Hotboxin with Mike Tyson & Snoop Dogg


Wearside the Mike Tyson podcast, which you smoke deal. Double G taken over this motherfucker lane. Maintaining banging this Wang, you understand what I'm saying drinking water 'cause we stand real purified. Magic one he's not here Bishop magic. The church when a show all do is make alco you have to get him on the set. Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of hot Boxin with Mike Tyson. I'm Ed Britain with my man, Mike Tyson. Mike, we've got an unbelieving we've got the fuck and man in here here. In here. We've got a Demi God in here man, snoop Dogg. Thanks, brother. The godfather. Thank you off. Ask me, man. You know, when jam called the dog will answer believe that I'm very grateful for that other trae because man, you know, our relationship is Mike, I love you like, I love you. Let 'em talking about yesterday. No explanation to it. We'll sit man you guys have known each other long time. Yeah. Tell me a little bit about that. When you guys me will yield with this. Or if listen I came home from prison in ninety five hundred ninety five met, right? The chips came home, and you know, his homecoming was was our homecoming. We was happy to see him and put our arms around him. And you know, put the whole thing around him. And then we started hanging out and started seeing each other star being a part of each other's lives and Bill to brotherhood. You know what I'm saying? And that's what it's all about to support each other. Like when Mike was the champ he was on champ, and when Mike Starbucks, and he's still remain a champ because he was the people's champ. And that's how we held him up. That's so awesome. Man. I mean, it's so true about Mike. I love this guy. Thank you. I love youth. Well, thank you, man. And he was never too big. Like, that's what we love to buy them that he was never to biggie. Always seen us. I'd I you know, when you have to pinnacle, yo career, sometimes you you tend to look down on people, but he never lived down. Unless he always look at us. I it was a mutual respect. And that's the respect that we always have form. And that's why we love his business endeavors that he's doing. Now, we support him. And we we happen to see him doing different things, and, you know, expanding his brand and taking that Tyson thing to another level because he was the greatest of all time next imam. Ali pleasingly name. Thank you Mike about a year ago. And I couldn't believe the humility in how humble and. Your heart is now seriously, dude, I'm not shit, dude. I I nobody I played six years in the NFL, man. I'm just another dude from from fucking valley, and I had Mike and the dude greets me with a hug I've been beaten into submission. It's amazing. That is great. You pass me that lighter real quick. Oh, thanks up. Now, let's see. This is a special episode for us come on now. And it's actually going to be conditioning here it a little toasty there. Well, you said you was hot boxing. That's the rule. 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He was a businessman. He was a he was a leader. A teacher father entrepreneur all of the above. And then the fact that he was a ex gang member, you know. Yeah, he comes from gang environment. But he rose and then he built in this community. He bought property in his neighborhood. He actually owned a piece of his neighborhood. So he did things that a lot of ghetto superstars dream of being from the neighborhood being loved by the neighborhood building in the neighborhood and employing the neighborhood. So he did all of the above. And he was young man that just really had vision out of this world. So his. Legacy definitely will live on you know, as tragic that his death came as such an untimely, you know, time in this world, but we understand that when God calls on. It's his time. Yeah. You know, I know all I can say I this young man from what you love look with so many people, I don't even never met him before his name your. Never met him. But the love the he's receive while the end of his deficit frightening, and it was just it's like a God. Right. Yeah. Almost say I like the guy might because we we must know that we do walk amongst guys. And we welcome monks angels. And we need to know that. And we just found that that he was a descendant of Ali, I Lhasa I was telling somebody else telling my friends he looked like him that he's a he's a first descending of him. Well, he looks like those guys each year arrangement. He is ready. That's what his nationality is tell us about him. He'll be at this hallway falcons bloodline. Oh, well, king found king of all kings, the triple crown walk with lions. Yeah. Believe that gay Queen Elizabeth align sent one back in the days. The only one with the triple crown. I'll ES Elisa Jaffe, rushed the far I. So nifty FMO color. Oh, yeah. He has two week all the marathon. Right. So that's awesome. I used to call him all the time because he used to bring me over sacks. And I remember the last message I sent him. He didn't have for me. So I was like don't have me pull up on you. 