Equine Forum - September 19th 2020


From the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. Thank. Sake Ball. Hot that Appears the. That's one. Coming to the poll in the Toyota. Brass Swiss skydiver. Fighting on art collector is right there art collector ahead and. A half linked to the good sixteenth poll art collector. Brian Hernandez junior to win the Toyota bluegrass. Welcome to the equine forum. Close the Lauren prompt with respect. Say. He's left. The others may behind it's changed the law he. Speaks. He's GonNa Happy. Feet there's devil strikes the front of the Gates Bowl Swiss crews trying hard, but she's still second dot today four mean it is. There's a double turning back Swiss. Come in and all the rest she'd there's the devil scores in the oaks. Now, here's Mike Peta. Below everyone good morning and welcome to the show that launched this network that is equal or by the horse racing. Radio Network. Mike Penn, apparent the backstretch back with you this morning across North America on Sirius to nineteen. Xm To a one on our affiliates in Lexington Louisville and across the country and coming to you digitally with our live streaming or podcasts at the show on our website at horse racing radio dot net. Bit of a chilly start to this Saturday morning here in the bluegrass temperatures hovering right around forty three degrees at the moment at eight am eastern. It is a cool start in it. With that feeling of fall in the air in the air, which by the way officially begins early next week it makes you think of the Breeders Cup, the Breeders Cup coming to Keeneland. November sixth and Seventh Forty, seven days sixteen hours fifty seven minutes away from the Breeders Cup. World Championships were only fourteen days away from the preakness stakes in Baltimore Maryland. Of course, we are going to have exclusive radio coverage of both of those events for you right here on H. R. N. You can head over to our website. Horse racing radio. Dot. Net to see complete preakness and Breeders Cup week broadcast schedule speaking of preakness. We'll get the Breeders Cup here in a minute, but speaking of breeders ca speaking of preakness. Several preakness hopefuls working this morning at Churchill downs art collector was on the track short time ago. Worked five furlongs fifty, nine point four zero he seems to be in good form at least in his morning work. After missing the Kentucky Derby thousand words. The horse that flipped in the paddock right before the Kentucky Derby Five furlongs one O, two, point four, zero. An authentic the Derby winner is set to go to the track at nine o'clock eastern for Bob Baffert this morning. So we'll get a chance to see him and see how he prepares in that final. Work. For the preakness. Stakes Tis. The. Law. Beaten favored in the Derby of course, the horse everybody had their eye on coming into the run for the roses. Will work early to mid next week according to owner Jack Knowlton after conversing with trainer Barclay Tag, he'll work early to mid next week, a decision will be made on the preakness. After that workout. So that catches you up on all the preakness news as we have it so far right up to date. In terms of Breeders Cup all is. No doubt will be focused on our friends north of the border at Woodbine. This entire weekend, you have three Breeders Cup challenge races that are GonNa take place over the course of the next two days. You have the great one. Woodbine. Mile. Today. Posted Five, thirty, nine eastern. That's win and you're in for the Breeders Cup Mile You had the Thomas Stakes and the summer stakes tomorrow the Natalia. A winning you're in for the juvenile fillies turf the summer. A winning your end for the juvenile turf division. I'm GonNa Talk to Woodbine Handicapper Jeff Brat coming up at nine forty eastern hill preview. All the stakes action coming up, it would by can't wait to catch up with him and toxin. Winning your inaction. The great one Belmont Oaks Invitational is also today that is not. A winning you're in for the Breeders Cup but wouldn't be surprised to see one or two of these phillies go onto the Breeders Cup. It's a short feel the five. There three zero phillies are GonNa, go a mile and a quarter. And because of the short field, it's going to be early. Keep that mind the Belmont Oaks invitatinal race five, three, Oh four eastern as the post. Magic, attitude. MAKES HER U S debut trainer. Arnaud Delacour. And figures divide for favoritism in that race with the bill trained Antoinette that should be a great showdown. Arnaud Delacour is going to be here nine twenty eastern time second half of the program to talk about magic attitude. And what he does with a horse that he gets. into his care for the very first time. Coming up to a grade one race. How do you do that? Now we'll talk to Arno later in the program. I'm going to start the show by looking ahead to the Churchill downs September meet which opened on Thursday. It runs through September twenty, seven, th the short meet leading into the Keelan meet which will open. On Friday October second. I'll talk with assisting assistant racing secretary in stakes coordinator Dan Bork. At Eight, fifteen this morning. After this first commercial break I'll get a chance to talk the Dan and look ahead to everything happening at Churchill downs over the next couple of weeks eight, thirty five. I'M GONNA welcome in a very popular. An extremely well known guest for what? May Be one of his final appearances on the show. This dates back to when I first started on radio nearly twenty years ago. That's the Godfather Tony Deanna from the Lexus door of Lexington and I say. that it may be one of his final appearances on the show because he has officially. Retired from the LEX store. And he's GonNa look back on. So many of the Great. Horse, people. That, he's had the opportunity to get to know during his decades of work at Lexus, the Godfather moniker that we bestowed upon Tony. Many many years ago. Has Stuck with them at. So many of our listeners have told me that they have gone to the lexus door of Lexington. And asked for the Godfather, we just WanNa meet the Godfather. and. That's pretty cool. So I'll get a chance to talk to Tony. Eight thirty, five, eastern time and finally. You may have read the news. About the fire. That consumed in pretty much gutted the grandstand it shuttered. Green Mountain Park in. Vermont. This past Wednesday. That fire took place forty four years almost to the day. After the final thoroughbred race was contested at the track. September twelfth of Nineteen Seventy six. You. Remember that that track. Then hosted greyhound racing after the thoroughbreds were done, they continued on Greyhound racing until the early nineteen nineties, but they remained vacant. Since that time I've driven by it. On many occasions being from that part of the country going back home I grew up twenty seven miles south. Upon oh Vermont in Pittsfield Massachusetts. So I remember Green Mountain very very well, of course, as I was growing up, it was pretty much all greyhounds. But he asked me, why is that a story barren? Why are we talking about that the track? Been Open since the nineteen nineties. Early nineties. And they haven't had thoroughbreds since nineteen, seventy six. Over. The nearly. Twenty years that I have been broadcasting horse racing radio I have met so many people who have spent time at tracks in that part of the country. Including Green. Mountain. You had the fair circuit in Massachusetts that was. Booming at one point. You also had Rockingham Park in southern New Hampshire. and. If you recall loose Smith, who was the owner of Rockingham Park. Founded Green Mountain and then started racing thoroughbreds there in nineteen, sixty, three in. For those of you who have never had the chance. To See. Green Mountain Park in its day one of the. Most Pristine. Racing venues that we had in the sport. Kind of nestled in those hills of Vermont. Mountains of Vermont it was special. In nineteen sixty eight green mountain became the first race track on the East Coast to host. Sunday racing. And then in nineteen seventy, three, four years after Lewis, Smith, had passed away the Rooney family a Pittsburgh steelers fame. Bought the track which soon became the first track in the country. To host thoroughbred standard bread, and Greyhound. Racing. It has its place. In thoroughbred racing history. And at nine o'clock eastern I'm going to visit with Michael blowing the founder of old friends. To. Look back on Green Mountain. Shearson his memories. He was there a lot when racing was taking place? And he always has amazing story. So I'm looking forward to that visit at nine o'clock eastern time this morning. So here's the guest line of Dan, bork eight fifteen. After our first break he'll talk about Churchill. Downs you have the Godfather Tony Out Diano from the Lexus store Michael Blown from old friends looking back on Green Mountain at nine o'clock are no. delacour. Looking ahead. To the Belmont Oaks invitational. And Jeff Brat from Woodbine at nine forty eastern time. To take a look at the big races north of the border coming up this weekend all the wind in your inaction and in between all of that our industry star of the week presented by Stuart. Morris we have our visit with four rows Bourbon and the folks there Brent Elliott, the master distiller you'll hear from him talking about the small batch select that they produce. At four roses. So all of that coming up. But. This is also. National talk like a pirate day and. For those of you who celebrate these types of days I thought, it would be fun to wind back the clock to June thirteenth two, thousand, twelve nobody. In the sport of thoroughbred racing. Could talk like a pirate like the incomparable Tom. Durkin. Outside here comes. Top of the stretch coming into the final furlong. Now in between nurses crafty CJ with an era lead our continues to fight on the outside. It's good to be king and blazing. And then finally back let allies guy they're coming down to the finish and it's our. A. Little Wise. Guy. was second in blazing Louis there. Maybe the best part of that call forget about the ours they were spectacular but The way he paused after our cross the finish. Line. And then just took it back normally to the other horses that were second and third. Only Tom Durkin could pull that off and it was. Getting. Ready for the show and I realized it was national talk like a pirate day as that I have to pull up that call Tom Durkin June thirteenth two thousand, twelve one of the great. Fun Time Durkan calls of all time. No doubt about it. So that leads me to the poll question before I get to this first mercer break what is your favorite National Day to celebrate? I'll give you a few choices. These are my here. He got here are three of the ones I like. You have talk like a pirate day. Burger Day who doesn't like Burger Day. And My choice in here. Day. Those are the three, and then of course, the fourth category is other Gore twitter feed at H. R. N. Cast Your Vote. Now an update the poll question what is your favorite National Day to celebrate? Talk like a pirate day. Burger Day red wine day or other, and if you choose other, let me know let me know whether what other day you like to celebrate. It seems like we have a day for everything now. So let's have a little fun with that poll question this morning when I come back Dan bork assistant racing secretary of stakes coordinator Churchill downs looks ahead to the September meet. That's next on. Equine Forum on. H. R. N.. 