390: Shout Out Lightning Round


this is a head gum podcast you actually know about this way again after being adult by read every how were you shows about parenting why the hell on earth cast audio settled down and other show down low okay oh elected that was like dave matthews band chic but not quite dave matthews band cover right sexually in original adapter from song of his called subversion shout out to jake because amir never does i don't know what that means i don't shut you out i guess 'em this guy what you don't show me out is the jets ajay cause a mere never does yeah that's true you don't shut me out enough you're never like shutouts jacob big ups to jake or like give it up for jake if were talking to each when would i ever say shout out to jake wall i speaking to you when you like introduce the show like hey this is if i were you only advice podcast on the internet hosted by us i'm a mirror shutouts jake no that's what i would say if you weren't there why would i shout out what you could save big up big ups to jake then like i'm a mere big ups to my co host and then i will be like jake here but you never do that shit yeah no he's right it's fine i don't like it goes away heavily on me it is what it is but it does way a little bit which is i think it's too much i think it doesn't way but chips away it doesn't yeah heavy but chips away that's bad chipping away is worse than weighing heavy yeah i i would say it's this episode is maybe the straw that breaks the camel's back i feel like i've been i've been in absolute ox yeah i i hate to even think of myself as a camel withdrawn they're back but like i think i've been in ox if anything anything so that's not how i yeah this is written by a friend sorry i guess you just got to say that i just wonder if i could finish aunt i've been ox is finally broken under the weight of olive you're olive you're slights you're not an olive you're you're snide asides you're you're you're you're a dry stick you're incredibly breakable i'm not i'm not of a fucking i have like i feel like i have the mental fortitude of of of a of a of an ox in a way i don't think you're an ox i don't think you're strong i don't think you're mentally strong is specially not mentally so i have yeah i have like it's it's i think i have like this this armor and it's hard not to hurt my feelings but sometimes things like a lifetime of snyder side will guides for sure chip away at my oxen constitution should end that leaves me in a vulnerable state which is not normal for me to be to be insecure and sad and scared by john here we are yes here we are a this guy wrote this saw which really derail this is calvin was exposed are we found days i you know what i miss read it it's a shot at a mirror jake never does really yeah which whatever i guess better theater that to a all right this is if i were you the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by us a it's a holiday week wednesday july third at the time of recording this a post on a monday july eighth right around the fourth of july very entry optic i thought would celebrate not with fireworks but with a lightning round episode shit that's cool thank you so these are questions that we and not submitted how do you say like requested on twitter solicited yes solicited that's right shutout the jake a very finally get the fucking credit i'm do a so we solicited some questions some quick hits hits on twitter 'em got over a hundred we're gonna try to get to as many as possible right off the bat jake why don't you let a two and then we could just go back and forth i love that idea a here's a quick and easy one best john row of food says lucas myers 'em i think it's a real toss up between mexican jet a he's a lawyer narrow it down to i also like greek okay between two of those guys 'cause there's others and i really enjoy like i'll tell you what why don't go having a little emanation i do texmex 'cause i've heard of a fusion that way i get the barbecue ended up marito i'll say japanese street food because i feel like that includes sushi sushi and burgers doesn't okay and i say which one is pad thai but also a grilled cheese oh that's fucking true food so good i'm i'm hungry gimme a fucking comfort food that has like cereal but also general so's yeah man damn what is it what is your favorite genre i'll i'll go with a real a underrated one i think is tie tie really came onto the scene a little later in my life but i'm never disappointed in tie even baptize good to me oh interesting i guess so i also don't love cheese enough to go mexico or american gotcha thai food is she useless right i think i mean i love mexican food 'cause i like i love rice beans cheese bread but mexican food is not have enough bacon in it at they're not americanized version of it and for that reason why american eighth of july code is cuisine of all time fucking got it right big ups to the george washington props the john hancock banks were getting it done yeah i want an impossible burger at a side or rice cider i give me a fucking read an outside of brown around rice sure a livia a hot dog char broiled burnt to a crisp oh and had the cider right you want a hot dog and then on the side of the hotdogs he's just deemed white rice hotdog have a burger and then on the side yeah and other side right you got it all right any any other questions that you found out 'em let's see a lot of these are about basketball which i don't mind but i don't wanna make about the whole show i mean this isn't a buckets episode after oh i like this question if you guys had a host another head gum podcast which one would you choose wow that if we could receive a a diva the show from one of are amazing artist you could check out a headcount duck yeah