Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck - GMMF 95


All right, buddy, welcome. So 95 of games. My mom found I am I covered in who is The Doctor Jones want to be with me tonight Michael quick use to fax over tonight. I got nothing. This is your first numbered episode. You've been on since episode twenty. I know. Okay. Thank you God for mm. I I was on Aladdin was my last game episode crack. Yes Heroes on the 5K celebration thing which was a long time ago that people do not listen to and you were also on the 11th. It was a lot of people listen to yes occasionally do trivia questions very early stuff and I passed out like I was like, I'm dumb wage, but you tried I tried thought that, and this is our first episode together. So hello. Yeh. Hay khong And we're going to be talking about a game that I actually was holding off on actually might did you is this your pic or do we just a camera? I think the group decision. I'll just introduce then we are playing a game that I had been I held off on because I was in well, I was actually saving this for a rainy day in case my worst case scenario happened. What is what I say, I was saving this for I just in case something happened I had no, you know, I couldn't have any if everyone lost their jobs. Just me and Tiff. I'm like just in regards to with me while I try to figure things out. I mean, I I was I didn't need that in this in this situation with that sort of reason I was holding off in this game close enough though and we were going to be talking about quackshot offering Donald Duck developed by Sega came out in 1991. Yeah, so I actually have I have vague memories of this game cuz as a as a kid, I played it at a friend's house down the street. I don't know why but he he had this game for Sega Genesis night. Again, he only had a couple of games but he had this one we played a few times. We never really got super far. We always sucked at it, but he had he had this he also has a job. Add know the Jurassic Park game certain tendo now cheese that one I had this one my friend. Buckin, Ohio Brandon. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. We used to play it even like up till before I moved out here. We played occasionally. It's a good game. Okay. I have a a bone to pick though right now. But with video Wikipedia calls this a platformer which it is and they also say metroidvania. This is not a metroidvania kind of like you go back to previous levels with new tool with the two new tools that you pick up throughout the game, but it's it's like the lightest wage or advancing there could possibly be even call this a metroidvania metroidvanias are typically they just one map to this one's kind of split in between several levels. It's one world map. It is as long as we learn most games, I guess. Yeah, that's affects not I mean, yeah, I mean you have a you can pick like when I can't read about the game starts off after you after you, press Start you get into it and you have a select room you can page. What area you want to go to first? I mean, there's only one choice in my opinion duckburg, but I thought it's cool how it gives you the option now and there's a story to this game too in the if you don't press start right away. Yeah or Donald going through school library and finds a an old treasure map and a story like that until I didn't press start with me. See if you crack screen that they had four games. Oh, but I am so impatient. I press start your patience. I know I know but you love me. Anyway, I do. All right my one thing before we dive too far this game, but I do want to say two well two things. I like one. We are on YouTube app you like the show, please subscribe on YouTube. I need more subscribers. I don't have a hundred yet. The second thing I want to say is tell people you like to show any more people listening. All right back to the show. I tell her all the time, but they think I'm biased cuz my thoughts on it. Yeah, I mean, I'm not biased at all. I mean I only have a sinus as president of games my mom phone. I'm not by his one bed. So I actually like this little intro where it talks about where he find they've gone off. Find the mass or not the mass the map map find the map. He's looking at it. And then Peter, is it Peter Pete? Pete Pete ends up looking through binoculars and sees him holding the the map that he stole from church. That's the that's the attraction know. If one of these games have been spying through the window and saw everything of one of Pete's game that all look exactly like him. I mean, that's how some people do it, you know life. They're same person. It's Jango Fett and the Clone Army. That's a Star Wars reference for you. Mike. I can do that every now and then it's often used to be. I mean, it was kind of funny like the whole story. She goes on a treasure hunt and his leaves days. You need to see Daisy shaking her fist at him. Very toxic relationship are always yelling at each other. Hey, some people like chocolate even get married sometime talked about it. Right now, it's normally not here to complain about it set you up for that one. Yeah good point. So I I like this like, it's I like the phone number. Or some kind of Opening screen or some reasoning for what he's doing. I mean no idea that he he tells her that he's going to go on this Quest and bring her back treasure, which I don't think he really plans to I kind of he does it inadvertently off about the enemy. Yeah, is that right up front? It's weird to have an early 90s Disney game. That's not by Capcom. It's like all of them were over this time. How many episodes in the shower by Capcom? I wonder if that's just thought well like every many we've done so far except I know pretty much all of them not born from a wish true. More like flashers that next flash it so you are right though. All the peak game like the first level that mostly would have played this game is duckburg and I like duckburg for one reason cuz you know. Berg came I can't think of a song about all of a sudden it's like a hurricane. It's like who you go in and I never really thought about it until this month that you're in duckburg is the first level. I guess I never read before I never realized it was said duckburg. I spent almost to click this button here. So is there any point to the money in this game that you gather forget those those those sweet sweet points? Okay, so no reason so no reason. I mean, I know that you're I give you extra lives or whatever probably it's typically how these games go off until recently. Like I remember when I first played this game, I didn't know what the fuc to do because as you finished the first level you get to a dog and then you get a little flick you have to go somewhere else and I'm like what what the hell it wasn't I didn't figure this out to a wage. I figure out what you how to play this game. I was an adult I bet it's it's a little more open than the most Platformers. Like we said you you have to go go other places to get things to come back to open the way. I don't think it's interesting that your weapon at least the beginning of this game. Is it just you just shoot plungers at things. It doesn't kill anything hit them in the face and they get stunned and for a few seconds. They can't do anything until they start moving away punters was an odd Choice like, I don't know why they come up with that. I just don't snow dirt board. I mean everything. Yeah, I mean so many other things in this game our fridge in Indiana Jones, you know, you never had a plunger gun. I might have been more I'm surprised I wasn't in Crystal Skull that sounds like something stupid enough that would have been that movie. Now. You got people swinging from Vines. Like there are monks instead of these do for no reason at all. You gotta get away from the giant fire ants that I'll eat you. All right. I mean, that's I mean, I I guess it wasn't until this recent playthrough for the show where I realized how much down To just Doctor Jones or doctor duck character duck fuk completely. I never realized complete Indiana Jones rip-off. Oh, yeah, you can tell just by looking at the cover. He's got like the the fatigue and the the brown vest or whatever. He's even never liked looked at the cover I did but I never put two and two together apparently cuz it never dawned on me until this most recent wage even got snakes and everything. I just I don't know why he's never even though like Pete's gang reminds me of the people that are the Chinese gang the chasing after him and Temple of Doom home. That's what I got because they're guys met. I know you don't need to watch and pulled him against. Oh God. That's the worst. I'd rather watch crystal skull than that one that's goes worse. The only need to watch 1,000. Hey as even one of the actors I met from Indiana Jones