrative that I was really excited about at the beginning. And all I sort of get into that with you do fun role play stuff. But like I thought that there was like a really interesting possible turn it with her boyfriend in the beginning. But the unfortunate thing of unfortunate thing about Samantha is that she likes stands really for nothing. She has no interest. She's resentful about her life. And also, she has no friends, and is really cruel to people like the way she deals with the sort of stuff that most people brush off, and I would say like fuck like I was thinking to myself, Mike, my Thome policing are now's like not like literally she doesn't have one. Like at one point. She's nice to the ex-boyfriend like before she ruined his life and almost nearly put them in the hospital forever. She has a lot going against her to like this is a bizarre world where she's overly sexualize as a young woman. Like her age is never even. Rot wash. Oh my God. No late beyond the fact that like this would have been handled very differently. Like if a girl was in any other lifetime movie, we have ever watched on this show, if she was eighteen aka barely legal not only would have been like the headline of the movie, but it would have been like, it least brought up much more frequently. I mean them find out she was legal until I mean, forty five minutes in do we do find out. Yeah. They lead they lead groundwork for her being a decent person as well as a legal adult like in halfway through the film, which I'm like why? Now, are you redeeming her as opposed to like as you set her up to be this honorable character, except she's just destructive and every relationship she's so rude, and like it just sucks because this actress? Is actually really exceptional. And she did something I really appreciate it in this film, which is that she came in with a big performance, which is typically not like the Tony go for most lifetime actresses act, really like is if they're acting for TV drama when the to act more like they're acting for an action movie, and she really did that like she almost the comedic horror elements of it. Which is why I was joking on this. I was like this movie was brought to me by the mind of Jordan MP L, but actually like Jillian Pearlman, which is my child child pediatrician like I just it was like it was like almost there like they were bringing some major things to the table. But then like it was very much undercut by. A lot of just real insensitivities in the writing and also depiction of this family this character by the time. I was supposed to feel bad for her. I was gone. No. Yeah. You know, what other movies like, you know, what we'll tell you about the redeeming quality of this character the third act like that's just like the dump like that's not going to solve the movie. That's just gonna make me finally be like, oh, she's not a monster. She's never supposed to be the villain. It's usually they would do it the reverse, but they tell you why they're not redeemable like escape, Dan Amora. Did you watch that no into tomorrow, but they're prisoners not running for them to escape many find out what actually did? And then you start rooting for them to be caught. Right. So. Yeah. Right. And like, I don't I don't like want her to want anything bad to happen as garages wish that the storytellers Ron her side. And is specially I would like to know this was like 'cause this is like an organic casting decision to me where it's like it felt very I don't know. There is a I don't know. I just would like to know if this was cast purely like just based on we need a lead, or if this was like tailored towards a black lead because it felt very. I don't know. It was predatory in weird. In a weird way. I didn't I didn't sit. Well with me. But that said, I think everyone should go watch killer coach, and let me know what you feel now. This said no hate to anyone involved because making a movies and exciting opportunity for everyone. Absolutely. Has it is lucrative fabulous. I feel like there was a lot of there was a lot of different stuff in this movie that I've seen in many others on lifetime. And that it also was like. No one like known was like super dumb like everyone really came to the table with like a fall fallback even Lucas who got to him. I have theories, but everyone came with a full Dak now in terms of your question about why was this killer coach he doesn't wind up killing you. Bitter and salty lifetime has been doing deadly blank killed at Blang like something at seventeen killer blank like they like to fill in these series. So basically, it's less about what the movie's about and more about what sounds the coolest. It's kind of like how they would title like RL Stein books. Jessica. Jessica. What you were. Right. Where it's like, we gotta like fitted into this like many series that we're doing is it I don't, you know, there was one by the way, I would love if anyone could tell me this. I was a babysitters club girl through and through. But there was this one sweet Valley High Christmas mysteries book that I had where it was like one of the sisters went into her dream, and she was like a fucking unicorn, and it was very good. If anyone remembers what that one sweet Bali Hai book is I would re- I would really like to rebate at because I remember it being very good, especially if characters that didn't really attach yourself to. So I will say our lead is Jovita, Leslie. Name. Learn it now because yes on our show called God friend did me. Oh, I'll hell. Yeah. You know? God fronted me CBS show. Is it real? I was like that's fucking tight must be Canadian. God friend me. I don't know if it got renewed. But it's you know, a network show. She's fucking killing. She is really beautiful in familiar looking. I will say she actually is very like hunting and certain scenes like she really channeled it, and she also yes, she had a good attitude like everything was above a little bit of what you would ever see this was only her second role ever. And it was her first like full movie, she had only done it short before it. So we're catching our girl at the beginning, the mom whose name is Gina. I never really like. Even bothered to learn her name was, gene. I just called her coach mom in my notes. She was in the lethal weapon show American crime story. She played Dale Cochran. Oh, she's what that's pretty big. She was great. She was on bad teacher the series. Are we there yet? She's done a lot of work girlfriends. She was on how. Like, wow. That just kind of goes to show like how many how much talent you bring to the day -able when you just not just fucking white girls that did to up associates of something, you know. Yeah. Oh, totally. Oh, totally like usually in like, wow, she went on to do great things such as four episodes of lost. Like, it's really like this is a much more formidable situation here than we have Tom Maden are haughty, of course, theories on him. He was on scream the TV show. He was also on famous in love starring Bella Thorne famous in a lifetime family. He was also on TV series called lifetime that thirteen reasons. Why? Yeah. Right before screening the TV series. He did killer coach that actually might be why I know him is because I remember when screened the TV series came out of like, what are you doing my franchise who they are. And like he was a Cutie he's hot. And I have theories about like why I don't know. Like, I I feel you pull Akon and you're in that hot like, I've got ideas for him business move. But you know, what I'm talking he's gotta hustle hustle. So let's do killer. Coach we're going to open the Erie shot of this young girl, drowning it seems in water that does seem I don't know. Are you are you a water baby? A love the water. I like, I'm a fish when I get into that water. I just wanna stay when you say no tall room where you like why game your parents being like one can go in the pool blank. That is like the best I love swimming. So I was swimming myself. I have like inside on that. I bet it's probably come up every single time moved on swimming on this podcast, but anyway, scarier notion or pool. A pool. Meteo? Yeah. Well, yeah. It's like slippery though. Sion's not slippery. Mo like the oceans also like it's more up to you like a pool is like a lot. It's a very well. It's poisoned by nature. No wants to swallow any sort of water. I don't know one time. I accidentally drink lake water New Hampshire, and I got really sick. So I would probably say