Talking with T-Bird: Helen Glover from Survivor: Thailand


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Then lock any particular day that means we can do it just whatever we want whenever we want and just to give you the back story, here, a long time ago that I had contacted we were I was on a podcast with T bird, and we got a hold of Terry beats. And I said, this is so fun. We did a special podcast with Terry Tibor tracked him down. And we should do this with more people and bird said, give me a list. Gimme a list of your favorite people that you want to contact you. You can't find and I will track them down, like dog the bounty hunter. Yeah. I'm not sure if he's still around, you might be cancelled. I'm gonna track down like a bird dog bird dog. Yes. And so a bird dog Cooper went ahead and track down today's guest, one of my favorite survivor players, we're going to check in with Helen Glover from survivor Thailand, great work bird. Rob. Right. Hop into her. Yeah. And hopefully we can do this with more people also t bird is calling in on the phone. We have a microphone for T bird. We haven't been able to work through Tbirds tech support, but we're going to get that working also. Yeah. Over another podcast, not today, not today, but as long we can hear you great T bird. Yeah. And I've got again, I've got a little pocket Bill about my eight ball, here, we need to ask them any questions. I've got my large water, and of course, not bowl of popcorn. Well, I'm ready to get this thing. Go. Okay. Cheaper real real quick. What was your feeling on this -vivor finale? Oh, gosh. I well I it conflicted. But it got to the point where there were so many idols Rob's crazy everywhere. And so I'm like, I can't do this anymore. It's too much. It's too much. And then from there they showed the premier I mean, they what's gonna be s thirty nine and are calling it Arlen of the idols. I'm like. It's a play on words. I think it's a play on words. Robin, Sandra, our ideals of the game. Right. Well again, when I saw I, I don't I don't I don't so, you know, I was happy, you know, I was Devon with throughout the west on the star. But in he did awesome. He did amazing right job. At chris. You know, I know one watching a lot lot of people aren't giving, Chris, you know, just kudos for winning but it's not the fault that's just the way to game play out. And he works at wasn't had to work with, and he did an amazing job. I thought he, he played brilliantly to take it to the end, or we're going to get to Helen in just one moment. But first, let me go ahead and thank a sponsor for this episode of the podcast. Those are friends t-bird over at joy bird furniture Tibor. Do you have furniture? That brings you joy. Yeah. Okay. Nice feeling. Right. Or if you don't you missing a couch or chair that says this is my home. Everybody wants a haven a place that's uniquely. 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Overstep here that people can sit in or IT bird. Let's go ahead and bring on the first person that we're going to talk to on the proper talking with T bird. This is somebody that is one of my favorites who I got to meet way back. When of course, she is in my mind one of the legends of the game. And it's a travesty that they have not brought her back yet. Please welcome from survivor. Thailand, the great Helen Glover Helen. How are you? Great robbins. Good to be with you. And thank you for that. I feel very honored. Yes. Well, we are honored that we're able to have you here today and very lucky that t-bird was able to help track you down and get you here today. Well, I'm honored. I'm pleased. And I'm excited to talk about the game. Yes. Okay. All right. Allen to hey, good to hear your voice to okay. We had to have so much fun. Somebody quick can't wait to get your opinion on so many things on that what you've been doing. Helen skipped the update. How have you been on great? I am absolutely great. I finally retired while retired from working daily for a paycheck, but I'm certainly not retired. I just got in from running five miles. I'm getting in shape for doing the Camino in Spain in September. I'm going to be doing that with my daughter mother daughter thing to do. We're going to walk the Santiago, they Compostela. I spent the winter in Hawaii. I travel as much as I can so young. I'm loving life. What is the Camino? It's one of the most ancient pilgrimages in the Christian world. It is believed to be the final resting place of Saint James, the apostle hence, Santiago, which is Saint James in Spanish, and its gosh, I think it's over a thousand years old people, you might might sort of jog your memory. If you've seen people with a, a scallop shell around their neck. They start in France, they go over the pure Neath mountains, and they go across northern Spain to all the way across northern Spain to the final resting place of Santiago, which is in the city of Compostela, and it's just a it's just an ancient spiritual walk that. I've been dying to do probably for the last forty years. And, you know, life gets in the way and jobs. Get in the way and I finally have a chance to do it. So by gutting do it. Well, i've. That is fantastic to hear and very excited for you that you're going to go and get to do that. And then what kind of stuff do you do in Hawaii? Oh my goodness. I run I hike. I swim. I love life Hawaii. That's where I was born on. That's why I've had family members for a number of years, and it's just it's a paradise on earth. It really is. I I love it. I love every bit of it. The, the food is fantastic. The people are great, the, the weather is perfect every day. I mean there's just nothing not to like, and it beats being in Rhode Island for the winter now that I'm a little bit older. Yeah. I bet. Yeah, no. I Helen Helen gig just mentioned that you're obviously an amazing say. So I really wanna point out. I hope you're okay with this. When you play the game it's been a little while back, u or put forty that's your forty seven forty seven and sixty four now. And then now it sounds like do the math. Are you about sixty four now? Yup. Last month. Okay. So sixty four and look how active you still are Helen. I mean that is awesome and amazing. I mean, you're argumentation I think they hold a back in the day, you are a navy swim instructor. So I imagine you're still swimming. Yup. I've always been active. I've always been physically fit. It was it's just been part of the, you know, the person that I am. I just was an active little kid that grew into an active adult in, you know that's, that's just my lifestyle. Helen, what got you into survivor in the first place. Almost on a dare. I wouldn't say a bet but ever since Richard hatch who just lives down the street ever since he won. That was like I would sit there and watch this with my daughter. It was if you remember it was sort of, like one of those summer replacement shows when it first came on and his, his grandparents went to our church. And so my daughter said, mom, the hatches grandson, his on this new show. You've got to watch it with me. So from the minute from the absolute very first episode that I watched I sat there and said, I could do this. I could do this. I could do this. I could do this. I would have done this differently. I wouldn't have done that I would have said this, you know, I would have voted him off her off. And so I was hooked from the very minute. So I would constantly talk about wanting to be on the show. And so that was season. In one, so for the next three seasons, you know, I talked about wanting to be on. And so my husband when online printed out the application came home. One day, put it on the table and said, they're put your money where your mouth is. So I. I filled it out, never thinking, I would in a million years be chosen but. Yeah. And was it just that first time that you applied and you got through one and done? Yeah. Yup. Yup. Usual, Jim, why did it goes you for the encouragement? He didn't think I was going to get picked either. That's for sure. Told me I'd be the first one voted off because of my mouth so that wasn't true. Either will did he know he would one day be out there, eating tarantulas. Exactly. Yeah. Kind of kind of, you know, kind of a good for him for that one. You know. So did you have any hesitation about going out there and being a part of this whole experience? Well, no. Because I didn't think they would pick me. I didn't I just did. I just know sixty five thousand people applied for my season alone. And so, I thought, what are the odds, I can't seem to win a scratch off ticket on the lottery? You know. So, you know, I didn't figure in a million years, I would be selected, but when I was, then I, then I kind of they're not kind of step back and thought. Oh. Oh, can I can I do this? And so there was, there was a little bit of self doubt until I actually got out there. And this is not believe me, truthfully. This is not a reflection on anybody that I was on the game with. But I looked around at everybody that was in my season, and I realized, like, I guess both of you probably did as well that they're no better or worse than you are. It seems a matter of do have the will, it's the mental will do you have the will to do it. Yeah. Plus, I'm super competitive super competitive. Do you have you kept up with the show in all these many years, since we all played, rob? I can tell you hand on my bible. I have never missed one episode. Wow. Never. Do you