TSP082 - Digging Words: BRAGGADOCIO - Bigger, yet often smaller, than life.


By the way, that is a trademark of all individuals in those positions repetition. Very simple phrases. Yeah. In the hallmark of the braggadocio is they never admit that they're wrong can't be wrong. Then you disabled Salinas, one of the things was whenever wrong. I never wrong wrong. But those were posted all over the nation. Number bay. You're listening to the podcast perspectives on art and technology with Peter Noce, and Harry pose ner. Episode. Eighty eighty-two digging words braggadocio bigger yet often smaller than life. You probably think this song is. So. Jeez. Safey Cleveland lobby very that was one of Mussalini orations during World War Two which reminded me of something when I was in school. I can't remember if it was junior high high school, I'm not sure, but I heard this little bit about Mussalini Hitler, which just for fun. Do this right now? Wissel while you work. Hitler is a jerk. Mussalini bid his weenie. Now, it doesn't squirt. All kidding aside. Amazed sounded funny, then but it certainly was not funny when it was happening. Yeah. I love it. I mean, those are two of my favorite people in the whole world. Yeah. Good ole eight off Benito adore foreign Benito. Bonito who in our show today are going to be known as full of Baraga does CEO. So what to another addition of digging words in our word today, as we just said is braggadocio, and why braggadocio well, first of all it sounds cool to say it. It sounds very Italian. Isn't it? How do you say it in the talian chill, but I got chill. And of course, it's not a talion at all. No. It's not just the talian ask Italian Esquerre talion eight day in the business. Yeah. Yeah. And it was a word invented by British writer, Edmund Spenser that he included in his play called the ferry Queen which was written in fifteen. Ninety or thereabouts. Shakespeare, invented Italian sounding names, if you remember the character Petra Chio in the taming of the shrew made up talion eight and of name so braggadocio was a character actually in Edmund Spenser's, play or poem thing. It's sometimes called a poem. And he was a kind of vainglorious character who pretended to be a night this night gang of takes his place. And Joe was interesting because the night Joan was supposed to be someone who was Knight of temperance where nothing too much Royce. Logano execs nothing in excess and here is this guy braggadocio GIO or braggadocio in the original. Actually, h h he takes the place of this night of temperance. So it's very interesting braggadocio means basically full of himself or herself right of braggart. Blustering and often a liar to same time. The old CIO literally means largest. Yeah. Large bragging Mesa as braggadocio. They can also mean Osceola can also mean idle, so I'd UIL bragging ragging about meeting meaningless bragging. Yeah. But nothing particular. It's not used that often. Nobody does have a certain impact. Yeah. It's a kind of way of saying braggart that is full of braggadocio. Sort of saying braggart using but I also rescue perfect word to describe. But you know, Mussalini. Yeah. It's kind of a caricature of itself the way Mussalini was kind of a character himself talked to me about Mussalini his braggadocio. If you've ever watched any films of him, you has specific posture which humilated a few times already with his hands right now. Just out. Yeah. I mean, this guy was one meter sixty nine centimeters or about five foot seven, and he stood there. Like, he was eight feet tall. I feel eight feet tall doing this. Feels good anyway, carry on this whole persona was like puffed up bird. If you've ever watched him on videos and his aspirants were similarly based actually believing that he could reconstruct the Roman empire. Oh, really that was at the base of his thinking that sounds familiar make room. Great again make. Okay. Okay. Some of the things that Benito said, well, one of the things associated with Benito, which was interesting. There was a slogan that was widely used in Italy at the time of his power. And of course, as power really came after it was appointed prime minister by the king back in nineteen twenty two, but one of the very common posters that were seeing all around the country was this slogan and also to you in Italian for some then I'll give you the translation the slogan was due Jay, which can meter Duke or leader, he'll do a centra Rajoana, which means literally translated Mussalini is always right. Know, if that's not the bread dose, your brag adult Johari want to say, I don't know. What is holy moly? But those another quote there that was really kinda cool. Well, there's a few of them, actually. For me. The is for slogans this one this is what he wanted as an appetite on his tomb here. Lies one of the most intelligent animals who ever appeared on the face of the earth. Think about this him Hitler's bluster making Germany, Great again on stuff styling the thing that they have in common is it. It's very theatrical. It's very Shakespearian. It's Julius Caesar. And interestingly enough, the braggers the one with full of braggadocio is a stock character from Italy's committee Adela day, ROY and that characters name was ill copied Tano, the captain, and he was the prototype of pretentious. But cowardly military man, one of the earliest of the committee characters, and he was a descendant of the meanness glorious the braggart soldier of ancient Roman comedy. So this is the character in committee. They'll Arctic based upon ancient Rome and people like Mussalini popping up saying we're going to bring back the glory of grandeur and here he is just basically a Cup tunnel in the flesh comical and torrential at the same time. Yeah. We'll come. In retrospect, I don't know if people were laughing at the time some Italians at the time thought, he was ludicrous. A lot of people supported him simply again, very similar