yeah yeah who would we leave i would say punch up the jam but i'm not talented enough to come up with new songs a all fantasy everything seems really fun you just get to rank you're favorites stuff yeah that's i think all fantasy everything is probably one of the coolest formats m i like billion adam show that's really that's a that's a really a nice little a nice little game that they play yeah we borderline do that now but we give advice but yeah they take a topic and discuss their like previous present and future with them so that's yeah that's a good structure i think it's really not structure shutout to no joke pod shutout at all fantasy everything shot out to punch up the jam and a big ups to jake thanks dude that's awesome new here i don't hear that enough a dream holiday destination i guess that means vacation this is actually very interesting because i i'm i'm getting closer and closer the actually going on my honeymoon interesting one year after the fact a someday i might actually do is it a honeymoon if it's just a vacation with your wife nineteen months after the wedding it's honestly turning to it's getting to the point where it does not count as a hunting if you don't if you if you don't take it within a year yeah not a honeymoon and i wanna i wanna air air all of my grievances against my wife on this pot i mean she can't make up her mind but she i begged i begged to go on a honeymoon right after the wedding i've always wanted to be whisked away to a romantic look location and it's been two weeks you know driving italian coaster hiking the french alps 'em but no i couldn't do not after the wedding was too busy we'd already taking time off of work planning the wedding that's right so yeah when you know i feel like weddings get bigger and bigger now so it's you need more time you need more time off to play on the thing and then you can't do the honeymoon right a the and then the plan was to go on her honeymoon this summer but it just joe got a new job i can't fuck yeah just just the dream vacation destination i guess i fucking win i mean you know having an awesome time you are gonna go on vacation it just won't be within the may random arbitrary betrayed twelve month mark which i'm not really sure what that means yeah yeah anyway no but were fighting align now where do you wanna go i wanna i wanna i wanna know skate and that's what i want that is that too much to ask i think the beaches too much to ask for i've been so i really have been thinking about my honeymoon and what i wanna do is like be the french italian in swiss alps in the in the middle of summer like alpine lakes a snowcap mountains valleys with flowers that's that's my vibe that's what i want but then i've seen some friends been going to greece unlike diving off catamaran into a crystal blue ocean seems pretty fucking perfect to some i'm torn so far through crushed ends up in both answers you're on the fence torn can't decide not is right on time linen have japan radio that way you and eat every meal with the cider rice that's my dream vacation is tokyo never been here a great things want to attend i feel what the question is what see what is what's the what is it what's the question exactly dream a my dream a holiday destination okay so that's that's when we have not been to where we wanna go yeah 'em cool so i guess in that case i'll say the dalmatian coast of croatia very nice thank you m a a a a okay brittany howard rights top five things to do in both l a's new york first someone who will be traveling to both from canada in the near future your favorite things to do in both she wants ten things but why don't we just why don't we give her a few yeah i mean it's been hard for me the answer much simpler question well actually having five does help a little bit yeah okay you go new york i'll go away okay depending when you're visiting i think a seeing some kind of sports thing is a fun way to like experience new york 'cause you gotta get on the subway subway you have to kind of do the transportation and then you're also surrounded by lots of new yorkers so if there's like a yankees game a mets game 'em there could also be you know you're in the if it's later in the summer maybe there's even usa open happening that'd be really cool that's cool all right i'll still that further a dodger game and then also go west side santa monica a rent a bike which i don't know how to actually ride but i hear good things you can go to santa monica ventas eat on d a near the beach shop around i enjoy yourself out there yeah biking down the santa monica boardwalk is cool also pro tip i believe friday night dodger games there's a firework show i guess that's a solid tip 'em back to the big grapple a fuck i guess i'll just i'll i i'm i'm flustered so i'll just stacey a broadway show that dog there though that's that's all you should definitely do that and i'm gonna think carter first tip number three okay a lot of good good street tacos you could almost do like street tacos tour were talking taco trucks that are very well respected highly regarded if you want some authentic mexican taco trucks i'm sure there's a blogger website that tells you exactly where to go eat some you're you're new favorite foods if you're new favorite john rose food this by shared a story out of the way if i had a weed out the accident because you could see it all robbers very offended about the staten island yet stan i i i it's a all right you'd rather another question a yeah this one i like it's june vodka or tequila an alternative into a fuck mary kill oh interesting i will 'em a m mary vodka is that when a offends me the least okay 'em i will kill jen because i'm not a fan okay an expert tequila fuck tequila i'm not a fan