want? Opting for me. Impressive. Yeah. Never let me let me tell me telling. So this what every single season not player? Did you let you most relate to? Which one do you think reminds you the most of yourself? Stephanie. Stephanie from several seasons ago. Stephanie from Parral. Yeah. Yeah. And she played a second time to play the three times has it been three gosh? Three three and four. She wasn't there that long the third time. Yeah. Three three times for, for seventy and so Helen that, you would like to go back at some point, I'll I've ever decide I definitely would only to prove to people that just because you've gotten older doesn't necessarily mean that you're down and out, you know. Yeah. Hi, rob. I got this when I got. Yeah. So sea bird with the ding. So, so Helen if I'm writing about this. How many find him the only person that has played a second time for survivor? Thailand, your season was she a n our that code absolutely. Yep. Yep. Okay. All right. So with that being said, would you like to see the winner of your season, which of course, we know is Brian hide it would you like to see him play again? Absolutely. Absolutely. I don't know why he has not been asked Brian changed the game and they never talk about that Brian was even though he stabbed me in the back rum. We've, we've come to terms with that. But he was the first one to realize that you need to take the most unlikeable person with you. And and again clay clay, and I have also, you know, we're good friends. We're very good friends, but in our. Season clay was not helpful around camp. He was not necessarily good to get along with in camp. And Brian realized that clay had made enough enemies that he could take him and he could win with Klay by his side. And I really don't think in other seasons that had clearly been defined. I think Brian really changed the game with that. And I don't I just don't know why he gets ignored by CBS. You make a really great point. I think that Brian was also very instrumental in being the first person to have these multiple deals with, with people, where Brian headed you with you and gentle deal with Ted and deal with, with clay. And nobody was able to sort of check their stories in. I think that sort of Dan, a lot of other people like Boston. Rob would go on to be able to do this as well. But I think that Brian is the first person to be able to really advance what Richard was able to do. Exactly. And Brian tag, very calculated game to Brian was with able to separate his. How can I? How can I say he was able to separate his heart and his head most people get out there, and they form relationships with people? And that, that influences the way they play. It certainly did with to me. And I and I've seen it every single season. You see some people are just not able to, to cut loose people that they know they should and Ryan Brian was really. I mean he was very clear with his interviews off camera away from us that he was out there on a business trip. And it was strictly business, and he was able to he was able to do that. So I thought that was, you know kudos to him for that. So you talking about clay not necessarily being well liked by the other players during the wiz, Brian well liked by the other players. I assumed he was that was the mistake that, that I made I thought that he was very well liked. He was very good in challenges for our tribe. He certainly pulled us along when he when we needed him to he was also very, very good at working around camp. So those are the things in my book. I mean you had to have somebody around camp that was useful. Otherwise, you know that that gets irritating quickly and he was now. I didn't realize that he didn't really hit it off that well with the people on the other tribe, the tribe. So that was something I didn't notice. How do I noticed that in time I might have been able to to switch up the game? But I don't know. I just they either they must not have let me know that money act you sow was, I believe Klay had three the Brian four win the game. And the folks for Brian, where I think, Jake and Ted. And you and Jan. He's. Would you have given him your votes win? Or would you have given it to clay? No. Yeah, yeah, no, I can't see I cannot see even if I did this again. Switching that vote only because like I said my my way of playing the game was who contributed around camp. And, you know, who just was that, that person that I had more of a relationship with, and even though I thought Brian, and I had this air packed air airtight deal that we were going to go as far as we possibly could and let the jury sorted out. And I was fine with that. If the jury would have told me, you know, no, it's not you. It's Brian, I would have been okay with that because I felt he earned his way there and ironed my ways air. And Klay just in, in my book. He just didn't. You know, I, I love the guy now he and I get along great. And, and we probably have a lot more in common out of the game than Brian, and I did. But he's a great guy. Great family man. Great husband, great father. But in the game clay basically, you know, Klay was there to be waited on. Clay didn't really care. You know, he he really was was quite cruel to Jake Jake that when Jake was being voted off. I didn't think there was any need to rub anybody's face in it, you know, but but he had quite a blow up with Jake and it wasn't necessary. So, you know, those are the kind of things that just kinda rub you the wrong way and Jalan your confessional was priceless. After you promoted out, it was a five hundred and, and for those that don't remember it. Three three of you that are left. Russell way. And I. Unfortunately, that's true, right there. That was great. I hit by personality for quite a what out there because I don't. You know I don't suffer fools lightly. Yeah. And that's what was always a great about you, your reactions to all the people that you were dealing with on the island. Always very fun to watch. Ellen. Where remember some of your client, quote, I believe you said, if you if you had a gun on her end in not myself and fat. Awesome crazy day in. Yes. Yes. Jan is just the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet. But, but you cannot rely on her to get you someplace. So, right. You guys were in the boat and you guys have had gotten lost. Was it with the water was? So it was very far away in your season away. And she assured me beyond a shadow of a doubt. She knew exactly where it was thought. Okay. Fine. Yeah. Great. Yeah. She didn't know where it was. And then when we got there, she told me she was not able to those huge five gallon containers that we had to fill with water were. I mean when at this point, you can use set this up because I'm not sure that everybody, you know. Has a remembers this setup. And I totally forgot it until we started talking about it. So in your season one, one of the ideas that they have they didn't have a well right in the camp like these survivors, do now that you had a, a rowboat and you had to row the boat to go get where the, the water was right? Okay. This was old school survivor? This was they did not give us food. We had no food. We had no fishing lines or any ability to get food. So it was it was pretty much starvation city. And so I had I was I was obsessed with making sure that we had water to drink. But the water was. Yeah, you're right. Robert was nowhere. Close the boat. We had I don't know what in the world that material was. But if you ask me, it was cement thing was the heaviest heaviest boat that. Would leak like a sieve so you. Constantly like you had to get the water out of the boat as you're trying to row the boat. And, and the it was no joke with the water was the water was a good two miles from camp. Yeah. So you had to row over you had to take these two five gallon containers over with you. And then you had to once you got there, then it was a trek in to fill them up. And then you had which was no big deal to carry the empty container in, but it was a huge big deal to carry it back out again. Because at that point that five gallon container started weighing more than I did. So I went in with the one and I'm trying to carry an I'm not kidding. I was so weak from not having food that I'm trying to carry this back out, and it was literally pick it up carry maybe ten steps put it down try to keep from passing out repeat, so I'd get back out with the container. Jane's floating in the water having his all time. And I said, okay, okay. Your turn, and she looks at me and she goes, I can't carry that. I said, what I care. That's to have accurate do that. A sec you've got to be frigging kidding me tonight. Why thank you. I wanted to pick up the and beat her to death write that down. We need to fill that other container of water. So I so I went back Bill, a containers and right. By the by the time I got back in the producers pulled me aside immediately, I was about as mad as a wet hen. I don't want, I don't start anything here. But I gotta ask you this. Did you say that you that, that Jay that she knew how to get to the water source or that you knew how to get to the water source she knew how to get into the water source? That's what she said. She could she remember? I have the opportunity to talk to miss jam. Offic literally, I did. 