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#538 - William Byron / Kansas Prerace


My name's Gary Murphy, and I'm Toby, Christie, and a folks often come up to me while I'm walking on the street and say, Carey, we love the show. How in the world do we participate? How do we help the show? How do we move the show forward and beat become part of a, you know, a growing movement that is final weekly. This really happens to you every every week all the time. I'm stopped on on the streets all the time at p people recognizing me and and talking about the show and wanting to give me money. And I said, no, no, no, no, no, this is not the proper way to do it. Okay. Patriot dot com. Slash the final app is is the proper way to do it? That's true. There's lots of cool things you plus you get rewarded for what you what you had and throw in for the show to make the show better. We actually give back a little bit whether it's stickers, t shirts, all sorts of stuff. So that's pretty cool. So people don't recognize you on the streets of Dallas. I'm I'm more on the foot worth area, but yeah, they don't usually recognize me what's up with that. Bummer for you. All right. Patriot. Dot com. Slash the final app. This is the final lap weekly. Featuring the latest bass car, racing news driver interviews, Raith preview of billions discussion rumors and more. Now, here's Carrie Murphy and totally crispy. Just a couple of guys talking racing. W was on you found the place where we talk about all things. NASCAR, my name's Kerry Murphy. MO, longtime NASCAR media member, and syndicated radio host of all things. The final lap are co host for the show is Toby. Christie, he's a NASCAR editor from the final app dot com, and he is the social media director from all things at the final, we've got a pack show to have you gone down the rundown for this show. It is packed. Yeah, it's packed to the brim mass crazy, it's. But you know, it's it's fitting with the crazy crazy finish the race last week. That's true. That's true. We've got a couple of driver spotlights from Eric Merola and Bubba. Wallis. We've got a William Byron is the actual guest on the program. I interviewed him a few weeks back and we've got, you know, Talladega superspeedway black to talk about, and this coming weekend is an elimination race. My gosh, it's, it's packed. I tell you there's so much going on. So so much. If folks just found us for the first time on the internet, they click play and they're listening and they're like, you know what? I want these guys every week and I don't wanna have to think about anything. Hey, you wanna just hand delivered to you on a silver platter. There's plenty of ways to do that. You can find us on apple podcast, Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, radio tune in radio, all sorts of other apps like that. He's find our show by surging for the final weekly click subscribe, and then you automatically have those shows delivered to you on said silver platter. And while you're there, you can give us a five star rating also that would really help us out. So it's like a win win for everyone. We're still going with the silver platter. I guess, silver bladder man, silver. I wasn't aware of that. What do we buy them in bulk. Don't tell do we. I mean, do we or do we reuse it every week? I don't know. I don't know. I'm not in that department. I don't know. You tell me I'll have to get with those guys. I don't know. First of all, I didn't know we had such a department so off to find them. Yeah, the silver platter department every every company has to have one of those. All right. Let's get to recap and Talladega superspeedway a very special guest last week on the program and man judging by how Facebook reacted he was. He was a beloved guest. Yeah, he was in, you know, there's mixed reaction to how the race actually went. She went always back. Talladega superspeedway here. Did I deliver or what? Well, the closing laps were interesting. You didn't. I mean there was a lot of just kind of Stewart Haas racing. It's kind of blowing away with it though. Pal. Yeah, they threw me a curve ball that's for sure, but I do live or in the last few laps now you did show them, so that's good. All right. I gotta go now because I don't race again until next year. Okay. Bye-bye. Talladega superspeedway blah. I'm just going to sit here in the winter and get snowed on if they get snow there. I don't know. And weather. And I just basically do nothing. I'm just I'm a lazy us. Wow, that's awesome. All right, making his final appearance on the season Talladega superspeedway zero. Yeah, yeah. Through the off season we have to check in with them, see is doing maybe. I mean, he's just sitting there. So probably pretty easy to dial up at any time. I would imagine. So. All right, let's get to victory lane. He stayed in the Stewart Haas racing pack all day long. Just saying you just say it is basically to say for this whole thing, he was. He was playing the proper employees just falling in line. The fourth of the four, Stewart Haas racing cars that is until he passes his teammate, Kurt Busch on the final lap, he ran out of gas, Eric, all Merola is who were talking about in the ten car just saying just saying notching his second career win first of the season and launches pole vaults rockets himself into the round of eight in the playoffs. Here is a everybody wasn't as organized as far as the teams in our team in specifically wasn't. It was kind of a free for all, and you know, Kevin heads issues, handling-wise Kurt, ran up front and then had some pit road issues. We had issues. Qualifying. So we had to start last. Clint road around to play it safe. So there's a lot of differences in varying strategy when we're here in the spring. And this time we came and brought four mazing race cars, and as an organization, we were just so committed to each other about running up front, staying up front scoring as many points as we can and staying committed to the bottom lane and to each other. And I feel like that strategy, honestly. Was what obviously want to race and Eric, rob Merola talks about the Stewart Haas racing grouping for this race. I like grouping that was our focus was to be committed as an organization to do everything we can to help each other and making sure that we continue to get points, especially for Clinton myself being in a situation that we were in going into this