049: Quibi Launch Reactions


you're listening to the Stream was the podcast that discusses all of the latest happenings regarding your favorite streaming services. Find out which savage is winning the war this time around episode of the Stream. Yours doesn't Antonia's with me and we're here to discuss everything from the streaming services in contact coming to the streaming services from April first through the seventh have relatively decent news rundown with some topics to discuss. Remain focus or main feature. Today's going to be the launch of qube which we have a lot to talk about both twenty and I have actually used the APP. We watched some of the shows. We have a lot to say about qube. So let's jump into the news. First before we get into Qube I net flicks. The there was A. There's an update coming to Netflix. That will allow parents to have more control over what their children can watch now specifically what it is is it creates passwords within the profiles. So that you can control what the other profiles are able to watch now. This is something that's very common with a lot of the other services. Disney plus has something like this where you can limit the type of content that you can actually see based off their age. Although the last time I checked Disney was actually deciding which content they actually see based off their age. Not necessarily based off of what you agree on movies anywhere which specifically focuses on movies not necessarily streaming APP a hub of sorts for all of your digital stuff that you're buying movies for that one actually allows you to put in reading filters where you can say this profile is only allowed to watch she or PG or up to PG thirteen but they're not allowed to watch anything higher than a PG thirteen now the one thing that's really unique about something like this and very important for services. They're instituting. This is that they need to go back and actually make sure that certain things have readings even if they didn't use to have rating and Netflix has done a good job of handing out readings to television shows. That didn't necessarily have readings older movies. That didn't have ratings that fit within those guidelines so that way everything has a rating that matches within some sort of flow so that you can actually do this so I think it's great. It seems like this is another one of those things where you just ask yourself. Why did it take so long for this to happen? Like we talked about last week with prime video having profiles available for for the users of the prime video account. This is just something that feels like. It should have been there all along or a long time ago at least and they're just now getting around. It probably also has to do with the fact that because there is more competition within the stream industry and most of their competition are actually having this feature. It makes sense for them to make sure that they have it as well. It's about time that they they had this under that they had the kids profile where you can set up a profile for a kid and they can watch basically kid related content. So I'm having a Netflix. Due to just life and so can you run. These child protocols on profiles that aren't for the kid enabled. Yes so I did look into it and is specifically the information at the verge pastime. Obviously we'll be able to confirm this one wants these updates actually go live but my understanding of what it is. You can decide you. Can you can dedicate specific content filters to whatever profiles are attached to your account. So here's a good example. So all of my kids had kids profiles until my son got to the point where there is stuff that he wanted to watch that he couldn't watch with the kids profile so in order to allow him to watch some of this stuff and I'm talking just pg thirteen movies or shows that aren't necessarily animated cartoons for children and that all the kids profile stuff is that but there is plenty of stuff that you search for. You can't find because they don't deem it kids appropriate for all ages so I had to switch his account over to a normal accounts not a kids profile but the problem is then he can basically watch whatever he wants with. This new feature should allow me to put in content rating filters that he can only watch up to a certain level probably. Tv Fourteen. Pg thirteen that kind of stuff so that it should filter out anything above those readings regardless of whether they have a kids profile or not and then seeing should be said of the kids profiles. If you have a young child you should be able to say okay. I want them to be able to watch stuff. That's G. rated or all ages and then the you know if you have you know an eight year old or six year old or something. You're okay with them watching. Pg movies you're you should be able to allow them to watch that content so you should be able to set specific filters for every single profile that you have regardless of whose it is and obviously there is the one main profile account that will have a password that will actually allow you to access the ability to change the content filters on the various profile ketchup. Yeah I was reading the bird article in those few questions just because it wasn't necessarily so clear if it was just on the kid's profile or you could do it on any of the Fox affiliate of you're doing it on the kid's profile already. That's kind of pointless. You know these features are really nice on profiles where it's not under the kids you know. Bainer of net flicks. But it's really within the normal Bainer where everyone else just you know enjoys by. You can add these extra filter so it's good to hear you confirm that we can do this on any profile some every like this a lot. I think it's really helpful for families is really encourage more parents to other kids to set up their own. Networks things in to worry about them so much some overall this is good. It's about time so yeah it's definitely is about time in the one other thing that I remember reading in the article was that there were specific. Titles that you could actually state. You didn't want them to see a title so there was something that would pop up. That even would be within those age filters you should still able to say no. I don't want this to be able to be viewed for whatever purpose and that takes a little bit step further than some of the other ones. I do see this as almost a forward way of getting rid of kids profiles not that that needs to get rid of them. But I believe the kid's profile was specifically designed to do this where would keep the content. That's for adult separate from the kids content but I honestly believe that if you have the ability to this filters it's only a matter of time before the the kid's profile specific option isn't necessary. We'll see what happens all right. Prime Video Pretty Things adaption has landed at prime video with Nicole. Kidman attached jumping over to Hulu. Itv's drama the sister has landed over at Hulu as well. This is from the creator of Luther. There's no new news for. Cbs Alexis Apple TV plus Apple TV plus APP or Apple. Tv that is offering free content and extended trials they're offering free access to epochs which is a premium channel and there's also extended trials for a variety of other premium channels. That typically would only have short seven to fourteen day. There's extended trials if you're an apple. Tv USER THAT'S APPLE TV. Not NECESSARILY APETIT. Plus you have to be an apple. Tv plus subscriber to use Apple TV to take advantage of these. So that is something. That's out there as well. Moving over to Disney. Plus there's a couple of things the unexplainable disappearance of Mars Patel which is a podcast is currently being adapted for Disney. Plus whether that actually was forward we'll see artemis fowl which is a movie that was meant to hit theaters is everything shifting released aces release dates shifting. That film is going to be swapped over and brought over Disney plus directly will not be released in theaters at all. So I imagine that film most likely is going to be releasing in May and Disney plus. There's no official word on that yet. Then the other news was that Disney plus originals will be coming to the Middle Middle East through a pay TV provider. Os and this is basically because Disney plus has no immediate intention of releasing in the Middle East. So they're going to forgo that by basically licensing out there originals like demand Laurean and some of their other shows directly to a pay TV provider so that they can still be seen in the Middle East but they will have to be seen through a provider similar to the way if you're wanting to watch content on. Hbo Plots We're in an area that didn't have HBO. Now you'd have to watch it through a provider that offers HBO. So that's the intent. Here