lakes, but I've also got a lot of fun swim put in all bodies lakes. Nascar do lake though. I love I mean, I'm New England baby. Like throw me in a water. My nanna literally Tommy had a swim by paying. Amanda, throw me into deep into the ocean. And then I would win like a little lobster lollipop if I. It was like, and it wasn't even those pops. It was like that like sh- the sugar just like it was just that sugar. That's simple syrup lollipop throw you. Yeah. He was a big fat man with the mustache. I feel like his name was like feeling we called him O'Brien or something like that was his name of selene that but he's a big fat man who through deep into the ocean. And I remember my grandmother like surprise me one time with good chocolate smiley face. It was a hard chocolate clear those snacks, the motivation. But when you're four no three and a half four being thrown deep into the ocean with kids older, I think deter them I gave myself credit foreign that class current swept away. I mean, they're like, I I absolutely floated to beaches over one day, and everyone left and didn't know I was there lost on the seaside. And then I ran up to the shore. And I was like I saw lewd guys vaguely knew. And like the lady was like, oh, are you a Makhalira? Because like I have the same is is like my family, and she was like, okay, we'll take you home. And like she walked me home. My family was like, oh Jesus. And like CHAI would say out, my let's see maybe three of the adults. Like, I would say maybe probably to the teenagers were sent down to look for me. You know what I mean? But I was five and I liked took off on the elevator alligator rafts. Yeah. Those are gone now best rafts. Everyone's concentrate on the swan bringing back to the alligator simple. Yes. So I got lost in the ocean. And I'm afraid of that whether jetties. Yeah, there was a Johnny. But like, the Jedi was closer to my cousin's house Sogeti was like, basically, twelve blocks over from my house, and there is a beach every three this is. So I grew up in Marshfield Duxbury, which is different from the Cape because we're like right above Plymouth. I fucking love. I'm so happy that was shown 'cause it was like, very ritzy. And also very like just like Lohia fulltime families that lived there. It was great lot of great people summer to marshaled Cape Cod. No shade. Like, my mom and step dad got a house here when I graduated, but I had no connection. God whatsoever. It's a fine place to visit. I had a high school from. Orleans like it just never that. Same connection for me. I love I love where I am. By the way, that sounds rich you guys in Massachusetts. You can live in like a Southie dumpster and still find a way to summer in Cape Cod. So like, it's not it's just kind of what you do because you only get two months year to have fun where I'm from so short of a quick show too long. Oh, Long Beach. Okay. Long Beach island. New jersey's. Oh, yeah. That's where a lot of my friends lived when we when they graduated college. Wait, I think Long Beach Long Beach city. It was probably Seattle city or it was a little like the Pepsi sign that you could stare right past that into the Manhattan skyline sending to kill herself. Shaun's further south than a lot of like, the traditional jersey shore like poly d as but you'd go to I only went to days, so jersey shore didn't connect. But I know that like that must be fabulous. Well, no like people there are people in New York who like swear by Coney Island. Yeah. And I'm like if that's your beach, take dogging. And I know that there must be there's always nice beaches north or south of any chaotic Beechy go to wrap your dune, homey. Absolutely. So okay. Let's go into killer coach. So we opened on this. Erie shot bull. She's like doing this floaty thing in the water. Start talking about my swing experienced when you see that. So let's play this confrontation right here with her coach to get the dynamic going a little bit. We're going to learn more about why this coach is yelling at her so intensely in a moment. Twenty nine seconds to two minutes and forty five seconds. Sixteen that short Wilson can even do a minute while you're not swimmers the dish, you yourself to take less breath faster, your time lapse gimme it's no nobody's going to give you a second heat trouser four weeks. And you're not even close. Let's go latte. Lacks now. While she actually member there's someone else on the team a right? Are we ready? Hell. Yeah. What is that? Nickel back like I feel for her. Wow. Out. You should have beaten up by half a length. You're gonna be embarrassed. Emily's actually a great swimmer. Maybe she get some credit. Instead of always cutting me down near -dorsements. Great doesn't get you on the podium. Great doesn't get you gold. Flawless that Mike to shop. Is that got you bronze? You think my was affiliate? Obviously you do. This is your one-shot. Samantha and it's my job to help you realise that now there's going to be scouts at the trials and members of the selection committee. So I need you to focus focus. Yes. I come here. Every night you tell me what the e went to sleep. What's what's do you push me harder than anybody else? Because you have more talent than anyone else. Emily didn't like that. Here. I'm coach you're always coach. Nice meditation. She does for she sort of like fo- drowns herself. I enjoy it. I actually like I can relate to that. I just don't well. First of all, none of this unpowered tailed hair in the pool is remotely practical known her looks remarkably healthy for chlorine one hundred percent. And like, well, here's the other deal too. Is that they're popping these bathing caps on an off like that's like a casual affair when in reality everyone. You have to condition your hair profusely, and then put the cap on over it to protect your hair. Like, it's a little process when you're swimming swimming, in chlorine, everyday now, I wanna point out some things that I related to. Okay. One every day fucking day. I one thing it's not a joke, man. Like that was some shit. Like it was like oh God. I look. Back on it now. And I'm like, I'm glad I did that because I was like so young. But like, oh my God. Like my body hurt every day swimming's. Definitely the hardest. Exercise so hardest. And then I was like, you know, what Fook improve point like I was like I leak wanted to like make over the fact that I wasn't like the best of my team. So I'm going to do the hardest event. So he did distance that was stupid. Strict ish diet is true. Just mostly not like you have to be one swimming meets you veracious, you eat whatever you want. Okay. But it's also easy to like develop really bad eating habits when you're like working out as an athlete because people just relate. Well, then I can cancel that. Especially when you're growing kid being late, just eat whatever you want. No, you have to stick on a pretty lean diet that is true lot of protein, etcetera number one. But nana's you will never find anything more important in your life for me as them potassium. I was like six bananas day. Yeah. Like, it just was like made for me. That was the difference. I wasn't like a super person in the you have to make a lot of leg. Oh my God. I I still will get it in my foot from time to time that exists in me. And then also you got to cover her and conditioner before every single practice. It's a whole thing. Go get her what covered in conditioner. I have some fun swim team stories, but those all get into labor. The high school. And so I would start like started like middle school. I the YMCA slim team. And then I like went onto my high school team my memories of our high school swim team. I would just see these miserable. Wet kids outside waiting for their parents to pick them up. Right. Well, we were lucky 'cause we had to practice. We were lucky because we had to practice at the vocational school. But they were the one that had like the big indoor pool and the boys would practice before us, even though there are seasons like crossed slightly like the boys women were winter. I think in the boys were sprang, and it'd be winter. Yeah. And they'd come home for some early drop them from the free, and they wouldn't let you in the building. I guess much is waiting for their parents. Yeah. And it was like awful because we carpooled. And so always like terrible to just like be wet in cold in someone's parents van. Do you know any miss? I remember also leagues someone questioning my discipline because I I took