of that either way okay okay yeah yeah got it okay i think i liked peculiar the most but i'm still gonna kill it because it gives me the most problems i see it hurts yeah it hurts me it hurts me bad and i'll fuck fuck vodka 'cause i could fuck with vodka nice engine on marriage and 'cause i have too much respect virginia fuck you know a that's really cool like a is it my turn oh yeah it's my turn here's a basketball one that's more about jake it's how little will jake care if collide leonard goes to the lakers this'll be instantly dated collider live made his decision by the time this comes out so how little he share how do you make a decision by the a he's dragging feet but i believe he has to make it for the lakers sake by july sixth oh wow yeah interesting 'cause like free agency is such a long time but there that you have to decide by july six like wait months before it's over a yes exactly i mean like ninety nine point nine percent of people decide within the first day to it's very rare that it's taken this long a it's july third at the time of recording i'm guessing he decides to their tomorrow interesting so you're saying the question is how much will it matter to me yeah do you care at all as a lebron fan i'd like to hear you're answered before i if mine a i sort of talked about it on buckets yesterday but i've never cared about anything more than where collide leonard science it's keeping me up at night at stressing me out i'm refreshing blogs i'm in the deep web i'm texting friends china find any inside information everything is completely locked down i'm losing sleep i'm tired angry in annoyed and i'm starting to think he won't sign with the lakers so all this will be for not so how much do you care bitch about if collide heard signs of the fucking alley lakers honestly my question to you is how much do you think i care i already know they care though a you know all right i'm sorry about that i think you're invested but you'll you'll enjoy lebron anthony davis on the lakers either yeah i guess would it ruin anything offer for you you if collide didn't sign with the lakers like would it diminishes the anthony davis trade that it will diminish the lakers and you're as a it'll there'll be a lot better with him it'll be at it'll be sad if he chooses the clippers slippers over the lakers then it's like i wanna living outlay but i wanna play with the clippers if he goes back the toronto i think that's completely understandable and that's where i'm leaning right now i think he's gonna just signed with this whole team for another year to is everyone else on that team still though yeah everyone else's a danny green is also a free agent but he would probably responded with toronto collide right yeah danny i think i'd rather than waiting to see what collide does yeah exactly interesting so do you care yeah i want him to be i guess if he was a laker i'd be super excited a but i think it would if it if you were to be remade raptor it also be very steady and i probably root for the raptors yeah next season again i can't i can't fault them for staying in toronto toronto toronto did their best efforts to keep this is a really mercurial silent breeding superstar so it'd be cool if they pulled it off yeah you got a question 'em let's see oh i just i just saw v a will take care of why goes to there's a lot of lakers questions i know i think i think people understand the stress i'm going through what's a smart way to get fired from your job is there a smart way a smart way well getting fired is better than quitting because you'll get severance 'em so right off the bat getting fired is a smart way of leaving a job but what the smartest way of getting getting fired that's it's i dunno 'cause like you you really have to it'll show up on you resonate to you yeah like you gotta that's you gotta think about that a little bit right yeah gimme like a you don't wanna be like they wanna call year old boss if you're like getting a new job what is two months severance if you're gonna get dragged when a when you get that reference yeah what if you a what if you find something about the ceo and you a black male him to firing you would like six months severance that way he has to speak glowingly of you he gives you cash not to work for the next half year and then whatever job you get next a he asked to give you a good reference that solid but you have to find some in a black male about yeah steel plant some sort of cd email material and usually people are 'em upton nefarious things regardless so it doesn't really really how fair this is a smart way to get fired the black millier boss i mean everyone's hiding a pretty pretty evil secret i know right off the top of my head i have like i must have five dr evil little deeds said i'm like currently navigating in terms of how people they're down or lying like yeah i get like a five evil deeds just like nasty little secrets that could ruin when you on the day like how many do you have like just to say them obviously because they would ruin not only year life but other people's but like how many nasty little evil things do you have that sort of you're you rumbling in your head we rumbling in my like you do all night scare you make it you can't look in the mirror for too long good i have an example of one of yours we could edit this part of the show yeah so like and example of one of mine is that i i 'em i accidentally quote unquote at ended somebody in high school students is like i made someone not be persona non grata body guyana in high school you disappeared somebody i banished somebody else with the one trace but the trace is a clue that i sit on and i find myself in times of sorrow wondering came of me yeah you're sociopath you're a