weekend, and then we qualified top for all of us together. I knew that all four of us we're going to, we're going to be tough to beat, and we're going to have really fast race cars, and we've been chasing those Pinski cars. We talked about it in here Friday or Saturday. We've been chasing Pinski at the restrictor plate races. They've been able to do somewhat of what we did today where they get out front and Brad, Joey, and Paul and in Blaney get organized and basically dominate the race. What does that mean? I don't know. I like it together things or that's exactly you. You come over here, you, you're this color. There's a group. And hitter. Break it down for his this week for the first time on this show, his crew chief Johnny Kloss Meyer Santa Claus, Johnny. The first thing that Eric and he's putting so much work into when he comes to the competition meetings, they start at ten o'clock and he's there two hours early in the hangs out my office, and we talk about the upcoming week just one on one, and I knew he was over it. You know, it's tough for us both the swallow, but we talked about Talladega and how is gonna play out and what we need to do for points. And you know the complicated situation with points as we were racing teammates, and we also need the work with those people when we thought here to the track. So it was a precarious position that we were in. But you know, it went really well. All of our teams worked well all race long, and we were able to capitalize at the end. And we, our goal is just store stage points as we could and able to do that and working with teammates than at the end. You know, they write out a fuel and we were able to get the wake victory and go to the next round. And it was quite that redemption for last week and. I think after last week you know, we didn't do a great job executing as a group because we could have had the same results. We just talked a lot about it and. Has everybody nine. So we need to help each other. We need to work together like team works. We need to show everybody that we are teammates, and I feel like our cars were strong enough that if we did that, we would have a very strong day. I mean, obviously we came in here, but the ten and fourteen needn't stage points. Everybody executed that perfectly. And then you know, at the end of the race, it was, let's do everything we can to help each other. Everybody knew circumstances. Hats off to drivers and crew chiefs. Nobody was selfish today. Everybody everybody looked out for each other, and that's that's a great feeling. As far as from my perspective, we pay these guys every week, honestly, to be selfish, take himself run as hard as they can and finish up as high as they can win as many races in everybody gave him take today. So that was. Very proud moment for Stewart Haas. That's Greg zip Adelie to be a little more formal. He is the team leader of Stewart, Haas racing. He's not an owner. We can't just call them by name like that. We have to give the full description. So if Tony's on we just call him Tony, I guess. Yeah, they were Jean or Jane. Yeah, that's true. What's wrong with zippy though? He's always been zippy. That's true. It's a pa- that one hundred forty nine races between Eric, all Merola wins, and he led only one lap the most important lap the name of this year program minus the weekly, the final app? Yeah, definitely. And so that's gonna done. He's had a lot of close calls this season anyway though. I mean he was knocking on the door including two weeks, good Dover. He had the thing won until caution, kind of group things back up. So it was really just a matter of time for your account Merola just saying, and he gets that that win in the ten car that danika Patrick was driving for so many years. Actually, the first thing out of my nine year old's mouth when Eric Merola took the checkered flag. Danika never won in the ten car. He's on it man on any cars. So good to see good to see that he was able to finally notch a win for that team and maybe a little job security there. Yeah, it moves on to the round of eight like you said, and you know, he's got playoff points in the back pocket now. So man, we might be talking about Eric Rolla being in the final four if he can make some magic happen in the next round of the playoffs. Well, and like you mentioned, it's not like it's a Talladega fluke or anything. He legitimately could've one Dover. So yeah, and there's been a few other aces this year where he was pretty strong hash shot as well. Sure, sure. Clinton boy is going to go on forever. So pull up a chair, grab a beverage, and here is second place Clint Boyer. I was happy for Eric. He had that race one last week and you know it was made. It drew brought out the caution. So I feel like he got a little redemption there, and it was happy that we finished second. I think it was second second. Second. As far as our day went, we needed to be a little bit better. But man, you can't say enough. I mean, I don't think you can ride enough about the job that everybody off did. Those cars were so fast. You know, I've, I've seen other guys other teams. Other organizations put that together before the hinder Gordon mutations been there before that gives cars have done that before. Do as our turn. You know what I mean? The Penske cars have done that before. We've finally got all four cars to the cream of the crop and my gosh, was it awesome. You know, to be able to work together like that we could hold on and they gets runs on you and everything else. But as long as you held your ground and stay disciplined and follow, it didn't end stayed in line. We prevail seemed like our car's not only we're fast. They handle good. At the end of the runs, we would. We would start stretching it out on them. The Pinski cars were the second best, and then the rest was Grayson for for whatever position. After that the, you know, are two Ford can't say enough about four performance, a job that everybody does their. A good day to be an afford. I mean, it's always you could say about that is a hell of a day to be an afford every time I looked into murals, he saw his blue ovals. And on what beverage did you get. I think it was very strong Losey. Now I want the opposite direction. I got a little lot. Okay, that's cool. Couple Mr.. Boyer can really, really talk. He did. He basically did the entire recap for the race, so we don't even need to be