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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst. It was a bruising presidential debate in Las Vegas last night hosted by NBC as former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg took heat from his rivals. Npr's asthma Hollywood's reports at the billionaires his first twenty twenty debate appearance at the outset of the debate. We saw some candidates directly. Go after Michael Bloomberg. I believe Elizabeth. Warren made a comment. That Democrats will take a huge risk if they substitute one quote arrogant billionaire for another while. Michael Bloomberg is a Newbie to the debate stage. All of these candidates are on the ballot in Nevada on Saturday except for him and in order for them to continue on and have strong campaigns into Super Tuesday. They need to perform well in Nevada and South Carolina. Npr's Mahala Bloomberg has been focusing his campaign on next month's Super Tuesday contest in fourteen states cameras of people shouting Roger Stone President Trump's longtime friend and advisor arrived at a federal courtroom in Washington. Today he'll be sentenced this hour on charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress. Npr's Ryan Lucas has more. Roger Stone was indicted in early. Twenty nineteen as part of special counsel Robert Muller's Russia investigation. Unlike several other trump associates cut up in the probe stone took the case to trial where a jury found him. Guilty on all seven counts last November. His case burst back into the headlines last week after Attorney General William Bar intervened in the case to overrule career prosecutors and ask for lighter sentence he did so after. President Trump tweeted. That stone was being treated unfairly. The for Justice Department attorneys WHO HANDLED STONES PROSECUTION. Then quit the case. The decision on how much time stone spends in prison will be decided by judge. Amy Berman Jackson although there are questions of whether trump may pardon stone Ryan Lucas. Npr News Washington. One of the biggest mergers in years is happening on Wall Street. And here is Jim Zarroli reports Morgan Stanley as acquiring the online brokerage e trade for thirteen. Billion Dollars Morgan. Stanley is among the bluest of blue chip financial firms. Unlike other Wall Street firms. They get much of their revenue from investment banking or trading. Morgan Stanley has concentrated on asset management for its customers. The company says that by buying e-trade it will significantly increase the scale and breadth of its wealth management business. E-trade is one of the biggest players in the online brokerage business but a price war has reduced profits and like other firms. E-trade has been struggling lately. This will be an all stock deal and Morgan. Stanley says it expects it to be approved by regulators. Jim Zarroli. Npr News. New York Wall Street is trading in mixed territory at this hour the Dow is down. Twenty one points at twenty nine thousand three hundred twenty six. The Nasdaq is down six points at ninety eight ten the S. and P. Five hundred is up a fraction at thirty three eighty six. You're listening to NPR. The two men who have led a brutal civil war in south Sudan have agreed to form a government every later Peralta reports. The hope is that this will bring a five year war to an end after meeting with his longtime nemesis president. Salva Kiir said he would reappoint As Vice President on Saturday in two thousand thirteen less than two years after independence. The rivalry between these two men erupted into civil war. Here in Machar did come together for a brief period in two thousand sixteen but that too ended in bloodshed. The feud between them has left the world's youngest nation in tatters. The war has killed. Four hundred thousand people in a new report says both government and opposition forces have deliberately starved civilians to help their fight. Now both Kieran. Machar's say the are ready for peace that they will be a part of the same government despite some unresolved issues and news Nairobi. In New York City deliberations continue today for a third day the sexual assault trial of disgraced movie. Mogul Harvey Weinstein this. After jurors yesterday asked a judge to further. Explain the charges. Dozens of women have accused Weinstein of assault but this trial centers on charges from allegations made by two women over alleged incidents in two thousand six and two thousand thirteen. He says any sexual contact was consensual. Curto prices are trading higher at this hour at one point three percent at fifty four dollars. One Santa Barrel the Dow is down eleven points. The Nasdaq is down. Four the S. and P. Five hundred is up a fraction. You're listening to. Npr news from Washington.

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