The 2019 Fantasy Things Draft


Welcome to the solid verbal for me man on forty. I've heard so many players say why one to be happy. You want to be happy for day. Eight estate is that won't go down anti welcome back to the solitaire verbal boys and girls. My name is tai hildebrandt and as you know the season is right around the corner but before we get into the weeds we are very excited to give you the replay of our twenty nineteen fantasy things draft now this year a little different. It took place on two consecutive nights in two different cities one in dallas one in washington d._c. Both of those shows were alive but completely different from one another and of course a ton of fun so for your purposes only we thought we'd cut out as much of the overlap as humanly possible muscle and give you one continuous show featuring all twenty four picks. Thank you again for listening and here's how it sounded on night. One at the alamo draft house just outside dallas texas <music>. Welcome thank you for coming. I hope everyone is ready for an hour and a half of intense hobson shaw discussion. Oh my god that is why everyone is shot tien. Dan the classic courts them correct so welcome to fantasy things show or a show oh. I don't know we're doing another one tomorrow. Flight gets canceled. We have a lot of college football weirdness plans but today we drove up from <music> austin boo okay. I don't know how people feel pretty good. Yeah i read the room and we stopped in wow. Oh wow this is a good crowd. We stopped in temple texas at bookies and we had never been it now. We're just gonna talk about buggies for an hour to have been there. Oh my god good would help we had eleven combined bites of caramel corn and almost went into a coma to- states. It's there. There was a jerky district. There was a jerky erkki district. It's like the joke that i made was sim city. If you could be at your own gas station correct it's huge yeah. We bought nine dollars shirts and we spelt wonderful about it. Shout out temple texas shoutout buggies and thank you for coming to the show. I'm sure talk a little bit more about buggies progress through here but this is the solid verbal tie. He's dan how by the way taylor shout yeah. How many people are here against their will go okay and she got the first row seat from somebody that is pray fan. I like it well. Thank you all for coming. We encourage everyone to take as many pictures as you would like and hashtag them with fantasy things we will use those any which way re tweet civic in front of a buck for buck out whatever whatever you so desire will use these pictures in some manner her bio for those of you who may or may not be familiar with the concept of this show. Fantasy football is kind of thing. It's kind of a big deal right. That's that's been going on forever. We decided many years ago to take a different spin on fantasy football or at least our brand fantasy football and rather than drafts players college football players. We decided that we would look at the college football season before us and instead draft storylines draft oddities today's draft things narratives things joy happening yeah things that we as fans enjoy happening so not sample give some examples of previous years picks the the best pick of all time was yours which was the backup is better than the star always backup especially college they have deep depth chart right and it's like oh the backup backup quarterback he would start at nine other schools right it always sorta works that way we score it and we get points as often as it happens and we've just come to realize that we just want to pick funny things that only happen occasionally but make us laugh incredibly so <hes> we have a cross college. Football selected a number of things. I think six rounds worth six rounds snake draft which is a little weird for only six rounds six rounds and we're going to do the same thing tomorrow in d._c. This is a totally different show. We worked hard to put this one. We'll not that hard but right worked hard put together and then how entirely separate content right pallet scheduled for tomorrow correct ladies gentlemen robert now. He's not here so here's the way this is gonna work. We're going to go back and forth. We're gonna talk through all sorts of college auditees before each pick though there is going to be a sound that some of you may be familiar with taylor you could. We stole that from e._s._p._n. Don't tell them yeah. We flip the coin <hes>. We decided that i was going to go first because i drove up here from austin correct. Should we feel good about that so we've drafted things. It's sort of like the n._b._a. Draft lottery where it was all notarize in the car yeah so. I think it's time i think we should do. I think it is time ladies and gentlemen. Let's go. Let's get this thing start. It will be questions after anybody. We'll do it q._a. After we're not gonna record that so really go for it really yeah all right taylor. If you could with the first pick to yours truly in the two thousand nineteen fancy things draft. I select elect urban meyer coaching rumors so here's the thing about urban urban meyer has lost thirty two games however many years he's been coaching. That's really that's like better than kansas over. The last five cs police went to a state school and he said three months ago when people asked him quite pointedly. Are you done coach return in coaching. He said listen i'm done. I learned my lesson i think i think i'm done right. Do you think that will stop people from talking about urban meyer inevitably going to u._s._c. no because he's just in section. I think people will talk about it. I mean who isn't watching the fox pregame. He's going to be all of our minds aw i don't think it's going to happen. I think the thought of for u._s. Fans of saying we're going to get urban. Meyer is more of a threat than a desire like oh okay okay. I don't think he's going to like l._a. I don't think it's going to be a fit and i think they would go in a different direction and honestly. I don't think u._s._c. is going to hire them even if they get rid of health but it will not stop the rumors because people have to talk about something and trust me occasionally l._a. Talk about college but not very often well well. Here's the thing is he too serious for l._a. Yeah definitely think about. I don't know if you've ever seen their commercials in california by the tourism board of california and a hat like magic johnson and actors actors and actresses tell us about how cool laid back and come ride the wave and cala. Can you imagine urban meyer appearing in any of that. The clippers just spent like five hundred million dollars players. Nobody cares. Nobody's going to care about urban meyer at u._s._c. but the rumors elsewhere are going to persist because people need need something to talk about time he looks wooden and somewhat resentful on that fox pregame chevy time anytime he does. That's his resting face anytime he does. Does this looks like anytime he does that will be a little bit more wood for the fire right. Sure does urban go to l._a. Right now and he's going to be out there. I think bourbon fire would take the head coaching job. At the finnish national soccer team serie baked into the scandinavian way of life. I think is better suited for urban meyer in california. He needs that sort of gut wrenching misery to to exist it would likely bother him yeah the others around around him. I think you'll get points. I'll get what do we know what the scoring system spinal no sort of calvin ball. It changes us as we go every year. I think that's really good pick it smart. It's smart and it's going to happen right worrying. It's wouldn't pick stratford high houston texas. That's awesome all right urban meyer mick taylor the sharing of beer. Is that going to get. I'm going to go. I was hearing murmurs back. There with the second overall big dan rubenstein selects scott baker mayfield so all right so i have i have questions. He got a raise the register take time what what does having a little baker mayfield in him meaning. I have no idea i think at some combination of being five ten and a half happen kind of a brick which which to me is a i think we've got like seventeen baker mayfield types in this audience a quick scam but i love you. I don't know what it means. I have the list here and this is media members. This is random fan. This is media guides quotes. I have all of the people who quote how a little bit of baker mayfield to him and it is ridiculous here we go and i don't know i still don't know what it means. Is that feisty cross crabby bad but this is one hundred percent true because we verify this with price. Waterhouse coopers is true okay. Why are we like an ernst and young show. I don't understand okay. Oh sam howled north. Carolina hasn't played a college. Freshman never played a snap before has a little break breaker mayfield to him will greer tommy devito british comedy legend alan bowman trace mcsorley wasn't good last year scandal ian book charlie brewer sam hartman wake forest era king houston oklahoma state softball player samantha xiao real hundred to present real drew lock longtime shortstop troy lewinsky really end. We're going party met corral cornell l. quarterback preston colbert. Apparently he's going to be the new russell wilson not just in the pros. This is a college football podcast walk as you're going to see college. Quarterbacks compared to baker mayfield who are nowhere near as good as him and they're like. I don't know he's got a little wiggle. There's a little swagger just is he runs a little hot manslaughters unbelievable. Well don't manslaughter everybody. Don't it's good bad indifferent. I love it. I love it so i feel good about the point possibilities here all right all right so we're doing a snake draft here. Which means you get to in a row. This is a good one all right the third pack. I selected broadcasting catastrophes yeah. That's right so this includes. There's a lot of different things but you know sometimes you're watching a game and the audio doesn't fully cut out but suddenly it sounds like the broadcasters are speaking over rotary phones where it's like all of a sudden. They're like the bigger mayfield drops back in art. Audio dropped out and we are going to get it fixed. We're going to get things worked out. Sometimes there's only one camera that works and it's the wide camp or random zone camera. Sometimes the graphic ceo wide receivers name is first name last name. That's a personal favorite of mine. I don't root for it but i kinda do and i'm pretty happy with this because there are first of all e._s._p._n. Does not this is kind of shocking to me. They don't broadcast all the games on site. Sometimes the announcers are on site and it's produced back in bristol which means chaos total k. i. favorite yeah and this is sort of a close first cousin of this is when everything goes sideways and then they just decided we we don't have any audio right we can't them. Via skype like sean mcdonough is he's m._i._a. Down chris qatar and he's going to do the game from a sterile studio right setup back in bristol. That's what he does and inevitably it turns into like a podcast that because that would be like the best e._s._p._n. Podcast to do that now. It's our shot spark yeah but inevitably. That's what ends up happening at sterile. There's no crowd microphone whatsoever. No ambiance and chris is it's like second down. I guess i do you remember the insight bowl from like nine years ago believe iowa after the insight bowl fans out insight dot com bowl the shot out comparable the the wire ham broke broke. That's right bell infect the stoppage. That's just like that's one up. One up won't get so many points at the lower camp falls. Don't hurt anybody wire cam so does it count. The pylon camp gets blown up. Now i mean that's separate direction. If that's the only camera that we have available available to watch the game of squinting at something forty yards away with the pylon camera that counts okay otherwise pylon cams gonna. It's gonna get hit sean mcdonough. Via skype is one thing has been kidnapped that counts if desha mcdonagh's sylvia he does okay next pick next peck personal favorite. Maybe not just for me but for