'cause I asked for twice. She's said, no Heflin that she knew exactly how to get help. No. What happened was as soon as we. Of course, we didn't get there. We got lost, but she I was sausage from Rowen. So as soon as we found like pulled up. She said, I just like back, you polled her just lay down. You know, you've got this, you'll take care of this the first one. Yeah. I'll take out the first one. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. Again John's a sweetheart, I love her to death, but no. That is. No. She also doesn't remember. She also doesn't remember me trying to get her to flip on Brian at the lab, John. But yeah, she clearly doesn't remember that mom. No. The reason I wasn't drinking was she. The reason I took Jan along was because she said, she knew where the water source was I, I was I was adamant. I did not. I said, I said, look, I don't mind rowing, I bro, and Brian kept saying, are you? Sure. Are you? Sure. And I said, I said, yeah, I don't, I don't mind. I don't mind rowing. I am not real clear where the water source was in Jan says, oh, I know I said, okay. And he kept saying you sure about that. I don't I don't think she I said, I said, well, she said she this was probably about two weeks in. So I wasn't willing to sell Jan short like everybody else. You know, they, they were calling her, like granny Janney and I have one time I said, Jan, you don't have grandchildren do you? And she said, no, so I told them I said, don't call her granny Janney. And, you know, there was just I don't know. I just felt like she was kind of being bullied a little bit. So, so. Yeah. When they were trying to tell me that she had no idea with water was. I'm sticking up for right? Yes. She does. She said she did. I'll take her at her word. So, yeah. Jan doesn't have a real clear memory from, from minutes minute, but. Well, I'll tell you this, Dan did say hell and really should have won our season. She very clear on that, by the way, may, or may not know that she said, hell Helen really should have want our season. So let me ask you something. She's not confused about well, she's very intelligent, there isn't. Yes. Then she was thinking, clearly, or so. You are navy Clemens instructor Jan. I know you guys were really, really great buddies out there, Jim, I think was is was the first grade teacher. Yes. Now this what I wanna know I hear that San. It's an amazing swimmer. She is so amazing. So between the two of y'all you be in the navy instructor. It her being swimmer. Who would you say the better swimmer? If we were equal in age, I would definitely say Jan was the better swimmer. Oh. But Jan has got about. I didn't she's got six years on me. So at the time, yeah, she's, she's a great swimmer and you don't you, you don't lose the ability to the mechanics of the stroke. So the mechanics of the stroke, if you're a good, swimmer, the mechanics are always there, what you do lose with age is muscle. And so at that time at age forty seven and fifty three she was if, if we had been challenged to a head to head. I pretty confident I would have beat her, but remember, I was six years younger, and that's a big six years between forty seven fifty three. So I I'm pretty confident I would have because that was my daily job. Job. I wasn't a swim instructor. I would say water survivor instructor water survival. I taught much more than swimming was one thing I taught I taught water survival with navy seals. So we did nothing all day long, but workout. So I had a lot more strength. So I think I probably a head to head probably would a beat her, but younger days, I don't know. She if she was my age and we went head to head. I don't know. I think that that would have been a good race because she's an excellent swimmer, rob. Here's a little tidbit. Helen might know this. I did not know this that San almost went to the Olympic trials she, she doesn't know that she did go to the national. She did make to the Olympic trials, but she was saying her age, like hell and set at the time, you know, Helen forty seven and fifty three she'd said they kept her because she was such a good swimmer and she was good at puzzles. And so helping you what's interesting. Thank you know, here play it's forty six makes it to the end. Jan fifty three makes it to the end. You make it to the end up forty seven that's pretty impressive. Oh, I think, so I think so I don't know. I don't know if CBS was adjust has been on record as saying that our season was one of his least favourite seasons young and I think it was because a lot of us were older and Jeff. I would try to out certain things that tribal council and instead of playing big brother in the jungle like it's kind of become now, we would basically shut him down. Hey, man. What are you trying to do you trying to ruin my game here? You know we weren't we weren't. We weren't forthcoming with the information that he wanted a lot of times. And I think that's I think that's why I am fact thank God. It didn't end up on TV but there were a couple of times that I basically yelled at him. So you know, I don't think he I, I know I know I wasn't one of his favorite players hobby. I think the voting kinda got white Borneo where it got kinda highly predictable with one tribe, kind of just other, which, of course, is what happened in Africa. But then they did the the trot swap, but it looks like that was what was happening with you guys is highly. And so, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. All the young people were were were taken out of the game. So, you know, I'm sure that was have a probably messed up produce plans for how they wanted it maybe to play out. Right. Because basically the way that it worked out was that it turned out that mud that most of the young people ended up being on suk-jai and really only tan yo was the, you know, the sole young person that was with you guys on chewy gone. Exactly. Exactly. No, refresh my memory. Hell was it a was it a, a pick them into start the season? Yes, it was interesting because they went along the lines of where we were that played heavily into our season. It was we were in Thailand. It was an Asian culture that reveres older people. Right. And so they picked out, Jake and Jan as the two oldest members and then let them pick who they wanted to be with them. And so that was. Yeah. I don't know that they've ever done that since I thought that was unique. It's coming back to me now because I remember because I went to go play in my season, I had watched the first about five or six episodes of your season, but you guys came out, and you guys were separated by gender where the men were all in one boat in the women were in another boat. And, and then my season ended up being that, that would those tribes the men versus the women. And I remember that it was like a fake out where did you think that it was going to be the women versus the men? I was terrified that that's what it was going to be what it was was. We were in a very Muslim area of Thailand. And I think they wanted to be respectful of the culture where they were. And that's why they had us in groups of men and women only Mark Burnett had actually asked me. He had come to came to each one individually before the game started. I don't know if you did that with the other seasons are not. Yeah. Okay. Well he came one night to to my little hut that I was in. And he told me that we were going to be marching on men tribe, and a women tribe. And I said, oh, is is that how the game's going to be? And he just looked at me. Know how you can just look at you at that sly smile. And he says he says why would that would that be something that you're interested in and I looked in my said, oh, God. No, not unless I can be on the man, the male tribe. I worked, I've always worked in male dominated fields. I get along much better with men. I don't know that just I was a tomboy growing up. And that's just the way I am. And so I thought, oh my God. If I'm on an all female tribe, I won't last. I will not last. They'll get rid of me. I vote and I was terrified. That's what it was going to be. But luckily it was. Luckily for me it wasn't. Believe you were the only woman to win immunity challenge during the whole season. Is that right? Yeah. I think you're right. Yeah. Right there. Yeah. Yeah. But that was only on a knowledge that was one of the ones where, you know, it had to be what you knew. And that that's something I am horrible at puzzles, I can do whatever I can do physically. I will I will die trying. But I'm terrible at puzzles. But luckily, the one that immunity, I one was your knowledge of the, you know, the area and things things related to Thailand. Geographically where this Thailand sit in on the map and that kind of stuff. So that's what I one. Yeah. Hell do you feel like that? The show was unhappy with the draft that Jan had in terms of picking out the people that we're going to be on the tribes, and that was one of the reasons why they. I didn't really love the season as much. I, I don't know. That's an interesting question, rob. I don't I don't think it had anything to do with the way, the tribes were were chosen or set up because if you look at it, it made perfect sense, the way, Jake, picked his tribe, Jake pick the young hard bodies thinking that that's going to, you know, that's gonna be what's going to what's going to get him through. And John went more for, you know, she took brute strength with Ted. She said she chose me because we had several days out there where they were telling us, you know, which plants were edible, which plants Ripois in his which, and of course I'm like I coming from the