Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney 6-16-19


The morning, New York. This is the catch roundtable. This is John cats petits. It's Father's Day. We this morning is the hardest working congresswoman I know talented Maloney. How are you congresswoman Maloney, happy? Father's day. John wonderful children. And I'm fine. Thank you. And thank you for letting me share with you the success that we're having for the first responders in congress. Well, I heard you did different. Tastic jobbing congress one hundred tell up is what happened this week? We, we passed out we had a hearing an I had the opportunity to testify as, as the chief sponsor of the victim's compensation fund for our first responders, and their families, and it just would give support to them and show that we will never forget them. We're still coming to terms with the magnitude of the health crisis caused by. Nine eleven and with more people dying and getting sick. The nine eleven victims compensation fund is running out of my money and they've had to slash payments to the sick and injured nine eleven responders by fifty seven percent. And our legislation would reverse these cuts and make the program effectively permanent. We had the hearing on this week, and then the next day on Thursday, we had a meeting in the judiciary committee, which is chaired by Jerry Nadler, and they reported out the Bill. It's ready to go to the floor. We met with the speaker. She is supporting it. We have over three hundred and nineteen co-sponsors and eighty six of them are Republican is a huge number of supporting it. And it will extend the September eleventh, eleventh compensation fund authorization to twenty ninety from twenty twenty matching the, the, the World Trade Center health program that. Passed and made perms permanent their healthcare in twenty fifteen and, and authorized the victim's compensation fund to fully pay eligible claims that have been reduced and be there for others that may become sick because of nine eleven John, we all we lost almost three thousand people on nine eleven but since then thousands more have been come sick. Particularly since cancers are now emerging. So the number of people are growing over a third of the people are now suffering from cancer. And this is just a huge win for our country. It's the patriotic right thing to do. And I'm just thrilled to play a role in helping to make it happen. I am so glad you got the Democrats and Republicans finally working together, and it's a worthwhile cause and, but it's good to see both of you working together. And in the Senate, we have thirty eight senators and eight of them a Republican. So it's truly a bipartisan. An effort, Senator Schumer and Senator gillibrand, we'll be working very hard and Mitch McConnell of his statement, was that he had dealt with this issue with compassion, and the past and would treat it capacity now. And I think that's good news. Because the compassionate thing to do is to pass the Bill and get the support to the victims and first responders and give them the support they suggestively deserve. They were there for us. We need to be there for them center. Mitch mcconnell. I had breakfast dinner last Monday morning and the told me committed that he will help and he did help us with sandy, they gave us the votes in the Senate that we needed for only off his to be helped, and I'm glad I'm glad he's doing it congresswoman. That's great. And he said, he would support the victim's compensation fund your breakfast. Well, that's what he insinuated, and there was a writing. Wow. That's best terrific. What, what else? Else. Do you want to know what else is going on in Washington, that you think is important? I passed another Bill out on on that law enforcement wants and that is beneficial ownership. Right now, you cannot figure out who owns an LLC and, and they have wanted to figure out who owns them, and it would give law enforcement access to LLC's to see if it's terrorism financing or any criminal activity. This is important for our protection. And as you know, we had a terrible accident of this week on Tuesday with the, with the helicopter crashing into one of the buildings and, and the firemen responded in five seconds we have the best first responders in the whole country. Our police and fire are incredible, only the pilot unfortunately died, but it shows why are they having these helicopters flying over the city in the whole world of with eight million people? So I have written the, the FAA. That, that really is the agency that oversees flight in our country, asking them to limit helicopters, actually ban them from flying over the city of New York. I we've had two of the accidents that pilot was not qualified to fly. Yeah. Top top-tier in what the pilots, I f are conditions, which is instrument rated conditions and he should not have gone to cross the city knowing it is foggy and he, he couldn't see where he was going in. I think he panicked. So it's a little bit different than it appraisal street. He could've killed a lot of people. So it's a it's a huge, it's a huge challenge in what you point out that he wasn't qualified to, to fly in hazardous conditions. There's not proper oversight who allowed him to leave if he was not qualified and to fly on that day. So I'm call. Calling for hearings and the in the congress on this. I see it as a safety concern and our responsibilities to protect the people of New York. And I don't understand how he was allowed to fly if he wasn't qualified, and they certainly don't have a strict enough requirements and oversight of what is happening and a people call my office. They're afraid that helicopters are going to go crashing into their homes when the winds pushing them towards them and. There's certain times for essential reasons, for, for emergency reasons for homeland security reasons but first sightseeing or for things that are necessary. Then helicopters should not be flying in my opinion of the city of the US, the FAA has to be a little more careful of who's flying over the city, especially tell us what else what the heck they don't have any procedures on it. Yeah. You know you cannot trick every pilot's license when he's on the runway. I was a pilot I when I stopped flying, I had four thousand hours and there's no procedure to check people's licenses. So it would be very hard to do, but department should should have known himself, and it was very bad judgment on the pilots. And let's talk politics in twenty twenty. How do you see this? Well, we're gonna have the debates coming up. I understand all the candidates have been coming in and out of New York, and having meetings, and the debates, I believe, are the June twenty six and June twenty seven but this'll be the first time that Americans will have a chance to see the democratic side, and, and their policies put forward in this debate, and I think they've got to have some process to we have too many people running right now. So they have to figure out how they're gonna break it down to the top ten at least or top five, we're moving forward reading. So I think this ten that have two days ten one day ten today. Huge number of people. But it's democracy. A lot of people wanna run absolutely anything else going on in New York that you would like people know about. Well, there's always so much going on in New York. It's the greatest city in the world of I've been up in Washington. Just got back late last night. We're moving forward with appropriation bills and at passed a gun safety bills that I'd like to see get through the Senate and, and the violence against women act and the equal pay freak will work and net neutrality HR want, which is a massive Bill for reform election day reform and many, many other things. So there's a lot on our plate and welcoming. They passed new regulations on rent. I know doesn't come into federal jurisdiction, but I've had an opinion on that he rents have been going up astronomically. It is one of the top concerns that people have they have. A spread regulations that have been in place for a long time in the city, they rent control in the emergency tenant Protection Act, that oversaw increases that there are many other types of housing that are not covered, and people are really terrified of being forced out of the city because they cannot afford the rent. So this was a measure to give some protection to our residents and I support that it's not a federal issue. It was a state issue, and, and I'd say it's one of the concerns and many neighborhoods that have no protection. What else would you like to talk about in New York, we just had the, the Tonys then we have some great shows that one. I hope I get the chance to see them. We have so much to enjoy and the waterfront in, in queens. They they have kayaking on the waterfront. I was doing that last week. And so much fun and Long Island city they, they have a beach there. And, and all kinds of water sports taking place which is a great thing to do on the on the weekend on. There's so many activities, and wonderful things to do in the city, and we need to get out enjoy them today is Father's Day. And I hope everybody is thinking about their father's thanking them together, as a family, celebrating their families, and the incredible role that fathers play, not only in families, but in communities and every way in our society. So today is a day to really appreciate the, the fathers of our country. The fathers of our children and to celebrate our own fathers, congresswoman Maloney. Thank you so much for coming on the show this Sunday morning. It's a beautiful day in New York, and why hope you enjoy. Thank you, and happy, Father's Day. Thank you. This is the catch roundtable. We'll be right back.

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