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There off Churchill downs September is underway with post time each day at twelve forty, five pm now through Sunday September twenty seven a total of over four point two, million dollars in prize money will be offered over the nine day race meet and don't forget the one hundred thousand dollar great react set for Saturday September twenty six don't miss the action for more information visit Churchill downs, dot com. Tend to equine and pet care products have been keeping world-class equal athletes happy and healthy for generations keep your equine athlete looking and performing well with ten but next generation wound and skin care treatment along with nutritional supplements leg muscle care products. Healthcare pulse topical eighth in Grooming Products Visit tend to horse dot com today. Hi, this is Joe. Nicholson. During these difficult times the team at Nicholson Insurance. Agency since best wishes to all for good health, we all look forward to better times ahead when this pandemic is behind us but in the meantime, we need to stay safe although the staff Nicholson insurance is working from home phone calls into the office or forwarded. So that service remains intact customer service professionals. Continued to be ready, willing and able to help you with your insurance needs whether it'd be equine farm home auto business or life several of Nicholson. Insurance agencies companies are returning portions of auto premiums because of reduced travel during the isolation period, which I think is the right thing to do please call eight, five, nine, two, two, four, seven, zero, eight, zero, Nicholson Insurance Agency. Thank you. Hi this is Chris McCarron and you're listening to the best horse racing show on the radio on course racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network but aperture looms on the outside and here comes temperature. Now putting in a bid up and a second about the take the lead, even my orcas coming on from fern he comes up on the fire outside and his top of the stretch now and cafeterias in front of Jackson hanging tough toward the rail from my arcus. Kinda get by shifting outside or to make up on Capitol one for on less comes before my wife got trying to run down taffer. Pigs. Don T Turkey rail. Has Been By a world back down and temperature dead. Pitcher the winter even though it was second half tracks was third and midnight trauma is for. Travel Stone with the call, the two, thousand, fifteen running heavy act act stakes capture getting the victory for hall of fame trainer, Steve Asmussen who by the way. is also the all time leading trainer at Churchill downs he earned that title. Earlier. Over the summer and t will no doubt be pointing for this year's ack-ack I'm sure with the. From that unbelievable barn that he has that the September meat is in full swing a kicked off on Thursday and we'll run through next Sunday. The AC will be run next Saturday. That is the lone remaining stakes race that Churchill has on the docket for the September meet, and then we'll segue into keeneland and then of course, right back to Churchill downs in November, and I'm joined now by Assistant Racing Secretary and stakes coordinator Dan Bork at Churchill downs, Dan Good Morning. Morning Mike, how are you today? I'm good. My friend did. Bit Chilly here in the Bluegrass but the horse's like it i. saw several preakness hopefuls on the track this morning at Churchill Yeah I think we're getting ready to watch the Derby winner head out here in a few minutes if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, you know let let's start there for a minute Dan and just share your thoughts on what we saw on Derby. Day, it was look I mean everything is different this year and It was challenging in some respects but you know Churchill put everything together pulled it off beautifully and I think in terms of the wagering and what we saw with the racing action in that card things taint things came together pretty damn well. Yeah, there's no question that came together very well all things considered. You know what's been going on. in racing this year with covert and all that I just think it was turned out to be some great great races. With all things considered I, think the Horseman Senior stepped up and supported it and. you know it's not ideal. It's not what we wanted to do but in the end that looks like it's turned out pretty good. Yeah, we're still racing. We're still in business for still giving out purse money. All of those things are very positive even if we can't have fans in attendance yet and have that handle on track and all those types of things that go along with it it least we're still in business, right? Yeah. That's you're right. Absolutely I mean I'll tell you one thing it was very odd being here on Derby Day in September and then obviously no one here standing in the panic or sending out on the you know the rail watching the Derby and there's look up in the sand and there's nobody. That wasn't wasn't pleasant, but it was it the other side at least we were doing it like you said, people were watching at home and we're still running and. Giving out great person money and you know. Doing thing we like to do. Yeah the purse money here in the September meet albeit a very short meet that only runs as I mentioned through next Sunday. September. Twenty seventh. The purse money is rock solid. You have maiden special weight races going for what seventy, five thousand dollar purses and then the allowance races or strong too. Yeah we're averaging Post Derby over four hundred and fifty thousand a day so. Somewhere in the range of four and a half million dollars, we're going to give away post there be. obviously pre derby. We we stepped it up a little bit when the big steak schedule, eighteen stake races and. You know almost ten million dollars in purses or state purses alone so We we did ramp up Derby Week, and we have the one lone steak left the the AC which she offered the prepped for the breeders got my own. And see what comes out of that the winner is GonNa. So we've got a lot to look forward to the rest of this meeting and obviously coming up till November and Breeders, Cup. So I think the Bluegrass is going to be good place to be here for the next few months. Yeah. There's no doubt about it when I look the September meat is a little bit of acquire to meet especially this year coming on the heels of the Derby which was rescheduled for early. September and then. Looking ahead to Keeneland, and then up the road. November as you just mentioned to Dan when you're approaching a meat like this, especially in this year with all the conditions that were facing. The, how how do you have to change your approach in there in the racing office and when you're hustling horses into the act when you're trying to get horses into the races day in and day out? Is it a different challenge that you're facing this year? Well for sure this year with the way the September Michel I mean the September thinks built fairly new here. So that's and it's been going well, it's been getting stronger and stronger every year this year. It's been a little different you know with covert and then the dates moving around with their be week and you know LS giving up. Derby that Labor Day weekend, and then obviously you got Kentucky downs in the next two. So they're coming off a great meet there. So I think just a lot of people. On all as have been focusing in on Kentucky so. It's all turning out to be good I. mean the main goal is we get a Lotta horses here. We got people looking at Kentucky and you know that's what we're trying to do. So it's it's working, and that's hopefully we'll build on that and keep going strong for an extra. Yeah you heard me welcome you into the show here today with that call of the two thousand fifteen ACA capture winning Steve Asmussen. He's tied with Barbie Barnett Bill Ma and Paul Magee with two wins in that race is he planning to saddle anything in this year's act you know? That's a good question. He's got several nominated. He's got bank. It has got Simon. He's got a few I'm not sure exactly which one is going to be running it but I'm planning on having something in there and I think it's GonNa be a really great race but in Wilkes Bourbon calling. Brad's plan on running warriors charge you got Mr Money most seeped Arrojo one last year. Last year's Aker maybe the Lucas Classic. Think he went last year so he'll be bad. So yeah, I think it's going to be a great great. Yeah. You know the timing of that race is interesting too it Kinda if fits if you're you're right before all the big Breeders Cup prep races coming up at keeneland in Belmont and around the country the following weekend. But for those who are thinking, okay, we don't want to take on the big boys necessarily yet. This is A. This is a perfect spot for them and you're looking ahead to the Breeders Cup. Dirt. Mile. As you said, this is a great prep race for that I think if you're if you're looking for a spot to run your horse to prep for that particular race in the Breeders Cup, it just fits perfectly. Doesn't it? Yeah, and that's what they're for. It's not a great one. It's not a great to it's a it's a salad grade three. And you know that's the caliber voices we get in there, and there may be somebody jumps up and stands out, and then obviously looks forward to going to the Breeders Cup So it's it's served well, the last few years as that and You know this you're normally we run the Lucas classic the same time you know the money but this year we didn't. We just left it with the the AC and obviously randy I she but last weekend so or two weeks ago. Yeah you look at the names of some of the horses that have won the ack-ack in recent years there's some pretty big names you have seeking the sole Tom's radio I mentioned Tapa -ture pants on fire won the race in two thousand thirteen. There have been some really good horses to come through that race. Yeah and I. Would expect the same this year as well. So like I said, it's it's got got thirty nine horses nominated to it and. I'm hoping we get a full field in there and it looks like we will. Act Again, next Saturday racing wrapping up on. Sunday. At Churchill for the September meet Dan just take a quick second here before i. Let you go and look ahead to the November meet just some of the stakes that will see their I know the Clark is obviously the big one but that's a huge day of racing to. There's there's a lot of big stakes races coming up at Churchill in November. Oh for sure I, mean. In November, we've got the you know the river city, great three, the car no the false said city. Obviously the two year old weekend. The falls are the stars of tomorrow with the Jockey Club and the Goldenrod towards the end of meat, and then of course, the great one, Clark. and we'll be putting that stakes out here. Probably today we're just finalizing that and we should have air conditioning book out here soon for that too so Yeah, November meet. Another one looking forward to that too so. It would be very nice to have a a normal a normal meet in terms of the dates to own it. Yeah Well Yeah I'm decides that. The Breeders Cup Ra back and forth there for one week. Yet you know it's a little odd with with the dates. Start here on the twenty fifth and twenty eight we finished and then go to the keeneland from sorry. The fifth we finished, and then we run keeneland Breeders Cup weekend sixth and seventh, and then back here to finish out the rest of November. Does that help the when the Breeders Cup is in Kentucky whether it's at Churchill or keeneland that horses after they run in the Breeders Cup will stick around and stay in states I don't travel back and forth especially this year with all of the the Cova concerns they can stay here and then they can run at Churchill in November just seems tailor-made doesn't it? Yeah I mean that's that's our ideas to try to get a couple of horses from the Breeders Cup of point towards the the Clark. So as the end of the meat. And the false city as well. So. It's a little short but. We keep them here. At, least they're closer here than it would be if they've running somewhere else. Makes, does make it easier? Talking with Dan Board, the assistant racing secretary stakes coordinator at Churchill downs, Dan our poll question this morning I'm GonNa put you on the spot. It is national talk like a pirate day. So I asked people, what is your favorite National Day to celebrate, and here's a few choices. Talk like a pirate day. Burger Day red wine day or other. So if you had to pick your favorite national day to celebrate what stand BORK GONNA PICK A. Burger Day. That's no brainer. Yeah. Who doesn't like Brian Day Right I. Guess Pizza Day with a good one to. Pizza, we'll take that. Actually. Well. It's a little early for wind day, but I'll maybe take that too. Yeah. There you go. We'll take. I should have put that on their burger and we can combine the two they go well together. Yeah and it's still bearing their to. We can go. Yeah this this could be fun Dan Bork with me here on hr Dan listen appreciate it my friend and enjoy the September meet I'll look forward to hopefully getting a chance to see in person at Keeneland Come on over. Right. Bud. Thank you my. Dan Bork here. H. Yeah. Why not? Burger Day in red wine day together. I don't know if I've ever seen a mixed together but. Why not that'd be a? Pizza Day in red wine day. Anything but. Like chicken. Right. Or maybe. Fish. Anything other than that would red wine. Nine people that have red wine with anything it doesn't really matter but Yeah good stuff from Dan. Bork and that meet again running through next Sunday. my wife actually pointed out during that last commercial break my beautiful wife Michelle that because it's national talk like a pirate day I should refer to H.. R. R. N. and do it in that fashion throughout the entire show but Now maybe we'll see it is time for your lexus legends of the turf brought to you every Saturday by the lex store of Lexington When I come back, I will visit with the Godfather Tony Danno from the Lexus store. That's next right after your Alexis legends of the turf nine horses answered the call to post in early May of nineteen, Fifty, seven, four, the running of the singular most famous race in America. The Kentucky Derby the drama had unfolded in part on the early morning hours on that Saturday on Churchill's backstretch at seven in the morning when candyman firms General Duke. Stood blanketed in the Isle of Barn Fifteen While Veterinarian Alex Harthill and trainer Jimmy Jones listed as lifted his left foreleg to examine area which had been the subject of speculation and concern. Since he'd come back from a second place finish to Federal Hill and the Derby trial, the previous Tuesday a little bit sore. The final call was up to Jones and even though it was only a bruise, it was pretty sore general