said he was in the good movies of Steven Spielberg used in one injury solid. I think the the character's name under Patrick name you play Give me the name. He's a real big guy though. So that's Crusade which will talk about more later in this episode if you will and so the second time you go to with Mexico Mexico, and then you go to Mexico you get somewhere you go freaking back to Transylvania or not. Translate you go back to duckburg. Tell the dog. You saw that you got to Mexico. So he gives you go back to Mexico a lot of frequent flyer miles just to get there to be tucked told to go back to get the key to get the key to go back to Mexico then go in the pyramid. Yeah computers all the time limit for this trip. Just weird to me. Like I know the kids get it screwed me up cuz I just couldn't you know comprehend that cuz I was used to more simpler games like Final Fantasy six and Chrono Trigger. Yeah. We gotta go between time and yeah, I was okay with that but in this page, what do I do? I don't understand. It's kind of a simple at first. Yeah and obtuse at the same time like the combat a simple. Yes. That's what I want to say and like, I mean, it's kind of cool you you have an inventory home. You can choose what items you want to use and you have to use different items to progress through the story. You also have to go to the menu to call the airplane, which is annoying to you and to use the look feature one time to look feature. Yeah, use it read the journal. I just read the guy to my phone and told me that it was but don't you actually have to look at it to proceed with like you do? I think I did so I don't know what you did your special like, I'm just better at games that solve it. Yeah. Okay, if you say so I like scare you off of playing our YouTube and play. Are you two around you too much on purpose. That's one of the gravity what I was playing dead space and maybe jump. Yeah, I do. I would turn off the control. I would just turn off the PS4 in his left the spooktober we were so excited to get that over with we forgot to mention that this was this week's game. Yeah. I mean, yeah, we were just we were just already be done. There was a lot for us off. A friend of mine posted a meme in in the Facebook group where it said. Oh when watching a horror movie at home or smiling and playing a horror game. It had homework screaming. I'm like, we're both me and my car both the bottom one home versus Freeman. I you know, I don't like horror movies and horror games you guys are was that yes, we are. Yeah absolutely wearing me. I forgot. Yeah, I don't know you mean those that don't know which is majority of people just news episode. She has a tattoo on her arm of Stephen King zipped Michael Myers, Freddy and Jason. Jeez, you get enough of that long. So this game interesting like one thing with the plunger is like you you have to you have yours even apart make sure you have to like hit enemies too stunned them. So you can jump on them and climb up. I thought that was interesting too. Yeah. It's like the Ice Beam from Metroid. Okay, I will go with that. I basically know you're talking about been a long time. It's like why and I have a question why the hell is goofing the damn. My lights all the way in the very end of the pyramid birth. I was just hanging out. What are you doing? Here here? Nothing major first place. You'd go back to duckburg just to get the key doesn't make a lot of sense me get let me get Jamie but he gives you could be just gives you the red plunger. Yeah, let's stick to walls. This is what makes this game a unique platformer cuz you can you can shoot walls and then jump on the place that you shot in the wall. I mean that concept is everything in this game, but it's a big part of this game and it's cool concept. It's the only reason I think they want with plunger just because I was something that would stick to a wall ever had to have this concept of early on because it I mean again, I think you should have just started with it, but I understand they wanted to give it to you. So it's cooler than just starting with it. I'd like to believe that they worked backwards from having goofy in the pyramid there like, okay we got going this pyramid. He's gotta give you something showing he did not this games. What is it Disney games? Will they fit their characters and all the time and I do like how all the all the enemies are juice. Some something from the Disney cartoons in a way. I mean maybe not there from cartoons that I should say that but they're like animal type things. I could have fit in a cartoon know like you had you know Peach gang. This is Pete and you have like the turtles black box with boxing gloves on and that's all stuff that fits in in the in the world the Buzzard the draw B's on you cuz we didn't get enough of that in Mega Man 3. It's not going to be on any time soon, So stay tuned for that one a long time paradoxes is interesting. Are you finish a level? You can this case you get the green plunger and then you have to go back to the flag poles call the airplane and then go back to duckburg for the third time Shaq blender. I was like, wow, we fast-forwarded really fast. So, you know, the best part is I'm watching the video of somebody playing this game with a red plunger and some reason my brains went green colors in the map at all times down there. Yeah along with the the temperature gauge that you use I think exactly three times that's fun for me. They don't get it much know much, but it's home. For me to collect five Chili Peppers, usually all group together and then download goes under one of his classic temper tantrums or he's Invincible. Yes, you're not wrong. That's only a couple of times in this game. Cuz I I I had gotten a few of them and I carried him the rest of the game because I couldn't find the last two and there weren't any more. I think I did that in the Maharaja level like somehow I got three above five. Yeah. I think the last time you see it maybe probably it's a concept is in the very first level of duckburg and they don't bring it back too often. But the 2nd... Once you get the plunger down some cool stuff with it where you end up climbing a building with the plungers, you're jumping across roofs. And for some reason speakers can hurt you when they shoot words that you that come out as words and travel across boom-bap in the 1960s Batman. Yeah, Mr. Get your obligatory Mickey Mouse Cameo to he's on the blimp in the background. Oh he is dead. The emblem for all the Kingdom Hearts fans, we gotta cover that someday. So the guy that you talked to induct forgets who the hell is gyro duck again. I know he's from the gyro gearloose. She's the one that box creates the Gizmo duck armor. Yeah. He's from the the original cartoons, which I assume is in the comic two, then he's the inventor dude. Okay, he gives you the second animal you guys didn't talk about or third and you also get corn. You can shoot popcorn at people in this game, which actually does kill the enemy. It doesn't just freeze them might be the only platform that has corn as a pick up item kind of a few and then you also and then your other weapon that you get besides plungers is bubblegum ammo Republican and bubblegum destroys things for some reason destroys blocks. Only certain blocks a very specific looks yeah. I I don't get it. Okay. Yeah, you're not meant to get things in this world. It's like they had a whole lot of ideas or like okay, we need to put this in like where I got room to use it very often. That's okay this put it in any way home. Did notice that like the enemies give you food or health which is food pickup. You could either get a chicken which is trying to hear the donkey. Duck and you're going to get a chicken money. We're the same species, but I'm not seeing the chickens. I'm going to it's okay. Like I told you I was going to do this during this episode. I got a reference to the 2017 DuckTales cartoon cuz in a recent episode a non. Characters hanging out with the nephews and they're feeding normal Ducks. The character looks at the Knox looks of the nephews looks back at the ducks like very confused by the whole thing. It's better off sticking out. That's so good. I want to say newest episode is all about Darkwing Duck too. So I know manual was freaking out about this, okay? It's okay. I already heard this thing on this on this show once before I don't know about that one is anyone I think I would just talked about this morning to go to remember home page that was once in the future. But he before we talk to you the next moment you go to is Transylvania, which I I want to say at once a couple of years ago. Me and Tiff went back to this game and we're trying to beat it on a retro pie and we got the Transylvanian never got past Transylvania. So I went through