a babysitting job, and I didn't go to a practice. Justified them. And and my mom was like five with babies this family all the time. And also like it wasn't like I was going to like fucking. I wasn't going to be a bronze medalist in the Olympics. Like, we all knew that about evacuated. No. So now that out of two so no. But I really so I my friend said to me, she was like, you know, molly's. My mom's isn't like Ma her mom's something like, oh, my mom said. With like molly's commitment. I don't know if she said I lacked commitment to the team or something and he was like second semester senior year. My mom was like, yeah. She's like fuck you and also. Moms anything to say to me. And I was like also like, whoa. What were you going to do? Like, I don't know. Listen don't fuck and question, I didn't care about some team. But I did it. Okay. So some hands is approached by a bunch of guys school Hadi's. And they really do look like did you ever see the curious Dunst movie? Girls. Just wanna have fun was one of the titles for it. But they had the flat. Creditors goes like a gang that lived in town called flat cutters talking about a great movie, but they look like flock critters which kind of like bad version of like the jets or something. So they come up and they're like fucking losers. And they're like, hey, what are you doing? What do you do all weekend? Love to know. And like this is the beginning of me realizing that she's constantly sexualize by everyone. Whether she wants it or not in whether or not there are other people that are interested in them that was not worthy to me because mad girls at school. Wanna fuck this loser? This floppy loser. That comes up to her. But she's like, okay. This is great. So she goes he goes, how do you spend your weekend? Samantha it's one of the world's great unsolved mysteries. And she goes, so's your breath. Okay. Lake. This is a beginning. A little taste of Samantha like she has to like very lame ass comebacks. But like it's so like mystifying it's like what do you do with that? I mean is she looking right. Is that her bathing suit that she still has on a little bra? Okay. It's brought her bathing. Why are you looking lingerie joint tax for toy? Tori. Thanks again, Tina hiding look alive sexualize. So no. And then also I loved I know she's a real g because she has one of her binders literally says math on the side of it. And like all the real students had that one inch binder for each individual subjects senior year. You kind of keep it. Fasten loose may keep it all in one five ring what specific meth urine algebra to those the no it'd be like, I'm no, I'm a junior, and I know what room to go to it's still fun mass sometimes people of labels, right? But here we can start a fun run here. I think with her boyfriend so. This guy walks up. I wrote here if he's not her Gabe as friend. I will be crushed. He looks fucking cute and his guy front that he's stress really well too. I really wanted him to be. I really I don't know like and he's not a disappointment. It's just like now that he's I just like want better for this character. Because what we learn by the end of this is that he's not a person. And I I was like oh my God. There's this amazing redeeming arc were like he's able to explain why he's been so attached her identity, and we're gonna like find out this amazing thing about him as she goes off in a sore into her own place in life. But no like this dud stays tied to this very mean girl. Let's do three ten to three fifty nothing. He grunted something understand. Well, you months will be on the cesspool of intellectual deficiency. Do you feel out the petitions? I totally forgot what the deadlines in few days. I know out do it. I have like six billion other deadlines I'm dealing with right now plan. Fifteen to go to college together. I a lot of that are get into the same university best friend now the IRA fill them all out. There's no sessile. None at all. I don't feel says at between these two first of all he is. So like he almost he's wearing like an opening ceremony moment like he looks a little bit like MG K at the kids choice awards right now. I'm getting a little bit of Lega monochromatic machine on Kelly cease. Cleared up to now she Kelly gun Kelly. Did you watch the dirt? No is that what it is the movie with him. I watched the other. It's not bad. The guy that has his Nikki sixes gorgeous. But like he's giving me this guy in the movie. Lucas why step is giving me a major fashion moment, and his friend had almost a little mail like sort of like modified Janelle Monae moment. It was almost like a deconstructed from her look moment. And so when they walked up, I was like, wow. Like, how fabulous like this is like this is LA, by the way. So basically like that will see in. I think that this is a problem that they're trying to college together. Yeah. That was my high school boyfriend did you well now, I just like kind of just like, yeah. Like, I think I did like also. I don't need it would've ever happened. I just think that I was very good student, and I had a lot of good things going for me like, application wise. And so my mom was like let her like fucking bird brain, try, whatever she wants to do. And like we'll deal with it later because like I surely like got convinced to go to like my family school, which by the way, I'm thrilled with but like my Boston College. I would I like literally wouldn't have never wanted to go anywhere else. It was like I am that weird person that like really loved her college experience not defined by it. Where'd you go door? I like it's the best when you love college. I don't understand. I feel bad for people. That are like that's weird. I'm not a person of high school. I was fucking like I was tortured at high school college is just like worry. I ven thirty dollars eighty participate in a brunch next month to see my friends, that's fine. Like have. Then mode. Anyone to hang out thirty dollars a month in advance in years. No like EV never, but I did because we're going to make a reservation, and you need the money from there's like twenty of us. And so it can't awful on her son. You know what? I mean, that's a lot. And like also who knows for all artists could be flakes. None of us really are artists. But so quick anecdote about applying to the same school as your friends. Go friends, my buddy, Jerry applied to go to the same school as this girl. He was basically in love with. But she didn't know and they like made a deal. Let's felicity. Oh is that how that's literally the pilot of flip them. He's live. He has lived that along time ago and. They did early admission to Vanderbilt ohi. He didn't particularly want to go there. He was going for her. He got in. She didn't it was early mission. So he had to go to vendor Bill. That's actually not what happened influence Felicity, which said she was like set to go to Stanford. And then like the guy that she she was also accepted into like, what was supposed to be I MIU or Yale. Am I guess and she at the last minute like changed her decision showed up because her high school crush went to Yale earn MIO and that end like at the time people were like, wow, what a brave girl every watch. That recently knows like Honey like she needed an intervention like there needed to be a medical intervention because they get that point your interpretation of reality of so distorted like Jackie Johnson back in the day. She was like, I how you podcast. She was like, let's Felicity like. I'm loving, Felicity. And I was like, yeah. I'm like also rewatching, Felicity. And I was like I'd love to I think is highly mentally ill. And I would love to I would love that podcast in which one of us is like very into. I was into it. Like when I I watched it as at fourteen, but like, I I was shocked when I realized as an adult there's a lot of shows like that. I think what did you have have you ever had a moment with the show? SVU doesn't hold up over the course of twenty years ten years, or whatever do you have a show that doesn't hold up for you that way said by the Bill. Yeah. I mean, that's like an obvious one. But just as it. So like stereotype like they leaned so heavily on stereotypes just because you're not in highschool anymore. I think I think I thought it was cool because I wasn't in highschool yet, and it was like aspirin. And then once you go through that's kind of the mystique is gone. It's a little different by the way to close the loop on Jerry hinted up loving Mander built. So it all worked out on my I thought like Jerry died like I literally that was the end of this story. Jerry's grant whatever's co wrote the movie I hear from those in Austin. Yes, jerry. How are you? I'm I'm so sorry didn't work out. Congratulations on vendor belt, and even more sorry that I interrupted your lovely friend. Greg. To tell the story that it seemed like ended. Nabil like, no, I'm dead serious. I'm sorry. I was in. I was not listening. I was being I was being a real Felicity had. Guys. I'm excited to talk to you about cove today. Because the last time they sponsored the show. I heard from some of you that signed up and loved it. So let's get into it. Again. What's cove? They are on a mission to make my greens less of a headache by connecting you with Dr one who is licensed to practice medicine in your state, but you can talk to them from home on a safe. 