duke had blown out a quarter in twenty four that morning and show nothing toward in his movement in that outing but he limped ever so slightly while being cooled ow. Ten in the morning, the decision was made Dan, General? Duke. Would not go posted this day in the run for the roses and the field were bold ruler Indian Creek Gallon Man Federal Hill. Better Be Shan. Pec Roundtable Iron Legion Mr Jive. It was a chilly day in the Rubber City of Louisville, the temperature hovering in the forties and that gave cost to the holding down of both the crowd and the mutual handle. Bold ruler was a sixty five time favorite with both gala Manon Roundtable highly regarded this challengers with general duke out of the race. The other half of the county met Entry Iron Liege was far less regarded. And was eight to one post time starter Jim Thomson got to feel the way the one excellent start Federal Hill trying to give. Louisville its first hometown, Winstons Old Rosebud in nineteen fourteen quickly stepped to the front as expected down the long straight and Enrique the hallowed twin spires past the Sandal the time it was federal. Hill bold ruler Iron Legion round table. In that order on around the turn, they maintain the same positions where the first top going and forty-seven flap down the backside both the front running Federal Hill and bowl ruler drifted out a little bit that left just enough room down along the fence let the Wiley Bill. Send Iron Liege along with a hop link of the lead. The first six panels have been covered in one eleven to as they approached the far turn Federal Hill scientists back in toward the rail in heart tech fearing he would be shut off took up a little bit and decided to go hunting around the front runner was Federal Hill by three parts of iron. Lesion bold ruler. As they hit top of the stretch, our tech had utilized another Poi- about crafty rain Zeman by using both Federal Hill and bowl ruler as a windbreak or part of. The run down the backstretch and there was a stiff breeze blowing down the backside add in. So doing it saved as much of his horse as he possibly could midway through the turn hardback, turned his mouth up a notch and that brought him up abreast of Federal Hilas to match strides on down to the three sixteen poll Iron Liege game bit by bit and a half length lead at the eighth pole. But Bill Shoemaker had gallon men going full throttle and he was eating up ground with every stride on the outside. He was not only a hop link. Behind Federal Hill, and unlike behind the leader Iron Liege, he had been seventh after hop some thirteen links out of it. It goes to fifth just fiber optic leader Federal Hill. It's a quarter pole and was picking them up and Langham down passing sources just inside the eighth pole he passed Federal Hill and took dead aim at iron, Liege with roundtable out bird at the sixteen Paul Gallen men had shoved his nose in front of iron, Liege and appeared to be an absolutely certain winter. Wait just one minute shoemakers stood up in the irons mistaking the finish. Line that momentary lapse cost him the victory by long nose as recovered to get back in full stride too late iron liege, the second-stringer heart technology the first of his eventual six derby scores and catch at racking up at six. Derby winner at upset the dope it was memorable for a couple of reasons first of all the absence of General Duke and more importantly the miscalculation of shoemaker who stood up a sixteen too soon and may nineteen fifty seven in the Kentucky Derby most memorable moment in thoroughbred racing and in its own way a great moment in racing. Visionary. design. This role performance and imaginary technology that's Lexus when every detail every moment at every emotion is crafted by Lexus, it leads to amazing experience artistry than Inspires, design that compels and engineering that excites. This is Mike Pana and I can tell you personally as a lexus owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the Lexus model lines is unparalleled visit, the Lexus door of Lexington today and. See what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with a keeneland shop located at the Lexus tour of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Kenyans Lexus Raven run stakes each fall, and remember when you go to Alexa Store asked for the Godfather Tony Deanna talk horses and experience amazing in your brand new lexus. Twenty Twenty yearling consignments up Raritan see Jones Airdrie Stud are loaded with graded stakes prospects. Once again, their consignments at at Tipton and keep September and half siblings to current great state sources, bells, the one Dean Martini and Indian pry as well as full sisters to grade one winner street band, and recent Saratoga stakes. Winners speak to me of summer and Kariba Raritan see Jones carefully develop female families are brimming with exciting updates. Airdrie studs yearlings are raised for the race track think about it. The twenty twenty thoroughbred owner conference is being offered virtually November third and fourth. We are committed to providing the owner conference in as safe and healthy and environment as possible experience nine panels with expert speakers, moderators, anti keynote address, ask questions of speakers from your Home Office or anywhere. You are visit view, dot com to register and be part of this important event while staying safe healthy and comfortable wherever you are will be there visit owner view dot com today. I WanNa Desario and listen to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the voice racing radio network. Can Be only one thing. The Godfather Tony Out Diano for store of Lexington, joining me now here on the horse racing radio network. Welcome back everybody Mike. Pennant, Berna, the Backstretch, the Godfather Ladies and gentlemen for what may be one of his final appearances here on the equine. Forum. Tony this relationship goes back about twenty years. Now, when I first started on radio, we walked in to the Lexus store of Lexington Myself and my late mentor. Pete coolest. We sat down with you in the office at the former location of the Lexus tour which was on Nicholasville road. And right away we hit it off. We spent more than an hour talking about horse racing and it's been a relationship. I love unbelievable have to tell you. This is called what talk like a New York, Italian Belmont Right. So you WANNA. Yeah. How New York Italians talk at Beaumont and it walking around they looking at a horse they're looking at the beautiful women and all of a sudden you is something like this. Yeah. Hey, my own. Can You? Tell you it. Let me tell you Tony. You have what was how long I mentioned this the top the show. Let me reiterate you have just announced your official retirement from the Lexus tour of Lexington, and you did that night end of August the end of holiday. How long were you there? Nineteen years. I said it was nearly two decades about right. So when I walked in your office, you had just Nineteen years and I figured well listen. I just turned eighty you know I. Don't know if I'M GONNA. Make Eighty one but I feel pretty good. Let's see what happens but the way the world is going right I gotTA. Tell You I think I'll be talking with Adam pretty soon. We'll. There are so many unbelievable people in the horse business. So many people that have come up to me over the years over the past twenty years now and said, Hey, listen I have to go meet the Godfather I had can you put me in touch with the Godfather at Lexus and how many times do people walk through the doors there and say, Can I talk to the Godfather Oh? Especially when I And you know my poor receptionist she look at me and she's Tony can't talk to you is what? Lady just called came in and said. I have to speak to the Godfather. So. What's wrong with that? Because WHO's the guide for you're talking to the Godfather right here where is she pointed out? Yeah Yeah. I mean, it was hysterical but the people here in this town I mean I I love Lexington Kentucky and you know I love the people in the Horse Business I mean you you. You just find a different breed of human being and People that work in the business or people that go to the tracks on a regular basis. There's something. Mystical about the racetrack. And the farms and there's something mystical about it 'cause you're working with the horse. And the Horse can communicate with you they really. Can I know a lot of people who don't know the business? Don't know stock. They think I'm going crazy. Well, two-thirds crazy but. They they really do and You know when they see you come in in the morning and you might have a little piece of an apple for them. Something they they. They love you I, mean they start talking to. Sounds Great. Yeah. Well, and and people were a member that we've talked about this on the show many times godfather that you're a horse person first and foremost in. So many of the people at the lex store is still to this day I mean there are people that support horse racing I talked about the keeneland shop at the Lexus store the Lexus Raven run at Keeneland LEXA sponsors every fall Right? You know it's something that it's passionate to you at a deeper level than just trying to sell cars. Well. My Mikey is probably the closest and He's no longer with us But. Other than that. Isn't that too many people you know it again it's an interesting industry. It really is they they love the people they love the horsemen and and and the Horse people that come in 'cause they're they're easy to deal with You know they don't they don't WanNa be wined and dined and whatever. But that's what we do. We wine and dine people okay and I mean it's it's just like you're you're you're not in a claiming race when you come into the Lexus store. You're in a stakes race so And it's the Lexus Raven run stakes. And putting together with Nick Nicholson was. One of the great thrills in my life it really and truly was and. I just love it. I love the people love the animal You know you. So, many people to lose money you lose money doing anything. You could use have a chance of winning money do. and start thinking like a winner not thinking like a loser. Yep But. You had some horses in your day that were. Pretty. Darn. Good to see. You know not like great one level, but you had some really nice horses in you battled through some. And the game just been. Guys like you and and coolest I mean. You guys were class. act. The first time I laid my eyes on you. I mean, you coolest was unbelievable but you know him, I mean, God rest his soul. Their stories were unbelievable whenever we talk about New York. He would talk about Hugh, gardens? Now. For people who don't know much about New York. Q. Gardens. was where all the? Great looking stewardesses. Always had a you know that's where they they had They bet it down for the night. You know they had ruin layovers. Yeah. So when he I don't about you gardens and great bars, great bars. So you and in those days. Stewardess was like a showgirl. I mean they were beautiful. Absolutely. Beautiful. SORTA slipped you know. Right now. But well, you know. What? One Thing Godfather that that you and I talked about all the time and every time I come in and see you at the Lexus door for visitor was you tell me about the people that you had the chance to meet people like for example Ken Ramsey right who who would come in and he was Alexis owner Chris McCarron right. Also came I remember talking to Chris and and he would commit and see you. Tell me about some of those people that came into the Lexus store that you had the chance to get to know in the horse business. we we we had so many guys I mean because you know it was interesting when I first started with them. I spoke to at that time was not Nick Nicholson. run MacAulay. was with us and I said to him you know so. How how do you guys do with with the Horse people on the track and the arms and? Well, we don't do anything with them at all. It's why. Actually you know this is the the horse capital of the world, the world. I mean. Piece of what do you want to do? I said, let me take a car go visit some of the farms and you know one day one day they're going to the track in the morning. And you know I hated to the horsemen. Tough way of making a living folks really, and truly is and I appreciate their effort because it's not an eight hour day job to your trainer or or groom more or you work on a farm it's how ever long it's good to take. That's what it is. And you better make sure 'cause these are worth a lot of money and you have a lot of. Very, very well to do people that have invested heavily into these animals so You take care of that, and then we started getting People in. And it was. It was great. So. So If you had any questions about horses goal that Guy Tony up over read Lexus. But I don't think he's going to give you a customer or anything I. Anybody Go with a an inferior product. I mean, yeah. I in the by or develop the the best racehorse in the world. Well, I'm giving you an opportunity to drive the car in the world. That simple. Yeah. Mike, you drive driving one and you know and you've been one for years. Of Yours, it's it's spectacular and you know you and I have had this conversation I've talked