a phase where I was like, I gotta be games legit girl games and that fact that my dad I did not be too legit. I'm so sorry. Listeners of the show. That is hysterical. I try and then I and then I got nowhere so I'm like why am I doing who am I who's winning here? I mean as ninja would say I'm I'm shooting myself, but no, I'm not. I remember that quote that was a while ago, but I still remember that dumb quote. So Transylvania is interesting cuz you're in a swamp and you have bats that kind of pop out of nowhere that I like. Wow. I like the first part Transylvania. I don't care for the ghost. You Can't Kill Ya this first part is very Castle of Illusion forced evolution is like the the spooky trees in the background very reminiscent of those exams kind of cool. I mean, it's the castles annoying just because I didn't when I played this before I didn't know what to do and I kept getting screwed up and hurt by the ghost like cuz you fight these enemies you can't area and I mean this game before hand, you can hit them with something in stunned them. But the ghosts you just have to not to hit by them or outright. All right kill em with the popcorn but it goes our immune to everything. How you doing popcorn. What song. Okay. Yeah, and the other thing annoying about is you have to use the gum that you got constantly in this Castle to break barrels and stuff that the game tells, you know, let's gyro mention so they can destroy them and gives it to you. I'm not sure if he doesn't mention it. Okay, I guess I don't read you just know you don't read don't pay attention Hussein patient one-pass. I got no time no time. No temp work work clean cook under how quickly it's just work work work and usually means podcast podcast podcast. But yeah, there is no quick clean. I know this is cooking. Yeah, so the underwater part cuz they cuz again 1991. We got it under Watergate under water level. I did not like the underwater. What about you GIF? Like I yeah. No, I mean it's just like a shuttle underwater stuff are just slows your movement to a call. It makes everything slower and everything more challenging. So no, I did not like it. Yeah swinging wrecking balls that are impossible to dodge your points off. And I mean he it reminded me of Mega Man because when he jumps underwater, he jumps higher I think but you don't have to worry about the breathing aspect though. So that's true. We're gonna make a man. No, but he can normally off of it normal speed. You just jumps higher. Okay, you're right and the Mirror part that screws me up in Transylvania is there's a part if you're following you get the big goes that looks like it reminds me of Benjamin Franklin for some reason that will you follow dog? Those Snicker at you and then he'll split into a bunch of mini goals with their tongues hanging out that want to eat you cuz you're a duck and with with that you have to stand completely still when he turns around to keep them from coming after you I never did that. Yeah, I kind of figure it out the hard way. I mean, I just hit F5 and then Dodge hit f8 if it didn't work, but you know, that's it's a state wage for those of you that don't know. Those are that's his safety. Yeah, this is your first episode cuz we talked about it all the time. I mean I own a legit copy of this game somewhere. I've seen it you own it off. I want to know that's mine hand. I think I'm going to copy actually adopted. Well speaking of Al's I actually screwed up and we did that off. But do you want to tell that story we can't have an actual yet on the shelves surprisingly was Center here in his quackshot. Why not? I'll tell it so when we when we got married we had a guy that was doing the you know dead. The ceremony we we had a friend of ours do it. And for some reason I got nervous and grabbed the paper from him and read the vowels instead of him reading them as the I mean, that's fine. Like I'm off is a picture of me with my my hands just over my face and you can tell I'm just shaking my head and and so I was like, I grabbed the microphone mouth like it's okay, baby. I'll show you how it's done. I just got so nervous and just she was like we never apart, we didn't I was such a blubbering mess. I couldn't actually read my vows. So they fish it had to remind you can just take the paper and read it yourself. I don't know why I did that and not part of my friend. Just looking at me. Like what the hell is going on here people typically read their own veils. They don't think they take a paper from this issue. Give me that it was all she was a part where the fishing and said repeat after me. Oh and then he grabbed the paper and read it instead of waiting for this issue to be like Mike you blah blah blah blah. That's a little different than yeah. So we should talk in Transylvania as you like back to the game as you finish the castle you get to your first boss fight a dragon named Dracula. Yeah. I don't get that. But you know, I'll take it. It's not he's I mean, the first boss was always easy, but it's not it's it's interesting to me like I am That I have never gotten to Dracula before I only sure if I did I failed terribly but I mean it was a fine fight. Yes. She shoots out bathroom Escape, you gotta shoot the bath and you gotta shoot him and then he shakes and then you wait and repeat the cycle everything with fights in Boston. This game is wait hit wait wait, you know hit again. They're all kind of crappy right up front like on the suck. But hey, then you get to go tomorrow haja, right? Well, what countries are supposed to be in India? Okay anyone makes sense? And and this time the peak games that you're fighting the still compete. Now, they have, you know hack for winter. Go ahead. They have they have big fluffy hats on their heads Shop and Save or another way in turbans. I don't know maybe they're wearing turbans and I'm just confusing patience. Not sure what you're talking about. So German is the kind of hat off. I was thinking like the cold half like the yeah, like the Russian style ones. I can't remember what they're called The Snake Charmers have interpreters on yeah they do for sure. I don't know it doesn't matter but I am How does an interesting little level too cuz you're just kind of running across and you meet the what the hell is it? Not a feral. I don't know what the hell they call this person. There's a name for this leader in India, but I can't remember at this time. I can't remember what it was. I thought is why I reminded me as as our that's Russia told me we had the ability to look things up now doesn't exist. But again, this is another where I was getting huge Indiana off by because in the second Indian movie Temple of Doom Doctor Doom, he goes to India and he does meet with the the leader in India who's a kid at the in that movie. I wanted to chat or at least it was in fact, either of that called. I can't remember but either way it reminded me of that a lot. I thought that was interesting for sure. Oh, I didn't know this but apparently takes three plunger shots to the face to stop one of the snake Charmers. Yeah thought you had to hit him in a specific location. I just kept missing me to know you have to hit him in the face. So I would just enjoy a good to know him three times though the first name Will just bounce off like nothing's happening. I think the title for the Indian later is Maharaja. Yeah. Yeah. You're probably right and then you get your second boss fight you go. Okay. So after me tomorrow he tells you can if you want what I have you have to go through a maze your go through a trial in order to use by the way. They had to cheat on that one circles like five times ten minutes. I was like, okay, where do I go, you know cheating in the first place either of you know, because I try to be better than my husband. I like cheating so I can't help him. You know. Hey, I just being video might think it's funny like when I got about cheating or something on the games and you'll be a little Indian you'll comment back on Facebook once a year, at least. It's just like to do that. But so then you get to fight a tiger. Hello Tire looks awfully familiar. He does look like Cirque on. Yes, Jungle Book. Oh, I was thinking a lab job. So was I thinking of Aladdin no, Robin Robin? Okay, I watch I don't watch a lot in again now for good couple thousand and one I like I like the live-action on come on. I am I haven't seen but I saw Lion King and I was not a fan I didn't see like I I don't know about Lion King. I haven't seen them yet. We could we have the ability to we do I just don't care enough if all right. So basically I like to try your find this is a it's not a hard fight, but you can literally just stand there in the office and when he just as I watch a video the guide to shotgun just hire just kept jumping into