here. Yes, shows over. We'll see you next week. Thanks for taking our jobs to. I mean, like you don't have your own job. Checkered flags waving. This has been the final weekly, no way. Maybe we've got some more time to fill. We can still jaw for a while. Ricky Stenhouse junior there at number three, which it's not that surprising Talladega. No. I mean, you know, he's usually towards the front and he's usually wiping out lots cars. Did he do both those time? No, I don't think I think he was pretty clean, actually. Wow, weird. How did you that? I don't know Denny Hamlin there at number four, Joey Logano AJ almond Dinger with a rare top ten out of this plate track Jimmy Johnson with a mangled car. I don't know even how, how, how did he do that? Well, they even wondered that too on Twitter, he's put car was. Beat up like impotent poop emoji and then said, don't ohi. Got that. Give them a fish, but that's awesome. Eric Jones at number eight, Paul Menard and Regan Smith the super fill-in guy at number ten. I mean, Regan Smith has a top or an average finish way higher than what case came was getting the ninety five car. I'll know by next year he's being replaced by Amanda. Amanda. You have to wonder if you're Regan Smith, whatever we gotta do well, and that car is going to get a much needed boost from Joe Gibbs racing. Yeah, for sure. So the keys are going to be handed to Matt demented Eto and it's going to be a good situation. But man, Regan Smith is really proven a lot with the team in the disarray. It's curly in so you wonder what he would be able to do in a good team and good ride. You know, I don't think they have keys while they should. I think it's just a switch. The last I checked now anymore. She's little weird, old fashioned, nineteen fifties switch on the on the left side there. I actually had one of those one of my streetcars one time. Oh yeah. Yeah, it worked out well until guys don't realize. It's still on. But yeah, I did have a toggle switch to to start one of my car. So it's pretty cool actually was pretty awesome. Make it a button or something even like, you know, real cars are these days if feels like more powerful. When you flip that little toggle switch and the whole car starts? I've really, I didn't do much just flipped a little switch. It's kind of cool. Yeah. So easy to steal though. Now, if you lock it up, of course, most people don't know how to drive stick these days. So it actually might not be hard easy to steal. True plus not many people are looking for a little switch to starts the car. They can't just usually think it's a key maybe, but it doesn't it say on or admission or something? No, I had no indicator at all. It was just switch. All right. I knew what it was. Oh, you're talking about yours? I'm talking about in general, on a Stockton on the on the NASCAR race cars, they would have an ons which is because they don't wanna make the drivers think too much right. They wouldn't all have several switches for other things to several. It's like airplane in that thing now. It's pretty awesome. It's like every little thing. Could you figure all the switches if you were in behind the wheel, carry if they were labeled sure what if they weren't? Well, I would just keep switching until stuff happened. All the leaked out. That's awesome. There should oil leak switch now. So when you're in front of somebody, you don't like you just drop it all, and then they spin out and crash. We don't need that. We got five gallons anyway. Oh, Stewart house racing, we we kind of touched on this, but man, they ran one, two, three, four after they qualified that way too. I think, right. Yeah. And then they run this way and Dover for most races? Well, they took over the. I mean, they dominated the opening stage one. The stage pole-sitter Kurt Busch wanted actually outright and they had a very, very different strategy than we've seen in in years past. Yeah, they stayed single file and nobody could touch them most of the day. So that was pretty impressive. And in the end more of their guys ends up front, fuel issues, kinda doomed a few of the others though. Yeah, we got a loose lug nut on the two car. Lap forty one cent. Brad Kessler, Laos ski lap down. The forty eight got loose in the trial. Seems like he does that a lot hits the inside wall with a left front. Six races to go by the way for them to notch a win to keep that wind per year streak alive. Yeah. And for Kozlowski he has to get on the stick as well because he's outside the playoff contention right now if the if the race were to cut things off, currently, he would be outside the top eight. So last week you said he was safe going into tell begging, you really, I don't feel very nervous about him at all. He's still outside looking in? Yep. Yep, Yep. Blown right front tire for the forty two of Kyle. Larson making it a must win for Kansas and actually gets worse for him. We'll talk about that and news of the week later on in the show Stewart Haas racing led all, but two laps over the first two stages that's pretty astonishing, especially Talladega. This is a place where it's very hard to hold off other challenges, but like we were saying they just form that single file line between the team cars there and there's nobody can handle them. I don't know what the deal was. So the wreck with less than four laps to go involve the Eighty-eight of Alex Bowman. He's kind of toast. We'll run down the bubble drivers later as well twenty four of William Byron and others. Essentially, this broke up that huge. Lead that Stewart house racing had on the field, the four car, ten forty one in fourteen of course, and then you got cars running out of fuel, Kurt Busch being obviously the most vocal after the race. You know, why didn't they throw the caution? Why do they run an extra pace lab? He had all kinds of complaints. Yeah, he definitely did. I mean, you look at what happened in the truck series race the day before there was a last lap crash and before anybody came to a stop and tried to even run away, get going again, NASCAR already called the caution. So. When you look at that, it's kind of like, okay, well, why didn't they throw the yellow, but at the same time it's a Cup series. Race people pay a lot of money, your these things, and you wanna see the race in green if possible. And luckily nobody was hurt from that last lap crash. It looks like everybody's kind of rolling away to