'cause I need some more of that marathon. I didn't ran out of my legs. Now need some more marathon to give me to the next level. Because as we were so good, and it was called the marathon. That was his whole push was the marathon everything and he was supported was the marathon. So it was like the marathon continues. And when you smoke and with him. It's like you smoke it in a marathon because it goes on and on and on earth on life. Really fight pace yourself. Not a quick fight yet pace yourself, shutout nipsy hustle. Rest in peace demand. Thon continues. I mean shit dude snoop. I'm here, man. I mean, I'm here for ya. And I I like to talk about the Tyson ranch that I just seen Mike you put that on development for a little bit of time and to see. Then in two thousand and twenty I believe. Wow. And it's going to be to me, you'll be high tech stated on you know, what I mean in my my opinion eighth won the the weed world. I believe that it may be the second one of the world because we don't have seven wonders that we want. Only got one wonder that we were you. Thank. It's good. But to me, yo, yo yo your ranch reminds me of like Disneyland or Disney World is something that you know, is another level of entertainment, but it's catered towards the cannabis community in at the same time, it's catered towards people like, you know, who wanna just have a resort to get away to have a bright town relaxed itself to get away and just enjoy life. Like you build an perfect paradise you build in heaven on earth. I was explaining to some people. We had our first festival so many different disenfranchise brothers unable to see each other for year. The meaning of the years that, you know, people may think are stone's family things outside and had a chance all into into twine with one another and that was just a beautiful view to watch. When I was at the the kind that. Thank the current festival represents people like so. Yeah, he definitely go have all kinds of people there. No matter what they background is. Or what they make up is like. Hey, you represent love. And I like what the what the motto say, what did you say health? What's the three words? This had up their faith be kind be well excess right there be safe be kind and beat well that that just sets the right spirit to know. What you coming into to know what you wanna be a part of I'm down with him. I can't wait for you asked me to perform at Trask in right now. Woodstock on steroids. Hell you I'm doing man snoop October man, put it on the calendar and my birthday month me too. Oh. I love to I knew. Let's just get. How do those years filming that do due to that ever? You know, what Mike to survive that era? I look back at it. Because I know how deadly it was and how life threatening it was. And I just thank God that I'll have the position to believe in him to let him, you know, guide me and put me on the path that I needed to be owned because I could have been reckless not could've been young and foolish at one point in time. I was but I chose to believe in the fact that I'm gonna let God lead me, and I'm gonna follow his direction as opposed to me trying to lead 'cause I'm bad at leading. So once I started letting him take children me and leave me certain things start to happen. And and and things would, you know, show me better vision Ohio needed to move and how react reacted things, and I'm still here because that's the that's the plan. I've been going with and I think that's a tribute to who. I am by keeping God and everything I do. Yeah, I'm leave as well. That's amazing. L I tribute, my grandmother, and my mother, and you know, the people in my life who, you know, put this only at an early age to give me understanding, and and have me aware and to know that there's a difference between good and bad, right and wrong. And as a purpose of of of why we do what we do. And what's not understood that purpose? I tried to practice that by being a better person. And just trying to be a better me and being a reflection of what I'm supposed to be. And it just becomes a part of me now to where it's just every day. I wake up to it. It's not a routine is not an act. It's just me being me, and I've learned to love more than hey. And that's the overall thing of it all just to try to learn the love more because it's easy to hate. But it's hard to love. Yeah. Oh, I never really my life. And I really believed in God. My life. I had to learn the believe in God late in life by. Go with the game playing the game gets done at one. It's just. No, it's just the well I came from everything with the game with the boat. The means of getting something with nothing was real. In. Oh, and. Ooh. Doing told, you know, took mix another expectation of God in oh, my whole experience about God. It's always been with foreign told you it God would and the book told you Godwin Zoe somebody third party. Yeah. Though. A third party Zoe familiar debate and familiar, maybe a Muslim or he wants to debate the bible or somebody wants to debate the Koran Khurana, whatever it is always conflict and religion religions conflict. Right more than right. Hateful nece and fight for their. No. And it's only love among themselves, and you only get love from religion. Unless you follow our religion you receive love, right? Okay. Right. And it's just off until this day. That's what it's been right speak on Kate up until this day. That's what it's been going. And so. I did this toll does that they yesterday matter of fact. And you know, explain what the told us to some people that don't understand it until it is. Yeah. Because it's like you told somebody. I'm like, I hope you ain't told them. Nobody might intentionally. Hold a toe, which what is it? True. Shelby total. Explain it team. The toad. It's a it's a mystical creature from the Sonoran desert at hibernates for ten months of the year. And it comes out during the reigning during the monsoons, and they get this towed. And they. Milk it for lack of a better term of its venom. And venom contains this molecule called five EMMY O D, M T. And so when you take five D M T U Apor is a it basically takes you through your life and shows you your traumas and releases you from it, and you have to surrender and it releases you from your pain. So that's that's a little bit about what the Toda's. That's just crazy. I never smokin issue right on another note. Especially if they like dog, you know, you're going to die in a buffalo hours Cup. I cut call mica. Get told I wanna experience it hit that more vocal photons and our like cut that toll was