many in the room. I select mack brown aka dog new tricks so oh i must. I must be very specific very specific. We did a pick last year where we talk about scott frost going back home to lincoln nebraska. Welcome home scott scott frost. Yes and we knew that that was going to be like a tired store. Everyone's gonna talk about well. Go home. Go with your flight banners. Oh ho stadium right and we said rather than that we need to see you up picture of scott frost from backing his playing days with a shirt a little too short and there must be a belly button showed enable got guys like that so i am kind of building on. I'm and i'm saying mack brown in any kind of published works. I don't care if it's digital. We need his naval. No no no no no ally atalaya different different okay it needs to contain both the phrase old dog and neutral dog new tricks dog and new tricks so here's the deal with one mack brown as i'm sure many of the room no background has not coached since twenty thirteen how he was probably really good now. When debatable groans case mccoy put his uniform correctly as far as i know all the time doc it's been twenty two years since he was last at u._n._c. mhm they decided that in lieu of larry fedora whatever went on during larry fedora it's time in chapel hill yeah. We're going to go back to the well back to what we're before twenty two years ago yeah. We're gonna hire background now. Every college football reported that i have read who has interviewed matt brown or has gone down to chapel hill to talk to mack brown. See what's going on yeah. Everybody comes comes away intoxicated by this charm offensive. That mack brown is so good. What did they say about his true. Freshman quarterback sam howell baker mayfield call that won't we'll be the first time but you know now he's like got people on his side and i hope it works for because everybody likes brown but he's kind of like going to the spread offense and he's got a tryout a defensive coordinator from army and just it feels like he is the old dogs trying some new tricks <unk>. I'm not sure they're going to work right at this has the people to run what he wants to run right. We got bobby between going back to louisville great. As far as i remember everything went well they did because i'm a little bit worried not that north carolina feels burned by him leaving coming back after he told them a better looking lady and now he's coming back and he realized maybe this lady for him. I'm a little bit worried that it's going to go kind of rock direction sooner rather than later i'm scared of heights and sometimes when i go up to the top of a water slide back it up there now for me and i think that's going to happen at some point with mac brown because he's i don't think he fully realized what coaching in two thousand nineteen is going to entail a powerhouse for house sixty seven years old. I believe him so this is clearly not intended to be a long a long term move better looking than randy edsel on the right. Maybe i thought maybe sacred cow no-brainer to me okay but i'm curious to see how how this goes because the game it's always the thing when an old coach comes back like i any coaching changes a bit of a coin flip right and then secondly when you bring the old coach back back double coin flip to see he's still he's still got it so i envision this being the kind of thing that tom all just loves so i got tired old in all the worst this. Is this exactly rinaldi poor now where we're going to have like. It's either something we'll all be do that. Please don't but we're going to have a situation on college game day where it's like. Can you teach dissolved. Oh it's going to happen. I think it's gonna get weird. This is a secretly good. Pick the full list of recent people who have come back to previous jobs and really killed it bill snyder okay. There's the list yeah. I think it'll be fun for a little while and then it's going to get weird probably like tonight probably not all right. I'm up again all right. Yes you are making all right here. I i do eligible children with my next pick. I select drama building here. Zinke confused palpable garrard's gilbert's. I select going to the storm radar. Aw in the midst of eight lightning delight harris seagram meteorologists oreo very secret but so here's by thing. I was thinking about this on on the long dry up here. I don't ever remember when we were younger. There being such thing as a lightened delay in a football game right right it wasn't until the millennium day malaysia wasn't until the millennials took oh yeah and so inevitably what happens is there's like a storm delay right and it's like oh we asked the fans to shelter go into the corridor and the players have been there'd be like nine our games that have transpired over the last five years or so right and there's always that scene where they will. We have nothing to show here. We can go back to the to the studio but what we need to at least you fans some expectation for when this when we can start this thing backup right and then they go to the radar. They always go to the radar and they do. They have a professional looking. No no i'll get to the exception but they always have somebody looking at the radar and they're reading off of whatever the national weather service has told hold them for how long it might be the guy that they can be weather service in one ear and somebody on the ground at the game in the air and whatever they're saying makes no sense and we have no idea what's going on. They only make it more difficult so you don't have the meteorologist pointing the weather guy pointing radar. All you have is just a stationary radar that sort of moving and you don't really know what to make of it and sometimes if you're lucky maybe we can go to the next slide taylor. It's always him. We mentioned chris connor conor before. I don't believe he's even doing studio this. That's what adobe told us. We asked him to make certain jokes but it kinda did. It's like they might go to him as he's doing the a._c._c. Network games big right under his chance big chris qatar yeah but they always go to somebody back in the studio because they don't know what else to do. They're trying trying to read the radar. The exception is mike rigo is he. Have you hurt my thereto do that. Much notre dame. I watch football. Uh in college might to rico is astoundingly good at doing the the weather. I believe that he knows how cells move and like oh yeah. He's really into the weather whenever he's done it. During notre dame games lightning delay anything something like that mike tirico musc- notice his weather okay to say the least so that's the only exception when this is like a week goto chris qatar while he's calling the game for the a._c._c. network because actually going to know that he's calling a game for the s._e._c. network. Everybody pumped for the a._c._c. This room say yeah a._c._c. A._c._c. is just acceptable. It's chris qatar yeah baby doing the lighting delays may not but this is the kind of thing that happens like once or twice this every year. I love it so much and i love it every time it. How do you think was there. There was a movie with gerard butler who was trying to control the weather was a sci fi movie. She geo storm geos. Yes i just reminded me. That's all that could change things for for the situation. Goldstone radar might okay. I like that. I'm gonna go monthly next pick. We got <music>. This is a good one okay. It's chris qatar qatar. Is this the the right order all right. Just put it on the street. What's the next pick yeah. It doesn't say that right. Did i mess it up. Okay so this. This story came out a few weeks ago that l._s._u. Got a new football facility. I think it was money donated from alums uh-huh paid for the new football. Everybody got up in arms. Like why are you saying they have sleep pods and everyone is so cool that they have sleep pods. Nobody had heard of sleep pies before l._s._u. Had sleep pods and you know what's better than sleep pod. That looks like that abed obeys so much better. What else is better probably a beanbag chair in two thousand dollars in your pocket and every i mean raise your hand if you'd rather have a thousand dollars in your mind okay i what i don't wanna sleep. Holiday inn seems kind of uncomfortable and we're going to hear about sleep lee-potter because we're going to be seeing l._s._u.'s new locker room in perpetuity as teams figure out what to spend money on like this is the problem right locker the rooms and the training table and luxury athletic trainers everything and we'd have sleep pods. We're going to get luxurious. Gm's weird. We get luxurious cafeterias. They're going to run out of things and then there's just going to have to give them american dollars which seems oh hey. Do you remember when having a like ipad yay showed you're like i can't speak from experience yeah obviously but apple right. Do you remember when it was a big deal to have the ipad bright with the player's name digitally yeah i can zam rape from my locker amazing yeah and now we're at this point where it's like locker. Rooms are going to turn into the new prompt pulls fly. Everyone is trying to outdo each other and you can't go to a good place. I mean it's in clubs and it's a play place. It's a mcdonald's backyard and that's apparently what college kids mont slides. I don't know well. It's something that's constantly. Brewster's millions situation like quick got us for the my real quick sleep pods house oregon spent their money. They bought responsibly and suitably mature early. I don't know why you would bring up oregon well. They've got all the uniforms play into the stamp like one up. Do they all brazilian walnut in their facilities. Maybe maybe that's okay. Facility upgrades are definitely the kind of thing it draws attention during my college game day for you know there's there's a stoppage of play somehow subway and chris fowler upgraded the facilities says past year. They've got a ball pit now see. I'd be okay with that up five with a ballpit but i'm just saying it's like we're going to constantly now. 'cause you imagine one culture one of those commercials so we talk this thing a couple of years ago where it was like any time there's a commercial featuring a microscope and somebody dancing four eight college college that counted as fantasy things and it turns out every university commercial microscope and somebody dancing the arts is dance how how many of these if you can see in your mind and commercial. That's microscope playing sports for somebody is writing in a tutoring session and there's a bunch of three hundred pound dudes in a ballpit. I'm listening. That's all. I'm saying if i'm sixteen. I like microphones dancing. Dancing involved is singing my name someone. I like okay all right. We should do an update. Look all right got urban rumors old dog mak which don't google that either now. We've got the lightning radar. Do you like your team right now no better than my team to say. What do you like better ever said that yeah. Rivers is strong boring but strong. It is boring strong. Yeah okay if you like my team better. Let's hear all right tim doc clarification question. You may yes mortgage. You're no no specific to l._s._u. Players in uncomfortable looking rectangles yeah. I was gonna talk about bucky. Someone yeah all right clearly established dominance in the room. I have a good feeling about this next pick. This one goes to mr dan rubenstein yeah. This is my favorite sleepiq. Marty smith committing to a bit. Ah if anybody in this room can tell me what marty smith's actual job is. I'm just going to call you a liar because nobody knows marty. Smith wears quarters zips. Explain southern cooking to somebody goes to italy yeah. He and tim tebow get haircuts together. He goes to dubai because there's a georgia fan. Maybe working there and i don't know what his job is. I don't know if he has a linked thin and how he describes it and i'm going to this one hundred percent genuine. I love marty smith. I love somebody that i'm not really sure what he does. He seems charting charming. Everybody says he's he's really nice to people but it appears that he just wears tight suits and doesn't eat carbs and likes things below maryland's yeah right. That'd