psycho yes if he could find something like that on your boss if you're absolutely sick that's a smart way that's smart 'em i have another one okay we're finally pleased indie what class do you think he'd play okay let's take a break an answer this question on the other side of these messages because i need to ask you a a lot of questions about that hell yeah thank you to know bull first sponsoring this episode of our show sponsor baby hell yeah it's time to demand more from your workout gear jake damn i love workout gear a noble is footwear apparel and accessories branford people who train hard and don't believe in excuses that's my shit all hoosier boy did exercise for three years on broken he'll editorial yeah you use a 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july sale advantage of that offer if you're a need for a new mattress thank you the helix were sponsoring this episode and thanks to you guys for supporting us by buying a mattress firm helix we're back okay a read the question again when we're finally plays dandy what class do you think he'll play so what did he options a i can you run it through sure okay buckle up mother fucker a never mind oh what are your career influences in what should i do take big my gap year in germany okay if you want a career as a barbarian a all right so the classes are already through many if any of them sparked joy ask and i can let you know about the okay well i know that could just basically tell you as we go through barbarian fierce warriors okay a bart inspiring magician clerics priestly champions drew it's a priest the old states a fighter a master of marshall combat monk a master of martial arts paladin a holy warrior bound by a sacred oath ranger a warrior who combat who combats threats on the edges of civilization oh sorry i save a ranger a rogue rogue scoundrel who uses stealth and trickery overcome obstacles at enemies all right stop talking that's me i want the road the scoundrel i wanna be a sharp wit man who absolutely takes advantage of his foes with my fast thinking quick witted this will you could also be a wizard 'cause that's a scholarly magic user jonah be smart that's like a class you could use jr smith i'd really like to be a needle nose a mouse see little road so you can't play a rat folk rogue yeah and i'm just like answer me these questions for at everyone like doesn't want to deal with me 'cause i kind of rican shit but i think that i'm in charge of things that i'm not actually short of oh does that sound super fun yeah like i'm knowledgeable about barges 'cause i never left you know yeah i like that yeah a rat folk rogue we figured it out what is rat folks there's the dmv has classes in races in awe of the races you know there's like your typical stuff like dwarf else half elf a half ling like the things from you see from like lord of the rings a but then there's also like these sub races like a a rat humanoid rat humanoid yeah okay okay that's pretty that's the closest thing to a chip what do i care about what a chipmunk would play i guess you could play something that's like not anything like you as a person but it's kind of fun but like you are chipmunk in real life and then you could play a chipmunk in 'em anti anti okay nice i'm not yeah i mean i could play it chipmunk like i could be like oh i'm gonna pretend i'm chipmunk and whatever but i'm not you know that i'm not one what you are chip my boat you don't get to decide that bob yoga decide what you are man what did you ever breakfast today this is so fucked up cause for about a week i normal shit and then today i had seven soft acorns her breakfast and you ask me what did i have for breakfast today day today is the day you know why that's chipmunk food in a way i had soft acorns a series of seeds all right so let me figure that out yeah are coming on that pot if you guys hit some sort of patriotic marker something yeah yeah i forgot to ask you about that but if we hit a patriot and go on a nap on you have to be on it so k where at where ninety percent of the way they're also nice so i do have to do it eighty nine percent complete a mirror gas if we hit the school amir blumenthal will finally under the studio it'd be forced to dungeons and dragons works or eighty nine percent of the way there who i hope i don't hold out and make you guys give me a lot of cash to play had hates you guys to be he deemed as liars erta various schools but taking advantage of you patriotic yeah you're perfect visiting character absolutely a all right connor kevin says would you rather drink one pint of p every six months or all we have a tiny bit of p in any water you drink so i say that one more time excuse me so would you rather drink a pint a p every six months or always have a tiny bit of p in any water you drink who probably the pines every six months yeah just get it over with just like one day pound slam boom yeah i go at tiny bit of paean just convince myself but there's no pp in there i think it would always tastes a little hint a little bit of p and then like how often you share what like if you if i have a five water and someone's like taking a sip of that i'd have to be like you don't 'cause i drink more water with a little bit of p an outsider rice insider rice a so you're gonna find ongoing for a micro pp yeah 'em interesting question cage edgar rights what's the worst form of self expression like don't find yourself in any way i guess stop stop discovering new things things about yourself in a creative outlet yeah so what would you say a fucking painting the worst a painting is fine i don't mind painting it's therapeutic and interpretive david yeah interpretive dance pretty bad because it it always looks like regardless of if it's good