about Lexus on the show for many many years I hope to continue to talk about Lexus, because the product is second to none but you know we always say in those commercials, Tony that the people make the difference and they do now the. Way. Yeah in the ties to the horse business, make it even stronger for people here on the Bluegrass and Tell. Me about the keeneland shop that's at the Lexus store how how did that come about? All the the the Qinglin shop. Yeah. Well when I put the race together. And we were building that building at that time. name was coming. WAS IT It was Nick Nick. Nicholson Nick Nicholson. Yeah. He was coming in and he says, you know this what are you gonNa put in that area you know the pipes were coming down everything we've built from scratch that'll stop. So I said I. Think. You know the owners want to put in a coffee shop over here. I actually think that would be the nicest what what's The wall 'cause I don't know I guess we'll try to get some somebody to come in whatever. Saying since Well. How `bout the? gained. He may have keenly. I. Love Qinglin you gotTa be kidding me, what do you mean? What do you want to? Happen of we come in there and we pay rent. You know we'll have a keeneland store. Said let me talk to Rick I can't say why we wouldn't want to do it. And that's how it came about and we're the only keeneland store that's off of the The reservation put it that way. And it's been. It's been great because we get a lot of older people that are flying back and forth or whatever, and if they're sitting there and they're going to the keeneland store and they'll buy some stuff with the grandchildren or something for their children whatever you know. I mean. So it's all. Product identification and. All keeneland, and again, if it's you buy something from the store, you know it's quality. Again, it's about the people, right? Yep. Yeah. The people the quality of the product it all ties together with with Tony Alexa the store in the Godfather and Doni I gotta get to a commercial break in a minute. I just want to tell you that I wanNA. Thank you publicly for everything that you have done for me personally from Michelle, and for this particular program this network it's been a wonderful relationship and again I hope it continues. For many many years but I think personally because. When you climb the trees, which is shotgun be careful. Don't fall out. Okay. All right. I'll see you on these things I'll do my best side at that. I will do my best friend. It'd be. Godfather. Thank you for everything. Thank you for taking a little time here. This morning to look back on that wonderful career Lexus and enjoy a retirement my friend. Many many heavy. Thank you. Thank you. Right God, bless the the Godfather Tony out the Ano and yeah when I when I tell you. Every single week in their commercials that it's about the people that the people make the difference in you heard Tony Talk, about the quality of the product with with Lexus. Vehicles. He's one hundred percent right but the people are what set it apart you know he he referred to it as not being a claiming race. When you walk in there you're in you're in a grade one you're in a stakes race when you walk in that Alexa store of Lexington I love the way he put that and he'll be missed no doubt of you have come up to me over the years and said, hey, how do I can you introduce me to the Godfather? How do I go see the Godfather? Well, he'll be missed but he'll still be around in the we wish all the best in that retirement. Great stuff. All right. Still. The Common GonNa visit with Michael, blowing from old friends will join me to kick off the second half of the show. We'll talk about Green Mountain Park, which had that devastating fire take place this past week Arnaud Delacour will be with me to look ahead to the grade one, Belmont Invitational Jeff. Brat the handicap woodbine will preview all the big races coming up this weekend north of the border, all of that in the second half of the show. But when I return, it's your industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris. This forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network Your home for the twenty twenty triple crown and Breeders Cup power count. Passion. Z.. Winning by about a Neg-, also performance. Gains Waist. down. County a precocious group on winter is a two year old and a three time grade one winner including a scintillating win and the Breeders Cup Mile in one, thirty, two and four fifths Karen. Conte. Hails from the immediate family of leading sire King Mambo with a top female line, which includes the hugely influential champion me ask as his third Damn Kerik Conte's first crop of. Three roles includes graded stakes, winners, solely, Volonte, and Ken I warrior along with stakes winners, Charac Torna Saul Petillo, and great winner recently Spanish love affair role twin eleven lake debut win at Gulfstream value priced at just ten thousand dollars. He has the performance, the pedigree and the physical come see Karen Conti at Gateway Power Fashion, Aroma, you know I'm talking about gains way far. forty-six solutions makes technology easy. We manage the day to day technology needs of Kentucky businesses by offering twenty four, seven help desk support infrastructure design, and cybersecurity protection. To keep your focus on your business. Our residential engineers can design and install media room home theaters and make sure your home wifi network run smoothly with the best fees. Available visit forty-six solutions. Dot Com today forty-six solutions is your technology partner. Tony Hey Matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks seafood is my favorite restaurant. 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You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network three quarters of one, twelve three and a closed in, and now they're passing north Broadway, here's call me love their starship jubilee and on the outside it is sister Charlie as the field comes down for the eightfold on the inside call me on the outside it is starship jubilee starship jubilee now takes the lead from Call Me Love Charlie is third they come for the in the Boston spa at it's got day starship jubilee win it by a head call me Love was second sister Charlie finish third the time was one, forty, one and three. Welcome back to the Boreham on H.. R. In. National talk like a Pirate Day h par are and Mike Pence Berna the backstretch. And that was John Embryo with the call of the starship jubilee victory in the Boston spa back on. July twenty fifth of this year. Later today, she'll take on the boys in the grade one woodbine mile a winning your end for the Breeders Cup Mile Division that takes place north of the border at Woodbine in Toronto. It is part of a weekend that includes three Breeders Cup challenge races. You haven't had an atomic and the summer stakes tomorrow and post time for the Woodbine Mile Today Five, thirty, nine, eastern I'll talk with Jeff Brat nine, forty eastern time this. Morning that's the handicap woodbine Jaffa Walk through all those stakes races and share his thoughts on who he thinks is going to win But time now to welcome in another talented staffer to the program, our industry star of the week, which is presented by Stuart Morris and that is Meredith Krupp who is involved with consigning horses. She just launched her first public consignment. She has been an integral part of this game for the past couple of years, and she's with me now here on the horse racing radio network as our industry star of the week. Meredith Good Morning. Good Morning. How are you? things are great. How are things with you? They're good. They're rolling at the sale they're they're busy. Yeah, a different type of sale this year you're used to the hustle and bustle and having so many people around and they're still people there but it's not it's not the same vibe. Is it? No, it's definitely not the same vibe unfortunately, but you know I think it's better than what a lot of us expected I think phasing and Caitlyn have done a great job at still making it conducive to. Buyers and sellers while making us. All safe. So I think they've done their best effort and you know as much change as there's been I think they tried their best to make it as little change as possible for the Horse Sale. Will Merit at this segment is all about you because you are industry star of the week and Stewart was kind enough to pass along your number. He said listen she's a rising star in the business. We have to make our industry star of the week at some point. So here you are congratulations on that honor and Take me back to the beginning here tell me your story and how you came to be involved in the Horse Business and where we are today. Well I I gotta say I appreciate that from Stewart he's a good friend of ours and he is a constant cheerleader of other people in this industry and that's kind of hard to find especially when you're young. So I really appreciate Stuart and he's always been very kind to me and and routed me on. So that's very nice of him but I grew up in Cincinnati. Ohio. Near actually only three or four miles from river down I'll probably never call it bell tear it always be river down for me and my dad. He loves the track and love horses and loved racing and He was in the heavy machinery business, and so he you know knew about agriculture but he was always taking me to the race track at River Down I. was like ten or eleven years old and we'd go there even middle of the day and you know he'd. At that time he he'd send me to the window. He'd be sitting at a table and he sent me the window and say. All right but these horses and I want to dollar exact the box and still to this day that's the that's the but I make. So I think that's really when I got my edge for horses in general and then. I. road sport horses up until college and wrote for the team at UK and. I majored in business and I think I wanted to combine the two and so when I went to my first sale when I was a senior in college, you know thoroughbred sales teams like the best of both worlds you get the horses and the business and the Hustle and bustle and the selling and all that. So that's kind of when I got the edge for the sales was when I was a senior in college. You know I just had the godfather from Alexis tour of Lexington Tony Out. Diano with me in the previous segment, and he talked about the fact that this sport is a twenty, four, seven, seven days a week, three, hundred, sixty, five day year commitment, and you have to be in it, and you have to be part of it and you have to be passionate about it. You obviously are, what's the most rewarding part for you about being involved with the industry the way that you are. I think for me. It's raising the horses. You know I think it's we we pull them out of their Mama and and we do the breeding and were there and you know the long nights and and waking up in the middle of the night and the for Foley fix and you know for me I, I'm really passionate about raising them and bringing them to the sale and I think my fiancee and I are really. He's very passionate as well about raising a good racehorse. You know we obviously want them to sell well but at the end of the day, we want him to go to the track and do what they're meant to do and be tough and compete against the best. So I think for me it's just raising good. Horse is the best part for me. How cool is it to finally have your first consignment about a month ago or so? It's it is. It's very cool You know we actually have Jay was a part of select sales. For eleven years and I joined them when I was young and I was with them for five or six years, and they really took me under their wing and a lot of pretty much everything I know is from you know Kerry Brogdon Andrew Carey over there and I gotta give them a lot of credit. They always really supported me and. Jay My fiance's very supportive and when that company dissolved and we joined eaten, we've always done these regional sales in Louisiana and and Florida. and. We have clients there that we have to support and they send the big horses to Kentucky. But we have to support them in their regional bread programs as well and when you know eating when we joined eating and they, they aren't really designed to go to those regional sales jay or why don't you go ahead and we'll do it. Together. So it's you know him and is still going to regional sales on bear. Our Name but we are with eating. Then everything we saw in Kentucky will be with eating but. I mean it's very exciting especially for Jay and I. To be able to do it together. Just the two of US was a lot of fun in Louisiana and and then we went onto Texas under eating and we did very well topping both sales. So that was exciting. Yeah it's been a wonderful ride and I know that ride is still continuing. Many. Had for our to star the week. She is Meredith Krupp and Meredith listen I i. appreciate the visit here this morning Thank you for taking a little time. I know you're busy at the keeneland sale go back in pick out some more winners for people and continued success in again. Congratulations. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Hope you all have a good day. You got it and she mentioned some pretty big names there with the Andrew Carey and Brogden and the folks at Eton. She has learned from some of the best in the business, and now she is taking things to a new level Meredith our industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris and don't forget that Stewart wants to his owners, his clients and his entire team he knows that. His success is because of you he's never forgotten that it would multiple steak sources over the past several years that include Henley's Joe our brain trust. Mel Ghazi and Kentucky Derby Contender Bend who ran the there are a couple of weeks ago. Stewart is your source for success at the highest levels and you can visit all the stuart. Moore's consignments at every major sale every major yearling sale for sure. Make sure you do that. Make sure you tell Stuart that you heard the industry star of the week segment right here on the horse racing radio, network. All right. Busy second half of the program comes your way next kicks off with Michael, blowing from old friends looking back on Green Mountain we're back with our two right after I pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network. From the rail to your radio this is horse racing radio network. To Leave, Dr Paused both up with an outside of the second nomadic disturbed as New York Hero. Pin Brecqhou. Much. Thanks probable. His Belt Four. My pleased by my standards. Tom's they talk code of honor. On. Iran Tease Joe. Window. Welcome to the equine forum honore P runs right by that. Dora derail and Rachi sixteenth. Thurgau honor a link to the half authentic rush running on way it will be honore. Of very impressive winner of the run Happy Santa. Anita Derby Tom's daytimes chicken up shaking up to a three length lead by my standards is trying hard but he still second silver dust this third multiplayer trying to come on late for force the with a sixteen to go it's total domination for Tom's Day ta now here's Mike. Welcome back hour number two of the equine forum. Rolling. On busy morning. If you missed any portion of the show, my interview with Churchill Assistant Racing Secretary. Stinks Coordinator Dan Pork, the Godfather toni-ann from the Lexus store or our industry star of the week. Meredith crop. All you have to is head back to our website and you can listen to the entire show at your leisure. That's horse racing radio DOT net. It will be posted shortly after we finish up at ten o'clock eastern this morning second half of the show begins Michael Blowing from friends. He'll share some memories and some thoughts on. Green Mountain Park. which had that devastating fire this past week that pretty much gutted the entire grandstand that was on Wednesday and you remember that Green Mountain has been dormant since the early nineties and it was forty four years almost to the day after the final thoroughbred race was contested at the Tracks Timber Twelfth Nineteen, seventy six that the fire took place this week in It's just for somebody who grew up in that part of the country and New Green Mountain and what it was at least with greyhounds anyway as I was growing up, it's sad to see where it is today. So Michael will look back on. That historic track Arnaud Delacour going to be with me at nine twenty eastern Jeff Brat from woodbine. To handicap the big races there this weekend he'll be with me at nine forty, and of course, our four roses bourbon visit with Brent Elliott the master distiller at four roses poll question this morning. So many of you weighing in at H. R. in on twitter. Keep those votes coming? What is your favorite National Day to celebrate this is national talk like a pirate day. So he gave you a few choices. Well. Do you like talk like a pirate day? You like National Burger Day national red wine day maybe or other and if you choose other please specify which day you prefer so far. Thirty three percent of the vote that is leading this category. thirty-three percent saying that they prefer red wine day. I'd love our listeners across hr a nation. I'm right there with you by the way I voted for red wine. Day to Derby Day. Yeah. There's a good one national Margarita day that strong Turtle Soup Day is what Chris says. Like. That Chris Turtle Soup Day must be from Louisiana. There's another vote for Margarita Day and. No April twentieth. Alright. Keep them coming keep the comments coming at HR and twitter. Well. Michael Bowen is now with me to kick off the second half of the program, Michael Good morning my friend. Good. Morning Mike good to hear from you. Yeah great to have you on the program again, hear your voice and you know I reference at the top of the show when I was talking about Green. Mountain. There is so much history they're going all the way back to. Right after Lou Smith bought the place course the owner of Rockingham park he founded it in ran thoroughbreds there for the first time in nineteen, sixty three. But in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty, eight, green mountain became the first track on the east coast to host Sunday racing and that was just the start of the history that that track would make. Yeah, Lou Smith was a great guy I got to know him towards the end of his reign at Rockingham Park and new was just the greatest guy and not mountains such a beautiful little little track. As you know when you you called, it asked me to be honest started thinking about it when I was a kid growing up, there was seventeen. thoroughbred race tracks in. New England. Polluting Great Barrington and great and Green Mountain and the three county fair and all those straps along with Suffolk and Rockingham Narragansett, and there were seventeen of them, and now there are none. Zero. Zero Zero. It's hard to believe but Green Mountain for anybody who's ever driven by their even when it was. Even when it was abandoned. And the whole place is falling down It's such a beautiful beautiful location I mean. It's it was such a gorgeous little place and. The only thing I can add to what everybody might Welsh is written and a lot of other people have written their their work Dick Green Mountain remind me P coolest. Earlier. You know you know Pete is to go there and miss. You know he was really he was really a great guy and he p pick people was a a marvelous man and and I know he looked green mountain but it was such a gorgeous setting. It's at the bottom of the mountains the green mountains there. One personal. Recollection that I have is I didn't really get involved with raising until after Green Mountain woes. And every year when we drove back from Sharon Toga after opening week at Saratoga Diane. I would go by and we drive. The back way home instead of taking the Massachusetts Turnpike and always go by. Green Mountain Park and every year was Looking a little more desperate, little more desperate, little more desperate. Well in the late. Nineties. I think it was ninety nine or two thousand Howard Dean Governor Vermont and they wanted to have simulcasting at. Green Mountain Park put it in a nice restaurant have simulcasting. So a friend of mine and Spend a group of people put together a plan. to have simultaneous to have live racing at. Green Mountain. the. The weekend before Saratoga Open and the weekend that Saroj after shower tober closed. So people on their way to Saratoga or back from Saratoga, we'd have the opportunity to do this, and the concept was would have green racing. You know drugs no whips only racing on the grass. And make it into a sixty day. You know really cool. Little Meat and And and then Vermont could have simulcasting and they could open up the restaurant all year round and do all that kind of thing. We pretty much had the deal put together but at the end, the the price kept going up. Every time we turned around and we thought we had made arrangements to purchase that detract the. The the price kept going up until it got out of sight, and then that was the end of our involvement with it and I don't know how many people try to open it up since then but that was Came pretty close. Howard. Dean really wanted to do it. Yeah, yeah. You know it's it's. It's sad that that didn't come together Michael I know that there were many attempts over the years since Green Mountain had closed in the early nineties to try to revitalize the race track and people look at getting involved and it just for whatever reason want one reason or another never materialized but you know going back to its heyday. Back, after the Rooney family took over, which was right around nineteen seventy-three, I guess and of course, people would know the Rooney's is the owners of the Pittsburgh steelers. They bought the track they've been very involved with not just green mountain, but several race tracks in our in the country and. So many people that I've talked to over the years that have worked at. Green Mountain. Couldn't say enough about that family and the efforts that they made to make racing successful at that track and all the other tracks. No I totally agree I mean when they talk about what's happening with racing now oftentimes, people don't mention that but the people that ran racing. You know when when Suffolk was in his heyday and when Rockingham was in his heyday really loved Grayson. And you know there's the ruling family and the. The goal race and you can go on and on and on. What they were really dedicated to. To racing. And now, there's a lot of absentee ownership and you know just there's not the personal attachment where you know when. When used to walk around places, light, green, mountain, and even great Barrington. The people that own attract would be at the in the backstretch every morning walking around talking to the trainer sow sure wars. How how're you details the? You know they've been coming back for years and a lot of people in New England in particular they thought of these places as almost like a summer camp for adults. Where people could get away from the city and take their vacations and go to go to green, mountain in great Barrington and all the. Little tracks and a little places where you know most of the people that were there really adores the sport. We miss that a lot isn't it and I think it's I think it's I think it's starting to get home that these smaller trashy you beginning to that rate at an even higher rate and and we've got to do something that to help them because I think the county and. And the little tracks. Are Extremely important to the overall health of the sport. Speaking of helping the industry visiting by the way with Michael Blowing from old friends retirement centre here in Kentucky and Michael. You have done Yeoman's work over the years to help the sport and a help horses that have competed in our sport at a high level, and even some that have not competed at a high level but you have taken them in with open arms at old friends. Give me an update on what's happening at old friends right now. Well, it's been. It's been really great. We're very grateful to John Hendrickson. State of Mary Lou Whitney. They just retired bird stone to us and he's here now. We picked up the pizza man and work all week. recently. stormy, liberal and patch. It being national pirate. Patch. Are doing really well together, and we just made a really nice arrangement with L.. N.. J. foxwoods to be kind of their official home for their retiring their broodmares. And they just delivered to. US They paid for the. Construction of new paddock and running shed waters looks really nice. I to The first two marriages to last week so. And one of them is really amazing. Horse her name is mystery trip. And she was the last fall by weekend surprise. WHO everybody probably knows one of the greatest broodmares history. Babies like AP. And so I'm hoping that you know they're being more organizations, more partnerships and more owners that would With. Think about what I perceive sources once they're done racing and breeding and make some make some provisions because I think it's it makes a lot of fun and you know. Except for the the virus, which is cut down a lot and we limited our tourist now. Reopened when the? Safely. It'll be really nice to see all the people come back and see all these horses. You know I still have a horse I had. WHO One racist for us it take. I played him in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine summer attraction. He's still here with me. So wow. So also from the travelers winners and the. Belmont winners and sober charms doing well. Derby winner It's like, no, you're right Mike when you have a Lotta horses that. Didn't really good one. Thanks races, but they deserve a dignified retirement as well. How `bout my old friend Zippy chippy is he still around? Your feet chippy is IS THAT OUR FARM UP IN SARATOGA WE HAVE A. Church territory that's run by John Pepper who does a marvelous job up there and should be hippies up there he's I think sippy just turned like. Twenty eight. The like that. Of course was the big star, the fares because he could never win a race. And and believe it or not. That was the hardest negotiation I ever had to try and get or stole. French. Felix be leased to take him to used car lots after after the racing career was over for like a couple hundred bucks and he