me in. So maybe that's what factored into. But you know, I don't know. I kind of see where he's coming from, but I also kind of see other up well, had they throw in the caution people will be complaining about that anyway. So you sure they would have heard that all week, man, Eric, Merola. Got screwed. Kurt has some funny neighbors. By the way somebody one of his neighbors left a fuel can on his property and said, we thought you could use this as pretty as pretty good, good stuff. Hey, up. Next we've got William Byron of the Hendrick motorsports krill and he and I chat next on w. off access paint driver by the way like us at Facebook dot com. Slash, they'll final lap. This is the final land weekly vinyl. Once again is William Byron. Welcome to the program. Yeah, thanks for having me. All right. So Cup cars have the emojis on the side of the cars. What are your thoughts? It's different. I mean. You know, unfortunately we don't get our own Moji, but it's it's pretty cool. I mean, different ideas. So applaud them for trying some. I mean, everything you guys do is posted the social media these days. So I guess a MC sense to promote it. Right? Yeah. I mean, social media's obviously a big part of of sports nowadays, and I feel like cow, I keep up with anything in the world going on, so it's cool to have that connection with Twitter and be able to promote that year on the cover with your teammates of NASCAR, heat, three, how all that come about? Really, I, I don't really know. I just was fortunate to be a part of it and have my name on there is is really cool. So I feel like it's a great honor. I used to play video games. That's really my background in racing, so it's cool to have that connection with the video game coming out and hopefully I can get a chance to play it soon. I was gonna say you haven't had a chance to see a pre release or anything like that? No, I think it came out last week, but I'll have to get my hands on it and try to play it some, but don't get a lot of time at home. So. Actually this week after a Monday race and back year Thursday. So hopefully next week I can get on there, is it odd seeing the twenty four car in that situation and going, hey, that's that's my car. Well, I think earlier in the year, yeah, it definitely was kind of surreal, but I've seen enough paint schemes and things on I racing and things that I play. So I get a chance to see kind of my car out there and people racing my paint scheme. So it's kind of neat, especially when I racing because I have people that race the truck that I raised and then the extremity car kind of keep those going. So it's cool. You still race on I racing. Oh yeah, for sure. I didn't get a chance to racist week, but I usually race on there once or twice a week. Just try to get my bearings and everything trying to get ready for the weekend coming up. So I felt it's pretty helpful. Do they know it's you? Yeah. Yeah, that's my name. So I have a have a reputation. So yes, it's it's fun. I enjoy it. It's a good chance to get on there and race. And I feel like I think I won my last couple of races on. So that's always it. Is it a good reputation? I hope, yeah, I think so. I mean, people always talk about my racing out here and wish me luck and everything like that. So it's good. And then sometimes you know, you have races on there that really competitive, and it's fun to. There's some guys on there that are really good, so it's it's a good way to get your acclamation everything and kind of see who's racing out there. I notice on Twitter. You're very excited that the NFL season started. Oh, for sure. Yeah. I'm a big Panthers fan. I'm trying to get a helmet, maybe paying it for for the panther season and hopefully do that. But outside of that, I think just try to support them as much like I got a chance to watch the game last week in Indy one way rained out. So that was cool. Won't get a chance to watch this one, but hopefully we can go to couple in December. Is there anything the NFL does that you might wanna see NASCAR bring over. I don't know. I feel like they do really good job with the way that they promote the games and the professionalism that they do it with. I think they kind of stick to what they've always done, whether because they know it's good, but also because that's how they do things, they don't really change a lot. So I think that's something to be learned from that. And they're not afraid to really trying to tell it, like it is. I feel like the players are pretty vocal, which is which is good. You know, they kind of know where they stand and things like that. So it's, they're always competitive and I played football a little bit. So I always enjoy watching. Would you play what position I played linebacker. So I was a little bit bigger when I was in eighth or ninth grade than I am now, but it was fun. Bigger, wider. No, I was just okay. I was shrunk for my age group. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. With Casey, Cain, sitting out a few races, there's a focus on dehydration and stuff like that. When how soon in the week do you start getting ready for a race weekend? I mean, I don't feel like I really drink anything, but water during the week. I kind of maybe drink some other stuff sometimes, but I really just start drinking water. You know, the day after I race and then maybe on Tuesdays, I'm not as sensitive to eter or focused on it. But then by Wednesday, I'm starting to drink against. I feel like it's a fluid process just like keeping yourself acclimated trying to get good things in your body so that it's not going to be detrimental on the weekend. So I feel like it's different for everybody, but I try to at least try to hydrate. Well, I don't think I eat that well, but I at least try to hydrate and be ready for that. How much do you think you lose throughout the course of a race in pounds? Probably five or six pounds. I mean, it seems like after the off week I weighed like I dunno one forty, five. And then the next week I weighed one forty one right after the off week, one race. And then this week I weighed and I was like less than. That so think it just kind of shows over the weeks. It just kind of get back to your base way, I guess. And I feel like that's where maybe somebody like Casey is hard to keep that weight on. And then if you don't, then it's just difficult your body can't keep up. So looking ahead, what are the goals? I