or bad it always looks pretty weird right i also feel like dan there's some like writing painting music they all feel kind of personal like even though their shared with a wider audience later and maybe that's the goal but interpretive dance almost it's the whole purpose is that you have to do it in front of people right so you can't just interpretive dance buyer sell yeah so it's always about sort of just like showing off a poetry is pretty bad no poetry fucking rules i love poetry would you rather have skin made a denim are always have to wear a jacket made of human skin it's almost like they're working together and ask us would you rather have a bad thing once or a little bad thing forever well the i think i guess you you always have to wear a skin jackets that's pretty fucking foul yeah it's not ideal i guess i'd rather be denna man it's like a cool little superhero yeah why doesn't anybody liked me you're sort of tucked away in an attic somewhere and levi strauss factory factory denim and at school that's actually a good commercial yeah that's a good idea here we go a pleasant park at kyle more writes a how would you make a p b nj peanut butter and jelly on both sides of the bread peanut butter on one side jelly on other these are important questions surged to a i mean first of all best sandwich in the world a is peanut butter layered with bananas drizzled with chocolate fuck with chips bread on top of that that's the sandwich that is the p b c c c which the third see sorry wait pb oh yeah pbc pb sandwich so nice you couldn't name at once i named it i named it twice the same time pbc p b b e c k state of a different name for it peanut butter banana chocolate chip bbc meanwhile fire answer eating your ankle they've called the divine ain't great get the p p b b shit so you need to do jelly on one side peanut butter on other flipped the peanut butter over onto the jam a cause that's the one that's gonna adhere to the bread better it won't drip but then once you have that flip it back over because the the gym should sit on top of the peanut butter it's a little more a as sort of like a layer that's protecting a firm seepage down to the bottom okay yeah i grew up in an israeli household so we don't really have pb and j i think the first time i had pb and j with your family family like at age twenty five yeah remember we gave you the first one wasn't an an tuck it yeah so i don't really know how to make it i assume i would put peanut butter and jelly on one side and i just closed it i'm not gonna put it on both sides looking open face sandwich and then closed that you got one oh yeah this is another food and a weather thing a lawyer sexually it's the first weather thing but it's another food thing anyway chaotic chad rights favorite foods slash weather combo food slash weather gimme gimme rahman on overcast day it's sixty one out oh and guess what i'm abby pork brought in a bowl with aside or rice you do you love soup you'll love hot soup so you're you're whether it's gonna affect the food right like you're you're food ruthless is gonna have an effect on the whether you're saying yeah food like what a bunny out until i had the rahman and now that i have the rahman it affects affects the weather but years but lots of or yeah you're favorite thing you're like i'm thinking of food and then i'm gonna think of the weather the match that i think for me i'm thinking whether first so i'm going like seventy seventy five degrees chris low humidity with a nice breeze in on eating fish tacos and guess what's on the side what right now i figured it's much by the way you're favorite food and whether both l a's staples so i don't know what you're doing out there it's it's eighty and sunny today in new york okay i'm gonna get fish tacos in aside i wear glen rice seasonal basketball player course a letter grades are you guys climbing these days rights architect i am climbing fours and attempting five oh on the v scale that's pretty solid outlined in a while you could still but you're exercising if he would still get up a v three thanks man i appreciate that i don't know a lot of it has to do just how stronger hands and arms and fingers and that kind of stuff you can't you can't replicating the gym yeah it's true i miss climbing a little bit but i also know that it hurts me a lot it does hurt you yeah just like whenever i have a small ache like a bruised ribs climbing hurts that off a bum ankle climate hurts that climbing really just like finds the thing that hurts a little bit and makes it a focus a focal point of pain that's interesting i actually i have pain almost all the time and i don't have it when i climb so maybe that's why it's a better sport for me like when i run i'll i'll hurt for like two straight days interesting and i still do that anyway 'cause i liked so much a all right we got this i question doesn't really make any sense to me i'll ask you why why not max heckert says what percentage of people you think subscribe to the notion of i'm not starving but i could eat but with pooping that make any sense to you know but with pooping like i don't have i don't have to go to the bathroom but i could shit is that what do you mean stuffing the top what percentage of people do you think subscribe to the notion of i'm not starving but i could eat but with pooping oh i see so what percentage of people are like you know i don't really have to take a shit but i could shit i yeah i mean you can't do that you can't just you can't force herself the shit yeah what are you waiting for the last possible moment sitting down and it's an instant expel or you're like all right it's that time of day i'll sit on the toilet and wait and see i never wait and see if i don't have the shit i