the gum. And that was it. Yeah, and I did have to hit him when he's in the air. He's on the ground. He's Invincible somehow thought you have a gum Lake works better than the plungers and some of these boxes. I want to say that they probably do more damage since they're limited ammo you would think anyway, it's hard to tell me a joke. Ask the video. Sorry. We're not there yet. Go ahead. You get the the spring steer. So you kind of assume your next step is Egypt. Sure. Like do you like General? I liked it. I think it's a good level something. You have to leave and get in the airplane and drive off again. That's the other thing about this game all the time it always every time you finish something up. You better go walk to that flag, which is right by you and jump in the plane and pick your next place faith in like that some Mexico or if you all the way back through the pyramid now within that was stupid or Temple, I guess the pyramids are in Egypt. Yeah, don't break too. Yeah, but right off, yes, you're right when you're riding back. It's you know have to like Dodge electricity or any of that business. You have to climb up over the over the building that roof though true and Dodge the booms the boom box. Here comes the boom. So here each of us kind of cool. This is where you get the you get the Chili Peppers again to which make them get angry. Oh, I don't know. There's some weird stuff in this game off. It's a really strange thing that make no sense. Like usually if everything doesn't really need to be there you only use it a couple of times and and I also know some of the it's usually when you get the chicken stuff, it's from the peak gang which makes sense. And then you get to the very end of the Egypt for the first part Egypt level. You have to use the item that you got a thanks to your from our ahaja. You think it's interesting if you didn't go tomorrow hard you could go away to Egypt get here and just be stuck Richard irritate me. I mean, it's kind of cut out the game because even when you get to Mexico, you have to go back to get the keys. I think that's why as a kid, I could never really figure out this game because I could not figure out how to go back and I want to say internet wasn't a thing when I was playing this game. I couldn't just go to couldn't just go look up the internet. Probably not quite know. I just remember doing the internet a lot for Pokemon red blue and yellow to find Mew and things. I remember that and take a player and pick a blue and now channel surfing Pikachu and balloon Pikachu. These are real by the way, those last two are yeah, but not the time know. Okay. Yep. Weren't in Pokemon Red and Blue are in Pokemon yellow, right? If you have a Japanese card and live in Japan and they were able to join America. It is an odd choice to make you keep going back and forth. It's not like it's counting or anything cuz it's just a going to the menu and go to the next area, but it's cool. I mean it would have been cool in nineteen. Ninety one. I'm just kind of cool now. I just I can see how I got so confused into what to do. They wanted to yeah, thanks and and each of us also be end up introducing a lot of traps to the game you have speakers from out of the floor you have blocks that fall wage pillars that are moving towards you with spikes on it. It's interesting. Yeah fire pits for some reason cuz it's a 99, you know, cuz it did Jones Temple of Doom and you can walk and run right as Donald if you hold down a button or something. I know you're running. Yes, really. I didn't do it that would explain why I kept getting hit by the Fireballs in this thing. I just took the hitch. I'm like, well, I guess I can't log Well, this is stupid. I can I play this on a Genesis controller. So I got infected with Mike's don't push every button thing off a game. That was also next week to yeah, just because we have random remote controls. So I just like pressed every button to see what it does before I start the game like sense. It's a good thing to do. Don't be like Mike. Yeah or me. Hey you are so our Mike. I was like which Mike are we talking about? Both currently? Yeah. I'm watching the play through Thursday is clearly out running this firewall. I got hit by everyone was like why the hell was a stupid you thought well, there you go. If you go on up on us off and then you get to the wonderful wonderful way to finish a Gainer. There's a puzzle at the end of Egypt that apparently you can skip I just saw what you can skip it if you run all the way to the side of the wall. Pungent why you're running you can jump on the plungers and just miss it. Barely. Nice. That's stupid Moon something. Yep. We got the jump off the block. I hated that I was like my God stupid cuz you can't jump on the box. You have to jump off the block you to stand on them directly on them and then jump in order to activate it to get the next one. That's another instance where you need to use the lock function to the rebirth scroll the scroll that you got way in the beginning. It's it's not not good at puzzles and then you can Minecart riding like you're in Temple of Doom again. I I like that. I mean, it's really really simple you just jump into a different mind like what all I could think of a simple do when they're escaping. Oh every Minecarts Donkey Kong Country Country just ripping off people do also offer which way we're going to talk about that game before too long to Temple of Doom. I know I'm looking forward to go with you on this show. I didn't know you wanted to there's a game for first time. I've never really bothered to get, New Jersey. . It's really bad. That's bad. I played it. It's really nice twice and Super Nintendo games. So it's not this one of those figures Genesis license game. Yeah, but it's just nice to Thursday. Okay. Well have a lion king buddy. Okay and came with you guys on that one took so long time ago when I played it for maybe like 20 minutes. I was like fuck this game is terrible so I can hear the monkey sound when you when you are my head. I had never played in a store and I tried it. I was like, oh plug this cable is this it's rough. That's not Capcom. So with the monkeys and the ostriches and a lot of nightmares for a lot of kids out there open up logs up waterfalls terrible. And then after you finish Egypt and you get the whatever the hell you get in the tub d'oeuvre you have to go to the song. Oh, this is another Indiana Jones thing. You got to use the scepter to the roof rack laid. Yep. You just get the key to open up a basement for a for a guy too scared of ghosts choice, but in instead of finding out where the Ark of the Covenant is, which is the Viking ships on like the opposite end of the map. How did this key? Get all the way over here Frozen in the ice. I don't know and you ain't getting back though. You could always to the end you get a flag and then you get the key. I mean, I don't think I would have put two and two together for I wasn't cheating using a guide. I can't see younger Mike who would have played this when he was like six years old figuring this out wage. You just aged me. I feel really old when you said that you wanted section 19 anyone. I just I I played it later. Oh, it was fine for five eighty-seven. I am not working right now. That's what I would have been fine. But I didn't play this when the first came out cuz I was still living at my old house. I hadn't moved yet and I met the friend that had this game later. So it would have been ninety-five probably still aged wage. Got you. Both fate. I don't want to hear it or not. Older than me. Are you yes. Yes, maybe three oldest bills got me be too. So I don't feel bad. You know, he's about to turn forty. Wow. Yeah, I wouldn't guess that so I like the South Poles. Okay. It's a simple level it gets really annoying when you go back later, But then you go to the Viking ship dividing ship is interesting to me. It's not I enjoyed the Viking ship though. It's not bad. It's definitely it's got more verticality than a lot of the other levels you're going wage were end up and down. What is it still hasn't cool moments to it. You get to ride little things on robes. And you get to ride the Crow's Nest things up the cool Parts. It's visually interesting. Yeah. I'm a single mom with a lot less death in screaming dancing screaming. Oh God, super Ghouls and ghosts is a game that I once peed with a friend with Rich friend friend of the show, but we beat it with save states and it was like wow. One of my jobs at the safe say button while he played the game. It'd be the number to hit actually the first game I ever that. My mom ever got me was super Ghouls and ghosts on the show. Yeah, that seems appropriate. Yeah, cuz that game was terrible hard. It's on switch online. So you got rewind now that's how I beat it