I think this is a good idea. And it really takes the risk off Disney for their launch the Disney plus launch in so these streaming services were always talked about the backlog and how important for that is really for Disney. I think what's really important is getting. Its original out there. This pay TV option really allows them to get their content. Really you know star wars the main Delorean as big as the show as that is was and it will be just to get that other into the market. I think this is. This is great and that they don't have to worry about just a bunch of random infrastructure costs or other just things that are just annoying and the stability of the Middle East and how that could be an issue at times for a certain businesses and they're basically de risking themselves in giving this too This other provider of you deliver the content. We'll give you the content. Just deliver it so a really liked this move in a emergency other you know streaming platforms will take approaches like this one of. Okay how hard is it going to be? Or what are the obstacles to actually deliver actual streaming platform in this region and one of the ones that we did hear this about was after a lot of the reveal. Hbo Max we did hear deals being set in place with each peo- and other providers outside of the US specifically. I know that there were certain. Originals that we're going to be immediately licensed up to Canada and then there was some other content that was going to be coming to Europe so I think that this is something we're definitely going to see especially with services that probably aren't going to be launching in certain regions very quickly or probably hear more about these. Disney plus has the advantage of having at least plans to launch in a wide variety of regions. All all across the world however. Hbo Is Only talked about Latin America and North America at this point. So we'll see what happens but this is definitely something that I think is going to become a more commonplace especially with more and more regionals that are being created for the variety of streaming services. All right so jumping over to quimby. There's two new projects that were picked up first up his. This joke of this will be a joke. Show comedy series that will be hosted by will smith than there is a skateboard drama. Coulthard flip that has also been picked up than there is a lawsuit that was put in place that actually actually was in place before all this to the company is called. Echo and they were basically trying to. They're trying to move up their lawsuit to basically get an injunction on Qube to prevent them from actually launching their service on April six. They planned on it. Basically the entire lawsuit hinges on whether or not qube actually created the turnstile technology of being able to flip your phone back and forth with the seamless video screen. Not Changing like we see on youtube or something like that. Ego claims that they created it and that people within qube actually worked at Eko prior to it now of course the problem is that this is a lawsuit and their injunction did not happen obviously could be has launched so I guess for now. We'll see what ends up happening in the future. Yeah I just love patent fights I love them really just into you. Know take stuff. And so you got major ones between apple versus Google Google versus Oracle about the operating system dinner wanting about the android phone system. And it's still in the works is just you know these things take forever will here. We'll know more about who knows what in which person came from which company when they're ever in need up arbitration or mediation or anything or even just core until then this is just a bunch of he said she said in a desperate attempt. Now I don't WanNa pick sides here but it's just it's just are usually kind of a little bit petty in just over a little bit ridiculous you just take forever to to resolve a so. We'll about this within five years. So if our podcast is still going and five six or ten years will will know thou of all this but this could be is going to be fine if the moment. Nothing's immediately going to happen. These things take a long time to resolve on time. A future right so then jumping over. Hbo Max HBO is criminal offering a ton of free content for non-subscribers. This was an interesting move because basically you don't have to have any sort of earth subscription to HBO now which will go a Justice. Free access to certain content does have some of the top movies. They currently have access to. It does have content like the Wire Sopranos Veep six feet under there's other content out there. There's like five hundred hours believe of content that they have available. They've made free. However there is an email that I i. I am part of a email newsletter. That comes out once a week normally and Kirby grinds over rats forty-three twenty. Th He sent out in his weekly newsletter he actually sent out seeing that this was kind of a missed opportunity for marketing because despite the fact that they're offering this content for people they actually are not getting any sort of email addresses. You would think they would say give us your email address and we'll give you access to this content for free and then they would send out an email reminding everybody. Hey did you like all that free content. Hbo Max which is launching next month at some points. That's a missed opportunity for marketing. So I I saw that in the news on as like. That's definitely worth mentioning. Because that is a huge opportunity on their part but then again they don't really feel like they're marketing a whole lot to begin with right now at hp Max even though they should be I mean given you know these other providers during this covert nineteen situation trying to offer more free content and more publicity. Hey get on our platform or this day new trials stuff like that you know. Hbo The content of they're giving it yet isn't a game of thrones. But it's it's you know. Sopranos Wire Bolers like these are big time show. These are big names in the. Hbo Library that they get a lot of traction. And I barely read this article as passing through tech website and Bailey. Saw this on my word and is that can draw a lot of customers a lot of eyeballs to your platform in it. It is a bad opportunity that they didn't weren't able to really set up. You know email addresses or some other type of content way to contact These viewers after the free trial. Kinda goes away in to really push. Hbo Max so it is. I think a wasted opportunity for this situation in general for nearly promoting. Hbo Max so this really is just the lack of marketing. I it is. I think it's a bad business decision personally. So all right and then Not necessarily speaking of bed bid business but at least despite the fact that we haven't seen a whole lot of marketing for HBO Maxon General. There is a couple of new studies that have released that. Say that out of the recently or launching in the near future Peacock Qube. Hbo Max the Vast Majority of people are saying they are much more likely to look at Hbo Max. As an addition to their streaming services that they have the only demographic that actually said that they were more interested in. Qube was the younger demographic of eighteen to thirty four. Which of course were queries. Actually who quit? He is actually geared towards however peacock. There's not a whole lot of people that seem to be very interested in a lot of people don't understand what they'll have as we said last episode the fact that they don't have the Olympics which was a huge selling point or a lot of the Olympic coverage. I should say not just the Olympics because obviously there would still be Olympic coverage on the broadcast stations and the cable stations but the extra coverage that would be on the streaming service a peacock. They won't be able to have that so that is hurting them. Because there's not a lot of people who are looking at peacock is even an option that you'd want to add. Then there was another article that popped up over Forbes that said out of the streaming services that are out there right now the ones that are gaining the most search results based off of content that they have or people who are interested in getting the services. Disney plus leads the pack. Hbo Is Actually Second and then Netflix is actually a distant third and I think that has more like honestly I think that's a little skewed in in my opinion because they believed that the netflix being disinterred a skewed. Because I think people know what's on Netflix. Searching for it and these are specifically's results based off of who is searching for things. Like who is I know? Four the services you search. How do I sign up for Disney plus or you search Disney plus? You're probably more likely to do that