23: Have a Set of Daily Habits - Matt Heinz


Welcome back to the daily sales tips podcast. I'm your host Scott Ingram. And today's tip comes from my friend. Matt Heinz Matt is the president of Heinz marketing and has been a truth thought leader in the sales and marketing space for over a decade. Now, he is basically a good idea machine. And here's the one he's got for us today. Hi, this is Matt Hines founder and president of Heinz marketing in this is my sales tip for today. You know, there's a lot of things I could cover. There's a lot of things that we do with our clients as well as things we do internally from a sales perspective. But the one thing that I think is accessible and important for everybody is to have a set of daily habits to have a disciplined approach to things you're doing on a daily basis. Sometimes it's a bunch of little things that add up to helping yourself create more predictable pipeline. I have what I call it. My daily do list. It's on my tasks list every day once I take it off of the tassels for the date automatically shows up on the next business day, and it's based on a checklist of things that I need to do every day to feed my network to end in defeat. My. Pipeline. I have a version of this is actually laminated that I take with me when I travel, but, you know, even if you just have it in your inbox or have it just as a piece of paper, I think reminding yourself of those little things those tactics those habits that help drive behavior. Help drivers alz is really important. So for example, on mine, you know, it's a reminder look at my calendar from yesterday, the meetings, the meetings, I had to make sure I've done follow up to make sure I've connected with people on Lincoln to make sure I've sent any. Thank you notes or whatever else you need to do. There's a reminder to look at a few different filtered reports for me in Salesforce in our marketing automation platform to look at you know, the accounts that were tracking to look for buying signals to look for any changes to look for, you know, behavior with our content that I can follow up with. We also have a series of filters in linked in that can tell us about particular trigger events, if someone in my first connections has changed jobs that could be a trigger event that could lead to some opportunity. So looking at that on a daily basis in knowing what my follow up processes is important that's all documented in my daily dualist if. You're listening to this. You'd like a copy of sample of what my daily Dula. So I'm happy to share it with you. Then we cannot make that available. Somehow sure the Scott can figure out how to do that. And we can put a link in to to doing that either put it up on slide share or whatnot. I guess the moral the story on that for me is that there's always room for strategic improvement thinking about like who are we targeting? How are we going after them? But, you know, the top one percents sales people will consistently tell you that their success is tied to consistence repeatable behavior. It's doing the little things as doing them every day. It's putting in the time and effort to do those things on regular repeatable predictable basis. So that's what I got this about Heinz from Heinz marketing, thanks so much for listening. Now, Matt sent me the PDF of his daily do list, and all you have to do to get. It is click on the link in your podcast player or go to daily sales dot tips forward slash twenty three. In addition to the link to the PDF, you'll find links to Hines marketing Matt's sales pipeline radio show as. As well as a couple of his favorite social profiles while you're there. I hope you'll answer the question. Do you have your own documented daily do or daily habits list? If you do I'd love it. If you share it. I'm gonna share mind so jump over and join the conversation at daily sales dot tips forward slash twenty three then come back tomorrow to hear about the three things that every sales professional needs to no end master from Richard. Helen.

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