you go. You can buy it for the switch babe. It's free. Yeah. Well other than their dollars off. So when you go after you get to the the sad Viking guy who just like I'm scared of ghosts and then he used the key that you got the other level for some reason and then you can go into the basement ship or not. Bitch. I was in Transylvania. I follow all kinds of ghosts if these are more annoying like this is a I do not like the inside the ship. I hate this boss. I hate the the big Pikachu members are run out you they're kind of dicks. You can't hurt them. Yeah, you just gotta jump over them at the right times. Okay, so you can't hurt them right because I never figured out how to do that job. I don't think I tried the the other ammo on them, but I wonder and I got you a popcorn and it didn't work. I didn't bother with the bubblegum. Like I definitely didn't remember them. I probably didn't make life as far when I used to play it you can skip them like I'm watching in the video. I'm watching the guy he just skipped the Big Pete and when a whole different direction and in this ship and just skipped it run waste the boss was why didn't you tell me this. Cuz I did walk the speed like when I'm watching right now where the guy she knows how to play the game better than me. We should do that beforehand. I do something. I do resonate with games. This pause wasn't too bad cuz it's just a matter of waiting for him to land and then jump it up and shoot him in the face. He's like either biking zombie with a hammer for some reason and he you you you know, you said you hit him in the face and he fought the face falls to the Head falls off and then he jumps the other side of you put back together. You have to jump up and hit him at the right time or you blocked it with the shield know. It's like you said the beginning every boss is shoot Wade to wait and the whole reason that you home. Viking king get rid of the ghost and a ship that because he promised you the diary. He's like, yeah, I don't have it. Thanks. Help me though sucker. Let me send you back to the South Pole. But this one they give you the final plunger, which is only issue is what I think twice in this game. Yeah, I don't care for it. This is the one where you can you can you can use it to stick certain Birds the two birds and these particular spots and then you can ride the bird and this is another check mark in the Michael didn't mess with the controls because I thought it was this you wrote a horizontally didn't realize you can move it up and down should go a little bit on the screen off when I get hit by one of their birds with bombs and fall to my death and this happened more times than I'd like to admit to not put together pretty quickly told me about it the first time and I was like, okay come up and down in the second time. It came around. I'm like, what am I doing wrong? Cuz I forgot I don't feel too bad. Then. I feel bad. I don't know the hell hell about guessing with her off. Where am I guessing with a cheater? Cuz you cheat all the time. So there I do. Yes, it's it's rubbing off on Mike now, too. Certain games there's no way I would have made it. There isn't able to without those weapons. Okay, we have to talk about the the killer whales of the orcas in this next part of an article cuz they are terrifying. I mean the the nightmare inducing thing. Yeah, you're jumping on ice on icebergs. Hey Guys Burgers and they have these huge giant killers of pop out and try to eat you and if they hit you it's wrong to kill did you fall in water? And I have like human teeth like oh God, it's not in the funny thing is there's Penguins right before you see each Orca, which they eat they eat penguins. So it's kind of funny to me off if I'm going to look like they're wearing bibs for some reason and little army helmet looks like there's a green heads. It's gotta be a helmet think so I'm watching it right now, but it was like almost dead. Yeah, okay this part and the ice business in this game. Oh, they're annoying. I know it was not enjoying icebergs last night. We were playing that we were trying to finish this game for the show life like a hurricane here in Iceberg it's a pain. I can't imagine doing it legit back in the day. I tried my hardest. It didn't go. Well you had me to help you out. So it's okay. I made him do most of the buses I struggled in Egypt and you're going across the the platforms of the fall over top of the lava. Like for some reason. I always missing jumps there. That's because you did in to run off guard here. That is why we already exactly hi. Oh, man, I can't smoke. We didn't I can't believe they didn't know to run in this game. Either just got was playing on hard mode. What was the Genesis controller? I mean we're using I'm using a 360 controller to play this. Yes instead of four buttons with the star you have like 4 8 10 buttons. I mean, I set the buttons where I want them, but still I just don't like it who's got time to push a couple of buttons really got apparently I can't let him know the run but I wonder why you moved so damn slow. I mean, I've done all moving slow. I guess annoying you have one speed even talked about how you only have one speed and we should watch me and how I ran I watch you play the game sorta. I guess I didn't pay no attention, you know, babe. Yeah. I know. It's almost like nurses were way better than other games. I swear the podcast with you again to some comments. So and then you have to go to South Pole and you have to go through after you jump after you jump over orcas and almost died or dude I am Have to go through a fricking like real maze thing with seals and to get a diary of hidden inside a nice block wall wall versus hey, seals. Yeah. I got the I got the test thought you're right. They do break ice. I just watched it happen to and and then you so you get the journal you get up and then Pete who captured Huey Louie Dewey, which I have not seen at all in this game and I just thought yeah, I think they're in the intro to yeah, I guess but I mean you give you give him the map and the diary because he took your nephews and then you fly to his Hideout they get the map back. So I really how do you know? Where is hi. Is I don't know but you do apparently follow him. I guess this this walkthrough refers to them as the ducky gang which is just hilarious off ducky gang a bell. That's what it says. And then you have another the second part when you have to fly is the bird again, so they know, you know the make of the green one. Don't forget you can move forward to claim. New sections. I don't know what kind of idiot wouldn't do it that I make a lot of dumb mistakes in games. So it's not like I can talk but you better night usually better than me. I think I was playing this like home tonight. So for me, that's probably past 7:00. 4, but you also like you were saying about the snake you have a bunch of snakes in New Jersey last level cuz you cuz you got the map that he took away from you last with him and he titled some research a lot of snakes. If you title then you get to write in their Minecart to impeach level. I hate to say thanks. I hate that. They're noise why they have to be snakes hard. I already made that joke. I was like again, it's such a Indiana Jones thing right in also we had mentioned yet that when you stand still Donald gets really really mad at you. We actually offer did it. So like super quick though. It's like 3 seconds and he starts tapping his foot of anger problems. He's never make him angry. Yeah. This is like, you know that Mekong. Angry stop eating them. Geez. What did you think of the Platforms in Peach level? They did like rotate back and forth with jump on the helicopter things Oh, you mean all the blind jumps that you have to do it here because you can't see where you're going to get you right there. Pretty blind martial rotted lot of shit off-screen. You just have to hope that you land on one of them, it's bad. I mean, I think I did. Okay though. I mean I was cheating so it wasn't a big deal. It's just like save states will help you there jumps a state jumps tasty jumps AC isn't that bad this game? I tried to to only save say at the start of rims. So typically I was going through entire rooms again, except for like the big winding ones like the pyramids so I would die here and then I would do the whole room again. I'm like, why am I doing it this way? Why did I just figure it out of the second to last long? Would you like to suffer? I guess I guess that mind-set were like I got like you beat Darkwing Duck legitly for some reason. Yeah. I don't know. I was also early on when you joined the show before you realized even or Yes, you know what you signed up for when he joined. I release now I can say that I'd be Darkwing Duck Eliason realign. So yay, we got