don't shit that's off but i i'm not like i don't wait until i do it's an emergency either if i'm like i feel like after shit i could always just shit that i don't really have like a like a i i you know i'm not that regular like at the same time every single day but i like take shit you know yeah but you you will one day or yeah apparently like when every six and a half weeks but it's like yeah wait no i'm actually it's a ladder so i'll shit every six and a half weeks it is that moto denver apple it's also hard but it's as if feels heavier than a cannonball like all i've chipped the porcelain on my toilet with the density of of this marvel is basically like a black hole 'em yeah so and that's why every month and a half nicolas ask no no i'm not done by the way do you know what the densest material on earth is the heaviest heaviest metal o m mercury it's actually off me on that's right the heaviest metal is off me on so for whatever reason you seem to be shutting off me on every month and a half and you should get that checked out right how heavy is awesome you couldn't tell you twenty two grams per cubic centimeter design answer your question a yeah it does chad benson asked what is the best condiment a who go condiment might go condiment is barbecue sauce yeah i do know that about you actually you also like teriyaki yeah i was gonna go teriyaki 'cause you can't really put barbecue on the goat food aside or rice aside well if you're gonna go decided rice you're gonna wanna soy i us soil rice years is hot sauce rare racia i put it on everything i love it when things have that kick actually lock 'em i like honey mustard gonna say really is a great oh you gotta verbally attacked me there sorry yeah i forgot they also like a sweet muster that was a little it's a little emotionally abused man sorry about that a lot like a spicy things to a really really hurt my feelings with the way they yelled at me that way with regard to how how would how it would affect me yeah sorry about that is buying a james argument says patio shark in social situations i don't jesus all right how do you hide a shirt so you start what do you do what do they what we should go immediately excuse yourself you have to go to the bathroom and then what a throwaway her underwear you throw it away yeah wipe whatever way they underwear wipe clean yourself go back it's fine no one noticed you go home daily underwear under a clump of paper towels in the bathroom demanding this happening like at a bar in a public bathroom if you do it at a at a friend's house it's a little harder because you do you have to you you have to find a way to throw their underwear out yeah i guess i guess you could bury it you could probably excuse yourself go to go out to you're cargo the street that's good i forgot something in the street a i i have i have a white wine in my in my whip hold on i'll go outside and then you have to drive to store and get white white idea and you're still completely filled with the sharp because you haven't discarded younger or yet right you start sweating you fully shit your pants you have your food poisoning but three days later they wanna know whatever the white wine if you had food poisoning you gotta just go writes all day three days ever heard of the brat diet i prefer you rat diet at rice applesauce and rice on the side a all right last question from each of us ready yup who i wanna grim a little grim mass grimace says have you ever have you seen each other's before a high seniors have you see my that's a i guess i've seen you naked i dunno five specifically seeing the nuts of you all right like i wanna see you're sad senior talk as you're ads but i've i've seen the fucking testes senior rose but but i want you to grab you're talking dangle you're nuts i well yeah teabags do once but you're a sweet i decided not to do any we were living in los feeless together so that was when you were thirty four and thirty two oldest person using covered teabags somebody that's a good question probably fifty eight yeah i would say that to a this is a kind of a hard one but hopefully you have the answer a pro tom tom troy eight rights what's the least romantic thing someone has done for you lease romantic thing so what is it done and for me it's kind of hard yeah but it doesn't i m i guess there was one time i gave a girlfriend in high school a necklace that i thought she'd want it in like i'd saved up and i i like a lot had gone into me getting this nets necklace and the first thing she said was that it was the wrong what that's pretty unromantic what about dave urging you'd have a threesome with him oh yeah that was that was another weird one i came home from from a bar with somebody and dave was just like on the stairs like pointing to himself thing and i know you got mad at me yeah that's gotta be the league 'cause that's the opposite of romance but still in that genre romantic thing i've ever done to you what do you have an answer a now i mean my my a dave anecdote about you is my answer yeah that that's that tracks that's fair a all right thanks for listening everybody thinks reading in the opening theme song calvin yeager the closing one is a different calvin yeager song he submitted many weaken using otherwise if you have your own questions we usually get him at a if i were you show at g mail dot com and a as always will be back next week a don't if you're listening right now don't go back in time and spoil work hawaiians up because i still have faith that he'll end up on the lakers i think you will but takes that i needed to hear that a all right everybody a man a man he will be nine one manley revenge on a range so they die trying to be a

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