amazing. Yeah. We Assad Mike Tyson podcast. What you snowed deal double G taken over this motherfucker leaning maintain in banging swinging. You understand what I'm saying on water because we stand reappear fighting magic. Bisher magic wand. He's not here. I feel like I'm in here with Bishop magic wand. Do you have to get him on the set church? We'll get him out. That's my experience shifting coda. What's that word again? Senator in centigrade. It. Integration. I like that. Wow. Dude, psychological with Senna Gration. Okay. Hey, fish up. Donavan there. It was only discipline hurt them. I love that. Well, you had search at green screen behind. You look beautiful baby. How you doing man? How you doing? Apart Cav when you're gonna come fear. I'm not doing anything on. It was new wanna podcast, but every talking shit. Where we else Elsa gun Dover. Elsa gun. Dope. Brother. We gotta get you on the podcast. You got you'll win with you. Play. That's live jet. What you what what Mike Tyson amount part cat? Do. Ain't it man. Oh, you in their thing. Oh you. Hey, put that light Becca bekker's you call. I remember that I should call Chicago with that was. He lives in Chicago with that car back in the day. Okay. So it to us. Get on out. Let us look beautiful, dude. Look that God it's on the front end of to say church on the license plate. Man going to pick up one rating. Put on the back seat show. She don't deserve to ride in the front. Put on the back. No, I love to see, you know, have no character off the million bucks. But they don't have no character based. Enough to do that. We're gonna come by sea at the honeycomb. What time you going to be there? We'll look looking good. You got their far cannabis. I do. In. Real way. Church. Let's. Dropping noticed went. Mutual friend, right here, man. We got mutual love this. Anybody? Eighty eighty six crazy. But you can call up anybody my house got pitches, Donald Trump and everything. Insane. That's shit shit. Please believe it when I tell you this. Oh, what we're doing the east sports? That's it. Yeah. That virtuous man plan. That's the shit, dude. Mike Senate all brother, he gotta be. Yeah. Because he's Tyson in his brand exceeds the boxing wing and needs to be everywhere needs to be in every faster than everything moving because he was culture. He was coacher shocking. When Mike was demand. He set the trend will how to look how to will jury. Oh, man. And snoop. And now he's doing it again. That's what I'm saying. So it only makes sense for him to to to prosper, business wise. I believe in the beginning when he was doing it. It wasn't a business movie. Just he was just naturally doing it. Because that was the move in probably a lot of people prospered off him other than him. Now. It's about him prosper and offer him and make sure his family in his legacy can continue on. So his kids and grandkids can continue to have it like, you know, regular people. Do it that alleges they make sure that that legacy continues to roll on and on and on no doubt. Yes. So awesome. Man. Well, you've got you've got a lot going on in cannabis. I try to I try to do my part. You have awesome comrade a lot further. I mean, you're in it. Yeah. We do a little, you know, we we like to let our actions speak. You know, saying loud in our words, but we we kinda invested into the cannabis industry. Some things I can't speak on some things. I can't speak on. But you know, what that being said, you know, I. I plan on doing my part, you know, because I felt like I've contributed a lot to the cannabis industry before was able to become legal. So I feel like I'm going to get my issue when it finally becomes legal in a business manner. You know, not in a, you know, ignorant manner, but a businessman it because I feel like business wise, I was doing this. When it wasn't cool. Cool to do it. You might as well. Let me go ahead and beat the man the myth the legend because I'm the one. That's most connected. Absolutely, Mike is anybody. I gotta ask you a question is anybody that you want to smoke with that you never smoke because my dream was smoke with Willie Nelson. I did. Fuck I what I smoke a Willie Nelson. He made me quit. Fucking made me quit. He was look. Wow. We're sitting at a table like just playing dominoes me and him. He was one in on. We had a joint blunt vape Abon anti raw, and it was just me and him. So we planned dominos while passing it back and forth. And they've got to a certain point was like he was kicking my ass and Domino's and I was getting to fucking high. I was like man Willie. We need to get some eat, man. Smoking. Credit? Guess what? We was in Amsterdam and it was four twenty. Oh. Dream come off McMahon, and we wanna. Cheap ass hotel. You wouldn't believe in a hotel that was so small, but we didn't give a fuck. It was about us. It wasn't about having a five star hotel using the motel six shit. Will it was like real low budget? We ended up going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was just it was the greatest experience of my life. Well, man, Mike experience check this out with snoop. I'm waiting outside of Phoenix clubs. He's getting into flip. He's an hour and a half laid even the buff. He the I would have landed on the, but he comes to the show. He gets off the bus. He sees me in. Granted you go back to our. We came it with jampacked. We couldn't even get in. Oh man was madness. Oh, that's the young snoop. Man. I ain't gonna fuck. Just really didn't care and I'm sorry for making my fans. Wait, but y'all know how different now all the time. I had the leave. If I can't deal, you couldn't breathe. And I was happy to see you got said, man. Oh, man. That's one thing about me. I'm big kid, man. When I when I see people that I love even to this day. I'm I'm infatuated with certain people, and I love their