is it's Sandra on the. Used car. Lot Western Massachusetts. And he'd be the celebrity. The celebrity guests so people would be drawn into pike used, cars. Felix. Was not interested in giving out to to early, but eventually it worked out well and and he's he's doing really great up there with all her wonderful crew. Outside Saratoga yes. It's great to hear according to Wikipedia his official race record was over a hundred with eight seconds and thirds earned about thirty thousand dollars in his career. But I. Would race. against. Minor League baseball players to he would show up as a stunt there, and he would race against and was beaten by by a human being by Major League Baseball player if I remember correctly right Yes eventually he wa. He he raised. I think. They didn't start the same distance gave the baseball player big head start but. I'm trying to remember his name his name was McDonnell, and he he played venturing play for the Red Sox the Yankees. Yeah Yeah. Yeah Jose. Is According to the wikipedia article I'm reading here. I think it was Jose Herrera? In Rochester New York actually and and he beat Zippy that day. And I get Mike I'll tell you real quick pilot. You go my claim to fame was Zippy chippy and we can go back and look this up. I was handicapping the races and I was going through the racing form and I saw the names Zippy chippy. He was going to make his debut and if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure he was firing bullets for his debut and as a man, this horse looks like he can really run I like Zippy chippy on top in this race. What kind of? Variety he goes over one hundred. You're not the only one because when we we make glasses with the horses names automob- list conferences both we couldn't list any these because he was for a hundred. And so I went back and we ended up. Re ended up listening to the names of every all twenty, six jockeys that road. And he went from Mike Smith. and Richard Meekly ory all the way down to WHO and who you know. and. So That's all I'll twenty six names running the Undergrad class and nobody could get them to. Nobody could get into to win one race but this model is good mike his motto is winners don't always finish first. There you love. That's it, and now he is chippy I mean there's A wonderful book that they wrote about that a guy in Canada wrote about I mean. He's famous people come from all over the country to see. So maybe this is the apex. Now, he's the tourist trashing these raising a lot of money up the upper cabin creek up, drench all friends and and maybe that's what he was always meant to. Be. It'd be a silent superstar. Good for him and people can go to the friends equine dot org. If they want to see all of the horses at friends, there are so many of them. So many of the names that you become familiar with and fallen in love with over the years old friends equine dot org. Of course, you can support old friends. Michael is not why I brought you on this. Wasn't a stunt to to raise money for old friends I want to look back on on Green Mountain, but we encourage everybody. If they're gonNA do something they wanna make a donation why not old friends a wonderful organization and you get all the credit, the world, my friend for for bringing these horses home and giving them a home after they're done racing so well, done and. Can't wait for things. Get back to normal. We can get out there and see him again. Thanks so much. Michael Blow in here on the horse racing radio network. Yeah. Fantastic. Fantastic organization and the Zippy chippy. I loved them I. I didn't think he could get beat that day. He got beat every single time after that. I put the Kibosh on them. All right. We're GONNA come back and take a look at the grade. One Saratoga Oaks. I'll do that with trainer are no Delacour next on the equipment forum on H. R. N.. The test of time there is no better example than Mill Ridge farm founded in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two by Alice Chandler this year's inductee into the hall of fame as a pillar of the turf since two thousand, no Ridge has raised her sold thirty five grade one winners including eight Breeder's Cup winners and two horses of the year nearly two per year if you're looking for success in the thoroughbred business consider mill Ridge farm and it's consulting arm Nkhoma bloodstock for it is proven and tested over time. Woodford fee were tradition merges with technology family owned since one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, and providing exceptional customer service would feed specialize in the highest quality fee using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses in addition would be can help with all your farm needs including field seed fertilizer, and we control to whether your horses sprinting around the race track or has a full buyer side count on Woodford to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level of Woodford fee for Sales Kentucky. flattern. This prolific son of a p NBC has sired six millionaires including eclipse champion, West Coast. He's adding even more stakes winners to his outstanding record including sovereign award winner eighties flatter. His yearlings of top. The basic tipped in July co two years in a row and sold up to nine hundred thousand dollars at Keeneland September success on the track success in the ring. Flatter standing at claiborne farm. You'll guys they call me Jersey Joe but it's only job Bravo whatever you like just so happy that you're listening to horse racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Is Right alongside of Antoinette studying skies on the outside and third. Then keep us gain the chat to speak to me of summer is looking to rally down on the inside the field is coming down for the eightfold and the Saratoga Oaks, it is Antoinette studying sky on the outside I don't like a third speak to me of summer is Fourth Antoinette and stunning sky and the two of them will fight it out to the finish with. Antoinette by ahead stunning sky ran second the mile and three sixteenths in one minute, fifty, three and one fifth second. Welcome back to the forum, the Horse Racing Radio Network Mike Pana Barron of the backstretch with you on this. Saturday morning and that was John Embryo with the call of the Saratoga Antoinette getting the victory in her most recent outing the three year old filly expected to vie for favouritism in today's grade one Belmont oaks invitational with magic attitude who makes her US debut in the hands of trainer are no Delacour and he will join me momentarily. But before we get to Arnaud, I told you I would keep you updated on the latest. News about the workout for authentic who the Derby winner prepping for the preakness stakes he was at Churchill downs this morning Kevin, Kirstein Nice enough to pass along the information and authentic going five furlongs fifty nine point two, zero, this morning Churchill downs and out in one twenty five, point two, zero for the seven eight. So pretty good workout there for authentic he appears to be no worse for wear coming out of that big derby win a couple of weeks ago, and now we turn our attention to the grade one Saratoga Oaks. We go from news on the three year old males to news on the three year old fillies and magic attitude getting ready to. Kick things off here in the US later today are no good morning. Good Morning. Yeah thanks for being with me Look I just talked about authentic and his workout that seem pretty good. How about magic attitude what are you seeing from her? When she came to us like lead July and just been you know pretty straightforward way if today so we hope for good. Today. When you get a Philly like this, a very talented filly daughter of Galileo when you get affiliate this into Your Barn and affil-? You haven't been around much. You didn't have her from you know a two year old. You're starting to learn what she's like, what are some of the steps you go through to get to know her? Why I mean we just tried to be very progressive but what we're doing knowing that we are you see tinging trending fast coming from Europe to to to the state So we try to do it like gradually that's an air and the brother of your time and learn from that, and that's why do we have done where? Have you spent much time going back and watching her races in France. Yeah of course. What do you? What? What do you see what you take away from that? When you watch the replay of those races are no. But. It looks like she can be a she can be pretty aggressive. He's not coming up she won't. She won't. When she wanted to prefrontal and she was kind of you know like mythbusters coke adopt them big. Geek. So we we we like the fact that she could really share the turn of food. Now she went back into pre. which was a little bit longer like minded quarter I believe and She was never covered up and watch the little strong hang out with the second, which was a great performance during But but we thought that he was a little bit aggressive that they. running in the. Sort of French hoax was way more relaxed probably a little more. To do being being the last one of them but at least yours relaxing came with with with a big move big take. So you know. We try to duplicate that if our. Yeah, it's only five horse field later today in that Belmont Oaks invitational is it. Is. It more difficult to get her in a position where she's covered up and she can relax in a short field like that or in some respects? Can it be easier for Javier Castellano? And I hope it's going to be easy. The only thing is when you come to, you know they covered up and and sit behind these you have different completely of the page in front So you can't really make the base and where you is where you gonna sit for for a while. So I just hope that there's enough page it can be tricky and the firewall field, but you know we're the only place place. Yeah you'll face off with the bill Maher trained. Antoinette. She is the likely horse to vie for favoritism with your horse magic attitude. What do you know about? Antoinette are no Well. I told her I. Mean I showed that sat. Oh Gosh you look very impressive to me. Looks like she's got a big stride good cruising speed and can go to defense or she's she's definitely a good city. You know we're we're just hope that we'd be able to you know Do show up with a good town food and get damp but there's definitely going to be an interesting race. You mentioned getting magic. Attitude into. Your Barn. Sometime in July this year and now we're sitting here in September. She's going in this grade one race was this always the spot that you had in mind? Now, we were considering the del Mar oaks unfortunately when she arrived, she was she she had the, you know my temperature through. A these ten days, and she much trending to be able to ship again and run if Lynn that they'll marriage. So we decided to escape and at that time. With the end Owen Bennett folks who are GonNa be and it just. So. We thought that the timing was perfect. Well she is not the only horse that you will saddle in a stakes race this weekend you will also send out your horse at Woodbine that is going to say the name is shadow layer shadow let. Shetland. season. CARE stakes squeak she's You know she different interests printer five, eight right this on. With stepping up in class Oh. We hope that came from fest, which was pretty good I'd cut down. Step up a little bit. You should be able to get a piece of it. She's the daughter of intimate shift just like Derby winner authentic is how? That sire I mean he's just getting things done whether it's dirt longshore it doesn't matter. Yeah you're you're absolutely right I mean they seem to produce a lot of these that that are very genuine wants to run and we've been the you know the time you see an intermission into your body is a trail yours get. Pretty excited. You know. Well Arnaud Delacour is a busy man and his horses are running running very very well, he his saddle more than four hundred winners in his career. He's looking to add that total weekend. No listen appreciate the visit. I know it's a busy morning all the best later today and moving forward as well. Thank you. 