the achievement for it. I did get the page it maybe it's entirely possible or just or just a preview that I could I could do it. Yeah, like wage job. I probably I guess so. I how do I I enjoy Pete Idol I enjoy as you have like kind of climb up a level use a little elevated you have Pete gun shooting at you or like mini Pete's I guess you had a lot of kids wage. Yeah. It's the Clone. I'm telling you just had a lot of kids or had your kids and he's got a PJ, which I assume is Pete Junior and then pissed off. I think it's the girl. Well, that's a good joke. I have no idea we're talking about a door will do Goofy Movie on the show sometimes. Yeah, okay to be back for that wage. And then you get any finally at the end of each level or P title. You run into Pete finally which again, you just looks like a frickin gangster from the 1940s and he goes into some it's a weird little love where he has like a Sonic song machine like robot machine theme from Sonic games that I kept thinking over. He just tried to squish. You said after a while a better robot next a better fit. Yeah. It's a lot like a. Robot and level where you have to hit them. Then you repeat the cycle a he's not a bad fight like he's pretty simple. Yeah. He's one of the easier ones that fail Ellen wasn't hard. No, he didn't kill the goons. Either me know I didn't know you could kill the goons suck. And it still wasn't hard. Yeah, it's I mean you don't you can just go back and forth in the first screen with the Enemy where the little minis aren't there and just let him keep dropping his big Anvil ringing and its hit him in the head. It's real simple who would win a fight three podcasters or one platform from nineteen. Ninety one former boss. I don't like Platformers that much. I'm kind of Platformers. I don't know what it was about this game. You didn't know how to run so you just about it. We're missing things in the game. Birds can fly up and down and you can run. I think it's funny. We both missed it though. I'm kind of happy as both of us. I was wondering why certain things are higher than they should have been I was wondering if you guys long as you could run. Let's see if I can be Mario on without running. Oh, I like you can probably not. So after you hit I mean I only use the plunger cuz they ought to save that all the corn for no reason at all. Cuz that's how I play these games. I saved the gum to add in like to use anything. I don't like to use anything Expendable as people who has been shown up. I save the gum just because I knew I needed it for the blocks just in case more blocks came up, even though I had like dozens of shots, but doesn't he just give you more sometimes sometimes not all the time. Well, I never ran into the situation. We didn't either I don't think we just he's been around me too long and tire says if you run out of gummy and come back to him to get some but I assume you have to go through all that level again. You you gotta go through the whole roof thing to get stupid you get to the final game. I think it's like Duck island or treasure. I don't know if he'll notice I didn't some Island you go to which has the cuz you got the diary back and this time you're able to read it. I don't know why the hell you didn't read it when you first picked it up in the ice, but you read it and you find out you have to go Long Island great deck Treasure Island according to the locker room and it's more snakes and there's also leaves you jump on that fault there disappear as soon as your fall apart when you jump on them, that's fun, which feels like another world of Illusion thing off. I kind of know what you're talking about. We're not really like, yeah. I have very little reference to that game. I know the trying to make me player that something else. No, that is a magical quest Starring Mickey Mouse, which we will absolutely play if she keep jumping late now, it's levels interesting. Like it's you get to jump on Bynes at explode cuz find your exploding for some reason but I like to find a level in this game. I don't have a problem with it. Even if I gave me Last Crusade Vibes at the end of this level. Okay. I also didn't realize this game was a spoof on Indiana Jones until the very end until near the end of the game. Is it the leap of faith thing? That's what made it clicks off. Like your own preference and I'm like in my I don't if you took me about it. So the controller down your like I said to you too if I remember you mean like how did you not notice that I think so. Yeah, probably why did you not notice that cuz I wasn't pay it. I don't know. I got nothing on the lot to like I'm a big fan. I don't know. Why didn't click but did not click until that part when I'm like this is laughter seen like no, You go through the temple was like gold and ducks that are statues that yeah. I hated those like Gump skills through the shield and everything. I didn't use. I know I mean either watching the lock through and yeah, I'm just obliterates and that's cool. Then you have these pillars you have to jump on to avoid getting squished by spice. I think it's wrong to kill maybe I don't know but you there's a part near the end of this level which I had. It's just a pain to jump on a block and then shoot plungers to jump up this whole and you don't have a lot of time to do it. It's a it's you have just a few seconds or like a second or two seconds to make this jump my kid to do that for me. I can do it. And then when you get to the leap of faith thing where you you get into an open area, would you like Straight From Last Crusade where every time you jump off 1000 from the second platform will will appear and at least they're not time like Mega Man Yeah Boy, I just gave someone a panic attack dog. The sound is not accurate. I mean, I haven't play Mega Man was found in a while, but you sounds right and then you get to the final boss, which it looks like someone from The Crusade. It really looks like with the guy and the girl asked her said right? Yeah, which I didn't piece together until just when I pulled up the bus, I like. Yeah, he started the guy that has some choose the Holy Grail Choose Wisely, right you chose poorly you play collection you chose poorly it better to something different plan this trip. Okay, that's fair within the last few weeks off. Okay, mostly good though. So sorry too terrified to hell out of me blood almond. No common. Okay, but I want to just garbage in the hospital its source. He really not want to play Blood open to the hospital instead fuck blood open to say so when you go back and finish that game. Yep, even Julian didn't finish blood Omen two only. I beat it United Phoenix. I got has to sign up for this final fight is it's really simple when you know what to do. You get this duck thing. You have to stand he throws the sword and then you hit in the face before the block that are falling hits you the bubbles work better. I just wonder how you'd appointment to I was saving the bubbles thought she made them out to the final boss boss. What were you saying? Yes, how I play games. Like when I play RPGs I save the megalixirs. I save everything even on even it doesn't matter. I just gave them I do feel like I use on my popcorn making it that for me too. I was I tried it a little bit and I was like, I'm done you do it. It's hard with the blocks falling because they fall they cover a good job. The screen the trick is you have to go either after you hit the balls you can stand with the store it is where you can stand where the boss is what he's still shaking from with his iframe invincibility frames for those that don't know before. Yeah, so that's what I did at once. I figured that I did that the whole time. I tried to tell them to use the bubbles, but he won't listen to me or saving them to be. No, I just was okay another way here, you gotta use them to destroy the box to get out just like the save ammo and stuff. There's no real reason to it. I just do it and then after you beat this boss repeat the game, you're playing Stone figurine of a duck princess noticed how upset he get he's like all this all this for just this like this the spread of Slum Donald just defeated off pretty good. He's so upset too. He's he's not happy either. I like that. He's like what and then it wouldn't breaks for some reason cuz I think the three nephews drop it off. Necklace just jumps on her neck and then she's all happy probably cursed. She's they like gold and jewels necklace Diamond. This is biggest her head. Hey. I thought it was the best friend right now that they say that route if I'll take a cat instead. Have you got you got to your good? I need another one. Nobody has to be more than three years. So yeah, your mom had eight we have four I need at least one to keep up with Mike. You have a dog. She counts