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This is nightline put to the test. Frankly testing going. Where are we really stand on diagnosed? Covert Nineteen. It is a family. Let's admit it. Who has the test who needs attest? When can you get the test? People should not say if you WANNA test you right. Now that's coming. That's not here at this point and boots on the ground and America's first containment zone. There's a lot of uncertainty right now in this area. They WanNa make sure families. Don't go hungry. Coach or cancel Broadway. Amusement parks go dark wide world of sports grinding to a halt and the mic drop moment. Triggering concern that apology from the NBA's patient zero good evening. Thank you for joining us over. Nineteen triggering a new closure cultures schools. Shutting down sports season suspended crowd control aimed at controlling the corona virus and still a big question tonight state of testing the US when we haven't even reached the peak of infection. Here's ABC's Linsey Davis Okay. I'm asking for a name. Who is in charge of making sure that people who need to get tested? Who are indicated to be. Tested can get a test the scramble for answers outreach to the government response to the deadly. Corona virus pandemic. The system does not is not really geared to what we need right now. What you are asking for that is failing. And it's failing there. Let's admitted worldwide cases of cove in nineteen shooting past one hundred twenty five thousand in. Us More than sixteen hundred cases at least forty deaths efforts to contain the outbreak. Here sparking confusion and cancellations Fabulous Tournament Nation now in the midst of a new kind of March madness. Nc Double A. Shocking Basketball Fans no tournaments. No Championships this year the NBA suspending the rest of the season professional baseball talking soccer all postponed until further. Notice York's famous Broadway silenced. Forget Long Lines at movie theaters some of the hottest new film releases whereas delaying the cascade of closures includes Disneyland and Disneyworld which entertained tens of millions each year in Washington's halls of power. The same sign closed closed closed chaos propelled. Wall Street into its worst day in more than thirty years with those closures. We know there's going to be a dramatic impact. We're not sure yet exactly what that number is going to look like. But it's clear it's going to be significant and it's very clear that it will mean at least for this point in time in the economy. Governor is taking drastic steps to stop the spread of the virus to reduce the number of people and contagious environment. A gathering with five hundred people or more and closing school districts will help slow the transmission of this dangerous virus. We do have in this executive order. The ability to commandeer existing Private sector assets including hotels and motels at the White House. President trump defending his decision to ban foreign travelers from huge sections of Europe. After right to do a lot of things that people don't even know about the new rules limit travel from twenty six countries with the exception of the UK. A world problem and you do need separation. In some cases you have some areas that are very heavily infected and you have some areas that are likely but We do need separation a little time in some cases but they were questions on exactly what the president had proposed. President is is not providing clarity. He seems confused about his own policy. He misstated his own travel ban. The critic say that travel ban now is like locking your door after the killers inside the house but there are some who say it works. But he doesn't even seem to manage to articulate it in speech to the nation. Clearly the other thing the president is doing right now from the beginning. President trump has attacked this problem with a lot of happy. Talk stay calm and it will go away. He said the president also facing questions about whether he should be tested for covert nineteen. Last week he was socializing with a delegation from Brazil at mar-a-lago one of the Brazilian seen here in that hat. Standing to his left has now tested positive. For the virus across the country hospitals are gearing up for influxes patients surged hints popping up around Boston San Jose in Salt Lake City. I believe once testing becomes more widespread and available. We might see a surge in patient's doctor. Allen Kaplan is head of Emergency Services Plain View Hospital in Long Island New York where they're already seeing covert nineteen patients. He gave us a behind the scenes. Look it has hospitals overflow zone equipped with all the necessary medical tools we have equipment to monitor patients vital signs and we have ventilators if needed patients to be a distress nurses like Steven Jones or on the front lines. We go towards the disease while others run for the hills from it there would say at least. Ten patients came in today with at least Had mentioned the word Corona Virus based on their symptoms plain view hospital is part of North. Well health which is now allowed to run its own tests. Jones demonstrated exactly how that's done with the help of a hospital. Employee entails Two different SLOBS can hold. This test is similar to a regular flu test. Swabs the patient's nostrils and throat. He then sends them off to a lab results. Come back in twenty four to forty eight hours. That will get faster in the next couple of weeks. If they're not sick sick enough to be admitted to the hospital we will send them home and give them instructions on how to self quarantine and take care of themselves. The