if you haven't signed up so I think those are the services they'll probably have the bigger boosts inscription counts. But let's be honest. Netflix already has a huge hold on the American market. As a whole to begin with so both studies were interesting but it puts. Hbo At a unique spot. Where despite the fact that they're not doing a great job in my opinion marketing. Hbo Max which is maybe less than two months away. They have people who are extremely interested in the potential of what it could be agreed. I think this is good for HBO. And the fact of the most searched about one of the most searched about platforms in. They've done next to new marketing. They're they're writing off the popularity of the HBO brain so good for them. I think these stories are actually the highlight something. That's really important in that with Kobe. Nineteen people more. People are staying home where people have opportunities to watch content during the day. Because the can't work can go to work or the work from home and they're gonNa have something on the side screen and where the couldn't do that normal work because you know one of their bosses might walk by you know a lot of different situations but it seems that more people are watching more content. Which is good for. I think the the whole entire streaming worse you know. A rising tide lifts all boats and to me these studies show that streaming is isn't f. Added isn't what people just do right now. Because it's cool I think people are choosing streaming services as legitimate contenders to cable in that. They're moving truly moving away from from cable. Because you would think that during this time people would camps ticket home. I need to watch content so a Kato have cable something to go. Pay For the cable guy to come down and whoever the situation's going to fold but that doesn't really seem the case this seems like streaming as gun uptick in for me. I think these. Hbo Numbers Israel. Max numbers are a little bit misleading. Because I think people also want to watch just. Hbo In general. So how watch HBO on set top box or anything through the Internet. Not Cable not the normal way and in. So you're getting a lot of. I think also results Rachel Max because they WANNA watch. Hbo ON THEIR THEIR LAPTOPS. So I think that's where you're also getting some of those numbers but overall to me. This is reassuring that streaming is going to be. The future makes sense why? Hbo Max is going to be hired terms of popularity the peacock just because peacocks. Original Library is lacking and people were going to search for peacock. I think honestly it's going to be a lot for you to the office parks and REC or the Olympics or as an HBO. Max You got. Hbo's Entire Library Plus Other They're coming out with so all right and the other. Hbo News Max It is is not specifically related to each other than part of the parent company so warmer media has announced that they they they have announced the new CEO for the company. How the CEO as we've seen and as we've talked about was John Stinky who's also the C O over at. At and T. Who's also rumored to eventually take over the CEO position at and T and a couple of years when that CEO steps down but in the meantime he has been the acting. Ceo over at were media. And that's why he's been the face of HBO Max while they've been hyping up each wheel Max and he was the person who was being interviewed back in October when they did the rollout of Hbo Maximal the details. As I have said I am not a big fan of the fact that John Stinky was the person who is front and Center for this platform mostly. Because I don't feel like he's the type of person who should be you know trying to pitch a streaming service or anything related to media generally doesn't come across as the type of person who does very well when he's asked the hard hitting questions. Let's be honest. I don't think anybody walked away from the HBO. Max Event without the quote of it would be stupid not to subscribe to HBO. Max because it's like a litmus test of whether or not you're smarter not if you're going to stick with each peo- or go to HBO. Max which has the same content plus much more that was the that was the quote that stuck out on a lot of different articles because that was what he said. That was probably not the best way to go about doing that but anyway he is going to be going back to stain the CEO of at and T. and the New Warner Media C. E. O. Is actually an ex. Ceo of Hulu and Hulu actually whose founding CEO Jason Killer and he will be taking over the role effective may first that is actually a surprise to some people because the idea was that there was a lot of people within Warner media that there were there were some people that the expected to potentially step up but they went from they went outside of the company and they brought him in and honestly. I think this is a good move. He is younger. He's dealt with streaming. He was one of the people at who who was starting out. That said that at times needed to be much less. They need to have more flow. He was one of the people who thought that binging. Tv was a good thing. I think that it makes sense. Not that stinky is against any of this stuff that I just mentioned but I think that putting a different face that doesn't feel just like a corporate suit which no offence to stinky. That's what I see when I look at Stinky is somebody who needs to be more in line with the future of media and not somebody who's involved in running a telecom companies so I think that this is a great move he had a couple of different interviews or posted the one that we have in the show notes has talking about a variety of different topics when they bring up the top of HBO. Max He basically said that what they've been doing it's been great. They've made some great decisions and he's just going to let everything go as is for the time being because he thinks that everything that they've been doing is great so he's just going to be there to support them and I guess he'll be the person who answers you know for whether or not it's successful or not down the line. But that is the new. Ceo of Warner media which oversees all Television Warner Brothers movie production side of things HBO. That's that's basically the person who is over all of all the media content that's that. At and T. has any part of. I will concur that this is a great idea getting somebody who has built two different video streaming services. He's CEO FORM CEO of Hulu. And he was the CO founder and CEO of streaming service steam vessel in. Since he's done this twice he has just a wall industry knowledge. I remember time win. Hulu tertre back in two thousand seven watching it and I was just like. Oh this is really cool service. It's interesting like the able to watch not shows you know a few days later than when they came on the air and those were the quality kind of where the first yet like net flicks was kind of starting. But I really like the idea of what was on cable is now on the Internet and I don't have to go through their through some sheedy website to like you know illegally stream it and so it is good that they have a leader. Who's done it twice and so I I'm very happy. I can't say enough about this higher. I think it's one of the few hires. Recently that have seen that makes a lot of sense that I'm really an image or and I think this is good for Warner media for. Hbo Mags just for everyone involved. I think it's also good for. At that he really seems that they're getting somebody knows understands business and they want to. They want to do it. Seems like they wanNA make it work. It's not just like eighteen to join squeeze all the money out of the situation. It really feels like. Hey we want each real max to be top notch. Wanted to succeed. Want somebody. Who's done it? They've gotten that person and so I. I can't be more happy notes. Podcast can't see my face but I'm extremely happy enthused about this higher and it gives me more confidence in the warning media in nature. Amax I I think that for launch and for the first few months I think he is going to be a big cheerleader helpings. Go through but I think his focus is okay. We launched the platform. We have excellent subscribers. One let's keep them in to. Let's build it and so I think he's really involved going to be very important in face to face three of okay. This is not just a niche thing anymore. That people are just testing all Beta testing. We wanted to grow grow grow. And so I think that's where his expertise is really gonNA come at apply is phases two and three of HBO. Max and I think because he was formerly at Hulu. I think that's also a big deal because who has worked with ads before an HBO as a brand has not he brings it expertise of having a streaming service said from the very beginning had ads intertwined with the