be the mason dixon line yeah. Thank you <hes> so there's there's something about marty smith as he goes across mostly isley the south. I don't know if you've ever seen a picture of him before he had the beer. It's very scary when he comes gas. It's very different looking so true true story on that point now aw marty smith has a cult following yeah because we've been to national championship into like some of these bowl games or marty smith is there. He's sort of walking around and like he can't go. Oh four feet without someone asking. We love your work. Laura workman what i'll say about him and again. I've heard the same stuff that would marty smith smith. He's a fashionable dude because he wears all the fashion trends you all the time at the same time. He is the pioneer. The pioneer who brought the sneaker the studio host sneaker occur trend sneaker right. He is the one who brought that e._s._p._n. Like an adorable little nicer at a wedding that is wearing chuck's with the soup that is correct. Marty smith the grown own out version that is correct is. He's the three year old asher after dark. We love marty smith. We love love love marty smith i just he commits to bits during the draft and this won't count because it's not college football. He was down in new orleans. When they took zion williamson. Any crowd surfs through the french quarter her after they took him. Nobody goes to pelicans kings but marty smith is there to serve during the n._b._a. Draft it has a little bit of a bear grylls. Feel feel to it where it's like sure i'll drink my own. Where did this come from right. I guess yeah he does commit to it goes for it and so there is something that he just randomly on game day is going to appear randomly during a game in a quarter and a scarf and dressy sneakers and all sorts of fashion at the same time. He'll show up next tim tebow. They both have their like sides. Shave gel cone. I don't know what to call that hairstyle. That sounds like a a handle. You would call yourself. Often counterstrike shave gel cala but i just love it. I love every bit of it. Looking determined guy okay all right. Go all right next pack. I wanna talk talk a little bit if we could get serious second about coaches when they're here goes roque conversation it. It's a friendly road. We can have this now so couple of years ago big earn. When you're in a few years ago i drafted mike gundy's hair and i think that was before for he grew. The bullet wasn't it. He get you like hairlines. There's somebody you inhere legs. You love that bob. Glory former notre dame defensive coordinator very strong hairless oklahoma oklahoma analysts took heartful. You know his stocks down but i had this. I don't know why i drafted. Mike gundy's here and then like a year in later. He drew a frigging mullet yeah and i. I was inundated people riding in san. Did you see this. Did you know i don't know right so i thought this would be good time now. It's been a few years removed to sort of level set which just examined the coaching profession as a whole as it relates to here yeah. I'm just picturing you getting inside information for the fantasy things calling barbara's around stillwater right here on billions getting inside info before a stock in talking about hearing in hearing about gun so of course the hair on top of the head stuff that most visibly goes wrote the stuff that i'm most excited about. Is i think the boop we've seen in college football with facial hair. Yeah and i want to talk about lovey smith a little bit holy hell. We don't have a picture of him at the ready but imagine shaved. We've had big white pop. It's a santa beer yeah. It's amazing yeah drew it last year. It like time stood still for that moment realizing that this is a real thing. That's out to you but it wasn't just him. We've seen larry. Fedora grow a beard kind of random to get a little edgy. Now we see mark richt i would mark richt left georgia. He was trying to break out of his shell. Little bitten going down zola moderate miami all of a sudden. He's got a little peach fuzz here so i'm just kinda curious what twenty nineteen might bring as it relates coaching hair again again yeah. We'll manny diaz is going to be up there. He's going to be up there because he has like the one o'clock shadow where after lunch it starts coming in and so he just might have a moustache without without even realizing it. I appreciate that the going rogue thing is grace because it's it's pretty easy to keep a beard trimmed mustache trimmed. Whatever sometimes coaches make deals with player players. They won't shave until they lose. That kind of thing which i think is pretty endearing and find it brings everybody together. There's something about dana hoeger. This is an older picture but there's something about his hair hair that he's not willing to give up on that seems equal parts amazing confidence ladies confident commander and also that his hair is like a group of fans escaping lightning delay like oh god oh god and he's okay with thanks yeah so yeah. I don't know which coaches specifically because i think coaches are getting a little bit more. They're paying more attention to their grooming and their personal detail as weird conversation won't be background. Nothing nothing's going rogue about mack brown. No no no and you know what else i appreciate. This is actually this. This is going against you at the same time. Both tom herman and p._j. Flecked really losing and they cleaned it up. They cleaned it up. Yeah he's not he's. He's not what he sold on. He brought the show down here to texas he did so. We'll see what yeah that's right. I guess yeah yeah okay so so i'm excited to see what the future may hold think is going to go rogue facial hair with anybody you'd like to see i would like to see what's divas. You could do if you just let it go up. Oh god the seats because he's like mister clean up top right. I want to see if you just like it would go like flying over dakota at nights. You'd see a little light here ear their little four is. I don't think it's great. I don't you hearing coaching coaching haircut. Okay next back for my next pick. Isn't marty smith no. I'm going to select announcers gush a little bit you too much about a upcoming network t._v. Shows is my favorite. I lied so here's here's the way this works. Okay they come back from commercial and inevitably chris fowler adam amin our friends. Somebody is handed a cue card and it's got a script on it and it's is talking about a show show that that network has to try and promote toco and there's there's no way that you can go from that read read back into the game without a very long awkward pregnant pause yeah retinas lewis pretty smooth but even he when he's like tune atman of man. There's yeah it's charlie and what happens in that pregnant. Pause is what i'm talking about right here yeah because last season. I don't know how many notre dame as we have in the room here. Last season settled last season during the notre dame games doug. The food was all in on a show called manifest. This is true. You've told me about this many times. He was all in on manifest and here's why hi this is a sleeper pick. Yeah what is manifest by the way no it's like. I think it's like loss but yeah n._b._c. It's diet loss. Yes yeah they renewed lost. They renewed manifest for season two as we all know i challenge but doug flutie's ludi. He's like all in on this thing. He's like what i can't wait to watch next week. Can you believe what's going on there. No one's watching no one's watching that show now they've decided to renew it doug flutie's gush and i'm telling you if you watch college football with any regularity doug flutie is not the only one doing it. He might be the worst of doing it doug flutie but he's not the only one out there who is doing this where there's that long pause and it's like let's talk about wanna go. Why quantico preoccupied chopra she's great blue bloods there gary he always gary danielson loves blue bloods. Everybody knows that about gary. I i enjoy this a lot because a lot of them are older and they're watching network t._v. That's pretty much pointed at them and they have something to say but doug. Flutie's enthusiasm is startling. It is startling yeah. I can't talk about doug flutie. This is why not sometimes really like him. I like him when he does this. Okay that's one. It's exciting okay. Doug flutie just goes out of his way to over compliment opposing quarterbacks at all times i when i was finding this beautiful imagery and looking up doug flutie i discovered that there was a change dot org petition to remove him promoter dame fans and it was started in this section. Yes i have though i don't know why somebody would go to that extent to remove doug flutie notre dame games but somebody's grandparent has a lot a lot of time on their next back next pick <hes> this is really good also technically includes marty smith because it is when broadcaster promos now promos they promotes. It's a non household brand. Let me explain it sounds a little bit. Combined need an explanation for this so kurt herbstreet does commercials for eckrich sausage and i hadn't had anybody heard of accurate sausage. Wow seventeen people have heard i looked it up and it's owned by eckrich richer than it's owned by somebody else then owned by somebody else and now it's owned by giant chinese conglomerates doing sausage commercials for and then i went wrong with that he's doing it for. It's fine the shanghai pork meats court but then getting it on the action action. Marty smith is now. He's too marty. Smith is in on the equity once more and then i dug a little bit deeper reese davis and molly mcgrath doing eckrich. Deli leans dog a little bit further and i remembered erin andrews was doing true -biotics which is a fancy way of saying pills that help you poop. I think for a long time e._s._p._n. Didn't allow its on air talents to advertise things. They wanted to keep it real straight so it's sort of like the n._c. She aa sort of like the n._c. Double a. go for it and i know my i i never let me but here i go and and then i saw there was a lower rutledge and tie who also appears in this commercial mardi marty smith yeah. That's what mary does. It was for academy sports and outdoors doors. It was a very bad commercial but i feel like we're going to be getting more and more of these. I feel like we're going to be getting more of these endorsements of non a-list this brand's and i always really it goes back to erin andrews for me because that was just out of nowhere because if you remember the commercial all of them playing a flag football game tying it back to probiotic pills. I don't remember exactly how that was like huddle involved and going deep and it was very confusing and i think we're going to be getting more of that. Didn't jen and brown do something to probably she was working. She was doing something for like a supplemental company. It's like you're right it sort of a thing now that i think we're seeing more of the accurate assertion that i can't even say sausage. Yeah that's weird. It is a little bit weird. I mean when i think about is the tie between kirk herbstreit and the sauce when the first thing you think about with encased meats shoot herbstreet to me. It should be like barbecue pit master. Somebody likes part of of getting the spokesperson is having somebody who you think will help sell the product right herbstreet not that i know of but maybe i don't know why i do. This is my voice. I have questions about the ranks yeah i don't. I don't think they are but i look forward to see like if we're going down. Another run of sausage cinch is at joel klatt which is is joel klatt diet herbstreet bible study herbstreet. I don't know so so we'll see. I mean i'm excited to see where this goes is what i'm telling you because when it comes to sausage as all of our parents now everything's on the table the question that taylor post yeah before we came over here today. If you had to pick a one off brand for you you you would be the spokesperson for what would be. It would be a cold brew or the brand. Would i think it was what i was oxo. They make a cold brewer and speaking of what erin andrews pills. The cold brew is great. Wonderful is david sunflower for seats enough off