only people that should be coming to emergency room so those who are in respiratory distress having trouble breathing you can say eighty to ninety percent of people having this disease will be well. Manisha staying home and it will resolve on its own. We treat these patients as if they are family members and that it's game time that we just you know we get focused than we all ready to go Today in the New York suburb of new Rochelle. The National Guard flooded into the nation's first containment zone site of the largest customer cases. Some people who live here called the epicenter of the epicenter just behind me is with. The National Guard has been activated. They're handing out meals today. You're at home. And you're wondering why are they handing out meals welts because some schools have been cancelled here and kids who go to school rely on meals including breakfast and lunch is also a lot of families out here are trying to figure out how to go to work and also deal with children? Who No longer have school. There is a lot of right now in health officials and the government here state government of New York. WanNa make sure people? Don't go hungry just helping everybody yell and make sure you get what they need and you know keep moving. Keep everybody happy satisfied. People here are told not to gather in large groups. That pattern is being replicated nationwide meeting. It's game over for many sports has an NBA game abruptly cancelled last night after to Utah. Jazz players Donovan. Mitchell and rudy go bare tested positive for the virus earlier this week. Oh Bear Poke Fun at all the talk about Corona virus and ended a news conference by pointedly touching. Tape recorders microphones today. He's apologizing on instagram. Saying at the time I had no idea I even infected. I was careless and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously based on doors and watching a game in Dallas were shocked when the NBA suspended the season. Mark Cuban. The owner watching from the stands just unbelievable. It's just not not something you ever could have -ticipant. There's any new information that you can share with us about what the League plans to do next and the NBA season resuming at some point. I hope it resumes. Nothing really I can share. I mean other than the League is going to do. What's best for the safety of our employees and for the fans and customers where we're going to do the right thing. Cuban says he told the team to self quarantine just to be safe but worries about the impact on all the people who work at NBA. Arenas now that the Games are suspended. They're not gonNA have that income and so that just wasn't right to me so we'll compensate them for will compensate them in advance even if the Games might be played in the future. We'll still compensate them now so they can pay their bills and we'll do that for arena employees for the mavs Games and for hourly employees that work for the Mavericks. That might not get those hours. The economic impact is already visible in Washington state where Kobe nineteen. I hit in America when you come to Seattle you. Obviously you come to the pike place market and on a weekend or during a busy time your shoulder to shoulder with people so much room here. One of the things that we heard from a number of the shop owners is that things are quieter that they've never seen it like this. Before taking extreme measures now cancellations enclosures will buy more time for a more effective response. Though a colleague of mine was just saying you know we should all just be prepared. That we're going to get it. Do you think that that's the appropriate attitude? No I don't think it's the appropriate attitude the appropriate attitude to try and do something about it to just throw up your hands and say we're not going to do anything about it is not appropriate and not good public health for nightline. I'm Lindsay Davis in New York. The covert nineteen situation in Europe is if you more advanced than here in the US death toll in Italy now over a thousand another continent undersea. Here's ABC's Maggie. Rulli your next move the grief and helplessness from corona virus captured in this video of Italian actor Luca Francey for NC says. His sister behind him is dead falling victim to the illness. Saturday Hyun immunme abundant. He says the authorities abandoned him claiming they refused to collect the body only coming after his video went viral. She's one of the more than a thousand. Italians who won't wake up from Italy's nightmare. Italy has become the epicenter of the covert Nineteen Pandemic in Europe. The number of cases. They're reportedly jumping by more than twenty four hundred in just the last twenty four hours and as conditions worsened glimpses of the heroic efforts to counter the pandemic makeshift tents in place to treat the sick hospitals completely crushed by the wave of cases. One hospital reportedly receiving a new patient every five minutes held experts in Italy are urging the US to act now would be Nami. It will be Eating old account three unless you take immediate actions otherwise it'd be too little too late. The Italian government imposing a historic lockdown on its sixteen million residents ordering all shops restaurants to close allowing only essential businesses like pharmacies banks in grocery stores to stay open in an attempt to slow Louis. Bread the exact opposite of the deserted streets in Italy thousands of Americans in airport lines trying to get out before the partial travel ban starts tomorrow. It's his honesty. Pandemonium knows happening. We aren't allowed to leave the gates. They aren't letting us get our baggage. 