service and we know that face to for HBO. Max is to have some sort of ad-supported version down the line whether appeared just a less expensive version which is most likely the case with that's ad-supported or something else but then feast three is they were talking about how they wanted to bring in life sports and things like that live events into the streaming services as well but faced to is it adds version. I think that you know coming from who but I think that working at Hulu and having that expertise from the early days of Lou is just great so all right so then jumping over a peacock. I don't think we specifically talked about this because obviously we don't talk about sports except for when it pertains streamed services but we've talked about NFL streaming rights in general and one of the things that is changing in the next season of football is that they're adding additional games to the season. One of them is an additional postseason game and with that extra postseason game peacock is actually landed. That postseason game that that game will actually air on peacock and on Nickelodeon. I don't understand the NICKELODEON. Don't even try to get me started with that but the peacock brand will be streaming that extra postseason game come next winter and then we have as far as niche streaming services acorn. Tv is announced. They were going to be launching in the UK this month. Then Real quick before we get into our main discussion. I want to just quickly mention this. This is more of a secondary discussion but I just want to get it out of the way. So that way. It's done Viacom. Cbs has finalized estate. Purchase of Miramax. Now they're they're stake purchases. They now own forty nine percent of Miramax and the part part of the deal that they have in place by buying the stake is that they have the distribution rights for the film library which means they can either take it and put it on their own service in. They do it on. Cbs Alexis or in the future. They could put the some of these films on their future. Viacom CBS streaming service. That has no name but is supposedly. He's somehow going to launch before the end of two thousand twenty. There's they also have the ability to make TV shows based off of past things either for streaming or for broadcast whatever but they have the ability to have the content ability to adapt that content into a television series if they choose to in the future so while it's not specifically related to streaming. I do see this as something. That is just a part of the larger puzzle. That will eventually be that Viacom. Cbs service so he just wanted to quickly mention it because it doesn't really fall in with any of the other topics not CBS Alexis. So I don't want to bring it up there. So that's why it's there but our main discussion is quickly could be has launched and we are going to talk about our take on. Qube but there's a couple of things I wanna just briefly mention that are in the show notes. There's a couple of different things first. Off could be launched as as expected on April sixth. It wouldn't be a launch of a streaming service. If it didn't go down did actually have a point in time where it was down and there was an interesting article that I read. That was talking about how it seems like the streaming services while. It's not a band with issue as far as being able to have lower quality video as a thing. It seems to be the amount of people that are signing up for a service are the is the unexpected that they're not factoring in not factoring in and how many people are going to be trying to use the service shoot. You know right out the gate so quickly at launch date so hopefully any future service. That's launching in the future. Takes note of these situations that have happened with Disney plus and I think apple. Tv plus I recall had a short amount of time that they had issues too in the very beginning and now so I hope that peacock. Hbo Max Viacom CBS. They all are taking notes insane. Okay maybe we should just make sure that we are completely good to go. So people aren't crashing our service right out the gate. However that's tend to be the norm recently qube had three hundred thousand downloads within the first day compared to four million downloads at Disney plus. I'm not trying to compare the two. They're not even remotely similar but it just put in perspective Disney plus was crazy super successful within the first day they had four million downloads of their APPs could be had three hundred thousand. Qube is obviously geared towards a very specific type of demographic and Audience. And that's part of the reason why they're not as big as Disney plus they don't have the children's content which is obviously going to drive more downloads. Plus Jeffrey Katzenberg had. He did say that. They consider delaying the launch. Because of the corona virus pandemic which is part of the a lot of the reviews that you'll see online of qube specifically talk about how this is a service that's designed for people on the go but we are currently a society that is supposed to be on the go. We're supposed to be staying at home. How does it work one of the other things that I? I don't think I brought up last episode but I really wanted to bring up because it was something that I read in one of the reviews of the service. I don't WanNa get too much into my usage of the APP yet but one of the things that I think would be super beneficial to qube while I understand the principle of it's meant for mobile it seems like the easiest solution would be to have the ability just to cast it to a television from your phone whether it be through apple or android or whatever the ability to cast a to your television. So that if you were at home you could watch at home if you wanted to. That's not to say that they have to go build APPs for television. They don't need to do it. But I can tell you from my personal experience a lot of the content that I have watched. It's not as if you need to be able to turn the the the phone in order to view it a different way. It just is the ability to turn the so watching. Television is not going to hurt the programming that they've created necessarily at least at this point in time so some of the reviews. I've seen have said I don't understand why they're so against the idea of making it able to be viewed on television because some of this content could be on the television. It makes sense especially in this immediate situation of everybody at home. The other part of it of course is that in that interview that we talked about last episode. He specifically said no real. We are not doing TV APPs. We're not making this viewed on the TV you cannot flip your TV on its side. So there's no reason for this to be on the TV and I just. I fundamentally disagree with that statement. I don't understand why it cannot be viewed on a television because the whole point is if I want to be able to watch the show with my phone on its side. It's the same exact aspect ratio as TV. And it's not as if they're telling me you must flip your phone the other direction order to view the show. So I just see it as a hiccup that eventually may adjust and I feel like at some point maybe that would be a good thing for them to add into the APP. Give them the ability to cast into a TV. They don't have to go about the route of creating APPs four televisions were streaming sticks or anything like that they can just make it so that if you WanNa do it from your phone or on your television you just have to cast it from your phone. Which still does the exact same thing? But I just wanted to bring that up because it was something that I remember reading in that interview and I remember if we talked about it but they are super superposed. having anything to do with the television which. I think is a missed opportunity. The only other stuff that was about this. That was mentioned was that there is a bunch of reviews. We included the one from the verge because it broke breaks down a lot of the different shows. We had. We both downloaded it. We both have were were experiencing the ninety day free trial that could be is currently offering anybody who signs up from now until April. Thirtieth will actually get ninety days of the service for free. They are currently releasing shows every single weekday. Which did not realize they were doing. I understood. They were doing that for daily essentials. We did not under. I personally did not know what their release schedule is going to be for some of these movies that are broken into chapters. The one thing that did not realize that every single day they will release the chapters until it's complete and that's unique because I was thinking that they were going to be releasing content like every week which would make it very difficult especially since I was expecting a lot of