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I will vote word I love that word idyllic too. But I sometimes use it when I mean, I deal. Yeah. And I feel that they can be interchangeable. But then my therapist told me I use the word wrong. You can live your life by people just telling you things are wrong, and they're not. Definitely not gonna stick my neck out one way or the other. Let's not go too hard on it. So this man's walking like a tiny little white dog. I just wanna say at the houses are really beautiful the streets are lining with trees. We need to mention this just like this is an upper class area. This is like studio city like nice studio city. Like, no. Yeah. Note like to Luca lake, but it's like they show a mountain range kind of up against the Woodland Hills. Yeah. I was thinking like Encino or. Yeah. It's nice. I don't know. She gets home. She's driving a us little Ford number which I loved she has a nice little car. But it's not they didn't give her insane car, which I like, she gets home. There's trophies all over the walls when she walks in. And it's weird way. Actually for me. I said it was giving more insight on the idea of like a serial killer keeping trophy that was like, whoa. Like you work really hard for a trophy. This is a symbolism of that being called that. I said, it seems like a lot of athletes have no lives because they pursue their sport. In that way, the same way that when you get a trove youth for killing a person, you know, you're probably giving. Well, no, I just like was like feeling like to come home every to come home every day to like a hall of fame ceremony in your living room. Like, it's ridiculous. They needed to invest in a trophy room entry way. Same time. Is there anything more like unlikable than people are like keep my Oskar my bathroom? That's pretty hate that. And like people always say it, and I'm like, can we admit that we stopped thinking that was like leg Julianne Moore said it was like twenty years ago or something like everyone's fucking road. That's so hard. We'll do the picture with us on top of the toilet. Like if you actually keep it there. It's gonna fall in someday. Right. Or even just like like, I don't know like it's like keep that for your houseguests. But you know, I don't know took a screen shot of the right up for her. Mom's back story. Thank you. If you I love that. Thank you. Yeah. Expect. Yeah. It's it's pretty lengthy. But it's by the publication world news today. World-class Wimmer Gina Morgan wins bronze and this weekend swim competition in southern California. A twenty eight year old Gina Morgan. Once again stunned the audience by winning bronze stunned the audience by winning almost Eunice organ scale. This is the nursing for Morgan. But without a doubt, it will not be the last one excellent technique that she learned and mastered from her father made her by far the fastest swimmer in the pool where she ended under thirty six seconds. But she did win bronze just to be clear. So she was not the fastest swimmer in the pool. Why have notes on why she won bronze do are? Is there more there's more? But I don't have to keep going. Okay. A new record for her Morgan began swimming as a young child age six and says, it has changed and probably saved her life. It has always been a refugee for me. That's a typo in the article where I could target the whole world around. Sorry, not target. Forget the whole world around me Morgan gives MAs to her late father who teach her since she was little and who has passed away two years ago due to illness. I know he has an eye on me. And I want to make him proud. Those were her words that touched the audience at challenge this weekend without any doubt. We're looking forward to hear what her success story will look like then at the end it says article by 'em Reynolds. Interesting. So those are usually written by props. I actually had to write a news article for two broke girls that was never on screen. But it was just like printed on a piece. Oh. I I don't know if it was like a punishment because I was like this is a multi Cam. So that will never be on screen is. But. It is. But it was like a thing. And like, I will say that like you. I absolutely I'm shocked that they wrote that as coherently as they did. Usually it just they start writing Latin like two paragraphs any. No. But then her mom after this. We see this article taking in the glory of all of this award stuff. Right. And you expect so much more to come from this later. She goes I was expected to exceed your grandpa. So I understand the pressure at I'm sorry. But I would not push you so hard if I didn't know you were exceptional and Samantha says back to her not being exceptional in this family isn't an option, which is a MAC lir. Never fails. My mom would throw that in my face, MAC, lir, never fails. You had to take. No. That was something different. That was like, no. That wasn't the babysitting job. My mom. My mom knew I was on bigger. And better things that I was right. Staying with the Edwards family who I practically those were my I called the my daughter's I raise those little girls from when they were to to when they were the youngest was eight when I graduated so they were my fucking baby girls. So mom says that she wants to show more attention to the other students that she brought an assistant coach to focus mostly on Samantha so that she can pay attention to the other girls. So this is. Fucking firstly like it's super questionable. Suddenly if I was among that, really like, I know this is against all hiring practices. But if I was a mom that really wanted my daughter, my son coach her name was Sharon, I think in her daughter's name was Donna in Shera, would crack diet cokes all day up in the wing, and Donna would come down. And just be like get back in the folk in line like we were like just like to real sergeants, man. Donna was drilling on us. So I think there was a nice situation going on there that seemed like the way to go. No, she brings a Lucas just to focus on her daughter. Now, I would wanna Donna type to go after my daughter. I'd be like put this like just like who knows who knew what Donna was literally. Did she have a family? I don't know. Like, I don't know what she did. I didn't know what Donner dead. That was like that's you need as a coach. A coach is someone who are like once, you know, too much like, especially like if you ever coach one of my coaches, their friend from high school was on survivor net came up a lot. And I was like. I need to be significantly less connected to your human relationships because I'm twelve years old. And now that I know, you know, someone from survivor huge show, then when you're twelve yeah. And they'd be like, maybe the guy from survivor or stop by soccer practice. This is for soccer, which I blew at. But anyway, so she gets a call from Lucas Lucas wants to help fill out more applications, Lucas, a music theme bedroom, which is full. He has a poster on the wall. That's just a portion of piano keys, which is something. I would love in these movies too. Literally. It's like, oh like you have a poster of baseball narrow Hollick in case. You forget baby you love baseball. So she's like I have other stuff I need to do tonight. But I'll see you later night. So she's at the pool that night, and there's some danger horror movie stuff going on. That's what I called it walking down, basically hall of showers. Like, it's it's scary. Like what's behind that? Who's buying the shower curtain? I knew my mind is like Lucas like with like a gale application being like guess what I