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I'm Brad Edwards here the stories making news at this hour. Chicago schoolteachers are making moves to potentially strike sources telling us the Teacher's Union, will call a house of delegates meeting next week to discuss a strike vote, they are demanding remote learning first. CHICAGO, schools to start the year as Chicago man is now charged with killing nine year old boy please charge thirty, nine year old dr now Johnson this morning please say he shot Genera. Rixon Friday mall, the boy was playing outside. If you go to Puerto Rico, planet quarantine for fourteen days after your return the city added the US territory to its travel ban list twenty two states are also on that list for having a rising number of covid nineteen cases diverse still have not found the body of a fifty year old swimmer and Lake Michigan. The boy went underwater yesterday afternoon near Diversey harbor to the weather now. Warmer weather is on the way tonight will cool down quite a bit mid sixties. Tomorrow we'll seventy six and sunny skies join us on the CBS or CBS. CHICAGO DOT COM for news updates around the clock I'm bread works.

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