background. I did with the with the navy. I mean I was all about absorb every bit of information ask every single question. Remember retain? You know every bit of knowledge that I possibly could. And apparently, she was watching me very observant on her part. And she said, that's why she took me 'cause she'd noticed that I was looking at every single leaf and asking every question, so down. I don't know. And another thing that was interesting to with y'all season. Helen was, I think there was a camp that had bandages. And then there was a camp that had disadvantages, so on. I guess the cap that have the cave, so that Trump wouldn't have to do anything about the shelter where Jake pick the one with the closest water source, and they actually had to come up with shelter where youth led to have the cave. So you didn't do it. Or would you have rather been closest to the water source? No. Absolutely. We were much better off with the cave, much, much better off with the cave, and we didn't even have an inkling about that until the game actually started because I don't think anybody that ever played survivor for the very first time has any clue what they're getting into as far as the day to day struggle, then it is, you know, just, you know most of us are so used to having food at our fingertips in the soft pillow. Our head at night and the ability to shower and get cleaned and be able to change your clothing and put on clean clothing and clean socks and wash hair and all of that stuff. You know and after one or two nights out, there, you all the sudden you get you get taken down to a level that, that most of us have never been taken to. So the fact that we had the cave, although let me tell you the cave, also retained heat. So it was like sleeping in an oven every night. Oh oh, yeah. In a bad way. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yes. That would be about one hundred twenty during the day and cool off to a balmy one ten at night with intense humidity. So. Just to go back to the boat in terms of the water source being far away that you guys would manage it with the boat until then. Correct me if I'm wrong. You guys lost the boat. Right. These guys loose about now. How, how did that happen? Brian, Ted and clay brought said they brought up and you got to bring the boat all the way up. You can't let half of it sit in the water because there it's title. So when you know, tide rises, the boats gone. Right. So I remember saying and clay, and I we were like oil and water out there. Like I said, we got along great now but out there. I just, you know, I said clay did you bring the boat up? Yeah. Breath about okay? Did did you time? The boat up at tad, the boat up. I said, okay, now, I should have gone down and double check at that point. But I didn't because this was a daily occurrence make sure the boat is up. Make sure it's up far enough. One time it wasn't up far enough. The water came up and the darn thing filled with sand. Now, the thing was like I told you heavy has led to begin with, then it filled with sand. So we literally had to dig the boat out empty the stand out of the boat before we could use the boat. So, yeah, we go we go the next morning and oops, there's no boat. It's gone, the tide took it. Yeah. I had heard that had sunk one or two. So I was curious did. They production bring you another phone or they don't have. Knowing fun figured out. No, they did not bring us another boat and production kept asking us, if we were going to go look for the boat, I was so irritated at that point that I thought screw that that boat. First of all, the boat is heaviest lead. You can barely barely move the thing we'd take every single person to try and drag that thing out of the water up far enough onto the shore, to the could use it the next day, then it started leaking. And you remember one of the things one of the reward challenges, we one was an afternoon with guys from the Thai Red Feret's, that's like the green berets that is their special forces. These guys are no joke. First of all, they told us they said what you need these guys are here to do whatever you need. Okay. We need to things we need food. We have no food we need food, and we need help with filling the holes in this boat because this boat is like trying to trying to row a sick. Give it would continually fill up with water. It was it was getting to the point where it was useless, anyway. So half the day we spent with them trying to find food which they couldn't because everything they would point to, oh, that's a, that's a mango tree. And that's this kind of tree. And that's kind of tree. Okay. Yeah. The problem is it's not in season. Okay. Great. Yeah, that's lovely great. So, in other words, that's it. No go. And then the rest of the day they helped fill the holes in the boat. But it didn't it just didn't matter. The boat was it was a terrible boat. So when we lost the boat, I could've cared less about quantified that boat. I could swim Brian could swim. So Brian, and I swam, the two miles to get water every other day. Well, he and I were the only ones capable of doing it. I took Ted with me once. But that was not something I wanted to repeat because Ted would swim on his back or like doggy paddle. So what would take Brian and I maybe. Maybe twenty to thirty minutes to swim. One way to get water with. Ted took me like an hour to get there because he was. I mean he's a nice guy but he was just incredibly slow at the water. So. Okay. No. Helen, I was thinking you might have been been the one kind of high near of instead of Jonny fairplay 'em on this. Because I was told because I was doing a little research before our conversation today. And I was told by cut by couple of people that they were really kind of feeling sad for you out there feeling bad for you. Something about the chew can't mentioning that you were gonna miss your anniversary date with him while you were out there. So Coppola the gal made you a very beautiful floral hair thing for your hair, 'cause they felt like you know, they were trying to pick up your spirits issue. We're gonna miss your of our Serie, and then they said this one girl said, yeah. And then she said, I've noticed through the years when I see her Facebook, it looks like you're in averse Serie. It's not anywhere during the filming of when we were out there filming. So. Well, yes. The thing like their no. Cheaper, I have till anniversary. My husband my husband and I got married, by Justice of the peace secretly on February twenty four thousand nine hundred eighty two because I needed surgery on my knee from a skiing accident. And I had no insurance. But if we got married his insurance would immediately pick me up with a pre existing condition, and I could have my surgery paid for. We had number tensions. We had invitations mailed out an entire church wedding plan for June thirteenth nineteen eighty two. So we did not tell any one that we got married by j p and we went ahead and we had the church wedding, which was the one that I've always considered was by I'm, I'm a religious person. And that was my wedding was June thirteenth, and that wasn't just a wedding anniversary when I was on survivor. It was my twentieth wedding anniversary on survivor. And at that point, Jim, and I had never been separated. So I was that was a big deal for me. That was a big deal. Now Helen, this is a fantastic story because you know what you're saying is absolutely right. Clearly, you know, you got married yesterday the pace instead ury twenty four. Yeah. But you field out there during I guess, when you actually are celebrating it, though. I guess they just happen to see that. I don't know. I guess maybe you show it now for February your anniversary February. But that's what this, she was so confused about making the laurel headband everything what I'm sorry. If people are going to look people wanna really soft me on Facebook. They'll notice that I post June thirteenth. Also. I post the only reason why we in February we were in Hawaii. So we, you know, we go out to dinner and we celebrate in Hawaii, and we put it up as part of Hawaii pictures, but we also celebrate June thirteenth. I mean we celebrate why not? I mean, you know, we celebrate boats hell, I wanna ask you about one of the other big moments on your season where there was the fake merge, where you guys got together. And of course, Sheehan is the one that gets caught up on merge. I didn't say merge. You never assume. Did anybody have any sort of inkling in terms of what was really going on? You guys never got new buffs, and she and is trying to flip over to work with chewy gone, potentially. I. I never assumed. We were one tribe because usually like you said, rob felt give you the new Baath you the whole big deal of make your new tribal flag. Are you going gonna call yourself? And none of that was happening. I, I did not assume. It was emerge. I knew we were all living together on the one island and I thought that could be kind of dangerous. But as long as she end was coming over to us bright. I figured I figured. Well, hell that's fine. That's great. That's more numbers for us. But, you know, I don't think any I don't think any of our tribe members ever did that, as far as going over and trying to, you know make inroads with, with suk-jai. I think we were pretty pretty sewer. But like you said, that's a big danger on survivor as a Suming something because the minute you do that. It usually comes back to