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As, the middle jewel the gateway to horseracing immortality if the Derby winner can get through that one and head to the Belmont, this year will wrap up the triple crown with the preakness and a chance that we could see your rematch between authentic and Tis the law I told you that authentic work. This morning at Churchill went very, very well passed on those numbers a short time ago Tis, the law. Expected to make a decision on the preakness stakes. By early or mid week coming up here, Tuesday or Wednesday. He's GonNa work. And then after his work, they will make a decision on whether they're going to go to the preakness maybe they skipped that race and go to the breeders. Cup, classic they did say in the article that was on blood horse that they are planning on racing him as a four-year-old, maybe a race like the Pegasus World Cup down at Gulfstream Park, and then pointing for racist the Whitney later next summer at Saratoga. So that's good news. We'll get a chance to see Tis, the law who undoubtedly. has been the top three year old in the country this year but authentic threw his name into the ring for champion three-year-old with that big win defeating Tis, the law in the Kentucky Derby, and that's going to be interesting to see how that plays out because authentic his resumes pretty strong now to it was strong going in to the Kentucky Derby after winning the hassle but. It's even stronger now, and now he's beaten Tis the law head to head. So Tis, the laws going to have to find a way to flip the script if he wants to be three year old champion and going into the Derby a couple of weeks ago I didn't even think we'd be talking. About any other horse? Other. Than Tis, the law. Having a chance to be three year old champion. But authentic did what he needed to do. And he's a legitimate. Legitimate candidate right now. To be three year old champion. Pretty Cool I can't wait to see the way that that plays out but follow us. For the preakness stakes. The black eyed Susan part of that card will have the Breeders Cup challenge races from Keelan as part of the broadcast in two weeks, and then we'll segue into all of our Breeders Cup coverage for you November sixth and seventh at Keeneland. All right. Coming up next I'M GONNA talk about the Breeders Cup and the Breeders Cup challenges taking place this weekend at Woodbine I'll do that Woodbine handicapper Jeff Brat this equine forum on H. R. R. AND They're in the gate at Churchill downs. Band thereof, Churchill downs. September meat is underway with post time each day twelve, forty, five PM. Now through Sunday September twenty seventh, a total of over four point, two, million dollars in prize money will be offered over the nine day race meet and don't forget the one hundred thousand dollars great. React set for Saturday September twenty six. Don't Miss Selection for more information visit Churchill downs, DOT com. 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Black type horses highlighted by twelve grade one winners, eight millionaires and five champions. ADENA springs also Bredon race go sappers best son champion multiple grade, one winner and hall of Famer Shaman Ghost who became the first horse in three decades to reel off this historic rate one double. The word Shaman goes down towards the middle of the. German Ghost underwhelming force in the loud sixteenth, Mile Shotgun goes has beaten. McKnight's storm. Seeing is believing which Shaman. Ghost believe in the first Shaman Ghost links appearing at the sales this fall learn more at ADENA STALLIONS DOT com. This is showed mcgahey and I really enjoy listening horse racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network. China to get clear. Fighting down the outside Mr Owen his running on tip in front. They have on Iran and she has turned them away and she is going to make this her own personal playground tip on champion. Going on to win the Rico would find mile. World approval who slips away with approval. Right, down the outside on his birthday, La's deadline, CASTA. But world approval wits Rica would file by freelance. Book About Equal Forum Robert Geller, with the call of Mark Kassy's to victories in the Woodbine mile and they have been good ones tappin and world approval coming back to back in two, thousand, sixteen and two, thousand, seventeen respectively he's looking to add to those win totals later this afternoon when he sends out a trio of horses in this year's Rico. Woodbine mile he'll be representative course by war of will who is the preakness winner from a year ago he has. The ultra talented horse breaking from the rail march to the arch, and then along shot in their Olympic runner and I'm joined now by Jeff Brad to is the handicapper at Woodbine does a fantastic job to look at that race and some of the other stakes races on the program today, and maybe even look ahead to tomorrow with an atomic and the summer stakes as we continue our theme of winning your in action leading up to the Breeders Cup. Jeff Good Morning. Good morning from a chilly wind it is cold. I'm not sure what the temperature is like where you are but fall has all the sudden just flowing into into us your would woodbine. Well. You're sending their coal weather down here to the bluegrass too. We kick things off at eight eastern this morning it was forty three degrees here. Yeah, well, it's forty six right now here at. Woodbine. So it's the good news. There's no ring. The horse will be very, very happy. So that's great to see. A twelve race program today, the racing action is figuring to to heat up as we get closer to post time later, this afternoon and make our way through that twelve race card. But you have the Woodbine mile the RICO would bind mile. You also have the the Singspiel which is on that program today Let's start with the Woodbine mile work backwards. I guess we'll do it that way since you brought up mark cassie and his three horses. They look like a formidable group later today. You know what? Mark's trying to join a very select group. There are three trainers have won this race on three occasions and how does this sound for resume Neil Drysdale Bobby Frankel, and trump prestige. That's pretty good competition that you're facing there. So yeah, it's great to have war of will with us I just want to give a big tip of the caps where. Office Julie Beller sticks coordinator because you know with Kobe Nineteen Mike it's been so tough to have horses ship north of the border because in ship is but people if they come to can't up if the stay fourteen days in quarantine. So it's really really been tricky. Is the fact that we've been able to attract a war of will the fact that we've? An up and comer potentially a superstar in scholes fight. We don't know that obviously cabinets hard. He's got. So horse that is worth the year from last season that being started jubilee, any God's value proposition as well and value proposition. If he can ever avoid those and tendencies, he's got a shot potentially be a great sticks winter. So just a lovely race under trying circumstances. I. Love that you brought up. Cheryl's spite because this is a three year old daughter three year old son of a spike in town to for to begin his career. He won the grade three marine last time out but. His trainer Roger Outfield much like Mark Cassie a member of two hall of fame in the US in Canada. He can. He can win this race. I'm telling you he is one heck of a horse trainer. And yet, this is the race he never won He would love to get this rates onto his resume. So yeah, shirl spite the big question might maybe we can debate this a little bit to what type of price we're going to get on this compose time because this was arguably one of the most impressive winners of ever seen that would bind that worked. Here for over twenty years, they came back to win the marine. They thought about maybe going to derby or Scott Sick might have been a blessing in disguise I mean don't get me wrong. It's a tough task too. But at least it's in your own backyard. There's obviously been a lot of this for. Do you think we ate the one compose time with Charles Fights Well with the presence of war of will and starship jubilee. I know the seven year old mayor is taking on the boys today but she is as tough as they come I. Think you might I. Think you're going to be looking at that seven eight to one ballpark with this horse. And you know I really think fats down the line. Of the future I mean his first career start was on turf. Obviously is mom one of the prettiest comfortably and Mirror Game Roger outfielder Breeders Cup victory but. This was going to be the real test before him today and You know the fact that amorality pure as much to go in this race instead of the Singspiel that at the pace setup were will it's GonNa be somewhat forwardly placed in here as well. So I think we potentially could happen legitimate pace up front which you should have for a million dollar race. Do, you see starship jubilee the Horse of the year being able to knock off the boys today. That is a great question. You know I respect her a ton. she always comes in a very difficult race and Diana. I think she's got her shot for sure I. Think the fact this raises in our own backyard I think that's a huge cost. The first time this season she hasn't had the ship I think that's a major major plus I think she's going to be so much more than the wagering which to be a bit of a mistake. You know she's got tactical speed to she's so versatile and I really think that you know like eight or nine months prefer distance, and this would just be a real Cinderella story of Sharia able to get the cap and gown here today and the Woodbine Mile. You Know Jeff by the way visiting with Jeff Brat the handicapper woodbine previewing the Woodbine Mile, which comes up later today shortly after five o'clock eastern When when you look at this sport, a lot of people think you have to be you know sport at Kings, you have to be a millionaire to be able to make money own horses. Starship jubilee was purchased for six thousand, five, hundred dollars in two thousand fourteen she is now earned more than one point, six, million dollars, eighteen wins in that career just a a wonderful wonderful story. And she was claimed by these connections actually and then went through the sale and Blue Heaven farm purchase the horse and gave the worst back cabinet train and originally, they were just going to breed the mayor because she had already done enough but there have been so happy she want a great one race a last season EP Taylor and partner last race was undefeated so far this season. So yeah, she's just wonderful Cinderella story you just never know what's GonNa get and sometimes when you claim to get a little bit lucky and it's been a great ride for scholarships you believe. So how do you see the Woodbine mile the top three finishers who are they? Okay so I respect will a lot. Obviously, he starred office racing career actually right here at Ted, Bundy losses for starts and then he lost him the summer stakes as well, and then he went down to the states and he raced on dirt and the all know he's done after that either dual grade one winner on turf, and on the you have to respect him a ton. You'll be right there in the mix of things I think shirl spite will part of the pay scenario long with amorality peer. I'm Kinda going to work together Casio worse in this race, I like marsh the arches, my top selection. I'm GonNa believe a horse course and when it comes to our particular course here Mike and I I think that this guy really likes to reports I know that more often than not he finds troubling some of his racist, but he has really thrived since coming here to woodbine he's looked great ever since win a King Eddie I think he pulls off just a slight upset and today's Rico would by mile. Post time for the Woodbine Mile, which is raised nine on the twelve ways. Trove race program is five, thirty, nine eastern to make sure you're locked into that one. Are Jeff Let's talk about the greatest stakes at the grade three singspiel which comes up as the seventh race Mile Quarter on the turf post time for this one is four, twenty, seven eastern, and this look field of ten entered wide open field of ten. This can go a lot of ways. Right so That's rates of go into the Rica with by miles we will have one defection there. Yeah it's a lovely brace because we've got sky wire. He's back here at Woodbine. He's had his biggest moments here standard deviation for conditioner Graham motion trying to get back to where he wants was we're at that last week it's come from with say the word goes down at Saratoga and of course, record and the. Odds of fifty one to one. But for me Mike the Story Line this race, it is pace and I think that terrorists lamb has a huge pace and badge and this he'll now is the same forest flat seats and. That's legit legitimate legitimate question that I'm not sure about that. He's defending champion and we had this race last season that a mile and a half now it's been cutbacks mount. I think it's got a great shot to wire. The feels Yasser. Respect Nakamura for sure. But I'm going to go towards his Aslan to see if he can be back. I know he's he's kind of going off on little bed Fultz could be a good day for conditioner. Roger. Six to one on the morning line I. Jeff I missed who you said was scratched in there which horses coming out of the SPIEL. Odd Morality parents be scratched that race, but we'll be going into woodby. All right. So a very competitive. Field of nine left in the Singspiel, and again, that's race number seven is a slam as who thinks can return to top form and maybe pull off an upset. You know last year that's a horse that was in great for me rattled off those three graded stakes victories in consecutive fasten, and then like you said, he's been off forum lately but if he gets it loose on the lead, he could be dangerous. Exactly, that's kind of my game plan going in I think the scratch of Ad Morality here really helps them in here because he should rather uncontested lead in the spots and I think it's like the cooler weather it's just one of those forces doesn't like it when it's really hot outside. So I I think the main dangerous obviously Nakamura come off good