as two know she doesn't suck. So I mean and that's the end of the game. They dropped the statue. She gets the necklace Daisy kisses Donald and Donald starts flying. He got killed. The end the end and then you see them flying in the plane Donald who's now got rid of his Fedora and Daisy sitting in the back, you know, I don't like fedora hats at all anymore. I really want a shuttle. Why not you were Indiana Jones at one time. That's not why I don't like it if I went like the doors cuz people with big trenchcoats, sometimes we're four doors and chase after you in games. So I don't get this mr. X able to hear me saying that traumatized me where I couldn't sleep the next day and I'm like Mister X is going to come get me and I'll tell you doing Mike in a mod for that. They're just turns them into one of the ninja turtles run their Fedora and trench coat. I just need a disguise to you extra activity. I find, you know, maybe when they're flying over the credits that it goes through each of the levels in the background. Yeah. It's kind of cool. It's I also want a reference. I like to cover how it shows Pete in an also in Indiana Jones outfit. It's not any job, but she you know what Pete looks like they'll walk. I just realized in the cover. He has the same hat as blocking the same type of job. Okay, go on just the villain in the first Indiana Jones movie that in the after the beginning. I think if passed The Rock when he gets out and he goes what you have can always be mine or something like that. Oh what you get can always I don't remember but he was here. It's not important. It's important to me baby. It's not important. We have to re watch the movie again soon. Oh good. It's a great movie to watch when I'm trying to edit. I was just making watch the tiger kitten guess I don't need to watch Tiger game ever and I'm sure I will again before the day before the before I die. That's what we're being for. How long is the country and Carol basket spoiler alert boy literally just came out after bonus. I'm so sorry mam questions comments your memories. Yes. I know that. That's the thing. I still doing the show. How about trivia? They have any trivia for us. Did you know there's a run button in this game? That you can run in this game. Oh man. All right. I'm just pulling up questions and memories right now. I did get a few actually got more than I was expecting a post first. We'll start with over blood is normal and I got back from OverWatch from Tiffany Albertson. This is one of my dad's favorite games. That's all I got over Blood. Come on over blood what's going on here? It was me and my dad would play this but I for some reason I never remember Game Pass Castle the castle Vania one, Transylvania go along with the joke that I realized that I'm like. Oh, she's not I'm sorry. Okay, that's me after I would have went with it or whatever and it says it's kind of Castlevania you go through a castle and you fight Dracula and you got wrong. That's why I thought she was I didn't realize he was you know, maybe the ghost is death. Maybe the ghosts out from made along the way God for that. Where's that from any way that I don't know. I think it's just something people started saying way way back in the day. Okay and okay for another group that actually gave you. From the Sega Genesis group that I posted this in first of all start with wry person. It's another Sega Disney classic fun to play Laura Andrew Messina used to play this but don't remember at all to well time to fire up the emulator good. I'm good, man. Nahi Spears top five. My Genesis still got it today. So do I just want from Joel pants? I have a question. What's with the randomly capitalized words to Route? That's just how I type when I make cops. I actually asked her questions different Facebook groups and I I capitalize certain words just because if a word is important to me, I'll capitalize it a title show autocorrect. I'll get you some times through Thursday. Well, my auto-correct will actually correct words. This is the wrong spelling cuz I type wrong so many times. Yeah and his phone speaks my Koosh now, it does have become quite the translator to talk forever from Daniel King. The music is so economy. I still listen to it now and takes you right back to my childhood that duckburg Fame is still super good, but I didn't end up liking the rest of it off. Like hurricane. It's a dark blur and Joe bail the music from Transylvania is so great. I don't know you're talking about and let's see wage. Like I hear you going from Billy Hardy my uncle got it with a mega drive for me. Oh my God. Good game at night time to levels the music and Metro levels cool. It was once he says make a drive. He's not it wasn't from if not from America. So I might have the wrong to okay is Milly Mill see got stuck in the pyramid. Yeah, I don't blame you not. Hey you like this one Mike from Shawn D tried fantastic game like Castle of Illusion. We might have to play that at some point. I'll play it and from John Hamilton, probably the best Donald Duck game I've ever played are I mean even are there? Yeah. That's what others are there. There are several Donald Duck in a warehouse call Mallard. There's some other ones to go and clackers that was going quackers. It's three platform from the past two hour. I'll never heard of it off. He's in the third magical quest game too, which is not nearly as good as the first two. Oh, he's playable and board of Illusion. Okay, we need to play that. Yeah, I think so. I might be affecting. Okay and this guy don't know what that is. All right from Joseph s the gfx in this game still looks excellent. Traffic's he's also an old the Kingdom Hearts games wage this one from Seth Lucas quick generic boring and slow compared to other Disney titles. Honestly surprised this come up with a good game. So often in this group Toy Story and Aladdin all day over the illusion games and Quack shots. Just my take. Wow, tell us how you really feel dude. You didn't say Lion King go. He didn't say, you know or Jungle Book. I mean any any Capcom Disney games going to be over? Anyway, I like this more than a lot easier though. There's a ladder game here. That's actually pretty good cuz I know no sap. Okay. Yep. So you guys talked about this on the 11 episode way to different companies made the the Genesis and Super Nintendo ones. We did. She go listen to it. We haven't you're not into you can listen to right. Yeah, that's far. They played like the Nintendo and Sega Genesis and The Game Gear and the Gameboy Color and the gal that was only you like those literally only you yeah. I know. I was unaware I was supposed to do that. So I was left out in the pool that I was supposed to play more than one game. He's like, no, you're not even have to know I have to but everybody else did what happens on the show Early Times May twenty. We hadn't really hit our stride yet. Yeah. It didn't use this message is just for you Mike from Kinfolk Sims. I'm sorry, but for sickness Disney type games, I'll take tailspin lying and I'll add any day over quick shop. Okay, so no, I won't play this over to a Salesman and if it's the Genesis Aladdin, I would play this over that and I also sent this guy or a girl. Spend video. So if you watched it, I'm sorry. If you're still listening to us. We were not most of that game. You're block story about it from Jason Walker man hated it. So I realized she could stash plungers. Yeah, I didn't borrow the manual with it. So I don't feel bad. Yeah, you're not going to get very far without that. I didn't have a minute either when we first played this game or if I did I didn't read it. So, you know, well, he didn't realize you could stack the plungers. Yeah. Well dear. Yeah. How did he get you don't have it right away. So it's no but you still can't get anywhere until you realize that. Yeah. I got two more. I'm going to read them. We're done with this section from Davie Kelly fond of quick shot, but they should have made more of the plunger gun mechanic if they had more levels that require you to make your own platform with the upgrade of hundred could have raised it up to be one of the best on the page drive. It really wasn't neat idea for the time still this okay not wrong. It would be cool to have absolutely. All right and from Ryan nesselhauf, I enjoyed this game when I was younger and finish it and uncountable amount of times. I can see by today's standards. Paired to other games how people can say it's slow. I personally liked it has Metro Vania elements in it. Even before metroidvania was a thing. It's not as slow if you know, there's a run button that's that's impressive like especially back in the day when you didn't have stuff like save states. Yeah, I'll buy that. I love safe States. I would have never played them all safe State. I