bite. You. But yeah, I I don't think anybody else assumed we were merging. I didn't that was a fatal mistake on CNN's part in she paid for it. I'll never forget the expression oceanic face when they realized they weren't. I mean, I remember that even now that was classic. Oh, yeah. No. Absolutely. Because see was he was not happy with her tribe. And so she that was the other thing, a big mistake on her part rather, we would have merged or not. She came over there and just one hundred percent jumped in with our tribe, as if she had been adopted, you know, and it was, it was clear to them as well as clear to us that she wanted to be on our tribe, not with them. So that was that was a really big mistake all the way around. But hell out. Rob, rob bunch of society, but for Helen, she and probably that was probably what got her pass own the all-star season that one classic move. Do you think I mean she? That was one of those memorable moment. Well, okay. I don't. Chris, when you think back to the past I put on for all stars. She endless one of them and the only one from your season. What you're, you're a lot of the things that you noticed this really stood out. Half around on all. No, no. I think it was clearly demographics. I have to say that I was very surprised when that if I was going to have a Representative there from Thailand before I went out there for the all stars. I, I had a binder of all the people that I was potentially going to see. And I wanted to look at everybody's bio to do my research, and I certainly had t-bird was in that book. But Helena, I was pretty convinced that you were going to be somebody that I saw there, not that I was there for a long to see anybody. Well, a couple other people were convinced that I was going to be there, Alicia, even I had seen her at one of the survivor, finales, I it might have been Amazon, and she came up to me and said, hey, you and I a lion's, we don't have to speak again. And I thought, ooh cool, I could play with her very well. Yeah. She was convinced and I think lacks lex told me he was convinced I was going to be there. There were a number of people that were that were shocked when they didn't see me. They are. So which was. You know, that's always, it's always nice to hear you know what? Yeah acted. You. Acted helen. Absolutely. I had everything I had gone through the all of the physicals again, I had to mail off, like blood samples. And doctors reports I was there I was in the mix up until a week before cutting. Week, B and again demographics, they already had Kathy and Cathy was strong female late forties. So I think they went with Cathy, I think they said, Nope, we, we've already got that block checked. So we don't have we don't have somebody who's Asian and to have a show that was filmed in. Thailand. And not take somebody that was Asian. I think they I think they were just going for trying to get the most diverse group, maybe not necessarily. People at earned their way there. And again, that's I'm not saying anything against she and but she end didn't even make the jury on season five. So I thought you know, I really thought that was a little odd that, that she got picked. But rob, how was it? Find San out there. I wouldn't. No. I didn't I didn't get to be out there long enough to play with. She. Helen, do you know the answer to this question was was Brian in the mix for the Allstars because because the story that, that, that, you know, I heard at the time was oh, Brian told them. Hey, I need you need to give me, you know, a million dollars up front or some like a amount of he, he said, his demands were too high to get to go back on the all stars. If that happened. I wasn't aware of it. There were three people from Thailand, that were contacted as far as I know. And that was me clay, and she an interesting and clay, and I had talked. We were convinced that since Sheehan had never been made the jury that she most likely was not going to be going. But so we, we kind of thought it was between. He and I and then and then lo and behold, it was she in. But I, I would I wouldn't put I wouldn't put it past Brian to make a demand like that. But I pretty. Pretty. He wasn't contacted. Yeah. I think that sounds about right. That sounds about. Right. But who, but who know who knows for sure one of the other big moments in the season? There was the famous attack zone challenge were you concerned about Klay when rob with two Bs was going to try to choke him during one of those challenges? Sell us of rob. With two peas in that moment with I secretly hoping he would choke you. Yeah. I Di I didn't really know robs about Nick that. Well, because I never got a chance to play with him a other than, you know, seeing him across the way on challenges. But I didn't think I mean I don't know. Maybe I'm naive but I didn't think anybody was going to do anything that was that was that serious. You know, I mean you know, I, I really didn't I mean, I guess maybe I should have thought about that. But. Yeah. He I remember that clearly I remember Jeff Jeff like losing it, like, hey, no, no, no. Yeah. I just laughing because I don't think it was any kind of I think he was kind of more like like doing like like a football. Hold on him rather than an actual like cave in his layer next or anything, you know right now. But that was a famous challenge in that. So many of the Sukhothai members were disqualified from challenge, rarely have ever happened light. Bad ever ever again. Well, now though, I have seen them on some of these challenges where they do get physical. And that was that was one of those clear violations. They kept telling us absolutely not. No, you're not to get physical. And so I thought, okay, well, that's that's interesting that now they've kind of changed the rules on that one to Howard. What did you think about jumping over to the editing station thing? I don't even have to ask you was your grab the torch and jump back in, because I think I know yet. Eight what? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. We think about that considering way back in the day when the played all school, right? Rob, you know, we didn't have the idols we didn't have all kind of different gameplay. How did you feel about the education thing? I thought I thought it was great. I was really wishing that that had been on my season because I would have been able to at least try to try to get back in the game. What I that being said, I don't know that they thought it out clearly because those people that were on the edge of extinction. We saw very little of we saw very little of it was almost like like. It was like a shadow camp, you know, if they're going to do that. I think they really need to give us a little bit more insight as to what goes on their daily, because I felt quite frankly felt sorry for Chris. I thought he came back and against all odds. He was one of my favorites in the very beginning. I really liked him. And I was really glad to see him now of course that being said, I love Drake Devon's too, but a lot of people that I know that I keep in touch with that are huge survivor fans were not happy with Chris winning, and it's because they didn't get to form a relationship with him. Now, the viewers are we all know this, the viewers form relationships with the people there watching, and Chris was at a major disadvantage, because he was voted off third. So they didn't really see him and then to them. Now. They've got this huge connection with Rick Devon's and then they see Chris comeback in NBA master game player with very little time left. I mean this guy was brilliant, and they're saying, well, oh, it should have been Rick Devon's while I'm thinking, only because you saw Rick Devon's more you formed warfare relationship with Rick Devon's and I love Rick Devon's too. I would've loved to have seen a final two and go those to go head to head. I would've loved to have seen that to see how it came out. But most of the people, I know were upset, they were saying, Well, Chris was on extinction island for so long. He was able to form all these bonds, and that's why he won. And I'm thinking. I don't know. I think I, I think it was just that, you know, we, we really didn't get to see a lot of that island. So I think if they're going to do this again. They really need to make a bigger effort in showing us what goes on there. I mean it had to been pure boredom. Yeah. If you're not if you're not getting together for a challenge, or an or tribal council, you must have been bored out of your mind over there. Yeah. Are you are you a fan of idols of all the different idols that are brought in when one's at played another one's broad in? How do you feel about the idol play? I'm a fan of the idols but I think there were way too many this last night. I remember the very first time an idol was ever introduced into the game. And Jan had called me that night and she said she goes, oh, I know a few to one, an idol. You never would've told Eddie one I'm like, yeah. You know, you're right on that one. I would have had that thing like buried somewhere. I never I, I just I'm always amazed when people let on that they have on because I would I would have gone to my grave with that thing and it's funny because she that's how well you get to know people in the thirty nine days at you're out there. She called me up, and she told me, she said, you never would have told anybody. I know you wouldn't. So we one hundred percent. Right. So, yeah, so I, I