the off the radar tile around for david. They're they're they lead the category. Do they leave the category about like amazon basics. That's is that the evil empire yeah. I'm titled ran for u._s._b. Cable you need this and you kinda hate yourself or buying it over and over again titled brand which ones lightning is it the same thunderbolts yeah i'm titled the brand for amazon basics who's to say is u._s._b. The same as u._s._b. Maybe that's where all our our cable nerds out there. In twenty shout out cable hurts okay moving on. I believe so again. This is terrible all right with the next pick this one. I like a lot the next pick. I'm taking disrespect of small schools. Who are the only ones to offer somebody who finally gets a big offer. That sounds like a word salad. It is sometimes you're watching. The game in the only offer he got was from u._t. Chattanooga before mississippi state swooped in at the last second and you're thinking oh that's pretty cool. Mississippi state offered him a scholarship but also why the chattanooga shame was all over this kid chattanooga wanted him. They're going to celebrate him. Did you get an offer from chattanooga. I didn't shout out to the sacramento state of the world that are disrespected every single time. They're the everyone's to offer a kid not to put you on the spot. Is there a school that gave you an offer. I have a conversation to play doubles tennis u._c. San diego. I'm an athlete division three not really no. Will you remember when that specific example of you to chattanooga mississippi state because that's nick fitzgerald. Nick fitzgerald was when he was that what happened yes yeah sorry sorry wait. Are you happy that am am lost the s._e._c.'s worst quarterback okay just making sure just making sure same page i liked at that moment a lot because dan mullen then coach at a cigar in his mouth and was reminiscing about how the chattanooga and then after that that game in which nick fitzgerald was really good and he ran over am gig him he was sort of quarterback look like a chattanooga quarterback. I i which is fine again. I don't think anybody in this room was offered by chattanooga but i just i don't wanna stand for that disrespect. That's what i'm saying. I think it's going to happen a lot because we know about the offers that are coming in for these players and i'm just not standing for the small school disrespect small school disrespect. How does this compare to like old school. Michigan state disrespect respect. Oh this is much worse because this is this is saying you don't belong in the conversation sacramento state yeah. This is disrespectful. I think this is a sam houston state player behind us sam houston state yeah. Let's board fill longo there. The bear offense with the k. bearcats with a k. Forget got that yes it's true. Is there an origin story to that or they're just like fuck it. How do we stand out. Uh ideas ideas ideas all right and that's how it happened now. I don't want to disrespect. I like small schools. Yeah i mean we can do a patriot league lightning right here. We've got some. We've got some letters all right so i think i think here we go. This song called old all town road down. Sorry there's a jay leno moment for you. I'm turning into so. I have to talk and admitted about a. G. chat that you and i had i heard this song on the way to work mysterious day job and i was like whoa nas is back. That's typical ties backed not so god. We had our normal g. chat and now this little okay. I don't know the full time we'll ex. The ex there and then is is this like a like. A baby got back like ironic saw. What what is what is going on in syria saw yep totally serious louis then i looked it up. Apparently there's a new genre called country rap. Okay which is where they're putting the song i mean obviously you don't celebrate the discography of cowboy troy refine. You do you but some of us out here celebrate his his work. I'm i'm trying to become a little more culture yeah and so then i dug a little deeper and i found that they've done four official remix of the song and it's it's been number one on the billboard hot one hundred charts for nineteen consecutive weeks <hes>. Do you think there is any chance to stanford. Band is not playing that song. They're definitely melli doing poorly but they're doing that. Let's let's the tech band right that is detected dressed like zorro which is awesome. It's the double rag. I would double figueras us single. No easer guns up gotcha. You think there's any chance that they're not playing at some point. This year would love to the kind of traditional but yeah why not i think they're definitely going to be banned plural playing so how do we get points for this. Does it have to be people tweeting us letting us know emailing us taking pictures video from the stadium while they're in the games and just like you know there's going to be tweets and people are going to be filming and stuff. I just need to know if what what counts points for me because i think this is asleep or pick any time. Band plays doesn't count pep band during basketball. It's gotta be football. Season season 'cause bathrooms. Yeah it's going to happen. I think this is gonna happen time. I don't think i fully remember that. The tech band dress like this and i am so oh happy that they do because it's so boring like the long orban is not that fun frills this rules. This is great. They've got this. We're open best thing. I love it and they got a cable. You'll became the cape is key. I'm all about it. I'm all about the texas tech look and hopefully if we play a little knows accent. Anybody has any connections. Gnaws is not really most khakassian person all right flip it up there. Let's see we got here. Okay bowl teams. How do you feel okay so i obviously and this crowd loves marty smith so that's going to be a big earner because he does nothing but commit to bits always commits the bet y'all get old how marching bands old town road marching bands south stop what the gushing t._v. pro. You're pretty dependent on flutie. I mean he's going to do it six times a year. Do you think if he's listening to this do think he will do the hill steer you're into. Do you think there's any chance to flee knows how to podcasts ought not go now downloaded like over over cat right the road coaching hair. I think august is going to get it together. I don't think a lot of people are going to be taking chances this year but i think you're gonna get in places see. We didn't say coach rex so someone's hair is going to go rogue in some. What's gonna be manny diaz. He might grow it. The first and second half okay. Someone's hair has has got to go rogue and i'm going to get poetry probably early on late summer. I think that's gonna hit for you nicely background old dog new tricks is very specifically the old dog with nutrient. Tom rinaldi special if mack brown has i'm just making this up right now. Let's say he is missile valuated quarterbacks for north carolina. I know it's crazy. Farfetched background with miss evaluate a quarterback. Let's say that happens in north carolina and their disappointing this year because they've not been great recently. What would say a new trick would be fighting a quarterback quarterback for mack brown so i don't know if this is going to pay dividends because they might not be so good this year so that's definitely going to be good this year okay well. It's going to take it for this. You're i just. I just think this is definitely going to be a bit okay. This is gonna be something that's written about something that you see broadcast. Urban meyer rumors yes in unless u._s.'s really good unless u._s._c. starts winning games those listening at home. We had a out capital in the room totally warranted. It was a cackle like how. How did you think u._s._c. compound world. They start out the season pretty top fresno and stanford that top teams we struggled with this one mightily because we had about eight different u._s._c. threats that we could have pulled on yeah not the least of which was obviously this one but it was also kind of funny to just put up on screen clay helton stay of execution yeah. That's that's i mean it's a little dark but still plays fair and he's still cannot be recognized in the news that matters that matters in on your side you've got along. Ooh that's going to be really well because it goes across a lot of teams potentially but you're counting on again something very specific and that a little shorter than average and prakash rakish tendency to get points that bands edgy yes lyrically all over the place but presidency the broadcast cast disaster thing is something you pick because you like it not because you care about points and fine with this strategy because when that happens we will be inundated. Inundated inundated with all sorts of all we need is a camera malfunction. All we need is the the wire camped fault. We don't want all we need is audio to go out but you have to remember remember something. There are so many games across so many divisions and do you think like i random jacksonville state game. If something happens to be watching that listen to the show and something something goes wrong now. They're gonna let us know. There are many bride. Does it count if the first and ten line goes out absolutely that's the graphical catastro- okay because my practical catastrophe open brixton's if my book the first ten line is like right up there with the cotton gin. It's very important invention that we have college football ball viewing experience and if you lose that joking not like wait a shout out yeah if that goes down ruins the whole experience that's true. Does it count if there's a hot mic and somebody doesn't realize oh that's major points think there's so many ways for broadcast to a really go to a bad place scrapped the players. The on field errors camera errors audio error is did you already mentioned like when the player graphic is wrong. They just have first name last name capulet clinton absolutely one hundred percent house all right just think there's a there's a variety there number could go wrong there now. They mentioned it what else you've got l._s._u. Sleep yeah. That's going to be less yet. They're going to show that. It might only be early season. It might only be early season. Sees you think so okay. Yes i do like showing those shots like his bumpers with commercials november. It's like do they have to reference the sleep pods. Can we just showed the sleep pots. I think they just have to show okay back. I'll accept it. I think if they show will count it okay because it's the first thing they're going to show. They show walker. They've got sleep pods. No one else asleep okay next marty's committing to okay so that's a loose definition. Do you think he's going to be on game day probably most weeks. He's got sportscenter see now whatever he is. There was a picture by the way the s._e._c. network. We've got a new studio and it's a bunch of the hosts in dress gear would sit there wearing suits they're wearing dresses and marty smith and t shirts and jordan's. He commits to being marty smith. I love it so you think that's going to head off gonna hit every week. Okay that's good next mid tier endorsed. I don't think it's great. I it makes me laugh but i don't think it's gonna hit every week 'cause we do. We have to have a new endorsement every week or we just have to have a commercial. I think just the commercial okay then that's gonna yet. You need like adam amine to start doing like. I didn't realize ecoregions this popular average good though so people are building. Someone said yes okay. That's probably fine. Okay that the worst sausage. I guess right and it's small mall school offer small school opera. I think it's going to be somewhat. We're going to have to watch a lot and pay attention to a lot of these games. A lot like purdue games rank well. It could be again written for him to that is only offer until he got he was going to be a delaware mud the mud hens. It's great man not as good as bearcats with the k. but it has a pretty good. Thank you where the tornado is the my hands. It's a minor league baseball team. I've had eighty one percent of a beer so that being said yeah by a was here as civil poll yeah if you like my team obviously what's your i had to cuban. He's never a good sign not a good sign. Why not i think that's right okay so now so these are teams and we are going to hit. Stop on the record button because this this is gonna go out. This brilliant show is going to go out to the world's were stopped by and now we just answer questions right. Is that what we will answer questions but it out so here's the way the rest of this is going to work as we said we did the second half of this. If you wanna call it that the second half of this on the car ride up from austin the sporting boom. It's entirely separate show that we're doing tomorrow in in d._c. We wake up at god knows what our to fly over there and eventually we will piece these together and they will be one just terrible show. It'll be great. I'm sorry that everyone anyone can download and listen to the full slate but each of us will have twelve picks and at that point. I guess we'll try and do our best to score this thing but let somebody else do the score at for for us. We have people people will score yeah okay. How do you feel about your. I feel great. I feel really really good because when you when you align yourself with marty smith when you lie to smell baker baker mayfield when you align yourself with i guess mixed reviews of sausage sauce accurate sausages accurate losses. They should be sending us some sausage for all all that we have done on this show. I feel great. I feel like i'm gonna take you down again for the third straight year the first yes it would be the third strike bully you the first now that was not fun but we will see so at this point. I would like to thank our audience for being such a good sport the with us through our madness here so that was texas which was an amazing experience. We cannot wait to go back there. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us in person. It was a ton of fun now before we get to dc some quick housekeeping as you know we've been saying it were excited that we've joined up with the wanderer podcast network home to shows like sports wars hosted by our good friend dan rubenstein the dead cast all sorts of great shows at wondering dot com to help us to help wondering continue bringing you the best possible experience. We'd like to learn a little bit more about oh you so if you could if you wouldn't mind doing us a solid please complete a short survey out at wondering dot com slash survey. That's w o n then d e r y dot com slash survey. You'll have an opportunity to tell us what you like about the show what you'd love to hear more of in future future episodes wandering dot com slash survey all that said here's what took place live on night two of the fantasy things draft from union stage and beautiful washington d._c. Hi hi so we can't see how many people are out there because the lights are very bright but it sounds like we've got quite the audience here tonight daniel. It's like live aid where it just keeps going back to you. You can't really say i can't get there. We go yeah you guys are endless and wonderful can nights start by saying something real quick lease. We feel way too far apart right now. I know this is this. We've been apart like four days. Maybe yeah so if we were to be any closer to the middle of this ju- fro on the screen and nobody needs that nobody needs that first of all thank you for coming yeah. This is incredible. The energy in here is it feels real good. It feels good. It feels good and i wanna tell you yesterday. We were in dallas. We did this show in texas and before we got started i went to the little boys room and there were a couple of free going pretty clearly listeners in there. Okay okay they were. They were in college polos. Whatever that's what people in texas do. I guess they were college. Follows awesome traders that's right and a guy looks at me while we're in there like makes eye contact with me says nothing and then we walk out sort of at the same time and he says i didn't talk to you in the bathroom bathroom medics. I learned that you just made it way weird then it had to be because i've felt the contact there so it's very good it is faced with being you not greeting me as we both separate bathroom today which was yeah yeah helpful in that respect so thank you for coming out. We call this show. Our fantasy things draft. What is fantasy things draft well. Some some of you may be familiar with a thing called fantasy football and fantasy football. You take you pick the players right picking imaginary children to try to set the groundwork usually like to ask how many people are here against their will but we can't really see something. That's going to have to show hands. I won't be able to tell c. zero the hands. Somebody is here against their will. We have there. We go thank you as a person. Somebody is here against their will to one person and and we like to try and set the groundwork so fantasy football you pick an imaginary team of football players instead of picking a team of football players. We like to pick a team of football storylines cracks and this year because we were feeling a little saucy. We decided instead of doing just one show. We'll do too yes. Maybe we'll do it in the same weekend in different cities uh-huh so last year we are. We did a show last night in dallas which was awesome and now here. We are a d. c. On about four hours sleep but nonetheless an entirely different show it is not the same show we did last night as we're gonna talk about here in a few minutes. We're going to go through. I think what our picks were last night and pick some new ones for tonight and they're getting a pre human. It's gonna it's going to be a premium show so this is what it looks like right now. If you look at our rosters yeah and again this is reveal date to it is not at all round two. We looked over the picks on the plane over here and in addition to the fact that we got to go back through these second time. We're pretty excited about what we have here. So i guess we can just get into yeah. Let's go back to the roster's real quick by so of applause person or are you. I talk the better roster to you. There was hesitation there station. It's the notre dame fans. It's coming slow. Okay okay slow process. That's fine. It's fine. We're still friends and for my roster. That's about like it was last. Thank you okay okay so already know him yeah. Is everybody ready for day to the fantasy things. This is dr g. League here is the way this works. I have a very cool sound that i stole from e._s._p._n. Dan don't tell them that goes like this one more time taylor for the notre dame fans we hear it louder. He's shrugging working in the back. Okay okay. Thank you give a dramatic is a buddhist new draft time taylor work on. Would you get it. Just play it. Yeah that'd be good. He's put his hand up all right. We'll get it so with the first now we're closer. We're getting closer closer surrogate eventually broadcast air record that you can play it on all right with my first pick ah yeah date of the d._c. Fantasy thinks show i would proudly like the select trevor warranties draft stock trevor practice draft stock so explain what the stock means in this draft trevor lawrence quarterback for clemson trevor lawrence clearly. I think the best quarterback in the country okay maybe up for debate. Maybe not only true freshman last year had a very good campaign scalded this shit daughter team in that playoff playoff game and now here we are entering year two is true sophomore sophomore campaign and inevitably they're going to be n._f._l. Draft types who you will hear are just quote quote unquote drooling trevor lars his draft stock and what he brings to the equation what he could bring and it begs the question what kind of n._f._l. Hot takes where we're going to get this season right. Will it inevitably to a place where we're wondering. Do wanna go full sam hinkie with this. Do we just want to trust the process double tank and just tank two years years in a row to get trigger lawrence. The fun thing about this to me is when you mentioned like the n._f._l. Types drooling over trevor lawrence. I immediately pictured charley casserly. That's there but that's not true the castle. That's typer but there's something about the n._f._l. Types and i think it it makes it weird that trevor lawrence has the the hair that he has that he has long blonde flowing hair and there's like the dream weaver playing in the backs of these n._f._l. G._m.'s i had on our list originally and we can through through that. We have a huge list that we can go through later what we originally going to go with some of the ones that we weeded out but originally i wanted to go with. I want to call a trevor trevor laurence's locks of love yeah yeah and i kid you not like a week ago. David hale from e._s._p._n. Wrote an article titled of locks and lor trenton lawrence yeah. He's also the reporter who who asked about about clemson and we're like well. We're personas greg. Thanks david so the question remains. Would you take two eight years. Get triple arts now i would not i don't care. I'm not an n._f._l. Person but the thing is i think this is gonna do pretty well because if he's good for the next couple years you're getting i mean not two years worth but all season and the a._c._c. were they going to play so this is only. We didn't get that in texas when i wanna talk okay and you know it's the c._d._c. It's acceptable. That's what the recall that's what it is. It's all we do yeah because up register okay during a bunch of cash. That's pretty good. Can we go into my first aspect. Let's go to the next one. Give it up. Give it up for our hometown boy taylor. Who's all right. You got yeah. We should also mention. We're doing a after the draft yeah okay so this one to me was a no brainer in the fact that tied and take this number. One overall speaks to his issues. I have manny diaz bringing that swag back back to miami. We did some research. Apparently manny diaz has not been the first person tasked with finding that renewable source of swag we did and we scan apparently randy shannon was bringing the swag back to miami al golden mark richt apparently jon gruden at one point was rumored. He like his scowl all right. Bring the swag back and that's why we would someday like to author the book margaret's. Oh well short-lived then we wanted to write a book about the search for the lost swag the hardy boys. Oh my god it's coming. It's coming. They're slow reveal the missing swag. I'd read it. I read it. I don't know what swag is obviously. Look at me but i've watched miami miami football and i'm not sure they do either so they need to the forward pass swag. That's all it takes. Is miami offense yeah. They have fan. Yes outside of you know a few. He's the areas we found him the rock he's here and he's in the fourteen throw. Yes smarmy has fans. Many may bring. I don't know if we can go back to the beard shot of many years. I don't think he has it anymore. He kind of looks like the guy from silicon valley which worries me. That's probably talking about the you love his hair. I do that a pro or con for his swag possibilities. I mean i they can only add to it right. Does it. Well what i like about the hair. I've got this for like coaching here. Excuse me former temple coach bennie sorry but he he uses an awful lot of product on it yes when you douse that that a main like fossa main like that with product you see holson. You don't see any holes in that. That's like man hair. There is a lego man yeah and all the way by the way that beard he shaved and the morning crew that by like one p._m. So new shadow has so so i went with the swag. Instead of his father was the mayor of miami yup for like eight years just because there's a possibility that will here i don't know a._c._c. Network play by play host chris qatar say the word swag four times this year and i thought you missed an opportunity swagger one's good. I thought you missed an opportunity not talking in a little bit more depth about how he's just from the area like his dad was mayor he he's from there. Maybe a little bit of bad blood because he went to florida state right but it nonetheless he's he's a hometown boy knows we'll talk about hometown voice yeah but you know i thought that was a better opportunity