guess, for the final ten races of the year. I mean for us, we were obviously not in the playoffs, but I feel like we're gonna try to approach it and be very solid in the next ten races. There's lot for us as a team first year together that we can learn and and we expect to be in this position next year. So I think the biggest thing is we're going to try to go out there and and really treat it like like we're in it and try to average a certain position and build a run run well, so. I think with that in mind, we should have a pretty good game plan. A couple of curve balls on the schedule. First of all, the the Roble at Charlotte, what are your thoughts? I mean, it'll be a tough challenge, but I think it'll be. Some all ready for at this point. And hopefully we can just keep all four tires on it. The whole race. It's funny you say that because I mean the road courses, sonoma's Watkins, Glen, it seems hard enough to keep the car on the track. This one seems even tighter. Yeah, definitely. Those row courses are made to run and made for our cars and this row courses kind of made for kind of a parking lot. So we'll see. But it'll be exciting for the fans. I've talked to a couple of fans and people around Charlotte that are like him going to sit here because I know this is where the wrecks are going to be, so it'll be exciting for them. Phoenix I'm excited as a media member to see the infield and all the renovations and the new media center and stuff like that. But you guys the start finish line moved on you? Yeah, I didn't even think about that. But yeah, that that track will be a little different for the restarts and things. But yeah, like Phoenix and then trying to think homesteads always fun in martinsville's pretty cool too. So there's a couple really cool tracks. Okay. So a couple of years in the future, your big time superstar, NASCAR driver Hollywood comes knocking and they want to make a movie about you. Which actor do you wanna play? You. Sounds good. This Tom Hanks he's pretty. He's pretty good actor. He's made. He's kind of older than me, but maybe maybe they can, you know, put some makeup on them or something. All right. Thanks so much for the time, William Byron. Good luck this weekend. Thank you. Create it. Mike us at Facebook dot com. Slash the final lap like us. Don't find a let weeklies back. Here's your host, carry Murphy and Toby. Christie, just a couple of guys talking racing. Welcome back to the final quickly. My name is Kerry Murphy him along time. NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things. The final lap are co host where the show is Toby, Christie NASCAR editor from the final app dot com and social media director from all things at the final lap. How'd like that? William Byron, sit down, you know, that was pretty strong for Kerry Murphy interview. That's pretty good. They got some interesting news about you and William Byron later on me, man Byron, well. It's both related your your heads are involved. Okay. I'm gonna have to stay tuned for this. I don't know this. Yeah, free. Interesting. So even Toby doesn't know what's going on. I don't know my own breaking news, so let's get into the regular news of the week. So we're gonna have to go ahead and cue that music. That was pretty smooth. He did that little cash this week again. Yeah. Doing doing the cash? Yeah. Kyle Larson's forty two car team and whatnot. The received an l one penalty or fixing up their race car at Talladega with something other than original body parts and fasteners tape. As a result, Kyle loses ten driver points. Karchi has been suspended. He's gone toast kerchief. Chad Johnston is fine. Twenty five k. and this hurts. Kyle is now thirty six points below the cutoff line heading into this weekend. Yeah, but I mean, really they was a must win regardless before that I've been twenty six points back is still a pretty insurmountable lead. When you have other people in front of you have to leapfrog over just to be the first guy on on the outside looking in. So right. I really think it was a must win anyway. And I don't think it really changed the mentality of the team very much, but it does make any kind of way of pointing your way in much harder for sure. So if he is going to have a rough time, we're going to have to talk about some of these other drivers. Let's talk about that. The top eight heading into Kansas. This weekend, these guy. Guys up top here are pretty well locked in. Obviously, Eric Merola has got to win in this segment. Chase Elliott has a win in this. Is it segments? What is it stages or? No, it's not a stage because that's in the race round. Yes, that's the one they are rounds Kevin Harvick at number three. There is sixty three points to the good. Is he safe? I think he's pretty well safe. Even though he's had some hiccups here lately. I feel like he's pretty good going down the list. Now we got to cow. Bushy is forty six to the good Joey Logano thirty nine to the good Kurt Busch thirty above the cutoff line, Clint Bowyer Twenty-one above the cutoff line and Martin tricks junior is eighteen above the cutoff line who would have thought are insures junior would be in this kind of situation where he might be the guy where something happens Sunday at Kansas that he would be on the outside looking in and could be missing the next round of the playoffs. That would just be wild. Well, the good news is he does pretty well a Kansas. Now he does. I think he's one two of the last three or something. They're only one all last year, so. So there you go. He wipe that out. Pretty good there. So that bodes well form a Larson's also been very good at Kansas in the last few years. So this'll be an interesting matchup is so looking at those bubble drivers heading into the elimination race this weekend for the Cup series, Martin tricks, junior, as we discussed eighteen points to the good, they're in eighth place. But on the outside looking in, like you mentioned at the top of the show, Brad Keselowski is now in ninth, then you got Ryan Blaney twenty two points back. Kyle, Larson now thirty six points back and Alex Bowman. Just a massive sixty eight points behind the cutoff line. He basically has to put the Eighty-eight car in victory lane over sure. And that's the only way he's gonna be able to advance, but what a what a difference? A few weeks we were just talking about a few weeks ago. Keselowski has got this thing on