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Hey there good morning. It is episode seven H. What's The h? Stand for hiring? Actually this is directed at hiring managers. I'm your host. I'm the founder and the recruiter for voice first careers. That's also the website voice. I dot careers so look you're a hiring manager right. You have stuff that that's technical term for him or you have stuff you need to get done. And you don't always have enough talent K. I don't like to talk about candidates or people or hey you. It's like these. These people are talented. And you don't really know me well enough yet. Maybe but guys is a generic term male or female doesn't matter these guys are talented. Their artists especially in our area of focus is the voice I community. So if you're hiring manager we WANNA help you get the person you need the wisest important. Why been in and out and all around recruiting hiring staffing workforce procurement for a lot of time. I've got about ten years. Timing great of hired hundreds of people. I've helped companies hire people staff both full time part time ten ninety nine contract. You pretty much name. It been there done that. I've got the t shirts. They've got holes in them right but one of my favorite horror stories. I like to tell is once upon time. I had a job which is rare but I've had him over the years. I've been an entrepreneur since age. Eleven but I had a job in. I had somebody that reported to me in a very technical role and we were trying to recruit for that position but the HR department was trying to broker a deal for somebody else in the company and their spouse would become it person. I was the mis administrator long story short the person they were trying to get four position. A couldn't relocate because his wife who was being considered for my position she had a family. She had young kids. They were going to relocate halfway across the country and guess what her first husband Said No. You're not moving kids. Will this process took over two months and the whole time? I'm pull my hair out because the job is getting done but I was told look. You can't hire anybody because we got somebody for you. We've many of us may not all but many of us have been there were wrestling with the HR department trying to get something done k. If you've heard any of the podcasts so far you heard that I started over with a blank sheet of paper and I have reinvented hiring staffing recruiting process for twenty twenty given the economic state of affairs. We find ourselves in in. What does that mean? I love then diagrams and I share this ven diagram with three circles. You the hiring manager is one the talent but not just any talent. The A player right. The Best of the best is another circle and in my company voice I dot careers is the third in where they overlap. Is the absolute best candidate for you. So what's that mean? And by the way normally my podcasts or three four maybe five minutes but these are a little more in depth so they might go six or seven minutes. But so. What's that mean for the hiring manager. You have needs so we want to connect you with the talent that makes the most sense for what you're trying to accomplish in then we're gonNA give you all the ammunition you need to go to the HR person say look. I need this person hired. What's IT GONNA take to get them on the payroll today? We're going to help you with that. That's the way it needs to get done today when we don't have enough time to crawl we don't have enough time to do it over. They say there's a great book called the Dream Manager. They talk about how the real expenses of Olympic cut to the chase. The bottom line is as you may or may not know. Hiring people is a very expensive proposition. Let's get you the very best candidate. Let's get you the ammunition to go to. Hr and say this is a person I need and I need them yesterday. How's that sound? That sound refreshing. I hope so couple things. We don't do in the beginning of this process. We don't rely on the resume. We've got some secret weapons to help. Skip that step together. You're going to be hearing in the days to come about one of our processes we call the seven minute higher. How would you like to have enough confidence trust and a warm fuzzy feeling about the hiring process to be able to look at candidate and make a decision to hire them within seven minutes? I've done it. It is refreshing. It's liberating and it cannot be done if you're GONNA do the march of the resumes right if you're GonNa let hr stick them all in his great big black box known as an ATS. Applicant tracking system is not going to happen. The chances are you getting the right candidate if your HR departments using an ats is zero absolutely zero. Let me repeat that the chances are you getting the right candidate if HR's driving the process through an ATS is zero Nada. Zilch not going to happen. That's one of the things that's different about. Voice I dot careers. I'm personally involved with every transaction at this stage of the game. We're just a startup. Were thirty seven days old so we can do that. We can give you the hands on care and responsive this that you need as a hiring manager so you need to do. Let's start the process. Reach out to me. And here's how it work. You grab your mobile phone and you dial pound two five zero and at the prompt. You say contact ski man.

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