swag at least funny for who's closer to catching virginia florida state miami miami. It's that kind of thing where there's that back and forth like elite college alex football a._c._c. program virginia b._c._c. We all you. You have the next doing this thing. Traps our right. Yeah i have transfer transfer portal coaching dizziness. It's a whole umbrella term under which there are multiple species yeah species. I can't go much farther than that so basically it's been an off season that i think is going to carry into the season at least the first month of the season season but they give press conferences every day where we have coaches saying things like well. I think it's quitting i think these guys don't know the value of toughing it out and and then you get these conversations of like why do kids go to concerts and film it with their phones. Thanks pat fitzgerald for your for your your look into the brains. The good thing about this is it gives us moments it gives us storylines of coaches coming out and saying they're really taking a hardline stance about behind closed doors. They're basically four year olds negotiating vegetables desert with backup five star quarterbacks so they desperately don't want to leave so that's broccoli for a couple package plays justin fields. Please and we're gonna get a lot of the transfer reporter said well. What's what's interesting about. The transfer portal is i still don't feel like anyone really knows what it is now. We have a sound thank you. We have a sound that we'd play. Hey for the transfer. Portal is not one of the flower pots and super mario brothers in case. You're wondering what this thing is. As per my knowledge our knowledge you can get to this site going to ziprecruiter dot com. Tom slash transfer portal and then. I think once you get there you can somehow. I don't know who makes the accounts but my guess is that on the back end of it. It's sort of like amash dot com situation how baby there's a filter and you can send messages if you're a school. If you get a message from james franklin he's trying to fish try to not do back to not click on that link from from james franklin customize profiles we just there's so much about the transfer portal that we don't know maybe the coaches don't either. Maybe that's why they're kind of pissy issue about it. Oh yeah i mean they've all been fished. All of these calls one hundred percent yeah. They're on facebook recruiting. It's it's a tough day. I like this. I mean it's gonna get me points. We think about the older coaches coming back to college. Football mack brown less miles. Bill snyder is probably going to be catfish. I i don't know how but there is going to be complaining and there is going to be back in my dating all over the place. This is going to do very well for me. I'm pretty excited. Let's go to the next for my selection. I'm going with a tiny field demonstrates. Yes it really liked that one better than i thought yeah all right. Do we want to demonstrate on a tiny stage. The picture me is dave one steps and it's him i. I know you shouldn't america's worst gym teacher. He's trying to bring in brady quinn like brady quinn near the offensive tackle acclamated show you how that works and there's two feet here in two feet there. It's like i don't know when they started. Actually making these fields like somebody had the bright idea. We've got a bunch of ex athletes and coaches up here eager to explain the way that football works right which is what they are presumably paid to the problem with that is you cannot explain the spread offense about is what is this whole purpose of the spread offense. Is that the field like eight times wider than this yes. So how are you going to explain it on something. That is thirty one percent of the width of this field. That's right you've got plenty of coaches former players who put put on some girth and they all look like very bad algebra two substitutes and they're showing you how to rip them and it's dumb ass yeah yeah. I mean we're we're. We are talking about fields measured in feet not yards and it's just very difficult to explain complicated subjects. I have never ever ever in a million years gone any kind of new information out of that. My only takeaway has always been like these guys still wanna play but they don't care if i understand. We're never gonna get the r._p._o. Scheme on this twelve foot field. They just want to get out there and just you know roll up the sleeves and had there is a good possibility that we're going to get a. I don't know what to do with my hands moment from urban meyer all well. You know it's funny because in the in the promo for his new show yeah he's standing next to brady quinn when we think is playing center yeah so there's back there the better shirt their jackets off and they're all just trying to figure out what's going on. What what this poor director rector is tasked with doing. I missed a tiny field demos good. You're gonna have to watch the fox pregame show to get it and so baby. You'll get points who's to say they build like a portable version at gate day. All that's true and you get to see marty. Smith's shoes that's right. That's how we know about his shoes all right next pick dula hometown bid here okay. Let's talk about the new coach of maryland football. Mike locks lead yeah. Did you know what i like about this. I like about things about this. Pick but what i like most about. This is the fact that when mike loxley took over he was very pointed in saying this is my dream job and this is after randy edsall took over and is it. This is my dream job so i like maryland football. I want maryland football. It'd be better we talked to our friend. Taylor who is back there. Please another round of applause <music>. I'm very proud maryland fan yeah and what is that all the reasons reasons that taylor as a maryland guy likes mike loxley have nothing to do with football and that strikes me as a bit of a problem yeah so the reason that i think people are excited about mike loxley. It's not because he punched a guy in new mexico. We can get into that led do that not that. It's the facts but off. Mike watson is a hometown guy and presumably he knows the d._m._v. thousand right and that is kind of his brand now he knows how to navigate like the dangerous terrain the d._m._v. he can be your sherpa yeah football mike loxley yeah no. There's no coach in america that is credited with knowing an area like mike loxley knows the d._m._v. or is it just d._m._v. the interstate thing in california. I don't know which way we got. Is there the d._m._v. Okay who's to say and like it is astounding rounding that he has built up this reputation as a okay coach but he knows the d._m._v. he brought a raliess bend illinois shout out all the align i back there. No no no all right all right for show ever. I took a swing. I took a swing usually packed to the gills with football fans adam <hes> but it almost makes me feel like he's a yelp power user in the area. There's just i don't understand why he is the one who gets all the credit. Are there yelp power. I don't know he's the one who is the uber driver who says no. I don't listen to ways. I know the area yeah and then gets caught traffic drives into a construction zone so the lesson of this is ways knows the d._m._v. bats i do. I like the fact that he wanted the job more than anyone else and the other thing that taylor pointed out is he might have been the only what who wanted it. I don't know if that's true or not. Just you know facts only by hi. I'm going to root for. I don't know what maryland so the problem the good thing is no matter what happens maryland this season. That's the talking point that exactly sleep. That's twelve and if they make a bowl. It's still going to be twelve times that you're going to get points 'cause. I don't think they're gonna make all right our last pick of the first half the first update you so this is the off season looping right this is they looped terrible loss in the weight room all season long to really sell it home how bad they were this is i think we're sean on gary on the screen so i don't know if that probably what penn state could be the penn state locker state. Yeah could be wisconsin and there's just something about offseason motivation. It's is probably only going to pay dividends early on in the season for me but he added thirty pounds of muscle in the off season you at thirty. Can't we looked it up. We did some research as humans like tie and i are. You can't add that much muscle if you come if you come back and report to fall camp looking like david it boston. That's a providence and a little fishy that maybe there's something more going on. There are acts and so the offseason motivation. I was trying to figure out what it would be to really motivate that would be looped in my room nonstop and it would be those texting bubbles. Come up when i was dating you see that that bubble come out here. It comes a great message and then it disappears. That's the motivation that haunts me to this day. I have a son i have happily married and those bubbles really they really do so. I think he's gonna come up early on in the season probably not with michigan too much after the way they ended their season last year but it's gonna come up. I like this pick an awful lot because it's something you here we did. We did pick last year where we talked about a strength coach. Having a screw loose you might remember that that might be required for this. Pick right or at least a coach with a screw lose yes to just decide that. This is a good way to motivate players. Are you easily motivated person at the jeff. I don't think the g._m. I don't i don't. I think that this would do it for me personally right but maybe it works for somebody i we're going to see in. We're gonna sit around and it's going to be weird and i want to see the clips. I never really showed the clips. I wanna see the clips looping and looping looping and they never showed the clips. It's always just a talking point now. They don't so why don't we just show the first three picks jehovah's review okay okay and why don't we bring up an expert because we don't know what we're doing. Obviously why don't we bring up our friend who writes who is part of the grand or college football universities bursaries for vox dot com she used to be every day should be saturday liz gentleman gene coast in the general mike we figure out how are we all standing. Are we all sitting. What do we do. We have a mini field that runs the place. I got ta so yeah there. Okay you can hear me okay. What's up jane. It's gone on tie. This is the d._c. Which means we have to bring in politics. It's anyone told you that you kinda like peak booted. Everybody in time. Stick around ties got some plan. I'm announcing my presidential run. After the show yeah it's uncanny also volunteers to compare college the football things to political things it helped which seems hunting and i don't know it's more insulting to honestly this is what you choose. It's great because sometimes sometimes. I'm like no no no. You have to remember that college. Football is a game and politics should not be a game like remember that one time time when like politics serious and college football was fun and everything became not. I didn't like that so it's great to have you on this big college football stage. I don't know how often that'll happen for michigan for your so. I'm having you make it happen for you. Don't don't make me married to this family. We talk about michael dyer all daily can't yes we turn down say all right round of applause was he downed the whole the whole place always agrees days. Why don't we why don't we take a look at this and as you can be art mel kiper todd mcshay. How would you analyze the the value that we have early on well. I think that let's be real here. I think that the use of the term swag is going to get down a lot of points. I agree because no one knows what it is. Which is why you're going to hear like. Lee corso talking about like this person as a lot of swag that you're ah yes. It's not bad i mean basically i'll drive him off but for transfer portal goes and you get to complain about the use yes no one can explain again league or or use you you you just wondering and then again