don't know. Sometimes I think it's I think. I don't like whenever I, I get the sense that production is meddling in the game. And that's what I feel about too many idols. But hey, you know you should be out looking for him. If you even have a, there's even a glimmer of hope that there's an idol, why wouldn't you be out cold in the woods for it? Well, how we're talking about idle, you know, save on thirty nine is going to be named island of the idol, Jerry Allen idols we've got Boston, rob, and Sandra larger larger huge lights huge idol size. What do you think about that? Don't hold back do. Not hold that, right? Ronald. I mean how I don't think hell in Ken? Yeah. Okay. Well, here it is both barrels. I really, I really don't think that I I'm afraid they've jumped the shark. I hope I hope to God on survivor is my all time favorite show. Like I said, if never missed I've never missed one episode not one minute of one episode. I don't like the thought of once again, bringing back, rob and Sandra. I would much rather see a season where it's all of the winners competing. I would love to see a season where maybe it's a mother daughter father son teams in oh, bringing back the one of the, the sons with their mother that hasn't played or a daughter with her father that has played in blood versus water, right? What's so? Yeah, yeah, exactly. But I I don't like the way this is Robin. Sandra are not going to be playing. They're going to be sitting on an idol where they're dishing out advice. You have to earn your way to get the advice. Now the three of us have played, you know darn. Well, what works on your season doesn't necessarily mean it works on the next season. The building of survivor is it's different personalities and how they mix or don't mix. It's a it's an actual. Quite frankly, think this game must have been devised by some kind of psychiatrists that sitting back and watching these people and, and moving his chess pieces in the game knowing if I put this person with that person there's going to be fireworks. You know, I just don't I don't know that there's anything that I could ask, rob or Sandra with necessarily advanced me in my game. Well, so I hope I'm your on your totally different player than either one of them, just like Robbins and right. Then the advice you're going to be like, and, you know all these players that are out there are I'm sure very strong, wills determine a personality, and they might not be that receptive to have an infant. They might be like white a minute, do I actually need sinus here? I don't know. I think some of these players could use some advice. Maybe, maybe not you Helen, but I think Boston rob would told the Sheehan don't assume emerge. Okay. I mean rich Richard hat by the told you rob. Hey, to get further take off all your clothes, and walk around. What makes you think he hasn't told me that you only? Yeah, I know Richard probably, you know, but, but I mean I don't know. I, I, I think I think specially with Sandra Sandra's game as always been as long as it's my name you're writing down. I don't care who you're writing down, right? Yeah. With sandra. I it's sort of, like you know, you know, talk to a bird and teach me how to fly just because Sandra tells you what to do doesn't mean you can do it, like, Sandra. Exactly, exactly. So I don't know what the thinking was on this. I'm just like I said, I really I love the game. So I'm really hoping that when I watch the coming season that I'm going to be sitting back on. Okay. This did work. I like this because I really for the first time ever, I'm looking at it going. I don't know. I don't know. I've heard that from a lot of the alumni feel like when they when that picture came out of the giant Robin, Sandra. That's that's been most of most of what I've heard from the alumni. Bird that you feel like the Boston rob head in the Sandra had is too much too, right? Well, I just think I think that's why we're not play. And I I'm sure you gossip the same way I thought when I went out there. Oh, I got this. I got this. I know exactly what's on type win. So to have people out there that are supposed to kind of tell me how to play or how to coach me. I would think as somebody just waited, you know, all these years to play or whatever take for them to get out there. I think it's gonna kind of take away from them. Me a little disappointing. They players like I said that have waited, however make Tom they've applied, or tried to get out there and all of a sudden, they're big hurrah, hurrah taken away by these soup. I. Oh. Fire? I just think it's kind of a little bit of a slap in the face of these other players all the new players that are gonna play. Yeah, I understand that, but, you know, that, you know, rob might give somebody advice and then we might see the person and say, listen, I got this, I don't need you, your advice and maybe. You know there's a lot of different ways that it can play out. So let's that would be that would be interesting to see them sit there with you think you know. Yet, at the foot of the master, and you're getting all this advice. And then, you know you go back to camp and, and they have one of those confessionals and the guy goes the guy doesn't know what he's talking about be able to do that out here because this guy. Yes. I have some questions from the listeners of the podcast that I would love to bring in the listeners, the podcasts, all very excited that you were going to be on with us. This is from Matt left in who wants to know what did you do to bounce back after being the only person to vote incorrectly on the John Raymond vote. What'd you do to get back on the good graces of clay? You cast your vote for clay, you said you always wanted to vote for everybody else voted John off. How did you come back from that? By the seat of my pants and that was that was not. That was a shock to me. Obviously I was not in on that vote. So that was a that was a real wakeup call. I was scared to death. I would be the next person voted off the only thing that saved me. I mean I just I just worked harder around camp. I tried making sure that I was that I was talking to each person because I thought, oh, this is this is odd that I was that it was left out. I thought it was getting along with people. And so the only really the only thing that saved me was Tanna. She was so sick so sick that she asked us to vote her out. That, that was a sympathy vote, which bought me three more days, and then by that time Gandhi a- had caused all that problem. So, so Gandhi was the vote. So really I, I don't know that I would have been able to dig my way out of that had those two things not happened. Can I ask about John Raymond, because it seems like that first step Assode that the thing that he does wrong guys all go to that waterhole and he liked finds a swamp? And hey guys, I found the water and everybody's plays. Like, oh, no. This is terrible. He's like I Gotcha. I. Gotcha. Got you. Everything really annoyed that he made a joke like that. That's that was what what's amazing to me? Was it was just a joke? And it was a two second joke. You know, it was first of all John's John's Luchman. This was back in the days when you got to bring your luxury item. Right. Okay. So Johns was a big huge American flag that I that I thought clearly could have been used for added shelter, which was always needed. And we didn't even get to have him around long enough to be able to use that John's a pastor. My guess is that, that didn't sit well with some people not that John was averted about John didn't fest on all of us holding hands and singing kumbaya around the fire, but sometimes some people aren't comfortable had this. This wasn't just a guy who was religious. This guy is a pastor of a church. So that can be intimidating. And I've got to say that is the only reason that I can think of that they decided to get rid of him. I but clearly this was a decision by six of the eight people on that tribe that I was not included with he's a he's a great guy. Nice guy hell is interesting what you just said, how one little thing can find you another. The three day game around far and getting sick or whatever. And then you mentioned John luxury item. Did they have luxury items feel now the y'all know? So they have to go. I don't think that they do. I think for a while you brought one but you weren't getting them and they would have them like as a reward I would be surprised if he'd been bring them we have to ask somebody that's on one of the newer seasons. If they know anything about that a question from David Healy, who says which song is better. The sun will come out tomorrow. Or are you lonesome tonight should we have a singing contest? No, no, no, no, no, no. Every night when you know there's nothing to do. I know I know. There's nothing to do. And so the sun goes down at what six o'clock, six thirty nine comes out tomorrow. Then it goes. Yeah. I, I don't know the words to that one. I did know all of the words argument. I know. Yes. Okay. But Helen you much, like t-bird are, are an incredible singer. I remember being blown away. Well, and you got to know something else about me as I love to sing in the some in the in the shower I love to sing in church as part of the congregation, but I am terrified to sing in front of people. So Alec come on something. How would you heard me? Oh, no, no. I'm, I'm telling you, I would have a nervous breakdown. And when I would sing, I stood behind everybody. So