these segments to be ten minutes long and some of them are only five over seven. They're mixed. They're all less than ten. Obviously but I didn't expect the TV series or the the the movies to be broken into smaller segments. So the first day they released three episodes of everything that launched that day except for the daily essentials which launched with their normal daily episodes. And then we're on day two as were recording this. They released episode four all of these different series and personally. I've got some different things but I want to give Tony a chance to talk about it. I Tony. Let me get your first impressions of the APP. You just want me on. The air just appraised before he just trash it we all know that you're just GonNa be super negative just ripped to shreds they. Don't call me the Be SKEPTIC FOR NO REASON ANYWAY OVERALL. I was pleasantly surprised. I think the biggest thing for me is that given than it is on average. I guess seven to ten minutes bites of content and I was like okay. How involved will I be into me? I can great things based on quality or some objective thing but to me. It's it's it's experience like did I get lost one. Tv Shows Ero. I like for an hour that comes on the CW. I would have gotten lost in this show and nothing was more important so if I can kind of if a puffer can recreate that for me. And then that's when the main delorean just for further forty minutes of the show is on. I just loved it so much shows chicken equity and I think the first thing I is opened up. It's pretty it's beautiful APP but it's a little bit too pretty. They really hired on people. Okay let's make the most beautiful easiest to use APP. Ever feel that kind of bid itself in the butt because has like Word I go. I have a podcast that talks about all these new content shows a come out in in. Where are they to try to browse for content? Was a little bit hard in. It's still a little bit confusing but any of the deaths all Sophie Turner. She's in game thrown. Her face was on some placard and I was like check it out so I clicked. The card opened up the show in. It is really dark and so this woman who has some mental issues and she suffering from solicitation and but then she survives a plane crash anyway. there you go. There's this show but no it's the first timid episode just POPs out but I'm watching him like a kid Sophie Turner and give the second checking out the trailer. I just got lost since ten minutes. Over in Tim's later in the show was over. I was like what what happened. Like felt like I was watching it for like thirty minutes so I checked up as a two three and four and it was great content in. I was surprised by the story. The music the cinematography just fell really put together so that was Kinda Nice check. A few daily central's one by ESPN. I felt that they kind of just. Hey we're on qube ethnic. Espn really didn't equal B. COULD ESPN and self to eat the production value. There just in seeing that much to me the BBC. They had a daily news section. So check that out. I really enjoyed that B. C. News at something else as well and try to a couple of other different shows. You know they were okay. They weren't for me. I think overall was very positive. I was really impressed with the switching. In how easy. It was an easy just because sometimes when you like flip to Portrait or landscape. You're APP will take a second to recalibrate where it is in it with videos. You know it could be an issue sometimes for it to get back to where it needs to be an aspect ratio and it might get lost and jumpy and and one overall. It felt seamless which between landscape portrait portrait landscape. Back and back again. I mean there's one time where I was just looking me. Thought I was weird because it went watching something and I'm just flipping back and forth back and forth and trying to find a flaw and I just couldn't so that to me was impressive in. I'm kind of curious about how actually got done. A think going from portrait to landscape the camera angles were fine and there were like different moments or if you put him portrait it would pan the room slowly versus you put landscape. Oh just have the whole entire ultire view just an infield. I didn't get anything extra being in portrait or landscape. It wasn't like a deal breaker as a quick kind of claims. It is but Just because it isn't a dealbreaker doesn't mean it's not good. I mean I think it's good that you don't lose story by going Landscaping like how filmmakers cinematography cinematographers. We'll have that in mind that okay. We can't lose the story. We go from landscape to portrait. Because sometimes we do you miss something it just. It will auto crop in the wrong place. I think you can't tell sometimes where they actually purposely filmed something for portrait mode versus landscape mode versus times. Where they'll just all lanes game mode and then just crop it for portrait. There are times where you can see that depending on the show. You're Kinda like willing to kind of stinks but overall it wasn't bad. I'm I'm really curious though because of how like easy. It was to switch if they're not downloading both the landscape in the portrait and slick video streams at the same time and then as you switch the audience toast is the same but it my switch to the video context or the context some curious if missiles could do a test to see if how much data to us and I could see that becoming an issue because there's just it works too well so it's like how does it work. It's got it must be cheating somehow. I liked the user design mentioned before off the air mentioned here just when you go from in landscape motorized usually the video scrubber. That's what it's called. I think is is on the bottom of most players media players in general when you put it in portrait mode since the APP is made mobile first right there on the big push for Mobile. I wanted you to operate the HOLTER APP with one hand Murph you put it Insurance Visco. Br bottom you have to either have really get thumbs or you have to use a separate hand to tease it for portrait but inquiry. It's on the if you're into left-handed it's going to be on the sidewalk. Thumb is so I can hold it in my hand in search through the video with one hand and discover goes from up to down still have to write off of. That was really cool. It was also really simple to turn on captions. Because a show where there's some language into won't mind two year old to to listen to it. 'cause she tends to repeat words and so and put on caption mode and mute audio and he was able to work with well and I remember like Disney pauses trying to use the APP and couldn't figure out where the captions were and so I'm is really nice. How simple those pieces were how their report for a lot of people but it tends to get lost. A we need the ability for for people to access the website or whatever APP and a different way than than standard. But they don't as just added on feature instead of really put forth and so. I like the Polish of it. I think my biggest complaint. Is that Philip? The too cute in it was hard to search. It was hard to find. There's no idea of like John. Ras or categories it. They had these story cards. That were kind of weirdly named Just took me sick into figure. Okay Wha wha what was his car accident do is it like a category is something else. Blah and that was a little bit frustrating. I'm watching videos. I think it was the easiest part was finding the content through the APP was hardest part and that's not a good place to be and you want it to be easy to find content to watch and especially since the contents like five ten minutes long like you're not keep people's attention for that long so the more that they find the content to watch and get them pushing play. I think that's that's very important. I think it's really nice. I like any type of like news. Show daily central new show. There's idea of of like chapters like you would be podcast. And so concerned podcast. You can have chapter. You would go through. It's a really nice feature that alike as equal chicken new segment and cable. I want to skip the Kobe. Nineteen conversation because I wanna hear something else. Someone I'M GONNA LISTEN. To and so you can skip to other section of the news. I thought that was really cool. How they have that natively in their APP. And it seems like most daily essentials utilize that type of structure for type of news. New Show up those really cool because you can't like hit next on the news when I'm watching. Cbs Before wheel of fortune. I can't change the next local news. Bit Aft to watch what's going on and I don't WanNa Watch that so I`Ma that was pretty cool overall. I was pleasantly surprised. It was better than I thought it would be They're few issues that I think are very important. I think there's a couple things