off see this motivation which means they'll just keep bringing up things. I don't wanna think about that. I don't acknowledge having happens us us and that will be personally painful to me so i think dan's roster looks pretty good right. Do you like to say anything about my yeah. I mean we're friends sue to jane. I do think the tiny field donald is going to be great especially because it's like the best thing about fox's lineup is that it's clearly people who. I think that they should still be playing apart so reggie. Bush is like no no no snap it to me. We'll do this right here and now and everybody's like no no. Oh no. It's over. I'm so sorry that's the actual last segment on the show. It's over edgy. It's over time yeah. It's time just sent. Send it home. It's over so that's going to get them points. What else do you have <hes> oh. This looks good tie. The mike lock sleeping thing is gonna be great especially for the extremely d._m._v. related. The regrettable thing is that maryland football has fan so right there. It's always fun when you play maryland in something that isn't basketball because then you just bring yourself to maryland in your everyone just great man michigan game. I can get you on the metro any we'll have to remember for that. One down four maryland people are going to be referring to them as an a._c._c. Up and comer and twenty twenty-eight ports are okay so yeah i i'd i got. I think i'm stronger here. I do like the sweat swagger. Swagger culture can even say that. I feel good about what i have coming up. Okay do feel good about era finisher. Okay now you have mia had yet early head. You ended early. There's still time for you to get scored on a bunch because you don't have any defensive line. Speak of it's true now tough but fair. You hired brady hoke. I'm sorry it got was we agreed to never ever. Hey you started the latest settlement. Jane coast call her treasure her. I need a towel so who is up to pick so. I think you're up against the off season looping taylor so i have selected unusual major. If you can't fully see the screen it's the yukon on puppet arts complex and this doesn't happen often sometimes during a stanford game it does have it does happen during the saints game but it's usually sociology english business something like that business administration studies. General studies sure sometimes you'll see. Let's assume dan orlovsky at uconn. A puppet arts major stanford had andrew luck as an architecture major and the people freaked out that it deviated this much from a normal major that the thing that hurts me though i will say that tom hammond is not calling games or baby for notre dame and n._b._c. Tom age ever met a slightly different major that he didn't wanna talk fifteen minutes yeah. That was his calling cart art. It was it was sad to see him. Go and i'm certain wonderful for you but it was sad for me to see him go because he was ridiculous. Some other interesting majors discovered in our laborious. Whatever our isa a arizona has a race track industry degree. Mississippi state has a floral management degree great app state a fermentation science degree. Ah elliott u._n._l._v. entertainment engineering since the thing that's a bummer is i think at texas a._m. It's only a meat certificate. You you get which would be great on. The graphic that like speedy oil has a meat certificate and i also want to say georgia has a poultry sciences would make sense ball state has a popular ultra degree which sounds like a hell of a lot of fun right great job is that where jason whitlock <hes> and the only other one i have here that amused me was duke has canadian studies. Yeah it's fine. It's it's fine. What some s._c._t._v. usual canadian studies duke a._c._c. where acceptable all right i. I think it's it's not going to pay dividends but when it does no cash. I like it all right. I need to make sure that i'm sitting down at least for moment before i have to stand up and do a demonstration ladies and gentlemen. Let's talk a little bit about late game james franklin yeah are there penn staters here all right creative god clock it all counts so james franklin in his tenure at penn state is fifteen gene and thirteen in games decided by one score that is not the worst in the big ten now by any stretch. It's actually the pac ten continue the the problem is that he's three and twelve versus ohio state michigan and michigan state <hes>. That's an issue yep. James franklin is sort of known at this point among many penn state fans and some college football fans who you know what happened to pay attention at the wrong time for just kinda overthinking like i had a moment on our show years ago where i was doing an ad read for blue apron and the word was globe tomato l. o. b. o. Are you comparing james franklin to somebody who might not be able to read and the problem was i ever thought aww yeah because i'm always like i feel. I feel a bit overwhelmed by noodles. Yeah and i decided instead that the proper pronunciation was globais the bay and he failed. It's how you did a great job and you know i just. I never really lived that one down. I kinda got the hips when it came to pronouncing the word gloat. We got emails asking if that was a that was not a bit no aw and so here we are with james franklin where at the end of a game it seems rather obvious to many of us watching at home what should occur but instead. He's playing the citrus bowl. He's got three timeouts left and decides that he'd like to take all of them home with him. In the off season other very questionable decisions so we went back we actually review the tape and if i could do a demonstration also there are two stages of late game james franklin that i'd like a safety demonstration. This is like a safety demonstration so the first this this is how you know this is this is when she's getting real right. We kind of have to cross arms. Look like the up about staring longingly up at the scoreboard and maybe back it is assistant assistant coaches with some of the other players. He sings signs and cosigns. He's trying to figure out yeah but then when he goes all so this all in the hands hit the hips when the hands hit the hips that is defcon one and that is what you need to worry if you're a penn state fan about out lake game james franklin losing again to a big a big team like ohio state michigan michigan state. Yeah i think or kentucky let's just for easy pete long debate. It's all i have to say about that. Okay you will get points but penn state's can be pretty good so it probably won't happen often right but again. It's like an unusual major when it does it. Does it will happen twice this year. We're going to get over two and a half late-game james situations throughout the course of the plymouth thank you i'm serious. I went back and look they hit. Hold the hip halt all right the pick 'n <music> this is also my pick. Yes and i decided to go with the crowd favourite. Let's talk a little bit about post game handshake tension yeah. It's a conversation we need to have. It's mostly about michigan now we did. We did again a fair about research on this and you're right jim. Harbaugh's didn't a lot of these situations evolves. It's like forrest gump finding himself at different points history background. Who did he run after jew schwartz. Yes he ran now. Jake sorts ran after him. Oh that's right there. That was ugly. You have the p. carol thing. What's what's your deal real jerk store comeback. I'm out one. What's your deal and he ran away from dan mullen in the peach bowl which didn't happen. Jane gain did not happen but like we had gary. Patterson are riles. They were very upset at each other. We have these these tense moments. You have printed out a list list of coaches that you think run the hottest right now better most likely to be involved. I was saying we get four or five of these guys. Okay all right so just give a round of applause. If you think this guy runs hot enough to conjure up some sort of tension manufacturer tension because like a penalty or tom herman tom herman has a lot of passive aggressiveness in him. We don't always see as opposed to gus malzahn who just berries air. Put the ned flanders before yes. The episode of the simpsons head flanders kept bearing in game. That's what we know tom. Government doesn't have aggressive aggressiveness aggressiveness because we saw him tried to demolish a logger and it didn't go no it didn't go. I think tom hermit is a candidate for this. I think p._j. Fleck has a real opportunity. Jay black high motor out say hi motor row the boat trying to build minnesota up into something could be tricky team in two thousand nine hundred ninety tot a little tight yeah little yeah he's got the huge news thing is gigantic but he seems like the kind of guy who might take something the wrong way the side that he's just going to pull a buddy ryan runs straight straight to the tunnel yup who else here herm edwards wildcard wildcard. They're not they're not super enjoyed. It seems as herm edwards being running hot because he he wants to talk yeah. Herm edwards wants to talk. He wants to get to the core find out about the person he's a catholic as we were told when he learned that arizona state sun devils say that will digest. He wants to talk it it out. We'll must jim stamp. I think is yeah. He's thought about this rip off his shirt. At the middle of field yeah no doors ron's the next one on that chart the problem with that he's going to get really upset when he gets upset said he starts warbling garbling and the other coaches are going to know how to refine the other coach will leave because he's afraid of or zero yeah. It'll be like a passive <hes> mhm handshakes yup postgame handshake tension. What is the what are the options though if you are up you're clearly upset each other. Somebody's running up the score and calling a timeout to put in another to score again. Whatever the what are your options. If you are reading each other you can run away. That's the full buddy ryan you can get into into each other's faces but you're not going to be able to articulate everything because it's real quick and separate right so it's going to be a lot of like fuck. Fuck me fuck you. It's going to be a lot of that because because we're talking about coaches and that's as far as it goes generally or you're gonna get. What's your deal and jim harbaugh lightning on his feet. What's your deal. There are limited options but i think those are good and don't forget on the f._c._c. eslava. We still have bow pollini just reading. They eat ever the free agent in this category. Yes always willing to perform yeah. I think we're gonna get a couple when it hits. It hits all right where we go next year again all all right just so we've had we've had a couple of pretty big hires coaches who are coordinators and the s._e._c. You go other places. Oregon colorado been sort of the more recent ones. There's something about an s._e._c. mentality at an s._e._c. school again. It's like swag. What's an s._e._c. mentality. Nobody knows it's generally really good players more than the other teams seems as far as i can tell though eugene's not going to have an s._e._c. mental. I've been there boulders. Not gonna have an s._e._c. mentality. I've been there and s._e._c. Easy mentality involves railroading referee who calls your basketball game not great and ruining his life and business tailgating on on train tracks tailgating next to a nuclear power plants hearing that your coach has a thirty six million dollar buyout and saying all right. What's what's when you get mad. You paint a rock. That's a real thing at tennessee lane kiffin leads. We're gonna show him pena rock. I just don't see these things happening. Tie who want to kill a bunch of trees yeah. They killed trees. I know poor canidu- at sorry roll tide they yell roll tide like it's world star. It makes no sense at any point. I just don't see it happening the s._e._c. mentality anywhere else. This is a very close cousin but another name name another item we had in our list. Coach comes in and wants to be more physical. Yes not want to be a little more physical right like it. Just it always this happens. We had one a couple years ago. New defensive coordinator wants to approach the game with the more attacking