'cause do not want to be stuck in Barcelona thirty days. The virus not discriminating. Even the world's most famous soccer star Cristiano Renaldo is at home in isolation after a teammate tested positive for Cova nineteen French President Emmanuel macron announcing the closure of all schools and universities calling it the most serious health crisis. France has faced in century schools. Were also shut down in Norway and Ireland and large events cancelled in Scotland. A Mini Mall. Families are going to lose loved ones before their time. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Saying more extreme measures will be put in place in the next couple of weeks. Spain with the second highest number of confirmed Gerona virus cases in Europe also taking similar measures placing several towns under quarantine. And so we trudeau the wife of Canada's prime minister now testing positive after a trip to the UK the Trudeau's now booth in isolation. It's not just the Trudeau's waiting at Home Christina Higgins an American mother living in Italy and under lockdown. There has a dire warning for those in the West People. It's to not dismiss this and to take it seriously and to not underestimate it and to be very to make it very clear to them that this is coming in. This is already in the United States. You're only weeks behind us. And you need to know that people need to take action now for nightline. I'm Maggie Rulli. Our thanks to Maggie. I'm now joined by chief. Medical correspondent Dr Jen Ashton here to answer your corona virus questions sent in on twitter. But I Out of Maggie's report their these shortages overseas. Do you expect to see that here? Well that's the Concern Byron because the US surge capacity for a public health crisis believe it or not is unknown so you're hearing a lot of stats about there. Being Sixty two thousand ventilators ninety five thousand hospital beds. That's the tip of the iceberg in terms of capacity because we have to think in terms of the three S.'s. You need supplies. You need space and you need staff and when you're talking about ICU. Care of ventilators. Don't run themselves so they need respiratory therapists. They need critical care nurses so a lot of times. It's the staff that's the rate limiting step. So we're going to be watching that. That's definitely a concern. I Vera question I want to know. The percentage of the patients they get intimidated. Who fully recover and walk out of the hospital. This is the most important question Byron and I'll tell you why there's no answer for a right now. The CDC has yet to release any clinical data on the US patients. So we don't know what their average age is. We don't know what their pre existing medical conditions are or were we don't know how many went to the ICU. How many developed super infection with pneumonia? We don't have any of that data yet so we need that information. The data we do have came out of the early days of the corona virus outbreak came out of China less than a thousand patients and looked like about three to five percent of patients required. Icu CARE in some cases up to fifteen percent so again. The numbers are all over the place. The data is only as good as the collection methods. So right now. We need the data badly questions from twitter. I have my groceries delivered and was wondering how long the corona virus live on food on the plastic bags used for produce in the paper bag used to groceries. So they're looking at that right now. A lot of the data that we know about full Mites. That's the viral particles when they live on. Inanimate surfaces come from other human corona viruses and the range is massive Byron. It goes from hours all the way up to nine days depending on humidity temperature and what surface it is. How porous that surfaces new data just out in the last day or so suggests it's a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the surface so bottom line because we're still figuring that out in the lab setting wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands like a fun of your question. Exactly how close to you have to be to someone with the virus to get yourself the CDC was saying six feet okay because if someone coughs or sneezes respiratory droplets they can generally travel six feet. This is a large virus so heavy particles tends to drop to the ground quickly but again new study just out does suggest that some of those particles can linger in the air for a little bit so you you WanNa Watch that and you want to keep your distance. That's why we say of void close prolonged contact. Dr Jim Thank you for. Stay with us for continuing coverage of the corona virus in. Tweet US your questions with the Hashtag ask nightline and finally tonight in these challenging times we are reminded of the words of Dr King during another Challenging Time. In our nation's history we must accept finite disappoint but never lose infinite. Hope that's nightline for this evening. Thanks for the company America. Good night so you just woke up. Your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and text from your mom saying how do I click this okay? Maybe that's just me but if you WANNA get up to speed check out the new podcast from ABC News. Start here literally. The ground was shaking. I'm Brad Milkey and every morning. We're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast fresh in Silo Robert Muller Michael Cohen. Calling all in twenty minutes start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. This country's fielded anxiety and questions really effective in protecting you. 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