to hold qube back there. Few complaints on my have will definitely cover them a military to get your take I but overall I was. I was pleasantly surprised. And I'm curious if it can keep its momentum. Here's the thing. Obviously we've been talking about could be for a long time. I've been very skeptical about whether or not this could be a success. I will say this. I also think that the one thing that I think that I was walking into this thinking. Okay as I've said Multiple Times before. What are we getting here? That isn't somewhere else. What is what makes Qube so unique to me? It's really going to be the content. The content is going to be something that's different than where else somewhere else that you get it. That doesn't mean necessarily that you can't get similar. Content somewhere else is just the content that the Be has has to be good enough to make you want to continue use it. Personally I think that the daily essentials or something that I could see myself watching on a normal basis I regularly. The last two days have watched both the morning and evening report from NBC News. I watch the BBC around the world. I've watched the Polygon series that deals with video game and pop culture news. I've watched those and I find them interesting because they're focusing on things that are very obviously current events and it's not something you're typically going to get from another streaming service you don't. I mean there's obviously services that offer live news and things like that but this is not that this is something different. There is certain content that have gone through. And I've watched and I think that it's it's it's good content. It's not that it's amazing content. It's not that it's bad but it's just it's it's average it's good. I could see the scene content somewhere else. For example Murder House flip. I walked into that show watching the trailer and thinking to myself. Wow this is a great premise. But the fact that it's broken up the way it is with the smaller chapters with a smaller segments. I it just. It didn't feel like it worked. It felt like it obviously in. Hdtv show but it felt like they were just going through it as quickly as they possibly could but the thing is it's not like a typical hdtv show where you see the process of how they go from one to the other the other because it feels like they're trying to move it along quickly there's other content like they can Nikki fresh. Which is Nicole Richie Series? Which is almost like a parody comedy series with music. I'm watching that I'm thinking okay. This is it's an it's amusing. It's funny I could see something similar somewhere else. But this is unique to the service because of what they're doing with this show however then there's other shows that like fierce queens which was is like a is like a nature documentary series focusing on different groups of animals that they're very fierce and our women and it's hosted by Reese Witherspoon and I'm watching and thinking okay. Clearly the they're trying to go for like planet Earth or life like we've seen from BBC who actually the company. Who's producing this series? But when I'm watching it I'm not. I don't really feel like it's as interesting as one of those documentaries has felt like the quality wasn't as high as some of those BBC earth documentaries that we that they release now. I did the only one I did watch. As far as the top tier premium content. They boast is their top tier of that pyramid. They showcase back in January was the most dangerous game the Liam Hemsworth movie. I've watched all four chapters of that. It feels like a good movie but it does feel like one of those things were the first three they moved. I kept watching all three of them in a row. I got to the fourth because I started watching it today and it was good and then all of a sudden. I'm waiting and I realized. Oh crap I have to wait until tomorrow to get the next chapter of this movie when if I wait a couple of weeks. When after all of the chapters releasing occupied binge watch the entire thing as if I was a movie and no harm no foul. You know I still watching the content. That could be producing. That's the problem I see with. These movies is because they're being broken up the way they are sure you'll come back. WanNa see it but I definitely see people just waiting until it's completely done in watching all at once. Because that's the way it is the daily essentials which is their bottom level of that pyramid that they showcases. Actually what I think is going to be a huge plus for the service which I thought was going to be just seeing content. You get anywhere else and typically it is you can still get this content elsewhere but there are certain aspects of what they're doing with these essentials that. I think are unique to them. You Know Tony mentioned the chapter marks. We can skip forward through you know through certain segments. It's a huge benefit. Because that's not something that I know. That's out there elsewhere without it. You know in video format. There's obviously podcasts. That have chapter marks. You can skip but as far as videos. I'm not aware of anything out there. That's it that does stuff like that as far as reporting news. This chapter marks in the daily essentials. I think is a huge plus. I think that those are probably going to be the thing that people more people are watching the movies. I feel like going to be something that people will watch. But they're gonNA watch and a binge format which is obviously not could be is designed for which will then obviously present problems. Because you can't use it on your television but the biggest thing overall is like there's definitely some content here. They launched with a good variety of stuff. Moving over to some of my concerns. I already said the thing about the television. I won't keep bringing that up. One of the things at twenty said that I agree with is the the way the APP is built is not necessarily cohesive to the content that they have if you go into the APP. There's four spots at the bottom of the APP There's the the four you which is basically just some cards saying here's some shows that you have watched. We have a new episode. Here's some shows that are new that you haven't even started watching. Check them out. Then you can go over into the ones you're actually following and then you'll see the latest episodes of stuff that you're following then there's a spot where you can search for the problem is if you don't know the name of what it is that you're searching for it's very difficult to pull it up and obviously. I didn't play around too much but I'm pretty sure that if I if I knew. I didn't know the name of the Sophie Turner Film that was out. I could probably type in her name and they would probably pop up. Because it's still linking to that but the perfect example is when I was looking through just a browser section without typing anything in the search bar. I notice that there's a spot that said daily essentials and when I would scroll over the only two things that were showing as of yesterday whereas the NBC report and the BBC around the world. The two main news ones. But they weren't showing any of the other daily essentials and I thought that was weird because I knew that they had a ton of daily essentials that they were launching. And when I actually tighten daily essentials at the top. I got this huge long list of options of other shows that they had that I couldn't actually see without searching for them because of the way the APP is designed and I think that's a huge flaw. It also continues to show when you follow something. It'll show all the episodes that you've you've watched but unless you continuously scroll the ones that you've seen over as you get to the next episode it will continue to show those episodes you've already watched and that's a problem because then you don't know that there's a new episode unless it conveniently happens to pop up on that mean home screen so the APP not necessarily designed super well in my opinion. I think the problem is. They're obviously limited in space because it specifically here. I did randomly see something. I have yet to confirm this but I I saw a review. I believe it was on deadline. That said that. Qube does work on tablets which I have not like. I said I have not confirmed. Want to see if it does because that does give it the ability to watch things on a bigger screen and I'm also curious to see if the APP structure is exactly the same on a tablet as it would be a phone. I'll bring update everybody on that next week when we when we have our next episode. But that's one thing that I'll have to check into because I didn't know that it was on tablets because it's specifically remember hearing mobile only and just assumed that meant phones because they never once said anything