because I told them I said, okay, they're like, they're like, come on. We don't have nobody nobody else could carry a tune in a bucket. So we needed some kind of entertainment, and so they decided that you know, they're going to turn on radio. Helen and played the song of the night. And you know, most of I know are either church hymns star spangled banner an America, and God bless America. Or you know, when you think about it. How many songs do you know all of the words to there's not a lot to think about it. So you know, I, I didn't know if Ted hated puff. The magic dragon yes, but I knew those songs because I would sing those to my children when they were little and so that was one of the songs I saying as well. And he used to hate the he had never heard that song he asked me if I made it up. I was like, well, I must be brilliant if I could make that up all of the words, and they all perfectly rhymed and, and then I sang I saying the there's, there's also a fourth fourth or third verse of the star spangled banner that I really like. And so I say that and clay swore that I made that one up. I'm like this. Heroin. Let's just pretend that you're singing to your beautiful, granddaughter. Alison. Thing have wife. You're going sing puff. The magic racket and by the way, just Allison have your luxury idle your daughter, stall. Where is your luxury idol? The little that little tiny dole is still. It's still in this house somewhere. I have a feeling I know right where it is. But I'd have to go, look, it's. And that's not what I wanted to bring. That's what I was basically told I could bring, they I think they went to cast me as mom Joan. I really didn't want any part of. I was going to ask you that did you get past as the soccer mom because I don't know. Did you say her? It's a soccer mom, rob. Well, I think that Helen is the, the really tough mom, and I feel like that we don't always have that in terms of, you know, a lot of times we have the mom gets to the final travel council. Like we saw in this past season, where she doesn't get any votes. Do you have any thoughts about the? You know, the problems that the mom's face on survivor Helen. You know you choose to play the way you're going to play an it's, it's your when it all comes down to it. I think it's very hard to play a character that is not you. And so however, you end up coming off on your season, unless you are somebody like like Johnny fairplay that can completely become a different a different person altogether, almost like you know, he's like Sybil with certain different personalities. My kids always described me as the mom on Malcolm in the middle, which is not something I am particularly proud of. But if you've ever watched, Malcolm in the middle, that's the one that they always what I can't remember her name now. Jane something, I think but, but I was always the one, you know, I was a tough mom. I know nonsense bomb. In fact, on our on our finale when I was giving my jury speech, my son and my daughter are sitting there in the audience. And they're watching this on the big, you know, Jumbotron, and my, my son leaned over to my daughter, and he goes, oh, my God. Oh my God. Brian's in real. Big trouble. Brian brian's? Got to be grounded because, you know, he knew that face, he knew that that was that was me and that was that was my you're you're in big trouble. Now, if I lower my voice and talk to you, staring you right in the I, I don't know. Moms moms, our moms, dads are dad's. I don't know. I don't I don't I, I don't know how to answer that. I guess is what I'm saying. Hi, helen. I've thought some of your the players that played with you. So I just want to do a quick little kind of a quick little game. I wanna see. Ooh. Three of these three of these players supply with you described. You guys three access to describe you. So I'm going to do, but they are. And I want you to say if you can tell me who said this about you. You're ready. Yup. Okay. The first person said you were persisted passionate and tough. Out there. Persistent, passionate tough if it was added, then that's either up tenure or penny. Okay. Now. That's exactly right. That. Cheaper do research for this. The next one said, you were strong willed determined and observant Jan. Exactly. I asked trivia questions Helen. Oh my goodness. Wow. Last one Helen, this particular person said, you, you're anxious, wait confused. It was a male. Okay. Then I'm I'm guessing Ted or Brian. I just wait and confused confused. That's the one that's throwing me say, you're confused. I know. Abusively? You heard this question. Well, yeah, the confused. One is, that's the anxious. I can see I can see Ted or Klay saying that I can also see. Brian's saying that so and the why he described anxious hurry? Hurry, hurry. Does we gotta go? Gotta go. I you know, like hurry hurry, hurry and get it done. Get done got. Got to be click. That's got to be clay. Yeah. That was my guest to. All right. All right. And so what I ask him what he meant because you, would you would not listen to him about riot, and Brian with he said, so that's came up with the confused. But let me just say you're right now he said I love her to death so suppose you know, you that he loves you and that you're supposed to just the cook. So all right. Pass people want to know. Do you have any more recipes Helen? I I've always got, I, I've got reams and reams of recipe bream like delayed from the edge of extinction. These recipes are better not be lame. That's an odd name name. A number one recipe you talked about the whole time the one recipe that you mentioned over and over again. But they practically taste it, but I didn't have we'll, there was one that I that I talked about that had it was a cashew square recipe that I must have just made before I went out there because I don't really make it that often. Now it's out. It was a New York Times some Sunday, paper recipe, and it was great to put in school lunch boxes. And somebody had actually one time when I was at a survivor charity events. Somebody came up asked to be to give them the recipe like like I carry it in my back pocket. And I thought, oh, did I did I talk about it that much? I don't know. How would that have been the chocolate caramel, brownie? Oh, no. Okay. Okay. That's, that's gosh. I haven't even made that one in a while either I tend not to bake them because I eat them. Don't want to study diet of them. But yeah. Yeah. Those are good till my God. I do. I do I do to put one one more note in about clay. That is, that's the, the real, the real wonder of this game is I went out there with people that I never would have ever known in my daily life clay. I'm telling you. He the man irritated me to no end from the minute, we landed until the minute, we left that he drove me out of my mind, and he, and I are the exact same age. It just he was just something about he. And I we rubbed each other the wrong way the minute that game was over and I got to know clay out of the game and got to know his family his wife is absolutely adorable. I've done a lot of charity events with clay. He is just the nicest man. And I just I just adore him. He's, he's a wonderful, wonderful. Guy. But in the in the situation of survivor, he, and I, he, and I just hope boy, we did not get along, so yeah. It's, it's an entirely different relationship. Now he's a great guy. Helen, how many people do you still keep up with from survivor? Thailand. She an penny. Aaron on occasion, Tanna John Bryan, Ted. Well so, so a lot of people was marred jed. Yeah, I usually was I was a lot more in touch with Jake, but he and I just for I don't know what we're not as much in touch anymore. But, but yeah, a lot of a lot of them. Well, that's great. And obviously Jan Jan and clay, I don't know if I'd mention them too. But yeah, everybody, everybody on my tribe, except Gandhi, although I, I am Facebook friends with Gandhi ah. So she and I you know, we know where each other is where we talk, but not on. Aniversary. Anniversary. Both of them he wants. I have a Twitter account, but I don't think I've ever used it. Okay. I did on the radio but, but my producer did it. So I I'll have to figure it out. You got to figure out act by because I know everybody's been won't be chocolate caramel, brownie recipe. Air and some of your other recipes 'cause I can tell you that, that was the big thing they said about you that you're amazing cook who did all the cooking out there and that you talked about recipes the whole time. So I'm sure we would love to see some of your favorite recipe. You know, that's phenomena of starvation, right? Yeah. The phenomena starvation that you either do the what's better chick Chick-fil-A or Big Mac. And you go through that whole thing or you talk recipes. I mean, there's, there's actually a book that was written by the women of Auschwitz that are very detailed recipes down to rather not it's a half. Teaspoon assault or a quarter teaspoon of salt. And they would do that. They would talk recipes amidst their starvation. So that's yeah. That's not just me. Helen, thank you for coming on and talking with us cheaper, is there any other questions that you had for Helen. No. I just wanna say Hello. And, you know, you played age forty seven made it four out of sixteen lasted thirty seven days. You are completely totally true. Classic old school with your strength, or strong willed. You're determined athletic and you still now at age sixty four or in absolutely fantastic say, I hope we get the opportunity to see you out there again. So that would be that would be a dream come true. If it happens so I would love to see both again too. Oh, hell. I real over there. Overall? What are the three best singers that survivor has ever seen? Well, I want to go out with our hold on TV host pun. Helen, rewatch Thailand, a couple years back and you. It's you still are phenomenal in the season that the reunion show. You're, you're great. You're one word answers. Brealey brought down the house at that reunion show. So Chris do you remember what was the question that Jeff asked? You got the really big laugh. I think he asked me if I had it to, to over again, but I both for clay, and I said, no. Yeah. I think you know, I've never watched my season. Oh, yeah. Would you knew that my grandkids are watching it? Now. How, how old is that make me feel? They're watching it. But I you know what? Maybe one maybe one winter day when we have a snowstorm in we're locked in. Maybe I'll maybe I'll binge-watching reminisce about that hundred twenty degree cave. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think that's unusual. I've never watched my season. Back either have O'Reilly watched. I, I have seen it. Yes. Oh, wow. That's that's interesting. That's interesting. Yeah. I, I don't I don't know if it's not that I don't want to just I I'm scarring, busy. It's like I made thirty six hours in every twenty four hours a day, but I gotta tell you guys I've really loved reminiscent with you and, and talking about I thought we were gonna talk more about about this past season. I didn't know we're gonna talk about me and you. You hear about. But hell, I'd say I was really impressed with your knowledge about the current season because not everybody keeps up with the show. So I thought that you really knocked it out of the park. And if you ever want to come back when the next season is on people would love to hear from you again. Oh, absolutely. I am. I am inefficient auto of survivor. I like I said, I've, I've been I've been different places in the world when the show was on. And you cannot believe the measures, I've gone through to get that show and watch it. I don't I don't store. I'm up in Rochester. I get back. I watched them then. Well, I had to borrow a TV in Puerto Rico, I had to I had to have the hotel get me a tape because I was traveling one time going to Hawaii over this is what I was still on Thursday night. I had them. I had them tape. It for me, this was before you could do you know. Whatever you can do now instant playback and all that. But I had them tape it for me. Get me a VCR or whatever I put in my room, so I could watch it at midnight. Oh, yeah. I've, I don't miss -vivor. I don't miss at. I don't miss an episode. Okay. All right. Is there anything that you want to tell people to check out that are listening to this? No. Well, just in case it just in case there was. All right. But Helen, thank you again so much for coming up with. Thank you. So nice to get to hear your voice again. Thank you for the opportunity. It's been. It's been great fun from two of our two of my favorite players. That's been. It's been fun. Helen, thank you. Thanks again, much Mellon, though. Thanks, thanks. Rob. Thanks so much. Okay. Take care. Bye-bye RIT bird, there, you have it. Helen glover. That was so much fun. Girl was fun in here. The insights that, that you think, you know, but you don't know. So that was. I didn't know you did so much research before this podcast. Is that how else you want me to do that? No. That was great. I didn't I didn't know you didn't tell me now. I know patchy us, I'm surprised. And then I thought I was one hundred anything off limit. We've got a lot of lot of stories from survivor Thailand season is a kind of forgotten, and so great to hear from Helen. Well, you know to that Helen lips I in that she would love to play again. I know I'll pretty much say that I don't know that there are many of us don't wanna play again. But to hear when she says that she's still so passionate about it, and obviously, staying in a maybe shake, and I think if she went out there again, you know, seventeen years later, I think she could do equally as well, if not better and what she finish she would finish like three's worth fourth place, import four from the four place. Oh, that's, that's pretty strong for seventeen years later. All right bird, so you're going to go back to the list, right? Yes. Are we still are you still recording this because this is funny? I was gonna say what we really we stopped recording in the middle. No, I didn't know if you're not happy. So I've got a couple of things, so before our, our podcast today, I guess I'm just available developing this thing now that we're doing it. I have to do my little workout. I have to get my run out because some of my energy out. I'm not talking over you or talking about guests and then I had everything prepared here, right here for my podcast. I have my podcast bell my podcast. Eight ball in my podcast. Puck warn right here. Am popcorn t-bird off? I figured you'd give me second chance for the popcorn. But tutoring water is right here, Glenn sat around to bring you a drink. That's right. He's not here right now cry. And then also I'll over a dimension that I forgot your RA patron. Since you and I talked last I forgot to mention one of your patrons that I met afraid that you, it's Jeff out is I wanted to mention him. I met him and Lauren rent or your patrons at an event with day, the and Wendell insurance. So I wanted to mention him because I know he's a huge huge pop a huge fan of yours. Also also, I've been talking to out forbidden. Oh, oh, yes. Yes. Coolish. Hey has the coolest hit? So he's getting ready to take a fly is drew, a layover in Los Angeles. I'm going to have dinner with him tonight. I know. So I told him I told him about how am I told you said Alex, you give him a huge big hug, and kiss from Tibor that, for me, he said, well, I'm my through the hub, I don't know about this. But anyway, so hey was talking to me about stuff that he needed to take on his trip. So I wanted to ask you, I going. Australia, and he was reaching out to you to pick your brain as a as a veteran of many flights. Yeah. Right. So this is what I told him that he needed a docu. Okay. I basically just dot kit. So you know you got who say brush, you're just right there with you. Don't chest that. So you've got a little bad and stuff like that. So I wanted to ask you ask the list for this is something I just learned yesterday. I do not I do not do anything right now rock. How do you feel how do you feel dot kit? I don't even know what you're saying dot dot kid like. DOT. K. IT. You have never heard of a man, doc hit docket like DO, CK ET, like a like a. Data steadily thing. It's like like you would say, toiletry bag, but a man dot kit, is what I thought everybody knew that. But anyway, my husband corrected me. It's a it's a Dopp DIO p p kit. But you don't even know what never even heard of that before. You know with the last podcast we did wake get something that you had never heard of either. And I'm like. How can you not Hebrew every podcast? We do something that I never heard of before. You know what? What's the warm day at worm dead? Right. Dopp kit and wormed bed, two things. I'm unfamiliar with. Anyway. The wound bed. Okay. We know about that. So now the dot kit, I'm serious for your listeners before they Google it. If they know how to fill dot because I thought it was see, but it's not DO PC, but that's never that she would like to know what I'm talking about. So what should be segment? Yes. You gave me a list, a short list of people, you want me to get in touch with. I just noticed the other day. Did you realize that this west? I'm alexa. How many of these are women and how many these are men that you got me? Half and half and half. No. You gave me nine women and only three men. Don't tell my wife. I know that I'm like, wait a minute base are all women, except for the three men. Okay. But you know you can always add onto the list because, you know, some of these people might be you know unavailable for a while. Right. So this people that are on your list that you can't get a hold of better that are unresponsive right now. It's weird like that. It's weird hook. I all right. Well, even message if you call. All right. T bird. Thank you so much. We have to come up with a name for what this segment is where you teach me something new at the end of talking with T bird. Okay. Why don't they that is a great idea? What should if they I don't know. Well, maybe, we'll have to come up with maybe the listeners can tell us on Twitter. Yeah. That's a good idea. Okay. All right bird, thank you. Again, of course you can follow the great T bird Cooper, on social media. What does it it's just at t-bird Cooper? Caper keeper. Taber cooper. Okay. And then same thing on Instagram. All right. There you go. Of course, thanks so much to the patrons of rob as a podcast who make all this podcasting possible. To find out more about everything that we're doing Roberts podcasts in behind the scenes. You can head on over to rob has a website, I com slash patron. To find out more about how to become involved with our Robbins podcast, patriot community, rod, has a website dot com slash patron t-bird. Thank you so much. We'll talk again soon. Take care ready by.

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