paid someone to take your for. Like, literally just like Lucas popping up being like, hey, I applaud you for community service hours. Like, I just saw like find every curtain doing that. But that's not where those goes, unfortunately, I really wanted her to be haunted by him. Here's a noise. And she does the Hello. Hello. Do you? Are you the type person? Do you do that? When you hear noise. Or are you extra quiet? You can hear digital noises and pick up on them. Yes. I like, so my friend Michael berry tweeted about this the other day. He's newly engaged. Congratulations. Michael. He tweeted like who else like gets angry like when a person in movies like Holo like when they're groom lake by the third. Hello. I lose my mind. And it's true because I'm like bitch. They're not going to say. Hi, like, why doesn't come when I call his name. Like do. I think some person's going to be like. Yeah. Hyatt's meat. Absolutely. Not. I would be quiet from where contexts lose you. I would be deathly still and then I kinda plot my escape options. Yeah. Yeah. She's like a young girl. So I was like you could probably like have these. Your body and get no one of those lockers. As just stay in the locker told the noises. Stop you could be there till dawn. I don't care. Better than Dieter. Yeah. Donna, honey. So she's doing her as bench in thing in the water that she does. And all of a sudden, there's a shot over the side of the pool and like just completely disregarding. What I wrote is even an elementary school students knowledge of life safety in a pool jumps in and grabs her body. Now, this is how people die. Okay. You ever the story of the two friends out in the frozen lake one jumps in after the other. And they find their bodies hugging at the bottom of the frozen lake in why because two people who are struggling in water will not be able to help each other up. That's why you bring in a life to lifesaver device in keep your body as far as way as a possible from the other person because they will grab for you. And they're dead weight will bring you down. I can vary. Barely kerry. Wagon down the stairs. When he's dead waiting on me. Let alone like a fucking hugest. Man. So they're doing this like almost like this fucking playful choreography of like, I'm fucking drowning to debt just kidding. No. I am. And like she doesn't know who this man is also put his hand over her mouth E-e-eh. There's like a little bit of like that. Like, it's kinda like at first it's like is attacking. But then it's like it could be perceived as otherwise, and they do a few things like that with this movie, where am I supposed to believe that this is a ghost or like an implied sort of symptom of what else is going on. Or is this literally what's obviously want you to think it's an attack, but nobody to save somewhat jumping in grab someone by the face true. And also like a specially person that's doing this for fucking living. But also killing killing her is no good team either. So I also. Yeah. So they have this like laugh, and I wrote to of it's very fucking obvious that this is the hot new coach mom. Hi. Right. Totally is it's a meet cute Bryson's. Like, oh, I might get a coffee after this. He's still in his soaking wet clothes. I'm like, did you even put your phone on the side of the pool before you jumped in to see her like they're in full? He's wearing like a black douchebag shirt when he gets in the Paul. So he knows who she is right away. They get the coffee. He goes toward. This is great. He goes. He's like is the coffee any good. She goes. Well, it's hot. And I wrote what seventeen year old rich girl talks like this coffee. That's like something like literally on your third day of trying to like in a man hunt. If you're a detective, you say that your life partner like hot like that's or like, if you're a single mom that's like working at a truck stop. And some guy comes in your out of beans. And so you're on some three day old grinds or some shit, and they're like a good you're like, well, it's hot who what where did she at this? I'll take you to get it sort of attitude. I don't know her mom, I guess, I just don't understand. So anyways played nine thousand nine to eleven thirty nine. I personally this is a nightmare scene like from beginning to end feel bad for Lucas. Also like every alarm bells offer me right now. Gravity. I don't wanna be third wheel mind IOU anyway for saving my life coffee. So you must be pretty good to me. My mom's approval. I was very good. Why don't you stop competing? I told my kids playing pickup baseball. How dare you have life outside of swimming? Exactly. No. My dad competed in the world's and he was president of the US swimming association for while. So no pressure there, I've will swimming. But I didn't love it. And then I got burnt out. I wanted to like. Your mind reader, your mom gave me a heads up. The whole mom daughter coaching thing, that's tough. So I'll do what I can try and create a little buffer. Thanks. Samantha lucas. Hi, Lucas grace. He's our new coach nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. How long have you been here? Just a little less liked early incident at the chicken. Do you wanna sit down you want to sit? Oh, you know, what I should probably go. No, actually, I'm not feeling too. Well. Glum nothing. Okay. Wow. That was embarrassing. I'm sorry. Not shouldn't put you in that position. You didn't. He's just acting insecure. He's he's worried that things are gonna change. Once we graduate look from guys point of view. Just keep reminding him. He has nothing to worry about. I have to wake up early. Thanks for the coffee today. Rescue. Good. So Bryce is really hot. I will say. He is too hot for like normal. People would just sending us unlike warning bells for me in every way, like I just feel like what are you doing here? Why don't you go to LA? Well, you are you see isn't LA like goats like get a room. Tom sandoval. That would've worked out great, Jack sailor. This started pump. And then he'd worked his way up to, sir. Right. He's probably bar back material. What if you got like a major job to like work for social media in Florida this whole family? You don't understand this is my dream job. Okay. Tweeting for one of the biggest teams in all of Florida. Okay. It's like a national level. But here's the thing. So she's also aged up a lot. So it's like unclear how creepy this really is. But I will tell you when I was eighteen I was like when I got to college. I was afraid of the seniors the seniors were all men like and then like, I was like, okay. Like, they're similar noth- like we all kind of conversation on the same level. But like you are so much younger than someone when you're eighteen braces. Like twenty-five right seen you always talk about how the the knowledge just. Life. Wisdom fucking crazy. It's predatory year-by-year. So anyways, so his face is like menacing, right? When she leaves don't love that. The girls are thrilled to meet Bryce the next day. They're all horned up for it. By the way. Can we just go back to Lucas? I wanna ask you. I know you wanna like tap, by the way, just cut me off whenever you want to chime in. You have a fucking gilded Colston yet. Empty house. I don't know. I mean, it's beautiful like in that said, I don't wanna like cheap in your notes by like not does look it's like like, it's token. No, I I actually like, Greg. How'd you not belittled that like, I would've actually been linking? What I want to be like, right? I'm gonna go get like all black fucking notebooks with like gold pages. That's my Scott. Rip these pets out. My own up. I'm just saying don't shut on your life. Don't be a Lucas, you know settled for so no. Lucas is we get to the end of his movie. Lucas no dignity. Okay. Keep going guys really do finish last. Lucas in-cell? No guesses an end Sali Kibogoya up to you know, what I mean? Yeah. So the pizza place there are about like thirty pictures of pizza on the wall, and as general of urine establishment, and there's pictures of the food on the wall, unless it's Asian or Mediterranean, you leave right? Turn around. You get the hell out. That's right terrible. Oh, I love low Mediterranean photo moment because I'm like, I can see that fed that wellm. You can't fuck up a well, grilled chicken a little cucumber salad. You can't fuck that up. No, I'm yeah. I love Mediterranean. Fuck ya. Yeah. Cool. If it's not there's no language barrier. And you know, what the food looks like also Italian kinda