lock down what he went three in a row, right? He was he was, you know, working his way into the the big three as in. And now here he is. He's outside the top eight, we're, we're struggling to get him to the next round. So this this thing changes, so fast sport changes, so fast. You don't know what's going to happen from week to week, and that's just a pretty good example that I think even Larson was one of our big drivers. Yeah, and one year this year, but he's kind of the guy that was always in the first when those guys were coming up through there for the win. And now he's he's struggling as well. So we're seeing a lot of ebbs and flows as far as who's the top dog and who's who's really fast all of a sudden, well. I mean, it works kind of like musical chairs, and there's not room for everybody knows that and you start looking at the names are loftland. Those are all pretty good drivers. Any one of those guys could win a championship and some of them aren't going to be able to have that opportunity. All right. So Kansas, this weekend is an elimination race, so they're going to have to work it all out this weekend. Yeah. In the last thing you want in a race like this and elimination races, any kind of mechanical failure, you wanted to be settled on the track. If you're going to be knocked out, you want to go down swinging. You don't want to have a blown motor or any kind of weird mechanic failure for sure. So Kansas opened in two thousand one. It's bad fast. One point five mile oval. It's in the top ten of the fastest race tracks. There's not too many tracks anyway. So making that list is not that big of a deal. Drivers have to dodge rows and rows of wheat and corn growing right there in the race track inside those weeper. They're coming up above the track and. Okay. Well, that might not be true. Well, just, you know. Zeros, Asians always make for each location and there. Great, that's good. I mean, there's tornadoes and Dorothy and red slippers, and which is right. Didn't danika hit a slipper on a track. One time was that a slipper was a slipper or a shoe or something that is weird. I wonder if it was red, don't think so. We mentioned it's a one and a half mile oval banking interns. One and two. I don't know where three and four went, but seventeen to twenty degrees in those particular turns and we don't have three and four. I don't know why they don't exist. I don't know what happened. The joys of copy and paste, isn't that great. We could go look. But this isn't an ear. This is way funnier. I'm sure they're the same. They could be but maybe not Darlington's dot. So I think these ones are all right, but I don't wanna look. I think it's funnier this way. Just let them wonder. Yeah, you guess figuring out for yourself. So you tell us what they are front stretches twenty six hundred eighty five feet backstretch twenty two zero seven. So no, we're even close to equidistant no two hundred sixty seven laps or four hundred miles stages. I hope they're like last year. So that'd be eighty one sixty two sixty. Seven. That sounds dry. I remember being a weird thing like that because it's like eighty one sixty two sixty. One of weird last stage amount of laps there to sixty seven's weird. Why would they change it? So hopefully it's the same as last year. Yeah. Again we could easily just go type it up and find out, but it's good enough for us. Yeah, that sounds good enough. I mean it's close. Yeah. Last year's worth of this race carry. As we alluded to earlier. Martin tricks, junior, and like we said earlier, he actually won both of them winter. The may race this year was Kevin Harvick, and you can check out all the action from Kansas speedway Sunday at two thirty pm eastern on NBC ding, ding, ding, they're putting it on the the big network. This hour could I guess, because it's an limitation race. Is that right? So people can actually watch. Yeah. I mean, that's what we kind of want, right. You would think you would think. I always feel that way using the app lately instead of regular means, and it's been good. It's pretty nice isn't it is and they've got other TV angles and other stuff. So like go to the grocery store and watch it while you're waiting behind couponers and stuff. Yup. Yup. You could throw it on. I have a little magnet, theon my car, although you're not supposed to do that. So yeah, it goes everywhere now it's great. It's awesome. Technology is great. I remember when I started on the internet, we had to be tethered to a desk in a phone line and made weird sounds to get on the internet and. Yeah, and you had to save everything to a floppy drive? Well, I was a little beyond that, but yeah, those those are such a beating weren't they? The internet crashed like every ten minutes you had to reboot the whole computer or those floppy drives like eight megabytes or something. No, one point four was the original sloppy Senate man such a beating one point, four megabyte. You take a picture with your phone now and it's, you know, eight to fifteen megabytes. MS is crazy. Yeah, that's that's where the internet started folks. And now, of course, we've got our thermostats and webcams and refrigerators and all kinds of stuff online. Yeah, for sure. That's crazy stuff. Drivers killing at Kansas hall. I did a new one there. I saw what you do. That's great. That's awesome. Oh. Was that a parrot melt? That was my child? Oh, sounded like a parrot. My want to check on that. Kevin. Harvick has three wins at Kansas eight top fives, fourteen top tens, four polls and an average finish of eight dot one. How about Mr.? Kabushiki one about them still sound so excited. Is the straight check, five top fives, nine top tens, an average finish of sixteenth about what about him. That's better. What about him? Maybe that sounds different? Just insert it on your own leisure time. If if you'd like to at home join, Gano has to win seven top five, seven top tens knows that right. Fives and tens. Yep. And Opole average finish. Oh, that's not good eighteen point one. That's not what she want to see. But we do have one of those Stewart Haas racing guys here up next about Kurt Busch. What am I getting them? Both the Bush brothers. I don't know you plan that, but he's got three top fives here. Nine top tens on a poll average finish of fifteenth. That's eighth best, Eric, all Merola last week's winner and our winner spotlight in mere moments driver the