result last time out you know and this is a proven type of course as I've done some pretty good things in the past password conditioner grandmas and Grandpas and very supportive of our program here at Woodbine and respect Nakamura Sun as well. Jeff Pratt Woodbine handicapper with me on the Horse Racing Radio Network Jeff about five minutes left here in this segment before I have to get to our visit with the folks at four Roses Bourbon but before I do let's look ahead to tomorrow than Thomas the summer stakes I don't know how much time you spent diving into those races yet but those look like they could be competitive. And again, it's it's obviously are a year in which we traditionally have bigger fields, what God for the summer, some of this season. But with covert everything's upside down and we just have to appreciate the horses that we have come into us here at Woodbine and how this for a Canadian type of horse named Gretzky great for conditioner. Marquette, coming off an ice free in the story and free stakes. So this guy by Nyquist he. was actually night puts its first stakes. Winner is a looking to accelerate the distance and there I'm GONNA go towards American monarch, America Monarch, and the secret police, and they're coming out of the same race, a matter of fact, down at Saratoga and America monarch what's entering the whistle patient stakes we'll go out coming up tomorrow and hopefully we'll stamp themselves as Breeders Cup can center. So we'll give American monarch this like not there. All right and how about the other race Whether Race Tolna and this is a bit of an interesting story. So sleek winks, we'll go post for conditioner are Cassie in here and this is sort of a marinade. Sarah. Links wanted passing can international rate here would and made a huge move on the turn our first restarting eventually finishing the second place position the also in this event Tabah seasons and stunning princess coming off base performances down. At Saratoga but I like lady spite spear that's one is closely related to shirl fights for Commissioner Roger Outfield first time though onto the crafts and just made every call of winning one and should be a lot better. I think second time out as well. I. Think the locals keep the money and tomorrow's Mattel mistakes happiness lady spike spirituals vitrolles fifty could have a massive weekend here at Woodbine. There will be people betting the woodbine races this weekend especially with the Breeders Cup Challenge Angle though be betting them from from all over the country all over the world. All over North America. Any special wagers that folks can look forward to playing over the next couple of days. We do have some guaranteed cools off a horse racing fans to play along. For example, today coming up the late pick for today it went by and it will get rocking and rolling and race number nine not being Rica Woodbine mile to pool. There will be guaranteed two, hundred, thousand dollars early pick four we'll have a guaranteed pool of one hundred thousand dollars that was cut off in the race number four. The Jackpot power six continues to grow in popularity but really it said the guaranteed pools and I'm focusing on especially that late. For that starts off with Rica woodfire mile really looking forward to that with full guarantee that two, hundred, thousand dollars. If not all that familiar with recent Woodbine, we have different turf horses. We have one that's on the inside and we have one on the outside, which is far bigger. The outside once a mile and a half, and of course, we do have to Pitas well the tracks and playing pretty fair play. So I like that and no portable rails Mike lots of room for the horses to maneuver air today it would bind. Yes, speaking of to pita looking back on the Queen's plate. This is the first year that we have not been in attendance to broadcast it and several years and I really did miss being at Woodbine I can't wait to hopefully get back there next year summer and broadcast the Queen's played again but it's for people don't realize it. It's Canada's version of the Kentucky Derby if you will Candida bred horses three year olds competing in the first leg of the triple, crown? And you know. What can you say about Josie Carroll and and the job that? With her two horses rounding out the exact in that race. Actually finished first second and fifth, and it's it's kind of a really unique story with the worst one north name is mighty heart. He only has one I. It does not have a left I the only as a right is so he's been a bit of a challenge to get into the race, but he's overcome that obstacle in a big way the writer that wrote the worst ice capable Fukumoto that's only a third ever stakes when he's twenty two years old doesn't even own. A car doesn't own a car, but as one million dollar race and was able to pull off a victory, they're fantastic story and we look forward to the Prince of Wales stakes, and hopefully he'll be going down there and get the second jewel Kansas triple crown. So money hardwired the fields and telecheck named after the football coach bill finished second at a massive price as well as a tremendous day. But you're definitely in Mike I know that union group done a fantastic job growth years. Jerry will joined your bronco broadcaster years. He's doing great work in the morning time still. So hopefully, the next season, we'll see you back here at Woodbine and and week no celebrate with another queen's plate on your resume. Yeah I wish I was there. It's always nice to be in attendance when Bella check gets beat but that's just my own personal. steelers fan. So I'm a little bitter when it comes to that subject. Jeff Brat I would buy. Her, follow him at twitter. You can follow him on twitter at Woodbine Brat to tease be our at and follow his selections in all the information throughout the day and make sure you're betting woodbine this weekend, Jeff appreciate to visit my friend. Thanks Michael Season Safe Safe my friends. you got it Youtube Jeff Brat here on the Horse Racing Radio Network, and that interview brought to you by embraced the race embrace your passion. Where would you love at embrace the race Dot Com? It is time now for our monthly visit with Brent. Elliott master distiller at four roses to talk about four roses select. Original small batch was launched in two, thousand six and really that's when we created the small batch platform and that's where we go back to our library of ten recipes and use different combinations to create truly different products. And with the original, that was four recipes, ninety proof, six, seven old barrels that go into it, and then sometime in two, thousand seventeen thousand eighteen, we saw there was some changing the band of the market people are looking for different types of products specific non chill filtered products or higher proof products. So that was a great opportunity to go ahead and expand on the small concept by offering a new small that product. So what we did is we decided to do a non chill filtered. This is one hundred four proof Bourbon and to expand on small batch concept we. Went into our ten recipes and I selected six of the recipes and did a lot of test blending to try to hit just the perfect flavor profile that would both be. Very good and also different from our other products and I think we've really achieved that with this when it's very unique from the other products, it's Very rich robust you know being non chill filtered a higher proof. You get a lot more intense flavors coming through the very rich, very nice Bourbon. There's no doubt about it and I've been a fan of the small batch for a very long time. The original small batch I have a bottle of it sitting on my bar right now as a matter of fact, and the small batch select really you know I always like to small batch because I always thought it was a smooth easy drink are really enjoyed the flavor of it and and the small batch select was just the next step in that progression in it was as you said, kind of a more robust type of Bourbon and man I I thought it was fantastic. Appreciate you're saying so. How much trial and error was there when you were going through and trying to get the right blend the right formula the right flavor, the right concept when you were when you were putting this whole thing together Brent. I hard to really put a time on it because I worked on it sort of at my own pace I took my time with it for. Probably the better part of a year. But it wasn't like formulating limited editions where it's you know pull the barrels and I need to blend everything together and come up with the test blend within two months. This we knew it was coming was a lot of preparation time. So I, had a Lotta time. To just cry variations See How different recipes work together what percentages we needed to achieve the flavor profile ultimately became small that select. Is this the flavor profile you thought you were going to come up with when you first started the process i. In. The direction of the final flavor profile because really. The. One of the cornerstones of the unique flavor profile is how utilized Fu Strain Which? Are. Five use that's the one that creates kind of spearmint herbal flavors and so I hadn't the back of my mind for a while but that was really what we ought utilized to set this apart from the other products and so every test was Kinda. F. You. Strain trying to see what other east rains would. Work well with it and create new and unique flavors. So innocence I kinda had an idea of the direction, but it wasn't until I got in the lab and started doing test splints that you know the the blends and the the learning to the process director this to. What we landed on, which is what you taste on the fourth of July. Yeah. I think I said at my tax was easy to see why you were given that award as master distiller of the year and. Sentiments again, well, done with four roses, small batch shellacked and with all the bourbons at four roses and Brett will encourage people to go to four roses Bourbon. Dot Com to learn more about everything that four roses offers I. really appreciate the visit again here this morning my friend keep up the wonderful work and will continue to be mellow and be responsible before roses at sounds. Great Mike. Thanks a lot. We're back with more on the equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network, your home for the. Triple. Crown and Breeders Cup. Power. 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Program when it comes the horses, we mean business for more Information Visit Business Dot Louisville Dot Edu forward slash equine. Visionary Design this Arro- performance and imaginary technology. That's Lexus. When every detail every moment and every emotion is crafted by Lexus it leads to amazing experience artistry than Inspires. design. That compels an engineering that excites. This is Mike Pana and I can tell you personally as Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any the lexus lines is unparalleled visit Alexis door of Lexington today and see what? I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with a keeneland shop located at the Lexus store of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Keeneland Reverend run stakes each fall and remember when you go to the Lexus Store Ask for the Godfather Tony Diatta, talk horses, and experience amazing in your brand new lexus. Wesley Ord on the Conquer Alaska I listened HR earning. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network Well this Tuesday night five thirty eastern I'll be hosting a panel for the University of Louisville equine business program titled Racing's now reality isn't sustainable the business model for racing that we're seeing we fans in attendance I'm going to. Get a chance to moderate that panel with Terry Finley from West Point thoroughbreds Chris Ca- to lack from founder Park, Andrew, Offerman from Canterbury and Jack Generosity, from monarch management, which is a subsidiary of the stronach group will get a chance to talk about the environment that we are in in horse racing now is that model sustainable five, thirty eastern you can tune in on our facebook page it'd be available facebook live. That's horse racing radio network on facebook also available on horse racing nation on facebook too. So a couple of different ways to to watch that five thirty eastern on Tuesday. By. Thanks Dan Bork the Godfather, Tony Diario, our industry star of the week Meredith Michael Blowing from old friends Arnaud Delacour at Jeff Brat for making the show possible joining me here this morning if you missed any portion. It's simple head over to our website horse racing radio dot net a podcast will be available to listen at your leisure. By thanks to my producer lead Elefsina in our Lexington studios to Chauncey for handling all of our social media here today, and for all of you who took time to weigh in on our poll question about your favorite National Day to celebrate looks like it's national. Red Wine Day did get a vote. For National Bourbon Day and National Potato Day how about that Thanks so much everybody we'll talk to you next week and hey, as always what no go steelers.

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