don't know if I would have finished it cuz I have forgotten about it and I'm like shit recording today's welcome to change my mom phone that's never happened. I don't know how long game over Works in this. I don't know if you have continues or what but I might have been able to eventually learn it to beat it. But sometime when it says game over you continue, but you pick up that the level the beginning of the last level you were at that's not it's a horrible. Yeah, let's do not like some games I'd be like, oh you get started the entire game over. Yeah like Toy Story song. Play Store is a bitch. I would have whatever someday thanks. Thanks random. Comment that out there flying people some blankets actually almost on the show in the office the second season and then they said no they shot me down because I wanted to play that. Yeah, they were not interested in lacking. I kept the lab know, but I lost I'm pretty sure they don't listen to this. So yeah, so I still can't call them jerks you can for that reason. I just I will not but that's different. So enough of that last thing to say about quite sure before I go to shelterbox. I want to say how underutilized Scrooge McDuck in season that intro wage only time you see em, but I think they're just capitalizing on capcom's success with DuckTales like City Scrooge's in this too. Yeah, I guess I mean that's not when was the song DuckTales to I think wasn't that far away from this game else. You might have been actually released after this game came out. It's definitely although 1993 doing Ducktails to comes out and one dog. Anyone there be DuckTales still it's a good game. Can I know you have it? So you should yeah DuckTales one was eighty-nine. So it was absolutely out. I figured it was cuz it was an earlier NES game. Yeah, you should really play DuckTales you on your Disney Afternoon collection that I know you have. So I do have that it's a great game. Probably the best game on that collection. Wow. No tailspin. That's the best gamer. Oh, shut up. All right, let's go to chauffeur box and I'll go first if I want to so I'm putting this game on the Shelf. I had fun. I enjoyed it. It was a good game. It was a nice little romp after a very terrible long Halloween R. I played games that took the shit out of me. So it was nice. I guess it I got to say Doctor Jones Dr. Jones and that voice why am I playing this game for myself? But I enjoy DNA Jones reference. I'm glad I finally got to finish this game that I played so long ago with my buddy who lived down the street from me and I did it. I finished it I cheated but I finished it going on the Shelf. How about you Tiffany shelf for sure the Shelf cuz I have good memories and it's a fun game overall game. It's got a good will challenge to it and I liked it and it started you reasons not. Well, I think partly. Yeah, you're probably main reason this is actually on the show. Finally. Can't remember. I think Mike might suggest it but it might have thought. You know, I know it was on my shortlist Google lot during that time. We were trying to throw together schedule. Yeah. I don't remember a whole lot. So how about you might you know having it usually he lets the guests go first. So you guys can have that conversation after remember recording. I definitely have fond memories of playing this with my friend back in Ohio, like I mentioned but playing it now wasn't as fun as I remember that works of the music wasn't as good as I remember it being the ductwork mucus music a store, right? I agree with that comment that said they they could have done a lot more with it. It seems kind of basic when you lay it all out like we've done this episode. I feel like I gotta put in the Box just cuz I don't really have any interest going back and playing it again at least not anytime soon. So there's so many better Disney Platformers out there. Okay, techniclean deep duck trouble starting Donald Duck. I don't even know what that is for Sega Master System, or I gotta wake us up and keep going what you're saying price cut you off know there's pretty much that but I think I'd rather I'd rather play Darkwing again than play this one. What? Yeah. Can you change that song know I mean a game was sorry, but over listened to this is just a tough fucking game to play a night Mega Man cologne. No, I don't know. It's got screwed in the quantum Mega Man 3, and that's why I didn't like it as much huh. That's fair. You know the joke that only me and you get less dangerous. If you want to make sure you'll saying that whole entire thing check out that episode the very end. It was all my fault. He's saying it too but watching this deep enough trouble in the intro has Scrooge McDuck and a diary page. They're just very one-note when it came to visit. He plays Daisy I think in this game. I think that stays in the picture and their water. I've got a black through of it's Donald. I don't know if they picked a character dead how there's ghosts in this game too. He's running from looks like another Globe hopping on he's in the jungle and in a temple It looks interesting looks rough. It's Master System looks very close. It's a matter of some kind of like their version NES. Yeah, something like that. I actually don't know a whole lot about it. Hey, you got a chili pepper and you run fast. I've heard that somewhere. All right, and I think that's what we're talking about next week cuz I don't want to forget that again. Yeah and might get your pics. I want you to do what we're talking about next week. We are talking about the first Mass Effect just in time for n 7 day. Are you sure if I thought it would be usually later? It's like November 9th or something. I think is the release date for the episode of November 9th, November 8th at night and my time but yes never 9th is the official name. Date if I don't that's going to be a fucken log on though. Yeah, so it's a nice nice short episode. Then we go into along with respect. So if you enjoy it, so definitely check out Mass Effect were replaying that original doesn't hold up. We enjoy it better come find out. I'm going to say no to both of those. I've already beat both me and my cat already beat the games. I can actually answer your question. I'm not going to on the yep. I started I started the next week's game already today off and trying to get ahead. Mostly cuz I want to do it next weekend to play Watch Dogs Legion when it comes up you guys are married. Well, absolutely. I don't know what you're getting into. Yeah kind of how I was before before we got married love know. There is no podcast before we got married. So no they were competent. Well, yeah, you can you act like I forced you to tear it down eating forfeit. I'm just make me move Chinese it wasn't up. Anyway. Oh, right. I I want to I think it's time to wrap up. So, yep. And that's all you say if you enjoyed this episode, we covered a few other Disney episode. We did Aladdin episode twenty. I think that's all I can think of it off the top of my head. We do other Disney games. We did Darkwing Duck theme song to Darkwing. We did Dark DuckTales episode for which also $79 eighty something like that. Tailspin many is that detail some mini and tell you I definitely check those out and if you like to have to cover Cong diem uu movie check those out too. We got a bunch when we do Comics. We do all sorts of episodes. So go through our lobby. I'm sure you're going to find something that you like that you want to listen to people complain about her or enjoying praise. You never know. We you never know what we're going to say cuz I you know, we're going to say hey Technical and moral stuff assisting, you know listening to Disney now too. Well, I can talk just the cold seeping into you is killing you slowly. I got my electric black. I'm all right now so I'll give a shout out there awesome intro and outro courtesy a puppy AKA Mike's don't even see p bite the bullet songs the cool kids Squad definitely check him out on YouTube You'll see a link in the showroom as I said before birth. Subscribe to us on YouTube follow us. Let us know leave comments. I mean miss me I would recommend listen to a lot of pain on a podcast and thing but it's the same. Hey, it's there. If you want it on YouTube. It's there please and tell a friend telling enemy tell someone that you like gave birth rate would support the show and please follow us on Facebook Instagram Twitter and costly posting new images of what's up coming with the show and let you know all the new episode that we're posting passionately if we post a lot episodes. I think it's everything I need to say for tonight. We will see you guys off next week for our five hour episode four kids. Oh that's going to be a lot harder by everybody. off off

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