craft or whatever they're great at. I love to give them a hug and tell them how great the on. I wanna become a friend. And that's just that's just me. I don't know why. But that's just who I am. And that's why hey, do you feel that you keeps you in tune with them with going on? I think it does. Because it keeps me knowing what's relevant, and then still being able to mix and match and be able to be in the presence of those. That are great in the recognize that they're great and to give them credit for being great. It's awesome. Nipsy though. And he was a great brother. Great, brother. Great by the ad spirit. A lot of people say that his fear was so similar Mayes. You know, we looked alike we are swag with similar. But he just to me. He was like snoop Dogg with no flaws like to me without the mess. You know what I'm saying? Because I had a lot of mess in the beginning of my career. I believe he was like going to do things that no one could even imagine look at the love at he's getting over porn amount of love it. He's getting showing that he was inspired. And he was he was something different than a regular, man. Yeah. He was awesome. I remember hearing like a mix tape when I was still in the league years ago like ten years ago, right? I was shit he'd been hustling. Yeah. He used to sell tapes, you know, hand the hand like go to you door to door to your car on the corner show up at a concert. He was even at a couple of my concerts back in the days. And I just found this out that he was selling tapes outside of my concert when I didn't even know him some like damn that makes me respecting that much more that he wasn't even trying to get into concert. I don't wanna get in there. I'm just trying to push these CD's come out which had a hut the SaaS hustlers mentality to want to go get it as opposed to being next to it. I wanna go get it. That's like the door to door salesman mentality. You know, that's been lost. Because there's so many overnight superstars and social media, and you can make your own video become a star based off of any kind of ridiculous song or statement. Or whatever you do this man hustled, original way, the hardcore way the the from the ground up. You know, what I'm saying the roots way of you know, doing in the community for the ca. Unity, and then he built things in the community and he bought in the community, then he employed the community. That's a ghetto superstar, right? Yeah. What made you think the reading that? He blew and expanded to all of. Over knowledge -ment such a short time his spirit. It is love. You only get love when you give love, you know, the spirit that he was people are starting to like even people that didn't know him. They researching and studying menace. This man was eleven beautiful spirit, man. And then they the way his death because his death was on tape. So people saying it, it doesn't match his spirit like that doesn't go with his spirit. You don't see someone who's that Charismatics prolific so beautiful. So about the community get taken out like that in the community. So it's it it takes you back to Markham mex- it takes you back to the king. Huey p Newton takes you back to the leaders of the black community that were assassinated, but their spirit of love Trump this assignation, and they spirit in their legacy lived on forever. On this. Transit told right now. Tokyu coming back. That's why I don't wanna fuck with it. 'cause see I ain't telling the truth for just leave like this year right here. Just gonna leave in a minute when I stopped and get some neat. It's going to be like, all right. And then you own shoe that toes just hangs around and be like get back in told more. But I don't wanna get in told mold takes. Takes. A minute. I'm trying to be right now. I don't give a fuck getting Tomo. Puts your kind all ready. Untold moats why would. So it'd be told him to be some completely different. If I do that thing, man. I know one of my I'm need. I know what I'm gonna need it. I'm holly. When I'm a native exactly calls to you man for real. I wanna get that. Closeness screen real. No. People come next day. Okay. The community or you're right. Just doing some towed. Yeah. I know they think I have fans that my house and stuff. In that game is to be so not to be telling Lutely. Because you know, the real the real reality of it is. Then those those old guard those letting go through alive, you know. It's just people don't pray to them. Right. Right. Say that you're right. You're right. You're so right going knowledge to them. They don't know they exist. They're still alive. Right. Right. That's heavy that you said that because our our because I always wanted to know God's are there limit or do they continue to reproduce, listen. Right. This is the deal. Existences been about thirty true. Even they come from arrogant, people the most the biggest service the biggest service there. They can't wants the most aggregate. And they had to be made believers beaten into mission. And they're not even worthy of being. Oh shit. Yeah. There's many gods. I think both the dark and the light might you know, both sides. Yeah. 