get the fuck out in general. There's you have to Finally I mean, it's take me like ten years, but I have right now in the wall Italian wherever. No, you don't get that. Where do you go? Well, go to like little dumbs right Jelena's like really fancy, but moose own francs old school vito's pizza. I all I think all those places just like restaurants like where do you have? But like you're talking about just go grab pizza just like fucking authentic like GM Ellas like is that the sandwich place? That's right by that's the best place ally. Oh, it's fucking incredible. Deidra, that's places like real New York shit. I the bread here is the problem. Yeah. The diseases in the bread, and that's really the foundation for the situation. It's actually a really nice business analogy, you know, like when when you start with shitty bread. You know, how you supposed to build on that? I love that. Thank you. So do you have any more notes on a Lucas seen? No other than she didn't even make room for him sit in the booth. Yes. Cold and. And you know, what also Batum Bryce she because you know, what she might have been in a panic. Right. Who wants to walk in catch you with a hottie swim? Coach that you think is just your teacher, but come on. He should have been very she's off like amount of threat here come sit down. Yeah. By all means, my friend is a pleasure to meet you love the kiss the ring. I love that love that in a friend. Now, here's the other thing is that like, oh, why are we acting in this movie like text is both crucial and not crucial? Like if you're on your way over to this thing. Texture wife, friend. Hey, met my new swim. Coach he's going to be joining us. You cannot then later tell us that she's able to lake reach out to what's his name. Brent? Bryce yet that she's able to like later be like Bryce like what's up where are you? And he's like texting or real time. Wherever like, sometimes we're living in a world where there's no like real time text messaging, and I appreciate that in a lifetime movie. 'cause we keep consistent. Sure. But you can't be like a pussy hound via tax. You know what I mean? You're really hitting someone up, and then that narrative doesn't exist. So the girls are really excited to meet Bryce the next day. Mom, says like listen to everything that he has to say, especially when it comes to breathing, and they're like, I bet he's like Samantha I realize now, you know, we were all like when you were there all alone by yourself last night, you're going harder than all these other girls you practice in a railway, and she says there's no distractions when you're there late at night, and he says not supposed to be anyway. Okay. So like, they're basically like flirting on the floor in a way that. Anyone would notice? Yeah. Like like blatant, and like, it's so on this level. I'm like we're coming in dirty on this level. This is a strong five. I'm going to tell you in terms of logical conclusions already on this movie. Because like if I was that mom, and I was hiring that Hawkeye wouldn't like one concentrate on my daughter and two I would never be like, you know, I'm kind kinda Chuck out when they're talking aside. So. And there's been no conversation about him having met her the night before or anything else. Okay. So this man is absolutely overtly trying to fuck her as I said one girl notice it, it's Emily she's Emily's like very pretty young in this way that really highlights how young girls actually are supposed to be. She looks definitely like still twenty one sort of. But these rules are seventeen years old like that is so young. And they're also swimmers swimmers are nerds had one girl on my team move the fuck and model, and then she went to Stanford or something, and I she's probably married to a Kushner like, I don't know what her deal is. Usually, really smart. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No, totally my wholesome team got into pretty good schools. But like just in terms of like, we're like you're not like out here being like like showing up dressy on the weekends. Do you know what I mean? Like, we're usually more like. If you're practicing five days a week. You're spending your one extra day a week. That's not church dancing in your friends dad's bonus room to backstreet, boys. You know? That's good. It's very pun fifteen by the way. I don't know if you have been watching it's very to real so in the locker room, Emily comes up to Samantha and she's in her towel. And I literally wrote my notes here. And then I deleted it for Sammy further record. But also in my notes, I initially wrote like say sour Dettori on the podcast, Tori. I'm sorry. Made your husband watch, a movie were teen girls from around towels like fucking talking about sexy. Older men. I apologize. It appeared very pornographic to me at the moment. I felt guilty. I didn't like it together. I'm not a Bryant like I'm not going to hide something like, oh, Tori. She watched chat shows like a couple of thing qua-. So but a torque think, oh, like the she thinks the guy's super hot. And he's hot right? I was like, whoa. This like that. This girl's s is featured pretty prominently already prominently. Oh, that's a great ass. Right. Right. And also, here's the thing is that she does not have like a characteristic swimmer's body. No, not a swimmer swimmers usually have fuck it along as they announced legs. And then like Buldana was like, Donna and her mom. Work in something. You know what? I mean, they're. You know, but like long skinny legs also have fucking lights, drew lattes. And. Yeah, olders she was so that was my other thing is that my I could never do. Butterfly, no shoulders. I could never do any of that shed. But none of these girls in this movie really have some bodies, which is interesting because like not that they should have to this isn't fucking like black swan like every to simulate to the style of the movie here, but it was interesting because it's a lot of body shots. And then there's also a lot of tied nickel swimming stuff here. But then also they do some major stuff that the entire last seen of this movie is completely non eligible for this to be a movie ending wrote. Okay. So anyway, let's play the scene right here because I wrote. When I'm only comes up. What we're going to see that. This is one of the first of many many weird relationships at Samantha hasn't her life. Okay. She doesn't have any real friends notice the way she talks to her friend during the scene and every scene thereafter. 'cause it's I don't know. I find your someone likable, but I don't she's the Tina I'm not supposed to feel like the teenage star of the lifetime movie is unlikable, but they handled her so rudely let me know what you think guys twenty six to thirteen fifty eight. I'm trying to Twitter is. You already have the hots. He's coach, and okay, I'm not idiots. That's true Besson another to this. That's like so rude and her friends being greet either. But escalates very quickly. Then coachie comes up. Hey, good practice. Thanks, mom. Didn't seem to tough that e. Yeah, that's 'cause you're around. She's on her best behavior. Will I'm glad that I can offer something to the table so far. Yeah. Hey, mom, doesn't think I'll be ready for trials. I use some extra help. Good. Yeah. Maybe outside of regular practice. I come here almost every night. I'd like to. But there's a whole coach athlete protocol thing that I've kinda got to be mindful of. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like that. No. Of course, not tell you what. Give me your number and I'll take sue a few videos. I used to watch Tammy families loving it. Okay. Okay. Stupid. Why do you love that? Sammy. Sammy just like re I I can't stop laughing as many hinder the phone. I could get in a lot of trouble for talking to you. Why don't you give me your number like Sammy goes like, I look up, and she's like fucking Cal cleaners. What's so funny? Sammy do you need? It's a very class yet. It is it is very cool. It's also just like when we get later into this. When we see some of the mind games at this full plays. He's a dangerous, man. And it's crazy because like he's not I don't know. Like, he's not Ted Bundy smart charming, do you know what I mean? He's like not very like, I don't know. I think that he could have done better. Again. I'm going to say like if you guys are gonna scam. I don't know I'm having a hard time with Anna Dehlvi is that her name the fucking girl that likes stole like six grand or something and like got like a Nordstrom gift card. She's like known as the girl in New York right now, she's going to this whole thing. She's like the upper east side scammer something willing. She was like a Griffin type. Okay. She's so entirely unimpressive to me, and it's like a lot of credit given to a person that kind of like, okay, you're like a cute girl. You have a good story. And that like you were able to work up. Some like, I'm rich. I'm from lake family money. Just the money's in hold right now, or whatever basically like this girl at got like, she's I called her vacation bug because to me that's what she is. It's like if you're really really rich. She didn't really do anything to you. Okay. Like, she is someone that she wasn't even the hipster Griffin where she like bankrupted guys only had six hundred dollars. Like, this is someone who kinda scammed off the elite anyway, but like people now, I guess she's getting like styled for court like she's in prison, and they're bringing in like she's not allowed to have to Leto because it's considered a safety hazard, but she's wearing like little chic blocked, dresses everyday, and she's being styled. And it's like, you know, what I don't know what the fuck is going on here. But like she is not worthy of this coverage. She stole like, maybe sixteen at most. I think it was like the. Number six comes up for me. And I feel like it was like sixty sixteen or like six, but it wasn't six million. It was like and we're living in a time of Elizabeth homes. We are even living in the yesteryear of the blinkering one of the most dynamic groups of like ragtag thieves. You could ever imagine in this world again, I wrote in my tweet when I wrote about her I was like they're treating relief cheese fucking, Danny ocean. Like, this is literally a vacation bug. She's someone that you pick up in the Hamptons, that's like talking big talk about her family money. Like, this is basically for someone for all intents and purposes could be just like an alien and a human body for six months, and then like, it's a fucking carcass. Right. That's it. That's all she could be. She's a mess. Come gone. They want they want doing like full press on her like full coverage. I don't understand why she's like trending. I think there's a bigger story here. I think she's already getting a movie made about her. And I I part of my feeling is like the styling and everything else around her that's going into that is part of maybe like keeping the movie part of her relevant where it's like she didn't steal that much. Maybe if she walks in a court, maybe if we could do the suspect world, Lou batons with her then we could like make something of this. But it was like a premature jocular sort of an optioning this like vacation bug. I I would love to see it like I feel you could be like an Ingrid goes west style movie, but not a Ono Inger great. But it's a D movie. Like, I don't I think they're going like full studio like whole shebang like big deal movie. And unlike we've seen a simple favourite, Honey. Okay. We can't talk back from that. All right. We gotta go big heist. I need a big heist now. So where are you going to joy you? Gotta do a joy where it's like, hey, I'm just like creating them up my kitchen. Okay. Like, but we're not doing that with six sixty thousand dollars so non-committal give me a crime or give me nothing. So I wrote that she seems like very appropriately weirded out when he walks away. But it's her out. She's just like embarrassed like played myself lake if I didn't handle that well in front of my crush. Again, or at here. This is where I can start to see like her bigger performance that is better than most life teen movie actresses where she's sort of like acting in a real way in a moment that won't would act where I'd probably sit in my car, and I would be like fuck like some late that Lucas is waiting for Sam at her locker. Okay, locker where she keeps. Her math binder. We're familiar. And he's like I'm so sorry for leaving last night. I'm barest you in front of your swim. Coach whatever then she's like. Yeah. You did. And then he does like, wow, you're being really brazen thing which I appreciated from him. But like it does imply that his initial apology was contingent on her also admitting guilt, which is fair, but still Lucas PA, passive aggressive. So she snaps at him. And he's like in. She goes, you know, what you've been in crisis mode lately anytime anything's happening. You're coming me full blown crisis. I don't need this in my life. I need space. And he's like, oh, you wanna break up? That's what that means. And so all of a sudden, the two of them go from Mike having this sort of like by the binders normal conversation to the two of them are standing in the middle of the hall. It's like a fucking SIA music video over there like a most shmole arguing in middle of all these people and some peop-. Paying attention in summer. Not which I love that for the direction of them where they're like, you know, what no not everyone's gonna turn around. But some people are certainly gonna look, and I wrote here like, you know, at first like, she seemed very mature in heard that was a very mature statement like you're coming to me in crisis mode. This isn't about me. I'm trying to move forward. What we later. See Samantha is that she's consistently not here for anyone in her life needs anything. So I was like I don't know like then Lucas giving this huge reaction surprising to me. I was like he's making a scene. Maybe like, hey, everyone, I'm gonna fucking heterosexual relationship, but I argue in the hallways with my girlfriend to like that's what I started to think this is an overcompensation. Another John a little bit of a crowd. But they they go apart. I guess I'm in my mind that relationship was over. He's like off. Fuck see you never like it was a bad break up. So then I she's at the pool. Again, she's cramming away on shortening those times gotta get him real down. Okay. And by the way, this is another thing. No. She has no drag suit. So she's basically swimming in like heard game days, which you wouldn't do you bless you you save your game day suit for the bus. You you save your game day suit for the game. And then like this. I mean, this is the suits that they wear like you would wear like three Speedo 's if you're trying to take a second and a half off your time, that's insane. And also, maybe a bathing cap, I or no so. Yes. So he's watched. He's watching her the coaches watch eerie comes out, and he tells her there's he was watching her tape in his office and under strokes are too short, her breath work is in great. And she goes, well, what did you used to swim? And he goes hundred free same as you. So she's very very very overtly flirty when she says like eating he can beat me and he gets into the pool they have little race. There's really sure Reuss a prodigy style beat going on in the mix. Yes. I enjoyed it for them. It was kinda like as gonna see like on project runway when they were like during the final stretch when Tim was about to come in and say time's up like it's like that music where it was like Derna, it's very very good music. So they have a conversation one on one after the race. And he's like, why do you swim though? And she's like, you know, what it's like a part of me. And he's like what really drives you though. And she. Like, well, he goes he goes, what makes you come out to the pool night after night when you'd be going out with your friends, and I wrote I would like to point out that so far it's unclear whether or not this girl even fucking has friends. So there's that right. So then she says when she's Flims it feels like the whole world goes away, the sound the chaos, he asked her why she wants the world gun, and she says that it can be a sad cruel and unfriendly plays. Yeah. When you're her boyfriend, right? And then he tells them, you know, what let's just like keep all this between us. They certainly go bit closer in the poise. Like, you know, like it's not too friendly legis keep it between us. And then she's like, you know, what I thought we weren't allowed to like meet up after school. I thought that was per the agreement and he says, no, it's fine. If no one finds out, and so then they start to kiss in the pool. No music for that. I just wrote this is so fucking dumb and dangerous that was gut reaction. It's a very passionate seen the two of them. They're really going at it. Like, it's been lingering