about tablets so definitely something check into but I would say Qube as a whole is not something that I think people need to have. I think there'll be a select audience. That will enjoy certain shows and they'll sign up for certain shows but I don't think this is a must have for everyone at every given time I could see myself like I said using the daily essentials to keep keep up to date with news especially because it's in such small bite sized portions of of content but I definitely think that there's the vast majority of the people who are probably. This is more geared towards those daily essentials like they said in their own content pyramid is the bottom level that a lot of people probably aren't using which is a downfall because I think there's a missed opportunity to have a lot more specific content for a variety of different topics that could be in qube because especially since right now they're all producing content within their homes because of everything going on with the pandemic so it clearly shows that this content can be produced on a low budget and doesn't cost a lot of money to actually produce so we'll see what happens. My immediate response for Qube is definitely. Check it out if there's a show that you want to check out because there's a free trial right now but don't expected to be some sort of life changing service as far as comparing it to other streaming services. I don't even know that it's completely fair to compare it to other shooting services because wallets providing video content like a streaming service. It is such a different version of what it what it is that it's not even. It's not even you can't even compare it and say yes. This is as good as Netflix. This is worse than athletes. Because it's just it's not even the same thing I mean I think would support into compared to be too is when you're watching. Qube when you're watching these seven to ten minute bites of video what would you be doing else and so like would you be playing some mobile game? Would you be listening to a podcast as your cooking or something? Would you be list watching some youtube clip? Would you be watching Tick Tock? You Know Vines. Snapchat instagram stories. Like there's a lot of things you could be doing within those ten minutes. But would you be choosing qube and I think trying to compare qube to net. Flix doesn't even make sense. Given the same type of product it is short form content in the kings from content. Early Youtube Tick Tock Instagram snapchat facebook. You view facebook as a short form video content in in some aspects woods are they better than those companies. It's prettier it's more polished. They have higher budget content. I don't necessarily think it's and if the main draw of your APP is is when people are not really used at the most is when we go to the bathroom and tried to do. Somethin' Watterson on toilet in watch equity show like I don't think it's a place where I want the service to be in the Senate that the sun knocking against is just the fact of like I'm trying to think of situations where you're GonNa have a free moment during the day. A seven seven ten minute moment like into be clear. It's not necessarily Ju. Yeah when you see that and you said this to me off line before and I thought the exact same thing but to be clear. It's who has seven to ten minutes or five to ten minutes. Let's say every single day. And what situation are they in? Now there's plenty of people who are going to be waiting in line at starbucks or riding the bus or riding the train or taking an uber or sitting at the doctor's office in the waiting room. There's plenty of people who do that. But what is something that you do every single day that could take between five to ten minutes and that is sitting on the toilet that is what is going to be doing at any given day so I mean like that and that is your Pearson. Yeah yeah it shouldn't be where most people watch your platform and that's not a knock against quickly is just a fact of at least American Life. I guess and I mean Guinness. Six even compare against like books. I mean people listen to books are read read books. Forget the still think people read people read books you know when they have time between on a bus stop or subway or car rider something and so that that is like against. Qube is the fact of its business. It's competition isn't Netflix. Each Max Disney. Plus you know the big names we're talking about. It's it's content that you don't even have to pay for. I don't have to pay for my podcasts. I mean I got a kindle book that was for free because they come the there. There's some good deals or it's like ninety nine cents for an e book you know You Know Tick Tock is is free you know snapchat instagram. Like they make money they monetize your data and your your ID and what she put up there versus you know the continent self and so that is who quit. He's got a to to fight against in. Can they rise above the mediocrity of you know almond continents already out there and some forms and I don't know I don't know the answer but when Your Business when that's your business models trying to beat out free content? It's Kinda hard to do. I mean youtube is still at least a either neutral or a slightly positive cash flow business just because they have so many ads. They're running but you know millions and billions of people. Check Youtube every single day for these craters and the Dow ten minute amost. You know little bits of of their shows in. That's who have to compete with this free content paid content and so those a little bit that to me is a negative fan so that that would that's what worries me. Plus though is I got the ad the ad to your four hundred nine. I mean does it really matter since it's the trial which are probably should change it but with the Ad Tier. I didn't find many ads in the ones that did warrant obtrusive as expecting like a very obtrusive at experience and honestly I didn't get that so it was plus I mean they were. You know tasteful weren't annoying. They weren't too long. I appreciated that could be was like okay. You're a mobile. Obviously you don't want have like women at takes on for forever but it was like at most fifteen seconds. It wasn't at all and so that that was kind of Nice to me I was able to get through. I think three or four videos without come across an ad which was very very nice sometimes with mobile APPs and sorts of games just physically get like an ad every two seconds and so I was really pleased by that experience so I totally be okay with just ad free version and maybe even a little bit more than the ones that had because the experience wasn't so detrimental to the overall experience at the APP. Having an ad. Seeing an ad shouldn't be a cause to turn away. Miss should be okay. We have that either you you. The consumer makes a decision to click on it or something or you just ignore it in a really felt. Simple and easy to use an unobtrusive. So that's something that I enjoyed under the. You got the bad frontier that. I don't think he could really comment on that. I can't comment on the ads and the one thing I will say. However is you know you mentioned this before earlier and I think it might have more to do with the ads but the whole turnstile technology while I think it's great to like I flip the heck out of my phone going back and forth on a variety of different shows to see what the difference would be from. Portrait to landscape kept going back and forth. There are certain shows that I could see it being like when you would flip to portrait. They will just split the screen and did repeal line in the middle similar to the way you view content sometimes on snapchat than there is other times where you would flip the screen. There would be part of what you would see in the landscape mode. That would be just cut out as a kosher rectangle of that larger screen. But the one thing I did notice is that focused so heavily on this turn cell technology and when they had their events in reveals and all of this they were showcasing it they were showcasing the flip technology and how if you flip it you can. You'll see different things now. One Show I've seen in. I've watched probably I've watched multiple episodes by probably watched at least seven. Different shows some of the movies daily essentials. Some of the normal content shows every single one of those wash. I have not seen one situation. Where when you flip it does something different or changes. The view of what? You're supposed to see or anything like that and I started thinking about that and thinking to myself. Isn't that strange that they were so focused on the ability to use this technology to do something but when they launched none of the stuff that they're launching with a showcase. Seen what you can do with this. I thought that was strange. You