'cause everything in the universe has a union a yank right? It has to be a good too though. Yeah. For sure there's not necessarily bad. It's just dark. How you used them? Yeah. True. That is true. It's the truth man snoop. Are you doing any more acting just dropped a movie with Matthew mcconaughey called beach routes right for you guys? Yes, sir. Yes. Each theaters right now. Make sure yellow check it out donor flake love, you know, saying it's in this world is you put chicken, Sean them really out of business, dude. Not in my dogs. You know, they had never be out of business. They actually capitalize right now. Actually, Tommy Chong was pushing bones for a long time. That's what they took him to jail for. He wasn't selling weed. He was telling bombs, and they took me jail for, but you know, cheese shown shutout to them because they was like the first pioneers of this shit is smoking shit this duo combination to men laugh at. Oh, man. Nineteen. Got cutting solemn the ball started it. Was funny as fuck. It was funny as fuck drought. Then she'd start doing kids shit after why as as easy that. Yeah. He'd be doing like rated G. She do. Like, the dad or something. I mean, everybody can change. Sure, absolutely, man. I think we all have the capacity to change. Well, you saying that some people will never Jane. Yes, that's true. That's based off of who you are. But right feel they have to be felt that they need to change feel need. Like snoop. I don't know how you feel but me as a Lieber I feel my whole life is about balance. Always always said it I say that even when it comes to like misunderstand is in the industry. They always call me to be the one to settle the difference that gun guy to take call them like two rappers beefing at the end of the day, snoop won't get a call from both office. So all sending output the leverage on you was wrong when you was wrong. Let's get right. You know, what I'm not going to say that you know, what I'm saying. So that way it always gets resolved. And it's like that's just been my role for like the past fifteen years like they call me uncle snoop. Can you believe how did I know? I didn't know that. That's why they called you. That doesn't make sense. Does it? That you can go to help you with shit to to help you navigate in the Bedia. And when things ain't right? It's yong-chol snow through. I've been the same guy in my life for Rio. Right. Yes. Absolutely, man. I'm the mission. Yeah. Absolutely confirmation to this. Lieber thing lives are signs wise are signed based on the scale. Right. I know that's just that's our life. We're like our lives are that embodiment of that. Don't even bother you to balance it out now. No like you've got so used to it. Now. It's just show thing. Yeah. They they want me to be mad as people are like somebody doing me wrong. I still give them another opportunity or give them another shot. They play man, I would've now. I don't know how you do a dog. It'd be always. Ballots. Right. I'm pretty sure they tell you that all the. Make enemies your friends. Hey, man, you kill him with love to. Thank you kindness. Killing with kindness, man. I I've seen you know. 'cause I man there's a time in my football playing days where I was a fucking psychopath, so much anger, and rage and me man, and I've been the guy to escalate things, but my Nate my nature is in just coming back with love, you know, if someone has a an issue with me or something I did or with my wife. She says something to me, I go. Okay. You know, how can I make this better? True. You know, not how can I escalated, what can I take responsibility for and just surrender to right now where I was wrong, you know, and it's like shit man that and you end it with a smile, and a hug, and I love you. And then, you know, things are good other than that, man. It's like fuck. Dude. Life is too short to be pissed off. True to hurts. I got a question for you. Now you play football. And a lot of my friends because I have a football league friends. My son people play football. A lot of them have sustained certain injuries top concussions C T thing. Do you feel that this is helping you contend with your C T E better than most players who played in the league snoop? Love you do. I love you for asking that, you know, because that's how I got here while I came out of the league, and I started writing and speaking about how cannabis I believe cannabis not only as an alternative to the opiates in the pills and all that shit, but cannabis kept my mind together through all the brain injuries. You know, and then I find out our federal government has a patent on Canaveral as neuro protectant antioxidants allow patent six. Million six hundred thirty five seventy and I believe that because I smoked throughout my career snoop. I would come home every day driving home blasting your music, and I was smoking a joint good about it, dude. It was. Healing got back in tech. Right. It was the only thing that would get me ready for that grind again being the house smoking in. I'm driving an accident. You pull them, and I was just in the zone in those days, man. 'cause I'm noticing now light is becoming more conversation now. Yeah, there's a lot of guys that left the league saying fuck it I smoke when I was in there. I couldn't say when I was there. But I'm saying it now y'all for his game. He peels fucked me up y'all to neurologists fuck me up when I got rid of all of that shit and just start going home smoking when I could when that time period when you're stopped testing when I was smoking getting right? Oh, I was right, right. It's a lot of y'all that's coming to the table. Now saying look here man trying to speak for those in the league to try to help them now now because your voice matters because first of all if I had a successful career, and I don't have any brain damage, and I'm still able to sustain communicate not tickle late. That's what I want for these young player. Absolute. I don't want him coming out the league frustrated MAG suicidal into domestic spice because that's what the. Shit is about when you see a player getting into a fight in altercation or somewhat is woman. Let me get a synopsis of it all because a lot of people don't understand this tell them snow. You got a football player that's been coached just whole life. And it's Coachman telling shut up, dude. This you ain't shit. Get better, you, blah, blah. And you can never say nothing to the coach. But no, sir. Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir. Now, you take this grown man who's been told that his whole life. Now, he has a companion at home whose wife his girlfriend. He used to here in the coach Cusi mount all day all day, then he goes home. And now the girl most to cuss him out. Oh now, she wants to argue. So now his capacity for her is not for the coach. I'm not I'm not going to say, no, sir. Yes. Oh to her. I'm liable to beat her ass or put hands on do something aggressive because I can't control. Yes. This shit up top controlling on the football field, my whole life. And now, I'm coming home. On my girl. Arguing with me. She just pushed one button that may cause me to kill her accused myself do something detrimental that I'm a lose my contract, and lose my mind and lose my life. Am alive you are dead on then. That's exactly right. You know? That's why we have all this shit, man. You're you're programmed to run on dren and cortisol in the fight or flight mode. And if you don't have anything to come home most guys, they're taking pills. They're drinking alcohol, which exacerbates all that should man when if you just allowed guys to use this to come home cocaine cocaine if you allow guys to come home and smoke a little weed decompress get you out of that fight or flight mode. But man, it's invaluable like you said, you're not gonna have these young guys aren't going to have to leave the league in shambles. That's what's happening to them right now. And nobody nobody's going underneath the story. They just seeing all this domestic fighting and all this. But they not knowing that this guy is programmed to to get cussed out and talk bad to buys coaches, his whole life, and then he comes home and now his girlfriend wants to talk to him like that. So true man like that's a fine line right there. And if you don't know, you don't know in the NFL wants to hide it. They want to hide it. They wanna sweep it under the rug and they wanna fuck in blame. These these guys now and kick him out the door now helping exactly helped him if you assist in him. He would have toned down. That's why most rappers don't have that domestic dispute because we if we get into argument with our grew we jumping into car smoking on weaned Ryan off road, and we own to the next you gave them saying is this the difference. It's it's a scenario because we don't have those rules and regulations. We don't have a Commissioner. We don't have. We don't have. None of that. We have whatever we want, and we dictate what we did say. And I feel like that's what's missing from the NFL. Yeah. No doubt. Man. Thank you have an awesome day here. This so awesome. Mike food. We got a legend in the house, man. Hey, shutout out NATO, Anna MLB 'cause Email beat on test a threat. Oh, hell, no. I smoked with a lot of of baseball players in hockey guys during the season after the season. I mean, it's the beautiful thing. Hockey game before cocky is the shit. So they bring in the hockey. I'm feeling good on there. And this is a charity game for good of. And I'm going to live meet the guy. And so I'm in the lobby the guy the butt naked neck you rate. So no, that's nothing. Not that. That's nothing. But the, but the level the woman that's reported right in the center of more on they're all around. She's talking to him talking drinking champagne ause, Craig. My first time I've been around I'm hockey player. Shit. Serve as they get to fight Mike and the referee just leave him alone. Like get a brawl like into somebody fall out. That's interesting. You know about the cultures of sports, right 'cause football players are savages. But they're they've been so beaten down right that you don't have the luxury of being an individual. That's why always loved Randy moss. Man. Does he's he. At all times at all times. And I always loved that about Randy. And you know, well, you know, he was raised off snoop dog music. So hell you be today, of course, man hours, and you are the God following. From a war. Yeah. For real from like the faculty with inventive in China snoop could long. Dining they fight. They they cut the head off and they play falcon kicking around. So you see so soccer is invented. I don't believe you might. You is fuck they told her we're doing. Fuck that man toll man, fuck all that need somebody cutting the head off started soccer started view. So how'd they create basketball someone fuck long van? Fuck all the name could his hand. Ten thousand Greek. Getting highs all the research. Right. Love research might get my game, right? Brazilian soccer fans decapitated after he stay. In Brazil, man, they was not. I'm gonna say how soccer invented. Yes. Gangland invented a game of running and kicking a ball in the mid nineteenth century, although the Chinese claim to have played a version centuries early. They called it football. Not because the ball is played with feet. But because the game is played on foot rather than horseback. But I need to know how it was created was that because I see a rock right there with fucking monkey. Like the beginning of time. He hurt his kick that more. He was like man that my fucking hurt. We gotta get some. Iraq to kick through. No shoes. They may shoes yet. He's trying to kick a rock like a soccer ball with no shoes. So that in work, then they got over here like to England people try to create some shit. We're country was the Japan. They said no Chinese go to China go to China own. I wanna know to begin the shit might come out to be. Like, Genghis Khan gang invented Jeremy will germ warfare germ warfare dead writing by over the wall or you said. Yeah. Snoop ver- trying to do I need that live. This Nick is coming up at all. Need to be a game food wherever say, we'll be back. But whatever might says for five hundred will Mike that a little history show. History where it's like, okay. I believe it. But that toll keep