between them for five years. Like, this is the movie you see where it's like we we were supposed to get together freshman year of college. And then we graduated without ever doing anything. Then we run into each other. I reunion back like, it's really it's passionate sex between an adult and like fucking. I don't know. What does this man? But he's not funny five. Yeah. I don't know. So something like that. Anyway, he's been her coach for two days. I wrote my notes. There's important. Remember that? So back at home Samantha's a little shell shocked, obviously, which has got some feelings going on silvery crazy thing. We've all been in that moment. Like, whoa, fuck like, I was so not expecting that. That's a very fun feeling have. It's also terrifying. So relate. So she gets testament that's like ten like colon parentheses emojis. Like he doesn't do an actual smiley. Just the riches of the scariest thing he does the entire movie. You know, there's some people that do that so consist, I'll do it like sometimes if I know I'm talking to someone that either in close with and it's just easier to do that. No like or a Mike. They'll know being truly genuine if I do it this way. Or if I'm like, this is old school internet, and I don't know of emoji will translate. But like would you ever just send it as like, this is how you're starting your text conversation? No. But I do know that there's people that do that. And I want to know why could they not license emojis? Or is it possible that some people are conscious of maybe things being copy and pasted to web copy and pasted to websites like maybe four Chan that might not support emojis or like other places, you know, what I mean like why do people because they're smart people. I know that still rely on those style of interesting, you know. Anyway, bigger questions. But I think the the bottom line is is that a lot of people. Do it just seem more down to earth? It's like a fake signalling. You know what I mean? Like when I see a person who's my age or younger who does that unlike your signaling to me, a purely that doesn't exist you have a fucking emoji keyboard route. So anyway. She starts to write something to him. I really am before she can finish that thought she gets a call from Lucas this hurts for her which is interesting to know because I was like very surprised that she could have a feeling about someone that wasn't selfish at this point in the movie. Like, I think that she genuinely felt for Lucas, which I know she was capable up after that argument. I think normal person would have been like babe, can we de-escalate like do you wanna let go over here, and to one of the many many hallways that exist in every high school in America bookcases Samantha's knows something like a new woman times are incredible. She finishes up a race. Like, that's my girl, and she gets us kind of look on her face and she's like shit. Okay. But I can't tell what it is. If it's like, this looks different by the light of day like which is how it read to me, which is like this is far less sexy. When i'm. A high schooler in my mom's right there in like also like you're older nece is showing in the window light, you know, into the. Yeah, he put some secrets meaning behind that. Mike girl. I think it really got hurt like this moving too fast now, but you would think is school student would like that. And that's like they're playing with like her. Like self possession sort of. Yeah. That's true. But anyway, okay. So after practice she knocks on his office door. Let's play twenty twenty two twenty five forty. Hang me. Wow. My head is still spending. Look, I just wanted to can't stop thinking about it. He to I've never done that ever. Freaked out right now, you know, I've never done that before either. I swear. You're not gonna come clean to your mom about this. No, no, no. Trust me. It's just that. I feel a little guilty about Lucas, and my mom, and I don't want anything to interfere with our relationship here. You know? You know? No, I get it. It just doesn't have to be so cut and dry between us doesn't. He can get a lot of trouble race. I don't regret it happen. I don't either. I don't think I can Hindle anymore distractions. I'm your coach. That's it. Yeah. Thank you. Phones people. Samantha twenty to confiscate that. No sorry. Hugh. Snower at a party scene. We're fucking killing this sent not Emily's house, but another one of the lawn white girls up fourteen. Yeah. This is the guy from the locker. Travis. The oldest brother at home that. You never come to these things. Trying to have a life. Right. I'm not a few Mahnken. Hey, I know gives you a hard time about Lucas. I think he's really sweet. Are you? Okay. Not really is here. He left a little while ago. Good. I don't think I could deal with them right now. Covers drink. Got a room off scoped out. Just let me know when sweet thing traffic, the only way you're getting laid is transfer yourself into aid. Hi. Don't here. I was invited. Emily. Okay. But you're are coach kids are drinking. I'm not a teacher, technically, I'm not even working for the school. I work for swim club. So I'm not obligated to put this unless I want to. Kidding? Still kinda weird though high school party. Even the oldest guy here. I think we're allowed to have conversation without raising suspicion. It's when you start to act guilty. That's when they start to chatter, but Emily's already chatter. It's just a little jarring when we do what we did. And then we just cut it off. Like it didn't happen because it did happen. Did it look like he got his tits done? Little. It looks like he used to be a heavy ninety ad is because there is a little there's a little bit of like a boot breast reduction oppening here. Can we say that I feel like many people say that about women? So why can't we just say flat out think he used to focus on this PEX, let them go Bryce got tits done. That's fine. That's props. Right. If you guys are whatever's aim is if you guys have out there have your tits done hit us up. Wait. I do have realized though recently anytime you ask anyone who has their boobs done about someone else's boob jobs. I recently different. And I was like oh. Tits are mad hard. And I was like knocking to ask her about it today, but I will consult another from fake titties. So I was like hey from the fake titties? I was like, I know sometimes they're mad hard. But I don't know. Like, if maybe that's just like what's up, and she was like none or no no trust me. She's like, I went through all this. And next thing. I knew like literally I was laying right here. My head was like on a pillow right here. Next thing I knew tits. We're like about. Maybe I don't know one and a half feet away from my face. And my friend was wearing a surprising lingerie contraption, and I was like dog. I don't know how much I literally never what I like. I know this are you can't ask a person about fake tits. If they have fake tits without the boobs coming out. Really? You can't you. I mean in my experience, I think especially woman to woman it just they become it's like in my store when I tell people take their pants off. I've become desensitized to people changing in my store. I think when you have fake boobs or so excited about them. And also they've surgically altered by like all these people around you like, maybe you just don't care anymore, plus your site just spent ten grand Donham or whatever. But anyway, no update on my friends rock-hard tits from the other night. Really haven't crossed that bridge with her yet. But I'm excited if she got them, stay tuned. And I yeah, I mean, we'll maybe podcast reveals maybe guys donate that five dollars page on all I'll reveal. Not which one of my friends, I think has fake tits. Okay. So let's let's go back in the movie, but I feel like there's a connection here. And I know you feel that way to otherwise it wouldn't have happened. Look I met when I said. I don't do this kind of thing. Which is why it means something to me. Samantha. Look, it was a one time thing, and I'm a little freaked out that we're going to find out about it. We agree on that. But I don't want you get from your memory makes me feel like I'm the pad guy here like Macree. I'm sorry. You're not a creek run at all. Just little weird us getting involved, right? Right. I'm good. Now, go Mingo before Quiring my start to wonder. Right. Thank you so much for listening to season for of mother may podcast.

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