know we heard that Steven Spielberg series after dark. It will only be able to be viewed after it's dark in your specific timezone and hey that's great but those are all things that seem like maybe word not something that they were thinking about. Initially when they were first coming out the idea of the turnstile technology is really just keeping the ASPECT RATIO NOT SUPER CONDENSED. Like it would be on on most other. Apps but my concern. However is that when I'm looking at this thinking to myself? What was the point of showcasing back in January all of this content? That when you flip the phone you're seeing different points of view and things like that were none of the content is like that now however light twenty seven. I'm not seeing any of the ADS. I picked the AD free version. And I'll see this. If you have not signed on for Qube go ahead and sign up for quits. She can experience the thirty or the Ninety Day free trial. Just pick ad free version because you'll conveniently not see any ads even though you're not paying any extra money which I think is very odd because anybody could say they want the Ad Free version and not. Cnn's 'cause I have yet to see one. Add on the entire service as of yet even on that pain anything just because I said I intend on paying for the free version leader anyway but if I saw an ad I though that's the one thing I wanted to try was if I was watching head if I flip the screen would it change the point of view like we've seen some demonstrations that they showed back in January because I don't know I can't see any ads but if the only stuff that they have right now that actually shows that unique points of view and uses that technology to its advantage. Is The ads. Well that's that's I'd I don't know why they so heavily focused on that other than to try to sell it to advertisers in general but the biggest thing about that is when they were doing? This presentation is not designed as a advertiser conference or something like that that they were showcasing. They were showcasing this as their big reveal to consumers at a consumer electronics show. That's the part that concerns me is at this point in time. There's nothing here. I know that there's a couple of TV series that are supposed to utilize that technology but they didn't launch with any of them. Which makes me think that it's something that's going to. You know it was something that they thought about doing down the line even though from the very beginning of them talking about this. It hasn't been something that they were talking about. They wanted to do with shocks the other thing. Just related to the pandemic in general one of the interviews that I did read. Was that despite the fact that everything's happening the daily essentials. We talked about this last week. The daily essentials will still go on as as originally planned because they can fill in their houses like they have been with the first episodes but they did state that all the other content they actually have planned to release the unscripted series and the movies. They have enough content to actually last them. All the way through Thanksgiving of this year at this point in time. So despite the fact that production is halted across the globe on a variety of major projects. All over the place. Qube actually has enough content in their library that they can release content. All the way through Thanksgiving without having any any production holds causing content and not come out so hypothetically they'll just have to move a little bit quicker when they can get back to work to make sure they can keep producing content but they have filmed things in advance a way in advance. And that's also probably part of the reason why some of these unscripted shows don't have any real any idea of timeframe that they're actually a crane because they could be viewed anytime and it doesn't matter remember the one time we made fun of Qube for having so many content announcements and now I actually pays the digital. Sure I'll eat those words. I think the last bit for me for Qube is really did. How much forethought. They thought into the APP. Now I think sometimes they had some poor decisions but you can tell that there is a lot of thought into the APP. They have a left-handed modes. If you left handed all the buttons will be situated for your left handed US easily. That's really cool. And then one other feature is that it is on your cell phone You can download some episodes but you can choose which quality WANNA use. You can also set which quality streams if you want to save ban with in in streaming and whatnot. At depending on your plan you can choose a flag that will decrease the resolution of it. So I think it's really cool and appreciate that to their their conscience of that there will be on phones and not all of the map limited to plan so That's really cool. Any final thoughts final thoughts on quitting. Like I said if you have not tried it out I would suggest check it out. I mean if if worst comes to worst you've got ninety days to try it out you can maybe find a show that you like any of the shows that are releasing right now. The plan is that they're releasing new chapters every single weekday throughout the up until the point where the season is complete. So anything that launches now will most likely be wrapped up before the end of the ninety days Especially some of these movies because you just if you just assume that the movie is going to be about two hours long that means in roughly about three weeks three and a half weeks. Some of these movies should have been wrapped up because of the amount of time that's actually releasing per episode. So it's one of those things where if you're on the fence used the trial take advantage of the trial because it's not going. They're not going to offer this trial all the time I imagine that in the future could be. He's going to be offering a seven or fourteen day. Trial after April thirtieth. And then you won't have as much time to check out the content as it releases especially something new that you want to check out releases so I would suggest checking it out like I said. There's definitely some content on there that I think will appeal to virtually someone can find something that they like. There is a good mix of content. It's just a matter of is there enough content to warrant you subscribing on a on a consistent basis so definitely tried out. There is a ton of trailers as usual to check out to definitely check all those trailers out that are in the show notes. I did want to give a quick call out to frank who sent a tweet out who said that streaming were provides good round of shrimping industry news from non industry point of view. He was suggesting our podcast to someone who is asking for the best podcast that they haven't heard of but they should be listening to so. Thank you frank for that suggestion. Thank you and anybody else out there. Who is listening to our podcast. The appreciate you know spreading the news about the podcast. Obviously as time goes on we'd like more more listeners. And we'd like to hear more feedback from you guys but things like that that we just happen to stumble across where you know. You suggest the podcast somebody else. Who isn't necessarily listened to it. We greatly appreciate that so with all that being said I want to encourage you guys false on twitter and join our dischord. Foley's headlines related to everything that we cover here in the podcast and some things that we don't follow us on Instagram for at least announcements really two new episodes of the podcast recently. Just This is a quick thing. Google podcast in a massive. Update the APP within Google podcasts. Or if you're not using Google podcasts. To listen to podcasts. There's a lot of new things that they've done within that APP that I personally use it. But I'm saying if you're looking for a podcast player checkout Google podcast because they have a lot of really cool features especially if you Google smart home devices in your house at seamlessly works with Google podcast. She listen to our show and a variety of other shows out there that You know on your streaming on your Google devices within your household. In addition to that you can leave us feedback. Wherever you're listening to this podcast you can send us emails at the Australian wars at G. Mail dot com with any questions. Comments concerns topics he likes to cover on future episodes. We're always looking for feedback and things to discuss in the future. So with all of that being said for twenty myself this has been the streaming wars will see guys next time thanks for listening to the Stream and was check us out on twitter and instagram also consider supporting matriarch links can beat filed the streaming walls dot com.

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