to what's happening today. Complete lost faith in the democratic process in political parties and looking for the hero to raise them out of the dumps out of economic depression in Italy, you had additional things the thing that Mussalini, for example, was noted for the two things one was they say that for the first time the trains ran on time is noted for a lack of punctuality many facets of life. But also one thing that perhaps a lot of people don't know is that Italy has an inherent problem with the mafia or tad over decades, of course. And apparently when Mussolini was in power that was really knocked down due to martial law and so on so it was really reduced. Lease its power was reduced. While he was in power. But interestingly enough, the image of the dawn is someone who keeps it under wraps. They're not a braggadocio in many ways, right reversal. There of what braggadocio is supposed to be about the old school ones were yet. If you take someone like John Gotti and the eighties nineties he was the exact opposite. He went around and flashy suits made the press all the time. So he had a lot of Braga those when I was in Japan in Kyoto's, I recall we used to see these guys in Gucci suits coming out of very expensive cars pulling their cell phones out doing business on the street. And they were clearly yakuza Japanese version of the mafi of road, and they were fully puffed up and out there and not hiding it. All they're proud of who they were which is really interesting to see the other interesting thing is braggadocio is the place. Located in Missouri of all places, Wes. Yup. That town was hit by a tornado in two thousand six apparently it was founded about eighteen forty seven this town or township and the post offices called breglio. It's been in operation since eighteen eighty one and some say the community was so named on account of a large share of the early settlers being braggart s- one idea and others believe the name is in amalgamating of brag and Dulcie. Oh, the respect of surnames and given name of a local husband and wife. Okay. So interesting that there is an actual place that was called. But I also is called brecca those in Missouri. All plays. Bucks locks. So what's your story? People say, I'm cool. See talked too much, but they must have pity on me is hard to be humble when his grade is. Many was telling the truth. He would just talk it back. It up good. You know, what are we gonna do? You wrote lack of part of flying. If a person's reputation is not so generous bragging can help by providing information that the person has behaved generously. But if a person's reputation has already generous than bragging doesn't provide any new information, it only signals that the motive is impure that the motive is to improve one's reputation. Nobody loves the bible. There's nobody that respects women more than I do. Nobody bills better than me under says, but me nobody can do it like, which is why I alone can fix it. I know words, I had the best words like miss more person. A lot of people think that I'll be the best jobs by I will be the greatest that God created believe me. Bucks the whole idea of the Christian Protestant ideal. Humility road, basically says a braggadocio someone who's has braggadocio is really puffing themselves up and the idea that Christian idealised to be humble road. And so we look upon that kind of person as era Ghent egotistical, we call kinds of names full of themselves cetera et cetera. But there are lots of places in modern society where you see braggadocio every day road, and you wouldn't give it the same kind of heaviness or negative connotation. In fact, you expect it e Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ali great example, going back a little bit. He came along. And people went holy crow. This guy is like a braggart a big time. Right. What are ego because he gets his on the grain is our said that even before our new awards. Interesting. You say that because for some reason I never saw him that way I never saw his ragging as threatening. It was more theatrical more jovial more poking fun at and he was bringing a certain art born into boxing, I thought. Yeah. Wrestle with alligators of tussle with way, don't handcuff lightning in thrown in jail. He also said brag. When a person says something can do it. I do what I say. And that's a very important distinction. Typically, a braggadocio someone braggart says something and there's a li- involved in there. They're not as good as they say, they are only not as good oftentimes, they don't do what they say, exactly. But Monsieur Li he did everything he was going to say including telling you what round knock somebody out in exactly exactly Conor McGregor in the UFC is kind of a braggart type as well. Big time where he's saying. I am the best there ever was in UFC. It would be nothing without me. He so puffed up that people love to hate him. But they also recognize he's a very talented fighter in the ring. Right. But I would make the stink Shinsei between him and Ali. Yeah. It wasn't just the word was how he presented himself. He was our tick Hewlett. Yep. And also happen to be a nice looking beautiful looking guy. And so all of it. There was. A sense of feeling about him. Not just through his words by McGregor apart from the fact that he can back up a lot of what he says he doesn't have that same kind of what I would call finesse. Yeah. In fact, Floyd Mayweather was forty nine oh already nine victories. No losses credible and to hick McGregor from different sporting area that a boxer at all saying I'm going to beat this guy. I'm good enough to beat this guy. I mean, that's braggadocio big time. It's also press great press. But he couldn't back it up. Braggadocios interesting too because it's all about in a way self esteem, Milton yourself esteem up to the point where you just think you're the greatest thing since chop liver, and in the last I don't know how many