ten car, put it in victory lane that Danny never did. He has tens at Kansas average fetish. Well, that's not good either nineteen point eight, but he's been in sub par equipment before and he did almost win race a Kansas for Richard pay motorsports back in the day, I believe, but this is also the track where he got hurt. So, yeah, I was gonna, say, broke his back. There too. So it's kind of a hit or miss literally Clem Boyer the last of the Stewart Haas racing guys here? Yes, to top five. Six top tens of average of sixteen point. Seven. And he's a hometown guy, right? Well, every track is Martin shrinks. Judy. Tag Heuer Clinton. Thanks. Yes, pretty funny. And actually is clint's home track and and Carl Edwards, if he were still with us. I mean, he's not dead. It's solely sound like. Still in the sports? Well, we know he might be dead. We haven't heard from him in a long time. That's true. It's it's closing in on a year, probably right. Hikes may miss him. I miss him. He was a good guy. Haines come back. Okay. So Martin's rakes junior, probably is, is home track, has everything seems to be it's it's close to Denver rights. I mean closer than the other tracks. Two wins. They're seven, top fives. Eight top tends to polls. Average finish a fourteen to dot for the sport's most popular driver chase Elliott is next on this list, and he has a top five top tens and average fish shift. Seventeen. All right. So there you have the top eight drivers, and let's let's hear from last week's winner. Shall we Eric Merola? And he is for reasons he's going to explain is really looking forward to this weekend. I'm tired without going to Kansas next week. It's going to be is going to be fun. We're gonna go there with no pressure at all, and one thing on our mind and and that's to go win to try and get stage points and bonus points and get ready for that round of eight. And so for us, I think that's that's our mindset and that's that's a, that's a really fun mindset that I have never experienced in my entire career. I've always went to the racetrack every single weekend anxious and in focused and concentrated and nervous about what. What if and I hope we run good and I hope we have a shot to win and this weekend at Kansas for us. Nothing really else matters other than going there to win and how his twenty eighteen met Eric, all Merola expectations for the team. I went into this year feeling like if we can just run top fifteen and be consistent and and not make any mistakes all year long, we could maybe make the playoffs. And that was the goal for us. I felt like I was letting our team down in our organization down because they kept giving me fast race cars week after week after week, and we weren't able to win. So today is gratifying. And today I feel like I finally gave Stewart Haas racing and all the guys on the Smithfield team, what they deserve. Weekly getting you ready for this weekend's. My name's Gary Murphy. His name is Toby. Christie, we call this entire program, the final lap weekly, and we kick things off with our driver spotlight, Bubba Wallace talking about the changes coming to NASCAR in two thousand nine hundred and good thing. He's doing it because we haven't gotten around to it yet. Well, I think the change is going into next season is going to be interesting. I mean, yeah, we got a taste of it at the all star weekend. We ran really strong with I, it made it seem kinda easy. And so I think NASCAR, they definitely took that into initiative. We had the meeting we had for the Rover weekend with Donal and Phelps and Ben Kennedy was in there. You know, we expressed our concerns about that. And I said, you know, I don't know if I made a LeBron reference again, but I said it's just it's not your not. Your doesn't like your league status being at the Cup level. And they said they said, we understand that hundred percent. So you know, the biggest thing that stood out stood out to me a lot of things stood out if it's not the right way, they can scrap it as easy. Easy fix could scrap it and go to something else. So it's not like we're sentenced don't. We can get through two races and it's not a ticket. We'll go back to. I don't know if we'll go back to what we have this year or try something totally different, but you know, hats off to them for for trying something different. I mean, look at the stat that because allows ski bro. I keep referencing this, but he wrote since twenty sixteen. He was the first driver to win Malone ass when you want to write this year since Harvick and true ex and Kabua's. So catching up some bubble walla's on he's talking about his goals and what a curveball, like a health situation from Casey. Cain might present to a driver no matter what comes out. She got to be able to persevere, but when it's stuff like that stuff, you can't help kudos to him for sticking up for his health and not being selfish. Now it'd be selfish about it and we want to drive and and you don't know where you'd end up at the the long end of that road. So I hate it for Casey. I enjoyed racing around and racing with them and Bubba had a recent birthday. And of course he did things upright as Bob always does been really know what we wanted to do her night. We don't really go all out for birthdays you know, I ask quarter of century two, five on she just of what about nineties party. And I'm like, sure. Why not? You know, she created the invitation Senate out, I think twenty five percent of those people read the. Imitation that said, bring your best nineties outfit. And then I had to text everybody else. Why? Hey, to make sure they're coming, you know, hey, you come in, you got your nineties outfit and they're like, oh yeah, but also actually surprised at how many people participated in the nineties theme we had to swear as it was like, this is what happens when you just click yes and no read the invitation. He just came and regular street clothes. He's still had a good time, but all in all great night long night. I think it was three AM four AM I don't know. We brought it in. Right. All right. Thanks to bubble Wallace Rabin our driver spotlight as well as Eric Merola and our special guest one on one interview with William Byron earlier on in the program. If you've gotten to this point in the show, you probably should have heard it already, but if not realistic, it's good. It is. It's it's actually pretty and carries the one who interviewed