aggressive. These are all kind of in the same genus this generally speaking yeah so. I like this one a lot. I think you're i think you're in line for some points here. I think i'm feeling very good about this. Are we ready for. This is my pick once again. This is again your ah yes rounds out my ross the pizzazz is your last pick a big. One miles is one of five coaches who has won a national championship. Take if at any point anybody says this and the other a person in the broadcast booth doesn't start with a sentence with okay okay but then they should should be fired on the spot. Less miles has won a national championship. He's one of five who won the national championship so it's jimbo obviously the first person you think of college football aw championship head coach obviously nick sabin dabo sweeney. The fifth is tricky somewhat say dog new tricks. Somebody'll dog new tricks. It's mac brown. Brown is the fifth which is same. We're in such bad place as a sport that mack brown less miles are in an impressive group of people what i like about this one is that again announcers have a lot of time to kill when they're up there in the booth yeah and somebody like this team is going to have to kansas games this this year no disrespect to the one kansas fan listened to email and he was very angry about our preview. Yeah sorry about that dude really sorry. He really anti and i quote. Why didn't you talk about kansas kansas having the best secondary in the big twelve kansas yes and i looked it up. Kansas had the words secondary in the big twelve so if you're wondering if college football is uncurable disease and we got an email from a kansas fan asking why we weren't more optimistic about k. but what i like about this is because announcers gonna find himself often some black hole the pregnant pause flutie thing yeah and he's going to start talking about how you know less miles coming to war. It's gives instant credibility to kansas football team program that has lost. I'm not kidding ninety games eight years. That's that is three times. The amount that urban meyer has lost in his entire collegiate coaching career eight years nine or more losses every year since two thousand ten. I know everybody's like everyone's hearing this with virgin ears. I love it but they've been really bad for talk over the roadside zyppah so the thing with kansas is to you if you were going to subscribe to the mouth glad well ten thousand hours rule in kansas or is it rutgers who who's closer to becoming a losing expert. I feel like it's rutgers. It asa rutgers yeah. The lows have been lower. I feel like it's been right. It's gotta be rucker rutgers so congratulations kansas. We're not ruckus. I the other thing. I like about this. Is you know win or lose. It's like the old winner lose. We came for the boost thing without like this is this could represent less blaze as of glory right. It's probably swansong. This is probably not a long term thing kansas. If nothing else there'll be at least a couple of interesting things that fall out of the jayhawks the hawks football program this year and that's okay. That's he asked okay. It's college football fans. I enjoyed that was really enthusiastic about getting back into coaching interviewed at a couple of group of five schools. The reports were it didn't go super well. We're not hiring. Kansas stands up and says how what okay that's less smiles in kansas right now all right our last pick of the evening. I won't have a serious discussion in here for pregnant. Pause i wanna talk about midfield logo desecration the michigan centric. I love it aw i sell it. I'm just doing it for the side of the yeah so there was an issue a moment in issue. Whatever where devon bush from michigan this take back the side of takes matters into his own hands spanned go on out and just take his he'll his big old a boot to the michigan state spartan logo at midfield yeah. We watched the video backstage about eight times. It kind of never gets old at one point. His his is earphones fall off and doesn't stop him. No no then he decides like acacia ready to go. <hes> coaches have to hold him back like he was fired up for that game against little brother. Yes there was also a situation with baker. Mayfield <hes> mhm baker mayfield baker mayfield decided that he was going to have some fun with the midfield logo yup our issue with this and you brought up a very good the point <hes> there are a lot of schools now that just have field turf yeah it's more difficult and so if you want to go out there and destroy the midfield logo like you really really gotta want it. You have to try you will really hurt the turf in this game and the good the good part of this story. Michigan state does not have field turf. They have natural troll grass and we looked it up. Michigan state has an award winning field like the turf associated shoe years running folks. They are one of four schools in america. That has one turf of your twice. That's what devin bush did to it. He treated it like the spotted owl in dumb and dumber these beautiful pristine award winning turf debit bush desecrated not unlike what baker mayfield did with the flag ohio state so. I don't know if this is going to happen. Half the stuff on here probably won't have right but what it does. I want to be the one waiting for it to fall at the back of a truck so there you go all right. Let's see what we got here. It's their final. These are good teams. These are solid teams so go through your roster real quick. I've got you have trip. Where does the truth. I'm workshop trevor lawrence as the already the first pick twenty twenty one n._f._l. Draft tiny field demos which i love. Mike loxley does the d._m._v. I'm so jealous tiny field demos let it be known. Does that say near ear win jim. Jim james franklin yeah again. The penn state is digging it head shake aches snubbing and midfield desecration yeah and yours turn all the way around okay so we've got the secretary of swag culture manny diaz. That's a mouthful. We've got transferred portal gir- we've got offseason motivation unusual major the s._e._c. mentality or evan let smiles silence is elite with a giant astronauts and then the asterisk underneath it says and so we have yet another todd mcshay mel taper in the audience so from n._b._c. sports network. Please welcome tim murray. He's all dressed up. Folks swearing finest flip flops on okay so we have complete rosters that need evaluation you can watched him on. It's the daily line daily line. Yes you show yeah. He's sort of looks like scott van pelt right now i air yeah. They're brady great and a lot less money yeah so if you're betting you do show called the daily line i do if you're betting on any of these to occur more frequently lee then and if the others which one are you picking for to say this tie. Did you know that mike locks these new coaches former damalf the head coach whoa d._m._v. z. m._v._p. Yeah definitely mentioned in maryland howard when it's thirty five howard is going to be that bit again taylor. I'm sorry hurt taylor's left. We don't know where gone i can. I make a caveat can i can i can i better your number one overall picture whoa so how many times on f s one or e._s._p._n. Are they going to say should tyler trevor lawrence. Sit out next year that needs to be added if that counts and you win accounts yeah then you win the off season because what happens inevitably wants the n._f._l. Types get their claws on term. Yudo trevor lawrence of you number one would have been last year it. It becomes that age old argument because we've seen it happen with guys sitting out bowl games like the saquon barkley really wanna risk injury that sort of thing. He's another year. Journal turns has two years left though it would be masterful. If we heard this year i should just quit now and just like go n._f._l. Europe is that still a big serena football in miami as people know miami has great sport contingent sure and i'm listening to dolphin fans and they're like well you know trevor lawrence those open and i don't know whether or not to interject into people's barroom conversation coletta's leaned over and go he's got two years village of he's got to go to college or to lean back in there like damn sorry golfing fan otherwise otherwise otherwise with nick right nice lebron apologists yeah bill snyder's apology has retired so the transfer for portal girl goes yeah it does a little bit but pat fitzgerald came through in the clutch true yeah smartphones or you guys just don't have fans <hes> <hes> the less is elite is tremendous thing i will give that today f- i want to give it to the tiny field demo. Can we also add in how many times reggie bush and matt liner. We'll talk to brady quinn about oh. Five notre dame you it will happen all the show like i always feel like as a notre dame college football notre dame fan. I always feel like there's like an unspoken tension there. It's very weird for me to watch all of those guys on the same field interacting and acting friendly old build field because it just seems like they should be sworn enemies. There should be a after there was that i was there too long. Yeah thank you aw i do wanna know. Dan is the arizona forty four fifteen win playing in oregon's locker room right now for officers and moda yeah you lost arizona twenty nine point say lose. The notre dame fans out. There does tie concedes too much. You need to fight back with the notre. Dame aimed jabs yeah they. They lost to arizona by more points. A notre dame lost at clemson remember that this is true for the fifteen and the tape it was her through it wasn't great. It wasn't great. Let's just review notre dame playoff touchdown. What's top three top pours top five. Let's what the hell for jarrow or he went to the playoff to touch okay. Can you have any other i i would give. It's okay notre. Dame is sub helfferich it happens. We didn't lose arizona twenty nine now. I would give a slight lean to dan's last the less miles because you know every game when kansas down by thirty five. Oh my god you know he wanted. He has a rinky whereas the and who's the rapper. He got to come to spring fester. Whatever game yeah yeah. It was snoop snoop yeah so you got that no it it was it was a more recent bra. That's f. i was i was i was desperately trying to find a way to talk about all the makeup he wore in that capital happen one commercial but my favorite and it's going to give you an early lead was the weather demonstration because you know for the first three week. You're picking texas. That's going to give a massively the and then you never go back to weather no late september. Don't do the rest of the this is an early lead. I'll take the early lead lead so show of applause. If you're on ties team roster wise. They really have that goal. They lay down sustained yeah all right. If you're on my team i got either but i give it to. You mega taylor. Oh the trevor lawrence if it includes the sitting out a year. That's a whole off season of a lot a lot. It's just it's it's just a season. It's just the i have. I have very bad tendency of picking things two years before they happen. I did the mike gundy hair thing who like before he grew the bullet. How how could i possibly know he was like really going to grow a bullet. Yeah drew a frigging mullet yeah a year after i picked the hair thing and i was kicking myself for so what are you still ahead on here. It could be the trevor lawrence tra- lawrence trevor. That's just going to be all out trevor lawrence. It said if mike loxley ends up you know maybe surprising a few uteem's this year at maryland they say surprisingly grows hair that would be great out being points for that you do but if that ends up happening right that's. It's something that i could see a higher potential. There's a little more consistency with mine. I like it okay so ladies. Gentlemen tim murray slash flies mel kiper class taught so those are the show's not over though doc so so there. You have it dallas d._c. Sellout crowd in both spots. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us live and to all of you listening at home. The college football season is finally here and we are excited to share it with you until next time. Stay solid.

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