overwhelming my bulk. Can anybody verified that soccer was created by somebody getting their hair cut off yet? Soccer invented. He put that shit in computer. Right. See I didn't have what's his name Alexa, or theory before one. Yeah. Them bitches. That was. You miss Syria before it real life. It's. Nice small white lady. Serey dude, look legend has it that the first time. This celebrate Tori sport was played in Britain was after the defeat of a Danish prince after decapitating the prince in troop are burying fashion. They decided to kick around his head. No word on who had to clean up after. Yeah. Oh shit. See Mike is Mike is tapped in story. He's very historic. He's very historic food is tapped I liked it liked insane. He tapped in. Yeah. You're a big football fan. I love football soccer. Yeah. I've been these countries before when I actually made a comeback. Embedding anytime players, you know, Rinaldo over now Dino throw. Yeah. Yeah. Wayne, Rooney David Wayne Rooney I met pay lay I met Palay hose. Donna house PayLess name pay distinguish has big. It's a better pay. Oh, that's Ali pay late. Yeah. Yeah. Palay man knock it off confident pay late that is one. Nothing to the World Cup. Bless you. I want to go Cup. That'd be fun who went there. When after they wouldn't play when the more the other one name, you know, what any shit. Yeah. The Russian pay labor. I guess it was. Pay last name lay football. To work. He's a legend. Then that's I should walk in the party. I nine pay last name lay believe it. So. Things. No one of seen before he did. He did the helicopter kick football kick. Yeah. Then he was he probably was fashioned everybody to that's one in the nineteen sixties, you know, more focused. He probably the only black dude that was fast as a mother fucker tweet was doing tricks with the ball. You know what I'm saying? And his IQ out. There was was hell of a he pass the ball and get other people involved is a team player, he wasn't selfish EMC, and that's what made him great that. He could have just did it all by sub. But he was involved and everybody else players like that this this team orientated you good enough to be bad by yourself. But you know, the team makes me better when we all look good like that awesome poetic stuff here. Have you guys seen that movie victory? This sly Stallone pay lays in the eighty eighty and they're in a concentration camp. To see or it's like a POW. Camp. It's called victory. You've told and pay laze in it, and they go they form a team to play the Nazis in Paris to play Hitler to get. And then they escape at the end angst whip their ass Keighley's in it as still fucking dope. Just that idea. So movie it's like, it's the soccer version of longest yard that was shit Burt Reynolds. Yeah. That fuck it was hard to clothesline. Yeah. When I was playing quarterback in nineteen Eighty-one a motherfucker clothesline me like that in a game in the reffed in call nothing that was real football. Boom. I wear riders flip van everybody crowded. Like, ooh, every football player has that moment now for real. I feel good. When my son was good. He looked real good. You know, what I never played high school football. So when he did high school football that was like, my dream come true any excelled. He won a national championship. They played big games. And we PIN he got recruited. He signed a scholarship to UCLA like all the shit that I wanted to do he did. And it was like it was foreign washing. It. Awesome. Beautiful. Yeah. Right. That's that's shows that you've done some as a kid that that you could be proud of make your parents proud that you have universities interested in paying for you to go to school. They offer your ability, and you work in that some that that was alternate for me. 'cause I know in my neighborhood a lot of guys went to the NFL and went to college. So I know what it took for them to make it. So to see my son, not use my celebrity and not used me. But all him. You know, what I'm saying that like? Congratulations men. Thank you, still Pacelle. Thank you. Did you like go with him to any any of the trips to see schools? Not the coaches came to him. Okay. He went to a couple of visits that I I was like I ain't going shooting. And all they did was he got game. They put all of you. He I like to school. How many women they put on? I think I like to school now. Put some Hispanic girls on your answer. They routine they do. And then when he got back home paradox. When we got back home, he started like breaking down, his choices. And I'm like why you don't like that school. No more. They tried to use me. Girls when you star. They got told you try to do then he started to like, Jim Moret. Jim Moore was a hell of a coach like the things he said like the family vibe and just to as he Jim Mora just felt like father like like, I could pass my son over to him. He get him saying like a decision that you gotta make when you at that point. Like, I'm giving my son somebody to be his father for the next four years. Yeah. And he just felt like he can handle it I met, Jim. He when he was coaching the Seahawks because I was going into the draft at the combine I thought he was a good, dude. He is. He's a great guy. Great, man. I love him a lot. That's awesome, man. Well, he got fired. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, eternal city around actually he'd beat SEA. So they they was wrong for that. They'll pay chips not going to do it. That fast paced bullshit has offense. It's not gonna work. Yeah. Because the kids don't go there, you gotta have the right kids to go to the program to run. Type of shit and you're not getting them SE getting them unite get him. They're going to ask CNAC. That's just what's adding it right now. You guys aren't when you guys programs on right kids are smart. They know I wanna be on TV. I wanna be in big games. And I want an opportunity to try to go to the NFL. Yeah. Yeah. No doubt. We're they going Alabama Clemson Georgia for the state Ohio State anything as bigger and better than what we look like right now. Yeah. I know man back when I was at Arizona SC was in their prime lyndale white dollars. Reggie shit was just crazy. It was like a pro team. Anyway, Bush, but see that's because Pete Carroll had a systematic team that was grounded in making sure first of all nothing out of southern California leaves here, we get all of that first year second we're going to go to Texas and grab a few. We're going to go to Florida and grab a few. We're gonna go to all the areas that you don't think we can't go to we're gonna get a couple of guys come mix and match what Pete Carroll had a nice system in place to where kids wanted to play for him. They wanted to play for his coach is not just him. But his staff look on his staff. He had kiffin are keys Imia OJ Ronnie and a bunch of guys that ended up they ended up going and having great coach. Please. Yeah. Yeah. Were e fan grownup diehard chose white market Salaun Ricky bail. You know what I'm saying? I go back. I wore number twelve when I played football because I love Charles white so much throat I play quarterback for life five years. And then I got switched wire receiver because it was too much signal you gotta learn too much to be a quarterback. I'm like damn from just throwing the ball, right and left to read and covers a whole fuck all that. I'm going to why we save too much. There's too much information to play football. Never put a fight. Wow. That's a good sport fighting a modified. Yeah. I'm gonna go get my cousin, Mike, JoAnne. Let's see originally was younger than. Gentleman. Oh, this ready. Yeah. He'll. Stoop. How's it been partnering up with Martha Stewart on some stuff? Isn't that awesome together as you like almost like a man? What are you calling stuff? Again. I've got like infomercial guy. We white guy. You know, what our relationship is so dope because it's a mutual love and respect. And it's like I love being around people that know more than me, and she knows more to me. She's wiser than me she's smarter than me. And you know, it's the information, you know, magnet when I'm around her, and we get a lot from each other. Like, I give her a little she gave me a lot. And this is what love is about like just meeting people in connect. Got some food here, man. Roscoe's baby. Thank you, put it. We'll eat it afterwards though, because I don't want to mess interview. Right. That'd be smacking the shit on the interview. That's why I'm going to beat myself seven. So we finished 'cause I'm eat like a motherfucker. I wanna be talking to me. What do you got? I don't know, Mike. Bars and beef flowers and trees, and this is what happens when you party with Mike Tyson post makes post mates baby pod sponsor. The need to move that. They're they're looking up. Week fighting. Yeah. Dude, right. Mike repulsed mates thing. I'm gonna use as should even when I ain't up here in just telling what might I need to get a for fifteen. Yes. Put it on my tab post mates. Yes. Yes. New Alex, snoop UK recognize my fucking voices me. Yes. Like, I was saying before you Rulli interrupted me. Get fifteen orders of baby back ribs. Awesome. Young gain weight a on Mike stay like I'm post to be in me. Liam insurance. What else you got going? Now, man, what are you projects currently working on? I'm working on an album right now called I wanna thank me should be out late mayor early June putting together movie with it as well. And just trying to keep my foot in a game. You know, I do records when I won't to not because I have to not feel like it's necessary for me to make some music again because it's a period of time where I feel like it's a void always make music when it's void when it's something like nothing like I do and always something that I need to say that's not being said. So that's what I'm doing with this project right here. That's awesome. Who you'd like to work with? Well, there's only one artist I really wanna work with that day. I've been trying to reach out to hire for minute trial. That will be awesome. I'm trying to make it happen. I just wanna get in the room with me because I love her voice, our style, her whole everything, and I just think we could make some real, you know, extravagant definitely that would be go out even where my hand ponytail that day. Just fire. Slicked back. Would jail. Exotic like how you feel high. Yeah. You'll good chill chill out with the toad. I'm good Manitoba game, especially shut out to all the people out there that that been supporting the Mike Tyson podcast. Put my main man appreciate the love is what we do, man. I'm special guests on the show. But I'm very honored to be a part of the show. That's so special. From here. He's the man who'd thank you so much, man. And thank you for having me. And I do love the Cup right here. This is something that y'all wanna write your, sir? I could tell because my own put cups in the middle of this a prize possession of something fully joint. So what I'm gonna do is. I didn't do in the show miss going to take a few. Own a damn won't see Bishop and on it'd be offered one of those. And then I'm gonna see my dentist. Well, we love you. Going to try to get one. They don't even make no sense. Donny make no sense for them to be up there that coupla so much better without beautiful beautiful. Oh, yeah. Thanks, brother Bishop. Mike, Mike, another great up, man. You'll be off charges hit a game to the game. Well, thanks, everybody. Thanks for listening to this episode of hot boxing in Britain. I'm Mike Tyson. And I'm big snoop Dogg. We're outta here. Please.

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