years thirty years or so in education, for example, there's been a kind of a real switch in how students are approached terms of their esteem levels and marks and that sort of thing when I was a kid if you gotta do you gotta d- motza, and you knew that was subpar nowadays, you're not giving a kid a D so much. In fact, they've even taken marking out of the scenario altogether. And now you're putting comments like we've got challenges in this area. So you're challenged. You're not subpar your challenge. So changing the wording Chirs, well, why to build up the self esteem of the student which is? Interesting. It's basically saying build on your Bragado CEO you need to look at yourself as being successful manufacturer. Yeah. Manufacturing success through psychological means during your education me, just got an interesting thing. So from this Christian Protestant be humble to you're good. You're a success. And don't you forget that it's like the motivational tape. So while we're on the subject, what's your view on that either somewhere in between the proper place? Well, yeah, you're the middle guy. You like the middle zone. We'll talk about that middle zone. We'll with that little the middle zone would be more of be realistic. First of all, it's okay to be subpar. So part of Mesnier about person just means you've got to improve on what you're doing. So that you could word it in a different way. You could just say, it's not satisfactory. But it can be improved on you have to say your failure. Yep. But at the same time, you're giving them a realistic view of what's happening. Whereas the other one is kind of sugar coat. A bit and saying none of it matters. It matters. It's just that. You don't want to put someone down. You just want to say it can be improved. And that's that. Because I think doing it the other extreme where you know, sugar coating things, you also create a false sense of things, and it's transforming our entire society. Look at what we accept in our leaders now. Sure training a mini Mussolini's who go up to be Donald Trump's who saying we're gonna make America great again, which is just an echo of Mussalini said in Italy. And by the way, that is a trademark of all individuals in those positions repetition. Very simple phrases. Yeah. In the hallmark of the braggadocio is they never admit that they're wrong. Can't be wrong. Then you say misleading. Things was never wrong. I never run the wrong. But those were posted all over the nation. Right. Exactly. So I'd love to have that. I'd like to have my picture on a poster saying this guy is never wrong and have. All over the damn world. But it can happen. Interestingly enough from an article by Kenzi Kupa writer, quote, it has long been observed that western adults and Americans in particular privilege, the individual over the group, we give our children unique names, we've put them in bedrooms of their own. We emphasize their atonomy and needs people in many other societies most famously in East Asia have historically privileged the collective instead. But western-style individualism is gaining a foothold even in the east. Japanese people have started giving their children unique names. For example. A recent analysis of seventy eight countries found that over the past half century markers of individualism have increased in the majority of these countries. So it's telling you the rise of individualism the American dream that whole paradigm has really produced blowhards braggadocio big time in the US as we said before it's. Expected and entertainment. This is the greatest singer in the world. This is the greatest comic you'll ever hear which to me is creating false idols. Yeah. Even sports look at the Olympics winning the Olympics is something that country's brag about you. Get fifty gold medals you brag about it. You don't hold back. Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with praising good work or successes or winning. Yeah. What I think there's an inherent problem when that becomes the thing. Should it should not be at the expense of everyone around you. Because even the most successful people were helped by a lot of people along the way. Especially in things. Like, you mentioned sports sport is a perfect example champion, albeit all his talent and hard work. There's a chain of people that are connected with that success realistic about it. Exactly full. You know that you never successful on your. Oh, you're always standing on the show those who came before you and building on that. But the braggadocio doesn't care about history. Really, it only cares about me me me right on the other problem with that is you can be very successful. And do something very very well. But acknowledged that you're also privileged and you could use that to help others as well. So I don't think there's a problem with being an individual. I think the problem comes when the individual is at the expense of everything and everyone else, but that's the nature of the way. It is now that the individual does take precedence over the group America is deathly afraid of the word socialism. If you say. The word socialism their bones. Start shaking they feel the ground beneath them start to rumble like this earthquake about to happen. There was a documentary that I watched where they were interviewing people in Denmark because Denmark, typically, your after years, always among the top two or three countries where they say people are happiest that's right. The spy paying the highest or one of the highest taxes in the world. And so I think Oprah went over there. Did it this series of interviews with a few of these? Danish women, and when they teleconference on one of her shows, they had these two Danish women and Oprah brought up the issue of the word socialism, and one of the Danish women gave a perfect reply in my opinion. She said, well, we understand that you referred to it as socialism, but we like to think of it as