him. So the fact I'm saying that really shows you it was right, right. And you and he have something in common, right? I was waiting on this news story. So what we have in common go. Your heads are going to fill something that were made in the same place. Okay. I'm guessing you're leading to the helmets. Is that what's going on? Yeah, you sent me a text and Greg stump from off axis paint right axis. I got it. Right is fixing you up a helmet and all my gosh, it's spiff is back man. It looks awesome. I can't wait to show when this things done, but Greg and his guys over there are just killing it looks awesome. Ain't gonna use those thing for you drive your streetcar with it? Yeah. I mean, why not? I mean, I get pulled over the cops, maybe the laugh and let me go drive it around Dallas with that. That'd be awesome. That would be pretty cool. So how this is related is you sent me a picture a couple of weeks ago which we actually put on the website, so the cat's kind of out of the bag. But anyway, your helmet in the early stages of creation was in the same drying room. It looked like as William Byron's helmet. Yeah. I mean, it was among like, you know, the brash laundry Evers of NASCAR and like my helmets Fratton is. There's that's pretty cool. It was pretty awesome to see the the final app logo there and Toby, Christie, and you're at your Twitter handle there, and it looks really does look amazing. It does. So the final products can be awesome. I can't wait to show all the listeners. I'm sure we'll be posting it up on the website and Facebook and and whatnot. But yeah, Greg, and the guys have done amazing job. So seriously, you're gonna show up at the go kart track with that thing out. And the other guys will be like, oh my gosh, this guy means business, right? And then just stuff in the wall. Mainly he's got like a fifteen thousand dollar helmet. Fifteen thousand dollar helmet keeps going up by the way as you and I talk well, yeah, because every time he sends me a picture, it looks more and more fancy. So right. Can't be cheap. No, there's no way not to venture the labor in the fancy nece and everything. No, I'm hoping since we're buddies cut me a dealer or something. I'm not sure what's going on. I think it's funny that he's just started making this you guys have it discussed any terms. There's no terms. We just kinda do. Okay. So they're gonna hold this helmet hostage until you. You pay him some funds. Yeah. So I mean, it's kind of like, you know, I've done like graphics and stuff for a website and stuff and before and not told you what was going on there right here. So it's kind of same thing. It's just just do, oh, you're expecting me to pay you for that now someday hopefully I didn't know that. I just come back with your with with what you show me and go good job. Thanks. Hey, can we ask you this a little bit? Right? Didn't know supposed to pay for it. That's funny. This helmet on the website. Can't we have some sort of logo or something I would imagine. So I mean it scar logos all over. It's so how many times in the next five years do we have to say off access paint on the show what we've already said that probably about thousand times this year. So think we're in good shape. I think we'll be all right. Not that that would actually even help him. I mean, his clientele kind of ready know about him. They never know, man, there might be some upcoming race car driver currently, who's the next Jimmy Johnson that's listening to the final weekly right now going when I get to the big times, I'm gonna ease off Xs paint. Well, the funny thing about Greg is he started with the lower guys and now those guys are doing really well. Right? And now it makes his company look great. Yeah. Oh, by the way you still I'm sure you listen to the interview last week, Kerry, right? Yeah, of course, we've still got the whole. Wow. Okay. Who's got the Throwdown between you and JJ Lee and go karts. So we need to happen, right? Yeah, that's that's. I'm gonna need a helmet for that. He's from your neck of the woods, isn't he? I think now Phoenix isn't he right. Okay. Yeah, you're right. Pretty close. Come on, find some common ground. I don't think so. Well, that does for this show, the checkered flag is flying. This has been the final AP weekly catches sex week right here when we will recap the racing at Kansas and go to the little Eddie Benny track. We like to go martinsville. That's so cute. All the stories in between Toby, you and I will chat next week. We will man. That's going to be a good time. Awesome. So rap. Another final lap weekly is in the books. The final AP weekly is hosted by Kerry Murphy along with Toby. Christie proudly syndicated by United stations, radio networks in New York City city executive producer, Kerry Murphy, Kerry Murphy sow designed by Russell Nash at audio director dot audio. I'm Tom mode, Tombo dot com. Thanks for listening. Tell superspeedway here. I'm just going to sit here in the winter and get snowed on if they get snow there. I don't know time now for our giant list of patriarch on, you're, you're, you're, you're, you're, you're, you're in. You're, you're, you're you're, you're, you're, you're Pol. Yeah, man, we've got some awesome. Awesome. Patriot members. We've got Mike, Mike, Scott, eight Hamilton, we still, oh, you sticker. We just relocated and my wife's the one who makes his ticker salary coming soon. Don't worry pal. We've also got a Alex Taylor. We've got Chris Edwards, longtime listener, Nick read. He's been here while as well. Scottclark Derek Gibbs. He's amazing. I like Derek Gibbs a lot. He's one of our favorite listeners. The show. Thomas comfort is in there as well about Tom Tom Anaheim. He's been around since probably the beginning of time. I think before Matt Kenseth was even a driver. No comment from carry. That's cool. I'll continue on about. We've also got a hang on one second. Here we've got some more Justin campus. I can't forget him. He's going to Kansas this week, I believe, and I think he's going to be rooting for Kyle. Larson the pull out a victory. So hopefully that happens. Joe Nolf is also here as well. He's our first ever patriot member. And then of course, Charles k Miller. Longtime listener, the show you guys are awesome. We appreciate everything you do for us become a patriotic member patriot dot com. Slash the final app.

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