civilized. Which I thought was an interesting, comment course, it's how you paint things. Exactly. Right. And the braggadocio paints things in the way, they want people to perceive it, even if it isn't true. Classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen in the fairytale is the emperor's new clothes Vert story where these two swindlers come into town. They know into town and they figure out a way of stealing money from the court. What they do is. They say that they're master weavers, and they create this magical almost invisible clothing. And of course, the king gets wind says I have to have that since he's obsessed with his clothing apparently in his looks. He's braggadocio, Michael. I look good. So he commissions these swindlers to create an outfit for him perceive gonna have a big parade shortly. So they start working on it. And the king wants to know how they're doing. So we sent his representatives from different departments of the government of the court. Let's say to see how they're doing. And they all go, and they don't see any thread being woven on the loom. They don't see anything. But they don't want to admit to it because it means that they're. Other stupid or they're gonna lose their job or so they all the colors beautiful nickel back to the king. And they say this coming along really, well, your highness, and he sends someone else later on the same thing all of his deputies go down and they come back saying, oh, it's a beautiful outfit. You've when the day comes the swindlers delivered the outfit. They put it on him. And of course, he's naked. He's got nothing on at all and goes out on the parade and people are screaming all look at your beautiful outfits Uranus except little kid who says why is the king naked? Transparent, basically pointing out the obvious, right? It's a great story about kind of braggadocio and vanity and how in some ways the way I interpreted in the modern world, we the population use have bit into that have been swindled by these swindlers as well with all of the vacuous entertainment that we swallow all the crap and meaningless information flying attache to the internet on social media center. And we swallow that and accept it. Like, it's real like, it's true. Like, it's the way it must be. We'll social media. No you brought that up in itself. Let's talk about pace book as an example. So someone's got fifteen hundred so-called friends, which may be six are actual friends in the rest are connections of one sort or another. Yeah. Well, inherent in that type of audience so to speak, whether it's real or not kind of leads you to that whole kind of puffed up. Approach because now you have to impress on this so-called audience, whether they be acquaintances of real friends, whatever the case is by the very nature of this wide base. Yeah. There's more emphasis on trying to create something that oftentimes isn't there? Sure. Whether it's you have the greatest thing or you bought the greatest thing or you've been to the greatest place. It's all about what you're doing. And who you are on a larger scale and people share a lot on Facebook. For example, they share videos items at the scene elsewhere without checking into them. Many of them are just tissues of lies there. Just nothing there. But they share it like here. Look at me. I'm sharing this amazing thing. But I'd never even looked into it to see if it's true or not so yeah, it all the likes. Oh, I have three hundred lice in this upload. Well, it makes me feel good puffs up in a certain kind of way. So what? The best antidote to braggadocio typical antidote. That's given for braggart is to Serb writing a little bit about yourself, and you back off, and you make them cauda since the fact that they're bragging. Yeah. That's one way another way is for the braggart to suffer some traumatic experience and realize that they don't have friends coming by to support them or family coming around them to comfort them that. They are actually very alone in the world within their braggadocio their envelope of braggadocio. There's no connection to people real connection. I think once that is made clear to them suddenly thrown back into their loneliness in their existential angst really moved to underpins the braggadocio. But that's sometimes also can take very punitive approach to correcting a problem, even an extreme case like Donald Trump where it seems that no matter what people do he continues to perform in this particular way. What I don't think. It's a very good approach to go back at him with exactly what he does with the exact same style. What you mean, we can't shoot him in hang on a meat hook. Like we did to miscellany. Oh. If you're the FBI listening. I didn't really mean that literally I know we don't really, but that's not the that's not the approach. That's just my opinion. You don't correct? The problem by duplicating or increasing the original problem. So if you're behaving in that particular way first thing, I do is. By example, I perhaps show you another way because things have a way of cracking themselves. Eventually like, you said, I know there's a certain level of desertion. Yeah. Sure. That happens. Yeah. I think, you know, eventually, the braggart full of braggadocio is shown to be nothing in particular really other than another human being who's trying to be liked. It's also in some ways form of emotional bullying. Yeah. Exactly. And we don't want that kids. We don't want emotional bullying feel good about yourselves. You are a success. You are smart you're gonna make it in this world, and you don't need braggadocio. Anyway. Dossier. But Harry, we still want people to call in brag about how good you are. Give us a message. Something anything we're dying over here. Chop show. The Phil podcast perspectives on art and technology is connecting media production. Available at the silk podcast dot com.

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